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In August 2007, Denmark enacted a smokefree law covering workplaces and public places with a number of exceptions. Smoking is allowed in designated smoking rooms of workplaces, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Private offices and bars smaller than 40 square meters are exempt. Smoking is also allowed in long-term care and psychiatric facilities. Public transportation is 100% smokefree.

Smokefree & Related News

Smokers ignoring station smoking ban
The Copenhagen Post - July 24, 2014

It is forbidden to smoke at all DSB stations, and Jutland rail operator Arriva has followed suit. The ban on smoking at train stations and on platforms has been in ...

Danish public train system smoke-free from July 1, 2014
World Health Organization (press release) - June 27, 2014

As of July 1, all outdoor public places, including platforms, of the Danish public train system will be smoke-free. Indoor premises, including trains, have already been smoke-free already for 7 years. A large majority of commuters support a 100% smoke-free policy.

Health minister no fan of electronic cigarettes
The Copenhagen Post - April 22, 2014

If Nick Hækkerup, the health minister, has his way, parliament will soon be taking action to curb the increasing use of electronic cigarettes. “It concerns me that ...

Smoking ban hits small pubs where it hurts
The Local.de - August ust 1, 2013

Small pubs, bars and restaurant say they have lost up to a third of their income just three months after the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) introduced a ...

Smoking ban on train platforms
The Copenhagen Post - May 17, 2013

Smoking will be banned at all train stations including train platforms from July 2014, rail operator DSB stated in a press release yesterday. The decision to make DSB smoke free was made to accommodate the many requests from our customers as well as to follow the general pattern at other public and private businesses to provide smoke-free areas, DSBs commercial director, Susanne Mrch Koch, said. There are currently smoking bans in most public spaces including trains, planes, hospitals and most public buildings.

Koster, B.; Brink, A.; Haunstrup Clemmensen, I., "'Neighbour smoke'--exposure to secondhand smoke in multiunit dwellings in Denmark in 2010: a cross-sectional study," Tobacco Control 22(3): 190-193, May 2013.

Background ‘Neighbour smoke’ is transfer of secondhand smoke between apartments including shared areas, such as hallways, community rooms and stairwells in multiunit dwellings and is an emerging issue for public health and health equity.

Objective To describe the prevalence of exposure to neighbour smoke in Denmark.

Methods A population-based sample of 5049 respondents (2183 in multiunit dwellings) living in Denmark aged ?15 years completed a questionnaire in 2010 on tobacco-related behaviour and exposure to secondhand smoke. The authors examined the relations between exposure to neighbour smoke, own smoking, smoking inside the home, type of residence and demographic factors with descriptive statistics and logistic regression analysis.

Results In this sample, 22% of those living in multiunit dwellings reported exposure to neighbour smoke. Of respondents living in apartments, 41% preferred to live in a building in which smoking is banned. Smoke-free buildings were preferred by 58% of persons exposed to neighbour smoke compared with 37% of persons not exposed. Of the smokers (daily and occasional), 14% preferred to live in a smoke-free building; 31% never smoked indoors in their own home.

Conclusions The only way to avoid absorbing tobacco smoke from neighbours is to live in a smoke-free multiunit dwelling. There is great demand for such dwellings, especially by young people, people with children and people exposed to neighbour smoke, as well as by people who smoke.

Pisinger, C.; Robinson, K.M.; Jorgensen, T.; Glumer, C., "Municipal tobacco control in the capital region of Denmark can be improved," Danish Medical Journal 60(1): A4571, January 2013.

INTRODUCTION: Smoking remains the single preventable factor with the highest impact on morbidity and mortality in Denmark. The aims of this study were to assess the quality of municipal tobacco control (TC) in the 29 municipalities of the Capital Region of Denmark, and to compare the quality of the TC and the priority given to TC with the prevalence of
daily smoking across municipalities.

Ishoy, T., "Nonsmoking policy in Danish hospices," International Journal of Palliative Nursing 18(9): 422-423, September 2012.

The Danish Smoke-free Environments Act 2007 aimed to prevent the harmful health effects of secondhand smoking. It requires employers to take practicable steps to ensure smoke-free environments for all, i.e. employees as well as members of the public (visitors, clients, customers, etc). Palliative care aims for a holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of patients' psychological, physical, and social needs. This may be challenged by a smoke-free policy in an end-of-life care setting. This paper looks at the concept of smoke-free standards in Danish end-of-life care settings.

Opinion | Smoking bans and socially incompetent Danes
The Copenhagen Post - September 6, 2012

There is something very Danish yet something very un-Danish about the increasing regulation of smoking and the way smokers are allowed to live their lives. … Banning smoking at schools has nothing to do with protecting people from second-hand smoke. Neither do the new regulations in Aarhus that ban all public ...

Health Mayors vision for smoke-free Copenhagen gets mixed reviews
IceNews - August 27, 2012

Officials are looking to make the Danish capital a smoke-free city within the next 13 years, but many are saying such a feat is unrealistic …

Copenhagen aims to be smoke-free by 2025
The Copenhagen Post - August 20, 2012

Rather than banning smoking outright, Copenhagen’s deputy mayor of health and care, Ninna Thomsen (Socialistisk Folkeparti), believes that the voluntary route will better cater to her goal of a smoke-free city by 2025. … But while Aarhus became the first smoke-free council in Denmark, the plan in ... “I hope it will become a trend to become a smoke-free company and that it ...

New smoking law attacked from both sides
The Copenhagen Post - Apr 23, 2012

While the opposition argues the government's new smoking law is far too strict, anti-smoking charities say it does not go far enough … The new law will ban smoking in education institutions for children and youths as well as in single-person offices, though there will be exceptions for ...

Denmark's smoking ban draws praises, achieves some success
Xinhua - Yang Jingzhong - May 31, 2011

"We are combating smoking slowly, but the attitude in the population has changed dramatically over the past 3 to 4 years," he told Xinhua in a recent interview. The Smoke-Free Environments Act bans smoking in indoor workplaces, at schools and ...

Housing association to build non-smoking flats
Ban reflects increasing focus on public health, experts say
Copenhagen Post (dk), 2011-02-01

No-smoking signs could soon become a fixture of some flats after a housing association announced it has plans to build 30 smoke-free units.

The flats, a part of the Frederikshavn Housing Association, would be the first of their kind in the country, but the trend toward non-smoking council housing seems to be spreading.

Two of the country’s largest housing associations, AAB and KAB, said they also expected to provide smoke-free accommodation in the near future. ...

Work place smoking decreases: Further tightening expected of 2007 smoking law expected next year
The Copenhagen Post - October 19, 2010

The Danish Cancer Society is very pleased with new figures, which show an increase in the number of work places which adhere to the smoking law, reports Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

The 2007 smoking law has been more effective than initially expected it seems and today smoking in offices is restricted to smoking rooms, single offices or simply forbidden.

A spokesperson for the society said that the law has been more successful than expected due to the work places themselves having brought in stricter regulations than the law states.

Figures show that in 2008, one in 10 workplaces visited by inspectors was reprimanded, whilst the figure for today is one in 22. ...

Smoking laws not strict enough
Copenhagen Post (dk), 2009-12-21

More and more Danes are jumping onto the anti-smoking bandwagon and supporting stricter laws.

A majority of Danes believe that the present laws restricting smoking should be expanded, according to a Gallup/Berlingske Tidende poll.
The laws were tightened just two and half years ago to include all indoor public places except the nation’s smallest pubs and private offices. But 53 percent of those polled indicated they now want the law to include all public sites without exception. ...

Ban on sweet hookah tobacco imminent
The Copenhagen Post - November 12, 2009

Health minister investigating ban on addictive water pipe tobacco as study shows greater risk to young people

The message from Health Minister Jakob Axel Nielsen is clear: young people are hitting the hookahs too much and the addictive tobacco used in the water pipes should be banned.

A parliamentary majority supports a ban on the sweet-flavoured tobacco used in water pipes, and Nielsen agreed measures needed to be introduced to protect the young.

‘It’s a really bad idea to have sweet addictive tobacco in water pipes and worrying that it’s become so popular among young people, which is why I’m investigating whether we can introduce a ban in Denmark,’ Nielsen said to DR News. ...

Smoking ban outside schools mooted
The Copenhagen Post - October 27, 2009

Local Government Denmark seeks extension on smoking ban as part of 500 million kroner health investment

Smoking anywhere near educational institutions could be a thing of the past if Local Government Denmark (LGD) has its way.

The umbrella organisation for local councils nationwide has developed a preventative proposal, based on National Board of Health recommendations, to improve policies on smoking, drinking and health.

The national smoking ban presently has exceptions that allow for smoking inside single-person offices, dedicated smoking rooms and bars smaller in size than 40sqm.

LGD wants to see the complete ban on smoking in public council buildings extended to include outdoor areas of schools, nurseries and other areas where employees work with children. ...

Smoke-free flats considered
Second-hand smoke seeping through walls has many housing associations considering creating smoke-free flats
Copenhagen Post (dk), 2009-07-28

An increasing number of complaints by tenants over cigarette smoke from adjoining flats have resulted in housing companies considering how they can establish smoke-free complexes.

KAB, the country’s largest administrator of non-profit housing, already presented the idea back in December, and now Fredensborg Housing Association has put forth a fully completed plan for several non-smoking housing blocks.

However, implementing the no-smoking policy could face many obstacles – not least that associations may not discriminate against smokers. ...

Bars Charged with Smoking Violations
Copenhagen Post, May 14, 2009

Despite previous warnings several bars have continued to flaunt no-smoking legislation, resulting in their being reported to the police

As the result of checking 55,000 businesses to see if the smoking ban is being upheld, 861 were given warnings by the Working Environment Authority for violating the law, reports public broadcaster DR.

Of those, 232 were bars, 23 of which have been reported to police for not following the warning they had previously been given. The 23 bars were the only businesses reported to police as a result of the check. ...

Age Limit for Tobacco Goes Up
Politiken.dk, August 29, 2008

A new law takes effect on Monday making it illegal for young people under the age of 18 to purchase tobacco or to introduce tobacco to Denmark from abroad.

Postponing debut
Health Minister Jakob Axel Nielsen (Cons.) says the new law is designed to postpone the age at which some young people begin smoking. ...

Denmark poised for blanket smoking ban - with loopholes
monstersandcritics.com, August 14, 2007

Copenhagen - From Wednesday Denmark will join the growing number of European countries to impose a blanket ban on smoking in all workplaces, restaurants, pubs and other public places.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 20 European countries that have introduced a smoking ban in the last five years.

The rules that come into force Wednesday have been criticized by health experts for not going far enough and for allowing too many exceptions. ...