In Australia, several states have enacted smokefree air laws for workplaces and public places, some including casinos.

Tasmania: As of January 1, 2006, all public places and workplaces, including bars must be 100% smokefree. The legislation also prohibits smoking within 3 metres of entrances or exits of non-domestic buildings, furthermore at least half of the tables in outdoor dining areas must be smoke-free.

Queensland: Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Amendment Act 2004, passed in November 2004, all workplaces, including restaurants, bars, clubs, outdoor areas where food and drink are served, and sporting stadiums are all smokefree, as of July 1, 2006. High roller rooms of casinos of exempt.

New South Wales: Most public places and workplaces are 100% smokefree. Establishments with liquor and gaming licenses are currently exempt but will be phased in by July 2, 2007 under Smoke-Free Environment Amendment Act 2004, Smoke-Free Environment Amendment Regulation 2005 and Smoke-Free Amendment (Enclosed Places) Regulation 2006. As of July 2, 2007, the only workplaces where smoking will be permitted is in private gaming areas at the Star City Casinos. Lawmakers will review this exemption on an annual basis.

Victoria: All restaurants, cafes, dining areas and shopping centres, enclosed workplaces, covered railway platforms, bus and tram stops and underage music and dance events are smokefree. Enclosed licensed premises and outdoor eating and drinking areas (where there is a roof and the wall surface area is more than 75%) must also be smoke-free as of July 1, 2007. The gambling floors of casinos are exempt.

Western Australia: As of July 2006, all hospitality venues are smokefree, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and most gaming venues. The high roller rooms in the Burswood Casino is exempt.

South Australia: Under the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 most enclosed public places, workplaces or shared areas, are smokefree. Licensed premises with multiple bars, such as casinos, are exempt until November 2007, at which point all smoking rooms and designated areas will phase-out.

Northern Territory: Eating establishments, community buildings, and public transport are smokefree. For more information on the Northern Territory's smokefree legislation, visit the Department of Health and Community Service.

Australian Capital Territory: In 1994, the Australian Capital Territory became the first Australian jurisdiction to enact indoor smoking restriction legislation. Under this legislation, most enclosed public places went smokefree. Exemptions are allowed for restaurants and licensed premises which install ventilation systems. This exemtion will phase out on December 1, 2006, at which point the Smoking (Prohibition in Enclosed Public Places) Act 2003. This Act makes all public places that are, at least, 75% enclosed 100% smokefree. Read the accompanying regulations to for the definition of "enclosed" place.

Smokefree & Related News

Port Fairy smoking ban bid fails
Warrnambool Standard - July 23, 2014

A PORT Fairy resident who wanted to rid society of “one of the most dangerous substances known to man” has lost his bid to have smoking banned in the town's ...

Woollahra Council will tell smokers to butt out on its harbourside ...
The Daily Telegraph - July 22, 2014

A SMOKING ban on Woollahra Council's beaches is imminent with deputy mayor ... “There's not a councillor I have spoken to who doesn't support banning smoking on ... and awareness in September and saw smoking banned by December 1.

Phase one of total smoking ban at Newcastle Uni
Newcastle Herald - July 1, 2014

''It is hoped the university can progress to totally smoke-free campuses during 2015,'' a university statement said. Programs will be run on campus for those who ...

Smoke still lingers but mall bans 'work well'
The West Australian - June 30, 2014

According to Healthway, which has backed the ban, smoke-free environments can discourage smokers from smoking. It also reduces the risk from second-hand ...

Victoria lags behind in protection from smoke
Times Colonist - June 30, 2014

Smoke-free spaces reduce hospital admissions and improve our health. Smoke-free spaces encourage people to quit smoking or not smoke at all by creating ...

Smoke bans favoured, survey shows
Bendigo Advertiser - June 26, 2014

Pugg Mahones, which has a designated smoking area in one part, introduced non-smoking signs for meal times in its alfresco dining area about 12 months ago.

Victorians back smoke bans in outdoor dining areas
The Age - June 25, 2014

Public support for state-wide smoking bans in outdoor dining areas has reached a record high, with 74 per cent of Victorians now in favour. The Cancer Council said any loss of custom from smokers choosing not to visit would be offset by an increase in patronage from non-smokers, who were the ...

Smoking ban may boost business for inner city cafes and restaurants
Herald Sun - June 25, 2014

Given that seven out of ten Victorians now support the ban, Cancer Council CEO Todd Harper called on both parties to commit to smoke-free dining in the lead ...

Smoke-Free Martin Place
Sydney City News - June 25, 2014

The motion is being proposed based on the City of Melbourne's smoke-free trial of Causeway Lane, highlighting the fact that Martin Place is one of Sydney's ...

Calls to bust smokers in public areas, poll
Newcastle Herald - May 19, 2014

A SINGLE fine has been issued in the Hunter under anti-smoking laws the NSW government introduced in January last year sparking calls for tougher enforcement. Many residents are fed up with breathing second-hand smoke outside shopping centres, office buildings and other public places. There are calls for a crackdown and changes in community attitudes to ensure smoking is significantly reduced in these areas

Push to make Melbourne a smoke-free city
Herald Sun - May 14, 2014

HAVE YOUR SAY: SHOULD SMOKING BE BANNED IN MELBOURNE'S CDB? ... Cities around the world ban smoking in certain public areas, but it's believed a ... Council's sole smoker, Ken Ong, said he'd back bans only in special and ...

E-cigarettes Are Heading Off The Shelves Following A Landmark ...
Business Insider Australia - May 9, 2014

Sales of electronic cigarettes are now banned in Western Australia under a landmark legal ... and the steam or vapour looks like smoke, and therefore are in breach of the law. ... or which permit the banning (Victoria) products which resemble a tobacco product. .... EVE Monument Vandals Get Punished With A Lifetime Ban.

Queensland jail in lockdown as smoking ban anger remains
The Guardian - May 5, 2014

"The government maintains this smoking ban was implemented to create a safer ... Smoking has been banned in Queensland prison cells since 2008, but the ...

Challenge to Australia tobacco law could have vast impact
Yahoo News UK - May 5, 2014

A landmark challenge to Australia's plain-packaging law for cigarettes and cigars at ... closing one of the few remaining avenues for tobacco advertising in Australia. ... Ukraine, meanwhile, are both leading raw tobacco and cigarette exporters.

Queensland prisoners stage rooftop protest over new smoking ban
Yahoo!7 News - May 5, 2014

Queensland's ban follows smoke-free rollouts in prisons in New Zealand and the ... But Alison Finley-Bisset, from the Together Union, says it will create tension ...

Monash could become first metro council to ban smoking in outdoor ...
Herald Sun - May 1, 2014

Mayor Geoff Lake said he would consider banning smoking in outdoor dining ... Should smoking in outdoor dining areas be banned? ... Cr Lake has previously opposed council-by-council bans, petitioning instead for a statewide approach.

No smoke where children play
Latrobe Valley Express - April 21, 2014

"These bans, introduced by the Victorian Government, will make our recreational facilities that children use smoke-free and will address parents' concerns about ...

Kids health at risk by second-hand smoke in cars
Herald Sun - April 19, 2014

HUNDREDS of Victorians are being caught smoking in their cars with a child each ... The ban applies regardless of whether the car is moving or stationary, the ...

E-cigarettes' case goes up in smoke following landmark ruling in WA court
Sydney Morning Herald - April 19, 2014

NSW tobacco laws could be amended to specifically outlaw electronic cigarettes after a landmark legal test case in WA led to the criminal prosecution of an online stockist.

As Australia snuffs smoking, plant closes
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - April 14, 2014

Philip Morris International will close its Australian cigarette plant after six decades and shift production to South Korea, saying government regulations on low fire-risk cigarettes crimped exports.

Smokers defy bans at Canberra Hospital
The Canberra Times April 12, 2014

The figures, boosted by a March crackdown on smokers, came as staff unions backed the move to an entirely smoke-free campus from September.

Stubbing out smokers in Whitehorse
Herald Sun - April 10, 2014

Mayor Sharon Ellis said the new ban also covered the municipality's two skate parks, ... “The statewide bans further reduce the number of places where smoking is ... in Whitehorse by banning smoking at recreational areas where children and young .... Smokes banned at play places · Junior school awaits Budget cash nod ...

Greeks and Smoking Go Hand in Hand
Greek Reporter - April 10, 2014

Since smoking is banned throughout Australia, it is about time for the same ... if the authorities ban smoking even in outdoor areas of the walkway where the local ... the local authorities seem eager to apply the measure of banning smoking in ...

Leading the way
Whyalla News - April 10, 2014

BUTT OUT: Whyalla Netball Association has decided to 'bite the bullet' and is now enforcing a total smoke free ban at the courts. Whyalla Netball Association ...

Smoke ban sparks anger [VIDEO]
Yahoo!7 News - April 8, 2014

Yahoo!7 April 8, 2014, 6:52 pm. Restaurant owners in Oakleigh are fuming over a push to ban smokers from outdoor dining areas, Emily Angwin reports.

Oakleigh restaurateurs fear ban on smoking in outdoors dining ...
Herald Sun - April 7, 2014

OAKLEIGH restaurateurs have drawn the line at a smoking ban in outdoor dining areas, as new laws banning smoking at sporting grounds rolled out last week.

Canberra Hospital to be totally smoke-free
The Canberra Times - April 5, 2014

SMOKING will be banned entirely on Canberra Hospital grounds from September, as the ACT government continues moves to wipe out cigarette use.

Change in attitude to smoking bans a breath of fresh air
Ballarat Courier - April 3, 2014

IT wasn't so long ago that increased restrictions on smoking areas would lead to a ... if this week's reaction to state government plans to ban smoking from playgrounds ... Will there be a day when smoking in any public area will be banned?

Sporting community welcomes anti-smoking law change
Ballarat Courier - April 1, 2014

SPORTING associations in Ballarat have welcomed a state government law that has banned smoking near junior sport events, but admit it might take some time ...

Warrnambool sport and recreation venues go smoke-free
Bega District News - March 29, 2014

Warrnambool will have some of the states most comprehensive smoking bans from next week when new statewide health rules for recreation venues kick in on Tuesday.

Outdoor play areas will be smoke-free
Bendigo Advertiser - March 28, 2014

Anti-smoking bans will apply to outdoor public children's playground ... Sporting venue staff, operators and volunteers will not be expected to enforce the ban.

Student union voices safety concerns with Monash University's smoke-free plan
Herald Sun - March 24, 2014

A PLAN by Monash University to make its campuses smoke-free by 2016 has been met with concern by Caulfields student union. Student union president John Murphy said while the union agreed students should not be exposed to second-hand smoke, it had safety concerns. As Caulfield has many night classes and students who study at all hours, it becomes a real safety concern if the uni starts forcing students off the campus in 2016 to unsafe and unpatrolled areas, Mr Murphy said.

Monash University announces Clayton campus will go completely ...
Herald Sun-by Emily Webb - March 20, 2014

Should we be worried about smokers' safety or the risks of passive smoking to the ... plan to be smoke-free, with RMIT University enforcing the ban from May 31.

Yes, This Sparkly E-Cigarette Necklace Actually Exists
Business Insider Australia - March 19, 2014

An online retailer of e-cigarettes is trying to lure female smokers with bejeweled vaporizers that double as necklaces and come in flavours like Rodeo Drive ...

Beachgoers continue to smoke illegally at Bondi but Waverley Council refuses to issue fines
The Daily Telegraph - March 19, 2014

SMOKERS are flouting anti-smoking signs at Bondi Beach and leaving behind more ... Smoking has been banned on the beach since 2004. ... Banning the butts

Glenelg Shire to implement smoking bans
Warrnambool Standard - March 18, 2014

Glenelg Shire mayor John Northcott said the smoking bans had received strong ... is to strengthen the existing smoking laws by restricting a child's exposure to ...

Monash University to go smoke-free - March 18, 2014

Monash University today announced it will go smoke-free across all Victorian campuses to better support the health and wellbeing of staff, students, and visitors.

Newcastle Uni's tougher no-smoking rules: poll
Newcastle Herald - March 18, 2014

THE University of Newcastle is set to become ''smoke free'', with plans to make it ... employ looser ''smoke-free zones'', meaning the policy will make Newcastle ...

Casey's new tough smoking bans don't include al fresco dining areas
Herald Sun - March 13, 2014

TOUGH new statewide smoking bans at recreational and sporting areas will be ... Victoria wanted smoking banned from all outdoor dining and drinking areas.

Issues Survey 2014: Herald Sun readers want harsher smoking laws
Herald Sun - March 7, 2014

Quit wants smoking banned at entrances to public buildings and outdoor ... “However, a banning would have a significant impact on the hospitality industry, so a ... led the way introducing widespread outdoor smoking bans at the local level with strong ... “Councils have used local laws to ban smoking at entrances to council ...

Police to help stamp out smoking
The West Australian - March 5, 2014

Police will help the City of Perth enforce smoking bans in malls in a bid to make ... The council banned smoking in the Murray and Hay street malls and Forrest ...

Smoking ban extends
Australasian Bus and Coach - March 4, 2014

The Victorian Government has extended a ban on smoking in bus and tram shelters to include all areas of railway stations, effective from this month.

Footpath smoking ban call by Queensland chief health officer ...
The Australian - February 26, 2014

THE state's top doctor has called for a smoking ban on footpaths outside public ... local government powers to introduce stronger outdoor smoking bans.

Augusta River Festival this weekend
August Margaret River Mail - February 26, 2014

... create something ahead of the festival, he said. Tickets are $2 on entry and the event is smoke free. For more information visit

Public place smoking bans fail as smokers ignore rules to light up
The Daily Telegraph - February 25, 2014

Public space smoking bans are failing with smokers continuing to ignore ... Nor has the Health Department fined anyone for smoking in areas where it is banned ... I don't want to be exposed to smoke especially when there are laws to ban its.

Smoking ban to take effect at University of NSW on May 31, World No Tobacco Day
The Daily Telegraph February 22, 2014

... when a new policy banning all smoking across campuses is implemented. ... University of NSW is the second university in Sydney to ban smoking across all of its ... an obvious change in attitude around the world to smoking, such as bans at ... Smoking is banned on campus, except for within designated smoking area, ...

Butt out - over to you councillors
Bendigo Advertiser - February 22, 2014

Visitors to the area strongly backed a city-wide roll out of the bans. ... Quit Victoria said on Friday the strong support for a smoking ban comes as no surprise ...

Readers poll is accurate: Quit Victoria
Bendigo Advertiser - February 21, 2014

Bendigo councillors have expressed mixed opinions about the smoking ban. ... "Some councils have gone out on a limb and banned it in front of buildings and public ... "Victoria is the only state in Australia that doesn't have smoking bans in ...

Expert backs smoking ban
Bendigo Advertiser - February 20, 2014

"The smoking ban that prevents a person sparking up in cars with a child present ... area, was concerned about how pubs would survive if smoking was banned.

POLL: Masons owner backs smoking ban
Bendigo Advertiser - February 18, 2014

A LEADING Bendigo restaurant has backed calls for a smoking ban in outdoor ... Flavours on Mitchell Street, said he supported the smoking bans because he did ... area, was concerned about how pubs would survive if smoking was banned.

Friend would be alive had smoking bans been the law
Bendigo Advertiser - February 18, 2014

BRIAN Lang says his friend may still be alive had smoking bans in outdoor dining ... said his friend would not have smoked had smoking been banned in outdoor ... been smoking since she was 14, said a smoking ban in outdoor areas would ...

Smoking ban sparks fresh debate
Bendigo Advertiser - February 15, 2014

"I don't think we've got any intention of widening the bans," he said. "Some councils have gone out on a limb and banned it in front of buildings and public areas. I don't think ... I would be in total agreeance to ban smoking in the CBD," he said.

Should Queensland and Australia be smoke-free?
ABC Online (blog) - February 12, 2014

So do you think it's strange that at the counter next to the daffodils - you can buy cigarettes? Today, the Northern Territory joined the rest of the country in banning ...

Council trials more laneway smoking bans
3AW (blog) - February 12, 2014

More open-air laneways in Melbournes CBD will be trialled as no smoking zones as part of a Melbourne City Council initiative.

NT finally bans smoking in cars with kids
The West Australian - February 12, 2014

The Northern Territory has finally joined the rest of Australia in banning smoking in cars that carry children

Lighting up on balconies could be banned
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ - February 6, 2014

PROPOSED changes to strata laws by the New South Wales Parliament this year could provide impetus for a Queensland blitz on apartment dwellers who smoke. One of the hot topics under the microscope has been that of second-hand smoke entering neighbouring

Opposition supports ban on smoking in West Australian prisons
ABC Online - February 7, 2014

The Opposition Corrective Services Spokesman says he has changed his position on whether smoking should be banned in WA jails. Last month Worksafe ...

Pressure to ban jail smoking
The West Australian - February 6, 2014

The State Government is under mounting pressure to ban smoking in jails after ... Zealand and the Northern Territory, which have total smoking bans in jails.

Victorian campuses butt out
The Australian - February 6, 2014

ALL Victorian universities are going smoke-free in a coordinated move that its organisers believe is a world first. On Tuesday the University of Melbourne marked World Cancer Day by announcing it would phase out smoking across its campuses. Swinburne University banned smoking last August.

RMIT University is butting out smoking for good.
Herald Sun - February 5, 2014

The university will use World No Tobacco Day on May 31 to launch its ban against smoking, making its three campuses - in the city, Bundoora and Brunswick - completely cigarette free. "According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, there is clear evidence that instituting a smoke-free workplace leads to reduced cigarette ...

Diners don't want a side serve of smoke
Herald Sun - February 5, 2014

The current smoke-free laws in our state do not adequately protect hospitality workers or patrons because outdoor areas can be up to 75 per cent enclosed.

Nationals open to tobacco donations
Sydney Morning Herald - February 5, 2014

The Abbott government will not be free of tobacco funding, despite a ban on ... Mike Daube, the president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, said ...

Power company sings praises of Qld Health anti-smoking scheme
The West Australian - February 4, 2014

Stanwell Corporation owns the Tarong Power Station in Kingaroy and Stanwell Power Station in Rockhampton. The company says since 2012 a Queensland Health program called "Hang Tough, Don't Puff" has helped more than 50 of its workers quit smoking.

Outdoor smoking ban backed by Melbourne city traders
The Age – February 1, 2014

A survey of visitors to The Causeway lane, where a smoking ban is being ... Cr Richard Foster said the trial could pave the way for blanket smoking bans in ...

The good and bad of electronic cigarettes?
ABC Online (blog) - January 31, 2014

A recent apartment fire in Perth, believed to be caused by a faulty electronic cigarette, has again raised debate over the similarities and dangers between old ...

Health organisations say State Government must do more to ban ...
Herald Sun - January 19, 2014

Inspectors authorised under the Tobacco Act will be able to enforce the bans and ... Victoria is the only state in the country that has not banned smoking in public ...

No plans for CSU to join ban on smoking
Daily Liberal - January 15, 2014

SEVEN Australian universities have banned all smoking on their campuses since 2010 but Charles Sturt University (CSU) does not plan to join them.

Hunter smoking research aids law reform
Newcastle Herald - January 14, 2014

A STUDY of cigarette smoke exposure in multi-unit housing by Newcastle public health researcher Billie Bonevski has contributed to proposed NSW strata bylaw reforms that would ban smoking from common areas. ...

Newcastle study into second-hand smoke triggers law reform
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) - January 14, 2014

...The state government will ban cigarette smoking in multi-unit housing after a Newcastle-based study found it placed people at increased health risk. University of Newcastle's Associate Professor Billie Bonevski says more than 160,000 people, aged 45 and...

New curriculum reviewer was an education consultant to tobacco giant Phillip Morris
Canberra (ACT) Times (au) - January 13, 2014

The education guru tasked with reforming Australia's national curriculum by the federal government was previously employed by tobacco firm Phillip Morris to design a school program teaching children about peer pressure and decision making that did not ...

Smokes ban linked to staff assaults in NT
The West Australian - January 13, 2014

A mental health services watchdog has linked smoking bans to assaults on staff in ... assaults on staff to the 'no smoking' policy at Territory mental health wards.

University goes tobacco-free
The Age - January 13, 2014

The University will go tobacco-free on all campuses from World Cancer Day on 4 February to provide a healthier environment for staff, students and visitors.

Smoking on planes ban 'inconvenient': archive shows opposition
Sydney Morning Herald - January 2, 2014

Younger Australians probably don't recall the days when taking an airline flight was akin to spending hours in a smoke-filled front bar, albeit without the bad language and smell of spilled beer. Non-smokers suffered on international flights as smokers puffed away from takeoff to landing.

Bonevski, B.; Paul, C; Jones, A.; Bisquera, A; Regan, T., "Smoky homes: gender, socioeconomic and housing disparities in second hand tobacco smoke (SHS) exposure in a large population-based Australian cohort," Prev Med. [Epub ahead of print], December 28, 2013.

Council erects signs as all Coffs sport venues go smoke free
Coffs Coast Advocate - December 28, 2013

Council hopes introduction of these smoke-free signs will encourage compliance and help to promote smoke-free outdoor environments for the whole ...

POLL: Wollongong council yet to fine mall smokers
Illawarra Mercury - December 8, 2013

Wollongong City Council is yet to issue a single infringement for people caught flouting the smoking ban in the Crown Street Mall.

Smoking guide under review
PS News - November 14, 2013

A draft guide, Eliminating Risks of Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke at Work, is being released for public consultation by Comcare, working on behalf of Safe Work Australia.

Victorian jails smoke free in 2015
Ninemsn - November 14, 2013

Premier Denis Napthine says the move is the next step in the fight against smoking, which costs an estimated 4000 Victorian lives each year and costs the ...

Australians may pay the price in Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement
Sydney Morning Herald - November 14, 2013

Australia is recorded as having indicated opposition to the proposals in the draft treaty, but the strength of this is unclear as neither the former Labor government nor the new Coalition government has publicly challenged the US position. The draft text also shows that Australian negotiators have not sought any specific exemption to protect Australia's tobacco plain packaging laws from the treaty's strong protection for the rights of trademark owners.

No butts about it, warns Police Transport Command
NSW Police Force - November 13, 2013

NSW Police Transport Command will today (Tuesday 12 November 2013) join forces with NSW Health and Transport for NSW in a ground-breaking initiative aimed at protecting commuters from second-hand cigarette smoke. Since 7 January 2013, smoking has been

Crackdown on Commuter Smokers
Kyle and Jackie O Show - November 12, 2013

NSW Police Transport Command will be targeting smokers at station platforms and bus stops with on-the-spot fines of $300. The Command has partnered with NSW Health and Transport for NSW in protecting commuters against second hand smoke.

Prison smoking ban may make officers vulnerable
Fraser Coast Chronicle - November 11, 2013

THE plan to ban smoking in all Queensland prisons from May will make prisoners target weaker officers to get around the ban, a corrective services insider says.

Comment: Total smoking bans aren't the answer to better prisoner health
SBS - November 10, 2013

From May next year, Queensland prisoners will no longer be able to smoke cigarettes. Smoking in cells was prohibited in Queensland facilities in 2008, but as of next year the prohibition will extend to all prison areas and apply to both prisoners and staff.

New anti-smoking laws to further protect children
Transforming The Nation's Healthcare - November 7, 2013

New legislation to ban smoking in childrens playgrounds and at sporting events passed the Victorian Parliament last week with the support of all parties. Its goal is to protect children from the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke.

Smoke-free mall opens
Illawarra (NSW) Mercury (au) - November 6, 2013

The reopening of the western section of the mall coincided with its November 1 smoke-free deadline. The smoke-free zone applies to the whole mall, including Crown Street between Keira and Kembla streets, Globe Lane, Globe Way and Church Street from Glob

Residents who smoke on balconies risk fines under strata bylaw ...
Sydney Morning Herald - November 5, 2013

Tenants who ignore complaints about smoking on apartment balconies could face fines under proposed changes to strata laws, the state government says.

Zucco calls for smoking spots
Courier Mail - November 5, 2013

SMOKING should be banned on footpaths to counter confusing smoking bans, ... Ald Zucco said smoking bans, covered under a mix of State Government and ... "I think we should ban smoking in Salamanca, full stop, and then have three ...

Man fined for public use of e-cigarette
Pharmacy News - November 4, 2013

An Australian e-cigarette, or 'vaping' blog advises users that some countries such as the United Kingdom provided exemption to e-cigarettes. Regulation for ...

State Government to ban inmates from smoking as of next year - November 4, 2013

QUEENSLAND prisons may become a hive of frayed nerves, frustration, depression and fatigue with the state forcing inmates to quit by banning cigarettes from May 5 next year. Detail of the plan was made public by accident after it was uploaded to the government's Department of Corrections website.

LGAQ asked to butt out in smoking ban saga
Gympie Times - November 1, 2013

SMOKING could be banned from the taxi ranks in Monkland and Smithfield Sts, ... The biggest problem with expanding the smoking ban in public spaces was ...

Mayor Ray Brown backs proposed smoking ban
Warwick Daily News - November 1, 2013

MAYOR Ray Brown said he would embrace proposed state laws to ban smoking in areas like Cunningham St.

No plans to ban Coolum smokers
Noosa News - November 1, 2013

BUTT OUT! Coolum Beach Bowls Club and Coolum Surf Club will not follow the lead of Mooloolaba Surf Club general manager Anthony Johnston who will no ...

Robertson, J.; Pointing, B.S.; Stevenson, L.; Clough, A.R., "'We made the rule, we have to stick to it': towards effective management of environmental tobacco smoke in remote Australian Aboriginal communities," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 10(10): 4944-4966, October 2013.

Smoking prevalence in remote Australian Aboriginal communities remains extraordinarily high, with rates reported of up to 82%. Widespread exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is exacerbated by overcrowded housing. Implementation of existing smoke-free policies is challenged by the normalization of smoking and a lack of appropriate regulation resources. This paper celebrates a grassroots approach to control of environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in these settings. We report on selected findings from a tobacco intervention study in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory in 2007.2012. In community-level tobacco use surveys at baseline (n = 400 . 16 years), participants reported concern about the constant exposure of non-smokers to tobacco smoke. Suggestions for action included restricting smoking in private and public spaces. We selected three case studies illustrating management of ETS from observational data during the studyfs intervention phase. ...


Minto to follow county lead on outdoor smoking bylaw
Wellington Advertiser - October 31, 2013

The Town of Minto plans to let Wellington County and the local health unit take the lead in regulating outdoor smoking in public places.

Smoking banned in playgrounds
Bendigo Advertiser - October 31, 2013

VICTORIAN parliament passed legislation to ban smoking in children's ... to smoking in a range of environments and the banning of smoking at children's ...

Smoking banned at Victorian playgrounds, skate parks, pools
ABC Online - October 31, 2013

Victoria is the first jurisdiction to ban smoking at outdoor skate parks. The bans also extends to public swimming pools, playgrounds and outdoor sporting venues ...

Tourism industry supports proposed extra restrictions
Sunshine Coast Daily - October 30, 2013

TOURISM operators have supported the State Government's proposal to introduce "smoke-free zones" on the Sunshine Coast. Under a plan being considered by Health Minister Lawrence Springborg, smoking would be banned in parks, tourism areas and pedestrian ...

JONES: Smoking laws are only useful if properly enforced
Bundaberg NewsMail and Guardian - October 30, 2013

Some smokers are still lighting up near building entrances and on train platforms, even though signs and warnings make it clear what they are doing is illegal. No doubt this call for more public bans will be met with opposition from all sides, but given...

Calls for greater smoke free zones
Bundaberg NewsMail and Guardian - October 30, 2013

...More than 90% of respondents in a recent Queensland community poll supported action to enforce smoke free public spaces. Cancer Council Queensland spokesperson Katie Clift called on the State Government to demonstrate leadership by introducing blanket ...

E-cigarettes roll into Broken Hill
ABC Online - October 30, 2013

It's the era of the electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, invented by a Chinese chemist in ... Because they contain no tobacco, e-cigarettes are not covered by laws ...

Court defeat fuels move to ban e-cigs
West Australian - October 30, 2013

The Cancer Council wants WA's tobacco laws changed to specifically ban electronic cigarettes after a test case that sought to charge a business for selling them was thrown out of court.

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg considers plan to extend council powers banning smoking in pubilc
Herald Sun - October 28, 2013

What do you think of banning smoking in public places? ... pass legislation placing blanket bans on smoking at all bus stops, taxi ranks, ... Brisbane City Council has banned smoking in the Queen Street Mall precinct, but is yet to ban smoking ...

Ban on smoking lighting the way
The Sunshine Coast Daily - October 28, 2013

IN what's believed to be the first for a Queensland Surf Life Saving Club, Mooloolaba will ban smoking before the year's out. To them, I say "thank you". It's a bold move, but definitely the right one.

Lung Cancer Experts Applaud Australia's Tobacco Restrictions
Medscape - October 28, 2013

Oncologists and researchers gathered here at the 15th World Conference on Lung Cancer applauded Australia for being the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes, in addition to restricting advertising at point of sale and elsewhere.

Chinchilla residents call for a smoke-free CBD
Toowoomba Chronicle - October 25, 2013

IF WESLEY Irwin and more than 400 Chinchilla residents have their way, smoking will soon be banned in the town's CBD. Mr Irwin has been campaigning to ...

Nurses fear smoking bans
4BC (blog) - October 25, 2013

4BC Mornings: State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg is considering placing a blanket ban on smoking in Queensland Health facilities due to a growing number of hospital patients smoking around their buildings.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg wants to ban smoking on hospital land
Courier Mail - October 24, 2013

HEALTH Minister Lawrence Springborg wants to ban smoking on hospital land, stamping out the practice of patients enjoying a "durry or seven". Mr Springborg made the comment while responding to a question at a Brisbane nurses' conference, where an attendee asked if there were any moves by the State Government to make "all Queensland Health hospitals a no smoking zone".

Surf club tells patrons to butt out as they ban smoking
Brisbane Times - October 24, 2013

Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club has banned smoking in a move that is believed to be a first for Queensland surf clubs. The club's smoking area will be designated a tobacco-free zone from December 1 after the club board approved the initiative.

City pubs and clubs warn of job losses if State Government bans ...
Adelaide Now - October 23, 2013

Should smoking be banned in the city's outdoor dining and drinking areas? ... Stag Hotel and Duke Of York owner Peter Holden said the ban would have "a ...

POLL: We say give councils power to ban public smoking
Toowoomba Chronicle - October 23, 2013

The penalty for breaking the council's planned new smoking bans will be ... "Banning smoking in public places would help kids and adults like our son and those ...

Mayor calls for ban on smoking in public areas
Warwick Daily News - October 23, 2013

Council is pushing for more powers to ban smoking in public places. Sharyn ... likely cost rises for councils in monitoring and enforcing such bans in more areas.

Could this spell the end of smoking in public?
Bundaberg News Mail - October 22, 2013

Councils in Queensland can already ban smoking in outdoor malls and places like bus stops, under the ... Do you think smoking should be banned in public?

Smokers flouting 'no smoking' bans at Monash Medical Centre
Perth Now - October 21, 2013

Smokers flouting 'no smoking' bans at Monash Medical Centre. by: Julia Rabar ... Should poeple be smoking on Monash Medical Centre grounds? Tell us below ...

Hume councillor welcomes State Government's train station smoking ...
Herald Sun - October 16, 2013

Do you support the ban on smoking at tram stops and on train platforms? Tell us below. Previously smoking was only banned in covered areas of train platforms and tram ... Health Minister David Davis said the bans would assist the health and ... so banning it from train platforms is another important step towards reducing ...

Smoking bans at railway station to widen
Ballarat (Vic) Courier (au) - October 14, 2013

Smokers will be banned from lighting up anywhere on Ballarat railway station platforms from early 2014 and similar laws could be rolled out to all bus stops next, the state government announced yesterday. Health Minister David Davis said changes to...

Calls for government to extend public smoking ban
My Daily News - October 13, 2013

SMOKING could be banned in a greater range of public areas if council motion to ... on Friday afternoon, believes they should have more areas they place bans.

Monash University students back campus smoking bans
Perth Now - October 2, 2013

Monash University students back campus smoking bans ... The university is understood to have been in discussions for several weeks about banning smoking and could introduce ... Should Monash University ban smoking at its campuses?...

Junee Jail says prisoners will cope with smoking ban
ABC Local - October 2, 2013

Junee Jail says prisoners will cope when a ban on smoking takes effect in all New South Wales prisons within 18 months. General manager Andy Walker says smoking is already banned in parts of the jail.

Smoking ban trial gets underway in Melbourne's CBD
ABC Online - October 1, 2013

Melbourne City Council has begun trialling a ban on smoking in outdoor areas of the popular inner-city laneway, The Causeway. During that time council will ...

NSW prisoners to be banned from smoking
Sydney Morning Herald - September 30, 2013

Smoking in all NSW prisons is set to be banned within 18 months after the state's prison boss expressed his concern about the health effects lighting up in jails is having on staff and inmates. But the prison officers union said NSW risks becoming the ...

PANAHI: Victoria lags behind on outdoor smoking bans
Perth Sunday Times - September 30, 2013

Victoria’s insanely inadequate smoking laws allowing inconsiderate addicts to light up in outdoor dining and drinking areas, including beer gardens, balconies and footpaths, make about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. Not only do they make...

Prisoners should be free to smoke outside
Sydney Morning Herald - September 30, 2013

Prisoners in NSW jails are facing a total smoking ban, which will include a ... Ethically, the case for banning smoking in indoor areas of prisons is incontestable. ...

Smoke-free Indigenous future - September 30, 2013

Nearly three-quarters of Australian men and over a quarter of Australian women smoked in 1945. Today, public health initiatives have helped reduce the number ...

"Oyez" to Goodna smokers: quit breaking the law
Courier Mail - September 24, 2013

Ipswich City Council officers will cracking down on smoking offences in the Goodna ... breaking local bylaws, especially smoking restrictions, after grace period. ... The bylaws restricting smoking in certain public areas were introduced after ...

Smokes out: Crown St Mall ban starts November 1
Illawarra Mercury - September 24, 2013

The smoking ban will be in addition to the state government ban introduced in January, which ruled out smoking within four metres of building entrances, within ...

Ban considered as trial tests if vapour safer
WA today - September 16, 2013

''E-cigarettes'' are battery-powered devices that simulate the effects of smoking by heating a nicotine liquid into vapour, which the user then inhales and exhales.

Australia's Possible Nationwide Smoking Ban Will Be World's First
International Business Times AU - September 16, 2013

Australia may be the first country in the world to outlaw smoking if electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are proven to be safe and effective.

Melbourne council tries softly-softly approach
The Australian - September 11, 2013

A council committee voted unanimously on Tuesday night to ban smoking in ... the vast majority of Victorians want to see smoking banned in public outdoor areas. ... "What we know is that smoking bans are very much self-enforcing," she said.

Melbourne laneway trials smoking ban
BigPond News - September 11, 2013

The move comes as the Victorian government considers banning smoking outside ... legislation in the next few months to ban smoking at children's playgrounds, ...

Beach smoking ban for Pittwater beaches
The Daily Telegraph - September 6, 2013

Pittwater Council has banned smoking on all of its beaches. ... The issue of banning smoking on Pittwater beaches was first raised at a council meeting ... The draft policy, which includes details on other smoking bans in Pittwater, will now be ...

Gould, G.S.; Munn, J.; Avuri, S.; Hoff, S.; Cadet-James, Y.; McEwen, A.; Clough, A.R., "'Nobody smokes in the house if there's a new baby in it': aboriginal perspectives on tobacco smoking in pregnancy and in the household in regional NSW Australia," Women and Birth [Epub ahead of print], September 4, 2013.

Group backs anti-smoking push
Mudgeee Guardian - September 1, 2013

Group backs anti-smoking push ... Options could include restricting the sale of cigarettes near schools, or requiring all businesses that sell cigarettes to also sell ...

Outdoors smoke ban nets no fines
The Australian - August 13, 2013

The laws, which ban smoking in places such as patrolled beaches, playgrounds ... controllers investigating public complaints and monitoring the banned areas.

Smoke-free Swinburne starts
Swinburne University Media Centre - August 12, 2013

From 12 August 2013, smoking is no longer allowed anywhere on Swinburne ... The smoking ban applies to Swinburne's campuses in Croydon, Hawthorn, ...

Banyule Council applauded for playground smoking ban
Herald Sun - August 7, 2013

What do you think about the smoking ban? ... "These bans not only reduce the visibility of smoking to children, they also reduce butt litter which is the single ...

Melbourne City Council to vote next month on extending smoking ...
ABC Online - August 7, 2013

Melbourne City Council will vote next month on a proposal to ban smoking in ... But he says any introduction of smoking bans in the CBD should not be rushed.

Call to license tobacco retailers as study finds cigarettes cheapest in poor Queensland suburb
Courier Mail - July 30, 2013

"In Australia, there are currently no zoning restrictions or ordinances that limit the ... "The difference between rates of smoking in advantaged and disadvantaged ...

Should Coffs Harbour's CBD diners stub out smokers?
Coffs Coast Advocate - July 23, 2013

Council is set to debate a proposal to ban smoking at all outdoor eating areas ... A PROPOSAL to implement a no-smoking ban covering all outdoor eating areas ...

Australian Independents To Pass New Federal Law To Ban ...
My Sunshine Coast (press release) - July 18, 2013

Dr Patricia Petersen, Leader of the Australian Independents, said that her party will introduce new federal law to ban smoking in all public places if elected.

State's extended smoke bans kick butt
Northern Star-July 17, 2013

WHILE it's hard to measure the success that smoking bans are having in the region, ... In the Lismore CBD, where a smoking ban (unmonitored) was introduced ...

Longman, J.M.; Passey, M.E., "Children, smoking households and exposure to second-hand smoke in the home in rural Australia: analysis of a national cross-sectional survey," BMJ Open 3(7), July 6, 2013.

Hobart Council faces smoking ban fight
ABC Online - July 4, 2013

Hobart Council faces smoking ban fight ... The Tasmanian Hospitality Association is challenging the Hobart City Council's enforcement of outdoor smoking bans.

Fears for non-smoking workers
Sydney Morning Herald - July 8, 2013

The state government has refused to address claims that staff exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke at James Packer's proposed casino at Barangaroo will ...

Smoking exemption for Packer casino blasted
Sydney Morning Herald - July 8, 2013

Health groups have blasted a bid by James Packer's Crown Limited to allow smoking across the entire gaming floor of its proposed Sydney casino, an area that ...

Northern Territory prisons totally smoke free
Crikey (blog) - July 1, 2013

All Northern Territory prisons will be totally smokefree from Monday 1 July. No one will be able to smoke indoors or outdoors within these prisons, or on ...

Smoking sheds containing anti-smoking messages may be built at hospitals
Perth (WA) Sunday Times (au) - June 30, 2013

SMOKERS' shelters may be built near city hospitals to save visitors walking through clouds of cigarette smoke at entrances. ... The Herald Sun recently revealed all elective surgery patients would be asked if they smoke, and tobacco users will be given ...

Prison smoking ban 'too harsh'
ABC Online - June 24, 2013

Prison smoking ban 'too harsh' ... But former Broken Hill prison welfare officer Reverend Mark Kickett says the ban is too harsh, particularly on new prisoners.

Prisoners brace for lockdown on last gaspers
ABC Online - June 21, 2013

Northern Territory prisons are bracing for tense times as tobacco sales stop in jail canteens from today. The move comes ahead of next month's ban on smoking ...

Vic plans for outdoor smoking ban fail
Courier Mail - June 20, 2013

The Victorian branches of the Australian Medical Association, Cancer Council, Quit and the Heart Foundation urged MPs to back a proposed ban on smoking at ...

Push to extend smoking bans to all public places
ABC Online - June 19, 2013

A health lobby group is campaigning to toughen WA's existing laws by pushing for an extension on a ban on smoking to all public places. In 2011, the state ...

Funding needed to make NSW jails smoke-free
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au) - June 17, 2013

Pressure is mounting on the New South Wales government to fully fund a ban on smoking in jails, with prison guards unable to keep cigarettes out of a new state-of-the-art maximum security wing.

Smokers cost employers $3000
Sydney Morning Herald (au) - June 17, 2013

In Australia, just a handful of employers have banned smoke breaks during working hours. In 2010, the federal health department banned its employees from smoking during work hours or when representing the department. >From August, Swinburne University wi

Frankston Council's smoking ban should cover alfresco dining says ...
Herald Sun - June 17, 2013

He told last week's council meeting that the State Government should take the lead and ban smoking in alfresco areas to create a “level playing field” for traders.

Victoria Wants Smoking Ban on Outdoor Places
TopNews United States - June 12, 2013

Smoking is banned in restaurants and clubs. But under this current ruling, outdoor places have not been included. Authorities concerned want a ban on outdoor ...

Vic plans for outdoor smoking ban fail
Ninemsn - June 12, 2013

The Victorian branches of the Australian Medical Association, Cancer Council, Quit and the Heart Foundation urged MPs to back a proposed ban on smoking at ...

Hospital smoking ban backed by council as Cairns community calls ...
The Cairns Post - June 12, 2013

SMOKING will be banned outside the Cairns Base Hospital after the council voted today to finally kick the habit. But should the council take bans even further?

Butt out says uni in no smoking decree
Knox Weekly - June 12, 2013

SWINBURNE University will take the war on tobacco into new territory soon, extending its indoor smoking ban throughout the university's four campuses.

Joy for non-smokers as Council pushes to extend ban at hospital
The Cairns Post - June 11, 2013

SMOKING could soon be banned outside the Cairns Base Hospital as the health board and local council unite to close an odd loophole that lets people puff ...

St Kilda traders are defending their customers' right to smoke ...
Herald Sun - June 10, 2013

ST KILDA traders will fight for customers' rights to smoke at outdoor tables, as the council proposes new laws to ban smoking.

Smoking ban in arts precinct on agenda
Illawarra Mercury - June 9, 2013

The council has previously voted to ban smoking in the revamped mall and other ... Cr Colacino will ask for a report on banning smoking in the arts precinct to be ...

Laws to limit smoking areas are lagging
Gympie Times - June 6, 2013

TOUGHER bans on smoking in public places are unlikely to be introduced in the Gympie region, although the issue will be investigated by the Fraser Coast Council to our north when it reviews its local laws later this year.

Monash Council renews call for state-wide ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas
Herald Sun - June 6, 2013

MONASH Council has renewed calls for the State Government to introduce a Victoria-wide ban on smoking in alfresco dining areas.

Most of 134 voters in online poll on smoking want public ban
Fraser Coast Chronicle - June 4, 2013

The Fraser Coast Regional Council is considering smoking bans as part of a review of local laws later ... Do you agree with banning smoking in public places?

Risdon smoke free
Tasmania Examiner - June 3, 2013

CORRECTIONS Minister Nick McKim has announced that Risdon Prison will be smoke free by February 2015, to the delight of anti-cancer advocates and the ...

Prison to be Smoke-free by 2015
Tasmanian Government Media Releases (press release) June 3, 2013

The Minister for Corrections and Consumer Affairs, Nick McKim, today announced that smoking would be banned at Risdon Prison by 2015.

Ban on smoking in public places on Fraser Coast could happen
Fraser Coast Chronicle - June 3, 2013

Smoking could be banned in places such as taxi ranks and bus stops on the Fraser Coast. ... State legislation currently bans smoking at sports grounds, outside commercial eateries, ... Do you agree with banning smoking in public places? Yes ...

Push for smoke-free dining in region
Bendigo Advertiser - June 2, 2013

A NUMBER of central Victorian councils have joined calls for the state government to outlaw smoking in outdoor dining areas.

Monash barracks for non-smokers
Monash Weekly - June 2, 2013

Not here: Monash Council is pushing for smoking bans to include all adult sporting ... SMOKERS should be banned from lighting up near swimming pools in ... to ban smoking in playgrounds, public pools, skate parks and children's events.

Proposed bylaw to outlaw smoking in Calgary's outdoor parks
CTV News - June 1, 2013

The smoking ban proposal came was initiated by a former long time smoker, Ward ... Banning smoking in outdoor areas is more than a health issue for Chabot.

War on smoking fires up as councils urged to introduce local bans
Perth Now - May 30, 2013

THE State Government has left the door open for more legislation to ban smoking and is calling for councils to enact additional bylaws such as Brisbane City Council's Queen Street Mall ban.

Swinburne Bans Smoking Across its Four Campuse
TopNews New Zealand - May 30, 2013

To be introduced from August 12, smoking bans will prohibit smoking across the four campuses of Swinburne. This first Victorian university to consider the ban ...

Our View with Andrew Spence: Lighten up on those who light up
Adelaide Now - May 30, 2013

In a bid to take the bans further, Mitcham Council recently asked residents if they ... Of the 20 clubs that responded, only six supported a total smoking ban at their ... it is banned will only work if smokers are given areas where they can light up.

Salisbury Council to apply for smoking bans at junior sports ovals
Herald Sun - May 28, 2013

SMOKING would be banned at junior sports grounds in Salisbury under a plan ... Government approval to ban smoking at its ovals used by junior sports clubs.

Smoking ban set to include outdoor dining areas
Herald Sun - May 26, 2013

A WIDER ban on public smoking is on the cards as Quit reveals its most ... "We will be taking further steps over time to restrict smoking in a number of other areas ...

End 'cruel' smoking ban, says health campaigner
Sydney Morning Herald - May 25, 2013

Australia's leading anti-tobacco campaigner claims the NSW government has gone too far in forcing its outdoor smoking reforms onto vulnerable psychiatric patients held in public hospitals.
Ashley Coleman took his life in March after being granted an unsupervised cigarette break off-site from Liverpool Hospital's mental health unit - where smoking has been banned.

Salisbury Council rejects sports ground smoking bans
Herald Sun - May 23, 2013

Of the 20 clubs that responded, only six supported a total smoking ban at ... to take that further by banning smoking anywhere within the club's perimeter fence.

Smoking ban at agricultural show
ABC Online - May 23, 2013

The organisers of the show say they have put a smoking ban in place for the first time, as it is too hard to police special smoking areas. The CEO of the Royal ...

Smoking bans
St George and Sutherland Shire Leader - May 21, 2013

Smoking bans ... I find it disgusting to hop off a bus and wade through the smoke lingering in the undercover area at the entrance to the centre. It just seems ...

A BAN on smoking in outdoor areas such as playgrounds and sports ...
Herald Sun - May 21, 2013

Do you think smoking should be banned in outdoor areas such as playgrounds ... The council currently has smoking bans in place at public swimming pools and ...

Mayor keen for smoke bans
ABC Online - May 17, 2013

A northern Victorian mayor says he is keen to introduce cigarette bans alongside the Victorian Government's smoke-free laws. The State Government plans to ...

A smoke-free Australia within 15 years
The International News Magazine - May 17, 2013

Australia could be smoke-free within 15 years according to a paper delivered at the Heart Foundation Conference (16-18 May) in Adelaide today.

Brisbane restaurant fined for breaching anti-smoking laws by allowing hookahs and cigarettes in outdoor areas
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun - May 17, 2013

A RESTAURANT offering Middle Eastern water pipes to customers has found itself on the wrong side of the state's anti-smoking laws.

Wider smoking ban a no-go for Greater Victoria
Victoria News - May 16, 2013

Capital Regional District directors have rejected a proposal to ban smoking in parks, public squares and on beaches in a tight 12-11 vote.

No smoking zones
Latrobe Valley Express - May 16, 2013

Smoking bans at playgrounds, skate parks, public swimming pools and children's sport events could be enforced if the State Government's proposed changes to the Tobacco Act are legislated.

Deadline looms for say on outdoor smoking bans
ABC Online - May 14, 2013

The State Government is considering banning smoking in areas including ... introducing its own outdoor smoking bans, like Baw Baw Shire Council did in 2012.

Mining group rejects smoking ban
Australian Mining - May 12, 2013

The WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy has rejected a move to ban smoking on mine sites despite concern about the high number of smokers in the industry.

Cancer Specialists Urge State Government to Ban Outdoor and Dining Smoking
TopNews New Zealand - May 10, 2013

Some of the state's most renowned cancer specialists have said smoking should be completely banned in all outdoor dining and smoking areas to reduce ...

Quit Victoria steps up push to ban smoking in outdoor eating areas
The Daily Telegraph - April 16, 2013

A PUSH to ban smoking in outdoor eating areas will be stepped up today, with ... Victoria chief executive Robin Ould said tougher restrictions were needed to ...

Glenelg won't enforce beach smoking ban
Warrnambool Standard - April 3, 2013

SMOKERS will be able to light up on the Cape Bridgewater foreshore after Glenelg Shire voted down a motion to enforce a smoking ban on patrolled beaches.

Airport smokers break rules
The West Australian - April 2, 2013

People continue to flout smoke-free zones at Perth Airport despite the construction of a smokers' shelter more than a year ago. Health groups say their action puts the wellbeing of others at risk. …

Smoking ban in CBD will improve business prospects
Bendigo Advertiser - March 31, 2013

… I urge Bendigo to follow the example of other Victorian councils and ban smoking in outdoor public areas, especially Hargreaves Mall. If council truly wants the ...

Smokers face further bans
Gloucester Advocate - March 26, 2013

A NEW outdoor smoking policy will further restrict the areas where people can light up ... The policy restricts smoking within 10m of children's play area and also ...

Shire to vote on smoke-free pools plan
ABC Online-March 20, 2013

The Gannawarra Shire will vote on the proposed smoke-free policy at its council meeting tonight in Leitchville. However, it says it will need to negotiate the bans ...

Sports clubs' lure for smoking ban
Warrnambool Standard - March 11, 2013

SPORTS clubs would be offered incentives to introduce smoking bans, under a ... call for comments on its push to ban cigarette smoking at swimming pools, ...

Success for smoking ban
ABC Online - March 11, 2013

After regular complaints about smoking within the stadium grounds, Hunter Stadium became cigarette free in November. …

Smoke-free zone for unit block
Illawarra Mercury - March 9, 2013

Non-smokers living in what could have become Wollongong's first smoke-free, high-rise residential development have had a partial victory.

YESTERDAY was a new step towards a smoke free Lismore, with ...
Northern Star - March 8, 2013

Street signs proclaiming the town's smoke-free policy were erected around the CBD, butt bins were removed from inside the CBD limits, and new ones were ...

Experts wary of e-cigarettes as test run looms
Brisbane Times - March 4, 2013

The first Australian clinical trial of e-cigarettes as quit-smoking tools will kick off this year with support for the devices building, but the government and some public health experts remain wary. Simon Chapman, professor of public health at the University of Sydney said e-cigarettes which mimic the “smoking performance” of cigarettes may reinforce or “re-birth” the attraction of smoking. There have been mixed reports of the health implications. In 2009 the US Food and Drug Administration said it tested 19 varieties of e-cigarettes and found several that contained cancer-causing ingredients. The FDA report was criticised in an April 2012 article in the journal Addiction, which found the harms of e-cigarettes had been overstated relative to their potential benefits. These included enhanced quitting motivation, lower cravings and lower toxin exposure to non-smokers. In August last year, Athens-based Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre said in a study presented at the European Society of Cardiology that e-cigarettes prompted no adverse effects on cardiac function. After examining the heart activity of 20 young daily smokers after one ordinary cigarette and comparing this against 22 people who smoked an e-cigarette for 7 minutes, the study found that while tobacco smokers showed “significant” disruptions of functions such as heartbeats or blood pressure, the effect of the e-cigarettes was minimal. “Substituting tobacco with electronic cigarettes may be beneficial to health,” researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos said. …

Smoking ban debate gets heated, localism movement on the rise ...
Australian Hospitality Magazine - March 4, 2013

The City of Parramatta Council has overturned a ban on smoking in the ... will drop if smoking is banned in outdoor dining areas, but if their customers are dead, .... centres where enforcing bans on problem drinkers was virtually impossible.

Smartphone app shows Australians smoke less in cars than New Zealanders
Medical Xpress ( - March 4, 2013

Research just published indicates that New South Wales has one third of the people smoking in cars compared to New Zealand. …

Smoking ban lifted in Sydney's west
Australian Hospitality Magazine - February 28, 2013

Smoking ban lifted in Sydney's west Countless Paramatta based restaurant and cafe owners opposed the smoking bans. Image: ...

Council smoking ban backflip sparks criticism
ABC Online-February 27, 2013

The New South Wales Government's smoking ban will be extended to include commercial outdoor dining areas from 2015. The Greens MP John Kaye says the ...

Restaurant smoking ban goes up in flames
The Border Mail - February 26, 2013

AFTER a two-year battle, smokers will light up their cigarettes again when dining outdoors in Parramatta, after the council surrendered to ...

Adelaide City Council wants public to warn Rundle Mall smokers - February 22, 2013

ADELAIDE City Council is urging shoppers to police its smoking ban in Rundle ... Smoking was banned in August but a six-month no-fine "grace period" was ...

Smokers might be banned from lighting up at Minkarra Dog Park ...
Herald Sun - February 21, 2013

"The person has written to me asking if we would consider banning smoking in ... of banning smoking in playgrounds and alike as an opportunity to ban smoking ...

Smoke-sick dad imposes alfresco ban
Herald Sun-February 20, 2013

Monash Council currently bans smoking at sporting fields, swimming pools, playgrounds, entrances to council buildings and carparks, council events and ...

Poll reveals fears ban leading to 'nanny' state
The Queensland Times - February 19, 2013

The Ipswich City Council introduced the smoking ban in the Ipswich Mall this month. The Ipswich Hospital followed shortly after, declaring it would be smoke free ...

More smoking bans come into place
The Inverell Times - February 19, 2013

The Tobacco Legislation Amendment act 2012 came into effect on January 7 and as a result it is now illegal to smoke in public playgrounds within 10 metres of ...

Council supports smoking bans
The Northern Times - February 14, 2013

The government is proposing extending bans to children's playgrounds, public ... considering its policy position in connection with smoking in public places.

Smoke-free Maribyrnong pools and parks — no butts
Maribyrnong Weekly-February 13, 2013

SMOKING will be banned at playgrounds, children's sports events, skate ... that would ban smoking at playgrounds, sports grounds and outdoor dining areas. ... A number of councils have already introduced specific bans, but Maribyrnong ...

Next, outdoor diners will have to butt out
Wyndham Weekly-Feb February 13, 2013

SMOKING will be banned at playgrounds, children's sporting events, skate parks ... its support for smoking bans in outdoor areas, including playgrounds and sports ... in motion a bill that would ban smoking at playgrounds and sports grounds, .’

Cancer Council commends hospital's smoke-free plan
The Queensland Times-February 13, 2013

"We applaud Ipswich Hospital for encouraging patients and visitors to choose a smoke-free lifestyle," Ms Clift said. "There is no safe level of smoking or passive ...

Casey's new laws to hit smokers, no-rego cars
Casey Weekly Berwick - February 12, 2013

Smoking restrictions will also come into effect on council land, particularly at children's playgrounds and reserves. Under the new laws the number of days ...

Push to stub out smoking ban in mall
Brisbane Times - February 12, 2013

Calls for the Ipswich Mall smoking ban to be relaxed have been rejected by Mayor Paul Pisasale as the motive for fining smokers came into question.

State to ban smoking in public places
Hume Weekly - February 11, 2013

SMOKING will be banned at Hume playgrounds, children's sports events, skate ... and appropriateness of further smoking bans in public places across Hume. …

Smoking ban for Ipswich Hospital
The Queensland Times - February 10, 2013

I support that 100%," he said. "We are not banning smoking. What we are allowing is a smoking free area." The Ipswich Mall ban had the support of Cr Pisasale's ...

Pressire [sic] on councils to enforce outdoor smoke bans
The Daily Telegraph - February 10, 2013

VICTORIA'S much-hyped smoking bans in outdoor areas have been dubbed hot air, ... The nation's peak anti-smoking body has called on councils to boost their ...

Council ahead of the game
The Young Witness - February 8, 2013

The Tobacco Legislation Amendment Act 2012 was passed by Parliament on August 15, 2012, which saw changes to the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 to ...

State 'lags' on outdoor smoke bans
Bendigo Advertiser - February 8, 2013

The government last November acted to ban smoking between the flags or within 50 ... Quit Victoria executive director Fiona Sharkie said smoke bans in outdoor ...

Smoking to be banned at playgrounds, sporting fields, skate parks
Ballarat Courier - February 7, 2013

“These measures are targeted to protect families and protect children.” The new laws would restrict smoking within all public playgrounds, swimming pools and ...

Smoking ban not enough - cancer council
BigPond News - February 7, 2013

The Victorian government will ban smoking at all children's playgrounds and sporting facilities but the Cancer Council says the state still isn't in line with the rest ...

Calls to ban outdoor smoking throughout CBD
Sydney City News-February 7, 2013

“The university banned smoking across its campus early last year, and provides a ... smoking on health and environmental grounds, and the City policy bans ...

Ifs and butts on alfresco smoke ban
Knox Weekly-February 6, 2013

The comments followed calls by a Melbourne City councillor to ban smoking in all ... She said Quit's focus was currently on banning smoking in outdoor dining ...

Local smokers avoid last gasp with no plans for public ban
Gladstone Observer-by Kara Irving-February 6, 2013

Smoking bans already exist in some areas for indoor and outdoor public ... Products Act 1998 which deals with areas that are banned for smoking (such as ...

New smoking ban in force
St George and Sutherland Shire Leader-February 5, 2013

Amendments to the Smoke-free Environment Act took effect on January 7, banning smoking within 10 metres of children's play equipment; at swimming pool ...

Public smoking ban move given the flick
Casey Weekly Berwick - February 5, 2013

Phaedra Brown, manager of Beno's Cafe in Berwick, who is a smoker herself, said there were already too many restrictions on smokers. "I don't think it should be ...

Bring on a smoking ban for outdoor dining areas
Bendigo Advertiser - February 5, 2013

It is sad to see comments like those of Cr Elise Chapman that said she would reject smoking bans because council did not “own the public air”. A ban on ...

Smoking Ban to Go Statewide?
TopNews New Zealand - February 4, 2013

Smoking Ban to Go Statewide? Government has indicated strict ban on public smoking soon, to which, cafe owners opposed initially but now they seem to ...

Fines not enough to push parents to butt out in cars
Courier Mail - February 3, 2013

NICOTINE-addicted parents are continuing to light up while driving and are snubbing laws aimed at protecting children from passive smoking. Health experts have questioned why Queenslanders are putting children in danger as police fine more than one motorist every day for smoking with a minor present. …

Queensland LNP Government threatens to sue tobacco companies for the cost to health sector
Brisbane (QLD) Courier-Mail (au) - February 3, 2013

HEALTH Minister Lawrence Springborg has left the door open to launching lawsuits against tobacco companies for the cost of smoking-related illness to Queensland Health. As exclusive new figures reveal scores of Queensland ...

How Effective is Banning Smoking on Streets?
TopNews United States - February 2, 2013

However, there are separate smoking areas created in entertainment venues like casinos, pubs and clubs. With potential impact of second hand smoke being ...

No fire in smoking ban
Courier Mail - February 2, 2013

THE state's "tough" new smoking laws aimed at fining people puffing in public has ... "It's not practical or desired to cover the shire with anti-smoking signage," ...

Smoking ban debate continues
Bendigo Advertiser - February 1, 2013

A voluntary smoking ban in alfresco dining areas has been rolled out in the ... “We're a leader in banning alcohol in public spaces,” he said. “We should look at smoking bans it in the context of what's going to be best for our community. …

Smokers banned from Ipswich Mall
Brisbane Times - February 1, 2013

Smokers will be fired out of Ipswich Mall and other public places in the city from today if they dare to light up. With an interim local law kicking in today, smokers will be fined if they light up in pedestrian malls and at public transport waiting points in Ipswich. …

Blanket bans on outdoor smoking no panacea for tobacco control
The Conversation - January 31, 2013

Support for smoke-free laws is near universal in Australia. In the late 1980s and 90s, these laws were primarily advocated and adopted on the premise that employees shouldn’t be continuously exposed to a known carcinogen as they go about their work. It’s now commonplace to ban smoking outside around the doorways, windows and air conditioner intakes of workplaces. …

Tasmania Bans Smoking At Music Festivals
Tone Deaf - January 31, 2013

In a move that’s likely to ruffle the feathers of those that like to have a light with their music events, Tasmania has introduced a ban on smokers at a large number of festivals and events for the year. …

Melbourne Mayor Says Total Public Smoking Ban Is Not Enforceable
International Business Times AU - January 31, 2013

Due to the tough measures proposed by Melbourne Councilor Richard Foster, City Mayor Robert Doyle has said that it may not be enforceable even if he favours the measure. The proposal seeks to expand the coverage of the smoking ban the council passed in 2012 by including all public areas, making it one of the toughest smoking ban laws in the world. …

Perth outlaws smoking in malls
West Australian - Jan 30, 2013

The City of Perth has voted to outlaw smoking in pedestrian malls - a move described as the biggest step to protect non-smokers in WA since smoking was banned in alfresco dining areas four years ago.

Melbourne councillor wants smoking banned from city streets
Radio 3AW - Jan 30, 2013

A City of Melbourne councillor is proposing a ban on smoking for the entire CBD, which will make alfresco dining areas, streets, laneways and even outside office blocks smoke-free zones. Speaking with Ross and John, the newly-elected councillor Richard

Smoking ban not practical, says mayor
Bendigo Advertiser-January 31, 2013

A TOTAL ban on smoking in public places in central Melbourne is ... The council has banned smoking in outdoor areas at childcare centres and in ... to revisit the Bourke Street Mall proposal and consider smoking bans for sporting grounds.

Council votes to extend smoke-free zones
Tasmania Examiner - January 29, 2013

The Launceston City Council yesterday voted to extend the city's smoke-free ... after an extension to the city's smoke-free boundaries was approved yesterday.

Butt out wherever you are: push for world's toughest smoking ban
Warrnambool Standard - January 29, 2013

SMOKING would be banned in all public spaces in the City of Melbourne, including Bourke Street, City Square and even footpaths, under a radical proposal to make the city healthier and more attractive to visitors while reducing ambiguity for smokers. The move would make smoking bans in Melbourne some of the toughest in the world. The ban is being pushed by newly elected councillor Richard Foster, who ...

Law could stub out smoking on apartment balconies
Sunshine Coast Daily (au) - January 27, 2013

LIGHTING up a cigarette on your apartment balcony will be a thing of the past if smoking bylaws are enforced by body corporate committees across Queensland. The dangers of passive smoking prompted regulations to prohibit smokers from smoking in the ...

City ban on smoking in malls
The West Australian - January 24, 2013

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi hopes a smoking ban in the Hay Street and Murray Street malls and Forrest Place will lead to similar bans in open areas across WA. ... In 2007, Fremantle banned smoking in alfresco dining areas and two years ...

North shore locals voice opinions on state wide smoking bans
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - January 11, 2013

WILLOUGHBY mayor Pat Reilly says statewide legislation banning smoking in ... The state-wide ban will be extended to licensed premises, restaurants and ...

Tougher state smoking laws come into effect in Liverpool
Liverpool Leader - January 8, 2013

BREATHING will be a little easier after tougher laws restricting where smokers can smoke came into force on Monday. The new state legislation means ...

Smoking bans now enforced in public places across NSW
North Shore Times - January 9, 2013

THE NSW Government's new anti-smoking laws, which ban smoking at ... Willoughby Council was among a number of local councils to introduce bans in 2010, ...

Lismore CBD now smoke-free
Northern Star - January 8, 2013

NO SMOKING: Restaurant owner Lisa Yacopetti will make the cafe non-smoking in accordance with new rules by Lismore City Council. … FROM yesterday, Lismore smokers are allowed to light up only at designated smoking posts near the entrances to the CBD's four major car parks. …

Smoking bans on table
Waverley Leader - January 8, 2013

THE State Government says it welcomes Monash Council's push to ban smoking in alfresco dining areas across Victoria as it considers further smoking bans. …

VIDEO: NSW smoking ban: Smokers like it
The Border Mail (au) - January 8, 2013

YESTERDAY’S introduction of strict outdoor smoking bans in NSW drew few objections on the Border; even smokers believe the tougher laws are a good idea. It is now illegal to smoke in many outdoor public areas, including train stations, bus stops …

An election promise to count on: outdoor smoking bans coming
The Canberra Times - January 7, 2013

Laws that have banned smoking near playgrounds, swimming pools and bus stops ... to ban smoking, or increase awareness of existing smoking bans, at public ...

Even smokers back new ban
The Border Mail - January 7, 2013

Smoking is now banned in NSW at public places including train stations. ... smoking bans in NSW drew few objections on the Border; even smokers believe the ...

New smoking restrictions for Queanbeyan
The Canberra Times - January 7, 2013

Laws banning smoking near playgrounds, swimming pools and bus stops have come into force in Queanbeyan as the NSW government enacts some of the ...

Anti-smoking advocates welcome new smoke bans
ABC Online - January 7, 2013

Hunter Valley anti-smoking advocates have applauded the State ... of the community supports more restrictions on smoking, particularly around children ... the right example as a community and restricting smoking around those areas," he said. …

New laws mean butting out in more public areas
Western Advocate - January 7, 2013

NEW smoking restrictions come into effect today, increasing the number of places in ... It will also no longer be possible to smoke at public transport stops and ...

No smoking within 10m of this playground
Illawarra Mercury - January 7, 2013

For Brisbane mother Melissa Hughes, news of the NSW restrictions was a ... "It's awful when I have to walk through a puff of smoke with my kids so I like the idea ...

Anti-smoking message stronger with new bans: lobby groups
ABC Online - January 7, 2013

SALLY SARA: Strict new anti-smoking laws have come into effect in New South Wales today banning smoking at bus stops, ... And some casinos are exempt too.

Where Is Smoking Banned Waiting For Public Transport In Australia?
Lifehacker Australia-by Angus Kidman - January 7, 2013

Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman was surprised to learn that you can't even smoke in the high roller rooms at casinos in Tasmania, South Australia and ...

New anti-smoking laws take effect
Cooma Monaro Express - January 3, 2013

SMOKERS and businesses in Cooma and the Monaro are being encouraged ... restrictions on where people can smoke in New South Wales," Mrs Woolley said. …

New playground smoking laws mean $550 fines
Lismore Northern Star (au) - December 31, 2012

SMOKERS who light up at children's playgrounds around New South Wales could be fined up to $550, under new state government laws, which take effect from next week....

New laws stub out public smoking areas
Sydney Morning Herald (au) - December 30, 2012

SMOKERS making a New Year's resolution to quit will be given a helping hand, with a new range of public places where smoking will be banned from next week. Smoking at playgrounds, bus stops, sports grounds, swimming pools and the entrances to all public ...

Central Victorian councils call for ban on outdoor smoking
Bendigo Advertiser (au) - December 27, 2012

CENTRAL Victorian councils are calling on the state government to outlaw smoking in outdoor dining areas. A voluntary smoking ban in al fresco dining areas has been rolled out in the Macedon Ranges Shire Council. ...

30 Events to become Smoke-Free From January 2013
TopNews United States - December 20, 2012

Stricter actions are taking place in Tasmania to curb smoking rate. It has been revealed by the Tasmanian health authorities that they are going to widen the ...

Smoking bans extended - December 20, 2012

TASMANIAN smokers will be further stigmatised with the State Government banning smoking at a raft of festivals and events next year. Government banning smoking at a raft of festivals and events next year.

Mayor welcomes beach smoking ban
Moorabbin Kingston Leader - December 19, 2012

SMOKING is now banned on patrolled Mordialloc-Chelsea beaches - a move backed by Kingston City Council. The statewide ban applies to the area between ...

Crown St Mall: thank you for not smoking
Illawarra (NSW) Mercury - December 13, 2012

Smoking will be banned in a redeveloped Crown Street Mall and Wollongong City Council-owned outdoor dining areas from the end of next year. The decision was made after a Wollongong City Council survey found 80 per cent of people supported …

Smoke-free plan: Kick the habit, eateries told
Macedon Ranges Weekly - Sunbury Weekly - December 11, 2012

Last week the council sent letters to businesses with alfresco dining areas operating on council land, inviting them to sign up to become smoke-free areas. …

Anxiety rises over effect of smoking ban on the mentally ill
The Canberra Times - December 11, 2012

Mental health carers have reiterated fears that a plan to ban smoking in Canberra's secure mental health facility will harm distressed and vulnerable patients ...

Council ready for law on new smoking bans
Daily Liberal - December 10, 2012

Dubbo City Council's David Dwyer measuring a four-metre smoke-free zone at the entrance to Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre ahead of the ...

Ban on prison smoko
The Daily Telegraph - December 8, 2012

Smoking is banned in jails in WA and Victoria and there has been a trial ban at Lithgow jail. Mr Severin said the decision was made in light of successful ...

How should we regulate smokeless tobacco products and e-cigarettes? ($$)
Medical Journal of Australia - December 10, 2012

Less harmful forms of nicotine have harm reduction potential that is worth investigating...

Fears smoking ban would lead to abuse
Gold Coast Bulletin News - December 7, 2012

Surfers Paradise councillor Lex Bell said banning smoking in the mall would be bad ... a state-wide ban on smoking in public malls and transport waiting zones.

Tobacco suit urged
Hobart (Tas) Mercury (au) - Dec 4, 2012

Legal action was one of 10 measures states should adopt to become smoke-free by 2020, a forum in Hobart heard yesterday....

Michelle O'Byrne Hopes for A Smoke-Free Tasmania
TopNews Arab Emirates - December 3, 2012

Tasmania - There is no denial that smoking has been causing enough damage to one and all and on the same lines, a forum at the University of Tasmania has ...

Forum on smoke-free future
Tasmania Mercury - December 3, 2012

A FORUM in Hobart today is investigating new approaches to tackle Tasmania's continued high smoking rates. Opening the "A Smoke-Free Community -- Is It ...

Smoko time? Not for 18 years
Canberra (ACT) Times (au) - December 3, 2012

The 17-year-olds are among the first generation of Canberrans who have barely been exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke, thanks to a crackdown that began 18 years ago …

Beach smoking ban for summer
ABC Online - November 30, 2012

Smoking will be banned on some of Tasmania's public beaches from tomorrow. …

Plain cigarette packaging begins in Australia
The Lancet - Nov 30, 2012

Dec 1, 2012, is a landmark day for the Australian Government. It marks the first day that all cigarettes in Australia must be sold in plain packaging­a substantial blow to tobacco companies and a shining example of a health policy that could spread to co ...

Crown staff forced to passive smoke
Central Midlands & Coastal Advocate - November 27, 2012

Smoke in a public place and you'll cop a $2000 fine - but not at Crown Casino. High rollers have been allowed to light up in the International Pearl Room for years, essentially buying their right to smoke. And the state government allows it to happen on the back of a legislative exemption afforded only to Crown Casino. … "Every other workplace has to be smoke free, except the casino where staff are being exposed to passive smoking," he said. "We've had clear absolute evidence ...

Vic bill seeks outdoor smoking ban
BigPond News - November 27, 2012

Pressure is mounting on the Victorian government to ban smoking in all outdoor dining and drinking areas in the state, with a Greens bill set to be introduced in parliament. …

Bill to ban smoking at outdoor dining and drinking venues to be ...
Courier Mail - November 26, 2012

If passed, the legislation would ban smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas, ... as well as the Municipal Association of Victoria, support the proposed bans. …

Smokers may face new bans
The Age - November 26, 2012

In addition to banning smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas, the proposed laws would also ban smoking within 10 metres of children's playgrounds and ... bans by local councils including Surf Coast Shire, where smoking is banned on ...

Wollongong apartments to vote on smoking
Illawarra (NSW) Mercury (au) - November 23, 2012

Residents at Fairways, a large complex in Bank Street, are considering creating a bylaw to ban smoking across the entire precinct, including the balconies, the common areas and car park. ...

Thousands back CBD smoking ban - November 23, 2012

A FACEBOOK campaign to extend Launceston's smoking ban in the CBD has garnered thousands of supporters. Those behind the campaign say it's not about smoking but ridding the antisocial behaviour happening outside their Brisbane Street store. ...

Australian High Court Rejects Challenge By Big Tobacco And Determines Plain Packaging Laws Are Constitutional And Valid - Government, Public Sector and Indigenous – Australia
Mondaq - November 17, 2012

... the crux of the tobacco companies' claim was dismissed by the majority who held that, while the imposition of the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the Act restricted the tobacco companies' rights with respect to their intellectual property, ...

PANAHI: State flags half-hearted smokes ban ($$)
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (Australia) - November 12, 2012

IT'S clear you can't rely on smokers to do the right thing. Governments at all levels have had to legislate to stop them inflicting their poisonous fumes on us. Bans on smoking in restaurants, pubs, sporting arenas, in cars with children and around play

YOUR SAY: Mayor moves to ban al fresco smoking
Waverley Leader - November 6, 2012

SMOKING could be banned in alfresco dining areas if Monash's new mayor has her way. …

Number of Indigenous heavy smokers down 45%
The Conversation (au) - November 5, 2012

The study, conducted by the Menzies School of Health Research and published today in the Medical Journal of Australia, analysed data on from the 1994 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey, and the 2008 National Aboriginal and Torres Strai ...

Call to ban smoking outside school gates
Gold Coast Bulletin News - October 29, 2012

Parents are calling for a smoking ban outside school gates and for smokers to use "common sense" and stay away ... "I think it should be banned from this area. …

Cessnock prison guards push to stub out smoking
ABC Online - October 29, 2012

A rollout of smoking bans is on the cards in New South Wales, with guards at a Hunter ... Smoking is banned in jails in Western Australia and Victoria and there has ... prisoners smoke in New South Wales and Mr Little says the Cessnock ban ...

Union agrees to staff working with puffing punters
Sydney Morning Herald - October 27, 2012

... Voice, has dropped its opposition to smoking by high rollers in VIP gaming rooms in a deal struck over James Packer's proposed $1 billion hotel and casino at ...

Councils reluctant to enforce smoke laws
ABC Online - October 18, 2012

New laws have come into place in South Australia banning smokers from lighting up near playgrounds and public transport but councils are reluctant to commit resources to enforce them. Three Riverland councils - Berri Barmera, Loxton Waikerie and Renmark Paringa - do not have an authorised officer under the new legislation. …

Smoking stubbed out in Ipswich Mall
Herald Sun - October 16, 2012

SMOKING will be banned in the Ipswich Mall from early next year under a new ... out in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall since City Hall introduced a smoking ban ...

Parramatta smoking ban under threat as council flags possible review
Herald Sun - October 11, 2012

Amid fears he and his fellow Liberal councillors would quash the policy, Cr Chedid said in a short statement to The Advertiser: "As is common practice with many newly-elected councils, the plan is to review a number of our current policies over the coming months." …

Smokers may have to cough up $140 at beaches
Brisbane (QLD) Times (au) - October 11, 2012

SMOKERS who light up on patrolled Victorian beaches this summer could be fined $140. The state government introduced legislation into Parliament yesterday banning smoking between and within 50 metres of the flags. ...

Smokers face new ban - October 9, 2012

Ald Marti Zucco suggested the council ban smoking along footpaths completely ... Outdoor smoking bans may be increased to see smoking banned on footpaths ...

Smoking ban means fewer kids injured
The West Australian - October 5, 2012

First aid officers at the Perth Royal Show say markedly fewer children have had asthma attacks and accidental cigarette burns since smoking was banned three years ago. The Show was the first big WA venue to outlaw smoking under a sponsorship with Healthway in 2009. …

Tobacco plain packaging laws clear test, court rules
Sydney Morning Herald (au) - October 5, 2012

BIG TOBACCO's arguments in a High Court challenge to plain packaging were based on a "fatal" flaw, the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia has said. ...

Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council looks at smoking bans for Parade, Norwood Oval
The Daily Telegraph - October 2, 2012

SMOKING bans would be introduced Norwood Oval and along The Parade ... fees by half for eateries who banned smoking in their outdoor dining areas. ... NP&SP's proposal follows the State Government's new laws which ban smoking within ...

Should smoking be banned along The Parade and at Norwood Oval?
Herald Sun - October 2, 2012

SMOKING bans would be introduced Norwood Oval and along The Parade ... proposal follows the State Government's new laws which ban smoking within 10m ...

High Rollers Can Continue to Smoke in Sydney's Star Casino, report Lucky Nugget Casino
The Herald | - September 28, 2012

SYDNEY, Australia ­ High rollers can continue to smoke in Sydney’s Star Casino, bucking the nationwide ban on smoking in public places confirms today. Star Casino’s high roller room will remain untouched by the ban along with similar establishments elsewhere in Australia. …

Prisoners prepare for smoking ban across the NT
ABC Local - September 28, 2012

The ban is an Australian first, but follows in the footsteps of New Zealand, which has already banned smoking in all of the country's prisons. Around 80 per cent ...

Monash smoking ban success
Waverley Leader - September 24, 2012

In October last year, the council introduced new local laws banning smoking on ... "The success of the bans highlights the community's stance on smoking. …

No Smoking At Ferry Waiting Areas
Russell Island on the Bay - September 21, 2012

Redland City Council is reminding residents that it is now illegal to smoke at public ferry terminals and transport waiting points. Following changes to the Tobacco Act 2008, Council decided to ban smoking in controlled areas as part of Redland City Local Law 14 (Jetties, Ramps and ...

Imperial Tobacco's plain packaging 'the ultimate sick joke' - September 11, 2012

THE first cigarettes in plain packaging have hit the major supermarkets - and they ... the company says in a leaflet advertising its packaging change to retailers. ... cigarette companies to start manufacturing cigarettes and tobacco products in ...

South Australia plans a ban on new menthol cigarettes
TopNews New Zealand - September 11, 2012

South Australia plans a ban on new menthol cigarettes ... young smokers, South Australia plans to ban displays for a new type of menthol cigarette. ... Under current SA regulations only specialist tobacco retailers can show product displays for ...

Highrise smoking bans on horizon
Gold Coast Bulletin News - September 10, 2012

SMOKERS are being banned from lighting up on balconies in a move that could soon extend to apartments, making many highrise buildings smoke-free. …

Tobacco ban backed for next generation
Adelaide Now -- The Advertiser and Sunday Mail (au) - Sep 10, 2012

SOUTH Australians born after 1999 should never be allowed to buy tobacco, a survey on attitudes towards smoking has found. More than two-thirds of the 2500 respondents to the adelaidenow survey believed smokers should not be allowed smoking breaks at wo ...

Poder, N.; Carroll, T.; Wallace, C.; Hua, M., "Do smoke-free environment policies reduce smoking on hospital grounds? Evaluation of a smoke-free health service policy at two Sydney hospitals," Australian Health Review [Epub ahead of print], 2012.

This Australian study found that smoking in Sydney South West Area Health Service's two hospitals fell dramatically over a two year period after implementation of a smokefree policy. Overall, there was a 44 percent drop in staff smoking incidents and 37 percent drop in visitor smoking incidents. Smoking remained unchanged among inpatients.

Tobacco ban for people born after the year 2000 passes Tasmanian ...
New Statesman (blog) - August 27, 2012

... a motion calling for sales of tobacco to anyone born after the year 2000 to be banned. ... As the generation reaches 18 years, there will be fewer of them smoking and ... Addressing the idea that such a ban could also lead to bans on things like ... We started banning tobacco advertising in 1976 and there has been no other ...

Port Macquarie outdoor restaurants go smoke free
ABC Online - August 24, 2012

The local council is launching the next stage of its Smoke Free Outdoor Areas Policy ... Ms Flynn says the smoke free moves have significant community support. …

Salisbury Council is set to ban smoking at public events and outside ...
Adelaide Now - August 24, 2012

Salisbury Council Mayor Gillian Aldridge says banning smoking at some ... SMOKING is set to be banned at some Salisbury Council events and outside ... said the council was also considering smoking bans outside council-owned buildings. …

Banning cigarettes: the next step?
SBS - August 23, 2012

Restricting cigarette sales to specific outlets, such as pharmacies. A government ... After that date cigarettes would simply not be permitted in the market. …

Australian state considers age-based cigarette sales ban
Vancouver Sun - August 23, 2012

The Australian state of Tasmania is considering a ban on cigarette sales to anyone born after the year 2000 in an attempt to create a smoking-free generation. …

Premier steps back from smoking ban
Yahoo!7 News - August 23, 2012

The Tasmanian Premier appears to be at odds with her Health Minister over a push to phase out smoking in six years. … Under the plan, anyone born after the year 2000 would be banned from ...

Baw Baw smoke free policy adopted, trial extended
Warragul Citizen - August 23, 2012

Baw Baw's Smoke Free Outdoor Areas policy trial will continue after councillors voted unanimously for its extension last night. After discussing responses to the ...

Australia says no plan for total smoking ban
MyFox Washington DC - August 20, 2012

Australia said on Thursday it has no plans to ban smoking after a key court ruling ... Smoking is banned in restaurants, bars and most other indoor spaces across ...

Cigarettes running out of puff
The West Australian - August 20, 2012

Nearly two-fifths of West Australians support a total smoking ban and more than half want taxes ... saying it would support any law that would lead to the banning of cigarette sales in Australia. ... cigarette sales should be banned and 56 per cent wanted tobacco taxes increased. ... Prospect pushes for outdoor smoking bans ...

Will Australia's Cigarette Branding Ban Spread Beyond Borders ... - August 20, 2012

Australia's high court last week upheld the Plain Packaging Act, making it the first country to ban brand logos on all tobacco packages. That has led some to speculate whether the ruling could set a global marketing precedent for everything from cigarettes to sugary drinks to alcohol. …

Australian court OKs logo ban on cigarette packs
Laramie Boomerang - August 16, 2012

The High Court rejected a challenge by tobacco companies who argued the value of ... their distinctive colors, brand designs and logos on packs of cigarettes. ... Tobacco advertising was banned from Australian television and radio in 1976. …

Health minister's gamble as casino high roller smoking ban voted ...
Casey Weekly Berwick - August 16, 2012

The New South Wales Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, has defended the state government's endorsement of smoking in the high-roller room at Sydney's Star casino, but left open the door for a ban in the future. Legislation to ban smoking in outdoor areas such as bus stops and playgrounds passed NSW Parliament last night, but the O'Farrell government refused to support an amendment to ban smoking at the Star's high-roller room. Responding to criticism this morning, Mrs Skinner said smoking bans have been "incremental" in NSW. "I can remember back in the early '90s when we first started introducing these bans with the banning of smoking in public buildings," she told ABC local radio. "We've moved gradually, step by step, until this point where we have this groundbreaking legislation. It will keep going." …

NSW toughens anti-smoking laws
Sydney Morning Herald - August 16, 2012

However, the high rollers room at Sydney's Star casino will remain exempt ... some of the casinos around the country is technology that sucks the smoking air out ...

Australia says no plan for total smoking ban - August 16, 2012

Sydney: Australia said on Thursday it has no plans to ban smoking after a key ... Smoking is banned in restaurants, bars and most other indoor spaces across ...

Mother's plea for a smoke free CBD
Bundaberg News Mail - August 8, 2012

A BUNDABERG mother is calling on authorities to police illegal smoking in the CBD saying she is fed up with being unable to walk down the street without ...

Golf Australia adopts smoke-free policy
Golf Australia - August 3, 2012

Golf Australia's National Amateur Championships will now be smoke-free for competitors during their stipulated round. The game of golf supports a healthy ...

WA prisoners face total smoking ban in jails
Perth Now - Jul 29, 2012

PRISONERS face a total smoking ban under moves by new Corrective Services Minister Murray Cowper. The former police sergeant wants to adopt the New Zealand model in which inmates were offered two carrot sticks a day to quell tobacco cravings before jails became smoke-free a year ago. …

Smokers are lighting up around doorways, ignoring designated ...
Herald Sun - July 24, 2012

Should smokers who ignore smoke-free zones at Melbourne Airport be fined? Yes ... Quit Executive Director Fiona Sharkie said smoke free areas were a key ...

Calls for smoking ban at Tullamarine Airport
3AW (blog) - July 24, 2012

3AW reporter Tom Andronas said up to 30 people were smoking within metres ... col on Calls for smoking ban at Tullamarine ... why do they have to stand right near the door for . ... HAVE YOUR SAY: Should smoking be banned at Tullamarine? ... any smoking bans at Tullamarine would be referred to the state government.

Smokers call for liberty but councillors uphold ban
Parramatta Sun - July 24, 2012

A motion to rescind Parramatta Council's smoking ban in outdoor dining areas was defeated by one vote on last night. …

Flying into a smoky haze at Melbourne Airport - JulY 23, 2012

Smokers are lighting up around doorways, ignoring designated smoke-free ... Should smokers who ignore smoke-free zones at Melbourne Airport be fined? Yes ...

Smoke ban trial at Nillumbik playgrounds
Banyule and Nillumbik Weekly - July 3, 2012

NILLUMBIK council has approved a six-month trial to ban smoking at five ... Smoking will be banned within 10 metres of children's playground equipment. ... The bans are expected to come into force this month, once no smoking signs have ...

Court rules Parramatta Council's smoking ban introduced incorrectly
Parramatta Sun - June 28, 2012

The Cancer Council has welcomed the recent court decision that ruled Parramatta's smoking ban "invalid" but found they did have the authority to prohibit smoking in outdoor dining areas. … Justice Briscoe confirmed the council was within its powers to adopt smoke-free outdoor area policies on its land, if it strictly outlined the definitions of its policy. …

Debate lights up at mental health centres
The Age - June 28, 2012

The ACT government could be heading for another Human Rights Act clash as it prepares to ban smoking in Canberra's mental health treatment centres. …

Smoking ban healthy move for everyone
Illawarra Mercury - June 28, 2012

So it is no surprise that Shellharbour council wants to implement tough new laws banning smoking on the city's beaches. The council's smoking bans will now ...

Shellharbour lifesavers back smoking ban
Illawarra Mercury (Australia) June 27, 2012

Shellharbour surf lifesavers have backed a planned smoking ban at the city's ... But the move is part of a broader trend for increased smoking bans in council ...

Restaurant owners celebrate right to light up
Parramatta Sun (Australia) - June 27, 2012

RESTAURATEURS in Parramatta celebrated a court decision last week that ruled the council's smoking ban in outdoor seating areas was invalid.

Debate lights up at mental health centres
The Canberra Times - June 27, 2012

The ACT government could be heading for another Human Rights Act clash as it prepares to ban smoking in Canberra's mental health treatment centres.

Poder, N.; Carroll, T.; Wallace, C.; Hua, M., "Do smoke-free environment policies reduce smoking on hospital grounds? Evaluation of a smoke-free health service policy at two Sydney hospitals," Australian Health Review [Epub ahead of print], 2012.

This Australian study found that smoking in the Sydney South West Area Health Service's two hospitals fell dramatically over the two year period after implementation of a smokefree policy. Overall, there was a 44 percent drop in staff smoking incidents and 37 percent drop in visitors smoking incidents. Smoking remained unchanged among inpatients.

Decision made to go smoke free
Coffs Coast Advocate - June 22, 2012

IT WAS a big decision and a long time coming: Junaa Buwa! Mission Australia has implemented a smoke free policy. …

Parramatta's smoking ban invalid but fight goes on
Parramatta (NSW) Advertiser (au) - Jun 22, 2012

THE Land and Environment Court has ruled that Parramatta Council's ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas does not stand, in a landmark decision handed down yesterday. …

Tobacco Companies Advertising Continues Despite Ban
TopNews United States - June 21, 2012

There were more than 75% of the people that had seen tobacco advertising in films, while half of them reported to see that same on TV. Moreover, the presence ...

Parramatta's smoking ban invalid but fight goes on

Cumberland Courier Newspapers - June 21, 2012

Officers instigating the smoking ban in April therefore over-stepped their ... Mr Besiso said the association vowed to fight any new resolution banning smoking. ... Council's smoking in public places policy has already banned smoking in ...

Parramatta outdoor dining smoking ban "invalid"
Parramatta Sun - June 21, 2012

The Land and Environment Court ruled that Parramatta Council adopted an invalid no smoking policy. …

No smoking ban planned for Victoria St Mall
Moreland Leader - June 21, 2012

A SMOKING ban will not be introduced in Coburg's Victoria St Mall following a council decision last week. …

Smoking ban push around Cairns Base Hospital
The Cairns Post - June 21, 2012

SMOKING on footpaths surrounding Cairns Base Hospital might be a thing of the past if Cairns MP Gavin King gets his way. …

Outdoor smoking bans in Boroondara
Leader News - June 19, 2012

BOROONDARA Council plans to ban smoking near playgrounds, taxi ranks, bus and tram stops and sports grounds. …

Restaurants dispute ban on smoking
Western Advocate - June 8, 2012

NINE restaurants are fighting a Parramatta City Council ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas in the Land and Environment Court.

Report stubs out mall smoking ban
Illawarra Mercury - June 4, 2012

A possible ban on smoking in the Crown St Mall should be postponed until the mall refurbishment ... The report said all but one of the state's 152 councils had banned smoking in children's ... Council is considering banning smoking in the mall. …

Lobby groups call for outdoor smoking ban
The Guardian AU - June 4, 2012

The NSW Tobacco Strategy will see smoking banned in playgrounds, public ... said further bans on outdoor smoking in pubs would hurt his business, as the ban ...

Melbourne City Council rejects plea for wider smoking ban at ...
Herald Sun - June 1, 2012

MELBOURNE City Council has rejected a plea by health groups to ban smoking at Moomba and at Federation Square during community events.

Smoking in street warning
The Manly Daily - May 31, 2012

Manly Council is writing to the hospital to remind its staff and patients that smoking at bus stops is banned, and that the littering of cigarette butts around Darley ...

Traders support plans for no smoking beaches
Weekly Times Messenger - May 25, 2012

“I am fine with smoking being banned on the actual beach and the sand to protect ... He said he did not believe a smoking ban on the beach would impact on trade. ... Banning smoking in other areas will become easier, with councils able to ...

Few fines expected under new smoking bans
ABC Online - May 25, 2012

Few fines expected under new smoking bans ... Changes being phased in from July in the Macedon Ranges Shire will ban smoking at playgrounds and around ...

Smoking limited to zones at Royal Adelaide Show
Adelaide Now (Australia) - May 24, 2012

SMOKERS will be restricted to designated zones at this year's Royal Adelaide Show. ... allow bans on smoking in outdoor areas, to take effect from next Thursday. ... If more people start to boycott events and places that ban a LEGAL pastime, ...

Smoking ban in the air
Latrobe Valley Express - May 24, 2012

A PROPOSAL to ban smoking in outdoor dining areas and playgrounds has ... Quit and the Australian Medical Association (Victoria) to extend outdoor smoking bans ... if smoking was banned in outdoor public spaces "maybe they should also ban ... district continued to "blatantly smoke in full view of signage" (banning it).

Smoke cloud lifts in eastern suburbs
Messenger News - May 24, 2012

It is unknown how bans would be applied and enforced, as they are yet to be ... "Smoking is already banned at Netball SA, but we will ban it at training," he said.

Smoking ban possibility at Mitcham events
Hills and Valley Messenger - May 23, 2012

Mitcham Council will investigate making its events smoke-free now that new laws allow it to apply to the State Government to ban smoking in public areas from ...

Smoking ban bid for major Prospect events
Standard Messenger - May 23, 2012

Prospect Council will investigate making its events smoke-free now that new laws allow it to apply to the State Government to ban smoking in public areas from ...

Macedon Ranges decides on outdoor smoking ban
Bendigo Advertiser - May 23, 2012

The second phase would implement a 10-metre smoke-free zone around council recreation and sports areas and all outdoor events sponsored or run by council ...

Council to vote on smoke-free plan
ABC Online - May 22, 2012

A central Victorian council says its plan to ban outdoor smoking is an important opportunity to change local laws for the better.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Honors Australia Attorney-General Nicola Roxon for Leadership in Fighting Tobacco and Saving Lives
Asian Tribune - May 21, 2012

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids presented Nicola Roxon, Australia's Attorney General and former Health Minister, with its highest honour, the Champion ...

Big tobacco is targeting teenagers, says Tanya Plibersek
The Australian - May 17, 2012

Banning cigarette advertising, making it illegal to sell smokes to minors, introducing graphic health warnings and hiking the tobacco excise had led to a ...

Smoking ban plan for city events
Adelaide Now - May 17, 2012

... smoke free, under a Town Hall plan to ramp up smoking bans across the city. ... David Plumridge wants to encourage festival organisers to ban smoking at city ...

Charles Sturt and Port-Enfield councils want smoking ban for ...

Adelaide Now - May 16, 2012

WESTERN beaches could have "no smoking" sections under a proposal to be considered by ... Mrs Burden supports a proposal to ban smoking at the beach. …

Neighbours speak up: butt out on the balcony
The Daily Telegraph - May 15, 2012

SMOKERS could be banned from lighting up on their own balconies under ... Residents also wanted to ban balcony barbecues and the keeping of snakes ...

Libs Greens deny smokes ban
Tasmania Mercury - May 14, 2012

THE Liberals and the Greens say they will not support a bold plan to stamp out smoking among the youngest generation of Tasmanians.

Editorial: Butt out lethal habit - May 13, 2012

Regardless, too many people smoke and far too many continue to take up the ... Despite plain package cigarettes, shock ads, a ban on advertising tobacco ...

Playford welcomes smoking ban
News Review Messenger - May 13, 2012

Mayor Glenn Docherty said the laws reflected community demand and would protect people from passive smoking, increase comfort for non-smokers and reduce the ...

No-smoke generation support - May 12, 2012

TASMANIAN Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne says a proposal to ban cigarette sales to anyone born after the year 2000 is innovative and worthy of serious ...

Haze of smoke too much
The Border Mail (au) - May 12, 2012

THE flouting of a ban on smoking outside Albury hospital has forced a sufferer of Parkinson's disease to abandon his rehabilitation therapy at the site. …

Support for tobacco ban
Tasmania Mercury - May 12, 2012

THE proposal to ban the supply of tobacco products to Tasmanians born from the year 2000 was welcomed by two 17-year-old smokers in Hobart yesterday.

Butt out! Tassie smokes ban
Tasmania Mercury - May 12, 2012

ZERO TOLERANCE: Professor Jon Berrick is urging a ban on smoking for people born after the year 2000. Picture: RICHARD JUPE TASMANIA is being promoted as ...

Smoking ban: restaurants vs council court case adjourned until June 7
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - May 8, 2012

THE Land and Environment Court stoush between restaurants and Parramatta Council over the outdoor dining smoking ban has been adjourned until June 7.

Smoke Ban Close
FiveAA - May 6, 2012

Councils, businesses and sporting clubs will have the power later this month to ban smoking in public areas. The new law comes into effect on May 31 and ...

Smoking ban sparks alarm - May 6, 2012

HEALTH professionals fear a smoking ban at the Wilfred Lopes Centre for mentally ill prisoners may encourage violent incidents putting the safety of staff ...

Power to ban smoking in public areas by May 31
Adelaide Now - May 6, 2012

Adelaide City Council has already passed new bylaws to ban smoking in Rundle ... will start imposing bans on smoking in outdoor areas within three weeks. …

New chamber boss to blow some smoke
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - May 5, 2012

For example, she feels that struggling restaurants will suffer from Parramatta Council's ban on smoking in alfresco dining areas. …

Smoking ban reprieve for nine restaurants
Parramatta Advertiser - May 1, 2012

NINE Parramatta restaurants have been given a temporary reprieve from the council-imposed smoking ban that applied to outdoor dining areas from today. … Council agreed to an interim order prohibiting it from enforcing the ban on the ... They feel they will be disadvantaged by banning smoking in their outdoor ...

Ban begins on smoking in cars with kids
Yahoo!7 News - May 1, 2012

Canberra drivers are being warned they can now be fined for smoking in cars in which children are travelling. The ACT Legislative Assembly passed the laws ...

Smokers light up despite laws
Central Western Daily - May 1, 2012

BY CLARE COLLEY Orange City Council won't consider enforcing no-smoking rules in ... at shopping centre entrances, but he had seen smokers ignoring the ban. …

How far to go in smoking ban?
Victoria Times Colonist - April 27, 2012

A local ban would hardly be unique; smoking is being banned in parks across North ... Similar bans exist in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco - and ...

Health Bodies Pressurize Ballarat Government to Ban Smoking In ...
TopNews United States - April 27, 2012

As per recent findings, it has been reported that four major Victorian health organizations have let out a joint state that suggests statewide ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas … As a consequence, it has been reported that Ballarat's Golden City Hotel part-owner Simon Coghlan has put a ban on smoking within the dining areas of his ...

No smoking here please: Five Ways restaurants enforce ban
Wentworth Courier - Apr 15, 2012

THE state government's proposed smoking ban for all outdoor dining areas is still three years away but three neighbouring restaurants at Five Ways were not ...

Smoking banned at TAFE
ABC Online (blog) - April 12, 2012

It makes the organisation the first TAFE in NSW to ban smoking completely, and comes ahead of NSW legislation that will ban smoking in public places.

Restaurants fight smoking ban in Parramatta
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - April 11, 2012

RESTAURANT owners against Parramatta Council's smoking ban in outdoor dining areas are mounting a court challenge to fight the ban which takes effect on May ...

Gartner, C.E.; Hall, W.D., "Is the socioeconomic gap in childhood exposure to secondhand smoke widening or narrowing?," Tobacco Control [Epub ahead of print], March 30, 2012.

In Australia, the number of households with a child under 15 years of age living with a smoker declined by 22 percent between 2001 and 2010. In this time, there was no change in the most disadvantaged households. Half of this group still had at least one smoker in 2010. The prevalence of outdoor smoking increased across socioeconomic groups by about 50 percent. The presence of a child five or younger increased the likelihood of an outdoor smoking policy. ...

CRD mulls expanding smoking ban to playgrounds
Victoria Times Colonist - March 30, 2012

Judith Cullington called a smoking ban near playgrounds "the next logical step" for the region to take. "We don't want kids on the playgrounds picking up ...

Adelaide City Council approves smoking ban in Rundle Mall
Adelaide Now - March 27, 2012

The State Government is expected to rubber-stamp the council's Rundle Mall smoking ban. Source: AdelaideNow ADELAIDE City Council has approved on a ...

WHO backs Australia in tobacco row
Healthcare Today - March 27, 2012

Tobacco giant Philip Morris' Asia division is currently suing the Australian ... with a view to exporting more colorfully packaged cigarettes to Australia. …

Council looks at making mall smoke-free
ABC Local - March 27, 2012

He says surveys have shown that more people are attracted by smoke free areas than deterred. And there's evidence that surrounding businesses don't suffer ...

Perth airport defends smoking shelters
ABC Local - March 22, 2012

The Perth Airport has defended the erection of a smoking shelter, ... The shelter was put in place five weeks ago to stop people smoking in the forecourt ...

Royal Perth Hospital policy up in smoke
Perth Now - March 19, 2012

RPH staff say workers are at the end of their tether after being exposed to passive smoking from voluntarily admitted mental health patients lighting up in ...

The Hills going smoke free
Cadtle Hills News - Mar 5, 2012

BY STEVEN SPIERINGS THE Hills is going smoke-free under new tobacco reforms ... Smokers will no longer be able to light up at bus stops, taxi ranks, ...

Australia Said to Face WTO Complaint Over Ban on Tobacco Logos
Bloomberg - Mar 5, 2012

Australia may face a complaint at the World Trade Organization over its decision to ban trademarks and logos on tobacco products, according to two people ...

Council supports outdoor smoking bans
Crookwell Gazette - March 2, 2012

This calls on the State Government to bring in legislation banning particular outdoor areas. This would ban smoking within ten metres of children's ...

Will the end of the nicotine nightmare?
Adelaide Now - February 24, 2012

MS Jones said Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT, Northern Territory and Western Australia had all found smoke-free alfresco policies popular and effective.

North shore councils say outdoor smoking bans don't change much
North Shore Times - February 24, 2012

Martin Palin and Peter Carroll pictured in the Lane Cove Plaza in 2006, wanting to make into a smoke free zone. Photo: Paul Melville LOCAL councils are ...

Chatswood of Commerce president unhappy with delay on outdoor ...
North Shore Times - February 24, 2012

Photo: Ian Svegovici CHATSWOOD Chamber of Commerce president Stig Falster says delaying the state government smoke-free outdoor laws would be “appalling”. ...

Decline in SA smoking rates welcomed
ABC Online - February 24, 2012

"Smoke-free dining and eating is an inevitable step for which the hospitality industry must prepare," he said. "Hotels and restaurants have already complied ...

Strengthening our smoke-free reforms
Manning River Times - February 24, 2012

It is a state-wide blanket reform that will overlap and strengthen Greater Taree City Council's Smoke-Free Environment Policy which hit the community in ...

Bega Valley Shire applauds anti-smoking move
ABC Local - February 24, 2012

The Bega Valley Shire Council on the New South Wales far south coast says the State Government's smoke-free laws will build on the work that is already been ...

40000 smokers butt out in a year
Adelaide Now - February 24, 2012

"We've also banned smoking in a whole range of places and we've announced we're going to ban it in other places. "What it means is the message is getting ...

All butts are off in the Hastings
Port Macquarie News - February 24, 2012

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council will adopt its smoke-free outdoor areas approach progressively as funding becomes available.

New smoking bans hit public areas
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - February 23, 2012

Health Minister Jillian Skinner this week announced she will introduce NSW Tobacco Strategy legislation, banning smoking in all commercial outdoor dining ...

Why even 'wowsers' argue about smoke bans
The Canberra Times - February 23, 2012

So outdoor smoking bans struggle for justification. Last year, my university debated the introduction of a ban on smoking on all areas of its campuses, ...

EDITORIAL: Extending smoking bans must be carefully considered
Ballarat (Vic) Courier (au), 2012-02-23

THE fact that smoking is bad for you is indisputable. ...

Penrith smokers must butt out
Penrith Press – February 23, 2012

TIM CLAPIN CAFES, restaurants and pubs will have to ban smoking in outdoor ... Two Birds Cafe, in High St's Broadwalk arcade, banned smoking from their ...

Bill aims to restrict smoking
Daily Advertiser - February 23, 2012

SMOKING could soon be banned at sporting grounds, bus stops, playgrounds and the entrance to public buildings under the biggest crackdown on cigarettes by ...

Yarra Council says no to discounted permit smoking ban scheme
Leader News - February 23, 2012

The council voted last Tuesday to campaign for more smoke-free outdoor areas by providing positive publicity for participating businesses. ...

Tighter smoking bans get thumbs up
Northern Rivers Echo - February 22, 2012

Legislation covering smoke-free children's playgrounds, sporting fields when sports are being played, and covered bus shelters and taxi ranks will be ...

Victoria primed to ban outdoor smoking
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2012-02-21
John Masanauskas * From: Herald Sun

SMOKING in outdoor dining areas could be banned throughout Victoria soon.

Dungog considers smoke-free zones
Maitland (NSW) Mercury (au), 2012-02-21

Dungog could soon become a smoke-free town if the shire council decides to ban smoking at public outdoor areas.

Smoking in public: what you won't be able to do now ... and in 2015
Public smoking to be banned
Sydney Morning Herald (au), 2012-02-21
Anna Patty

The NSW government has announced new tobacco reforms which will ban smoking in public areas including bus stops, taxi ranks and outdoor dining areas.

'More information needed' on smoking ban
Illawarra Mercury - Feb 21, 2012

Lighting up a cigarette at bus stops, taxi ranks, sporting fields and children's playgrounds will soon be banned under new tobacco reforms to be pushed ...

Right to puff in public places goes up in smoke
Myall Coast Nota - Feb 21, 2012

SMOKING will be banned in outdoor areas including bus stops, taxi ranks, ... prevented bans being implemented in outdoor commercial dining areas until 2015.

Sportsground, playground smoking bans
The Border Mail - Feb 21, 2012

Fines for defying the bans are expected to be similar to the existing $550 penalty for smoking in outlawed enclosed areas. Smoking is already banned at the ...

Non smoking area at Plaza expanded
Coffs Coast Advocate - Feb 13, 2012

For a long time the non smoking buffer at the busy Coffs Harbour shopping centre has been four metres from the Plaza's entrances. This has now been extended ...

Sydney goes smoke free
The Australian - Feb 12, 2012

SYDNEY has emulated universities on the other side of the country by declaring itself smoke-free. The policy came into effect at the end of January after ...

Calls from residents and Cancer Council for outdoor smoking ban in ...
Macarthur Chronicle Campbelltown - February 13, 2012

CAMPBELLTOWN'S main street could soon be subject to an outdoor smoking ban in a move which has drawn support from some residents and the Cancer Council NSW.

Perth Airport Not Building Smoking Rooms - January 5, 2012

... workers did not have to walk through a curtain of smoke to enter the terminals. “This is a pragmatic approach to eliminate the impact of passive smoking ...

Airport building 'outside smokers' shelter
Perth Now - January 5, 2012

"This is a pragmatic approach to eliminate the impact of passive smoking on all workers and visitors to the airport," he said. "The facility we are building ...

Airport smoking rooms a 'retrograde' step
Sydney Morning Herald - January 5, 2012

... said the buildings were aimed at creating a pleasant, smoke-free environment for passengers and staff by reducing the impact of passive smoking. ...

Parramatta: City extends smoking bans to outdoors
Parramatta Sun - December 22, 2011

The policy will also ban smoking within 10 metres of children's playgrounds, sporting fields, sports facilities and bus and taxi stands. ...

Smoking outdoors to be banned in Boroondara
Leader News - December 20, 2011

SMOKING outdoors could be a thing of the past if Boroondara Council has anything to do with it. The council voted to write to the State Government Minister ...

Philip Morris Sues Australia Over Tobacco Laws
Salon - December 20, 2011

... that bans corporate logos and brand imagery on packages of cigarettes. ... has been unable to show that plain packaging would reduce smoking rates. ...

Councils want a statewide ban on smoking in alfresco dining areas
The Daily Telegraph - December 19, 2011

RESTAURANT owner Ralph Hanako said alfresco smoking bans can only mean one thing ... Parramatta will ban smokers from lighting up in alfresco dining areas ...

'Cigarette smoke should be treated like asbestos'
Perth (WA) Sunday Times (au), 2011-12-18

ATTENTION smokers: your days of puffing away in NSW restaurants are numbered - if the state's councils have their way. ...

Lung Foundation festival allows smoking
ABC Online - December 16, 2011

The Foundation's CEO William Darbishire says however, the organisation fears a smoking ban will put people off. "You might consider it a risky strategy but ...

Smoking ban near play equipment
Blue Mountains Gazette (Australia) - December 14, 2011

Smoking within 10 metres of children's play equipment in council-controlled parks and playgrounds has been banned by Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC). ...

Smoking ban for outdoor dining gets the vote at Parramatta Council
Parramatta Advertiser - December 14, 2011

"But when you see Auburn and Marrickville with smoking bans, ... Flashback to last year when council had first voted for smoking ban which

Doctors slam WA plan to lift smoking bans
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2011-12-12

Doctors are urging the West Australian government to dump a proposal to reverse smoking bans in the state's secure mental health units. ...

Smoking ban in Armidale Mall on hold
Armidale Express - December 5, 2011

“Some would like to see smoking banned there and some wouldn't because they see ... while 'a good idea in principle,' a smoking ban would be difficult to ...

EDITORIAL: Closing in on smokers again
Geelong (Vic) Advertiser (au), 2011-11-29

City Hall's latest move to clean up the CBD, by banning smoking at its Moorabool St bus interchange, may well improve the amenity of bus stops for passengers, shoppers and retailers as it suggests. ...

Bus stop smoke ban bid
Geelong (Vic) Advertiser (au), 2011-11-29
Peter Begg

CITY of Greater Geelong would be the first council to ban smoking at bus stops if plans for improving the Moorabool St bus interchange go ahead. ...

Smoking laws fail to bite
West Australian, 2011-11-29
BEATRICE THOMAS, The West Australian

The Health Department has not issued a single fine under WA's anti-smoking laws, with councils blaming a lack of training and resources to implement the ban. ...

Yarra Council to ban smoking in playgrounds, building entrances
Melbourne Leader (au), 2011-11-29
Michael Gleeson

YARRA Council has backed away from smoking bans in footpath dining areas - at least for now. ...

Philip Morris fumes at Australian government
CPA Global - November 29, 2011

Leading tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris International (PMI) has issued full ... Roxon said: 'Plain packaging means that the glamour is gone from smoking. ...

Outdoor smoke bans hit hurdle
Moonee Valley Leader - Linh Ly - November 14, 2011

Mayor John Sipek, a smoker, said if there was a ban on alfresco dining, other areas would become off-limits. “Sooner or later, you'll be banning smoking on ...

Smoking ban bid for Sydney city knocked back
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Alex Cauchi - November 14, 2011

IF renowned dining strips like Bondi's Campbell Pde and Leichahrdt's Norton St can survive an outdoor smoking ban, so can restaurants in the Sydney Council ...

Ban on smoking bar raised a little higher
The Canberra Times - Julieanne Strachan - November 14, 2011

PUBS and bars in the ACT will be forced to erect higher walls in their designated smoking areas next month, when new rules come into ...

Tasmania passes tough new smoking laws
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2011-11-11

Tasmania is set to become the first state or territory in Australia to ban smoking at outdoor sporting events. ...

Australia poised to fight big tobacco in courts
Bismarck Tribune, November 10, 2011

The Australian government said Thursday it is ready to fight big tobacco companies in court to enact the world's toughest laws on cigarette promotion _ rules that would ban logos and other advertising on cigarette packs. …

Tasmania passes tough new smoking laws
ABC Online - November 10, 2011

The Tasmanian State Parliament has banned smoking in outdoor dining areas, ... the final approval needed to ensure the bans comes into effect next March. ...

Businesses plead for smoking ban to stop
Inner West Courier - Rashell Habib - November 10, 2011

STRUGGLING businesses have begged Strathfield Council not to ban smoking during outdoor dining on council footpaths. One local business owner at last ...

Plan to ban smoking in Macedon Ranges
Sunbury Leader - Barry Kennedy - November 8, 2011

The plan floats the possibility of banning smoking in areas such as council sporting grounds, playing fields, courts, pavilions and clubrooms as well as at ...

Mental health smoking ban set to be lifted
Perth Now - Linda Cann - November 3, 2011

A SMOKING ban for mental health patients is likely to be lifted to stop people who have been committed risking their lives for a cigarette. Reports have shown some involuntary patients were even swapping sex for cigarettes and poking electricity sockets with paper clips to get a spark and light up. ...

Council smoking ban praised
Byron Shire (Australia) News - November 3, 2011

BYRON Council's decision to ban smoking in playgrounds, sport events and outdoor ... The banning of smoking at sports fields would help protect young people ...

End in sight for 'cruel' smoking ban
The West Australian - Natasha Boddy - November 3, 2011

Smoking bans in involuntarily mental health facilities in WA could be ... has long argued that it is cruel to impose a smoking ban on acutely unwell people ...

Call for Smoking Ban on Outdoor Dining Areas
TopNews United States - Amit Pathania - November 3, 2011

Victoria, Australia -- While expressing her opinion regarding the prospective ban on smoking at ... more and more outdoor smoking bans during the course of the last election. ...

Where there's smoke there's mass confusion
Melbourne Weekly - Nicole Haddow - October 24, 2011

At a meeting last week, councillors voted to support the Municipal Association of Victoria's push to ban smoking within 10 metres of playgrounds and five ...

Cancer law centre opens to fight big tobacco
Sydney Morning Herald (au), 2011-10-24
Farah Farouque

THE name of anti-tobacco litigant Rolah McCabe, who died from lung cancer, will live on in a unique new Melbourne legal centre that will explore using the law as an instrument to fight all cancers. ...

Canberra rejects calls for Third World tobacco levy to stub out smoking
The Australian (au), 2011-10-24
Christian Kerr * From: The Australian

AUSTRALIA is set to reject a global push for a new tobacco levy on wealthy countries to fund health programs in the Third World. ...

Smoking ban aims to protect outdoor diners
ABC Online - October 21, 2011

Gunnedah Shire Council has voted to ban smoking in licensed outdoor alfresco areas in Gunnedah. The vote was taken at this week's ordinary general meeting ...

ACT bans smoking in car with kids
Ninemsn - October 20, 2011

The territory's Legislative Assembly has passed a law that makes it illegal for anyone to smoke inside a car or other vehicle while a child under the age of ...

Uncertainty clouds Yarra smoking ban
Melbounre Times Weekly - Alana Schetzer - October 18, 2011

"There was general agreement that smoking bans near playgrounds are a no-brainer and should be introduced," Cr Clarke said. "[But] when it came to bans ...

Smoking rules eased for part of Crown Casino
The Age (au), 2011-10-17
Jason Dowling

CROWN Casino has been granted exemptions from smoking bans on four separate floors of the casino complex - despite an election promise by the Baillieu government to review the casino's special treatment. ...

City restaurants sign up to trial smoke-free al fresco dining
Adelaide Now - Michael Milnes - September 23, 2011

Picture: Dean Martin Source: The Advertiser FIFTY restaurants have signed up to the Adelaide City Council's plan to make outdoor dining smoke free. ...

Outdoor smoking ban: council says more research needed
Ballarat Courier - September 22, 2011

BALLARAT City Council has refused to say whether it is in support of a push to ban smoking in public areas. The Municipal Association of Victoria has made a ...

Council at odds over smoking ban
The Age - Adam Cooper - September 22, 2011

This is the first time a Victorian council has repealed a smoking ban. Councillor Colin Hampton, who voted against the move, said it was senseless to have a ...

Mayor denies dropping smoking restrictions
ABC Online - September 22, 2011

But the Frankston Mayor, Kris Bolam, says the council has also given an undertaking to extend smoking bans into new areas. ...

Frankston cafe-goers now free to smoke
Leader News - Donna Carton - September 22, 2011

In a backflip, councillors last night voted to remove outside dining areas from the city's smoking ban. Cr Colin Hampton, who wanted the ban extended from ...

Warnambool Mayor Targets Outdoor Smokers
International Business Times AU - Karen Mae Cordon - September 22, 2011

For instance, children are highly affected by second-hand smoke from their ... On the other hand, pregnant women who are exposed to passive smoking can have ...

Victoria Council Asks For Uniform Smoke Ban
TopNews United States - Ria Patel - September 20, 2011

Victorian authorities said there is a confusion cloud in regard to smoking ban as some councils accept the ban while others do not, soothe council has asked ...

HAVE YOUR SAY: Frankston considers cutting smoke bans
Frankston Standard Leader - Donna Carton - September 20, 2011

FRANKSTON council is considering pulling the plug on its smoking ban in designated outdoor areas. The move comes as a local government body calls on the ...

Victorian councils call for statewide outdoor smoking ban
Herald Sun - September 19, 2011

Victorians councils are calling for a statewide ban smoking in alfresco dining areas and playgrounds. Source: The Courier-Mail VICTORIAN councils have ...

Smoking ban fails to pass vote
Weekly Times Messenger - Lia Harris - September 13, 2011

SMOKERS will not be forced out of Henley Square after Charles Sturt Council this week voted not to investigate a proposed smoking ban. ...

Cafes unlikely to support Unley smoking bans
Messenger News - Daniel Frangos - September 13, 2011

Following the council's push in January to ban smoking in parks, the council last month announced cafe owners would get a 50 per cent reduction on their ...

Queensland universities look to ban smoking amid complaints of secondhand smoke
BUTT OUT: Smoking on university campuses could become virtually nonexistent under planned new controls.
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2011-09-11
* Anna Chisholm * From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

STRESSED-out students could be hit with smoking bans at Queensland university campuses after complaints of second-hand smoke outside libraries and eating areas. ...

Sydney council considers total smoking ban
ABC Online - September 8, 2011

Sydney's third largest central business district is to consider a blanket ban on smoking within its city limits. Liverpool City Council will vote on the ...

Five warned about breaching no smoking zones
ABC Online - September 8, 2011

The Baw Baw Shire Council has banned smoking near playgrounds, shopping malls, council buildings and on some streets within the Shire. ...

Butt out smokers, says council
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Simone Roberts - September 8, 2011

The council will investigate extending its ban on smoking in playgrounds and sports ... Thirty NSW councils have banned smoking in alfresco dining areas, ...

Sydney Uni moves to extend campus ban
Sydney Morning Herald - Paddy Wood - September 7, 2011

Sydney University will ban smoking across most of the campus. Photo: Louise Kennerley NICK ANDRIANAKOS was smoking on the University of Sydney's Eastern …

Blacktown club wins smokers' area test case
Sydney Morning Herald - Matthew Moore September 8, 2011

Stafford Sanders from the Smoke Free Australia Coalition said the judgment ... ''NSW has the weakest smoke-free legislation in Australia - it's inadequate …

Henley Square butt out call
Weekly Times Messenger (Australia)- Lia Harris - September 7, 2011

In the wake of Adelaide City Council's decision to ban smoking in Rundle Mall, Charles Sturt will consider a similar idea for the square, between Seaview Rd ...

Fishing and smoking banned at public jetty waiting areas
Bayside Bulletin (Australia)- Judith Kerr - September 6, 2011

A BAN on fishing and smoking in waiting areas on all public jetties in Redland City is one step closer to becoming law. At its general meeting last week, ...

Manningham butt ban a nice little burner
Manningham Leader (Australia) Shaun Turton - September 6, 2011

A MANNINGHAM council crackdown on smoking in enclosed workplaces and littering has resulted in fines soaring almost 12-fold. In the 2010-11 financial year, ...

Monash Council stubs smokes
Monash Weekly (Australia) - Daniel Tran - September 5, 2011

MONASH Council last Tuesday banned smoking on council land, in its buildings, and within 10metres of their entrances. Deputy mayor Micaela Drieberg said the …

Monash anti-smoking laws get tougher
Monash Weekly - Daniel Tran - August 31, 2011

But a legal loophole is still forcing pedestrians in Oakleigh to expose themselves to second-hand smoke. Under Victorian law, smoking is permitted outdoors ...

ACT to ban smoking in cars with kids
ABC Online - August 25, 2011

The ACT Government is moving to ban people from smoking in cars when children are passengers. It will introduce legislation into the Legislative Assembly ...

World's First Plain Tobacco Packaging Laws Passed by Australian ...
Bloomberg - Gemma Daley - Joe Schneider - August 24, 2011

Health Minister Nicola Roxon announced the move last April, along with a 25 percent tobacco tax increase and a A$85 million (A$89 million) advertising ...

POLL: Call for butt ban at the Bay
Guardian Messenger - Emma Altschwager - August 23, 2011

OPEN MINDED: A proposed Jetty Rd smoking ban at Glenelg and Brighton has drawn ... SMOKING would be banned along Jetty roads at Glenelg and Brighton under a ...

Blacktown Workers Club fuming over smoking area ban
The Daily Telegraph - Vanda Carson - August 23, 2011

Clubs and pubs spent more than $750 million converting their gaming rooms ahead of the bans, which began in 2007. Those that don't comply with the rules can ...

Smoking banned in Parliamentary precinct
ABC Online - August 23, 2011

Smoking has been banned from all areas in the Spring Street parliamentary precinct in response to complaints from government workers. ...

Smokers can't light up in Rundle Mall any more
Adelaide Now - August 23, 2011

Smoking in the Rundle Mall is now banned. Picture: Jo-Anna Robinson Source: Sunday Mail (SA) SMOKERS will have to butt out in Rundle Mall after a decision ...

Cigarette city slow to stub out smoke
Central News Magazine - Jassmyn Goh - August 23, 2011

In 2006, 69 per cent of NSW residents supported a ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas. However, ASH said it is still waiting for adequate policy and ...

What the paper said: Smoking ban in Tassie; New bar culture for Perth;
Australian Hospitality Magazine - August 15, 2011

Tasports should ban smoking in alfresco dining areas in its jurisdiction, a leading public health specialist says. Heart Foundation president Peter Sexton ...

Call for Dubbo footpaths smoke ban
ABC Online - August 15, 2011

Brian Semmler is urging Dubbo to follow the lead of the Clarence Valley Council and ban smoking on council owned footpaths in commercial areas. ...

HAVE YOUR SAY: Smoking ban bid for Victoria St Mall
Moreland Leader - Tessa Hoffman - Madeline Healey - August 15, 2011

Moreland Council will consider a smoking ban in Victoria St Mall. Picture: MATT MURPHY N07CO412 SMOKERS would be made to butt out in Coburg's Victoria St ...

Smokers could be told to butt out in Bourke St Mall
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2011-08-13
Hamish Heard - From: Sunday Herald Sun

SMOKERS would be forced to butt out in the Bourke St Mall under anti-smoking laws being considered for the CBD. ...

Workplace-related smoking in New South Wales: extent of bans, public attitudes and relationships with relapse
Journal of the Australian Health Promotion Association (au), 2011-08-02

Conclusions: Findings emphasize the low support for smoking during or near work. Smoking outside workplaces is highly visible. Data on relapse suggest a modest relationship with workplace-related smoking. ...

Council approves mall smoke ban
Adelaide Now - Steve Rice - August 9, 2011

Source: The Advertiser A CIGARETTE in Rundle Mall will cost more than $60 under a smoking ban voted in by Adelaide City Council. ...

Smoke free public places wanted
Bega District News - August 9, 2011

“We urge all state governments to stand up to tobacco interests, to bring their smokefree public places legislation up to the best practice of leading ...

No smoking ban
Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate - August 9, 2011

Last month the Advocate reported that there were no plans for Hornsby Shire to follow the lead of other Sydney councils by banning smoking in outdoor dining ...

Smoking ban ire
ABC Online - Catherine McAloon - August 5, 2011

Traders say a ban on smoking in Baw Baw shire is keeping customers away and costing them income. A ban on smoking in public in West ...

Industry anger, confusion as Hobart butts out
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2011-08-01

The hospitality industry is angry about new rules banning smoking in parts of Hobart, including the waterfront. ...

Hobart City Council Imposes Ban on Public Smoking
TopNews United States - Prakash Sharma - August 1, 2011

"Some businesses only a couple of years ago when the new smoking bans came in spent tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, ...

Van Haandel to sell Comme; Outdoor smoking dining fury: What the ...
Australian Hospitality Magazine - August 1, 2011

Confusion over a new outdoor smoking ban that splits Hobart's waterfront has ... From today, the Hobart City Council has banned smoking at outdoor dining ...

Anger over new smoking ban
Tasmania Mercury - Meryl Naidoo - August 1, 2011

CONFUSION over a new outdoor smoking ban that splits Hobart's waterfront has angered the hospitality industry. From today, the Hobart City Council has ...

Councils urged to clear the air
Central Western Daily - Erin Somerville - August 1, 2011

ORANGE deputy mayor Jeff Whitton has called on other NSW councils to join Orange in introducing smoke-free policies in outdoor areas. ...

Call for more smoking bans
ABC Online - July 28, 2011

The Hobart City Council has banned smoking in all of its outdoor entertainment and dining areas from next Monday. But Glenn Mitchell of Quit Tasmania says ...

Support gathers for ban on office smokos
The Canberra Times - Peter Jean - July 28, 2011

Professor Walsh said workplace smoking bans were associated with declines in cigarette consumption and increased rates of quitting smoking. ...

Cafes TO police new smoking ban
Tasmania Mercury - Charles Waterhouse - July 26, 2011

THE onus of policing the extended Hobart City Council ban on smoking in alfresco dining areas will be on the owners of businesses, not council officers. The ban comes into force on August 1 after Elizabeth Mall, the bus mall and Wellington Court became ...

No smoke ban for South Bank ... yet
Brisbane Times - Tony Moore - July 22, 2011

South Bank Corporation will not follow Brisbane City Council's lead and introduce a total smoking ban to the popular riverside parklands. However, South Bank chief executive Malcolm Snow said he accepted smoking should be banned in mall, ...

Ipswich lags behind smoking ban reform as Brisbane City Council imposes smoke ...
Courier Mail - Jane Chudleigh - July 22, 2011

Ipswich has been left holding the cigarette as Brisbane leads the way by banning smoking in its major shopping district. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk announced on Thursday that smoking will be banned in Queen Street Mall from September 1. A smoking ban is ...

Smoking ban in Queen Street Mall could expend to taxi ranks, train stations
Courier Mail - Robyn Ironside - July 21, 2011

Source: Supplied UP IN FLAMES: Smoking could be banned from other public areas after the Brisbane City Council announced Brisbane's popular Queen Street Mall will be cigarette-free. Picture: Sarah Marshall Source: The Courier-Mail A TOTAL smoking ban ...

Patient wants to smoke at The Alfred Hospital
Herald Sun - Angus Thompson - July 21, 2011

Ex-patient Indigo Daya is arguing in VCAT that it is a violation of human rights to stop involuntarily committed mentally ill people smoking in hospital courtyards. "Anywhere else you have a smoking ban, people are able to pop out on to the street but ...

Sign of things to come?
Brisbane Times - July 21, 2011

In November, then-lord mayor Campbell Newman announced a smoking ban would be put in place, but did not specify the timing. Smoking will be banned in the Queen Street Mall from September 1. Cr Quirk said this morning he accepted some people might be ...

Mayors back state smoke ban
Tasmania Mercury - Craig Hoggett - July 21, 2011

TASMANIAN councils have united in support of a statewide ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas. The Hobart City Council is bringing in such a ban on August 1 but Lord Mayor Rob Valentine said the State Government needed to act because his council's ...

Should smoking be banned?
ABC Online (blog) - Amanda Dell - July 12, 2011

We've known about the devastating health effects of cigarettes for several decades... and they're pressuring our already stretched health system... yet we're still welcome to suck on a stick of carcinogens. Dr Simon Chapman is a public health professor ...

Fee trade-off outdoor smoking ban support
Messenger News - July 11, 2011

Traders who agree to ban smoking from outdoor dining areas could have their annual licence fees slashed by $430. Under a 12-month trial, to be discussed at tonight's City Council meeting, traders who agreed to ban smoking from outdoor dining areas ...

Lost pokie billions were never there
The Age - Ian Dunn - July 7, 2011

In a remarkable error, the auditor refers to the introduction of smoking bans in 2007. Smoking was, in fact, banned in 2002. This might not seem a serious mistake, except that in 2002 Victorian adults spent an average of $695 on poker machines. ...

WHO: Smoking bans rise but more needed - July 7, 2011

ANTI-SMOKING measures have become so widespread that they now affect some 3.8 billion people - just over half the world's population, the World Health Organization said. But the WHO called for more action, warning that tobacco use could kill a billion ...

Trade concerned over smoking bylaw scheme
Morning Advertiser - Adam Pescod - July 7, 2011

He said: “It is an interesting idea, but I do not think at this stage the council has the power to initiate a smoking ban ­ it would have to be by primary legislation. “While councils can legislate on litter issues, I do not believe it is currently in ...

Tobacco firm all of a sudden drops New York Dolls tour
Sydney Morning Herald (au), 2011-07-06
Ben Butler and Julia Medew

LEGENDARY rock'n'roll band the New York Dolls have cancelled their Australian tour after their plans to play a series of tobacco industry promotional events were exposed. ...

Australian government proposes what it says are world's toughest tobacco ...
Washington Post - July 6, 2011

Tobacco advertising is already banned in Australia at the point of sale. The legislation appears certain to become law with the main opposition party indicating support. No timeframe has been announced for when Parliament will vote on the bill. ...

Council kicks butt
Coff's Coast Advocate - Matt Deans - July 6, 2011

THE Coffs Coast could be in the throes of becoming a smoke-free zone if the community and city council support a move towards expanding smoking restrictions to all council-owned public spaces. The Coffs Harbour City Council is considering a proposal ...

Sydney bans smoking on one side of the street but not the other - Jonathan Pearlman - July 1, 2011

Most Australian cities have introduced heavy restrictions on smoking. In the largest state, New South Wales, 89 of 152 councils – and all but six councils in Sydney – have outdoor smoking bans in outdoor areas such as playgrounds and sports fields. ...

Tea leaf watch as jails ban smoking
Adelaide Now - Greg Kelton - June 30, 2011

Programs will be introduced to help prisoners for when jail smoking bans start in 2015. Source: Supplied SA prisoners will take part in program aimed at helping them when jail smoking is bans take effect in 2015. The aim is to prevent them from smoking ...

One-sided ruling has an air of divisiveness
Nambucca Guardian News - Kelsey Munro - June 30, 2011

But the Heart Foundation has welcomed the move by Marrickville, Leichhardt and six other NSW councils to ban smoking in outdoor areas where food is served from today, bringing to 30 the total with such bans. Smoking is increasingly restricted, ...

Shire urged to widen smoke bans
Leader News - Deborah Morris - June 28, 2011

MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire is under pressure to ban smoking on beaches and other outdoor areas. The Municipal Association of Victoria will lobby the State Government to consider smoking bans at beaches and sports grounds. >>Should smoking be banned on ...

Smoke free policy introduced
Glen Innes Examiner - June 28, 2011

SMOKING will now be banned in various outdoor areas after Glen Innes Severn Council passed a Smoke Free Outdoor Environment Policy at its meeting on Thursday. No smoking signage will be installed in open space areas including children's playgrounds, ...

Big tobacco ignites legal war
The Australian (au), 2011-06-27
* EXCLUSIVE: Chris Kenny * From: The Australian

INTERNATIONAL tobacco giant Philip Morris will launch legal action today aimed at forcing the Gillard government to back down on its plain-packaging legislation or face a compensation bill of "billions of dollars".

Parramatta Council smoking ban stoush
Parramatta Advertiser - Di Bartok - June 27, 2011

“The answers may be the ones Cr McDermott wants but it is vexatious for him to keep asking, just to have another opportunity to be mentioned in the newspapers.” Cr Andrew Wilson said restaurants needed to be prepared for a smoking ban. ...

Baw Baw bans smoking
The Age - Reid Sexton - June 23, 2011

A WEST Gippsland council has become the first Victorian jurisdiction to ban smoking in all dining areas on public footpaths, increasing pressure on the state government to introduce anti-smoking legislation. A 12-month Baw Baw trial was approved on ...

More bans loom for smokers on outer
The Age - Josh Gordon, Reid Sexton - June 14, 2011

Increasing numbers of Victorian councils have recently introduced some form of smoking ban, including Port Phillip, Monash and Moonee Valley. The Age revealed last month that smoking was set to be banned on every Melbourne beach from Altona to Elwood ...

Sportsgrounds go smoke free
Bega District News - June 14, 2011

A recent Cancer Council survey found widespread support for outdoor smoking bans with 92 per cent supporting bans in children's playgrounds, 85 per cent outside workplace entrances, 80 per cent in sports stadiums and 69 per cent in outdoor dining areas ...

Frankston, peninsula businesses to butt out
Frankstonweekly - June 14, 2011

FRANKSTON and Mornington Peninsula organisations have banded together to work for a smoke-free environment. The 17 businesses have committed to promoting and creating smoke-free spaces by signing the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula smoke-free ...

Prisoners and guards to be banned from smoking under a radical trial
Daily Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph (au), 2011-06-12
* Brenden Hills * From: The Sunday Telegraph

PRISONERS and guards will be banned from smoking in jail under a radical trial that has outraged inmates. … ...

Call for Victoria-wide smoking ban outside schools
Herald Sun - June 2, 2011

Councils believes wider outdoor bans will work only if introduced by the State Government. Source: Herald Sun A STATEWIDE smoking ban outside schools and at outdoor dining areas is a step closer after a new push by all Victorian councils for tougher ...

Plan to ban smoking in all outdoor eating and drinking areas in five years
Adelaide Now - May 31, 2011

Unwelcome: Smokers will be banned from lighting up in some public areas. Source: The Daily Telegraph SMOKING in outdoor areas of South Australian pubs and restaurants will be banned in five years. Health Minister John Hill today revealed the ban in a ...

Tobacco industry threatens to flood Australia with cheap cigarettes
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2011-05-17
Staff reporters * From: News Limited newspapers

UPDATE 1pm: TONY Abbott says removing branding from cigarette packets could be counterproductive but has signalled the Opposition is likely to support the plan. ...

Nation's strictest smoking bans proposed
West Australian, 2011-04-30
Cathy O'Leary, Medical Editor, The West Australian

WA would get the strongest anti-smoking laws in the country under proposals which include a complete ban in outdoor areas where people eat, watch sport or catch buses. ...

SA council investigates plan to cut fees for non smoking restaurants
Australian Hospitality Magazine - April 28, 2011

Under the alfresco smoking ban plan a 25 per cent discount would be offered to permit holders who are prepared to display a no smoking sign on their outdoor tables and actively enforce the condition. Councillor Michael Henningsen who moved that council ...

Rundle Mall upgrade a step closer
ABC Online - April 28, 2011

Meanwhile, the council has voted to consider offering discounts on outdoor dining permits to venues which set up non-smoking areas. Mr Yarwood says more smoke-free areas would encourage better use of public space. "If we're going to have an outdoor ...

Legal move on smoking ban
Frankstonweekly - Mike Morris - April 25, 2011

A FRANKSTON trader is urging other angry shop owners to join him in a legal class action against Frankston Council over its smoking ban - which has become permanent in the trial zone and may be greatly extended. Glen Cooper, of Cooper's ...

Not around the kids
Port Macquarie News - April 25, 2011

SMOKERS will be banned from “lighting up” at two children's playgrounds in recognition of the harmful impact of second-hand cigarette smoke. Playgrounds at Westport Park and Town Beach will be the first in line for the smoking ban expected by the end ...

Smokes ban may be extended
Tasmania Mercury - Matt Smith - April 19, 2011

Ald Thomas said there was no certainty when or if the State Government would act on banning smoking in alfresco areas. The bans would outlaw smoking in all city alfresco areas and the popular restaurant strips in North Hobart and Salamanca Place. ...

Could smoking be banned in Australian apartments?
121doc - Max Bartram - April 18, 2011

There has been rising concern about second-hand smoke (otherwise known as passive smoking) in Australia. As is the case in many countries, smoking is a leading cause of serious illness and premature death in Australia. The idea of banning smoking in ...

Potential home smoking ban fuels fire
BigPond News - April 18, 2011

Home smoking bans may soon be in force as concerns about second-hand smoke grow, according to the Cancer Council of South Australia. The possibility of a ban follows the ...

Smoking police may soon be knocking at front door if home ban comes into force
Perth Now - April 18, 2011

Smokers may soon have nowhere to go if they're banned from lighting up at home. Picture: AFP Source: AFP HOME smoking bans could soon be a genuine possibility across the country as the backlash to second-hand smoke grows, according to the Cancer ...

Poker machine revenues hurt by smoking bans, financial crisis - April 15, 2011

Smoking bans in pubs and clubs and the global financial crisis have impacted on how much South Australians have spent on poker machines in recent years. Photo: Denni Schnapp, via Flickr ( -- Total smoking bans in pubs and clubs and the ...

Australia proposes tough cigarette packaging rules
Lexington Herald-Leader, April 7, 2011

Tobacco companies in Australia will be forced to strip all logos from their cigarette packages and replace them with graphic images such as cancer-riddled mouths and sickly children under legislation unveiled Thursday - a move the government say...

More sites set for smoking ban
Tasmania Mercury - Damien Brown - April 4, 2011

HOBART City Council is considering whether to get even tougher on smoking by banning it from all council-run events and facilities. This follows the council's introduction of a smoking ban in the Elizabeth Mall, Hobart bus mall and Wellington Court ...

Smokers enlisted to fight bans
Adelaide Now - Andrew Carswell - April 4, 2011

Anti-smoking advocates are incensed with the "sneaky" campaign, given Philip Morris
would reap significant financial rewards by having any future smoking bans halted. "This is a website set up by a tobacco company whose No. ...

Debate fumes as Sydney apartments stub out smoking
Sydney Morning Herald (au), 2011-04-02

An Australian apartment block which has banned residents from smoking in their homes has sparked anger from civil libertarians but advocates say it could be the way of the future for high-density living. ...

Reduction in Staff Smoking Rates in North Coast Area Health Service, NSW, Following the Introduction of a Smoke-free Workplace Policy.
Dart, G.S.; van Beurden, E.K.; Zask, A.; Lord, C.; Kia, A.M.; Tokley, R.
New South Wales Public Health Bulletin. 10.1071/NB10036 [doi]. November 2010, 21(11-12): 263-266.

Last gasp: not even the balcony is safe for a puff
Sydney Morning Herald - Susan Wellings, Jimmy Thomson - April 1, 2011

A SMALL block of flats in Sydney's inner west has made history by becoming what is believed to be the first residential building in Australia to ban smoking inside all residents' homes. In a move that has outraged civil libertarians and smokers, ...

Rolah McCabe tobacco lawsuit comes to an end after 11 years
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2011-03-31
Norrie Ross * From: Herald Sun

THE marathon Rolah McCabe tobacco lawsuit finally ended in Melbourne today - more than eight years after she died of lung cancer. ...

What impact have tobacco control policies, cigarette price and tobacco control program funding had on Australian adolescents’ smoking? Findings over a 15-year period
Accepted manuscript online: 14 MAR 2011 06:52AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2011.03429.x
Addiction, 2011-03-31

Aims: To assess the impact of tobacco control policies relating to youth access, clean indoor air and tobacco advertising at point-of-sale and outdoors, in addition to cigarette price and per capita tobacco control spending, on adolescent smoking prevalence. ...

Choke hold on smokers
Tasmania Mercury - Linda Smith - March 19, 2011

The reforms, which were developed after a period of consultation following the release of a discussion paper last year, include: Banning smoking in all outdoor dining areas. Making it illegal to smoke within 20m of the competition and seating areas at ...

Govt flags crackdown on outdoor smoking
ABC Online - March 18, 2011

It has proposed laws to ban smoking in all outdoor dining areas and bus and pedestrian malls. The legislation would also make it illegal to smoke cigarettes within 20 metres of open air sporting events. State Health Minister, Michelle O'Byrne, ...

Smokers can still puff away at outside tables
Parramatta Sun - March 18, 2011

A MOTION to re-introduce a smoking ban for outdoor dining areas in Parramatta failed again at Parramatta Council on Monday night. Deputy lord mayor Michael McDermott re-introduced his motion to ban smoking. He first moved it in August. ...

Yarra Council considers outdoor smoking ban
Melbourne Leader - Nic Price - March 15, 2011

If the plans are endorsed, Yarra will become the first council to ban smoking in all outdoor dining areas. Smoking is banned in children's playgrounds in Monash, Moonee Valley and Moreland, while Frankston Council has banned smoking in major retail ...

Marrickville considers smoking ban
Village Voice Drummoyne - Hannah Parkes - March 14, 2011

A proposed smoke-free policy, due to be decided on by Marrickville councillors this week, could see smoking banned from most public areas throughout the LGA, including alfresco dining areas, sportsgrounds and bus stops. So far, a two-month council run ...

Road ends for smoking in public
Adelaide Now - Tessa Akerman, Callie Watson - March 1, 2011

Under tough new laws being proposed, smoking in some public areas will be banned. Picture: Matt Turner Source: The Advertiser SMOKING will be banned near playgrounds and councils will be given powers to ban it in public. Health Minister John Hill will ...

Alderman's private loss fires up public ban
ABC Online - March 1, 2011

The Launceston City Council has banned people from lighting up cigarettes in the Quadrant and Brisbane Street Malls, and the St John Street bus interchanges, from today. The tobacco-free zones are in addition to the ban on smoking in outdoor dining ...

HAVE YOUR SAY: Monash drops bid for smoke ban
Oakleigh Monash Leader - Michelle Carnovale - March 1, 2011

After months of public consultation, Monash Council dropped its plan to ban smoking in alfresco dining areas, instead focusing the ban on sporting venues, at council buildings and events. Eaton Mall traders celebrated the news last week, ending fears ...

Court ban on granny smoking near kids
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2011-02-26
From: The Daily Telegraph

A MAGISTRATE has ordered a dad to keep his children away from smokers - including their grandmother - as part of a custody agreement. ...

Baw Baw Shire opens regional smoking debate
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2011-02-23

A regional council east of Melbourne could be the first to introduce smoking bans in outdoor areas. ...

Council to vote on public smoking ban
ABC Online - February 22, 2011

A council in Melbourne's south-east will vote tonight on whether to ban smoking in public areas, including parks, on footpaths, and in car parks. The Monash City Council consulted with residents and local traders about the ban late last year. ...

Smoking ban on Castle Hill main street is applauded by the community
Hills Shire Times - Laura Trieste - February 22, 2011

The motion to ban smoking on the main street's outdoor dining was passed at the last council meeting. Cr Preston said it is important that the council monitor the smoke-free zone before making any decisions about extending it to any other public ...

Littering smokers urged to get their butts off the beach
Melbourne Weekly Port Phillip - Feb 20, 2011

He said the council had taken a soft approach to implementing the glass and cigarette ban. "The smoking ban needs to be much more rigorously upheld," Mr Boston said. "A lot of smokers have total disregard for it. I was down at the beach talking to a ...

Smoke free zones for Young?
The Young Witness - Jessica Mckenzie - Feb 20, 2011

The draft Smoke Free Outdoor Policy includes banning smoking within 10 metres of all children's playground equipment, on all playing fields, sporting grounds and sporting facilities, at all events run or sponsored by council which are held in an ...

Bloomfield Hospital's hard line on tobacco
Central Western Daily - Lisa Cox - Feb 19, 2011

PATIENTS at Bloomfield Hospital are being searched for cigarettes and threatened with loss of privileges or confinement to a secure unit as the hospital tries to enforce a total smoking ban. Nurses, patients and an Orange solicitor have ...

Smoking stubbed out in Castle Hill main street
Hills Shire Times - Laura Trieste - February 14, 2011

“The best interest of the public has to take priority and that is banning smoking,” she said. The ban was endorsed by Hills Cancer Network member James ...

Call to ban smoking at play, sports grounds
ABC Online - February 14, 2011

(ABC Local: Carol Raabus) The Tasmanian Greens have called for smoking to be banned around playgrounds and all children's sporting and recreation venues. ...

Decision time on ban
Daily Examiner - Graham Orams - February 10, 2011

On Tuesday night, Clarence Valley Council will decide whether to amend its Smoke Free Public Areas Policy to include banning smoking on footpaths in ...

Plea to filter out Rundle Mall smokers
Messenger News - Jessica Whiting - February 10, 2011

Further from home, New York City Council extended an existing smoking ban this month to parks, beaches and public plazas. A report on the City Council's ...

Unley looks at smoking bans
Eastern Courier Messenger - Lisa Bachmayer - February 8, 2011

SMOKING would be banned from Unley's playgrounds and sections of parks, under moves being considered by the local council. The proposed ban, which would ...

Smoking ban extends to outdoors at restaurants
Penrith Star - Roderick Shaw - February 3, 2011

"I'd like to see smoking banned, I would." Penrith's Ethics Cafe & Takeaway manager Mon Ma said she didn't believe a smoking ban would affect her business. ...

North Sydney councillors want smoke ban
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Boel Eriksson - February 3, 2011

NORTH Sydney Council is years behind in enforcing smoking bans in selected public areas and frustrated councillors are pushing for a ban to be implemented ...

Smoking ban divides
Yass Tribune - February 3, 2011

Smoking in outdoor eating and drinking areas may soon be banned in Yass following enquiries made by the NSW government into a complete smoking ban for ...

Pokies downturn goes up in smoke
Adelaide Now - Greg Kelton - Jan 31, 2011

POKER machine takings are moving back towards pre-smoking ban levels, as figures show players lost $189.2 million in the three months to December. ...

No ifs or butts, total smoking ban coming
Illawara Mercury - Angela Thompson - January 27, 2011

"At the moment the legislation [bans] smoking in an enclosed area, but it's a little bit ambiguous what is [defined as] enclosed dining," he said. ...

Push to ban smoking at outdoor eating areas
Central Coast Express Advocate (au), 2011-01-26
DENICE BARNES Express Advocate Gosford Edition

CENTRAL Coast residents are being urged to have their say on a statewide proposal to ban smoking in outdoor areas of cafes, restaurants and pubs.

The Cancer Council’s Central Coast office wants people to make a submission to the public consultation process which closes at 5pm on Friday ...

Yarra turns down proposal for smoking bans
Melbourne Leader - Nic Price - January 25, 2011

YARRA Council has no plans to introduce smoking bans in outdoor dining areas, parks and playgrounds despite a Quit Victoria push for further action.

Quit sent all Victorian councils an information pack earlier this month with advice on how to develop, implement and communicate smoke-free areas ...

Mums want Marrickville smoking ban
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Lauren Murada - January 25, 2011

Their children’s health is the number one priority for these new mums.

That’s why they want to see smoking banned in outdoor dining areas.

The group of Marrickville women meet up weekly but find it difficult to select cafes where they can enjoy al fresco dining without the cigarette smoke wafting in their direction ...

Smoke ban on table in Marrickville
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Lauren Murada - January 21, 2011

WOULD it impact your life drastically if smoking was banned in public areas throughout Marrickville?

There are two sides to this story - smokers, who would more than likely be unimpressed, and non-smokers, who would probably be jumping for joy.

Marrickville Council currently has a draft smoke-free policy on exhibition and is asking the public for their thoughts ..

Wagga café owner pushes for smoking ban in outdoor eateries and alfresco ...
Daily Advertiser - January 21, 2011

WAGGA cafés and restaurants have thrown their support behind a proposed statewide ban on smoking in outdoor eateries and alfresco dining areas.

Owner-operators at Wagga cafés Storehouse Deli, Café Cucina, Cache, Mates Gully and Uneke Lounge and Italian restaurant La Porchetta believe the state government should introduce a blanket ban on smoking in outdoor eateries.

According to Café Cucina’s Vicki Higginson the Wagga businesses are proof smoking bans do not affect profit or significantly decrease patronage.

She yesterday argued that vigorous opposition to the ban on the grounds it will have an adverse economic impact on the hospitality industry has been demonstrated to be unfounded in Wagga ...

Glen Eira Council hazy on smoke ban
Leader News - Jenny Ling - January 20, 2011

GLEN Eira Council is hazy about banning smoking outdoors, while outlawing the habit in alfresco dining areas may be on the cards in Port Phillip as pressure from anti-smoking campaigners mounts.

The Heart Foundation and Quit sent “tool kits” to councils last week, encouraging bans in parks, playgrounds and alfresco dining areas.

Glen Eira deputy mayor Jamie Hyams said the idea had some merit, “but we’d need to be careful before limiting people’s freedom’‘.

“Smoking is certainly not something I’ve done or am in favour of, but it’s not illegal. ...

Smoking bans still on back-burner
Wyndham Weekly - January 19, 2011

SMOKING-related illnesses account for 46 deaths in Wyndham each year, but the council is yet to consider smoke-free policies being promoted by two health organisations.

The Heart Foundation and Quit are urging councils across Victoria to introduce smoke-free outdoor policies. They have sent councils toolkits detailing how they can ban smoking in areas like parks, playgrounds and outdoor dining areas.

According to Cancer Council Victoria data, Wyndham is 31st out of Victoria's 221 local government areas, with 13.1 per cent of all deaths attributed to smoking. It is one of the highest ranked areas for smoking in western Melbourne.

Heart Foundation CEO Kathy Bell said smoke-free outdoor areas were already the norm in other parts of the country. ...

Port Phillip's big butt-out looms
Port Phillip Leader - Jenny Ling - January 18, 2011

OUTLAWING smoking in outdoor dining areas could be on the menu for Port Phillip as pressure from anti-smoking campaigners mounts.

The Heart Foundation and Quit sent out “tool kits” last week, encouraging Victorian councils to start ban smoking in parks, playgrounds and alfresco dining areas.

Port Phillip mayor Rachel Powning said smoking had been banned on Port Phillip beaches since December and there may be support to ban it from alfresco dining areas when the issue is discussed at council this year ...

Smoking bans fires up Fairfield residents
Fairfield City Champion - Melanie Kembrey - December 7, 2010

SMOKERS would be banned from lighting up in Fairfield's alfresco dining areas under a proposal being considered by the state government.

The statewide ban would make smoking illegal in public outdoor areas including pools, taxi ranks and malls ...

Outdoor smoking bans on agenda
The Age (au), 2010-12-06
Jason Dowling

The Baillieu government will be urged in the new year to introduce smoking bans that are likely to target alfresco dining areas, beer gardens, and outdoor areas popular with children. …

Parramatta Council re-introduces smoking after petition
StreetCorner - December 6, 2010

Cr Michael McDermott, who originally initiated the smoking ban in July, will be at Council tonight to back a recision motion,” In the hope that common sense ...

No butts: NSW gets tough on smokers
ABC Online - Michael Vincent - December 1, 2010

The New South Wales Government has defended a proposal for tougher restrictions on smoking in public places.

The Health Minister has denied he released the discussion paper on the bans ahead of next year's election in an effort to politically wedge the Opposition.

In the 1980s it was offices; in the 1990s airlines and public buildings as well as the public advertising of tobacco products.

During the past decade restaurants, cars with children, as well as some beaches have seen smoking banned.

Now New South Wales is going further, listing enclosed public areas such as pools, stadia and taxi ranks ...

Parramatta pro-smoking petition a sham
Parramatta Advertiser - Di Bartok - November 30, 2010

THE petition which led to Parramatta Council’s shock reversal of its ban on smoking in alfresco dining areas is a sham with apparent false names and signatures, a council report has revealed.

The report shows the petition calling for council to reverse its planned smoking ban featured names with no addresses and ``names and signatures that could have been written by the one individual’‘.

The report, from senior council staff, said the petition did not meet council’s guidelines as 6138 of the 7418 signatures did not have full addresses ...

SAVE OUR CBD: Get tough on smoking
Geelong Advertiser - November 23, 2010

BANNING smoking in Geelong's mall will be one the measures considered in a bid to breathe life back into the city's dying heart.

The plan would put an end to big groups of young people converging in the mall and puffing away on cigarettes.

The move follows one being trialled in Frankston, where anyone caught smoking in one of the town's three main streets, including two malls, is fined $110 ...

Residents' group calls for ban on smoking in park lands
Adelaidenow - Miles Kemp - November 23, 2010

CIGARETTES are the latest target of parklands lobbyists, who want a ban on smoking because of pollution caused by toxins in butts - and smoke nuisance.

The South East City Residents Association, backed by the Parklands Preservation Association, has asked Adelaide City Council to enforce a smoking ban.

Residents Association secretary Heather Nimmo said smoking only should be allowed near a few butt-out bins.

"The problem is worst in Victoria Park," Ms Nimmo said. "Despite the best efforts of the car race organisers, people still just drop their butts when they have finished with them, and they are everywhere."

"The smoke also is an issue for some people who say you sit in a park and you don't want a cloud of smoke, in the same way people outside cafes now hate it because all the smokers have been sent outside ...

Smokers face more bans
Southern Courier - Nick Moncrieff-Hill - November 22, 2010

A RESOUNDING “butt out” is the message the Randwick community has delivered in the lead-up to a council meeting tonight that will rule on the proposed no smoking in bus shelters policy.

In fact, many residents have called for more public space to be designated smoke-free before tonight’s meeting, which is expected to deliver a ban on smoking in bus shelters ...

Valley butts out of smoking ban
Moonee Valley Weekly - Nick Duxson - November 22, 2010

MOONEE Valley Council will not follow Frankston Council's lead in banning smoking in main streets.

Frankston's outdoor smoking ban has stirred much public debate in Melbourne.

But despite support it received from Quit Victoria and the Heart Foundation for its initiative, Moonee Valley has no plans to widen bans to include street smoking in its policy.

Moonee Valley mayor Shirley Cornish said the council had no plans at this stage to change its policy.

"Moonee Valley City Council's only smoking ban is near playgrounds on council land, where people cannot smoke within 10metres of the playground edge," she said.

Quit executive director Fiona Sharkie said there was a "growing level of approval in Victoria", even among smokers themselves, to ban smoking in public spaces ...

Hume will study smoke ban
Hume Weekly - November 22, 2010

Hume Council says it will consider banning smoking in certain areas if an approach was made by a body such as Quit Victoria or the Heart Foundation. Frankston's ban on smoking in some main streets has prompted much public debate.

Macedon Ranges rules out smoking ban
Macedon Ranges Weekly - Nick Duxson - November 22, 2010

MACEDON Ranges Shire Council will not be following the footsteps of Frankston's controversial smoking ban.

The bylaws have prompted much debate in Melbourne, but despite Frankston having received support from Quit and the Heart Foundation for its initiative, Macedon Ranges has no plans to follow suit.

CEO Peter Johnston said: "Macedon Ranges Council, to my knowledge, hasn't ever discussed the issue".

"It's legal to smoke. People understand the risks. Sometimes it's freedom of choice of people".

Quit executive director Fiona Sharkie said there was a growing level of approval in Victoria about banning smoking in public spaces, even among smokers ...

Cafes want outdoor smokers to butt out
Sydney Morning Herald - Louise Hall - November 19, 2010

A UNIFORM ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas being considered by the state government is supported by almost 80 per cent of cafe and restaurant owners and managers, a report by the Heart Foundation and Cancer Council NSW has found.

The new five-year NSW Tobacco Strategy, which is yet to be approved by cabinet, is believed to recommend the introducing smoking restrictions in crowded outdoor areas such as playgrounds, outdoor cafes and shopping malls.

The survey of 450 cafe and restaurant owners and managers, conducted by Ipsos-Eureka last month, found eight out of 10 believe a statewide ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas would be fairer than the current arrangement where the rules vary from suburb to suburb.
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Half of all NSW councils have some sort of ban on smoking in outdoor areas. Of those, 14 per cent cover alfresco dining areas ...

Australia to restrict internet tobacco advertising
Bangladesh News 24 hours - November 19, 2010

SYDNEY, Nov 19 ( - Australia will move on Wednesday to restrict internet tobacco advertising, preventing retailers from promoting cheap or tax free cigarettes, as part of a campaign to cut smoking rates by 10 percent by 2018.

Young Australians, aged 24-29, currently have the highest rate of smoking among Australians, who currently have a nearly 20 percent rate of smoking overall.

Australia has some of the world's toughest tobacco advertising restrictions and already bans advertising on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines, and at sporting events.

Retailers are prohibited from displaying cigarette packets in shops and cigarette packets carry graphic images of cancer and a health warning that smoking causes cancer. ...

Total smoking ban set for Brisbane's Queen Street Mall
Courier Mail - Sarah Vogler - November 9, 2010

QUEEN Street Mall smokers face re-education before they are fined, says Lord Mayor Campbell Newman.

The Brisbane City Council today announced the Queen Street Mall and Albert Street cross mall will become totally smoke-free, with smokers facing $200 fines if they light up.

“People will not just be fined. There will be a period of education, a period here there will be no fines issued and even when the local law comes into affect and it’s a full go live people will not just automatically be fined," Cr Newman said.

"They will always be asked to move on, put the cigarette out, they will always be given the opportunity to understand there is a local law before any fine is issued." ...

No smoking ban for Wodonga
The Border Mail (au), 2010-11-09

A SMOKING ban in Wodonga's business district is not on the city's radar.

Wodonga mayor Mark Byatt said council may look at the results of a new six-month trial at Frankston, but said a ban on smoking in public areas was not on council's agenda because of the Border city's main street shopping and business infrastructure.

Would you like to see smoking banned on Border streets? Click here and have your say

"They' ve got malls, we haven't got malls,." Cr Byatt said.

"But it's something that could come onto the radar as the central business district develops down the track. ...

Smokers to have a fine time at the beach this summer
Melbourne Weekly Port Phillip - Christie Peucker - November 8, 2010

NO-SMOKING bans are set to be enforced at St Kilda’s beaches as part of a clamp down on discarded cigarette butts and glass.

The bans were expected to be imposed by Port Phillip Council on Monday night - and, if approved, will be the first of the kind by a metropolitan council, following similar guidelines enforced by the Surf Coast Shire in the coastal towns of Torquay, Anglesea and Lorne.

The Surf Coast Shire’s No Butts, No Cuts regulations apply to 55 kilometres of the state’s coastline and was the first such program enacted in Victoria. Port Phillip’s bans will stretch the length of the municipality from Elwood to Port Melbourne.

The laws, to come into effect on December 1, will empower police and local laws officers to issue $100 on-the-spot fines.

Marketing for the Surf Coast laws promotes year-round bans on smoking and the use of glass containers on any sand areas of its beaches, while glass is also banned on foreshore grass areas during the Christmas and New Year period ...

Steve Price: Smoking ban makes little sense
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2010-11-09
Steve Price * From: Herald Sun

LAST Friday night, standing out the back of the Sydney Convention Centre were a billionaire media mogul, a senior Federal Opposition frontbencher and a national TV star. The one thing all three - and, I must confess, myself as well - had in common was that we were smoking.

In my case it was a cigar but two of the other three were smoking cigarettes. Naming the people indulging in their nicotine addiction is these days more dangerous than identifying a functioning recreational drug user.

You won't get the names out of me.

Smokers are the new pariahs. . . .

Smokers at some point are going to have to rise up against these restraints aimed at stamping out the consumption of what is, after all, a legal product. ...

Frankston smoking ban ignites
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2010-11-09
* Nathan Mawby * From: Herald Sun

A SMOKING ban in Frankston has ignited tensions among locals.

A six-month trial began yesterday with signs warning of fines up to $2000 unveiled by Frankston City Council.

The ban across outdoor malls in Shannon and Station streets, along with Young St opposite the Frankston train station, prompted angry reactions from smokers yesterday.

Albert Johnston, 68, a Frankston resident for 20 years, said the ban went too far.

"Why shouldn't you be able to smoke - why don't they ban breathing?" Mr Johnston said. ...

Smoking ban in Frankston streets ignites fiery debate
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2010-11-08
Nathan Mawby, Grant McArthur * From: Herald Sun

A BAN on smoking in a popular shopping area in Frankston has already ignited tensions in the bayside suburb.

Smokers furious with the ban have declared the move a waste of time that ignores greater priorities.

Local Rod Mottram said as a smoker he was disappointed with the move.

"There are no dogs allowed in Frankston or alcohol, yet every day people are walking dogs and drinking alcohol, and they do nothing," Mr Mottram said.

Rhiannon Brown works at the L'Opera Patisserie in the Shannon St Mall and said the ban has already cost them business.

"We have had a group of seven or eight people who have been coming here every day say they can't come any more," she said. ...

Smoking ban 'too costly' for council
West Australian, 2010-10-22
BEATRICE THOMAS, The West Australian

WA's tough anti-smoking laws are failing to be enforced by councils amid growing concerns about the cost and drain on resources.

Under the rules, which came into force a month ago today, councils are responsible for enforcing the ban on smoking in restaurant and cafe alfresco areas, near playground equipment and between the flags at beaches.

The ban on smoking in cars carrying children under 17 is monitored only by police, who pass on details of offenders to the Health Department to determine and issue penalties.

This week, the City of Melville joined a growing chorus of councils highlighting the impost of the laws on resources, with councillors voting to write to local MPs highlighting the cost implications and lobbying for any funding it deemed necessary. ...

Calling it quits - Strathfield Council considers smoking ban
Inner West Courier - Rashell Habib - October 20, 2010

STRATHFIELD Council is considering banning smoking in outdoor dining areas and smokers are divided about the plan. A report presented to the last council ...

Smokers comply with CBD ban
Manning River Times - October 6, 2010

TAREE smokers have cleaned up their act and are binning their butts in greater numbers since the introduction of a new smoke-free environment policy on July 1 .

Greater Taree City Council was unsure just how successful the new public smoking ban would be when it was first put in place but, three months on, the council’s environmental health team leader, Daryl Pasfield, said it has enjoyed great support.

Not one infringement notice has been issued under the new smoking regulations, which make it illegal to smoke in areas such as children’s playgrounds, sports facilities, outdoor eating areas and bus stops and taxi ranks.

“To date there has been wide acceptance and compliance with the policy, very good support from our local businesses and no complaints have been received,” Mr Pasfield said.

Mr Pasfield said council had always considered punitive action as a last resort.

“Enforcement of the policy was always intended to be by education, persuasion and self-policing,” he said. ...

No butts about smoke-free policy
Bay Post/Moruya Examiner - Josh Gidney - October 6, 2010

SMOKERS appear to be largely in favour of Eurobodalla Shire Council’s smoke-free outdoor areas policy, which is to be introduced on November 1.

The policy will create smoke-free zones in outdoor dining areas on council-controlled land and within 10 metres of children’s playgrounds, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Batemans Bay’s Will Charles gave the new policy the thumbs up.

“I am in support of it,” he said.

“Even though I’m a smoker, I am very considerate and I don’t smoke in front of children or people who don’t smoke. If someone is near me when I am smoking, then I go away." ...

Melbourne Council says no to smoke ban
Melbourne Leader - Nic Price - September 27, 2010

MELBOURNE Council is resisting a push from anti-smoking groups to ban smoking at cafes, shopping strips and sports grounds.

After Monash Council earlier this month voted for public consultation on possible outdoor smoking bans, Quit Victoria has called on the city council to bow to public opinion and follow suit.

A 2009 Quit poll of 4501 Victorians found that 77 per cent believed smoking should not be allowed in outdoor areas where children were present, 71 per cent disapproved of smoking in alfresco dining areas and 66 per cent didn’t want smoking at tram and bus stops ...s

Tassie council calls for smoking ban
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2010-09-23
Danny Rose, Medical Writer

A local council in Tasmania has urged the state government to impose a total ban on smoking and the sale of tobacco products, in a likely Australian first.

The Burnie City Council, on the island state's northwest coast, has unanimously passed a resolution supporting a "complete ban on the sale and use of tobacco products in Tasmania".

And if total bans are not possible, the council says government should instead ban smoking inside private homes where a child or dependent person is present, plus in "any outdoor area attached to a personal living space".

Anti-tobacco lobby group ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) says the council's position is unique in Australia, though it is similar to the tough stance taken by New Zealand's Maori party. ...

Smokers a pain in the butt for littering
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2010-09-23
Gabrielle Dunlevy

A new survey has given the nation another reason to malign smokers - they are to blame for most of Australia's litter.

The Keep Australia Beautiful national litter index points to cigarette butts as the most common item of litter in 2009/10.

The national survey, which has been running for five years, found the most litter per 1000 square metres in Tasmania, and the least in Victoria.

The national average was 66 items of litter per 1000 square metres or 7.55 litres in volume.

Cigarette butts were clearly the most common kind of litter counted, with 32 butts per 1000 square metres in the 2009/2010 survey, up from 30 butts in the previous count. ...

New laws a breath of fresh air
Augusta-Margaret River (WA) Mail (au), 2010-09-22

NEW smoking legislation will come into place today, making Western Australia home to some of the toughest anti-tobacco laws in the country.

The Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act 2009 was passed by the Western Australian Parliament last year and is aimed at protecting children and adults from the harmful consequences of passive smoking and restricting the promotion of tobacco products.

For retail outlets, except specialist tobacco retailers, tobacco product displays will be banned from today.

NewsXpress Margaret River manager Andrew Frith said the display cabinet behind the store’s counter had been covered in so the tobacco products were no longer visible. . . .

Tavern operator Rob Gough said in general he had noticed a decrease in the number of people smoking and an increase in the level of consideration from those that do.

“A few years down the road we may not have smoking in public places,” he said.

“I think everyone is enjoying the clean air.”

New smoking laws drain on resources say councils
ABC Online - September 21, 2010

From tomorrow, it will be illegal to smoke on swimming beaches, within ten metres of playgrounds and in cars with children.

Smoking will be banned in most al fresco eating areas and retailers will no longer be allowed to display cigarettes or smoking implements.

While police will be responsible for monitoring smoking in cars, local governments will have to enforce most of the new laws.

Broome Shire President Graeme Campbell says it is a flawed system.

"Governments, both federally and state, bring in laws involving local government without resourcing," he said. ...

Backlash from the local Greek Australian community for smoking
Greek Reporter - Apostolos Papapostolou - September 21, 2010

Despite anticipated backlash from the local Greek Australian community, Monash City Council is hoping to ban smoking in outdoor areas such as cafes and sports grounds.

As a result of a council meeting on Tuesday night, the council will now push ahead with community consultation on banning smoking in outdoor areas.

Councillor Paul Klisaris, who initiated the proposal, said it was important that local government promote an anti-smoking message, although he anticipated resistance from Greek Australians in the area. ...

Poll: Smoking bans
The Age (au), 2010-09-15

Monash City Council is considering a ban smoking outdoors in public places.

Do you agree with a ban on smoking outdoors at public areas such as cafes, football grounds and shopping centres?





Total votes: 6672.

Glenorchy eyes smokes ban
Tasmania Mercury - Blair Richards - September 14, 2010

GLENORCHY'S shopping strips could be the next major public spaces to become smoke-free.

At this week's Glenorchy City Council meeting, aldermen decided to broaden a recommendation to declare the Tolosa St bus interchange smoke-free.

The council will consult the public about banning smoking in busy areas of Glenorchy and Moonah's central business districts and at sporting venues.

Mayor Adriana Taylor said community and business surveys would be carried out to discover what locals thought about smoking bans.

Ald Taylor said there were several good reasons to consider smoking restrictions.

"We have one of the highest rates of lung cancer in Tasmania so it is a health concern and it costs the state $900 million a year in smoking-related health costs, so some of that must be happening in our area," she said.

"It's an amenity issue for people who suffer from passive smoking." ...

Gaffe sounds smoke alarm
The Age - Jason Dowling - September 14, 2010

LORD Mayor Robert Doyle has caused a storm by suggesting there is no evidence passive smoking causes lung cancer.

Cr Doyle, who is also chairman of Melbourne Health, told 774 ABC Radio: ''I don't know of a case of cancer that has been caused by passive smoking.''

When told there has been, he said: ''Have there? Really? I don't know of one. I am happy to be corrected.''

The lord mayor was discussing plans by Monash City Council to consult residents about the possibility of banning smoking at outdoor cafes and sporting events. He said there had been no discussion at Melbourne City Council to extend smoking bans.

Mike Daube, professor of health policy at Curtin University and president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health, said: ''There is very clear evidence on passive smoking and lung cancer. The lord mayor should be ashamed of himself for making a comment like that. It sounds to me very ill-informed and irresponsible.''

Mr Daube said Cr Doyle was behind the times, with jurisdictions throughout Australia - including Western Australia - introducing laws to curb smoking at outdoor cafes.

''It is the sort of comment you used to get in the 1970s and '80s." ...

Councils split on smoke laws
The Age - Anthony Gough - September 13, 2010

FRANKSTON City Council has joined the Monash council in moving towards a strengthening of laws restricting outdoor smoking, while the Glen Eira and Port Phillip councils are in discussions on the issue.

But the Stonnington and Maribyrnong councils believe existing laws are strong enough.

Monash City Council will today vote on a motion to begin community consultation on extending bans on smoking in outdoor areas including cafes, sporting clubs and shopping areas, while Frankston City Council has already begun seeking community feedback on a proposed trial of a smoke-free area in the city centre.

Frankston mayor Christine Richards said the trial would be at malls and pedestrian areas around Frankston. ''[The trial is] in the interest of public health, and we have been interested to hear the public's thoughts,'' she said. ''Our preferred sites have substantial pedestrian traffic and involve adults and young people alike.

''When they ask why we're trialling a 'no-smoking zone', we'll give them an answer that smoking takes the lives of 4000 Victorians each year." ...

Outrage over Big Tobacco campaign
The Age (au), 2010-09-12
Maris Beck and Anne Davies

HEALTH groups have called on federal authorities to pull ads claiming plain cigarette packaging ''won't work, so why do it'', after Big Tobacco was revealed to be behind the campaign.

Documents leaked to The Sydney Morning Herald show the tobacco industry is funding the campaign to stop plain packaging being introduced.

Further, it is employing the public relations firm to run the campaign, approving who will do media interviews and managing the strategy for lobbying government.

VicHealth chief executive Todd Harper called for urgent action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ''to shut down this dishonest campaign''.

He said the leaked information showed ''how far the tobacco industry was prepared to go to buy the outcome that it wanted'' and if the campaign succeeded, more people would die. ...

AUDIO: AM - Big tobacco's $4 million grand final ad blitz
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2010-09-11
Jennifer Macey reported this story on Saturday, September 11, 2010 08:12:00

(Excerpt from tobacco ad)

ACTOR: The Government plans to put all cigarettes in plain packaging.

ACTOR 2: But this was rejected in the UK and Canada.

ACTOR 3: And there's no real evidence it works.

(end excerpt)

JENNIFER MACEY: The ABC's Lateline program has obtained documents including an email which says the budget for this weekend's advertising blitz is almost $4 million.

Professor Simon Chapman from the school of public health at the University of Sydney has seen the documents.

SIMON CHAPMAN: The extraordinary proposition here is that the industry are throwing millions and millions of dollars at the idea that plain packaging won't work. Why are they spending all this money trying to defeat something which won't work? If it won't work, it's not going to hurt them.

Leaks reveal over $6m spent on tobacco front group
Otago Daily Times (nz), 2010-09-11

Leaked documents have revealed tobacco companies funnelled more than $6 million into establishing an Australian front group, just months after a New Zealand retailers' group was also found to have links with the tobacco industry.

The documents show the newly-formed Alliance of Australian Retailers, which was set up last month to fight the planned introduction of plain cigarette packaging in Australia, has received over A$5 million (NZ$6.3 million) from the three biggest tobacco giants. . . .

The revelation comes just months after a recently-established New Zealand group, the Association of Community Retailers (ACR), was also revealed to have received support from the tobacco industry.

The ACR, which was critical of the New Zealand Government's tobacco price hikes in April, has rejected suggestions it was backed by tobacco cash and said it was entirely funded by its small retailer members.

But Imperial Tobacco's New Zealand sales and marketing director, Tony Meirs, told a select committee in May that his company had provided public relations advice to the group through a PR agency, Omeka Public Relations.

Bloggers have revealed a number of other links between Omeka Public Relations, the ACR and Imperial Tobacco. ...

State mulls uniform ban on outdoor smoking
Sydney Morning Herald - Louise Hall - September 9, 2010

THE state government is considering a statewide ban on smoking in outdoor areas such as alfresco dining areas and children's playgrounds following lobbying by local councils and health groups.

The new five-year NSW Tobacco Strategy, which is yet to be approved by cabinet, is believed to recommend the introduction of uniform anti-smoking laws in crowded outdoor areas such as concerts, markets and shopping malls.

Half of all NSW councils now have some sort of ban on smoking in outdoor areas, up from 38 per last year, and 18 per cent in 2007, a report released today by the Heart Foundation finds.

However, the rules vary between suburbs, with neighbouring councils implementing smoke-free policies in a piecemeal fashion since Manly Council became the first jurisdiction in the country - and only the second in the world behind Los Angeles - to legislate a smoking ban on beaches in May 2004 ...

Smoking ban burns parents
Melbourne (Vic) Herald Sun (au), 2010-09-01
Elissa Doherty * From: Herald Sun

NEGLIGENT parents are being slapped with hefty fines for lighting up cigarettes in cars carrying children.

The problem is worst in the state's west, where police caught 62 smokers in the six months after the passing of a law decreeing that cars carrying children be smoke-free.

Women smokers aged 30-39 are the worst offenders, figures show. ...

Plan to expand smoking ban - Blair Richards - August 31, 2010

SMOKING would be banned in all outdoor areas at dining, sporting and cultural venues under a new State Government anti-smoking proposal.

Cigarette vending machines also face the axe, as do new licences for specialist tobacconists.

Releasing a discussion paper on possible anti-smoking measures yesterday, Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne said the proposals aimed to cut smoking rates, protect people from passive smoking and "de-normalise" smoking for children.

"The expansion of smoke-free areas is aimed at protecting members of the public and employees who can't easily avoid environmental tobacco smoke," Ms O'Byrne said. ...

Warringah's new smoke-free rules start
The Manly Daily - Brenton Cherry - August 31, 2010

ALFRESCO diners in Warringah will now be able to eat in a smoke-free environment with the council’s new smoking policy coming into effect today.

Smoking is now banned from alfresco dining on council land as well as in constructed seating areas at sporting grounds and golf courses, and within 10 metres of the boundaries of sporting grounds and other public areas during events ...

New Anti-Smoking Measures Up For Discussion
Tasmanian Government Media Office, 2010-08-30
- Michelle O'Byrne, MP - Tasmanian Government Media Releases

The Minister for Health, Michelle O'Byrne, today revealed the details of possible new measures to cut smoking rates, protect people from passive smoking and de-normalise smoking for children.

Ms O'Byrne released a discussion paper for public comment outlining 12 tough proposals including banning smoking in all outdoor dining areas, near playgrounds and in all pedestrian malls, bus malls and covered bus shelters.

Based on the 2007-08 ABS National Health Survey, 24.9 per cent of Tasmanian adults were smokers, significantly higher than the national average of 20.8 per cent. . . .

"And so these proposals target two areas of legislative reform: increasing restrictions on tobacco sales and displays, and expanding smoke free areas.

"The expansion of smoke free areas is aimed at protecting members of the public and employees who can't easily avoid environmental tobacco smoke. ...

Wollongong's smoking crackdown
Illawara Mercury - Michelle Webster - August 23, 2010

They have already been told to butt out in public indoor spaces, now smokers may have to add Wollongong's outdoor recreation areas to a growing list of no-go zones.

Wollongong City Council is seeking to make public swimming pools, sportsgrounds and playgrounds smoke-free zones

It will present a draft proposal of the plan at an ordinary council meeting tomorrow.

The proposal follows a 12-month voluntary trial of smoke-free signs at 156 playgrounds across the city ...

Community favours mall smoking ban
Brisbane Times - Courtney Trenwith - August 17, 2010

A ban on smoking in Queen Street Mall is closer than ever with community consultation closing, following overwhelming support for the proposal.

Brisbane City Council is considering a partial or total ban in the CBD shopping and dining precinct.

It is now assessing the opinions of about 2000 residents who registered their vote during the month-long community consultation.

About 700 people filled out feedback forms, 75 phoned the council and more than 1230 people made their opinion known via the council's online blog, a council spokeswoman said. ...

$37,000 goes up in a smoke-free puff
North Shore Times (au), 2010-08-17
Julie Huffer

KU-RING-GAI Council will spend $37,000 telling people not to smoke within 10m of 400 buildings and places.

The decision last week to expand its smoke-free policy means the council will foot the bill for metal signs ($30,000), stickers, plexiglass signs and newspaper ads.

Bans will come in force in stages from November 1, starting with 276 council-owned and managed buildings. From mid-next year the bans will extend to 43 alfresco dining areas, 80 taxi ranks and bus shelters and 11 gardens.

Gladstone urged to be smoke-free
Gladstone Observer - August 13, 2010

CANCER Council Queensland has urged Gladstone Regional Council to create a smoke-free city by banning smoking in public spaces, including malls, bus stops, ...

Outdoor area smoking ban
Northern District Times - Scott Howlett - August 13, 2010

SMOKING in alfresco dining areas will be banned in Parramatta, Epping, Eastwood, Carlingford, Melrose Park and all of Dundas from January 1.

Parramatta Mayor Paul Garrard said a resident survey carried out last year found that 87 per cent of residents supported alfresco dining areas being smoke free.

“Local diners can now breathe easier, quite literally, knowing that their concerns have been met,” Cr Garrard said. ...

No ban on smoking at bus stops
Quest News - Glenn Roberts - August 13, 2010

BLOWN AWAY: Smoking at public transport stops after Moreton Bay Regional Council will not be banned. SMOKING will not be banned at public transport stops ...

Abbott denies role in pro-smoking campaign
Sydney Morning Herald (au), 2010-08-05

SHERYLE MOON, who is heading a tobacco-financed campaign to ditch Labor's plan for plain packaging for cigarettes, had a warm relationship with the previous government but rejects suggestions she is in league with the Coalition on her new mission.

Ms Moon was appointed to six positions by the Howard government but yesterday declared ''categorically'' she had not discussed with the Coalition the $5 million advertising campaign that starts today.

Ms Moon, who is chief executive of the newly formed Alliance of Australian Retailers which is mounting the attack, was appointed to honorary and paid positions, including John Howard's science advisory council and as a general manager of a defence recruiting group. She said she had never been a member of the Liberal Party.

The Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, denied that the Coalition was in league with the alliance. ...

Tobacco firms fund anti-Labor ad campaign
Daily Telegraph - Simon Benson - August 3, 2010

THE Australian tobacco industry will secretly fund a $5 million anti-Labor advertising blitz cooked up with the help of Liberal Party strategists for the final two weeks of the campaign.

The unprecedented election attack ads over tobacco plain packaging are being fronted by a US-style retailers group registered only last week with the Australian Securities Commission and dubbed the Alliance of Australian Retailers.

However, the campaign has been devised by former Howard government advisers and Liberal Party strategists and is being almost entirely funded by the tobacco industry.

Starting this weekend, a series of full-page ads are planned to be placed in newspapers, followed by television ads accusing Labor of allegedly adding to people's cost of living.

Specifically they will attack Labor's proposed laws on plain packaging for tobacco products.

Tobacco industry insiders believe the Coalition would not pursue the proposed ban, despite Opposition Leader Tony Abbott claiming in April that he would not block the Government's legislation - which is still before Parliament. ...

Compliance and Support for Bans on Smoking in Licensed Venues in Australia: Findings From the International Tobacco Control Four-country Survey
Cooper, J.; Borland, R.; Yong, H.H.; Hyland, A.
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 10.1111/j.1753-6405.2010.00570.x [doi]. August 2010, 34(4): 379-385.

Smoking Ban in Hobart Comes into Effect
TopNews United Kingdom (blog) - Rasik Sharma - August 2, 2010

The city’s council informed that a controversial ban on smoking on outdoor malls in Hobart has all the needed support from the populace, which means that it has been taken positively.

In the month of May, Hobart City Council passed a smoking ban on three outdoor malls situated in central Hobart that went into effect on Sunday.

By next year’s August, smoking in Hobart’s alfresco dinning regions will become illegitimate. ...

Passive smoking on the nose in Randwick
Southern Courier - Nick Moncrieff-Hill - August 2, 2010

Randwick Council has invited residents to express their opinion on whether smoking at public bus shelters should be banned, and if so how.

Once seen as dragging its heels on the issue, the Council now has a smoking in the public place policy, which aims to increase awareness of the health risks associated with tobacco smoke inhalation. ...

Push to extend Tasmania's smoking ban
ABC Online - August 2, 2010

he Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation want Tasmania to implement a blanket ban on smoking in all outside public places across the state.

The much-anticipated smoking ban in Hobart's Elizabeth Street Mall, the bus mall and Wellington Court took effect yesterday.

The Cancer Council's Darren Carr says a blanket ban "would put all councils and all restaurants on a level playing field".

Mr Carr believes most people will comply with the current smoking bans.

"I don't think smokers will have much of a problem either complying with this or in terms of respecting the wishes of us who do not smoke to breathe clean air," he said. ...

Household Smoking Behaviours and Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke Among Infants: Are Current Strategies Effectively Protecting Our Young?
Daly, J.B.; Wiggers, J.H.; Burrows, S.; Freund, M.
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. June 2010, 34(3): 269-273.

Queensland motorists fined $200 for smoking in cars with children
Daily Telegraph/Sunday Telegraph (au), 2010-07-25
* By Kay Dibben * From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

MORE than 150 people who have continued to smoke in cars with children - putting them at risk of serious respiratory diseases -have copped $200 on-the-spot fines since January.

Queensland Health said research suggested more than 30 per cent of smokers with children aged under 14 continued to smoke in their cars.

Latest figures show 158 people have ignored new state laws, introduced on January 1, banning smoking in cars carrying children under 16, and have been fined. ...

Randwick Council asks community to make decision on ban
StreetCorner - July 26, 2010

Smoking has been banned in airplanes, beaches, pubs, playgrounds and workplaces. Bus shelters provide shelter to public transport users, a large percentage ...

The noose tightens around public smoking
WA today - Daile Pepper, Katherine Fenech - June 14, 2010

A new round of strict anti-smoking laws come into effect in September, but authorities are already looking at implementing even stricter measures to target smokers.

The next step could be forcing addicts to get their cigarettes on prescription, said Western Australia's first Director General of Health and prominent anti-smoking advocate, Mike Daube.

Laws passed by the state government last year, which come into effect on September 22, have tightened restrictions in WA, making it tougher for smokers to light up on the beach, in the car, at playgrounds or while eating out. ...

Coast council backs off smoking ban
Gold Coast Bulletin News - Melinda Marshall - June 11, 2010

THE Gold Coast City Council has backed away from plans to introduce a smoking ban at bus stops outside Australia Fair shopping centre in Southport. ...

South Australia Bags 'Dirty Ashtray Award' for Second Year
MedIndia - Vr Sreeraman - May 28, 2010

Ahead of World No Tobacco Day on 31 May, AMA Federal President, Dr Andrew Pesce today announced results of the AMA/Australian Council on Smoking and Health ...

Smoking bans 'not to be NSW-wide yet'
Sydney Morning Herald - May 28, 2010

State-wide measures include banning smoking in pubs and clubs and in cars where children are present. New state laws are also in place preventing the ...

Parramatta smoke ban does not extend to dining
Parramatta Advertiser - Di Bartok - May 27, 2010

This report became public for the first time on Monday night as councillors debated its outdoor smoking policy. This policy, which bans smoking within 10m ...

New no smoking regulations for Warringah
The Manly Daily - Brenton Cherry - May 27, 2010

The extension of the smoking bans follows the lead of Mosman Council, which grabbed worldwide headlines with its "butt out'' policy in 2004. ...

Port Phillip's beach ban on butts
Port Phillip Leader - Paul Riordan - May 25, 2010

SMOKERS lighting up on the beach could soon be banned.

Port Phillip Council is investigating banning cigarettes and glass to avoid “cuts and butts” on beaches from Elwood to Garden City.

Smokers or people with glass bottles would be fined.

Mayor Frank O’Connor said cigarette butts made up a large proportion of litter cleaned from the beach and had made the beaches less welcoming. ...

Hospitals to be smoke-free
Yorke Peninsula Country Times - May 25, 2010

Yorke Peninsula’s hospitals and health services will be smoke-free as of International World No Tobacco Day, May 31. ...

Mental health smoking ban
ABC Online - May 25, 2010

Northern Tasmania's primary mental health ward is banning smoking on its grounds in a bid to stop patients using the habit as a way of coping with stress and anxiety.

Northside at the Launceston General Hospital will instead provide in-patients with nicotine replacement therapy.

Strategic Nurse Coordinator Catherine Schofield says people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are more than three times more likely to smoke than other Australians

"It would appear that more people smoke that have a mental illness," she said. ...

Council rethinks CBD smoking ban
ABC Online - May 21, 2010

The Orange City Council says it will consider introducing a smoking ban in the CBD, but a blanket exclusion zone is too heavy handed.

A rescission motion to overturn the controversial proposal was passed at last night's meeting and further investigations will now be carried out into amending the policy.

Councillors have supported prohibiting smoking outside the entrances and exits of the hospitals, shops and at bus stops.

Mayor John Davis says there was a lot of concern regarding the ban's enforcement and its impact on people's rights.

"That's what the councillors were worried about, the fact that how could it be actually controlled and put into operation. There was a very strong argument in regards to the freedom of choice," he said. ...

Butt out, council tells smokers
Illawara Mercury - Sam Hall - May 18, 2010

Discarded cigarette butts are rife in the Illawarra, tarnishing our major attractions and spoiling the natural environment.

But a new approach to the perennial problem will aim to banish stray butts once and for all, as Wollongong City Council cracks down on illegal littering.

The council has officially registered Wollongong as a butt-free area, as part of a program involving nine cities, according to environmental education co-ordinator Mike McKeon.

"It's an initiative to try and reduce the cigarette butts that people throw on the ground.

"They look unsightly, they end up in waterways, they take years to break down and they're a fire hazard," Mr McKeon said.

The latest initiative follows several council schemes aimed at minimising littering of butts.

"It's an individual thing. People must take responsibility for their own actions, just like any general litter," Mr McKeon said ...

Council smoking ban prompts Govt review
ABC Online - May 12, 2010

The Tasmanian Government says it will review legislation following a proposed council smoking ban in parts of Hobart.

The Health Minister Michelle O'Byrne says a review is timely in Tasmania where one in four people smoke.

The Hobart City Council will ban smokers in the Elizabeth street mall, the bus mall and Wellington Court from August. ...

Hobart Council Cracks Down on Outdoor Smoking
The Epoch Times - May 11, 2010

HOBART—Hobart City Council has imposed stringent new laws on smoking, with a ban in alfresco dining areas and three of the city's outdoor malls.

The council made a unanimous decision on Monday night to ban smoking from three central Hobart malls from August 1, punishable with a $120 fine.

Smoking will also be banned in all outdoor dining areas from August next year.

Acting Lord Mayor Helen Burnet said the decision was not about persecuting smokers.

"It's about good public health outcomes, it's about good public amenity," Ms Burnet told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

"We'd like to see a reduction in death related to smoking. ...

Blacktown smokers told to "butt out''
Blacktown Advocate - May 11, 2010

The Cancer Council NSW and Sydney West Area Health Service have launched a project to increase the capacity of local community service organisations to address the harm caused by smoking.

Blacktown’s smoking rate is currently amongst the highest in NSW and puts residents at a disadvantage when it comes to their health and finances.

More than a quarter of Blacktown residents smoke, compared to just over 18 per cent of people across the rest of NSW. The highest rates occur amongst young people ‘at risk’, vulnerable families, homeless people, those on low incomes and people with mental health and substance abuse problems. ...

Last-gasp smokes ban bid
Gold Coast Bulletin News - Melinda Marshall - May 10, 2010

A GOLD Coast city councillor wants to ban smoking in a section of Scarborough Street, Southport, in what would be a first for Queensland.

Councillor Dawn Crichlow says police and traders have called for the ban, to stop youngsters and teenagers standing around smoking in the CBD area.

Under Cr Crichlow's proposal, smoking would be banned on both sides of Scarborough Street from Nerang Road south to Lawson Street ...

Smoking ban in Orange's CBD
Lithgow Mercury - Bevan Shields - May 7, 2010

ORANGE will be home to the most severe anti-smoking measures in the country.

Orange City Council last night moved to ban smoking within 70 metres of the Orange City Centre, Orange Central, Orange Arcade, Post Office Lane and the Orange Base Hospital.

In another unprecedented decision, smoking will also be banned within 70 metres of any council owned facility including buildings, car parks, playgrounds and sportsgrounds. ...

Cancer-stricken Crown worker blames high-rollers' room
The Age - Megan Levy - 4/30/2010

Four Crown Casino employees claim they have suffered adverse health effects from working in a high-rollers' room where VIP gamblers are allowed to smoke.

One of the employees, a 38-year-old woman who is terminally ill with lung cancer, is seeking compensation from the casino where she has worked for several years.

The mother-of two, who has never smoked, has been told that she has less than 10 months to live and is said to be in negotiations with casino management.

The exclusive Mahogany Room is exempt from Victoria's strict smoking laws in a bid to attract international high-stakes gamblers. Casino staff have reportedly named that gambling room and other VIP areas where smoking is allowed "the cancer ward" ...

Push for smoke ban at Crown
The Age - Jason Dowling - 4/30/2010

A NON-SMOKING Crown Casino employee who worked in high-roller rooms where smoking is permitted is believed to have contracted lung cancer.

It is believed the seriously ill 38-year-old mother of two is negotiating compensation with casino management.

Four other casino staff have requested to be moved from high-roller areas - with the issue of smoking cited among reasons for the transfer requests.

Staff at Crown requesting to be moved from smoking areas are forced to obtain a doctor's certificate or letter to support their request.

Crown Casino, the only venue in Victoria where smoking is permitted in designated indoor areas, has confirmed it is ''in private discussions with one staff member who is very ill''.

In a written statement, the casino said ''expert medical advice provided to Crown states that the nature of the illness is highly unlikely to be related to the workplace'' ...

Tasmanians not butting out
Tasmania Examiner - Danielle Blewett - April 29, 2010


•Number of Tasmanian adults who smoke: 25.4 per cent, or 86,400.

•Those who smoke daily: 21.5 per cent (nation's highest).

•Tasmanian women who smoke during pregnancy: 27.6 per cent (11.8 per cent of those smoke more than 10 a day).

•Fifty per cent of the Tasmanian Aboriginal population smoke.

TASMANIANS are the nation's heaviest smokers - smoking at a rate close to twice the national average.

Tasmanian men aged 18 to 34 smoke most - 39.6 per cent of men in the age group smoke daily.

At 32.6 per cent, young women aren't far behind when it comes to lighting up.

Nearly 22 per cent of Australians smoke daily. ...

Hobart hits smokers on new front
Tasmania Mercury – April 29, 2010

HOBART smokers are under siege from all sides with a Hobart City Council push to clamp down on outdoor smoking looming as the Federal Government jacks up tobacco taxes and forces a shift to generic packaging.

HOBART smokers are under siege from all sides with a Hobart City Council push to clamp down on outdoor smoking looming as the Federal Government jacks up tobacco taxes and forces a shift to generic packaging.

Smokers today will have to pay $2.16 more for a 30-pack of cigarettes, as the Rudd Government announced a 25 per cent rise in tobacco excise, the first rise in a decade, to cut the number of smokers and raise money for its National Health and Hospitals Fund ...

Outdoor smoke levels in venues soars
Australian Hospitality Magazine - April 19, 2010

Outdoor smoke levels at hospitality venues have soared after New South Wales banned smoking indoors, according to research showing club patrons and employees face smoke levels up to 36 times the recommended exposure limits.

The research from PhD student Maggie Davidson and her supervisor, Dr Sue Reed, from the University of Western Sydney which will be presented at the Safety In Action conference in Melbourne tomorrow. ...

Council considers smoking ban for Queen St Mall
Brisbane (QLD) Times (au), 2010-04-14

Lighting up a cigarette in Queen St Mall could soon be banned following numerous public complaints.

Brisbane City Council will ask shoppers and traders if they support outlawing smoking in the pedestrian precinct.

A middle-of-the-road option could include dedicated smoking areas away from residents and shops.

The Queens St Mall advisory committee and members of the public have regularly complained to council about smoking in the mall, Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said.

"While I am reluctant to introduce more laws, it appears a significant number of the population considers this could be warranted," Councillor Newman said. ...

Poll respondents back smoking ban
Brisbane (QLD) Times (au), 2010-04-14

Butting in ... Brisbane City Council will ask shoppers and traders if they support outlawing smoking in the Queen Street Mall.

There is overwhelming support for a smoking ban in Brisbane's Queen St Mall, according to a poll.

About 84 per cent of the 800 respondents at midday opposed lighting up in the pedestrian mall.

The numbers provide strong support for Brisbane City Council, which is considering forcing smokers to butt out in the shopping precinct. ...

Perth Zoo Smoking Ban
WA today - March 30, 2010

A new proposal by Perth Zoo to ban all smoking within its grounds has been welcomed by the Australian Medical Association.

It was reported today that the government-run venue would introduce a complete smoking ban as part of a lucrative sponsorship deal with WA health promotion agency Healthway.

The deal follows last year's decision by the Perth Royal Show to go smoke-free as part of a similar sponsorship arrangement.

"Perth Zoo has followed the lead of the Perth Royal Show by putting the health and wellbeing of children first," said association president Gary Geelhoed.

"But there's many other major outdoor venues like Gloucester Park and the Ascot and Belmont racecourses which still haven’t got the message and still provide areas where people can smoke.

"It's time they listened to the community - and the medical profession - and made the health of patrons and their families a priority." ...

Sydney council bans alfresco smoking
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2010-03-25

Another Sydney metropolitan council has banned smoking in outdoor cafe and restaurant areas.

Leichhardt Council, which covers part of the trendy inner western suburbs known for its coffee-drinking culture, on Tuesday passed a resolution to make alfresco areas smoke-free from 2011. ...

Bega council turns to on-line smoking debate
ABC Online - March 24, 2010

The Bega Valley Shire Council on the New South Wales far south coast has turned to the internet to encourage people to respond to a draft smoke-free policy.

The policy would prohibit smoking at facilities such as wharves and sporting grounds, as well as outdoor dining areas and beaches.

The draft policy is available on the council's website, and an on-line public forum has been set up to offer an alternative way for people to comment.

The Council's Environmental Health Co-ordinator, Greg O'Donnell, says he is confident the community will accept the policy. ...

Wider smoking bans on the cards
The Manly Daily - John Morcombe - Mar 22, 2010

WARRINGAH Council looks set to extend its smoke-free zones to beaches and other areas but has not prescribed penalties for smokers who ignore them.

Tonight Warringah Council will vote to declare smoke-free bans on all beaches, all playing fields, sporting grounds and sporting facilities, within all covered bus stops and taxi ranks and within 10 metres of all playgrounds.

It also wants to ban smoking in all council-owned or -managed areas, such as footpaths outside restaurants, but can’t introduce such bans until the lease or licence for each establishment is renewed. ...

Tourists targeted in Bondi cafe smoking ban
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2010-03-18

Smokers will be banned from lighting up while sitting outside cafes at Sydney's Bondi Beach from July.

The Waverley Council has voted to ban smoking within 10 metres of outdoor cafes in the popular tourist spot.

The restrictions apply to council-regulated footpaths, but not to internal courtyards or beer gardens.

Councillor Kerryn Sloan says the ban is designed to crack down on tourists who are not in step with Australia's increasingly anti-smoking attitude.

"They come from countries that have smoking still socially acceptable," she said. ...

Smoking, alcohol banned in Brelsford Park
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2010-03-15

The new adventure playground in Coffs Harbour's Brelsford Park will now be smoke-free.

The park has been added to a growing list of public facilities going smoke-free, such as the International Sports Stadium. ...

Smoking ban survey glitch
ABC Online - March 11, 2010

Launceston businesses have criticised the city council for leaving them out of a survey on a smoking ban proposal. The council is investigating how aldermen ...

Council seeks comment on smoking ban
ABC Online - March 11, 2010

The Eurobodalla Shire Council in the New South Wales South East is giving people six weeks to comment on plans to ban smoking in outdoor eating areas on ...

Council making smokers butt out
Northern Rivers Echo - Rudi Maxwell - March 11, 2010

Last year Lismore City Council banned smoking in bus shelters and children's playgrounds. Last month Richmond Valley Council introduced a broad-ranging ...

New smoking restrictions at SCU
Northern Rivers Echo - Andy Parks - March 11, 2010

A directive from Southern Cross University that bans smoking “on all paved and concreted areas”, and extends the smoke-free perimeter around all buildings ...

Australia Invests $10.7 Million To Quell Indigenous Smoking
The Gov Monitor, 2010-03-08
Source: Government of Australia Posted on: 8th March 2010

The Minister for Indigenous Health, Warren Snowdon, today announced 14 sites across the country will benefit from a $10.7 million funding round to promote innovative anti-tobacco campaigns and prevention strategies.

The Australian Government’s Indigenous Tobacco Control Initiative aims to reduce smoking rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in urban, regional and remote areas.

“Half of Indigenous adults are smokers, and the rate of smoking in the Indigenous population is about twice the rate of the non-Indigenous population. That needs to change,” Mr Snowdon said.

“These projects are based on innovative and cultural-appropriate, community-based approaches. They are also in areas which have higher than average smoking rates,” he said.

“The initiatives range from starting up a Quit Café, establishing support groups for new parents, promoting role models, to offering counselling to get their message across. ...

Smokos "relic of the past"
West Australian, 2010-02-27

Perth health experts are sounding the death knell for that longstanding tradition among Australian workers - the smoko - as more companies and government departments ban employees from taking cigarette breaks.

The Federal Department of Health and Ageing told workers this month they could no longer take smoking breaks except during designated times such as meal breaks, and not within 15m of buildings. In WA, State Health Department-run buildings, including hospitals have enforced a no-smoko rule for two years, with staff and contractors told they could smoke only during designated award rest breaks and must leave the premises to do so.

They also warned that the length of tea breaks could not be altered to accommodate smoking.

Curtin University professor of health policy Mike Daube said smoking breaks were on the way out. They dated back to a time when about 60-70 per cent of men smoked but now smokers were a small minority. "It's an amazing form of discrimination that a small group of employees have been taking time out, maybe up to an hour a day off work, when everyone else is working," he said.

"Ending the smoko is one of the best things employers can do for the health of their staff. ...

Richmond Valley smoke-free
Lismore Northern Star (au), 2010-02-18
Peter Weekes

RICHMOND Valley has become the first council on the North Coast to ban smoking on its beaches and other outdoor public areas.

In a unanimous vote the council voted to adopt a smoke-free policy at its Tuesday night meeting that includes a ban on smoking at sporting fields, outside hotels, near barbecue areas, bus stops and taxi ranks.

"It's so people don't get someone else's second-hand smoke," Cr Shirley Wheatley said.

"It's a health and safety issue."

The ban follows a similar one imposed by Melbourne's bayside Frankston Council this month. ...

HAVE YOUR SAY: Nillumbik mayor supports smoke ban
Diamond Valley Leader - February 17, 2010

NILLUMBIK Mayor Ken King says he would support a move to ban smoking outside the entrance to the shire’s shopping centres.

But he stopped going as far as Frankston Council, which last week banned smoking outside shopping strips. ...

HAVE YOUR SAY: Smoking to be banned at two Manningham parks
Manningham Leader - Danielle Crowe - February 17, 2010

SMOKERS will soon face on-the-spot fines of $200 if they light up in two Manningham playgrounds.

Manningham Council will ban smoking in two of the city’s most popular playgrounds - Wombat Bend, Lower Templestowe, and Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster.

The ban will run for a trial period of 12 months and, if successful, could be extended to Manningham’s 144 playgrounds. ...

Smoking decision has AHA fuming
Tasmania Examiner - Luke Scott - February 17, 2010

THE Australian Hotels Association has reacted with fury to a ban on smoking in Launceston's outdoor dining areas, due to come into effect next year.

On Monday, the Launceston City Council voted to introduce the ban next January, despite opposition from both the Launceston Chamber of Commerce and Cityprom.

The council heard officers had sent out 50 surveys on the proposed ban to outdoor dining operators, but had only received one completed form back.

AHA chief executive Steve Old said he was flabbergasted by the council's decision, and that his organisation would be lobbying aldermen to overturn it as soon as possible. ...

Smoking in outdoor dining areas set to go, 2010-02-16

SMOKING in Launceston's outdoor dining areas will be banned from January 1 next year.

The Launceston City Council yesterday resolved to introduce the ban in the interests of public health and consumer comfort.

When the ban comes into effect, cafe, restaurant or hotel operators who allow diners to smoke at outdoor tables could have their outdoor dining permits revoked by the council.

The council voted to support Alderman Ivan Dean's motion to institute the ban, despite opposition from both Cityprom and the Launceston Chamber of Commerce. . . .

A wider survey of 400 Launceston residents found 80 per cent supported a ban on smoking in outdoor dining venues. ...

New smoking bans for shopping strips
Inside Retailing - February 10, 2010

Smoking in the street will be banned in three Melbourne suburban shopping strips.

Frankston City Council will fine smokers up to $110 if they are caught smoking in the designated zones.

The six-month trial ban will begin in September.

The mayor says that if it is successful the same restrictions will pop up in council areas in Victoria and in other states.

The ban is the first of its kind in Victoria and will be enforced in two shopping malls and on the western side of Young Street during a six-month trial. ...

Fears ban will create 'smoking ghettos' in Frankston
Frankston Standard Leader - Donna Carton - February 9, 2010

FRANKSTON could trial Victoria’s first outdoor no-smoking zones, if the council gets support for it.

Councillors this week voted to consult stakeholders, such as police and business owners, to gauge support for a six-month no-smoking zone at the entrance to Bayside Shopping Centre at the intersection of Shannon St Mall and Station Street Mall.

The trial, if viable, would begin in September and run until March 1, 2011. ...

Melbourne council bans outdoor smoking
BigPond News - February 8, 2010

In a move sure to upset smokers, a Melbourne council is preparing to ban cigarettes from public outdoor areas.

Frankston City Council will trial the idea from September, making three busy shopping strips and the street outside a train station smoke free.

Anyone who lights up faces a $110 fine. ...

Smoking in streets could draw fine
Herald Sun - February 8, 2010

SYDNEY councils may consider banning outdoor smoking if a similar prohibition in Victoria is deemed a success.

Frankston City Council is preparing to impose blanket bans along three busy open-air shopping strips - including opposite the train station.

Lighting up in the designated exclusion zones during the planned six-month trial could cost defiant smokers up to $110. ...

Mums flout car fags ban
Tasmania Mercury - Anne Mather - Jan 18, 2010

NEW figures show women are the biggest offenders of laws that ban smoking in cars with children.

Authorities have caught 111 people -- 69 women and 42 men -- smoking in vehicles carrying children since the ban was introduced.

Anti-smoking group Quit Tasmania and the Asthma Foundation have called on women to refrain from exposing children to passive smoking in cars.

The groups said the higher representation of female offenders was probably because mothers were more likely to transport children to school and other activities.

However, Quit Tasmania executive director Michael Wilson said mums, no matter how long they spent in cars with children, had no excuse. ...

Victoria Gets Tough On Tobacco With New Smoking Ban In Cars
The Gov Monitor, 2009-12-20
Source: Government of Victoria

People will be banned from smoking in motor vehicles with children under 18 when new tobacco laws come into force on January 1, 2010.
Health Minister Daniel Andrews and Quit Victoria Executive Director Fiona Sharkie today said the legal change would help protect children from exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke.

“The Brumby Labor Government is taking action to reduce the impact of tobacco-related harm to the Victorian community, particularly among children,” Mr Andrews said.

“This new law will mean that no-one is allowed to smoke in a motor vehicle if a person under 18 is present.

“This ban includes whether the car is moving or not, whether the windows are open or closed, and whether the roof is down or not.” ...

ACT bans smoking in outdoor eating areas
ABC Online - December 8, 2009

The ACT Legislative Assembly has passed tough laws banning smoking in outdoor dining and drinking areas.

Smoking is already banned in enclosed areas and the new laws will come into affect in 12 months.

Health Minister Katy Gallagher says it is a substantial step forward in reducing the harm caused by tobacco.

"In 12 months there will be no smoking in Canberra's restaurants, cafes and coffee shops," she said.

"Pubs and clubs however will be able to designate an outdoor smoking area of no more than 50 per cent of their outdoor space."

Ms Gallagher says food and drink will not be permitted in the designated smoking areas and people under the age of 18 will not be allowed in.

"This is protecting workers and members of the public from exposure to tobacco smoke," she said.

"Workers in the hospitality industry deserve the same protection that is provided to those working indoors." ...

Warringah may be next to ban alfresco smoking
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - December 7, 2009

WARRINGAH Council may investigate introducing a smoking ban at all alfresco dining areas operating on council land.

Councillor Virginia Laugesen has called for an early review of the council’s management of smoking in public places policy, with a goal of a March 1, 2010, implementation of the changes.

If successful it will follow the lead of Mosman Council who grabbed world headlines with its ``butt out’’ policy in 2004. Manly Council also has a similar policy already in place.

Cr Laugesen’s proposal also seeks to include a ban on smoking within bus shelters as well as council-owned parking stations. ...

Ashfield considers outdoor smoking ban
Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Fiona Brady - November 19, 2009

He described the smoking ban as “draconian” and said he was glad his Egyptian restaurant was in the Marrickville Council area. ...

Hundreds fined for smoking in cars since new laws
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2009-11-08

MORE than 400 people have been cautioned or fined for smoking in cars with children in South Australia since the controversial law was introduced.

The state led the nation by introducing a law prohibiting smoking in vehicles in the presence of people under 16 in May 2007, in a bid to protect children from passive smoking.

Since then, police have fined 317 people and cautioned 85.
Offenders can be issued with an on-the-spot fine of $75 and if it proceeds to court, the maximum penalty is $200.

A woman was recently convicted for the offence in NSW just three months after that state brought in the new laws.

Qld bans smoking in cars carrying kids
The Age - October 29, 2009

Queensland motorists who smoke while children are in their cars will be fined from next year.

From January 1, Queensland police will enforce a $200 on-the-spot fine to drivers who smoke with children under 16 in their cars.

Premier Anna Bligh said the laws would protect children from the dangers of passive smoke.

"It is important we protect children who have no choice but to travel in cars with adults and their parents and family members ... where those people don't make the right choices about smoking around them," Ms Bligh told reporters.

She made no apologies for the crackdown. ...

Smoke free? Council considers outdoor ban
Manning River Times - Ken Warren - October 28, 2009

DO you want to see smoke-free outdoor areas in Greater Taree?

That's the question the city council will be asking residents as it considers introducing a smoke-free environment policy.

The council voted at its October ordinary meeting to undertake public consultation on the introduction of such a policy, with input from the community to be considered by the council before any decisions are made.

The issue was raised following discussions at a council workshop regarding a possible no-smoking policy at council facilities including footways and sporting grounds.

A report prepared by the council's senior environmental health officer Philip Martin said as of May this year, 58 councils in New South Wales ? or 38 per cent ? had a smoke-free policy in certain council-owned or controlled areas, including almost two thirds of metropolitan councils and 28 per cent of regional councils. ...

Councillors debate rights vs health
Manning River Times - Ken Warren - October 28, 2009

SMOKE-free public areas in Greater Taree will make smokers feel like 'outcasts or criminals,' says Cr Mal Marks.

He spoke against a proposal to seek public consultation on the possible introduction of a smoke-free environment policy at the city council's meeting, believing the status quo should be maintained.

"I'm a non-smoker but I believe council is over-reacting," Cr Marks said, adding that smoking was still a legal practice and most smokers respected those around them.

"I'd rather see council embark on an education program, perhaps with the medical fraternity on board, to help some of these people (smokers). It is a very hard thing to give it away," he said

"If you're a heroin addict you get given everything under the sun... these poor smokers get nothing." ...

Almost half of all Victorian smokers still light up around children
The Age (au), 2009-10-27

Almost half of Victoria's cigarette smokers still light up around children, despite an increase over the last decade in the number of homes that enforce a no-smoking policy.

New research released today by the Cancer Council Victoria found significant improvement in the efforts of parents to keep tobacco smoke away from their kids.

In 1998 just over half of surveyed households had home smoking bans, but in the latest survey just under three quarters of respondents to a phone survey said their household's regular smoker always or usually smoked outside.

If there is a child in the house, it is even more likely (82 per cent) the smoker will go outside.

However the researchers said it was not an even trend. Parents were much more likely to protect their children from cigarette smoke when they were aged under five. There was a belief that as their child gets older they are better able to tolerate or avoid smoke exposure. Also, households in lower socio-economic areas were less likely to enforce home smoking bans. ...

First smoking in car with child conviction
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2009-10-20

A NEW South Wales woman has been convicted of smoking in a car containing a three-year-old child - in what is believed to be one of the first successes with such a prosecution under new state laws.
Since July 1, motorists in NSW have faced a $250 on-the-spot fine for smoking with a child under 16 in the car, mirroring similar laws in South Australia and Tasmania.

Alison Therese Manning, 31, was convicted of the smoking offence yesterday in Coffs Harbour Local Court, on the NSW mid-north coast, but avoided a fine or sentence. ...

Lake Macquarie Council smoke ban to widen
Newcastle Herald - Michelle Harris - October 21, 2009

A DRAFT policy banning smoking at Lake Macquarie City Council-owned sporting grounds and swimming pools and near children's playgrounds would be mostly "self-policed".

The policy is expected to cost more than $60,000 to fully implement.

Councillors broadly backed the policy in a resources and policy committee meeting this week, but they have yet to formally endorse it and further public consultation is to be done.

The draft was produced after councillors in August called for its development. ...

Fears smoking bans could inflame tensions in overcrowded WA prisons
WA today - Tim Clarke - October 16, 2009

Inmates at WA's maximum security Hakea Prison will be banned from smoking in their cells from Monday - prompting fears from prison officers it could further increase tensions in the State's overcrowded jails.

As part of the Department of Corrective Services' smoking reduction policy, inmates at Hakea will be banned from smoking in their cells during the day from next week, according to John Welch, secretary of the WA Prison Officers Union.

Mr Welch said while the union agreed that passive smoking in prisons was potentially harmful to his members, of more immediate concern was the effect a tobacco ban could have on the mood of already tense inmates. ...

Council delays smoke ban decision
ABC Online - October 15, 2009

The Geraldton-Greenough Council has deferred a decision on banning smoking in alfresco dining areas and other public places.

If adopted, the city's second-hand smoke harm minimisation laws would ban smoking at patrolled beaches, sporting venues and playgrounds within the city. ...

Great News for Canberrans – Smoking to be banned in outdoor food and drinking ...
Typeboard, October 15, 2009

Finally some great news for all the people in Canberra who love outdoor eating and drinking. The ACT Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher MLA, will be introducing a bill into the Legislative Assembly to restrict smoking in all food and drink outdoor areas. ...

Pollies drag on smoking bans
Brisbane (QLD) Times (au), 2009-10-12

Smoking bans in the Queen Street and Ipswich malls are unlikely to take effect until after Christmas, held up by crucial State Government legislation.

In May, the councils announced they would introduce smoking bans into their city malls but both have been forced to wait for the Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009 to pass through State Parliament.

The legislation was introduced into State Parliament on April 23, 2009 but has yet to be debated.

"The State is still yet to pass legislation giving council the power to ban smoking in the Queen Street Mall and council will not be making any decision until that time," a spokesman for Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said. ...

Economy $1b better off by cutting smoking rate by a third
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2009-10-08

A study by Deakin University has found the economy would be $1 billion better off if the rate of smoking was cut by one third.

Researchers have found the benefits of cutting Australia's smoking rate would be much broader than previously thought.

The study was commissioned by VicHealth, and looked at how cutting tobacco usage would benefit individuals, industry and governments.
The study compared the smoking habits of Australia with California, which share similar demographics.

It found that Australia could cut its smoking rate by a third, by having higher prices for cigarettes and tougher bans on smoking in public, like they do in California. ...

Butt out on our hospital grounds
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ , 2009-09-25

SMOKING will be banned on the grounds of all public hospitals from May 31 next year.

Nurses in uniform and patients in gowns have been a common sight smoking outside hospitals since lighting up indoors was banned in the 1970s.

Under the new rules, staff and patients will be offered "at-cost", or free, nicotine replacement therapy but the blanket ban seems certain to push some smokers out to the footpaths. . . .

The SmokeFree Australia coalition yesterday called for all Australian governments to make all workplaces smoke-free, including outdoors, after new studies showed smoke-free laws reduce heart attacks by even more than previously thought.

The introduction of the bans will coincide with World No Tobacco Day.

Sydney Council to ban smoking in public areas
Central News Magazine - September 14, 2009

Even Lord Mayor Clover Moore has admitted to enjoying a ciggie on the bus, in the car and at cafes, but that was decades ago in London, before the health impacts of passive smoking were publicly acknowledged.

Now Sydney Council has joined the growing number of councils that have banned smoking in public outdoor areas. Smoking will be banned in children’s playgrounds, malls, taxi queues, “civic spaces’’ and community centres.

Alfresco dining areas might also fall under the laws and designated smoking areas might be assigned.

Queensland has already affected a ban, as have Manly and Mosman councils.

Smoking is banned on Bondi beach. So, as advocates of the ban pointed out on Monday night, Sydney Council is lagging behind.

The ban was supported unanimously and councillors were iin “furious agreement”. A former councillor from Mosman Council, Andrew Brown, spoke in favour of the ban. ...

Plan to ban smoking on Hay Street Mall
WA today - September 14, 2009

A candidate in the upcoming Perth City Council election has unleashed a plan to ban smoking in the Hay and Murray Street malls.

"Cigarette butts are a major problem in the city," first-time council contender Peter Neil told

"You have just got a lot of people smoking and lots of passive smoking in the malls.

"With 1500 smoking-related deaths, and 9000 under-age smokers starting smoking every year in WA, something has to be done." ...

Smoking ban in cars closer
ABC Online - September 10, 2009

A bill banning smoking in cars carrying children has passed the upper house of the West Australian parliament.

The bill was introduced earlier this year by the Independent Mp Janet Woollard.

It will also ban retailers from being able to display tobacco products and prohibits people from smoking in certain parts of alfresco dining areas. ...

Smoking ban looms
Monash (Vic) Journal (au), 2009-09-07

MONASH Council hopes to ban smoking at sports clubs within five years. The council previously tried to prohibit lighting up at sports venues when it introduced a ban on smoking in playgrounds in 2007 but backed down after local clubs argued it could affect patronage.

Mayor Paul Klisaris said the council still intended to ban smoking at clubs within five years. "It will be the next step. It's becoming the norm nowadays with smoking banned in pubs, restaurants and a tax increase on cigarettes."

No one has been fined for smoking in playgrounds since the local law was introduced.

"People normally police it themselves. If parents see someone smoking in the playground, they remind them it is a non-smoking area."

Last October, the council became the first state winner of the Heart Foundation's award for programs and policies that reduce exposure to tobacco. ...

Canberra Theatre Joins SmokeFree
HULIQ - September 2, 2009

Canberra Theatre, together with Smoke Free will host a SmokeFree Youth Dance Festival.

Ausdance ACT proudly presents the 25th SmokeFree Youth Dance Festival - Changes 25 Years! Each night is different, each night brings new dance to the stage in a non-competitive expression of youth dance and energy, with 1,300 dancers from 32 high schools and colleges in 45 separate original dance works using every dance style imaginable. ...

Experts support crackdown on bad habits
Sydney Morning Herald - Danny Rose - September 1, 2009

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) welcomed the further recommendation to introduce Australia-wide legislation to ban smoking in all motor ...

Western Australia and the international tobacco industry / "We are still not yet out of the woods in W.A." (PDF)
Curtin University of Technology (au), 2009-08-29

It would be hard to find somewhere more remote from the centre of the international tobacco industry than Western Australia. The international tobacco companies active in Australia are controlled from North America and the United Kingdom. One might assume that a state with some two million inhabitants in a sparsely populated country would barely appear on the radar of the tobacco industry's global leaders.
Western Australia has, however, also been at the forefront of tobacco control action in Australia and internationally . . . .

the major focus of document-based research and publications has inevitably been on the United States and other countries where the industry is either located or has been seen as focussing its interests. It is, however, clear that this is a global industry with global concerns, and that its financial well-being rests on the profitability of operations around the world. . . .

Some of the comments and events reported to the industry's global leaders might be equally well placed in a comedy program, for example the 1980s comments of the Western Australian Tobacco Institute Executive Offi cer Ron Berryman, that, "Irrespective of how many children take up smoking in a year, no one is immortal--everyone dies sooner or later", and, in response to the allegation that cigarettes are a cause of cancer, "So are potatoes. Tobacco is in the same family. You inhale the fumes of potatoes when you are cooking them".

But other aspects of the industry's activities border on the sinister. As this report documents, Professor Ragnar Rylander, from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, who both spent a sabbatical month at The University of Western Australia in 1988, and was viewed in good faith by Western Australian scientists as a respected colleague, was essentially a tobacco industry spy, with a generously-funded consultancy, sending back secret reports to the Philip Morris company in New York on tobacco control developments within Western Australia.

Push to extend smoking bans across Hunter
Newcastle Herald - Damon Cronshaw - August 25, 2009

ANTI-smoking campaigners have set their sights on Maitland and the Upper Hunter, as the push to ban smoking in public areas gains momentum in the region.

Port Stephens and Newcastle councils have introduced smoking bans in public areas, which they own and control. ...

Brisbane Council considers Queen Street Mall non-smoking areas
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2009-08-17
Bruce McMahon

Some parts of the Queen Street Mall could become smoke-free under a Brisbane City Council plan to cut cigarette butt littering in the CBD.
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman says he's considering smoke-free areas in the popular mall, leaving designated areas for smokers.

Should smoking be banned in parts of the mall? Have your say.
"The practical reality of banning it outright is that the periphery of that block will have all these smokers standing around," Cr Newman said.

It's being considered as part of a crackdown on littering in Brisbane, which has found cigarette butts make up half the litter on city streets. ...

The Effect of Smoke-free Policies on Revenue in Bars in Tasmania, Australia.
Lal, A.; Siahpush, M.
Tobacco Control. July 16, 2009, [Epub ahead of print].

OBJECTIVE: To examine the impact of smoke-free policies on revenue in Tasmanian bars. METHOD: Monthly sales turnover from January 2002 to March 2007, provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics was analysed. There were two OUTCOME MEASURES: (1) the ratio of monthly bar sales turnover in Tasmania to monthly bar sales turnover in four other Australian states, and (2) the ratio of monthly bar turnover to monthly retail turnover in Tasmania. Linear regression was used to assess the impact of the smoke-free policy on expenditure.

RESULTS: The smoke-free policy had no effect on sales turnover.

ONCLUSION: The smoke-free policy protects hospitality workers and patrons from exposure to second-hand smoke and has had no adverse effect on sales turnover.

More councils introduce smoke-free outdoor areas
Tasmania Examiner - Louise Hall - July 21, 2009

THE number of councils in NSW that have introduced smoke-free outdoor areas has more than doubled in the past two years, a Heart Foundation survey has found.

The figures, published today, show 58 of 152 NSW councils had banned smoking in areas such as playgrounds, swimming pools and alfresco-dining areas by May, up from 28 councils in 2007.

The implementation of smoke-free outdoor areas has been higher in metropolitan municipalities, with 65 per cent of 43 councils introducing the bans, compared with 28 per cent of 109 regional councils.

Warringah, Wollongong City, Camden, Hurstville and Port Stephens are the latest councils to approve a smoke-free policy in council-owned outdoor areas. ...

Smoke-free outdoor policy on council's agenda
Cobar Age - July 14, 2009

Council has agreed to investigate the introduction of a smoke-free outdoor policy.
Cobar will liaise with the Heart Foundation of Australia as well as the Cancer Council of NSW to gather information on the contents of such a policy and the possible implications before taking the matter further.

The issue of passive smoking has been of major concern within Australia for a number of years and there is an increasing trend to prohibit smoking in a wide range of public places. ...

Prison smoking bans to start today
West Australian, 2009-06-30

Smoking will be banned inside most of the State’s prisons today and limited to designated areas, prompting renewed calls for the State Government to crack down on a prisoner’s right to light up in jail.
The move, which will make all cells and units smoke-free, finally brings the prison system into line with other workplaces but health groups argue the changes do not go far enough.

Australian Council on Smoking and Health president Mike Daube welcomed the partial ban but warned that prisoners were not getting the same protection as the rest of the community. ...

Smoking to be banned while under-18s are in the car
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2009-06-26

SMOKING in cars carrying children under 18 will be banned.
Police will be able to fine motorists caught smoking while driving with children under legislation introduced in State Parliament on Thursday.
Health Minister Daniel Andrews said the air quality in a car filled with cigarette smoke was similar to that found in a "smoky pub", even with the windows wound down.

"There is no risk-free level of second-hand smoke in confined areas such as cars," he said.

Expert fumes over NT smoking policy
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2009-06-24

The Territory Government's policies on smoking have come under fire from the president of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health.
Professor Mike Daube is also a member of the Preventative Health Task Force set up by the Federal Government, which will hand a report to the Commonwealth next week on preventing chronic illness caused by smoking, obesity and alcohol.

It is still legal to smoke in bars in the Territory, although a ban will come into place next year. . . .

"The reality is that the Territory Government's attitudes to tobacco over the years have been a disgrace.

"They lag so far behind the other states and territories that they should be asking themselves why they're allowing so many needless deaths." ...

Just two clubs prosecuted over defying smoking ban
News Interactive Network/News Limited/ (au), 2009-06-25
Rhett Watson

JUST two clubs have been prosecuted for breaching the State Government's smoking bans, despite hundreds of breaches.

The small strike rate is in marked contrast to the police crackdown on infringements of the state's recently-toughened laws governing the service of alcohol in pubs and clubs.

NSW Health has said it prefers to warn venues that they have breached the bans rather than prosecute. ...

Smoking to be banned in cars with kids
West Australian, 2009-06-20

Places where smoking is prohibited in NSW will soon include cars, if any of their passengers are under the age of 16.

Billboards and print advertisements will start appearing this weekend to remind drivers and smokers of new government regulations aimed at protecting children from tobacco smoke.

The new laws come into effect on July 1.

"The advertisements will hammer home the message that from July 1, drivers and smokers will be banned from smoking in cars when a child or passenger under the age of 16 is present," Minister assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer) Jodi McKay said in a statement on Saturday.

"Any driver or passenger who is caught violating this new law could attract a $250 on-the-spot fine from NSW Police."

ACT tightens smoking laws in outdoor areas
Australian Hospitality Magazine - June 1, 2009

Canberra's clubs and pubs are facing further restrictions on where their patrons can light up, with the ACT Government about to introduce new anti-smoking legislation.

Under the new legislation being introduced smoking will be banned in outdoor areas where food and drinks are served, said ACT health minister Katy Gallagher. ...

Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Hospitalised Aboriginal Children in Central Australia.
Hudson, L.; White, A.; Roseby, R.
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. April 2009, 45(4): 224-227.

Health groups praise council's outdoor smoking ban
Cessnock Advertiser - May 13, 2009

Cancer Council NSW and the Heart Foundation have applauded Cessnock City Council for announcing its intention to expand its outdoor smoking ban to include children’s playgrounds in the Cessnock LGA. This follows the introduction of policy banning smoking in the grounds of Cessnock and Branxton pools which came into effect in October 2007.
A notice of motion put forward by Cr. Rachel Main at last night’s Council meeting was unanimously supported and Council staff will be asked to prepare a report about the financing of signage costs and whether they could be considered at the first quarterly budget review of the financial year. The pursuit of grant funding for the project will also be explored.

Regional Programs Coordinator at Cancer Council’s Hunter Region office, Dana Buzinec, said: “Cancer Council commends Cessnock City Council for taking this crucial step towards protecting the community from toxic second hand smoke. The policies have also been shown to de-normalise smoking which helps reduce the number of young people taking up this health destroying habit.” ...

Hospitality industry ready for smoking law
Esperance Express - May 13, 2009

THE Esperance hospitality industry is not concerted about the recent altered anti-smoking bill.
The amended bill will make it illegal to light up in a car with children under 17 years of age, within 10m of playgrounds, between the flags at beaches, and hotels will have to make 50 per cent of their alfresco areas smoke free.

Gibson Soak Hotel manager Phil Waddington said that the law would not make any difference to his business because the measures have already been set up.

“We have two sections outside, one with ashtrays and one without, it’s pretty common sense.

“The law will inconvenience but will not change people’s behaviour.” ...

Smokers are butting out
Daily Advertiser - May 10, 2009

WAGGA smokers have refrained from lighting up in alfresco dining areas across the city, complying with Wagga City Council's new smoking bans. ...

Anti-smoking drive on Illawarra hospital grounds
Illawara Mercury - May 10, 2009

I applaud the health departments initiative to ban smoking, but really, how can you enforce a non-smoking rule in an environment where many of those ...

Smoking at beach set to be banned
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2009-05-08

WESTERN Australia's tough new smoking bans, which impose fines of up to $1000 for smoking in cars carrying children or between the flags at the beach, are set to become law after passing through the Lower House of Parliament.

Independent MP Janet Woollard, who framed the legislation, said she was hopeful the Bill would be passed by Parliament's Legislative Council as early as next week.

The new laws will ban smoking within 10m of playgrounds, in cars carrying children under the age of 16 years, in the alfresco areas of cafes and restaurants, in at least 50 per cent of outdoor areas of hotels and in designated beach bathing areas.

New WA smoke laws softer than proposed - May 7, 2009

THE WA Government has backed down on more extreme provisions of proposed anti-smoking laws after The Sunday Times identified big possible flaws.

On April 5, the paper revealed that the laws proposed in their previous form could have seen smokers fined $2000 just for puffing near a street hotdog vendor or on a park bench. ...

Ipswich bans smoking at bus stops
Ninemsn - April 28, 2009

Ipswich aims to become Queensland's first city to ban smoking at taxi ranks and bus stops, as well as the city's central mall.

The decision by the southern Queensland regional city follows the introduction to state parliament last week of new legislation giving councils additional controls over public smoking.

Ipswich council's policy board spokesman Paul Tully said the move would be welcomed by most residents who were unhappy with smoking in busy public places. ...

Tobacco bans spark anger
Tobacco bans in mental health facilities have got some front-line workers fuming, writes Health editor Adam Cresswell
The Australian (au), 2009-03-28

While smoking bans in public places, particularly hospitals and other health facilities, have been sweeping the globe in recent years, preventing mental health patients from smoking is controversial.

This was dramatically illustrated last week after The Sydney Morning Herald reported NSW Health was moving ahead with a ban in all its psychiatric centres, despite vehement objections from some front-line mental health workers. . . .

According to NSW Health, the newspaper got it wrong: no blanket smoking ban is being introduced. Instead, the department is providing guidelines to health services on how they should go about preparing for and implementing a ban, should they choose to do so.

A similar approach is being taken in Victoria, where Melbourne Health is exercising its discretion to introduce a ban. Other health services in the state are free to allow smoking in non-enclosed spaces..

But it's nevertheless true that even the whisper of a smoking ban in mental health centres puts the cat among the pigeons. Other states have been watching the NSW ruckus with interest; South Australia says it has no plans to introduce a ban, and in Western Australia, where smoking bans have been in place in all state-run hospitals and health services since January 2008, the new Health Minister has promised to review the measure in relation to mental health facilities, in the light of concerns raised by some workers.

Smoking ban angers mental-health groups
ABC Online - March 19, 2009

ELEANOR HALL: It seems logical for a health department to enforce a no smoking rule but mental health experts are warning the New South Wales Health Department that banning smoking in psychiatric facilities could be dangerous for both patients and their carers.

The department though says it will push ahead with its plans, saying smoking is the number-one risk to health.

Barbara Miller has our report.

BARBARA MILLER: Ashtrays will be removed from mental health centres, outdoor smoking areas closed down and patients supplied with nicotine replacement therapies. But the New South Wales authorities are making no apologies for the moves.

Liz Develin is the director of Health Advancement.

LIZ DEVELIN: Smoking is still the single biggest risk factor for death in New South Wales. It out-rates alcohol. It out-rates overweight and obesity. And hence New South Wales Health must show that smoking is just unacceptable and no-one should be exposed to environmental tobacco smoke.

BARBARA MILLER: Liz Develin says the ban will be gradually introduced, ensuring a smooth transition.

LIZ DEVELIN: There's very good evidence published in psychiatric journals from across the world where, where you do this properly, you don't see increased aggression or patients going off their medication or not turning up for their mental health service, but it could happen if people don't do it properly which is why we're providing very extensive guidance on how to do it. ...

Passive smoking strikes WA children
West Australian, 2009-02-16

Alarming new research shows that at least one child under the age of five is treated every day at Perth’s hospital emergency departments as a direct result of breathing in cigarette smoke from people around them.
A University of WA analysis of tobacco-related emergency department attendances, believed to be the first in Australia, shows that last year, 384 children aged up to four were treated for acute respiratory conditions caused by passive smoking, with more than half deemed urgent cases.

Respected epidemiologist D’Arcy Holman and research assistant Victoria Gray found that across all age groups, 4881 West Australians ­ or one in 50 of all urgent cases at emergency departments ­ had a smoking caused medical condition.

The most common complaints were chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, or emphysema, heart rhythm problems, lower respiratory tract infections, stroke and heart failure.

Smoking ban in mental health hospital may be overturned
ABC Online, Australia - February 18, 2009

A ban on smoking in Western Australia's mental health hospitals could be overturned following a review of the policy by the Health Minister.

Graham Jacobs says the ban would only be reversed for involuntary patients.

Dr Jacobs says there is anecdotal evidence the ban has made some patients more difficult to manage and is not helping their rehabilitation.

"Often staff come to me and say it's much more difficult to manage people with their illness and it can aggravate their condition," he said.

Smoking in cars when children are present
Consumers - Community consultation
Australian Capital Territory Department of Health / ACT Health (au), 2009-01-20

The Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher MLA, has released a consultation paper canvassing options for prohibiting smoking in motor vehicles when children are present.

Minimising the public's exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is an integral part of ACT tobacco regulation.

The ACT Government is concerned about smoking in cars where children are present, and it's a high priority for this Government to protect our children from exposure to ETS.

The consultation paper canvasses a number of options to address smoking in motor vehicles when children are present.

The purpose of the paper is two-fold to raise awareness about the health risks of ETS exposure and to seek the community's views on this important issue. . . .

To be considered, comments must arrive by the close of business on 27 February 2009.

Beach bans working
Australian Star, Australia - January 9, 2009

Surfrider Foundation’s John Foss, who initiated the call for the smoking ban in the Independent last year, said the community’s reaction was no surprise. ...

Fewer Victorians smoking after bar ban: report
AAP (Australian Associated Press) (au), 2008-06-30

A large number of people have quit or reduced smoking since Victorian bars and clubs were made smokefree, according to Cancer Council Victoria data.

Hospitality venues in the state were made smokefree on July 1 last year.

In a Cancer Council survey of 1250 people, four out of ten recent quitters stated smokefree venues had helped them quit.

A third reported they had reduced the amount they smoked following the introduction of the legislation.

Breathe Easy, the Air's Better
Adelaide Now, November 9, 2007

THE air in South Australia's hotels and clubs is a thousand times cleaner since the total smoking ban took effect, tests show.

An independent analysis of air quality, conducted by The Advertiser, found that breathing in the air in hotels before the State Government's latest smoking laws were introduced, was comparable to living in an industrial area.

Smoking bans hit parents in cars
Herald Sun, November 9, 2007

NEW South Wales smokers may soon have to go without while driving in the car with children, under State Government plans to expand smoking bans.

Premier Morris Iemma yesterday launched a new $1.4 million anti-smoking TV campaign and flagged the banning of smoking in cars carrying children.

"What we're doing at the moment is examining the experience in Tasmania and South Australia that have introduced rules in that area ... it is timely to have a look," Mr Iemma said.

Bans no bar to success
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia, October 24, 2007

SMOKING bans have had a positive effect on the hotel industry, according to the Australian Hotels Association. The AHA -- which had previously warned that ...

More quit smoking after bans
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) (au), 2007-10-02
Rachael Brown

Anti-smoking campaigner, Quit, is reporting a 20 per cent boost in weekend calls to its helpline, since smoking bans were introduced.

Since the bans on smoking in indoor public places began in July, 800 smokers have called the helpline on weekends.

Quit's Executive Director Fiona Sharkie says the increase represents a major cultural shift.

She says five years ago, smokers would have been too busy going out on Saturday and Sunday to consider quitting.

Tasmania wins Clean Ashtray Award
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (au), 2005-08-19

Tasmania has been hailed as having the best anti-smoking initiatives in the country.

The Australian Medical Association says State Government plans for smoke-free pubs and clubs, and making tobacco retailers display graphic health warnings, make Tasmania the joint winner of this year's Clean Ashtray Award.

Queensland, where similar measures are being enforced, shared the award.

Tasmania was declared the worst State for smoke prevention in the same award a year ago.

Smoking at an all-time low in Australia - ninemsn
April 7, 2005

Around 17.4 per cent of Australians are now regular smokers, giving the
country one the lowest smoking rates in the world after a 30 per cent
decline in 13 years, a new survey has found.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare survey estimates about 2.9 million Australians smoked cigarettes daily in 2004 while another 530,000 lit up once a week or less.

Australian Hotel Issues Total Smoking Ban
The Age

The Novotel St Kilda will become Melbourne's first smoke-free major international hotel when it bans smoking in all its rooms and indoor public areas from June 1. The hotel, on The Esplanade, has decided on the ban after consultation with guests and two years after introducing a smoke-free environment in its restaurant and indoor bar. The hotel is the only one of 25 hotels in the chain in Australia and New Zealand to ban smoking completely. Manager Llewellyn Wyeth said Novotel St Kilda guests overwhelmingly backed the move. "We've had no negative feedback," he said. "We've had people who smoke take the non-smokers' side of the argument. "The majority of people who smoke don't want to smoke in their hotel room, they'll go outside."

Gambling up $100m after smoking ban
February 20, 2005
Victoria, Australia

Australian state to ban smoking in pubs and clubs by 2007
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (au), 2004-12-08

The upper house of parliament in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, has passed legislation that will ban smoking in all pubs and clubs by 2007.

Smoking will be restricted to one room from the middle of next year and will be phased out completely over the following two years.

State Science and Medical Research Minister, Frank Sartor, says the legislation is designed to minimise the financial effect on these venues.

"There's no question that environmental tobacco smoke causes harm and death to people and it's very important that we deal with this important health issue," he said.