Delaware Economic Data

In 2002, Delaware not only enacted a comprehensive smokefree state law to protect nonsmokers, but also became the first state to explicitly repeal preemption of local smokefree ordinances.

State officials have publicly expressed their support for the law. Kevin Charles, Chief of Health Systems Protection, Delaware Division of Public Health stated, "Society is driving this thing, quite frankly. This is what society wants."

According to the American Lung Association of Delaware, "Since the Clean Indoor Air law has been in place, revenue in the hospitality industry (food service and drinking establishments) has increased; additional licenses for restaurant and taprooms were requested than in the previous year; liquor sales have increased; and employment in the industry increased. (Sources: DE Division of Public Health, DE Division of Revenue; DE Dept of Labor)"

In addition to the economic benefits, there are health benefits. The Office of the Governor announced on July 2, 2004 that smoking prevalence among adults decreased by eleven percent in 2003.

An economic impact study to be presented at the American Public Health Association's Public Health and the Environment Conference, November 6-10, 2004 in Washington, DC, found that, one year after implementation, the smokefree law "increased state revenue from gaming by $5.7 million. The $5.7 million is equivalent to a 3% increase in state revenue from gaming."