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In January 2013, the smokefree law in Singapore was expanded to include the common areas of all residential buildings, covered linkways and walkways, overhead pedestrian bridges, outdoor compounds of hospitals, as well as within a five-meter radius of bus shelters.

In January 2009, all indoor public places in Singapore will be smokefree. The new law will also include some outdoor places, such as playgrounds and exercise areas, and smoking will not be allowed within 5 meters of building entrances.

Singapore’s 2005 smokefree law prohibited smoking in some air-conditioned public places, including public transportation and stadiums. The law was expanded in July 2007 to include additional air-conditioned places such as karaoke lounges and nightclubs.

Smokefree News

Singaporeans defy ban on e-cigarettes
Financial Express Bangladesh - April 25, 2014

Singaporeans are defying a ban on electronic cigarettes despite stiff fines for ... scientific evidence to show that e-cigarettes help smokers quit tobacco use.

Spike in smokers caught flouting ban: NEA
Straits Times - March 13, 2014

A designated smoking point between Blocks 838 and 846 in Yishun. The number of smokers caught lighting up in places where they were not supposed to more ...

Launch of first community-led smoke-free zone at Nee Soon South
Straits Times - January 6, 2014

To improve air quality in communal spaces, the first community-led smoke-free zone was launched at Nee Soon South on Sunday. .

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park designated as non-smoking zone
Straits Times - December 16, 2013

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park (above) has joined several other parks in becoming "smoke-free". Other parks with the same rules include Bedok Reservoir Park, ...

Cyclists show support for tobacco-free Singapore
Channel News Asia - July 20, 2013

SINGAPORE: A group of 50 cyclists took on a 100-kilometre ride at 4am Saturday to show their support for a tobacco-free Singapore. The group includes ...

Residents of future smoke-free zone, Nee Soon South, think it won't work
Yahoo! Singapore News - July 11, 2013

Nee Soon South will become a mega no-smoking area by the end of the year.

Singapore NEA uses a 'bro' to promote smoking ban extension
Campaign Asia-Pacific (blog) - April 29, 2013

SINGAPORE - A concerned 'bro' pops up out of nowhere to warn his 'bros' about an expansion of non-smoking areas in a campaign launched by Singapore's ...

NEA issues 2400 warnings since smoking ban extended
Channel News Asia - February 21, 2013

The warnings were issued to those found smoking at newly prohibited areas, including void decks, covered walkways and in the five-metre buffer from bus ...

Smokers still puffing at newly prohibited areas
AsiaOne (sg) - January 18, 2013

SINGAPORE - A new ban on lighting up in places such as bus stops kicked in on Tuesday - but many smokers seemed none the wiser. ...

Smoking ban extended to more public areas from Jan 15
TODAYonline (sg) - Jan 11, 2013

This means smokers will not be able to light up at the common areas of all residential buildings, covered linkways and walkways, overhead pedestrian bridges, outdoor compounds of hospitals, as well as within a five-metre radius of bus shelters. ...

3800 fined for smoking in smoke-free zones in 2012
TODAYonline - December 10, 2012

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said most of the offenders were found in or around shopping centres, with Nex mall in Serangoon being one of the ...

Did you know? After July 2007 enforcement of the ban was responsibility of outlet owners
Gulf News (ae) - Sep 8, 2012

In Singapore, the first ban came into effect in October 1970 and covered restaurants. …

Smoking ban extended to more public areas
TODAYonline - March 6, 2012

SINGAPORE - The smoking ban will soon be extended to more public areas in Singapore. These include common corridors, void decks and staircases within ...

10 markets and food centres awarded for anti-smoking efforts
AsiaOne - March 4, 2012

Although all are allowed to have a smoking corner, these 10 markets and food ... control and the prevention of harmful second-hand or third-hand smoke.

New drive to free 1 in 5 food centres from smoke
AsiaOne - March 4, 2012

The initiative aims to minimise public exposure to second- or third-hand smoke, which can be harmful to health. It is also part of a larger anti- tobacco ...

Singapore Considers Widening Smoking Ban
Jakarta Globe - December 19, 2011

Smoking is banned in the majority of indoor locations in Singapore. ... The authorities are now considering extending a smoking ban to public spaces such as ...

Good response on widening smoking ban
inSing.com (sg), 2011-12-03
Shin Min Daily News

Many Members of Parliament (MPs) are supporting the proposed move to widen the smoking ban. ...

Smokers in Singapore to face harsher measures
CNNGo.com - October 14, 2011

According to Today, the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) is exploring an extension of the smoking ban to reduce the impact of ...

Fewer places to light up with wider ban
Straits Times - Feng Zengkun - Lin Zhaowei - October 14, 2011

A ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other indoor public spaces was declared in May. Smoking is banned in most indoor public areas, such as restaurants ...

Govt exploring extension of smoking ban in public places
TODAYonline - Esther Ng - October 13, 2011

... and Water Resources (MEWR) said yesterday it is "exploring an extension of the smoking ban to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke on non-smokers". ..

Fewer flout smoking ban at coffee shops
Straits Times - February 22, 2011

Fewer people are lighting up in defiance of the smoking ban at coffee shops, hawker centres and entertainment outlets, latest figures show. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE THAT cloud of smoke over your neighbour-hood coffee shop is thinning. ...

Singapore imposes tighter tobacco control measures
MoodieReport - Melody Ng - July 21, 2010

Between 2004 and 2007, smoking prevalence rose from 18% to 25% among young men, and from 7% to 9% among young women. Besides the ban on advertising, ...

Singapore Looks To Be Tobacco Free
Gov Monitor - July 21, 2010

Ms Lee asked the NEA to widen the outdoor smoking ban to include more common places in HDB towns, such as void decks and common corridors. ...

Airports not for tobacco ban
Straits Times (sg), 2009-11-09

CHANGI Airport has put its weight behind a global airports group opposing a World Health Organisation (WHO) proposal to ban the sale of duty-free tobacco products on airport premises.

The Airports Council International (ACI), which groups 1,679 airports worldwide, including Changi, maintains that this move will hurt airport earnings, as well as penalise the travelling public.

The issue surfaced at the group's annual meeting recently, in response to suggestions made by the WHO that such a ban would stem the illegal trade in tobacco products.
Member airports agree that they will not stand for such a ban and will work with their respective governments to protect the interests of passengers and the rights of airports and retailers.

This was one of several resolutions approved at the end of the ACI's two-day gathering in Kuala Lumpur last week. ...

Majority support stricter controls proposed under Smoking Act
Channel NewsAsia (sg), 2009-10-08
Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia

The Health Promotion Board has received 171 responses from the public on proposed amendments to the Smoking (Control of Advertisements and Sale of Tobacco) Act.

Among them - 131 were from individuals, 12 from the tobacco industry, with the rest comprising healthcare professionals and community organisations.

The proposed amendments include banning tobacco sponsorship, lowering the maximum levels on tar and nicotine limits, and banning misleading labelling on cigarettes.

The health minister may also be given more powers to prohibit harmful tobacco products.

The majority of respondents supported the changes, with 87 per cent supporting the control of alternative forms of tobacco products.

Stub it out, please: NEA inspectors fan out and warn 245 smokers as new rules to ban smoking in more public places kick in
Straits Times (sg), 2009-01-02
Jermyn Chow

SMOKERS in Singapore have even fewer places to enjoy a puff now, as a nationwide ban on lighting up in a new list of public areas took effect yesterday.

About 100 plain-clothes enforcement officers from the National Environment Agency (NEA) fanned out across the island yesterday to issue friendly reminders to smokers who were still puffing away in now out-of-bounds areas such as lift lobbies and carparks.
As at 5pm, 245 smokers in about 280 places checked had received reminders. . . .

The ban was widened yesterday to include areas such as non-air-conditioned offices, hotel lobbies, multi-storey carparks and places within 5m of the entrances and exits of buildings.

The widened ban is part of a drive since 1970 to stamp out smoking in Singapore. Already, lighting up is forbidden in all hawker centres, restaurants and community clubs, among other places.

Singapore to extend smoking ban to all indoor public places
Mathaba.Net, UK - December 15, 2008

12 (Xinhua) --Singapore will extend the smoking ban to all indoor public places and some outdoor places by January 2009, the National Environment Agency (NEA) announced Friday.

Singapore, renowned for its clean image and strict laws against littering, in July last year has already extended the smoking ban from all in air-conditioned buildings to popular outdoor "hawker centers", air-conditioned karaoke lounges and nightclubs.

Smoking Is Banned In More Public Places In S'pore
Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) (my), 2005-10-06

Smokers in Singapore are increasingly finding themselves lighting up at all the wrong places as smoking ban is extended to cover more public spots from this month.

Beginning last Saturday, smokers are no longer permitted to puff away cigarettes at bus shelters and interchanges, public swimming pools, public toilets, community clubs and open-air stadium -- adding to the already long list of no-smoking zones in the tiny island state.

Enforcement officers had already begun their rounds to enforce the latest smoking ban and so far, six had already been caught and fined for smoking at bus interchanges.

Meet the newest Smoke-Free Ambassador
TODAYonline, August 18, 2005

Thousands of Singapore Idol viewers who watched Taufik Batisah struggle with a bad throat at one stage of the competition last year did not realise it then ­ but they were witness to a life-changing experience for the young man who went on to win the competition. .Under great stress during the competition, the pack-a-day smoker began lighting up more and more until the throat infection hit. .That's when Taufik decided to kick his 12-year addiction. .Said Taufik, 23: "I had never had the problem before. I realised, you don't know when you can get throat cancer or tonsillitis. This is my career, my voice is important to me. So, why should I continue smoking?"

Smoking ban at coffee shops, hawker centres from July next year
Channel NewsAsia, 2005-07-31

There will be fewer places for smokers to light up soon.

Smokers have to stub out at coffee shops and hawker centres from July next year and it will be the same for entertainment outlets as well by July 2007.

Singaporeans will soon not have to endure second-hand smoke when the ban starts at coffee shops and hawker centres next year.

Other non-smokers welcomed the move.

Smoking ban extended to more public areas from Oct 1
Channel NewsAsia, March 8, 2005
By Farah Abdul Rahim,

SINGAPORE : It's "No Smoking" for more public places from October 1.

Smokers won't be able to light up at bus shelters and interchanges, public toilets, swimming complexes and stadiums and community clubs.

And details of a ban at entertainment outlets will be out by year-end.

That's not all - a decision on banning smoking at hawker centres and coffeeshops - will be made by the end of the year.

Second-hand smoke is a silent killer, said MPs, who wanted more protection for non-smokers.