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Most of Michigan’s workplaces, restaurants, and bars became smokefree on May 1, 2010!

On December 10, 2009 the state legislature passed the bill, and Governor Jennifer Granholm signed it on December 18th at the Michigan Brewing Company in Lansing. Congratulations to all the individuals, organizations, and policymaker champions that helped achieve this public health victory.

Information about the law:

Visit the MI Department of Health's webpage: www.michigan.gov/smokefreelaw or call 866-59-SMOKE. You can also check out the Michigan Campaign for Smokefree Air's webpage: http://www.makemiairsmokefree.com/.

The law will be entitled the "Dr. Ron Davis Act" - a fitting tribute for ANR's dear friend and colleague Ronald (Ron) Davis, MD, who passed away November 6, 2008 after a courageous 10-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Ron had an illustrious career in medicine and public health. He served as the director of the Centers for Disease Control’s Office on Smoking and Health (1987-1991), was the President of the American Medical Association (2007–2008), and served as Chief Medical Officer for the Michigan Department of Public Health. His most recent position was as Director, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan. Ron was a member of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights since 1992 and was a wonderful partner in the effort to bring smokefree air to Michigan. Everyone at ANR misses Ron dearly -- we keep his passion and enthusiasm for improving public health in our hearts as we continue to work toward a smokefree society.

The job to protect ALL workers is not over yet!

Unfortunately, casino floors were exempted from the law due to politics and gaming industry lobbyists. The law is a major, historic step forward and will protect the health of millions in Michigan, but it’s important to remember that our job is not done yet because it still leaves behind the people MOST exposed to secondhand smoke and MOST in need of a law to ensure clean air in the workplace. Casino workers should not have to die from toxic air in their workplace.

Michigan law preempts local governments from enacting smoking restrictions in restaurants and bars, due to a 2001 ruling by a Michigan appeals court based on Marquette's law. Many cities and counties have smokefree laws in effect to the extent permitted under preemption (meaning these local laws cover non-hospitality worksites like factories, offices, and government buildings. Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in Michigan.

2017 State Legislative Session

State Quitline Number: 1-800-537-5666
American Cancer Society Quitline: 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)

Smokefree & Related News

Spectrum Health Foundation receives grant to help youth avoid tobacco [VIDEO]
WWMT-TV - August 22, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Spectrum Health Foundation has received a $30,000 anti-tobacco grant that will support the continuation of their Healthier Communities Youth Tobacco Prevention Program. … One local health educator points out that although the use of conventional tobacco products in youth has declined, the popularity of products like electronic cigarettes and hookah have skyrocketed, and necessitate continued prevention education.

Ann Arbor's new Tobacco 21 law draws mixed responses, legal ...
MLive.com - August 18, 2016

The ordinance approved by the Ann Arbor City Council this month raises the ... on a downtown Ann Arbor sidewalk warns of health risks from smoking on Aug.

Smoking Gets A Sharp Snob From Academics At MSU: Ban Takes Effect Immediately [VIDEO]
University Herald - August 17, 2016

Cigarette smoking gets a sharp snob from academics at Michigan State University. As a result, the ban takes effect immediately at East Lansing, Michigan, MSU- August 15, 2016.… Besides cigarette smoking, the ban also snobs chewable tobacco, hookahs, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and any kind of smoke-emitting items from areas ...

MSU goes tobacco-free starting today
WXYZ - August 15, 2016

Starting Monday, a new tobacco-free policy takes effect at Michigan State University in East Lansing. The ordinance was first approved by MSU's Board of Trustees in 2015. The ordinance prohibits cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaporizers on MSU's main campus and all MSU sites across the country.

New vaping ordinance may be good for vape shops
UpperMichigansSource.com - August 10, 2016

The Marquette County Board of Health has placed vaping in the same category as cigarettes, meaning smokers will not be able to vape in public places where ...

Involuntary secondhand smoke exposure high in multi-unit housing
Coldwater Daily Reporter - August 10, 2016

...health department, said that in Branch, Hillsdale and St. Joseph counties there are about 7,400 multi-dwelling units - places where two or more families live in a single building or complex. "This represents about 11 percent of the counties' housing unit...

MSU becomes tobacco free on Aug. 15
MSUToday - August 9, 2016

Michigan State University's tobacco-free ordinance goes into effect Aug. 15, 2016, banning the use of any form of tobacco on campus property. … In addition to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco, the ordinance also prohibits the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. …

Ann Arbor raises tobacco purchase age to 21
Detroit Free Press - August 9, 2016

In a move that has been lauded by some and criticized by others, Ann Arbor became the first Michigan city last week to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21. … MSU's ban includes the entire spectrum of tobacco products; from cigarettes and chewable tobacco to vaporizers, E-cigarettes and hookahs. It also prohibits ...

What health professionals say about Ann Arbor's new Tobacco 21 law
MLive.com - August 9, 2016

Inspired by the national Tobacco 21 movement, the ordinance, which takes effect Jan. 1, 2017, was brought forward by City Council Member Julie Grand, ...

Health board debates age for buying tobacco products
Sturgis Journal - August 8, 2016

It seemed like a simple idea. Get Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency to go on record supporting proposed legislation to increase the age to purchase tobacco projects from 18 to 21.

Ishpeming council forms committee to address smoking in public parks
Marquette Mining Journal - August 8, 2016

ISHPEMING - More information will have to be collected before the Ishpeming City Council will decide whether to implement a smoking ban in city parks. The council formed a subcommittee in response to the recommendation made by the Parks and Recreation Committee to make all city parks smoke and tobacco free. City Attorney Bonnie Hoff reminded the council that a smoking ordinance can be as broad or as restrictive as the council wants it to be. "You can ban smoking, you can restrict it in certain areas. For example, no smoking around a playground area, no smoking around concession stands, or, you can enact a complete ban," Hoff said.

Ann Arbor is first city in Michigan to raise tobacco purchase age to 21
MLive.com - August 5, 2016

Ann Arbor is boldly going where no city in Michigan has gone before, banning the sale of tobacco to people under 21. And city officials say they don't care if that conflicts with state law and might cause the city to end up in court.

New smoking ordinance approved for Marquette County [VIDEO]
UpperMichigansSource.com - August 4, 2016

The Marquette County Board of Commissioners has approved a new smoking ordinance that affects the use of e-cigarettes or vaping. The ordinance allows for people to vape within specialty vape shops. The Marquette County Health Department proposed the original change two weeks ago that would have banned vaping in all public places. After the health department worked with Rustic Vapor, a local vape shop, the ordinance was then revised. …

Tobacco age sparks responsibility debate
Coldwater Daily Reporter - August 4, 2016

Those who start sooner will continue to keep smoking. ... He agreed a ban for the immature is appropriate "but at some age you have to make your own decision, ...

Ann Arbor can lead way for curbing tobacco use by raising legal ...
MLive.com - August 4, 2016

Bill Lee is executive vice president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. ... among young people, save lives and help create the first tobacco-free generation.

Council to weigh smoking ban in parks
Marquette Mining Journal - August 2, 2016

ISHPEMING - City parks in Ishpeming may soon be smoke free. A Parks and Recreation Committee recommendation to make all parks in the city smoke and tobacco free will be considered by the Ishpeming City Council at its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the City Hall conference room.

Looking back on the NMU tobacco ban two years later [VIDEO]
UPMatters.com - August 1, 2016

MARQUETTE - It has been two years since NMU went tobacco free and organizers are saying it has been a successful two years. The university held a ...

Tobacco ban good for NMU, officials say
WNMU-FM - July 29, 2016

Northern marks the anniversary Monday with an event, "It Takes a Village: Going Tobacco-Free at NMU," at the Beaumier Alumni and Welcome Center…

Marquette County Board of Health approves update to Vaping Ordinance
UpperMichigansSource.com - July 27, 2016

The Marquette County Board of Health recommended an update to the county's Tobacco and Vaping Ordinance at their meeting Wednesday night. The ordinance update seeks to include vaping devices, such as e-cigarettes, within current regulations of tobacco products. … The ordinance update will now go to the Marquette County Board of Commissioners for approval. …

State View: Tobacco ban good for Michigan St. campus
The Daily Telegram - July 26, 2016

State View: Tobacco ban good for Michigan St. campus ... August 15, following a trend of bans already in place at 1,500 college campuses across the nation. ... Just like the ban on smoking near buildings, there will be no 'tobacco police' being …

MSU: You Can Be Ticketed For Smoking in Your Own Car
Michigan Capitol Confidential - July 22, 2016

Beginning on Aug. 15, a new tobacco-free policy at Michigan State University will make drivers subject to a $150 fine for choosing to smoke or chew tobacco ...

'Tobacco Ban': Michigan State University Campus Rises Up To Take ...
University Herald - July 21, 2016

Smokers will have to say goodbye to their quick smoke break as they now have to go outside the Michigan State University premise before they can smoke due ...

MSU Car Smoking Ban Increases Potential for Community-Police Tensions
Health-consciousness posturing not worth the cost
Michigan Capitol Confidential - August 3, 2016

… The measure takes effect on Aug. 15, and bans smoking or using smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes anywhere on MSU property. The ordinance applies even to personal vehicles on public streets that pass through the university. Violators can be charged with a civil infraction, and students can be suspended. …

Campus reacts to MSU tobacco ban
WILX-TV - July 19, 2016

Which is why tobacco was banned as a whole. ... It's tough to even find smokers on campus, and those that News 10 found didn't want to talk on camera, ...

Ann Arbor's move to raise tobacco purchase age may conflict with ...
MLive.com - July 19, 2016

The proposed ordinance is being brought forward by Council Member Julie ... giving or furnishing any electronic smoking device to a person under 21. ... "I realize in other states and other communities, they've adopted ordinances like this.

At Michigan State, tobacco prohibition nears [VIDEO]
Lansing State Journal - July 14, 2016

MSU's ban includes the entire spectrum of tobacco products; from cigarettes and chewable tobacco to vaporizers, E-cigarettes and hookahs. It prohibits tobacco use in buildings, on the lawns and sidewalks, even in personal vehicles on MSU property. … In all, more than 1,400 American colleges are now smoke-free, with 1,137 going 100% tobacco-free, according to the group Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights. …

Dearborn City Council will restrict smoking in parks
Arab American News - March 17, 2016

The resolution would make it illegal to smoke near playing areas. A blanket ban against smoking in parks failed to pass last year after backlash from community ...

Hookah lounge violence in Ypsilanti Township leads to new ...
MLive.com - March 17, 2016

... and regulatory ordinances that will impose restrictions on the establishments. ... The zoning ordinance requires lounges to operate in B3 General Business ... with a special use permit, and be at least 2,500 feet from another smoking lounge.

Inside last night's hearing on Hamtramck's proposed anti-pot law
Detroit Metro Times (blog) - March 16, 2016

But when the issue is a proposed new ordinance against marijuana possession, it can .... Pot-smoking is very common. ... provisions and zoning ordinances for collectives and compassion clubs, which were passed almost five years earlier.

Ironwood commission split on parks smoking ban
Your Daily Globe.com - March 15, 2016

Eleven other parks or playground areas would have a smoking ban. ... He said he doesn't smoke, but banning smoking would be an example of too much intrusion by ... But Brown said the city attorney said smoking can be banned by the ...

Proposed city ordinance would ban vapor use by minors
Hometownlife.com - March 15, 2016

E-cigarettes are products that allow a user to inhale aerosol containing nicotine and other substances. Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are typically ...

Updated OCC smoking policy includes e-cigarettes
C&G Newspapers - March 10, 2016

Oakland Community College students accustomed to smoking electronic cigarettes and vaping on campus grounds will have to find another place to figuratively light up, officials said. … The updated policy now prohibits the use of e-cigarettes, or vaping, to ultimately offer "a healthier learning environment for all students," the email states. Also, OCC employees, students, vendors, contractors and the public are not allowed to smoke on any school property, including all five campuses; owned or leased properties such as parking areas, athletic fields, offices, classrooms, hallways, restrooms, lunchrooms, elevators and meeting rooms; and all community areas, according to the email. …

Petition drives to halt Detroit zoning ordinance restricting marijuana dispensaries ruled invalid
Crain's Detroit Business - March 2, 2016

A marijuana reform group's two petitions to halt a Detroit zoning ordinance that puts ... Some sick people cannot tolerate smoking marijuana or they need a more ...

Commission supports smoking ban in parks
Your Daily Globe.com - February 24, 2016

IRONWOOD - City of Ironwood officials will prepare a no-smoking policy in city ... The only exceptions discussed to the smoking ban would be Curry Park and ...

Lyon board takes aim at vapor use among minors
Hometownlife.com - February 18, 2016

Lyon Board of Trustees met during a special meeting Wednesday in an attempt to snuff out underage use of vapor products in the township.

CV Coalition hosts discussion on e-cigarette use
C&G Newspapers - February 18, 2016

Traditional cigarette use is no longer in for high school students. That is according to a presentation given by Corey Beckwith of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services. Beckwith spoke to the Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families on Feb. 9, and he showed how e-cigarette use has surpassed traditional cigarette use among high school students...

A week after shooting, Ypsilanti Township approves hookah lounge regulations
MLive.com - February 17, 2016

Several hookah lounges have caught Ypsilanti Township's attention. A week ago, a shooting at the Hookah Nara lounge left two injured, and several arrests were made in connection with the incident. Ypsilanti Township officials say they want to prevent further issues, and on Tuesday night the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the first reading of a smoking lounge ordinance that includes new zoning laws and regulatory measures.

Mt. Pleasant looks to ban smoking in public places
WILX-TV - February 11, 2016

Officials in Mount Pleasant are moving forward with plans to restrict tobacco use in parks and other public places in the city.

A better you: clean air campus
Oaklandpostonline February 10, 2016

Many universities around the nation are becoming a clean air campus. According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, as of the ...

Letter: Be careful of what you read
HollandSentinel.com - February 10, 2016

... Merchants of Doubt, which explained their roles in defending the tobacco industry against claims that smoking and secondhand smoke were health hazards.

'State of Tobacco' report: Michigan gets failing grade
WDIV Detroit - February 3, 2016

We must also face the reality that youth use of other tobacco products nationwide like e-cigarettes and little cigars is at an all-time high," said Shelly Kiser, ...

Midland County Collaborative unveils community health improvement plan
Midland Daily News - February 2, 2016

Midland County already ranks as one of the top 10 healthiest counties in Michigan, but a desire to improve that ranking has led the Midland Community Health and Human Services Council to unveil a Community Health Improvement Plan. … Although tobacco use is declining, there is an upward trend in the use of e-cigarettes. After gathering information, the council chose to focus on three areas: substance use disorder, healthy weight and later life quality. ...

More Parks In Ann Arbor Are Now Smoke-Free
WEMU - February 1, 2016

The smoking ban in Ann Arbor is expanding to include more parks. Effective today, the number of parks prohibiting smoking will more than double, according to deputy manager of Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation Department, Josh Landefeld.

Ypsilanti Township moves to regulate hookah, cigar and smoking ...
MLive.com - January 28, 2016

The ordinance's language covers cigar bars, hookah bars, tobacco bars, tobacco ... Business zones and be at least 2,500 feet from another smoking lounge.

Survey respondents favor a tobacco-free UP State Fair
Marquette Mining Journal - January 26, 2016

"The reported 81 percent supporting a smoke free fair reflects the desires of only 2 percent of fairgoers. The number of fairgoers completing the written survey ...

City of Ann Arbor expands smoking ban
WDIV Detroit - January 25, 2016

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - The city of Ann Arbor is extending a smoking ban to include 156 of the 159 parks in the city. The ban prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes. The ban prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes. In 2015, the city banned smoking in 73 of the city parks. The Parks and Recreation department ...

Survey: Will fair go tobacco-free?
Escanaba Daily Press - January 25, 2016

ESCANABA - A portion of Upper Peninsula State Fair attendees support making the event tobacco-free, according to a survey completed at the 2015 fair.

No casino planned for riverfront building purchase, says tribal chair
MLive.com - January 13, 2016

No casino planned for riverfront building purchase, says tribal chair ... The Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians has been seeking recognition from the federal ... Taatjes, who brokered the sale as a principal with NAI Wisinski of West Michigan.

Council bans e-cigarettes, vaping devices from city property
Muskogee Daily Phoenix - January 12, 2016

Critics of an amendment that expands the scope of a tobacco ban to include e-cigarettes and other vaping devices swayed a couple of city councilors, but the prospect of obtaining grant money appeared to carry more weight. City councilors approved by a 6-3 vote an amendment brought to them in December for a second time by representatives of the Muskogee Wellness Initiative. After some discussion surfaced about carving out some exceptions to the ban, Ward I Councilor Lee Ann Langston said she wanted "to make everybody understand" the opportunity to secure a future grant would require a total ban. …

"Smoke-Free Campus?"
Michigan Journal - January 12, 2016

Hey, did you know that the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a smoke-free ... as to why the university even calls itself a "smoke-free campus" in the first place.

Smoking now prohibited on entire hospital campus
Sturgis Journal - January 6, 2016

The hospital's campus is now smoke- and tobacco-free. ... the transition from prohibiting smoking indoors to banning it outside as well has gone smoothly.

Baxter City Council: Eyes limits on e-cigs
Brainerd Daily Dispatch - December 18, 2015

BAXTER-Electronic cigarettes could be limited in the same way as their traditional counterparts in Baxter. Recently, during the council's last regular meeting ...

Vaping by minors prohibited by new Muskegon County ordinance
MLive.com - December 18, 2015

MUSKEGON, MI Vapor products remain legal for teens in much of Michigan -- but not in Muskegon County, not anymore. Muskegon County Board of Commissioners gave final approval last week to an ordinance prohibiting minors from possessing any vapor or tobacco product. The ordinance also prohibits a person from selling any vapor or tobacco product to minors.

Detroit City Council passes zoning ordinance to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries
Crain's Detroit Business - December 18, 2015

After more than four hours of legal and council discussion and dozens of city resident comments, the Detroit City Council on Thursday evening approved by a vote of 6-1 a zoning ordinance that experts say could close up to half of the citys medical marijuana dispensaries. The ordinance is effective March 1.

Legislation Increases Fines For Selling Tobacco To Minors
94.9 WSJM-FM - December 16, 2015

The legislation also increased the fines for subsequent offenses to up to 500 dollars, and also increased the penalty for being a minor in possession of tobacco.

Vapers suggest change in policy
The Valley Vanguard - December 14, 2015

The use of vaporizers (the act referred to as vaping) has become a much more prevalent practice among college students. However, the act of vaping is not allowed on SVSU's campus a policy that has ... Saginaw Valley State University recognizes free choice in the matter of smoking, the policy reads. However, it recognizes a more fundamental right of the majority population of non-smokers to breathe clean air. Regardless of the Universitys already-established stance, the argument behind the allowance of vaping on campus stems primarily from the vapor being omitted.

Fletcher: Mich. reps must help protect kids' health
Lansing State Journal - December 14, 2015

... including cigars, hookah, and e-cigarettes, are currently not regulated. This rider would perpetuate this problem by grandfathering these products in, making it ...

Looking back at the biggest stories from 2015
The State News - December 10, 2015

The board also voted in a campus-wide smoking ban that will take effect in fall 2016. All tobacco-related products are included in the ban. September: The Office ...

New study released about electronic cigarettes raises concerns
WLNS - December 9, 2015

The Ingham County Health Department has already taken action concerning e cigs by prohibiting the sale of the electronic cigarettes to minors, starting January ...

Washtenaw County smoking rates rise for first time in decades
MLive.com - December 3, 2015

Smoking rates in the Ann Arbor area are trending in the wrong direction for the ... The electronic devices have been banned indoors by both the Ann Arbor City

Schools continue to change tobacco policies
The Hillsdale Daily News - December 2, 2015

The policy bans any tobacco product inhaled or chewed. It also bans lit cigars, cigarettes, pipes and other smoking devices. It bans any product that can be ...

Michigan marijuana: No medical pot use allowed in parking lot, says ...
The Cannabist - November 30, 2015

The Michigan appeals court says a car is private property but parking lots generally are open to the public. The court says the state's medical marijuana law ...

Michigan Court: MMJ Patients Cannot Smoke Weed in Cars Outside ...
Cannabis Now (blog) - November 27, 2015

At the core of this case is Robert Carlton, a medical marijuana cardholder, who was busted in 2013 for smoking weed outside a local casino. The man's attorney ...

PC wants to wait for state to decide fate of medical marijuana facilities
Clarkston News - November 25, 2015

Under the bill, municipalities would have the ability to adopt an ordinance ... "to determine on a case-by-case basis" which smoking-related retail businesses are ...

Court of Appeals: Medical marijuana cardholders can't smoke in ...
Michigan Radio - November 25, 2015

Medical marijuana cardholder Robert Carlton was busted and charged with a misdemeanor for smoking pot in the parking lot of a casino in Mount Pleasant.

Ingham County Announces New E-Cigarette Regulations
WSYM-TV - November 14, 2015

The Ingham County Health Department will require stores to get a license to sell e-cigarettes and is banning the sale to minors as of January first....

Experts discuss issues with e-cigarettes, vaping
Midland Daily News - November 12, 2015

A recent town hall meeting focused on the effects of e-cigarettes - including those we don't yet know about - and how to talk to youths about vaping.

Vaping regulation aims to stop the sale of vape products to minors
The State News - November 9, 2015

It is called vaping, and the Ingham County Health Department is currently working on a piece of legislation that will regulate its sale similar to products with tobacco in order to prevent its sale to minors. According to Ingham County, the goal of the Electronic Smoking Device Licensing Regulation is reducing youth access to electronic smoking products as well as maintaining compliance and licensing records of businesses that sell electronic smoking devices.

Ingham County considers e-cigarette regulation
WKAR - November 5, 2015

Health care providers say there's been a big spike in the number of minors using electronic cigarettes in recent years. The Ingham County Health Department ...

E-Cigarette Regulations Could Hurt Vape Shop
WSYM-TV - November 5, 2015

He says three years ago he switched to e-cigarettes and noticed improvements in his health. Now, he works at an e-cig shop in Lansing, and the 29-year-old ...

Million Mask March planned for GH
Grand Haven Tribune - November 5, 2015

Violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and e-cigarettes will not be tolerated. ... "The organizers are not requesting special use of city property or assistance ...

Ingham County Wants to Regulate E-Cigarettes
WSYM-TV - October 22, 2015

Local health leaders want to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teenagers. Tonight talks on regulating electronic cigarettes will begin in Ingham County.

Norton Shores ordinance banning sale of tobacco, other nicotine ...
MLive.com - October 15, 2015

E-cigarettes can contain flavored substances without nicotine and also liquid THC, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects.

Township adopts ordinance to combat use of medical marijuana by ...
C&G Newspapers - October 14, 2015

Township adopts ordinance to combat use of medical marijuana by drivers ... provided by under current penalty provisions pursuant with the Code of Ordinances. ... even if you have a medical marijuana card, you aren't smoking (while driving).

Ingham County officials eye licensing e-cig vendors
Lansing State Journal - October 14, 2015

LANSING -- Vendors would need a tobacco license to sell e-cigarettes in Ingham County under a proposal aimed at snuffing out nicotine vapor sales to minors.

Michigan Roll Call: How your legislators voted
HollandSentinel.com - October 11, 2015

Senate Bill 340, Increase penalties for tobacco sales to minors: Passed 37-0 in ... To increase the penalties for selling tobacco to minors, from $50 to $100 for a ...

On-campus smoking ban met with mixed reception, muddled clarity
The State News - October 8, 2015

Though MSU's move to ban smoking on campus over the summer, to be implemented at the ... Chewing tobacco and other tobacco products are banned as well.

No butts about it - no tobacco on township property
Fenton Tri County Times - October 7, 2015

Fenton Township Clerk Bob Krug said he hopes the ban will encourage their ... Even on that beach, I want nobody smoking a cigarette on township property ...

Michigan Senate votes to increase fines for selling tobacco to minors
Michigan Live - October 6, 2015

...voted unanimously to increase fines for selling tobacco to minors for the first time since at least 1988. "In some respects, this just adjusts it for inflation, but I thought it was a good move to make," said sponsoring Sen. Steve Bieda, D-Warren. The ...

Area schools adopt new tobacco-free policy
Coldwater Daily Reporter - October 1, 2015

In all of the mentioned school districts in Branch County, their boards of education passed a 24-7 Tobacco-Free School Policy. The policy prohibits the use of ...

Park ordinance tightens leash on dogs
The Macomb Daily - September 29, 2015

Two weeks after approving a smoking ban for three city parks, New Baltimore officials ... The ordinance bans smoking and the use of tobacco products, including ...

Experts push dramatic no-smoking policy shift
Michronicleonline - September 29, 2015

Smoke-free policies may be an inconvenience to smokers, especially those who don't intend to quit, but the group argued that most residents are in favor of a ...

Is vaping a safe alternative to smoking? By Cherie Farley
The Agora - September 24, 2015

Is vape a good escape from the slope of cigarette smoke? ... "Smoking and the use of all tobacco products is prohibited at the College, and is subject to all ...

Kohring new chair of county health board
Harborcountry News - September 23, 2015

... that one of his proudest accomplishments was to be part of the board when Berrien County become the first community in west Michigan to go smoke-free.

Norton Shores police chief proposes ordinance banning sale of tobacco products to minors
MLive.com - September 17, 2015

NORTON SHORES, MI The top law enforcement officer for the City of Norton Shores has pitched a new regulation that would keep minors from having a tainted criminal history if caught with a tobacco or nicotine product. The proposed ordinance, which would be added to Chapter 22, Offenses, includes language that includes vapor products that contain nicotine, also known as e-cigarettes.

Port Huron installs no smoking signs at parks
Port Huron Times Herald - September 17, 2015

While the policy is not an ordinance and can't be enforced, Parks and Recreation Director Nancy Winzer hopes it encourages smokers to refrain from smoking in ...

Utica extends smoking ban to government campuses, vehicles
C&G Newspapers - September 16, 2015

UTICA - At its Sept. 8 meeting, the Utica City Council unanimously approved changes in its smoking policy to include the entire government campus, ...

Traverse City's Tobacco Stalwart
Traverse City Ticker - September 14, 2015

If you happen to smoke cigars, you can thank Mike Nolan for being able to do so inside. The upscale decor, smoky lighting and rows of top-shelf Scotch and whiskey on display at Nolan's Cigar Bar in downtown Traverse City represent "years of sweat and political toil that comprised the fight for the right to smoke a cigar in a place like this," writes Patrick Sullivan in this week's cover story for the Northern Express, sister publication of The Ticker. When more and more states began to adopt smoking bans in the late 1990s and ... I honestly don't know if we'd be where we are now with the smoking ban and ...

Dearborn to restrict outdoor smoking at hookah lounges
Arab American News - September 10, 2015

DEARBORN - The city is aiming to restrict outdoor smoking at hookah lounges as ... lounge ordinance implemented by the city this year restricts outdoor smoking to ... City officials implemented outdoor seating restrictions for several reasons; ...

Raising smoke about cigarettes
The Washtenaw Voice - September 8, 2015

Although Washtenaw Community College's campus is smoke free, students and faculty share opinions of this relatively quiet change. "I started smoking when I ...

No smoking? It used to be a burning issue for state biz
Crain's Detroit Business - September 6, 2015

Ten months later, what was now being called the Michigan Clean Indoor Air Act, was signed into law by Gov. James Blanchard. The ban on smoking in the workplace had been removed after lobbying by tobacco interests, but it did prohibit smoking in schools, theaters, airports, libraries, public meeting rooms and government buildings. It took effect on Jan. 1, 1987. The law did not apply to private parties, restaurants or bars.

New Baltimore, Mich. Passes Partial Smoking Ban for Parks
halfwheel.com - September 3, 2015

Come Sept. 15, three parks in New Baltimore, Mich. will be tobacco free after the citys parks and recreation board passed a ban on lighting up during its Aug. 24 meeting.

Consequences for tobacco ban breakers still uncertain
The State News - September 2, 2015

He said that the current smoking regulations have forced him to live off campus and that he's not sure the ban will be effective once it is implemented on Aug...

EMU goes tobacco-free
Eastern Echo - September 1, 2015

Eastern Michigan University adopted a tobacco-free campus policy July 1, banning all tobacco products across campus. A committee of students, faculty and ...

NMU students forge friendships over hookah
ABC 10 News NOW - August 28, 2015

These students say they use to smoke closer to their dorm but with the smoking ban, they had to move. The move closer to the street gives them more visibility ...

No tobacco sold to minors during Oakland County Health Division ...
The Daily Tribune - August 24, 2015

"Educating retailers to check identification and providing tools for staff training is key to keeping youth tobacco-free." The Health Division has seen low rates of ...

Cadillac residents protest ban on tobacco in city park
Cadillac News - August 12, 2015

For the past several days, a number of Cadillac residents have gathered at 7 p.m. on city property across the street from the library to protest the recent ban on tobacco use in certain recreational areas. Joe Theobald said he thought of the idea to ....

Wayne State to join majority of Michigan universities with smoke-free policy
Detroit Metro Times (blog) - August 10, 2015

According to a July 1 report by the American Nonsmoker's Rights Foundation, there are currently at least 1,577 100-percent smoke free campuses across the ...

New Baltimore officials discuss banning smoking in city parks
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - August 7, 2015

New Baltimore officials are taking a look at the rules for city parks in an effort to update regulations and keep citizens safe. City council members met for a work study session on Aug. 3 and discussed several park-related issues, including smoking and dogs. The discussion was spurred by a need to not only update park rules, but to also replace the physical signs in the citys parks.

New Baltimore officials discuss banning smoking in city parks
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - August 6, 2015

New Baltimore officials are taking a look at the rules for city parks in an effort to update regulations and keep citizens safe.

Cadillac, Mich. Approves Partial Smoking Ban
halfwheel.com - August 6, 2015

The Cadillac, Mich. City Council has approved a resolution that looks to ban smoking in certain areas of city parks, though it is geared at keeping people from ...

Pro-health: Potential ordinance for smoke-free city parks is good news
Dearborn Press and Guide - August 4, 2015

Each year, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services estimates 1,740 non-smokers die from secondhand smoke exposure in our state. Of even ...

Pro-health: Potential ordinance for smoke-free city parks is good news
Dearborn Press and Guide - August 3, 2015

Each year, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services estimates 1,740 non-smokers die from secondhand smoke exposure in our state. Of even ...

Cadillac council may vote Monday to make smoke-free areas in park
Cadillac News (subscription) - August 1, 2015

Spoelman replied that based on the discussions they already have had, she believes drafting a resolution to make parts of the park tobacco-free is something ...

County says 'no' to e-cigarette use
Pioneer Tribune - July 29, 2015

MANISTIQUE - The Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners has opted for a preemptive strike against any potential issue related to electronic cigarettes in...

Dearborn delays vote on banning smoking in parks
Detroit Free Press - July 21, 2015

The council was ready to vote tonight on the proposal to ban smoking in all of ... and Charlevoix, says the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation...

Dearborn City Council refers parks smoking ban to Recreation ...
Arab American News - July 21, 2015

The proposal, which had been due for a final vote on Tuesday, bans all types of ... She said the council considered banning smoking at neighborhood parks and ..

Councilman Abraham: My commitment to the community is ...
Arab American News - July 17, 2015

Abraham said he has discussed the smoking ban with residents who oppose it, ... The councilman said discussions about banning smoking at the parks first arose in ... "Nobody jumped up and down when U of M-Dearborn banned smoking on ..

Health department official to weigh in on proposed smoking ban at ...
Cadillac News (subscription ) July 17, 2015

CADILLAC - Many people already have expressed their opinions regarding a proposed smoking ban in the Cadillac City Park, and now it's the health ...

Shamo, F.; Wilson, T.; Kiley, J.; Repace, J., "Assessing the effect of Michigan's Smoke-Free Law on air quality inside restaurants and casinos: a before-and-after observational study," BMJ Open 5(7): e007530, July 16, 2015.

MSU Board of Trustees approve increased tuition and smoking ban
The State News - June 17, 2015

MSU Board of Trustees approve increased tuition and smoking ban ... stress of increased costs can't be eased with a cigarette, because that was banned too.

E-cigarettes included in new Michigan State campus-wide ban of ...
MLive.com - June 17, 2015

EAST LANSING - Use of any tobacco product - including e-cigarettes and other vaporizers - will be banned on Michigan State's campus starting in August ...

E-Cigarette use in indoor public areas banned in Washtenaw County
Heritage Newspapers - June 17, 2015

Tobacco specialty shops and retailers specializing in e-cigarettes or other electronic smoking devices will be exempt from the changes, which also won't ...

Cadillac mayor tables proposed smoking ban
Cadillac News (subscription) - June 16, 2015

CADILLAC - A proposed ordinance banning smoking within the city's public parks, ... and several residents expressed their disapproval of the proposed ban.

Smoking could be banned at Michigan State University, trustees to ...
MLive.com - June 15, 2015

Iowa banned smoking at both public and private colleges. In Michigan, all of the University of Michigan campuses -- in Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint -- ban smoking. ... Spring Arbor University and 15 community colleges all have smoking bans ...

Bill would fine drivers for smoking in vehicles with minors
WWMT-TV - June 15, 2015

A bill has been introduced in the Michigan state House that would make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle while a minor is present. House Bill 4672 would pose a $500 fine to anyone who possessed a lit tobacco product in a motor vehicle if an individual under 18 was inside.

MSU Board of Trustees to meet Wednesday
MSUToday - June 15, 2015

Adoption of an amended smoking ordinance that would prohibit smoking and the use of tobacco products on campus. Authorization to proceed with ...

Cadillac to introduce ordinance banning smoking in park
Cadillac News (subscription) - June 13, 2015

CADILLAC Should users of Cadillac's recreational areas have to endure second-hand smoke from those who partake in the occasional cigarette? For a number of years, the Cadillac City Council has discussed the possibility of banning cigarette smoking in the city park, playgrounds and recreational areas. On Monday, an ordinance will be introduced to do just that.

Port Huron parks could be tobacco free
Port Huron Times Herald - June 7, 2015

Port Huron parks and beaches could be tobacco free starting this summer after Mondays city council meeting. The council is being asked to approve an ordinance that would prohibit the use of all tobacco products in city-owned parks and beaches.

Senate votes to ban powdered alcohol, e-cigs for minors
Fenton Tri County Times - June 3, 2015

The states of Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont have already banned powdered alcohol. The states of Minnesota, Ohio and New York ...

EMU's smoking ban is a good thing
Eastern Echo - May 31, 2015

For these reasons, Eastern Michigan University will be implementing a new policy on July 1, which will ban the use of tobacco on campus. This new policy will ban cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, hookah smoked products, pipes, oral tobacco and nasal tobacco

Marquette food truck ordinance stalls
UpperMichigansSource.com - May 26, 2015

The Commission also held a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the city's smoking ordinance. It would have included a ban on smoking at Presque Isle ...

Debate continues over regulating E-cigarettes
minbcnews.com - May 25, 2015

State lawmakers moved to ban minors from using electronic cigarettes. On a 37-0 vote, ... "This product is a fake cigarette that simulates the action of smoking.

Michigan Political Points: Petition drive, veto override paths could ...
MLive.com - May 23, 2015

Override? Snyder remains opposed to a bill that would prohibit e-cigarette sales to minors, saying he'd like the Legislature to go a step further and define the electronic nicotine-delivery devices as a tobacco product. But the state Senate unanimously approved e-cig legislation this week that is nearly identical to a proposal the governor vetoed last year after lawmakers had already left town for the year. "Maybe it's time for an override," said Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, noting that the Legislature could overturn a Snyder veto with a 2/3 majority in the Senate and House.

Bill to ban e-cigarettes for minors passes unanimously
Detroit (MI) Free Press - May 21, 2015

Despite continued opposition from Gov. Rick Snyder, the Senate unanimously voted Wednesday to ban the use and sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18. Snyder vetoed a similar bill that the Legislature passed last year and said Tuesday that he ...

Health Dept., Some Vendors Support E-Cig Ban for Minors
WILX-TV - May 21, 2015

But he vetoed similar legislation in January because he said a provision to not treat e-cigarettes as tobacco would conflict with federal efforts to regulate the ...

Bill to ban e-cigarettes for minors passes unanimously
Detroit Free Press - May 20, 2015

Rick Snyder, the Senate unanimously voted Wednesday to ban the use and sale ... in their venues because state law banned smoking in those places in 2010.

E-cigarette fight heating up again in Michigan as Senate revisits ...
MLive.com - May 20, 2015

Most states have already taken steps to ban e-cigarette sales to minors. ... open the door to taxation and regulation under the state's workplace smoking ban.

Alma library bans e-cigarettes, companion pets
The Morning Sun - May 20, 2015

Dinwoody said growing public health concerns regarding e-cigarette smoking or "vaping" motivated the library's board to bring their concerns to the city ...

Council approves tobacco-free policy for some city parks
Petoskey News-Review - May 19, 2015

At a May 11 meeting, commissioners revisited the notion of tobacco-free areas in parks and recreational facilities, and decided to recommend that the city ...

Council to consider tobacco-free zones in parks
Petoskey News-Review - May 18, 2015

A proposal to designate parts of Petoskey's park system as tobacco-free will get consideration today, Monday, May 18 from the city council. A regular council ...

Saginaw news quiz: Fatal crash, e-cigarettes and city budget cuts
MLive.com - May 18, 2015

...From new research about e-cigarettes to proposed city budget cuts, the week of May 10-16 was an eventful one in the community.

Senate Committee approves ban on e-cigs for minors and on ...
Michigan Radio - May 15, 2015

Michigan would see a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and a ban on the sale ... And the possession and use of powdered alcohol would be illegal for ... "And we don't want minors to start smoking e-cigs and then perhaps go on to other tobacco." The CDC reported last month that e-cigarette use among high school ...

Pair of Jones bills move on with Senate approval
Argus Press - May 14, 2015

Two pieces of legislation sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones to protect children from alcohol and nicotine abuse were approved Wednesday by the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee. Senate Bill 231 would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes and nicotine cartridges to minors as well as ban minors from possessing these objects.

Mini-Grants Awarded Towards Substance Abuse Prevention
WHMI - May 13, 2015

The first project was proposed by students at Ore Creek Middle School in Hartland as a way to communicate the negative health effects of e-cigarettes.

Marquette City Commission discusses smoking, food trucks [VIDEO]
ABC 10 News NOW - May 12, 2015

Also on the agenda, two ordinances were scheduled for public hearing. The first concerns a possible smoking ban at Presque Isle Park. This ordinance was proposed by the Presque Isle Advisory Committee and would ban smoking of any kind at the park.

Holland Hospital to Clear Out All Tobacco Products by July 1
WHTC - May 4, 2015

Holland Hospital officials say that a two-month-long process to eradicate all tobacco use on its main Michigan Avenue campus and all its off-site locations has begun. All employees, patients, volunteers and visitors will be asked to not only put out their cigarettes, as has been the case for years, but to put away all forms of tobacco, including e-cigarettes and vapor products. This will include buildings, grounds and parking lots. The hospital does offer smoking cessation programs for staff and public.

Holland Hospital becomes tobacco-free campus July 1
MLive.com - May 4, 2015
HOLLAND, MI - Smoking will be banned on Holland Hospital's campus starting July 1. And that includes e-cigarettes and vaping products, under a new policy ...

Downtown Grand Rapids cigar shop wants to add lounge liquor
MLive.com - May 4, 2015

A downtown cigar retailer is seeking approval from city officials this month to sell drinks in a lounge area. Cigar lounges are exempted from the state's ban on smoking in bars. Day plans to operate the cigar bar from noon to midnight, Monday though Saturday, and ...

GR businesses say smoking ban has been good
WZZM - May 2, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - It's been five years since Michigan's smoking ban took effect. The law was passed to protect people from the risks associated with second-hand smoke. Restaurants we spoke to say they took a little hit initially but have rebounded nicely. "I feel better for my employees since it protects them, I feel better for myself I'm a non-smoker and I love every customer, I love my smokers, they're good tippers but it was a health issue the state did the right thing, I think it's a good law," says Tommy Brann.

Program touts zero tolerance for underage tobacco sales
Petoskey News-Review - May 1, 2015

GAYLORD The Otsego County Sheriff's Department, City of Gaylord Police Department and Up North Prevention are working together to restrict tobacco sales to minors under the Synar program, enacted as part of the Federal Public Health Service Act.

Dickinson County Hospital goes smoke free
UPMatters.com - April 30, 2015

The entire campus of Dickinson Memorial Hospital will become a smoke-free zone as of this Friday. This includes not only the hospital itself, but the Dickinson Medical Building next door, the Wound Care Center and Occupational Clinic. The inside of the buildings have been smoke-free since 1996.

Removal of ashtrays a cause of more litter
Central Michigan Life - April 29, 2015

...The Royal Oak sophomore said since the smoking ban was revised and in effect July 1, 2014 requiring ashtrays to be removed from campus he has seen an increase in littering. "People are still going to smoke on campus. The issue now is they don't have anywhere to put their cigarette butts," Kwarsick said…

West Michigan 'e-cigarette' firm gets $41 million in new financing after management shakeup
MLive.com - April 28, 2015

West Michigan-based Electronic Cigarettes International Group (ECIG) is hoping to gain a foothold in the growing global market for electronic cigarettes.

Charlevoix County Beaches to be cigarette free ($$)
The Boyne City Gazette - April 28, 2015

After months of deliberation and debate, the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners took a step toward tobacco-free beaches. Commissioner Shirley Roloff ...

E-cigarettes banned at Civic Center
Traverse City Record Eagle - April 27, 2015

TRAVERSE CITY A debate about whether to ban electronic cigarettes from the Grand Traverse County Civic Center grounds reignited this month. Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation commissioners on April 16 voted 5 to 4 in favor of adding e-cigarettes to the smoking ban already in place at the park, a reversal from about a year ago when the e-cigarette ban failed to pass. The decision also formally bans e-cigarettes from use inside the Civic Center.

TFLC promotes smoke-free spaces, tobacco-free living for young children
Sault Ste. Marie Evening News - April 27, 2015

The Chippewa County Health Department, Sault Tribe Community Health, Bay Mills Health Center, and EUP Great Start Collaborative, partners of the Chippewa County Tobacco- Free Living Coalition (TFLC) utilize this annual event to highlight the importance of smoke-free spaces and tobacco-free living for children.

Outman making second attempt to keep e-cigarettes away from kids
Greenville Daily News - April 25, 2015

These are all questions Rep. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, took into consideration when he attempted to pass legislation last year that would have banned the sale of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) to minors in Michigan.

Steps Planned To Make MSU Tobacco-free
WLNS - April 20, 2015

(WLNS) The push to make Michigan State University a tobacco-free campus is gaining steam and a task force created to help the transition is hosting three ...

MSU tobacco-free task force hosts public sessions this week
Petoskey News-Review - April 20, 2015

Michigan State University is taking more steps this week toward ending all smoking and tobacco use at the East Lansing school. The 50,000-student school announced Feb. 3 that it was forming a task force to implement a "tobacco-free environment." At the time, the university said it expected a proposal to go to its Board of Trustees later in 2015 and said the new rules "likely would not go into effect for another year to give the community time to adjust."

Charlevoix County may encourage beachgoers not to smoke at ...
Petoskey News-Review - April 16, 2015

A resolution to implement a tobacco ban on county-maintained beaches was ... Though Roloff initially supported an ordinance to prohibit smoking on the ...

Campus conversations to focus on tobacco-free initiative
MSUToday - April 15, 2015

The task force guiding Michigan State University's transition to a tobacco-free environment is planning three campus conversations to welcome feedback on how ...

Beckmann: Modern college campuses no place for debate
The Detroit News - April 10, 2015

The school was also the site of another recent Hash Bash, where marijuana (still illegal in Michigan) was openly smoked on a campus which has a policy that bans the smoking of cigarettes. ...

County may encourage beachgoers not to smoke
Petoskey News-Review - April 9, 2015

A resolution to implement a tobacco ban on county-maintained beaches was ... Though Roloff initially supported an ordinance to prohibit smoking on the ...

Legal patients deserve clear, fair interpretation of rules to avoid ...
The Detroit News - April 7, 2015

Currently, Michigan law only protects smoking forms of the drug, but not edibles ... Already 13 Michigan cities whose residents have approved local ordinances ...

Many more pregnant women are smoking here than statewide ...
Petoskey News-Review - April 6, 2015

Prenatal smoking can also cause premature birth, certain birth defects and infant ... She often warns people about third-hand smoke, referring to chemicals in ...

Washtenaw County bans indoor e-cigarette smoking
The Washtenaw Voice - April 6, 2015

Last Wednesday, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners came together at the Washtenaw County Administration Building to vote on a proposal that bans indoor smoking with e-cigarettes. With a vote of 7-2, the proposal was accepted and will be put into legislation in six months. The legislation states that e-cigarette smoking will be prohibited in all locations that previously had smoking restrictions in Washtenaw County. Washtenaw Community College already includes e-cigarette smoking in its Smoke-Free Campus policy, which prohibits prohibited smoking on all areas of the campus.

Smoking ban gives students a breath of fresh air
ABC 10 News NOW - April 1, 2015

Now, students and staff, as well as visitors will be banned from smoking at all times. The school board even hopes to prevent tobacco use during off campus ...

Big sales growth, big losses reported by West Michigan e-cigarette ...
MLive.com - April 1, 2015

West Michigan-based Electronic Cigarettes International Group (ECIG) is hoping to gain a foothold in the growing global market for electronic cigarettes.

Former Grand Rapids Press building weathered decades of change
MLive.com - March 29, 2015

The newsroom always had its characters and hot spots. It was the scene of occasional fist-fights, full-blown rants, bad hangovers and breaking news deadlines. Every work station had an ashtray nearby. Our craft failed to suffer as some predicted it would when smoking was banned from the building.

Clarifying the tobacco free initiative
Iron Mountain Daily News (blog) - March 27, 2015

Last week, I did an article about an initiative to make outdoor recreation areas in Dickinson and Iron counties tobacco-free. Since then, Ive seen some misinformation about the initiative swirling around on Facebook. I dont want to take a side on the issue, but I do want to reiterate some of the articles points in an effort to get the right story out there.

Our View - County commissioners are missing the boat with beach smoking ban
Petoskey News-Review - March 27, 2015

Just one in five people in Michigan still smoke, but its that small minority that the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners represented when it rejected a proposed ban on smoking at its two public beaches last year. Cigarette or cigar smoking is a perfectly legal activity for those who choose to do so, we understand and take no issue with that. Anyone of legal age should be able to purchase and use tobacco products if thats what they want to do. But with 80 percent of the states residents choosing not to smoke, why is it the majority group who must suffer or relocate when someone standing nearby is puffing away? Joel Evans, the boards chairman, said Charlevoix County is not ready for this policy, but we could not disagree more.

Dottie's Cafe serves its last breakfast
Battle Creek Enquirer - March 27, 2015

Sells said the economy and smoking bans have dwindled the number of blue-collar and elderly customers that kept her business going in the beginning.

E-cigs, medical marijuana banned at Muskegon Community College
MLive.com - March 26, 2015

E-cigarettes, along with medical marijuana, have been officially banned at ... While there have been reports of students smoking e-cigarettes in class, there have .

Proposal to ban smoking at Charlevoix County beaches, including ...
Petoskey News-Review - March 26, 2015

Dozens of communities throughout the state have instituted such bans at ... The city of Harbor Springs has banned smoking on city docks, at Zorn Park and the ...

New bill looks to ban e-cig sales to minors
WZZM - March 25, 2015

He sees e-cigs as a "smoking alternative made up of flavoring, and nicotine is ... this year Michigan will be the only state that has not banned the sale of e-cigs to ...

Dearborn ready to discuss new budget
Dearborn Press and Guide - March 25, 2015

... police and fire, consolidation of services and smoking ordinance enforcement. ... and fire, consolidation of services and smoking ordinance enforcement.

Should smoking age be raised to 21?
Fenton Tri County Times - March 25, 2015

Naturally, the department is in favor of restrictions to tobacco. Valacak believes it leads to an overall positive outcome for the state, like when smoking indoors ...

Renter restrictions on medical marijuana are reasonable
Port Huron Times Herald - March 24, 2015

The proposed law would allow landlords to prohibit medical marijuana users from smoking the drug or growing plants inside their rental units. The law also ...

Bill allows landlords to ban marijuana smoking, growing
Port Huron Times Herald - March 22, 2015

A bill headed to the House this week would give landlords a say in whether their tenants can grow or smoke medical marijuana in a rental. Senate Bill 72 passed out of the Senate 34-3 about two weeks ago. It makes it possible for landlords to ban marijuana smoking and growing in their rental units. "I totally agree with it, especially in the multi-units," said Mike Bodeis, president for the Port Huron Area Landlords Association. "If you're allowed to have a smoke free building, you should be allowed to have a marijuana free building."

Washtenaw County board approves indoor e-cigarette ban
MLive.com - March 19, 2015

The adding of e-cigarettes to the current Clean Air Indoor Smoking Regulation will ban the vaping products from all county buildings and indoor workplaces in ...

Tobacco free parks?
Iron Mountain Daily News - March 19, 2015

KINGSFORD - Members of the Dickinson-Iron Tobacco Free Community Coalition, along with the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department, are gauging public ...

Pittsford board makes plans at monthly meeting
The Hillsdale Daily News - March 18, 2015

PITTSFORD - "Pittsford Pride" was heavily on display along with several points ... e-cigarettes and vaporizers under the school's current restrictions on tobacco ...

Input sought on proposed Washtenaw County ban on e-cigarettes
MLive.com - March 18, 2015

The amendment would add language to the Washtenaw County Clean Air Regulation that would specifically prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices in ...

Pittsford board makes plans at monthly meeting
The Hillsdale Daily News - March 18, 2015

PITTSFORD - "Pittsford Pride" was heavily on display along with several points ... e-cigarettes and vaporizers under the school's current restrictions on tobacco ...

Ken Braun: From super-sizes to e-cigarettes, health puritans are ...
MLive.com - March 11, 2015

Second hand e-cig "smoke" is no more harmful than the bacteria-infested hot air ... Snyder vetoed a reasonable 2014 bill that would ban e-cig sales to minors.

Michigan e-cigarette firm stakes its future on 'vaping'
MLive.com - March 11, 2015

West Michigan-based Electronic Cigarettes International Group (ECIG) is hoping to gain a foothold in the growing global market for electronic cigarettes.

DCHS Goes Smoke Free
Upper Michigan Source - March 11, 2015

Hospital officials say 80% of their staff are non-smokers, and support with the initiative. The other 20% declined to comment. "It's important that we are smoke ...

Landlords Could Stop Tenants From Using Medical Marijuana ...
WMUK - March 10, 2015

That means state-licensed patients living in units where smoking is banned would ... on whether landlords can already ban medical marijuana in lease agreements ... on when rental agreements contain medical marijuana bans, meaning legal…

Senate passes Jones bill barring pot in rentals
Lansing State Journal - March 10, 2015

LANSING - The state Senate has passed a bill sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, that would allow landlords to ban smoking or growing medical ...

Should landlords be able to ban medical marijuana? Michigan ...
MLive.com - March 10, 2015

Landlords deserve the option to ban medical marijuana because individuals who smoke in an apartment building can bother other tenants and those who grow ...

Cheaper gas boosts revenues at Detroit's 3 casinos
The Detroit News - March 10, 2015

The losses are a trend prompted in part by the 2012 opening of a new smoke-free gaming hall in Toledo. In February 2012, the three Detroit casinos brought in ...

Washtenaw Looks to Add E-Cigarettes to Indoor Smoking Ban
WDET - March 9, 2015

Washtenaw County is holding a public hearing next week to listen to residents about whether e-cigarettes should be added to an indoor smoking ban. Sharon.

State bars municipalities from enacting tobacco laws
Lansing State Journal - March 8, 2015

State law preempts local governments from enacting their own measures regulating tobacco sales. The measure was part of Proposal A, the school finance reform measure approved by voters in 1994. Tobacco companies actually spent a lot of money fighting Proposal A, because it gave Michigan the highest cigarette taxes in the country at the time, but the preemption measure was the sort of thing they had pushed for nationwide, preferring consistent statewide laws to a patchwork of local regulations. Ingham County and a handful of other communities that already had a local ordinance regulating tobacco sales were grandfathered in.

Public hearing set for county-wide indoor e-cigarette ban
MLive.com - March 8, 2015

Washtenaw County residents will get a chance to share their feelings on a proposal to add e-cigarettes to the county's indoor smoking ban. The board of commissioners has set a public hearing for March 18 after passing a resolution out of the Ways and Means Committee that would add all electronic smoking devices to the existing regulation.

MSU launches tobacco-free website
MSUToday - March 3, 2015

The task force charged with guiding Michigan State University to a tobacco-free environment has launched a website to provide background to members of and ...

Marijuana bill introduced in SGA Senate
Central Michigan Life - March 2, 2015

It focuses on edible forms, Elliot said, to avoid conflict with the campus-wide ban on smoking. "Most of the students that we are representing would prefer to use a ...

Electronic Cigarettes Prohibited in County Buildings & Vehicles
WHMI - December 4, 2014

12/4/14 - Although growing in popularity, the use of electronic cigarettes is now prohibited under the Livingston County smoke-free buildings and vehicles ...

WMU President John Dunn talks White House invitation, success of ...
MLive.com - December 3, 2014

From his perspective, Dunn said WMU's campus wide smoking ban that went ... who personally decided to stop smoking because of the university's initiative.

Briefs - December 3, 2014
City Pulse - December 3, 2014

Legislation banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to those under 18 is in legislative purgatory as the Governor´s Office and lawmakers arm-wrestle over ...

14 WMU Faculty and Staff Honored at Fall 2014 Make a Difference ...
Western Herald - December 3, 2014

Seth was involved as the co-chair of the Tobacco Free Campus, president and vice president of Administrative Professional Association (APA). She also served ...

Smoking a basic human right, banned or not
MSU State News - December 2, 2014

MSU already has a smoke-free policy that doesn't allow smoking inside or within 25 feet ... In a recent State News article on the smoking ban petition writers, the ...

Stopped at the light? Relax, enjoy the scenery
Port Huron Times Herald - December 1, 2014

... from the north end: "I was wondering if someone could clarify this new marijuana ordinance in the ... Cigarette smoking is illegal inside an apartment complex.

Guest column: Gov. Snyder should sign common sense e-cigarette ...
MLive.com - November 25, 2014

If e-cigarettes aren't classified as tobacco, their argument goes, it will make it tougher to ... Michigan health director stands by other plan to ban sales to minors.

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Township adopts ordinance to regulate ...
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - November 24, 2014

An ordinance designed to license and regulate smoking establishments throughout Shelby Township was unanimously adopted Nov. 18 by the Board of ..

LETTER: Smoking ban on campus wouldn't make a difference
MSU State News - November 24, 2014

Just because tobacco-free campuses are popular does not mean that they are right for MSU. I implore the administration to reject such hollow, unnecessarily ...

Pitfalls of pot legalization discussed at Midland meeting
Midland Daily News - November 20, 2014

The drive paints marijuana in a similar light to early marketing of cigarettes ... Using marijuana in an electronic cigarette won't produce any smell, but a drug test ...

Administrators consider campus-wide smoking ban after petition ...
MSU State News - November 20, 2014

According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, there are at least 1,477 smoke-free campuses in the United States. MSU is not one of them.

Holland workers banned from smoking on the job under new city ...
MLive.com - November 19, 2014

The city of Holland has banned employees smoking on the job under a policy that will ... The ban also extends to work sites in the field and includes a prohibition ...

Banfield's Bar and Grill sold to Ann Arbor investor Harry Hawkins
MLive.com - November 18, 2014

In July, Banfield said he was looking to sell the property and the business because of declining sales from the fallout of the Michigan smoking ban. Both the ...

Student Government senate meeting Nov. 18
Eastern Echo - November 18, 2014

Miller has also been to student budget committees recently to discuss legislation that would effectively create a tobacco free campus. ...

Smoking ban at Michigan State? Petition garners more than 1300 ...
MLive.com - November 18, 2014

12, a petition for a smoking ban on campus was posted on Change.org and by Tuesday, ... The current MSU Smoke-Free Policy bans smoking in any "closed space, ... In Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana and Oklahoma, smoking is banned at all ...

Smoking lounge hours being cut back across Oakland County
The Oakland Press - November 17, 2014

The Troy City Council unanimously voted last week to end talks about extending the hours of smoking lounges by continuing to enforce an ordinance that is has ...

Smoking ban at Michigan State? Petition garners more than 1300 ...
MLive.com - November 18, 2014

According to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, there are 1,477 completely smoke free college campuses across the country. There were 586 campuses with ...

GV launches Respect Our Campus campaign
Grand Valley Lanthorn - November 17, 2014

Central Michigan University, Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan University and Western Michigan University are tobacco free campuses. Oakland University ...

Petition to ban smoking on campus nearing 1000 signatures
MSU State News - November 13, 2014

Close to a day after it began, a student-started petition to ban smoking at MSU is a dozen signature away from reaching its 1,000-signature goal.

Michigan has second highest number nationally of would-be non ...
The Oakland Press - November 12, 2014

Despite all the efforts to create smoke-free bans, according to the most recent National Institutes of Health estimates, the disease accounted for $12.1 billion of ...

Student Government roundup, Nov. 11
Eastern Echo - November 12, 2014

This is preferred over smoke-free as it is harder to shift from smoke-free to tobacco-free for students and staff, versus just going directly to tobacco-free. However ...

Strong Oct. revenues slow Detroit casino decline
The Detroit News - November 12, 2014

Local gaming revenue is on pace to fall for the third consecutive year, a trend prompted in part by a new, smoke-free gaming hall just an hour away in Toledo.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College banning tobacco on campus
WKZO - November 11, 2014

... banned as well to try to keep policies consistent with the ban on tobacco. To date, 1,343 campuses in the country have adopted smoke-free campus policies.

Moran Playground Tabacoo [sic]-free; East Lake Rd. to Be Repaired
St. Ignace News (subscription) - November 6, 2014

The playground near the Brevort Township Fire Hall on Church Road in Moran has been designated tobacco free, and the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa ...

Ordinance bans youth use of e-cigarettes
C&G Newspapers - November 5, 2014

Ordinance bans youth use of e-cigarettes ... unanimously approved an ordinance banning the sale of e-cigarettes to persons under the age of 18 ... Freitas added that e-cigarettes are known to be used as a vessel for smoking Cloud 9, the new ...

Chippewa Valley Coalition supports Macomb e-cigarette ordinance
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - October 31, 2014

Macomb Townships recently approved ordinance banning e-cigarette sales to minors or possession by minors, including a $500 fine, earned support from the Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families.

Tobacco whistleblower talks cigarette policies
Michigan Daily [U. of Michigan] - October 29, 2014

Wigand spoke at the School of Public Health Wednesday afternoon to a crowd of about 100 people, discussing the potential public health impact and controversy surrounding e-cigarettes, the science behind tobacco engineering that promotes addiction and the

Need help quitting?
UpperMichigansSource.com - October 29, 2014

MARQUETTE -- Northern Michigan University's campus went tobacco free three months ago... but university officials are still on a mission to help those who want ...

ELECTION: Candidates answer tough questions from teens
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - October 29, 2014

... ask the candidates their positions on issues ranging from expanding the existing smoking ban to include outdoor venues and opposing marijuana legalization ...

Macomb Township regulates E-cigarettes, gears up for sidewalk improvements
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - October 27, 2014

On Oct. 22, the Macomb Township Board of Trustees adopted an E-cigarette ordinance. The ordinance bans E-cigarette sales to minors and E-cigarette possession by minors, according to Macomb Township Trustee Clifford Freitas.

Ypsi City Council approves legislation for smoke-free tot lots
Eastern Echo - October 26, 2014

A request for legislation for smoke-free tot lots was presented and approved at the Ypsilanti City Council meeting Oct. 21. A public hearing was held, but no one ...

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Ordinance seeks to license, regulate smoking ...
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - October 24, 2014

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Ordinance seeks to license, regulate smoking ... unanimous vote an ordinance designed to license and regulate smoking establishments ...

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Ordinance seeks to license, regulate smoking ...
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - October 23, 2014

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Ordinance seeks to license, regulate smoking ... unanimous vote an ordinance designed to license and regulate smoking establishments .

Lenawee County, Mich. Could Ban Smoking on All County Property
halfwheel.com - October 22, 2014

Smoking on county property in Lenawee County could become a thing of the past. ... by the Health Board that would see smoking banned on all county property, ...

Hookah bar boom sparks criticism in Macomb County
WXYZ - October 21, 2014

Now, the township trustees are trying to enforce a new ordinance against the smoking establishments, and on Tuesday, they took a big step forward. Blo hookah ...

Ann Arbor named one of 'Best Cities for Liberals' in America
MLive.com - October 21, 2014

Ann Arbor's recent ban on smoking at bus stops, paired with 67 percent of the residents voting for Barack Obama during the 2012 presidential election, put the

Officials: Pot proposal wouldn't change much
Port Huron Times Herald - October 18, 2014

State law requires officers to bust marijuana even if there's no city ordinance that ... city charter that prohibits anything in the code of ordinances from applying to .... guys smoking weed in the basement and playing video games," Collins said.

Health board considers smoking ban on county property
Cheboygan Daily Tribune - October 19, 2014

A proposed smoking ban on county government property is supported by members ... A policy that bans smoking on all county property "would include parks and ...

For the Record...
St. Ignace News - October 14, 2014

In the October 9 issue of The St. Ignace News, in an article titled "Brevort Township Is Considering Benefits of Making Its Parks Tobacco free," it was mistakenly ...

Doctor Says E-Cigs Are Poisoning Children
WLNS - October 14, 2014

(WLNS) - They don't smell bad and they make you blow out water vapor instead of cigarette smoke. So why are e-cigarettes becoming more dangerous to ...

Rochester Hills adopts e-cigarette ban for minors
The Daily Tribune - October 10, 2014

Rochester Hills is now officially the latest Oakland County community to have a ban on e-cigarettes after its city council unanimously approved an ordinance regulating the sale to and possession by minors.

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health going tobacco-free
Houghton Lake resorter - October 9, 2014

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, working in conjunction with the American Lung Association (ALA), is promoting tobacco-free living for people with ...

Smoke green, blow white
MSU State News - October 8, 2014

Although Dave started smoking recreationally, he now is applying to get a .... "The city obviously can pass their own ordinances but those ordinances don't ...

Kalamazoo Says Goodbye To A Community Icon
pride source.com - October 8, 2014

Simultaneously, a 2008 smoking ban was put into place, and two casinos opened up in the area that allowed for patrons to smoke inside. "We lost a huge chunk ...

Brevort Township Is Considering Benefits of Making Its Parks ...
St. Ignace News (subscription) - October 9, 2014

Brevort Township may adopt a tobacco-free policy for its parks, pending a township board decision that is expected at its next meeting Monday, October 13.

'Cloud 9' e-cig vapor banned in southeast Michigan
Fenton Tri County Times - October 8, 2014

The clear liquid has no smell, isn't detected through drug testing, and is primarily used in e-cigarettes or hookah pens. This synthetic drug is also labeled as ...

TO THE EDITOR: Cigarettes should be banned
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - October 3, 2014

Sixteen million people suffer from smoking-related illnesses, most commonly COPD. Smoking causes a two to four times increased risk of coronary heart ...

Livonia resident helps with e-cigarette legislation
Hometownlife.com - October 3, 2014

Since then, Anderson introduced Senate Bills 667 and 668, which would restrict the sale and possession of e-cigarettes and alternative tobacco products to ...

Gratiot County Commission candidates speak out on the issues
The Morning Sun - October 3, 2014

He noted the smoking bans instituted by the health department and that the county parks had also prohibited smoking. Advertisement. But as for the health ...

New Haven village officials seek to overhaul ordinances
The Macomb Daily - September 27, 2014

In the past few months, the council has adopted a variety of ordinances, including those covering blight, nuisances, noxious weeds, smoking lounges, vehicle storage, and peddlers and solicitors.

Slew of new ordinances aim to improve village of New Haven
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - September 26, 2014

Unfortunately, the village's ordinances and resolutions and other legal ... including those covering blight, nuisances, noxious weeds, smoking lounges, vehicle storage ... Adopted in July, the blight ordinance prohibits the following: The outside ...

Fraser ordinance would restrict sale of e-cigarettes, 'hookah pens'
The Macomb Daily - September 25, 2014

A day after Macomb County officials declared a synthetic drug an imminent danger, the city of Fraser took the first step to restrict access to tools they believe are used to ingest the substance. ... Rouhib announced his city will consider an ordinance that bans the sale and possession of electronic cigarettes and hookah pens to persons under age 18.

Slew of new ordinances aim to improve village of New Haven
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - September 25, 2014

"Unfortunately, the village's ordinances and resolutions and other legal ... including those covering blight, nuisances, noxious weeds, smoking lounges, vehicle storage ... Adopted in July, the blight ordinance prohibits the following: The outside ...

Kent County gets $2.18 million in federal funds to improve health in ...
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - September 25, 2014

The REACH initiative focuses on "Hope Zone" neighborhoods with the goal of increasing tobacco-free environments, access to healthy foods, access to physical ...

Smoking ban 4 years later: How has it impacted the contenders for ...
MLive.com - September 24, 2014

04 Smoking Ban 4-22-10 A cigarette in an ash tray at Pat's Roadhouse Thursday April 22, 2010. (Darren Breen/The Muskegon Chronicle)Muskegon Chronicle ...

New Smoking limits divide students
The Varsity News - September 23, 2014

The policy, which went into effect last week, restricts smoking to designated zones, mostly near parking lots. It means, among other things, that smoking won't be ...

Parks Smoking Ban Could Be Coming to Ann Arbor, Mich.
halfwheel.com - September 19, 2014

In April, the Ann Arbor City Council passed a smoking ban that not only ... bus stop and 20 feet of any windows, entrances or ventilation systems of city property, ...

Smoking ban hasn't put a stop to smoking at Ann Arbor bus stops
The Ann Arbor News - September 19, 2014

Five months after the Ann Arbor City Council approved a new ordinance banning smoking at bus stops, people continue to illegally light up cigarettes while waiting for buses.

Law | Ann Arbor, MI Smoking Ban Could Expand
The Cigar Authority (press release) - September 19, 2014

The ban included an option for the City Administrator to designate any city park, or portion of as smoke free. On Tuesday a formal recommendation was received ...

Ypsilanti City Council To Consider Smoking Ban In Tot Lot Parks
WEMU - September 17, 2014

Ypsilanti City Council will soon consider the issue of smoking in some city parks. The city's Parks and Recreation Commission is recommending that the city's ...

Complete guide for WMU football parking, tailgating and Waldo ...
Mlive Kalamazoo - September 17, 2014

The use of tobacco products and E-cigarettes is prohibited in Waldo Stadium and outside the gates. o First aid and EMS personnel are stationed at Gate 2 of the ...

Park commission wants to ban smoking at 77 Ann Arbor parks
WDIV Detroit - September 17, 2014

The PAC looked at other cities with similar bans and consulted with a public health expert ... How can it be banned?" ... The Ann Arbor City Council already approved an ordinance this year that bans smoking near bus stops and store fronts.

New owners revamp Westland's Beaver Creek
Hometownlife.com - September 17, 2014

"When the smoking ban hit, it killed for the late night crowd. But here we are four years later and people have adjusted and the business is rebounding. Now we ...

Michigan smoking rates decline; CVS stops selling tobacco
Dearborn Press and Guide - September 17, 2014

"Banning tobacco products from our stores is the right thing to do." ... Wooley quit smoking in the 80s and said she also appreciated CVS' decision to encourage ...

Michigan smoking rates decline; CVS stops selling tobacco
Dearborn Press and Guide - September 16, 2014

"Banning tobacco products from our stores is the right thing to do." ... Wooley quit smoking in the 80s and said she also appreciated CVS' decision to encourage ...

Students respect tobacco free campus policies
Central Michigan Life - September 13, 2014

As of on July 1, CMU's tobacco-free campus policy went into effect. The ban prohibits tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes from use while ...

Meegan Holland: Cigarette butts become a costly litter problem for ...
MLive.com - September 10, 2014

The litter problem has gotten worse for Michigan downtowns following the passage of the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke Free Air Law, which bans smoking in restaurants ...

Public hearing on smoking ordinances is set for Monday
Iosco County News Herald - September 10, 2014

...315, pertaining to cemeteries, will seek to make smoking an unlawful act at Memory Gardens Cemetery. The goal of proposed ordinance No. 316 is to make the ...

Complete ban on smoking would be too extreme
MSU State News - September 9, 2014

But some go too far in wanting to completely ban smoking on campus. ... However, I think we can all agree that, historically, bans like this are ... Whether something is legal or banned doesn't seem to affect how much it is used. ... However, we need to put this in perspective before we start arbitrarily banning and stigmatizing.

Vet warns of e-cigarette poisoning, health risk of liquid nicotine to pets
Fox 17 - September 9, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Many might argue the health benefits of e-cigarettes, but that doesn't mean they're safe for your pets. With the growing popularity of ...

E-cigarette ban proposal in Rochester Hills: Meeting Monday to discuss possible ban
WDIV Detroit - September 8, 2014

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. - Rochester Hills residents could soon see a change in the city's e-cigarette sales policy. On Monday, city council will introduce an ordinance to ban the sale and use of e-cigarettes by minors. The ordinance would also include a penalty for minors who possess e-cigarettes.

Dearborn hookah bars evade state law with herbal claims
Dearborn Press and Guide - September 7, 2014

Suspicions surround smoking facilities in Dearborn for illegally serving tobacco products by claiming they are herbal instead. This concerns residents, city council and state officials. However, not much can be done now to remedy the problem. Thats why city officials issued a six-month moratorium on any new smoking facilities to research and develop protocol to address the issue.

University needs tougher smoke-free policy
MSU State News - September 5, 2014

Imagine walking down East Shaw Lane on a sunny fall afternoon. Theres a light breeze, but the warmth of the setting sun fends off any feelings of being cold. You take a deep breath and inhale fresh, untainted air. Instead, you'll likely be inhaling secondhand smoke. The university's smoke-free policy prohibits smoking in campus buildings and within 25 feet of them.

WMU Tobacco Free Policy in Full Effect
Western Herald -September 2, 2014

According to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, there are 1,372 completely smoke-free college campuses in the United States. In the state of ...

Editorial: Gov. Rick Snyder, AG Bill Schuette warn state law prevails ...
The Ann Arbor News - September 2, 2014

... entitled, "Marijuana," to state that: "Nothing in the Code of Ordinances shall apply to the ... This isn't about the inherent health risks associated with smoking marijuana ... Passage of such an ordinance won't help law enforcement one iota.

WMU going tobacco-free
WOODTV. com September 1, 2014

(WOOD) — On Monday, Western Michigan University became the latest campus in Michigan to go 100 percent tobacco-free. According to the ...

Western Michigan University's ban on all forms of tobacco begins Monday
Mlive.com - August 31, 2014

KALAMAZOO, MI As Nick Viau stood on the steps of Waldo Library smoking a cigar, the 18-year-old Western Michigan University student didn't mince words when asked what he thought of the impending campus-wide tobacco ban. According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, which has compiled a list of smoke-free college campuses throughout the U.S., there are at least 1,372 campuses that are currently smoke-free or are set to make the leap shortly. But, only 176 of these institutions prohibit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere on campus. MORE: View the complete list of smoke-free college campuses throughout the U.S. (As of July 2014)

Vaping banned just in case
Grand Valley Lanthorn -August 28, 2014

What no one has mentioned is that smoking outside in the frigid winter (although ... In banning all use of ecigarettes indoors, we have exchanged some vapor ...

Pennfield Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday
Battle Creek Enquirer - August 26, 2014

Western Michigan University will become tobacco-free beginning Sept. 1. This applies to all WMU-held property in Kalamazoo and around the state, and to ...

Health Works: New system helps smokers stay smoke free after ...
MyFox Detroit - August 19, 2014

(WJBK) - Hospitals are smoke free zones, that means smokers have to leave their cigarettes behind when admitted to the hospital. Now, a new study finds that ...

Skubick: New E-Cigs Compromise In The Works
WLNS - August 19, 2014

The reason the legislature wants to ban minors from smoking e-cigarettes is found in ... The House and Senate passed a ban on e-cigs but they did not tax it like ...

WMU campus on final countdown to becoming tobacco free
Comvoicesonline - August 19, 2014

1 change to tobacoo-free status will put WMU among about a quarter of American colleges and universities, including 25 in Michigan, that are smoke free or ...

Dearborn council places six-month ban on new hookah lounges
Dearborn Press and Guide - August 18, 2014

12 as council members, Mayor Jack O'Reilly and residents discussed their take on a proposal to place a 180-day moratorium on smoking facilities in the city.

NMU gearing up for tobacco-free deadline
ABC 10 News NOW - July 30, 2014

“Two of the main reasons that a lot of universities are becoming tobacco-free or smoke-free is the health benefits for their students, faculty, staff, and even their ...

NMU goes tobacco-free Friday
Marquette Mining Journal - July 29, 2014

MARQUETTE - A new tobacco-free policy going into effect Friday on Northern Michigan University's campus will have tobacco users thinking twice about lighting ...

Northern Michigan University set to go tobacco-free next week
UpperMichigansSource.com - July 24, 2014

One other exception: You may smoke on campus only if you are inside your personal vehicle with all windows rolled up and there are not any minors present in...

Policy guidelines go off road with sheriff truck purchase
Hastings Banner - July 17, 2014

“The reason we did not come back with a designated smoking area provision [in ... to recommend approval of an ordinance amendment allowing the parks and ...

WMU's tobacco-free status is topic of campus forums
WMU News - July 17, 2014

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Two open forums are planned for Wednesday, July 23, to update members of the Western Michigan University community on the ...

Tobacco ban OK'd for parks, beaches
Petoskey News-Review - July 17, 2014

... last week decided in a split vote to ban tobacco in parks and beaches within ... ban, but the hope is the public will comply with the posted no-smoking signs.

That's a good Bingo!
Tri City Times - July 16, 2014

The thing I remember most is the smoke that filled the room. By the ... a Commonwealth and a state) has banned smoking in public places, including Bingo halls.

Charlevoix library is now 100 percent tobacco-free environment
Petoskey News-Review - July 16, 2014

Although the library campus was smoke free in the past, the trustees felt strongly about including other types of tobacco use, especially the new non-tobacco ...

Randy Richardville will be forced to leave right when he's hitting his ...
Michigan Radio - July 11, 2014

Richardville also hinted that if Governor Snyder vetoed bills banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, he risked an override. Perhaps most surprising, the ...

Ken Braun: Politicians are lying about e-cigarette dangers
MLive.com - July 9, 2014

The 96-14 vote in the House in favor of banning e-cig sales to minors, and the ... Those anti-smoking billboards on roadsides showing people with chunks of ...

E-cigs legislation needs work
The Detroit News - July 7, 2014

By State Rep. Gail Haines I strongly urge Gov. Rick Snyder to veto legislation passed by the Michigan House of Representatives that addresses the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

E-cigarette policies vary across Oakland County
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - July 3, 2014

While Birmingham has a new ordinance that regulates e-cigarette sales and use among minors, some wonder how it will be regulated in public places across Oakland County including the workplace. Oakland County reported it was in the midst of banning electronic cigarettes for employees and visitors in the county buildings. Officials have been working in recent weeks to add the new language that includes e-cigarettes, said County Spokesman Bill Mullan. Oakland Community College and Oakland University have also put policies in place that make their campuses smoke-free.

CMU administrators preparing enforcement procedures for tobacco ban
Central Michigan Life - July 2, 2014

Less than 48 hours into the Tobacco-free policy implemented on Central Michigan University's campus, university administrators are still figuring out how to dole ...

CMU's plans to become tobacco-free take effect
The Oakland Press - July 1, 2014

Central Michigan University's plans to become tobacco-free as part of an effort to improve the health and well-being of students and employees are taking effect.

Bills that would ban minors from buying e-cigs cause some concern
Livingston Daily - June 30, 2014

Keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of minors is the intent, but some fear that a package of three bills awaiting Gov. Rick Snyders signature could establish the vapor-making cigarette alternative as something other than a tobacco product.

Michigan bills that would ban minors from buying e-cigs cause concern
Detroit Free Press - June 30, 2014

Keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of minors is the intent, but some fear that a package of three bills awaiting Gov. Rick Snyders signature could establish the vapor-making cigarette alternative as something other than a tobacco product.

As e-cigarette popularity booms, Genesee County workplaces scramble to regulate
The Flint Journal - June 28, 2014

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- As electronic smoking devices boom in popularity, Genesee County businesses and institutions are scrambling to figure out how -- or if -- they should be allowed on premises.

Editorial: Snyder should veto e-cigarette legislation
Battle Creek Enquirer - June 28, 2014

Everybody agrees that the state should prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, but the regulatory questions surrounding e-cigarettes are complex and largely unanswered, and Gov. Rick Snyder should defer to the medical community and veto e-cigarette legislation heading to his desk.

Traverse City National Cherry Festival Smoking Restrictions
MyNorth.com - June 27, 2014

The National Cherry Festival, held July 4th12th in Traverse City, will be missing one thing this summer: smoking corrals in the Open Space. In previous years ...

Housing commission continues non-smoking conversion
Manisteenews - June 25, 2014

At its meeting in July, the Manistee Housing Commission will likely vote to adopt a new non-smoking policy for all of its facilities. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2015, all MHC grounds, common spaces, tenant units, vehicles, equipments, parking lots, general areas and properties will be mandated smoke-free, as outlined in the commissions draft policy.

Birmingham bans minors from smoking e-cigarettes
Hometownlife.com - June 25, 2014

As far as the Birmingham City Commission is concerned, electronic cigarettes should be treated like any other tobacco product. The commission voted Monday to prohibit the sale, possession or use of e-cigarettes by minors in Birmingham. Local stores or gas stations caught selling e-cigarettes to minors now face a fine of up to $100.

Commissioners support proposed tobacco-free county campuses
Iosco County News Herald - June 25, 2014

TAWAS CITY Members of the Iosco County Board of Commissioners, during its June 18 Committee of the Whole meeting, unanimously voiced support of a proposed ordinance which would ban tobacco use inside and outside all county owned facilities, except parks.

Snyder May Block e-Cigarette Block
News Radio Wood - June 23, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder is strongly hinting that he may veto legislation to prevent minors from buying electronic cigarettes because he does not think it would go ...

E-cigs under fire once again, this time from Michigan lawmaker
Tech Times - June 22, 2014

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is mulling vetoing an e-cigarette law that would not allow minors to buy the electronic cigarettes. It's not because he endorses the product however. It's because he doesn't believe it does enough to stop sales to minors.

State Medical Groups Asking Governor to Veto E-Cig Ban for Minors
WLNS - June 22, 2014

A coalition of state medical groups is speaking out about two bills governor Snyder is considering signing into law. The bills would make it illegal to sell electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, to minors. But surprisingly some medical officials are asking the governor to veto them.

E-cigarette ban goes up in smoke
UpNorthLive.com - June 20, 2014

GRAND TRAVERSE CO. -- The plan to ban e-cigarettes from a northern Michigan park was shot down Thursday night.

E-Cigs Debate Continues in Grand Traverse County [VIDEO]
9&10 News - June 20, 2014

The new electronic cigarettes are causing controversy in Grand Traverse County, some want to ban them from a local park. The Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation commission voted tonight on whether or not E-cigs will be allowed at the Civic Center.

Snyder Skeptical Of E-Cigarette Bill [AUDIO]
WKAR - June 19, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder has got concerns about legislation headed his way to regulate nicotine vapor devices or e-cigarettes.

Will Snyder veto e-cigarette bills? Michigan health director stands by other plan to ban sales to minors
MLive.com - June 18, 2014

Michigan Department of Community Health Director Jim Haveman is recommending Gov. Rick Snyder veto legislation that would prohibit electronic cigarette sales to minors. Haveman doesn't support youth e-cigarette sales, but he prefers an alternative proposal that would classify the product line as a form of tobacco, which could mean additional regulations in the future once health effects are fully known.

Letter: Family events should be smoke free
Battle Creek Enquirer - June 17, 2014

...So I would like to open the dialogue now. Smoking should be prohibited in the immediate area of public festivals in Battle Creek, especially those targeted primarily towards children and families. ...

Board takes deep breath, will update smoking policy
Huron Daily Tribune - June 12, 2014

HURON COUNTY In keeping up with the times, Huron County officials are updating a smoking policy originally enacted 24 years ago. The smoking policy technically has never been amended, Commissioner David Peruski said at Tuesdays board of commissioners meeting. The policy, which Peruski said took effect May 12, 1990, does not include mention of medical marijuana and e-cigarettes. Part of the current policy also designates areas inside the county building where smoking is allowed, which conflicts with Michigans Smoke-Free Air Law. The 2010 law prohibits smoking in most public places, with potential exemptions made for cigar bars, tobacco specialty retail stores and gaming floors of casinos. Peruski suggested modifying the policy to add reference to current law and definitions of e-cigarettes and controlled substances. Commissioners suggested pulling the resolution from the agenda in order to rewrite the policy…

Michigan House votes to ban e-cigarette sales to anyone under age 18
Detroit Free Press - June 11, 2014

The House made some minor changes to the bills so they have to go back to the ... Rick Snyder has said he prefers classifying e-cigarettes as a tobacco product ...

E-Cigarettes Get Closer Look In State House
WLNS - June 11, 2014

The Michigan Senate has already passed legislation to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors. And today the House will weigh-in on what could happen to teens caught buying e-cig's...

Commissioners review proposed tobacco-free campus ordinance
Iosco County News Herald - June 11, 2014

TAWAS CITY Members of the Iosco County Board of Commissioners said they want input from department heads, employees and labor unions before they move forward with an ordinance which would ban smoking on any county property except parks...

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Township tables introduction of smoking ...
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - June 6, 2014

Introduction of an ordinance regulating smoking establishments in Shelby Township was tabled June 3 after several local business owners expressed concern ...

Rosan: Ho-ho-ho! Just how low can we go?
The Morning Sun - June 6, 2014

It seems I poked the proverbial hornet's nest last week when I authored a column on the burgeoning but yet unregulated electronic cigarette industry titled “What ...

Smoking in Iosco County
wbkb11.1 - June 5, 2014

Iosco County is considering a tobacco free workplace at all county EMS owned locations. At the Iosco County Board of Commissioners meeting this week, it was ...

NMU goes tobacco free in August
North Wind Online - June 5, 2014

The policy bans all tobacco products defined by the American College Health ... “The committee stays in place to work on publicity, smoking and enforcement ...

SHELBY TOWNSHIP: Township tables introduction of smoking ...
Shelby Township Source Newspapers - June 5, 2014

Introduction of an ordinance regulating smoking establishments in Shelby Township was tabled June 3 after several local business owners expressed concern ...

Let It Rip Weekend: E-Cigarettes, Detroit's Grand Bargain & Road ...
MyFox Detroit - June 1, 2014

Will regulating e-cigarettes like tobacco cause more people to die of cancer? As the final push for the grand bargain makes its way through Lansing - will it ...

MotorCity Casino Hotel Wins 2014 Slot Floor Technology Award
Busbyway - May 29, 2014

The entertainment complex is comprised of an expansive gaming space including a smoke-free gaming area and an award-winning 400-room ultra-comfortable ...

Community health work nets bronze bow tie award for Genesee ...
The Flint Journal-by Sarah Schuch - May 29, 2014

GENESEE COUNTY, MI – One Genesee County medical professional was recently honored for his work in women's health and smoke-free environments.

'Tobacco-free' forums planned at Northern Lakes on June 6
Houghton Lake resorter - May 29, 2014

A series of public forums is planned at Northern Lakes Community Mental Health (CMH) to discuss plans to move to tobacco-free campuses in all its office ...

St. Joseph Commission Hears Proposal To Ban Smoking On Beaches [AUDIO]
WSJM - May 28, 2014

A St. Joseph couple is advocating a smoking ban on public beaches at Tiscornia Park and Lions Park in the city. James Brooks and his wife Linda Hyde are frequent volunteers for beach clean-up efforts, and he told the city commission Tuesday night that they noticed on vacation in San Diego that there were no cigarette butts on the beaches there.

A healthy sign
Escanaba Daily Press – May 22, 2014

... Delta and Menominee County recently to assess their interest in designating their parks, playgrounds, and beaches tobacco-free or smoke-free," said Steger.

CMU faculty, staff promote health initiatives at annual Benefits and ...
Central Michigan Life - May 21, 2014

Among the health initiatives CMU promoted at the event was the tobacco-free campus implemented starting July 1. The university will provide a new online .

Monroe Public Schools Bans Smoking
Monroe Evening News - May 21, 2014

Monroe Public Schools has banned smoking or use of any tobacco products on school grounds. Smoking has been banned on the district's properties at any ...

Editorial: E-cigarettes are about addiction, not 'choice'
Traverse City Record Eagle - May 16, 2014

Right up until widespread bans went into effect, it was still about choice for those who smoked but ... Many restaurant and bar owners began to ban smoking.

West Michigan school officials react to lawmakers efforts to ban sale ...
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - May 16, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - West Michigan school officials are encouraged that the Michigan Legislature is taking steps to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes, ...

E-Cig Users Push Back, Schools Ban Vaporizers
Fox17 - May 14, 2014

Woessner is the president of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association. The organization is made up of a group of people working to ...

Wayne State University considers move to make campus smoke-free
WXYZ - May 14, 2014

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Smoking restrictions are currently in place at Wayne State University but the school ... Busby is opposed to the outright ban on tobacco use.

Editorial: E-cigs aren't cigarettes, and need their own regulations
The Detroit News - May 14, 2014

Unnecessary restrictions on e-cigs will likely lead smokers to maintain their ... nicotine is unsuitable for children, and rules should be put in place to restrict use ...

Michigan lawmakers mull semi-ban on indoor e-cigarette use
Tech Times - May 14, 2014

Michigan state lawmakers are working on a new e-cigarette ban proposal which would limit use in some indoor public areas but not ban the controversial smoking device completely as other municipalities, such as Chicago, have.

Wayne State Could Soon Become Smoke-Free Campus
CBS Local - May 14, 2014

Cigarettes might soon be a thing of the past at the Detroit campus of Wayne State University. A presidential task force is exploring the possibilities of turning Wayne State into a fully smoke-free campus. The 11-member group, made up of students, faculty and staff, started doing research in March, talking with students, observing behavior patterns and reviewing best practices from other smoke-free universities. Wayne States current smoking policy prohibits smoking in any university building and within 25 feet of any entrance or exit. However, concerns have been raised that the current policy is not being followed.

Marquette City Commission meets with advisory committees
ABC 10 News NOW - May 13, 2014

... the highlights was an update from the Presque Isle Park Advisory Committee regarding its new playground and the idea of having the park go tobacco free.

MI House passes bill to prohibit sale of e-cigs to minors
WWMT-TV - May 9, 2014

Some health professionals say by passing bills "singling" out e-cigarettes would give them special status which could protest them from standard tobacco ...

Proposed e-cigarette ban gets park-goers talking
UpNorthLive.com - May 8, 2014

Smoking has been against the rules at the Civic Center since 2010. ... Department is considering banning e-cigarettes from the Civic Center. ... The Parks and Rec leaders are looking at amending a current rule put in place in 2010 which bans tobacco use in county parks. ... That's why it was banned in the first place.”.

Kicking butts, Siefert style
UpperMichigansSource.com – May 8, 2014

"I started using the E-Cigarette because I wanted to quit smoking. I wanted to be here for my kids more, longer than I would be if I was normally smoking," said ...

Feedback: Longtime leaders need to know when to say when
Detroit Free Press - May 8, 2014

Smokers of e-cigarettes should be treated as adults. They should have the right to smoke them, even if they could prove to be unsafe. People have the right to ...

Michigan House to consider bill to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
WKZO - May 8, 2014

Outman says that there's a danger some teenagers might take up smoking e-cigarettes, and then end up smoking real tobacco. The ban for minors has been ...

Kicking butts
UpperMichigansSource.com – May 8, 2014

"If you're looking at the toxic effects of smoking tobacco versus inhaling the ... The FDA is working on a proposal to ban minors from being able to purchase ...

Avoid unnecessary regulation
The Macomb Daily - May 8, 2014

We let them allow their children to overindulge on food and electronics, why not e-cigs? Let's avoid unnecessary regulation by not trying to control something ...

E-cigarettes: Big business, unanswered questions
Livingston Daily - May 6, 2014

That all changed when Adams switched to battery-powered electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, which produce a non-ash vapor from liquid containing varying ...

Pro/con: Use Michigan's existing tobacco laws to cover e-cigarettes ...
Detroit Free Press - May 5, 2014

Classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products is appropriate: The liquid vaporized ... Using existing tobacco laws to prevent e-cigarette sales to minors is the right ...

Pro/con: E-cigarettes aren't tobacco, so don't treat them like they are
Detroit Free Press - May 5, 2014

As the nation continues its fight against smoking the most important, devastating ... But the fear-mongering of the officials has led to cities and towns banning and ... Yet, in a perverse twist of public health, Los Angeles recently voted to ban ...

Debate over e-cigarettes increases; so does number of teens buying them
Macomb Daily - May 2, 2014

So far efforts to stop the sale to teens haven’t succeeded. That’s why Michigan Rep. Gail Haines is trying to get a law passed that would ban the sale of the electronic smoking devices to teens. She said they contain nicotine and therefore, should fall...

Kent Co. recognizes safe, clean restaurants
WOODTV. com - May 1, 2014

There can not be any confirmed violations of Michigan Smoke Free Law. No enforcement action taken against facility for year of review. No confirmed food borne ..

Sound Off for Thursday, May 1, 2014
The Morning Sun - May 1, 2014

I cannot wait until Central Michigan University goes smoke-free on July 1 so I will no longer have to have smoke coming in my windows at work. Mt. Pleasant.

Trip to the casino is a people-watcher's paradise
Davisonindex - May 1, 2014

I have been to a casino only a handful of times in my life and I've never done anything more than played the slots. ... There's a lot of smokers in casinos. Maybe ...

Ken Braun: Taxing e-cigarettes like tobacco would result in more ...
MLive.com - April 30, 2014

E-cigs are not tobacco, and the confusion on this point could kill people. Gov. Rick Snyder says he wants equal regulations for e-cigarettes. But he is dodging ...

Bill would define e-cigarettes as tobacco products in Michigan
Michigan Radio - April 29, 2014

It does not tax e-cigarettes and it does not limit adult use, said bill sponsor state Rep. Gail Haines ... Rick Snyder has said about regulating e-cigarettes. He has ...

Michigan Lawmakers May Get Tougher on E-Cigarettes
News Radio Wood - April 28, 2014

A house committee Tuesday takes up legislation that would redefine 'e-cigarettes' as a 'tobacco product,' but it would not be subject to the state's tobacco tax.

Huron County considers no-smoking policy
Huron Daily Tribune - April 25, 2014

BAD AXE — Smoking may soon be prohibited in county buildings and ... Both Tuscola and Macomb counties have ordinances in place that ban smoking on county ... Macomb County's ordinance bans smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes ...

U-of-M Health Expert Warns Of Dangers Of E-Cigarettes
WEMU - April 24, 2014

State legislators and the federal government are moving toward regulation of electronic cigarettes, and a local health expert says it's important to know the ...

Will One of Detroit's Casinos Fold?
Deadline Detroit - April 24, 2014

It doesn't help that the smoke-free gaming casino in Toledo is taking away some of the customers in Southeast Michigan. The News also notes: Last year's ...

Iosco talks tobacco ban at all owned sites after smoking blamed for ...
Iosco County News Herald - April 23, 2014

After dropping that bombshell, Shellenbarger asked the commissioners to look at a tobacco-free policy recommended by Mobile Medical Response (MMR), the ...

City Council ordinance bans smoking in public areas
Michigan Daily [U. of Michigan] - April 21, 2014

The Ann Arbor City Council passed the long-debated smoking ordinance Monday night by a vote of 9-2 with only Councilmembers Jane Lumm (I–Ward 2) and Jack Eaton (D–Ward 4) voting against the ordinance. The ordinance now makes smoking near bus stops and ...

Cigarette Butts In The Sandbox, Just One Of The Issues Behind ...
CBS Local - April 21, 2014

City Councilman Chuck Warpehoski says the law would designate certain non-smoking areas at parks, as well create a smoke free buffer surrounding city ...

Smoking ordinance, sidewalk gaps, city budget on Ann Arbor City ...
The Ann Arbor News - April 21, 2014

Two men smoke as they wait for a bus on Fourth Avenue in downtown Ann Arbor. A new city ordinance, if approved by the City Council, could make that a civil ...

Chippewa Valley Coalition hosts hazards of hookah presentation
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - April 18, 2014

Ann Najar of the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services in Dearborn explained how a hookah works to members of the Chippewa Valley ...

April 21, 2014: City Council Meeting Preview
The Ann Arbor Chronicle - April 18, 2014

A public hearing will precede the council's vote on the outdoor smoking ... Center; and (3) entrances, windows and ventilation systems any city-owned building.

Goodbye, Tobacco
The North Wind (Northern Michigan University - April 17, 2014

Patrick Reynolds, son of R.J. Reynolds, founder of the second largest to­bacco company in the U.S., reso­nate. He spoke on campus Tuesday, April 8, and praised NMU’s new tobacco-free policy. In the fall, NMU will join 24 other colleges or universities ...

Letters: Readers make case to approve, reject proposed streets tax
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - April 14, 2014

I agree that e-cigarettes should be treated like traditional tobacco and that as a state, we need to ban sales to minors, give that a 2009 Food and Drug ...

Column: Ann Arbor's Dumb Old Charter
The Ann Arbor Chronicle - April 10, 2014

If we did have a city health officer, it's conceivable that the outdoor smoking ordinance that Ward 5 councilmember Chuck Warpehoski is currently shepherding ...

Dundee Students Want To Ban Smoking In Cars With Minors
Monroe Evening News - April 9, 2014

Dundee Students Want To Ban Smoking In Cars With Minors ... them of the opposition Michiganders had when the state banned smoking in restaurants. He said ...

City council passes read of smoking ordinance and same-sex marriage resolution
The Michigan Daily - April 8, 2014

After being deferred twice, the Ann Arbor City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance that would prohibit smoking in certain parts of the city. The ordinance would prohibit citizens from smoking within 20 feet of any bus stop or city building as well as within certain areas of specific city parks. Ellen Rabinowitz, Washtenaw Countys interim director of public health, spoke at the meeting in favor of the legislation. She noted that of the 12 years that a similar smoke-free ordinances have been in place throughout the county, only about 400 complaints have been made none of which were complaints about repeat offenders. Rabinowitz noted that the bill has been largely self-enforcing.

Outdoor Smoking Regs Get Initial OK
The Ann Arbor Chronicle - April 8, 2014

A new local Ann Arbor law regulating smoking in some outdoor locations has been given initial approval by the city council. The law would regulate smoking outside of public buildings and also potentially in areas of some city parks.

Street repairs, Library Lot and smoking ordinance on Ann Arbor City Council agenda
MLive.com - April 7, 2014

A proposal to designate certain public places as smoke-free, including bus stops and possibly parks, stirred up a debate at a council meeting last month.

April 7, 2014: City Council Meeting Preview
The Ann Arbor Chronicle - April 3, 2014

The council's April 7 agenda features two significant items of old business: a first reading of an ordinance that would regulate outdoor smoking in certain ...

E-cigarettes present new options, problems for lawmakers, smokers
WKAR - March 31, 2014

One of the issues being considered at the state capitol in recent weeks is the regulation of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat up a liquified nicotine solution. That produces a vapor rather than the smoke from tobacco cigarettes. Users call this vaping as opposed to smoking.

Eaton Rapids policy change bans smoking at all city parks
Lansing State Journal - March 30, 2014

EATON RAPIDS A broadened city policy passed this week by the Eaton Rapids City Council will ban smoking at all city parks. City officials passed the ...

Parents given lowdown on a variety of drugs that threaten children
Harborcountry News - March 28, 2014

They are being bought by teens to smoke marijuana, heroin and Ejuice. Schools and public places are being urged to ban them as part of their smoke-free ...

Cardiovascular disease related deaths drop after implementation of ...
News-Medical - March 27, 2014

A new study on the impact of Michigan's statewide smoking ban adds to mounting ... Studies on previous indoor smoking bans have consistently shown a major ...

Smoking Bans Seems to Significantly Aid Public Health
Laboratory Equipment - March 27, 2014

A new study on the impact of Michigan's statewide smoking ban adds to ... "There is no nationwide federal policy banning indoor smoking, even though such a ...

Detroit News Lansing Bureau
The Detroit News - March 27, 2014

The governor “takes smoking cessation programs seriously as we work to ... and monitor the state ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and public buildings.

How Michigan is trying to keep e-cigarettes out of minors' hands
Michigan Radio - March 27, 2014

You may have seen someone firing one up in a restaurant – where you thought smoking was banned. Maybe a friend or relative uses them. Or maybe you have ...

A different cigarette
Daily Mining Gazette – March 27, 2014

HANCOCK - Electronic cigarettes have been around for years, and some of the manufacturers of the devices claim they help the user quit smoking tobacco, but ...

Outman seeks to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors in Michigan
Greenville Daily News - March 25, 2014

Several pieces of legislation, in both the Michigan Senate and House, have been introduced in a three-bill package to block the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to minors.

Residents in Michigan apartment complex banned from smoking
WKRC TV Cincinnati - March 25, 2014

DETROIT (WWJ) -- Jeff Ramsey, 50, a 26-year resident of Parkway Meadows apartments in Ann Arbor, couldn't believe it when he first saw signs posted around ...

Rules requested for e-cigarettes in Genesee County
The Flint Journal - March 24, 2014

The county's top public health official could make recommendations for regulating electronic cigarettes in a matter of weeks. Members of the Board of Commissioners have asked Health Officer Mark Valacak to bring them his recommendations for regulating the nicotine-delivery devices, which could range from age requirements for buyers to treating the product like tobacco and banning its use in public places. ...

Tim Skubick: E-cigarettes bill would ban sales to minors; so what's ...
MLive.com - March 21, 2014

Ban those under 18 from smoking e-cigarettes. Last week the state senate approved the ban and earlier this week a house committee voted to do the same, ...

Snyder Wants E-Cigs Controlled And Possibly Taxed
News Radio Wood - March 21, 2014

Michigan lawmakers appear to be scrambling to outlaw e-cigarettes for children, but Governor Snyder says that does not go far enough. He says e-cigs ought to ...

UM-Flint Smoking Ban: Three Years in Perspective
Michigan Times - March 20, 2014

It's been three years since resigned president Mary Sue Coleman announced that all University of Michigan campuses would be smoke free. But if you ask ...

Residents of Michigan Apartments Barred From Smoking
WLTX.com - March 19, 2014

"According to the newsletter, if we are caught smoking in our apartments, smokers will ... Can smokers be banned from lighting up inside their own apartments?

'Kick Butts' carnival aims to stop smoking among young people
The Grand Rapids Press - March 20, 2014

“Schools that are 24/7 tobacco-free, along with tobacco-free outdoor recreation areas, smoke-free multi-unit housing, and increasing access to tobacco ...

Snyder: Treat E-Cigs Like Tobacco
Interlochen - March 20, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder says he wants electronic cigarettes to be regulated in Michigan as tobacco products. E-cigarettes deliver a dose of nicotine to users in a ...

Gov. Snyder Uncomfortable With Current E-Cigarette Bill
WLNS - March 20, 2014

The reasoning is, young kids will get hooked on the e-cigs and switch to the real thing later on. It's not that the governor is opposed to the ban, but he wants to ...

From the Daily: Prioritizing minors' health
The Michigan Daily – March 19, 2014

Michigan is poised to take another step to prevent underage smoking by extending a ban on electronic cigarettes with state Senate Bills 667 and 668.

Residents In Ann Arbor Apartment Complex Banned From Smoking Inside
CBS Local - March 19, 2014

Jeff Ramsey, 50, a 26-year resident of Parkway Meadows apartments in Ann Arbor, couldnt believe it when he first saw signs posted around the complex saying they will become a smoke free community inside and out starting April 1 ...

Mixed student reactions on university, statewide smoking policies
Central Michigan Life - March 18, 2014

As Central Michigan University prepares to enact its tobacco-free policy in July, students are decidedly mixed over the policy itself and smoking in general. CMU announced in October that it is changing its smoking policy to ban the use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, hookahs, waterpipes, snus and snuff on campus, with exceptions carved out for theatrical productions and religious or cultural ceremonies. Smoking will only be allowed on campus inside of private vehicles with windows rolled up. ...

Letters: Michigan lawmakers not going far enough to regulate e-cigarettes
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - March 18, 2014

Recently in The Grand Rapids Press there were two articles regarding the legal status of electronic cigarettes (State's top doctor: Treat e-cigarettes like tobacco on March 6 and Senate backs banning e-cig sales to minors on March 7). I work in the prevention field and see the increasing use of e-cigarettes among youth. In a press release dated Nov. 14, 2013, from the Center for Disease Control, emerging tobacco products gaining popularity among youth.

Dryden Schools moves to snuff out e-cigarettes on campus ($$)
Thecountypress - March 15, 2014

DRYDEN Theyve been around since 1963, but a recent uptick in the use of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, among young people has set off alarm bells from New York to Los Angeles. On Monday the Dryden School Board voted unanimously to ban the use and possession of e-cigarettes on school property.

State View: Be wary of industry support of e-cig bans
The Daily Telegram - March 11, 2014

The sellers of addictive substances will try to convince you otherwise, but theyre in the business of getting people hooked on their products. If they say they support legislation that would restrict that business, its wise to be skeptical. The debate here isn't whether states should restrict the use of e-cigarettes to adults nobody, at least publicly, opposes that but whether e-cigarettes should ...

KVCC Board of Trustees votes to ban tobacco use on campus
Mlive Kalamazoo - March 11, 2014

KALAMAZOO, MI The days of being able to light up at Kalamazoo Valley Community College are coming to an end. The community college's Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday evening to ban all tobacco and e-cigarette use on campus at the end of this year. The ban would include chewing tobacco, as well as cigarettes, pipes, cigars and other smoking products. As of Jan. 1, 2015, people will only be able to smoke in personal vehicles on campus. As of January, more than 1,180 U.S. colleges and universities had gone smoke-free, with more than 800 of those banning all on-campus tobacco use. Other changes to the smoking policy will be coming sooner. As of April 1, e-cigarettes will be included in the campus' current tobacco-use policy, which prohibits smoking within 50 feet of entrances at the Texas Township Campus, except for three designated areas. There is also a smoking hut outside at the Texas Township Campus. Smoking at the Arcadia Commons Campus is currently permitted only outside the east entrance. That motion also passed unanimously.

Industry support of e-cig bans deserves skepticism
Your Houston News - March 11, 2014

The sellers of addictive substances will try to convince you otherwise, but theyre in the business of getting people hooked on their products. If they say they support legislation that would restrict that business, its wise to be skeptical.

E-cigarette bills ignite debate over regulation, sales
Battle Creek Enquirer - March 10, 2014

LANSING Banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to kids may seem like a no-brainer, yet Gov. Rick Snyders administration and a number of health advocacy groups oppose legislation that does just that. They say it doesnt go far enough.

Eaton Rapids to consider smoking ban at parks
Lansing State Journal - March 9, 2014

City officials will consider a ban on smoking at all local parks this spring. At its March 3 work session, the Eaton Rapids City Council agreed to move ahead with drafting a broadened policy for the citys 10 parks. The proposed policy would ban smoking at all of them. The existing city policy only bans smoking at Howe Field, where several youth sporting events are held every year.

Ken Braun: Legitimate public health concerns, not public morality, should drive e-cigarette regulations
MLive.com - March 8, 2014

Legendary journalist H.L. Mencken was perhaps his generations greatest critic of the New Deal, government power, and meddlesome authority in all forms. He once defined puritanism as the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy. What he was speaking of is at work in the effort to treat so-called e-cigarettes the same as traditional tobacco products. Common sense would dictate something with no cancerous tobacco in it should not be reflexively regulated as such.

Michigan Senate votes to ban e-cigarette sales to minors ($$)
Manisteenews March 8, 2014

LANSING E-cigarettes, which have grown in popularity since the state imposed a ban on smoking cigarettes in restaurants, would be forbidden for minors under a pair of bills unanimously passed by the state Senate on Thursday. The bills would prohibit minors younger than 18 from buying or using e-cigarettes and keep retailers from selling

Senate OKs banning e-cigarette sales to minors
Cadillac News (subscription) - March 7, 2014

Senate OKs banning e-cigarette sales to minors. LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Selling electronic cigarettes to minors would be prohibited under ... would give e-cigarettes special treatment and protect them from standard tobacco regulations.

Rockford middle school students suspended for using E-cigarettes
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - March 6, 2014

Shibler said smoking is still off limits in school and that even the tobacco-free kind fall under the district's nuisance policy. "Smoking has always made them ...

Lawmaker Talks About Bill To Stop E-Cig Sales To Minors
Fox17 - March 6, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (March 6, 2014) – As e-cigarettes continue to gain popularity in West Michigan, lawmakers are trying to make sure they're only being ...

Banning e-cigarette sales to minors gets OK from Michigan Senate
MLive.com-by Brian Smith - March 6, 2014

LANSING -- A plan to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors got one step closer to being a reality Thursday as the Michigan Senate unanimously ...

Doctor Wants Lawmakers to Classify E-Cigarettes as Tobacco
WILX-TV - March 5, 2014

Michigan's top doctor is calling on state lawmakers to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Legislation currently in the Senate would make it a crime to sell the devices to minors. But Dr. Matthew Davis, Chief Medical Executive with the Michigan Department of Community Health says the bi-partisan package of bills doesn't go far enough.

Effort underway to regulate e-cigarettes
WNMU-FM - March 5, 2014

LANSING, MI (AP)-- There is an effort afoot in Lansing to regulate smokeless electronic cigarettes and ban their sale to minors. But there is a difference of opinion on how to go about it.

Ann Arbor ordinance could limit outdoor smoking
WXYZ - March 4, 2014

Reading the proposal, Louise Carter can't help but fume over an ordinance that would give Ann Arbor city leaders the power to prohibit smoking within 20 feet of ...

Michigan Senate moves to let landlords to ban growing, smoking ...
MLive.com - March 4, 2014

Medical marijuana patients would be prohibited from growing or smoking the drug ... driving and housing, but all three protections have been squandered at one ...

Renters won't be able to smoke, grow medical marijuana at home under new bill
Detroit Free Press - March 4, 2014

LANSING Medical marijuana users may run into another obstacle to using The bill would prohibit medical cannabis users from growing or smoking their weed in rental properties, including apartments and hotels.

Should city police respond to complaints about smoking? Some council members say no
The Ann Arbor News - March 4, 2014

A proposal to designate certain public places as smoke-free, including bus stops and possibly parks, stirred up a debate at Monday's Ann Arbor City Council meeting. A number of council members indicated they have hesitations about adopting an outdoor smoking ordinance that could have city police officers responding to complaints about people smoking cigarettes outdoors.

Outdoor Smoking Law Delayed Again
The Ann Arbor Chronicle - March 3, 2014

A local law regulating smoking in some outdoor locations has again been postponed by the Ann Arbor city council. The law would regulate smoking outside of public buildings and also potentially in areas of some city parks. Council action to postpone the ordinance until April 7 came at the councils March 3, 2014 meeting. The new ordinance had been also been postponed at the councils Feb. 3 meeting.

New ordinance could lead to smoke-free Ann Arbor parks and public spaces
The Ann Arbor News - March 3, 2014

An ordinance that would give the Ann Arbor city administrator powers to designate non-smoking areas in city parks will come before Ann Arbor City Council for its first reading. The ordinance would also prohibit outdoor smoking in Ann Arbor within 20 feet of bus stops and the entrances, windows and ventilation systems of the Blake Transit Center and any city government building. ...

New rules will snuff out smoking in most of Crossroads Village in ...
The Flint Journal - February 28, 2014

"Unfortunately, even when you are outside, there's ... second-hand smoke," said Dr. Laura Ann Carravallah, who said she hopes the new restrictions will ...

Lighting up: Lawmakers, businesses look to set limits on e-cigarette ...
WWMT-TV - February 27, 2014

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) -- The growing popularity of e-cigarettes is causing concern amongst lawmakers and businesses in west Michigan.

Proposed Muskegon County smoking ordinance fails to pass; only two officials in support
The Muskegon Chronicle - February 26, 2014

MUSKEGON, MI A proposed amendment to Muskegon Countys smoking ordinance failed to pass on Tuesday, allowing residents, employees and visitors to continue using tobacco on county property. The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners voted 4-2 on Feb. 25 to reject proposed changes to existing regulations that prohibit smoking inside county buildings.

Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad could be tobacco-free when gates open in May
The Flint Journal - February 25, 2014

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- The steam engine on the Huckleberry Railroad might be the only thing smoking at Crossroads Village this summer

Landlords could ban tenants from smoking or growing medical marijuana under bill
Michigan Radio - February 18, 2014

Some Michigan medical marijuana patients and caregivers could soon be banned from smoking or growing cannabis where they live. A state Senate panel approved a bill on Tuesday that would let landlords decide whether to allow tenants to grow or smoke medical marijuana...

WSA considers tobacco free initiative logos
Western Herald - February 14, 2014

During the meeting, WSA members gave feedback for the campus' new tobacco free initiative logo, presented by Kelsi Feriend, the Student Affairs Chair.

Cigar smokers find space at Socialight in W. Bloomfield
Metromode Media - February 13, 2014

In this era of smoking bans cigar smokers have seen their opportunities to enjoy ... 7, operating under a special license that permits smoking in a public place at ...

DETROIT: Henry Ford Health System supports CVS ban on tobacco ...
Southgate News Herald - February 11, 2014

CVS Caremark announced that it will stop selling cigarettes and other ... all of which oppose tobacco sales in stores that include pharmacies, Szilagyi said.

E-cigarette vapor bar open in Houghton [VIDEO]
ABC 10 News NOW - February 11, 2014

If youre driving down Shelden Avenue in downtown Houghton these days, check out the new shop that just opened up. Its called 906 Vapor and it is an e-cigarette lounge and vapor bar where people go to vape. So whats vaping? The smoke is actually a scented vapor that doesnt have the toxic chemicals that cigarette smoke has. 906 Vapor has quickly become a popular destination.

City council to consider new smoking restrictions
The Michigan Daily - February 10, 2014

Smokers in Ann Arbor may soon find their cigarette breaks a little bit more tedious. A recently proposed ordinance in the Ann Arbor City Council would ban smoking near bus stops and city building entrances a move that public health advocates say would cut down on instances of second hand smoke and protect non-smokers.

Student groups create petition to lift smoking ban
Central Michigan Life - February 9, 2014

Students upset about the impending campus wide smoking ban, set to take effect on July 1, now have an ally with the University Libertarians of Central Michigan University. The campus-wide policy will prohibit the use of any form of tobacco, including traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, hookahs, waterpipes, snus and snuff.

From the Daily: Clearing the air
The Michigan Daily - February 6, 2014

It proposes to ban smoking within 20 feet of entrances, windows or ventilation ... Currently, there is an ordinance banning smoking near building entrances, but ...

No sale on bid to restrict outdoor alcohol and tobacco ads
Herald Palladium (subscription) - February 6, 2014

No sale on bid to restrict outdoor alcohol and tobacco ads ... on Operation Storefront, an effort to limit alcohol and tobacco advertising that could influence teens.

Sponsor of proposed outdoor smoking law in Ann Arbor: 'My goal in this is not to be punitive
MLive.com - February 4, 2014

The Ann Arbor City Council held off on voting on a new outdoor smoking ordinance Monday night, deciding to give other groups a chance to weigh in first. Before postponing the proposal to the council's March 3 meeting, Council Member Chuck Warpehoski, D-5th Ward, stressed his intention with bringing forward the ordinance isn't to have police give smokers a bunch of $50 tickets.

Council Delays Outdoor Smoking Regulations
The Ann Arbor Chronicle - February 3, 2014

A vote on a new ordinance that would prohibit smoking in specific outdoor public areas in Ann Arbor has been postponed by the city council. Made punishable under the ordinance through a $50 civil fine would be smoking within 20 feet of: (1) bus stops; (2) entrances, windows and ventilation systems of the Blake Transit Center; and (3) entrances, windows and ventilation systems any city-owned building. An existing Washtenaw County ordinance already prohibits smoking near entrances, windows and ventilation systems, according to the staff memo accompanying the resolution but the countys ordinance can be enforced only by the county health department. The memo further notes that the Michigan Clean Indoor Air Act does not regulate outdoor smoking. At the Feb. 3 meeting, it was Warpehoski himself who asked for a postponement. Among the reasons he cited were some wording issues that had needed to be cleaned up, as well as the desire to get input from the citys park advisory commission. [.pdf of highlighted proposed ordinance]

Jim Holton named chair of Michigan Restaurant Association's board of directors
The Morning Sun - February 4, 2014

Mt. Pleasant restaurant owner Jim Holton was just named as the chairman of Michigan Restaurant Associations board of directors. He has lobbied with the organization about smoking ban and minimum wage changes in the past, Holton said.

Genesee County health officer says electronic cigarette industry targets young people
Mlive- - January 29, 2014

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- The county's top health officer says he's concerned by minors' unrestricted access to electronic cigarettes here and said sellers are targeting young people with flavored nicotine vapor and advertising

Students weigh in on WMU as a smoke-free campus
Western Herald - January 28, 2014

Western Michigan University is on its way to becoming a tobacco-free campus, and students have weighed in on the measure. Starting Sept. 1, 2014, Western ...

Proposal would loosen Michigan's ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and public venues
Michigan Radio - January 28, 2014

State Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, wants to loosen Michigan's smoking ban. Since 2010, Michigan has had a ban on smoking in restaurants, bars, and public venues. House Bill 5159 would give these businesses the green light to allow smoking on patios and other outdoor areas.

Where there's smoke: 7 things to know about electronic cigarettes and vaping
Michigan Business Review - MLive.com - January 27, 2014

KALAMAZOO, MI -- If you haven't seen it already, don't be surprised when a quick cloud of smoke appears from the man or woman ahead of you in a check-out line or in a some other place that you thought was smoke-free. They will tell you they aren't smoking, they're "vaping."

The basics on e-cigarettes: Where there's smoke, sometimes it's vapor
Mlive Kalamazoo - January 25, 2014

The liquid in refillable e-cigarettes comes in a wide variety of flavoring, and has 0 to ... tobacco products, they do not sell e-cigarette products to people under 18.

As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, the question becomes where can you 'vape'
Michigan Live - January 25, 2014

"Legally, you can 'vape' everywhere," says James Bearup, using the term that electronic cigarette smokers have coined to describe their smoking. "But realistically, it's up to the establishment.

Housing commission buildings to be non-smoking ($$)
Manisteenews - January 22, 2014

MANISTEE Next month, Manistee Housing Commission officials will begin the process of converting its facilities to smoke-free. The move is required of all housing commissions in the nation by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. We operate under the regulations of the U.S. HUD, said MHC executive director Clinton McKinven-Copus.

Two reader arguments for -- and two against -- regulating e ...
Mlive- flint-by Ron Fonger - January 22, 2014

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- County officials are talking about whether to regulate the use of electronic cigarettes and so are readers of MLive-The Flint Journal.

Legislation proposed to ban e-cigarette sales to minors
WHTC - January 22, 2014

Legislation proposed to ban e-cigarette sales to minors ... of Eaton Rapids is seeking to outlaw sales of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.

Muskegon County Commissioners to look into feasibility of banning ...
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.com - January 19, 2014

Several Muskegon County Commissioners said they would support a new regulation that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors during an informal work ...

Falling casino revenue could cost Detroit $10M a year
The Detroit News - January 21, 2014

The city of Detroit stands to lose about $10 million a year in gaming taxes as revenue at Detroits three casinos fell by 4.7 percent last year, the highest year-over-year decline since all three began operating in 2001. Detroit casinos have been hurt by the arrival of smoke-free operations in Ohio most notably the Hollywood Casino Toledo, which opened in May 2012.

DEARBORN: Cigar bar to open in March in old Cheli's building
Dearborn Press and Guide - January 21, 2014

Under city ordinance, commission Vice Chairwoman Nancy Siwik said, the smoke can't leave the building, though during warmer months, smokers can use the ...

Should Electronic Cigarettes Be Banned In Public Places?
WLNS - January 20, 2014

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) - Officials in Genesee County are considering pushing for new restrictions on electronic cigarettes that could end with the devices being banned in places like bars and resturaunts.

Smoking banned near playground
Marquette Mining Journal - January 6, 2014

ESCANABA - The controversy over whether to ban smoking at a new playground in Escanaba has been resolved. The Escanaba City Council at Thursday's ...

Tobacco Ban: WMU faculty, students share next steps
Western Herald - January 5, 2014

Before Western Michigan University becomes tobacco-free in just nine short months, there are many steps the implementation committee must take. WMUs Board of Trustees unanimously approved a ban on tobacco in December 2013, that subsequently prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, chew and other non-combustible tobacco products across all campus property beginning September 2014. ...

Esky says no to smoking in park
Escanaba Daily Press - January 3, 2014

ESCANABA - The controversy of whether or not to ban smoking at a new playground in Escanaba was resolved at Thursday's regular council meeting. On Thursday, council voted 3-1 in favor of prohibiting smoking at the new John D. Besse Park constructed this summer on the corner of 8th Avenue South and South 30th Street. ...

Editorial: Failure to fund tobacco prevention costs lives
Battle Creek Enquirer - December 17, 2013

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and four other organizations released a report Dec. 9 that ranks Michigan 44th nationwide in funding programs to help prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit.

Northern Michigan University to go tobacco free
UpperMichigansSource.com - December 13, 2013

Northern Michigan University is the latest U.P. campus to go tobacco-free. The NMU Board of Trustees Friday approved the decision and set the effective date for August 1, 2014. An NMU work group performed extensive research into the decision over the past six months. They held student surveys and evaluated other universities policies in the state. The ban includes not only cigarettes but chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. Enforcement of the new policy will be included in teacher and staff contracts and the current student code of conduct. The university says the first step is getting the word out.

Tobacco-free campus proposal presented
Eastern Echo - December 12, 2013

During the student affairs meeting, EMU students Rebecca Frank and Katelyn Coberley presented a tobacco-free campus proposal. Frank said the outcome of ...

Genesee County Health Department recognized for its work to ...
The Flint Journal - December 10, 2013

Through the Tobacco Free Parks and Beaches initiative, jurisdictions can receive technical assistance to help make their parks tobacco-free, according to a ...

TO THE EDITOR: State shouldn't backtrack on smoke-free workplace rules
Southgate News Herald - December 10, 2013

More than a decade of work was done before Michigan finally adopted smoke-free workplaces' legislation. The final bill was supported by a broad coalition of ...

Brian Dickerson: Relax Michigan's ban? What are you smoking!?
Detroit Free Press - December 10, 2013

Is Michigan's 4-year-old restaurant smoking ban giving our state an unsavory ... asserts in an e-mail championing an initiative to relax restrictions on smoking in ...

TO THE EDITOR: State shouldn't backtrack on smoke-free workplace rules
Southgate News Herald - December 9, 2013

More than a decade of work was done before Michigan finally adopted smoke-free workplaces' legislation. The final bill was supported by a broad coalition of ...

Proposed bill re-visits smoking ban
Port Huron Times Herald - December 8, 2013

Smoky restaurants and smoky bars its only been a few years, but having the choice to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section of a restaurant seems like a distant memory now. Today, smokers must walk outside or leave the premises to indulge in their tobacco habit.

Michigan considers restricting electronic cigarette sales, but health advocates dont like proposals
MLive.com - December 6, 2013

LANSING Bipartisan bills in the Michigan Legislature would ban minors under the age 18 from purchasing or using electronic cigarettes. But some major ...

Western Michigan University Board of Trustees approves new tobacco-free policy
Mlive Kalamazoo - December 5, 2013

As of next September, no one will be allowed to light up on Western Michigan University's property. All tobacco use including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, chew and other smokeless products will be banned under a policy approved Thursday by WMU's Board of Trustees. The vote passed unanimously.

Board of Trustees to discuss tobacco-free policy, 2014-15 apartment rates
Western Herald - December 5, 2013

Western Michigan University's Board of Trustees will be discussing the possible move to a tobacco-free campus at the last meeting of the year on Dec. 5. Trustees will consider the tobacco-free policy, which if passed would make WMU tobacco-free as of September 2014, joining just over 700 U.S. colleges with a tobacco-free policy, according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation.

Tobacco-free survey results in
North Wind Online - December 5, 2013

Results from the tobacco-free survey administered two weeks ago at Northern Michigan University were released before Thanksgiving break, revealing that ...

WMU Board of Trustees: Tobacco-free campus, president's ...
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com - December 4, 2013

KALAMAZOO, MI — Western Michigan University could become tobacco-free as of September 2014, if the Board of Trustees approves a policy under ...

ASNMU spreads word of tobacco-free survey
North Wind Online - November 7, 2013

ASNMU is also working alongside the NMU Administration to conduct the survey for a tobacco-free campus.

Tobacco-free policy considered
North Wind Online - November 7, 2013

NMU administrators have begun taking steps towards implementing a 100 percent tobacco-free policy for NMUs campus, having released a campus-wide survey to collect feedback from NMU students, faculty and staff earlier this week. According to the United States Department of Education, 1,159 universities and colleges nationwide have implemented a smoke-free policy for their campuses. 774 of those are completely tobacco free.

Students able to influence change
North Wind Online - November 7, 2013

This week, a survey is being offered to NMU students to voice their opinions regarding the possible implementation of a smoking ban on campus. The survey is a ...

Coalition sponsors seminars by tobacco control expert
Sault Ste. Marie (MI) Evening News - November 6, 2013

three seminars featuring Dr. Tom Peterson, a leading expert in adverse health conditions from direct or indirect exposure to smoking tobacco as well as developing and implementing smoke-free environments.

Tobacco-free policy aimed at education, not punishment
Central Michigan Life - November 6, 2013

Central Michigan University's decision to prohibit tobacco use on campus, it appears the measure presents little deterrent to smokers who wish to defy it.

Should NMU campus go tobacco free?
Marquette Mining Journal - November 5, 2013

MARQUETTE - Should Northern Michigan University be a tobacco-free campus? That's a question university officials are hoping the students, faculty and staff of NMU will answer this week after an email survey was sent out to all NMU students and employees on the topic.

NMU considers going tobacco-free
ABC 10 News NOW - November 4, 2013

Northern Michigan University is considering becoming a tobaccofree campus.

Editorial: Tobacce-free policy meddlesome
North Wind Online - October 31, 2013

There are currently 792 campuses in the United States that are 100 percent tobacco free. For most university campuses, this means no cigarettes, no chewing tobacco, no e-cigarettes and, ultimately, no exceptions. An additional 385 campuses nationwide are 100 percent smokefree, which prohibits just cigars and cigarettes, but not chewing tobacco or e-Cigarettes. ..

Central Michigan University to become tobacco free on July 1
The Morning Sun - October 30, 2013

Central Michigan University will join nearly 800 other tobacco-free colleges and universities across the nation July 1, 2014, as part of its commitment to providing a healthy environment for learning, living and working.

Michigan University To Ban Smoking, Tobacco From Campus
WLNS - October 30, 2013

Central Michigan University's current smoke-free policy has been in effect since 1992, prohibiting smoking in all buildings and university vehicles, as well as ...

CMU will be smoke-free campus in July 2014
Central Michigan Life - October 30, 2013

Under the university's current smoke-free policy, which has been in effect since 1992, smoking is permitted outside university buildings at a minimum distance of ...

MI Representative to Introduce No Smoking in Vehicles Bill
WILX-TV - October 24, 2013

LANSING State Representative Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) announced a new bill on October 23 to limit the use of tobacco products in motor vehicles. The bill would make it illegal to light a tobacco product in a vehicle when someone under the age of 18 is in the vehicle.

Lawmaker aims to restrict smoking in vehicles
UpperMichigansSource.com - October 24, 2013

LANSING (AP) -- A lawmaker wants to limit the use of tobacco products in motor vehicles in Michigan when children are present. Singh tells MLive.com that the bill would amend the Michigan Vehicle Code to make smoking in the presence of a minor a primary offense, meaning an officer ...

Mobile smoking ban? Michigan lawmaker wants to stop parents from ...
MLive.com - October 23, 2013

LANSING, MI -- A Michigan lawmaker wants to protect kids by taking the state's smoking ban on the road.

Outdoor smoking ordinance could make Ann Arbor parks smoke-free
Ann Arbor News - October 23, 2013

A man takes a drag from a cigarette on South University Avenue. A new city ordinance being proposed would place limits on outdoor smoking in Ann Arbor.

Tobacco Reduction Coalition annual meeting set for Monday
Midland Daily News - September 28, 2013

The public is invited to hear Angela Clock of Tobacco Free Michigan speak on “Update on Tobacco Control Progress and 2014 Plans” at noon on Sept. 30 at the ...

Michigan Senate votes to increase fines for selling tobacco to minors ...
Daily Journal - September 26, 2013

Michigan law now prohibits selling, giving or furnishing a tobacco product to a minor. Minors also cannot buy or possess tobacco or use it in a public place.

City council sends tobacco and e-cigarettes up in smoke
Hastings Banner - September 26, 2013

Hastings City Council wasn't just blowing smoke when members discussed banning electronic cigarettes and tobacco use in Riverside Cemetery, all municipal ...

State Senate bill imposes tough penalties, fines for minors caught ...
Lansing State Journal - September 26, 2013

It also prohibits a minor from buying, possessing or using tobacco products in a public place. Tobacco products are defined as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, ...

Blowing Smoke: A look at OU's Non-Smoking Policy
Oaklandpostonline - September 23, 2013

OU's smoking ban, Policy 475, began Sept. 1, but smokers can still be spotted puffing away throughout campus. Smoke typically wafts through the air outside of ...

Department of Community Health Warns Against E-Cigarettes
WILX-TV - September 25, 2013

"We actually went non-smoking one year prior to the ban," said Vanis, Co-Owner of Coral Gables. "We were finding that more and more of our customers were ...

Erin Somerlott: Tips to topple youth tobacco use
Battle Creek Enquirer - September 24, 2013

Far too many of our children are still using tobacco and are being exposed to the health harms from secondhand smoke exposure. Fortunately, there are a lot of ...

Paek, H.J.; Hove, T.; Oh, H.J., "Multilevel analysis of the impact of school-level tobacco policies on adolescent smoking: the case of Michigan," Journal of School Health 83(10): 679-689, October 2013.

In efforts to curb and prevent youth smoking, school tobacco policies have become an important and effective strategy. This study explores the degrees and types of tobacco-free school policy (TFSP) enforcement that are associated with adolescent smoking. ... This study theoretically and methodologically guides researchers to test TFSP effectiveness in other states. Three strategic implications emerge: (1) schools should provide a consistent antismoking message in smoke-free environments; (2) schools should integrate TFSP into a comprehensive tobacco control initiative, including community-wide tobacco control programs and messages; and (3) the way a specific TFSP is promoted and communicated could determine how effective it is.

Tech tobacco-free policy extends to campus visitors
Daily Mining Gazette - September 20, 2013

HOUGHTON - On Sept. 3, Michigan Technological University went tobacco-free. Multiple signs are posted around campus to remind student, staff, faculty and ...

City bans smoking in three parks; considering city-wide ban
Hastings Banner - September 12, 2013

City bans smoking in three parks; considering city-wide ban / 9-12-13 ... Monday unanimously approved an ordinance banning smoking in 1st Ward Park and ... Smoking is already banned in and around city hall, and Hastings Public Library; ...

West Bloomfield Smoking Lounge Ordinance Moves Forward
Patch.com - September 11, 2013

West Bloomfield Township officials on Monday introduced new rules for smoking lounges, after extending a May 20 moratorium enacted to give officials time to set up regulations for those businesses.

Partial smoking ban in county parks gets approval by just one vote
The Morning Sun - September 5, 2013

The Gratiot County Board of Commissioners narrowly approved a measure to make certain parts of the county's parks smoke-free zones. Parks Director Peter ...

Michigan Tech campus goes tobacco-free
Iron Mountain Daily News - September 4, 2013

HOUGHTON, Mich. (AP) Classes started this week at Michigan Technological University on what's now a tobacco-free campus. WLUC-TV reports ...

MLive readers divided on change to Michigan's smoke-free law
Bay City Times - September 3, 2013

A recent change to Michigans smoke-free law is dividing MLive readers. Some say it's a good thing, others that it's a step in the wrong direction. Because of the change announced Monday, Aug. 19, and effective immediately, smokers can light up on outdoor patios and rooftops at some bars and restaurants as long as food service and preparation or drinking is not taking place there at the time.

Editorial: New interpretation of state's smoke-free law should keep patrons happy and businesses busy
Bay City Times - September 1, 2013

Hester_S_smoking bars_001.JPG Jeff Gawrych, 30, of Bay City smokes a Black and Mild cigarette outside J.B. Meinberg/Woody O'Briens on their porch area ...

Midland Council Reviews Non-Smoking Petition
WSGW - August 27, 2013

Midland City Council took no action Monday on a petition seeking non-smoking designations for public playgrounds and beaches. Council decision came following receipt of the 110 signatures from a Midland County Tobacco Reduction Coalition petition circulated earlier this year. Council cited cost, as well as an inability to enforce as factors.

Midland City Council says no to ban on smoking
Midland Daily News - August 27, 2013

The City of Midland will continue to allow people to smoke around children in local playgrounds and beaches despite a petition from the Midland County ...

Some Bay City, Saginaw bars, will, others won't lessen smoking restrictions on oudoor patios
The Bay City Times - MLive.com - August 26, 2013

SAGINAW, MI Smokers now can light up on outdoor patios and rooftops at some bars and restaurants, according to a new interpretation of Michigans smoke-free law a change some businesses in Saginaw and Bay counties are taking advantage of.

Smoking Bans in Michigan are Here to Stay
Michigan Policy Network (blog) - August 16, 2013

Representative Douglas Geiss of Taylor recently introduced House Bill 4536, which would weaken the ban on smoking in Michigan public areas. Rep. Geiss says Michigans current legislation treats smokers like dogs (Anders) by forcing them to stand outside in the cold and rain to enjoy a cigarette. Therefore, his bill asks for more lenient regulations against bars and clubs. The bill is a well thought out approach for smokers to have a private smoking room which would close an hour before normal business hours to allow time to vent out before any employees would have to go in for cleaning or maintenance (Anders). Yet, this legislation has already failed twice before in attempt to gain support from the Michigan House and Senate. This may be because of the American Cancer Societys strong opposition to lifting any bans, or to the rising public support for the ban.

Michigan tries to be clearer about smoking ban on restaurant, bar ...
Detroit Free Press - August 19, 2013

LANSING, MICH. State regulators are clarifying the no-smoking rule at bars and restaurants with outdoor seating. Owners can allow smoking on patios and ...

Michigan city's ordinance restricts medical marijuana use in homes
Detroit Free Press - August 14, 2013

A new ordinance in Jackson will require medical marijuana users and caregivers to use only 20 percent of their homes for drug use and cultivation.

Feedback: Talk of easing Michigan smoking ban ignites debate
Detroit Free Press August 12, 2013

Should the Legislature relax Michigan's smoking ban and allow smoking on restaurant patios? Readers weighed in on Freep.com and letters to the editor:.

Ferndale City Council to Consider Marijuana Legalization Petition
Patch.com - August 12, 2013

The Ferndale City Council will consider a petition to legalize marijuana ... 21 or older to possess up to one ounce of marijuana on private property within the city.

Auburn Hills lawmakers say no to smoking lounges
Daily Oakland (MI) Press - August 9, 2013

The council adopted a moratorium on new smoking lounges in order to study there impact -- including hookah bars -- in the city for 180 days or until an ordinance is adopted in the future. The resolution comes as a response to increased complaints the Aub

In Michigan, Lansing Mayor Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative
IVN News - August 9, 2013

The Lansing initiative differs from that of Grand Rapids recent decriminalization, which made possession a civil infraction punishable by a fine. As we mentioned before, under Lansings proposal, possession, consumption and transference of up to an ounce of marijuana by individuals that are a minimum of 21 years old on private property would be permissible.

Restaurant Association To No Longer Fight Smoking Ban
WLNS - August 8, 2013

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - One of the staunch opponents of Michigan's three year old smoking ban has dropped its opposition to the law. The Michigan Restaurant Association has decided it will not try to alter the legislation. The Bar Owners Association has not given up on trying to change the law, but a source contends it is a low priority and not being pushed at this time.

Michigan businesses forced to go smoke-free seeing positive results
The Detroit News - August 8, 2013

Michael and Kris Fisher of Milan, Ohio, and daughter Leighann Fisher, center, of Salt Lake City, Utah, eat dinner at Cafe Felix in Ann Arbor. The cafe's owner has ...

Kenneth Elmassian: Don't reignite health risks by relaxing Michgans smoking ban
Detroit Free Press - August 8, 2013

Michigan recently celebrated the third anniversary of that Smoke-Free Air Law, and the results for patients, employees and patrons have been spectacular. Families are enjoying the smoke-free air, and employees are working in dramatically safer conditions. So it was surprising to learn that new legislation in Lansing is attempting to carve scores of exemptions into the law, undoing the progress weve made and, worse, threatening the health and lives of families across Michigan.

VFW commander seeks to improve membership
Romeo Observer - August 7, 2013

As the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #2052 receives renovations to its building, the new commander hopes the perception of the organization changes for the better as well. He said he isn't trying to do anything largely different than previous commanders, but does want to get the word out to increase membership. Along with improving the building, he said the hall will officially become a non-smoking facility. "We want to get more people back into the club," he said.

Updated smoking policy is a pain in the ashtray
Oaklandpostonline - August 7, 2013

Oakland Universitys updated Non-Smoking Policy 475, updated November 2012, will officially be underway as of the Fall 2013 semester. Smoking, which OU defines as the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or any other matter or substance that contains Tobacco [sic], will be completely banned on the campus grounds.

Oakland's smoking ban is not a smoker's choice
Oaklandpostonline - August 6, 2013

With the start of the Fall 2013 semester, Oakland University will be smoke-free. Here's what you need to know: The non-smoking policy, Policy 475, states: ...

Poll: More Colleges and Universities Tobacco-Free
UpperMichigansSource.com - August 2, 2013

Finlandia University announced on Thursday that it is now tobacco-free. "The decision to institute this policy was in response to urging from students, student groups, and employees, as well as in response to state and national trends, ...

Finlandia University goes tobacco free
UpperMichigansSource.com - August 1, 2013

HANCOCK -- Finlandia University announced on Thursday that it is now tobacco-free.

Medical marijuana ordinance in Jackson fails the clear-and-sensible ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - July 18, 2013

Jackson City Council should not forget one fact while scratching its itch to regulate medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is legal. Remember? Medical marijuana advocates threaten to file suit if the ordinance is adopted, and at least three provisions jump out as questionable. One: Renters who legally use medical marijuana would be required to obtain permission from landlords. Its difficult to fathom how the council imagines it has authority to demand anyones permission before patients can use what is supposed to be a medical treatment. Medical confidentiality is protected by many rules and laws, and they are not trumped by landlords or city councils. Two: Medical marijuana use would be allowed in no more than 20 percent of the gross floor area of any home. No one explains why 20 percent is a magic number, so the restriction looks entirely arbitrary. And if medical marijuana is used legally, we fail to see how it can be illegal in 80 percent of a patients home. Three: Medical marijuana could not be used on property where highly explosive or combustible materials are stored. Fire hazard seems a rather obvious pretext to limit medical marijuana rights. Virtually every home stores some highly combustible materials, such as paint thinner, and Jackson does not ban matches, candles, cigars, or other potential ignition sources.

Western Michigan University considers going tobacco-free
The Detroit News - July 18, 2013

Western Michigan University may join a long list of campuses that have become tobacco-free. A committee formed to examine the issue recommended Thursday to the Board of Trustees that the campus go tobacco-free on Sept. 1, 2014. Nationally, 1,182 campuses are 100 percent tobacco-free, according to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, which tracks the issue.

Group presents its tobacco-free campus recommendation
WMU News - July 18, 2013

A committee formed to study the possibility of turning Western Michigan University into a tobacco-free campus unveiled its affirmative recommendation during the July 18 meeting of the WMU Board of Trustees.

Western Michigan University proposes going tobacco-free as of ...
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com - July 18, 2013

KALAMAZOO, MI Western Michigan University could become a tobacco-free campus as soon as September 2014, if a plan recommended at Thursday's Board ...

Sands Twp. cited for smoke-free park
Marquette Mining Journal - June 29, 2013

Sands Township was recently recognized for designating its outdoor recreation area tobacco free.

Highbrow Meets Lowbrow at the MGM Grand Detroit
Curbed National - June 28, 2013

The smoking indoors, while limited to just the casino floor, is pretty aggressive. ... And there are just as many interesting characters in Las Vegas casinos as ...

Vapor cigarettes banned from RU schools
Detroit (MI) Observer & Eccentric Newspapers - June 16, 2013

A creative way for users to smoke has forced the Redford Union school board to add a new item under the district anti-tobacco policy. At Monday's meeting, the board unanimously agreed to add vapor smoke to the list of banned tobacco products at Redford

Clawson nurse fires up e-cigarette business
Royal Oak (MI) Daily Tribune - June 16, 2013

Leonard Kincaid, a registered nurse from Clawson, enjoys an e-cigarette inside his store, Vaporcraft. He decided to open the store in his hometown after kicking a 25-year cigarette habit using e-cigarettes

Dearborn Council Rescinds Smoking Ban at Oakwood Hospital
Patch.com - June 12, 2013

A smoking ban at Oakwood Hospital has been temporarily lifted until the ... the Dearborn City Council revoked an ordinance that bans smoking within 100 feet of ...

Hookah moratorium is not necessary
Livingston Daily - June 5, 2013

Still, the Brighton Township Board of Trustees is treading in troubling waters by implementing a 60-day moratorium on new applications for hookah lounges in its ...

Moratorium Adopted on New Hookah Lounge Applications in ...
WHMI - June 4, 2013

6/4/13 - The Brighton Township Board met Monday night to discuss a new hookah lounge. In a 6-1 vote, members approved a 60-day moratorium on accepting ...

Hookah applications halted
Livingston Daily - June 4, 2013

As Livingston County's first hookah lounge prepares to open, the Brighton Township Board of Trustees on Monday adopted a 60-day moratorium on new ...

First smoke-free park in Marquette county
UpperMichigansSource.com - June 5, 2013

SANDS TOWNSHIP -- Sands Township park is the first in Marquette county to be designated smoke-free. A ceremony Tuesday officially recognized the park as a tobacco-free area. The Sault tribe received a grant for $2.5 million, and they're using it to help make more recreation areas smoke-free.

Community Health Center of Branch County institutes smoking ban for employees
WNWN-FM - June 4, 2013

COLDWATER, MI (WTVB) - If you are a smoker, dont bother applying for a job at the Community Health Center of Branch County, where a new tougher tobacco product use policy that will take effect this fall will also totally ban current and future employees from smoking while on break during their work shifts. The revised policy approved at last nights hospital board meeting updates the smoke free campus guidelines that were put in place eight years ago.

DEARBORN: Council moves toward lifting smoking ban within 100 ...
Dearborn Press and Guide - June 2, 2013

The smoking ban within 100 feet of the Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center ... that bans smoking within 100 feet of a school or hospital; the second reading,

DEARBORN: Council moves toward lifting smoking ban within 100 ...
Dearborn Press and Guide - May 30, 2013

The ban at Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center that has pushed smokers into the surrounding neighborhood might be lifted in the near future. The City Council voted 7-0 Tuesday to approve the first reading of a change in the ordinance that bans smoking within 100 feet of a school or hospital; the second reading, which will change the ordinance, could happen at its next meeting at 7:30 p.m. June 11 at City Hall, 13615 Michigan Ave. The change would keep schools as part of the ordinance, but remove hospitals, which would allow smokers to again congregate on the sidewalk in front of the hospital, 18101 Oakwood Blvd.

Hospital to be a smoke-free campus
The Hillsdale Daily News - May 30, 2013

In a continuing effort to better the health of its patients and visitors, the Hillsdale Community Health Center will become a smoke-free campus as of June 1. JJ Hodshire, director of organizational development for HCHC, said the hospital has been working to go smoke-free for the last several years. ..

Smoking close to the door?
Grand Haven Tribune - May 29, 2013

The Michigan law that went into effect three years ago prohibits smoking inside all public places and food-service establishments, with just a few exceptions like casinos. Smoking is allowed outside, but the state law is silent on distance requirements.

West Bloomfield, Southfield look to regulate smoking lounges
Oakland Press - May 23, 2013

West Bloomfield has decided to take a timeout on approving smoking lounges for the next 180 days. The public is concerned about the number of hookah bars and cigar bars since the township currently has no regulations. We need to study the issue, said West Bloomfield Supervisor Michele Economou Ureste. This past month Troy City Council set rules that establishments featuring the Arabic water pipe filled with flavored tobacco must close a midnight. The council also froze the number of licenses at five. Police Chief Gary Mayer says the citys three hookah bars tally a very disproportionate share of police calls.

Tribal Grant Group Will Celebrate City's Tobacco-free Parks
St. Ignace News (subscription)-May 23, 2013

A ceremony will celebrate St. Ignace's policy of making its parks tobacco free Tuesday, May 28, at 3 p.m. in Chief Wawatam Park. The public is welcome.

Smoking declines after UM campus ban
HealthCanal.com - May 9, 2013

ANN ARBORA campus survey reveals a reduction in tobacco use by faculty and staff members roughly a year after the University of Michigan banned smoking on the grounds of its three campuses. It also shows a community that largely supports the smoke-free campus policy and that has noticed a difference in the level of smoking on campus. Results from two groups faculty/staff and studentsrevealed some had taken advantage of the policy's implementation as a time to quit or cut back.

Majority on University of Michigan's campus support smoking ban
AnnArbor.com - May 9, 2013

According to the survey, 82.7 percent of students and 88.8 percent of faculty and staff said they supported a smoke-free campus. Seventy-two percent of faculty ...

New ordinance prohibits smoking within 100 feet of county buildings
C&G Newspapers - April 30, 2013

MACOMB COUNTY It used to be that people werent allowed to smoke inside county buildings; soon, they wont be allowed to smoke anywhere near them. The Macomb County Board of Commissioners adopted a new ordinance on April 25, prohibiting individuals from smoking within 100 feet of any entrances, exits, windows and air intakes at all county-owned facilities. Anyone who violates the ordinance can be charged with a civil infraction punishable by a fine of $100 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense and $500 for a third or subsequent offense within a 12-month period. The board approved the smoking ordinance by a 10-3 margin, with commissioners Joe Sabatini, James Carabelli and Bob Smith casting the dissenting votes.

Macomb County smoking ban approved: County ordinance will prohibit smoking within 100 feet of doors, windows of city buildings
WDIV Detroit - April 26, 2013

The new ordinance prohibits lighting up within 100 feet of entryways in county owned and operated buildings. It also prohibits smoking near windows that can be opened and air intake systems. The ban will apply to cigarettes, cigars and pipes. ...

Michigan resident joins CDC anti-smoking campaign
Midland Daily News - April 24, 2013

... the story of how real people's lives were changed forever due to their smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, and this year feature a Michigan resident. ...

Macomb County moves step closer to outdoor smoking ban
The Macomb Daily - April 23, 2013

A strict ban on outdoor smoking near Macomb County government buildings moved forward on Monday as a Board of Commissioners committee unanimously approved the proposed ordinance.

Local groups work together to raise health awareness on Earth Day
Sault Ste. Marie Evening News - April 21, 2013

Chippewa County -- On April 22, more than one billion people around the globe will participate in Earth Day 2013 and help Mobilize the Earth. People of all nationalities and backgrounds will voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. Together, Earth Day participants will stand united for a sustainable future and call upon individuals, organizations, and governments to do their part. As part of that effort locally, the Chippewa County Health Department (CCHD) and the Sault Tribe Community Transformation Grant Project, partners of the Chippewa County Tobacco-Free Living Coalition, will continue to highlight the importance of tobacco-free parks and outdoor recreation areas on and around Earth Day to call attention to the harmful effects that tobacco litter has on both the environment and on public health.

Law would allow some easing of Michigan's smoking ban
WKZO - April 19, 2013

LANSING (WKZO) -- A bill is being introduced in the Michigan House that would make some changes to the state's smoking ban to allow for a little more leeway ...

The Perspective: Take a hit: Students puff up controversy
my.hsj.org - April 19, 2013

No smoke, no tobacco, no problem? Wrong. "E-cigarettes are not allowed on campus, and there is a consequence for using one at school or at a school-sponsored event," said Cheri Steckel, Plymouth High School prinicpal. Students have been spotted using e-cigarettes on the paths, in the cafeteria and even in classes, but that will not be tolerated, according to administration. Electronic cigarettes produce vapors that contain carcinogen nicotine, the main addictive ingredient that is found in cigarettes. An e-cigarette is a ...

New bill would weaken Michigan's smoking ban
WXYZ - April 17, 2013

What do you think about Michigan’s smoking ban? Does it go too far? One state lawmaker is saying yes. Representative Douglas Geiss of Taylor believes exceptions should be made for private clubs and VFW halls. He's introduced a bill that would allow smoking to ...

Live chat now on smoking ban: Join Rep. Doug Geiss, American ...
Mlive- flint- April 16, 2013

Michigan's smoking ban is still a hot topic three years after it went into effect. Join MLive today at noon for a live chat with Democratic Rep. Doug Geiss, who ...

Michigan smoking ban goes too far, lawmaker says
MLive.com - April 15, 2013

LANSING, MI -- Rep. Doug Geiss isn't giving up on his fight to carve out some exemptions to Michigan's smoking ban. …

SC4 ponders smoke-free campus
Port Huron Times Herald - April 8, 2013

St. Clair County Community College students may not smoke within 20 feet of campus buildings. Kathleen Fraley and members of the college’s wellness committee want to smokers even farther away from the doors of SC4. Fraley will propose a campuswide smoking ban to the SC4 Board of Trustees at its 4:30 p.m. Thursday meeting. The board meets in room 150 of the M-TEC building. …

Electronic cigarette store hopes to help smokers quit
Tuscola Today - April 8, 2013

CARO ­ Ron Stack and A Clean Cigarette are serious enough about getting smokers to kick the habit that they’re willing to buy your tobacco. In return, they invite you to give one of their electronic cigarettes a try. …

Grand Valley Lanthorn – April 7, 2013

While discussion around a smoke-free campus is illogical, following the Student Senate’s adoption of a resolution advocating designated smoking areas, on-campus smokers should remain respectful of their surroundings ... According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundations, there are currently 1,161 colleges and universities in the U.S. with smoke or tobacco-free policies, 33 of those are in the state of Michigan. …

Student Senate passes resolution to limit smoking areas
Grand Valley Lanthorn - April 7, 2013

... throughout the GVSU campus at its final meeting Thursday. The resolution is to: “Encourage the official designation of smoking areas on Grand Valley State University’s Allendale Campus, thereby protecting students, faculty, and staff from exposure to secondhand smoke and reducing the amount of litter on campus.” …

Four Winds Casino Dowagiac to open on April 30
Mlive Kalamazoo - April 1, 2013

… A non-smoking area will accommodate about 20 slot machines. ... Matt Harkness, general manager of the Four Winds Casinos, said, “We feel that Four Winds ...

Macomb County eyes outdoor smoking ban
The Macomb Daily - March 26, 2013

Outdoor smoking would be banned within 100 feet of doors and windows of all Macomb County government buildings, under an ordinance eyed by the county Board of Commissioners. …

Smoking Will Be Banned on OU Campus This Fall
Rochester-Rochester Hills (MI) Patch.com - March 25, 2013

Starting this fall, Oakland University will join 21 other Michigan colleges and universities in becoming a smoke-free campus. … According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, as of the beginning of 2013, at least 1,129 campuses across the country were entirely smoke free, including 22 colleges and universities in Michigan. Oakland Community College has a smoke-free policy; so does the University of Michigan. Michigan State University and Wayne State University do not. …

Michigan Department of Community Health encourages schools to adopt smoke-free policies
Oakland Press - March 21, 2013

LANSING ­ Each year, youth across the country take part in Kick Butts Day, a nationwide initiative that helps kids become leaders in the effort to stop youth tobacco use. For Kick Butts Day 2013, Mar. 20, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) is celebrating the voluntary adoption of strong tobacco-free school policies across the state. The Michigan Tobacco Free Schools Act (PA 140 of 1993) prohibits tobacco use by anyone inside buildings at all times, but tobacco use is permitted outside on district property after 6pm and on weekends. …

More Lansing rental properties going smoke-free
WKAR-March 19, 2013

In mid-Michigan, the managers of a local apartment complex are marking the day by celebrating their recent status as a smoke-free property. Current State talks ...

Letters: Second-hand smoke especially dangerous to kids
MLive.com - March 12, 2013

Children exposed to secondhand smoke are inhaling many of the same cancer-causing substances as smokers. Secondhand smoke has more than 50 carcinogens, poisonous chemicals such as formaldehyde (used to embalm dead bodies), arsenic (used in pesticides), ammonia (found in household cleaner) and hydrogen cyanide (used in chemical weapons) seep into their lungs. …

12 views on a smoking ban in Grand Rapids city parks
Grand Rapids Press - March 8, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - The City Commission spent a half-hour Tuesday, March 5, hearing a proposal to ban tobacco from public parks. You can watch video of the proceedings here (starting at about the 43-minute mark) and check out an MLive editorial on the matter here. …

Smoking ban in Grand Rapids parks is worth discussing as we decide public's role in promoting health
MLive.com - March 8, 2013

There is a fine line between being a “nanny state” and protecting residents while being good stewards of city resources. Grand Rapids has the opportunity for a discussion about where that line gets drawn. …

Should Grand Rapids ban smoking, tobacco from city parks?
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com-by Matt Vande Bunte-March 6, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - A "Coalition for Tobacco Free Parks in Grand Rapids" wants the city to ban smoking in public recreation areas. Representatives of the ...

Kuiper, N.M.; Frantz, K.E.; Cotant, M.; Babb, S.; Jordan, J.; Phelan, M., "Newspaper coverage of implementation of the Michigan smoke-free law: lessons learned," Health Promotion Practice [Epub ahead of print], February 28, 2013.

Objective. To examine whether newspaper coverage of the Michigan smoke-free law was favorable or hostile, contained positive messages that had been disseminated by public health groups, contained negative messages, and differed across regions. Method. Articles about the smoke-free law in print or online editions of Michigan newspapers the month immediately before and after the law took effect were identified and were coded for tone, positive messages contained in media outreach materials, and negative messages commonly disseminated by smoke-free law opponents. Results. A total of 303 print and online articles were identified; the majority were coded as "both positive and negative" (34%) or "mainly positive" in tone (32%). Of 303 articles, 75% contained at least one pro-law message and 56% contained at least one anti-law message. The most common pro-law messages were information about enforcement of the law (52%) and the benefits of smoke-free air (48%); the most common anti-law messages were about potential negative economic impact (36%), government intrusion/overreach (31%), and difficulties with enforcement (28%). Conclusions. Public health departments and partners play an important role in implementation of smoke-free laws by providing the public, businesses, and other stakeholders with clear and accurate rationale, provisions, and impacts of these policies.

Smoke ban fizzles out after dark
Port Huron Times Herald - February 19, 2013

Port Huron-Area Bar Owner: "I want to address the smoking ban. Wouldn't it be nice if the drunken driving laws were only enforced from 8 to 5, five days a week? There's no smoking-ban enforcement after those hours. Please don't give the number to call the health department again. It's a joke."

New Form of Cigarette Banned at Trenton Public Schools
Patch.com-February 14, 2013

Electronic cigarettes contain a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine, which turns ... The carrying by a person of a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other lighted ...

McLaren Bay Region was first McLaren campus to go smoke free
Bay City Times-February 5, 2013

BAY CITY, MI — NNearly seven years ago, the former Bay Regional Medical Center kicked smokers to the curb as the first McLaren-affiliated campus to go smoke ...

Dearborn City Hearing on Oakwood Smoking Ban Set for Thursday
Dearborn (MI) Patch.com - February 5, 2013

A public hearing will be held Thursday, Feb. 7, to address concerns surrounding a no-smoking policy on the Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center campus. …

Smokers need not apply: Flint-based McLaren Health Care institutes ...
The Flint Journal - MLive.com - February 5, 2013

GENESEE COUNTY, MI -- There are no butts about how serious McLaren Health Care is taking the issue of tobacco use with new employees. … Job applicants must also no longer be using smoking-cessation products, like ... employer is restricting the chance of someone getting a job, Anderson said. …

City commission turns down no-smoking in parks ordinance ($$)
Your Daily Globe.com - January 29, 2013

IRONWOOD - A proposed smoking ban in city parks was defeated by the Ironwood City Commission Monday evening on a 2-3 vote. …

Questions remain for proposed smoking ban
Ironwood (MI) Daily Globe - Jan 15, 2013

Several members of the public criticized a proposed tobacco ban for Ironwood city parks Monday night, as did a majority of the Ironwood City Commission.

Commission holds public hearing on tobacco ban today
Ironwood (MI) Daily Globe - January 14, 2013

The Ironwood City Commission tonight will hold a public hearing on - and possibly enact - a ban on tobacco use in almost all city parks. …

Mount Pleasant Meadows feeling 'booted out' after pocket-veto of ...
The Saginaw News - MLive.com-by Jessica Haynes - January 14, 2013

Midland resident Ray Poirier prefers real horses, but he would have given gambling machines a chance had Gov. Rick Snyder not pocket-vetoed legislation that would have allowed them. … The smoking ban of 2010 has had an impact, Christensen said. “Somehow it got switched, and now it (smoking) is only in casinos. We got booted out. It's just ...

VIDEO: Ottawa County campuses become smoke free
WZZM 13 Box Z (Grand Rapids, MI) - January 8, 2013

Starting this year, smoking is banned from all county campuses, as part of an effort to reduce healthcare costs. Ottawa County Administrator Al Vanderberg hopes employees and others who visit county properties get the message. ...

Tobacco-free campus proposal rejected
Daily Mining Gazette - December 13, 2012

HOUGHTON - The results of Michigan Technological University's Senate referendum concerning a tobacco-free campus are in, and a majority of faculty and staff disagree with the university administration's current plans to move toward a tobacco-free campus. ...

Dearborn Looks to End Ordinance Driving Smokers Into Neighborhoods Near Hospital
Dearborn (MI) Patch.com - December 6, 2012

Dearborn City Council took steps this week toward repealing an ordinance aimed at stopping smokers from lighting up in front of Oakwood Hospital. The ordinance, approved in January under the offenses chapter of the city code, added hospitals to the list of places in which smokers had to be at least 100 feet away before they could partake. It was enacted after Oakwood­which has its own no-smoking policy on the campus­came to the city asking for help in getting hospital staff and visitors off of Oakwood Boulevard when they chose to smoke. However, the ordinance had an unintended consequence. …

Campus-wide smoking ban passed
Oaklandpostonline - December 4, 2012

A policy to ban smoking on campus was recently approved by Oakland University administration, according to Robbie Williford, vice president of OU Student ...

No ifs, ands or butts: OU moving toward a smoke-free campus
Oaklandpostonline - November 27, 2012

The Committee for a Smoke-Free Campus, a group of Oakland employees and students, is working toward making OU completely smoke free. The group hopes ...

Smoke-free campuses, indoors and out, can save businesses ...
MLive.com (MI) - November 12, 2012

FLINT, MI -- The Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Flint Health Coalition are touting campus-wide smoking bans as a way to improve ...

Students 'kick butts' and push for smoke-free parks
minbcnews.com - November 3, 2012

SAGINAW -- Students at Ferris State University did their part to clean up the community on Saturday. … "Not only do we want smoke free parks but people need to dispose of their cigarette butts because when you drop them in a park, the next thing you know a ...

Warren may ban smoking on all city property
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - October 26, 2012

Smokers may be pushed even farther away from city-owned buildings in Warren. In some cases, by hundreds of yards. By a 5-2 vote, the City Council preliminarily has approved a ban on smoking on all city-owned properties, including all parks. …

Wilson, T.; Shamo, F.; Boynton, K.; Kiley, J., "The impact of Michigan's Dr Ron Davis smoke-free air law on levels of cotinine, tobacco-specific lung carcinogen and severity of self-reported respiratory symptoms among non-smoking bar employees," Tobacco Control 21(6): 593-595, November 1, 2012.

Conclusions The reduction in the SHS biomarkers cotinine and NNAL and reported improvement in respiratory health demonstrates that the Michigan smoke-free workplace law is protecting bar employee health.

Smoking gun? Study shows little impact from smoking ban, but trade group pushes for options
MiBiz - October 15, 2012

WEST MICHIGAN ­ Two and a half years ago, many West Michigan bar and restaurant owners worried that their businesses could be snuffed out like finished Marlboros in an ashtray. The reason: The state had approved a ban that would prevent people from smoking in their establishments. Without the ability to let patrons smoke and drink, many wondered how they would continue to maintain the steady stream of regulars who helped sustain their businesses. …

Group will use survey results in attempt to sway city, county to ban ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - October 12, 2012

The results are in. Preliminary results of a survey the Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition conducted shows that 86 percent of those who participated think children should not be exposed to second-hand smoke where they play or at sporting events. … Members of the Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition are hoping results of a community survey will help influence the city to create a smoking ban in city parks. …

Challenge To Michigan's Smoking Ban Dismissed
WTVB - October 8, 2012

LANSING (WTVB) - The Michigan Court of Appeals has dismissed a Warren bar owner's lawsuit challenging the state's smoking ban. The appellate court ruled ...

Michigan smoking ban fight to continue
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - October 7, 2012

Foes to the state smoking ban vow to continue the fight to reverse or curtail the law despite losing a court ruling Friday.

Smoking ban, steep operating costs and economy cited as reasons for closing The Break Room bar
MLive.com - October 6, 2012

The Break Room closed its doors on Friday, Sept. 28, after the group of owners decided a mixture of the overhead costs, the economy, a statewide ban on cigarette smoking in bars, and an inability to draw a larger weekend crowd spelled the end for the bar.

Ex-Warren bar owner loses challenge to smoking ban
The Detroit News - October 5, 2012

The state Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit by a former Macomb County bar owner waging the county's first battle over the constitutionality of the state's smoking ban. The appeals court in a Thursday opinion denied Boyd Cottrell's attempt to bar the Macomb County Health Department from enforcing the ban on cigarette smoking in public places ­ noting Cottrell's Warren bar has gone out of business and he has no plans to open another. … Cottrell's attorney, Theodore S. Andris, said Friday the battle isn't over. "I'm not done with this litigation," he said. "This should be condemned as unconstitutional. Why is secondhand smoke in a casino OK, but not in a mom-and-pop bar? It defies logic." …

Ex-Warren bar owner loses smoking ban appeal
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - October 5, 2012

The state appeals court this morning said it shot down a former Warren bar owner’s legal challenge to the state smoking ban due to the bar closing. …

Question of the Day: Should Jackson public schools ban e ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - October 1, 2012

The Jackson School Board on Monday will start looking at whether to ban e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and strips that contain nicotine. The school district's interest comes at the suggestion of the Jackson County Tobacco Reduction Coalition. …

Good to see smoking ban's positive impact on community
AnnArbor.com - September 27, 2012

It is good to read of the numerous studies in Michigan that now show the Michigan Smoke-Free Air Law has not adversely affected business profits and has actually increased profits of many Michigan businesses. …

Smokers need not apply: 2 Detroit-area health systems announce ...
MLive.com - September 28, 2012

Beaumont and Henry Ford Health systems today announced they will screen job applicants for nicotine and will not hire smokers or anyone who uses tobacco products. …

Response to economic impact of smoke-free air law study
East Village Magazine - September 27, 2012

The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) has carefully reviewed the report by the University of Michigan for the Michigan Department of Community ...

Warren to revisit proposed smoking ban outside...
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - September 25, 2012

A proposal to move smokers farther from city buildings in Warren apparently hasn’t gone up in smoke. The City Council has scheduled an Oct. 15 study session to discuss an ordinance, spearheaded by Mayor James Fouts, prohibiting smoking within 100 feet of ...

Study looks at smoking ban effects
Iron Mountain Daily News - September 18, 2012

LANSING (AP) ­ A study states Michigan’s ban on smoking in bars and restaurants has not significantly hurt sales at those establishments. …

Local Businesses See A Profit After Smoking Ban
WLNS - September 18, 2012

A new poll by the Department of Community Health reveals businesses are making the same amount of money now with the smoking ban in effect than they were without it. The study revealed the total sales tax revenue in 2011 for the month of September was $60 million, $5 million more than in 2010 when the ban had yet to be passed. …

Mixed Results From State Smoking Ban Study
WTVB - September 18, 2012

ANN ARBOR (WTVB) - A University of Michigan study commissioned by State Health officials provides ammunition for both sides, saying that while the State's ...

New U-M study finds smoking ban has not killed the bottom line if bars, restaurants
AnnArbor.com - September 17, 2012

More than two years after it went into effect, Michigan’s indoor smoking ban at businesses has had no significant negative impact on bars and restaurants, concludes a state-commissioned study conducted by University of Michigan researchers and released Monday. …

The Economic Impact of Michigan’s Dr. Ron Davis Smoke-Free Air Law: A Report to the Michigan Department of Community Health
University of Michigan – August 6, 2012

The state of Michigan banned smoking in workplaces …

Study: Negative effects minimal for bars, restaurants after smoking ban
Detroit Free Press - September 17, 2012

LANSING ­ A new study commissioned by the state Department of Community Health finds that Michigan's ban on smoking in bars and restaurants has not had ...

U-M praised for taking lead as smoke-free campus
Detroit Free Press - September 13, 2012

… U-M has banned smoking on campus since July 2011, meaning no one can light up in buildings or outside them. On Wednesday, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard Koh was on campus for an event to urge college campuses across the country to follow U-M's lead. …

U-M officials say campus-wide smoking ban making some progress ...
AnnArbor.com (MI) - September 12, 2012

Marina Haque, 18, a sophomore biology major, said when the smoking ban was ... Electronic cigarettes are not banned on campus, but are at the U-M Health ...

Nationwide initiative to ban smoking on campuses announced at U-M
WDIV Detroit - September 12, 2012

An initiative to ban tobacco on college campuses nationwide will be announced Wednesday at an event held by the University of Michigan. ...

City holds off on smoking ordinance, advances utility projects
Your Daily Globe.com - September 11, 2012

IRONWOOD - A proposed ban on smoking in all city parks left Ironwood City Commissioners feeling put out Monday. ..

UM to host event at which HHS, education leaders will call for ...
U of M News Service (press release) – Sepptember 4, 2012

More than a year after the University of Michigan became smoke-free, the Ann Arbor campus will host an event during which leaders from the U.S. Department of ...

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts Pretends To Ban Smoking Near City ...
Deadline Detroit - September 4, 2012

You know what would be a good idea? The City of Warren should enact a resolution banning smoking within 100 feet of city buildings. That way, on your way in or out of city hall, you wouldn’t have to run a second-hand smoke gauntlet. …

Warren mayor, judge hot over No Smoking signs
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - September 3, 2012

There are new signs banning smoking within 100 feet of all municipal buildings in Warren, with the exception of 37th District Court, where Chief Judge John Chmura had the signs removed because he says there is no local law to support the ban. Warren Mayor James Fouts had Department of Public Works crews place the signs at the entrances of City Hall, the police station, the library, and the court last week, but three of the signs quickly disappeared from the courthouse. …

DEXTER: Council approves smoke-free parks policy, includes ban on e-cigarettes
Heritage Newspapers - Sep 3, 2012

The Dexter Village Council voted unanimously Tuesday to adopt a tobacco-free parks policy, based on a recommendation from the Village Parks and Recreation Commission. …

Smoking banned near public buildings in Warren
WXYZ - August 29, 2012

(WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - If you plan to smoke in the city of Warren, you won't be able to do it within 100 feet of public buildings. Mayor Jim Fouts issued an order that affects all public buildings in the city. …

Houghton bans smoking at parks and beaches
UpperMichigansSource.com - August 23, 2012

HOUGHTON -- The Houghton City Council members approved a ban on tobacco use at all parks and beaches in the city. …

Marine City bans beach smoking
Port Huron Times Herald - Aug 18, 2012

The city commission voted to ban smoking at the beach. ... The Marine City Board of Commissioners passed a public beach smoking ban by a slim margin ...

L. Brooks Patterson's condition upgraded to stable
Detroit Free Press (MI) - August 12, 2012

Oakland Community College will institute a smoking ban on its five county campuses beginning Sept. 1. The prohibition, passed by OCC's Board of Trustees at ...

Michigan smoking ban blamed for 'killing' Belding's last bar
The Ann Arbor News - MLive.com - August 3, 2012

The owner says the state's smoking ban killed his business. ... patrons should be allowed to smoke in his establishments as they can in Michigan's casinos. …

Driftway Inn closing, owners blame smoking ban
WZZM - August 2, 2012

A family-owned restaurant that's been serving Ionia County for nearly 40 years is closing its doors for good. The Driftway Inn will serve its last meal Saturday night. …

Marine City may outlaw smoking on beach
Port Huron Times Herald - July 23, 2012

The days of nicotine nirvana at Marine City’s municipal beach could be numbered. The city is considering becoming the first community in St. Clair County to ban smoking at public beaches. …

Wilson, T.; Shamo, F.; Boynton, K.; Kiley, J., "The impact of Michigan's Dr Ron Davis Smoke-free Air Law on levels of cotinine, tobacco-specific lung carcinogen and severity of self-reported respiratory symptoms among non-smoking bar employees," Tobacco Control [Epub ahead of print], June 15, 2012.

Results: There was a significant decrease in the mean cotinine levels from 35.9 ng/ml to a non-quantifiable value (p<0.001), and there was a significant reduction in the mean NNAL level from 0.086 pmol/ml to 0.034 pmol/ml (p<0.001) 2 months after implementation of the law. There was also a significant improvement in all six self-reported respiratory symptoms (p<0.001) and general health status (p<0.001).

Conclusions: The reduction in the SHS biomarkers cotinine and NNAL and reported improvement in respiratory health demonstrates that the Michigan smoke-free workplace law is protecting bar employee health.

Will smoking save Detroit's casinos from new Ohio competition?
MLive.com - May 30, 2012

Smoking may help Detroit casinos fend off competition to the south from new gambling halls in Ohio, an expert says. …

Three Kewadin Casino restaurants going smoke-free
Sault Ste. Marie Evening News (MI) May 29, 2012

The Dream Catchers Restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie, along with two other Kewadin Casinos eateries, will soon be going smoke-free.

Hollywood Casino in Toledo betting on luring Michigan visitors
The Detroit News - May 22, 2012

Toledo­ Officials at Hollywood Casino here said Monday that they hope to lure Metro Detroiters to Toledo with incentives, a smoke-free environment, and the glitz and glamour of a new $320 million gambling facility. Hollywood Casino Toledo previewed its 125,000-square-foot casino eight days ahead of its much-anticipated opening on May 29. …

Toledo's flashy new casino could draw gamblers from Detroit
Detroit Free Press - May 22, 2012

Toledo's casino, like the Caesars Windsor casino, will be smoke-free, a key reason metro Detroiters who patronize the MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity and ...

Smoldering debate
Battle Creek Enquirer - May 17, 2012

We don't have an argument with the science behind Michigan's smoking ban; we ... Gambling floors at Detroit's three casinos are exempt, as are tribal casinos. ... that they are competing on an uneven playing field with Firekeepers Casino. …

Mayer: Smoke Free Air Law good for state
Lansing State Journal - May 14, 2012

Detractors of the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke Free Air Law would have us believe the law is having a negative impact on Michigan. Nothing can be further from the truth. These critics are not taking the total picture into account. ...

LETTER ­ Smoke-free law is working for Michigan, Ottawa County
HollandSentinel.com - May 12, 2012

In 2007, all Ottawa County-owned parks became smoke-free. The following year, Ottawa County passed its smoke-free indoor air regulation, which prohibited ...

Should departments take a stand?
Coldwater (MI) Daily Reporter - May 9, 2012

Branch County Commissioner Dale Swift thinks local health department boards need to take a stand against changes in the state’s anti-smoking law. …

Steve Gunn: We need a compromise on the smoking ban in bars
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.com (MI) - May 9, 2012

Two years ago, Michigan bar owners begged state lawmakers to rethink the pending smoking ban, claiming it would put a huge dent in their business.

A roundup of recent Michigan newspaper editorials
10TV - May 7, 2012

In 2010 the Legislature took the public health issue to its logical conclusion and passed a statewide smoking ban. But now comes Howard Walker, a state senator who represents Traverse City and Grand Traverse County, who wants to open the door to carving out exemptions to the prohibition. …

Smoking ban is least of problems for bars (Letter)
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com - May 7, 2012

It said that restaurants have not seen a loss of business but bars have because of the ban. Well, lack of smoking is not the problem. …

Letters: Don't weaken state ban on smoking
Detroit Free Press - May 6, 2012

Now we have some movement on the anti-smoking law, which was overwhelmingly supported by Michiganders ("Debate still lights up over Michigan smoking ban," ...

Efforts to roll back Michigan's smoking ban should be soundly rejected
AnnArbor.com - May 6, 2012

Some state lawmakers are trying to burn holes in Michigan's two-year-old smoking ban, which has cleared the air in public places and enjoyed public support ...

Michigan's smoking ban necessary to protect health of employees ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - May 2, 2012

“I hated when I would go into a restaurant and ask for a non-smoking table, and they try to sit me 5 feet away from a smoker just because there is this ...

Letter: Bars don't need to blame smoking ban for downturn in business
MLive.com - May 2, 2012

Hands down, most people agree that the smoking ban in public places is a good thing ... Leave the ban in place. In fact, strengthen it by banning folks from ...

Michigan Lawmakers Tinker With State Smoking Ban
NACS Online - May 2, 2012

Two years ago, Michigan approved of a statewide smoking ban that prohibited lighting up in public places. But that hasn't stopped some lawmakers, ...

Should bars and restaurants be exempt from Michigan's smoking ban ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - May 1, 2012

“I say let the owners decide, and non-smokers want a non-smoking bar, choose one that DECIDES to be one, not forced.” “To the bars who want to cater to non ...

Smoking ban effects, good and bad, still felt by Jackson-area bar ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - May 1, 2012

JACKSON, MI – Michigan's smoking ban has created such a burden for Jackson bar owner Dave Johnson that he wants to get out of the bar business altogether. …

Some Seek Exemption From State Smoking Ban
CBS Local – April 30, 2012

DETROIT (WWJ) - It’s been two years since Michiganders have been able to smoke in the state’s bars and restaurants, but there are efforts to expand those who are free of the state’s smoking ban. ...

Smoking ban debate ignites: Lawmakers look to add amendment to law
Escanaba Daily Press - April 30, 2012

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Some state lawmakers are trying to burn holes in Michigan's two-year-old smoking ban, which has cleared the air in public places and enjoyed public support but contributed to cash-flow problems at some bars. … It made Michigan the 38th state to enact some sort of smoke-free law. The law comes with some notable loopholes. Gambling floors at Detroit's three casinos ...

Our view: Smoking ban is good, or bad, for all
Midland Daily News - Apr 29, 2012

It's long been known that it isn't really what you know, but who you know, when it comes to getting your politics done right, but seldom has a state politician been as blatant about it as Sen. Howard Walker, a Traverse City Republican. Walker has introduced legislation that would exempt enforcement of the state's two-year-old smoking ban at longtime charitable fundraising events. He introduced the exemption, tucked into the Michigan Department of Community Health's budget proposal for 2012-13, because a "Catholic charity in his district that raises tens of thousands of dollars through an annual cigar dinner," according to the Associated Press. …

BASSO: Legislature is off-target with bills to roll back smoking ban ($$)
Argus Press - Apr 30, 2012

My wife and I, along with some friends, went on a two-day casino trip this weekend. ... Sunday about the continued debate over the smoking ban in Michigan. …

New Push to Amend Smoking Ban
WLNS - Apr 29, 2012

It would allow smoking in separate rooms and on outdoor patios. But supporters of the smoking ban say there have been significant health benefits since it ...

A look at 2 challenges to Michigan smoking ban
Green Bay Press Gazette - Apr 28, 2012

WHAT IT WOULD DO: Stop enforcement of smoking ban at charitable fundraising events that have exited for at least 10 years. STATUS: Budget passed by Senate ...

Legislation underscores simmering consternation over Mich. smoking ban at 2-year anniversary
Associated Press (AP), 2012-04-28
* JEFF KAROUB Associated Press

Some state lawmakers are trying to burn holes in Michigan's two-year-old smoking ban, which has cleared the air in public places and enjoyed support but contributed to cash-flow problems at some bars. …

WITH VIDEO: Careless disposal of butts may ban smokers from Marine City beach
New Baltimore Voice Newspapers - April 25, 2012

(Photo by JERI PACKER) Marine City may have the first smoke-free beach in the county. St. Clair County Health Department representatives paid a visit to the ...

Michigan Senate adds exemption to workplace smoking ban
Michigan Radio - April 24, 2012

Organizers have been trying to find away around the smoking ban since 2010. Right now, the only exceptions to the smoking ban are the casinos in Detroit and ...

Report: Ypsilanti Housing Commission employee received vacation ...
AnnArbor.com - Apr 14, 2012

The Ypsilanti Housing Commission will soon institute a smoking ban in its units. The new policy is an effort by the YHC to improve health and safety ...

Ifs, ands and butts
Lansing (MI) City Pulse - March 29, 2012

Expect smoking at the proposed Kewadin Lansing casino. Banning it would have been a deal killer. The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians would have felt singled out and at a disadvantage with the only smoke-free casino in Michigan, those close to the negotiations said. … But at least one nationwide group has launched an effort to get all casinos ­ tribal and commercial ­ to go smoke-free. Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, said that the “general common sense argument is: All workers deserve a smoke-free place.” The Bernero administration projects 1,500 permanent jobs will stem from the casino, if it happens. Hallett disputes claims that being smoke-free would deter potential visitors. “Weather and the price of gas is what is deterring them from going to the casino,” she said, adding a bad economy to the list.
Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights formed in 1976 “at a time when very little” was happening in terms of smoke-free areas. Hallett said 19 states have smoke-free laws that apply to casinos. While no Native American tribes in the U.S. have uniform smoke-free policies for all their casinos, “There are a number of tribal casinos that have gone voluntarily smoke-free.” …

3/28/12 Radio Show
by City Pulse Radio
Lansing (MI) City Pulse, March 28, 2012

Listen to the show:

Wednesday, March 28 - This weeks guests are Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, and Roger Martin and Martin Waymire of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe to discuss smoking in the pending Kewadin casino; Jonas Greenberg, co-star of the play "Next Fall"; and Jamie McAloon-Lampman, executive director of the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter, on the 6th annual Humanitarian Awards. …

Lansing casino would be exempt from state smoking ban
MLive.com - March 26, 2012

By Angela Wittrock | awittroc@mlive.com J. SCOTT PARK | MLive Media Group The Kewadin Lansing casino would be attached to the Lansing Center. … In addition to offering on-site gaming beyond the lottery games currently placed in bars, the tribally-owned casino would be exempt from Michigan's smoking ban, making it the only facility in the city where one could have a cigarette with their drink. …

Local Tobacco-Free Parks policies proving effective
Sault Ste. Marie Evening News - March 26, 2012

Chippewa County, Mich. ­ In recognition of Kick Butts Day on March 21, the Chippewa County Health Department, the Sault Tribe Community Transformation Gant Project, and the Sault Tribe Community Health Program, partners of the Chippewa County Tobacco-Free Living Coalition are teaming up to highlight tobacco-free parks policies in Chippewa County and the Sault Tribe seven county service area. ...

Ypsilanti Housing Commission to ban smoking in its units
AnnArbor.com (MI) - March 14, 2012

The Ypsilanti Housing Commission will soon institute a smoking ban in its units. The new policy is an effort by the YHC to improve health and safety ...

Cigar lounges see pickup in business
HollandSentinel.com (MI) - Mar 3, 2012

In the wake of the workplace smoking ban, more clients use the lounges, ... “Most bars ironically already banned cigars, even though the product is much ...

No smoking, please
MSU State News, February 28, 2012

… According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, as of Jan. 2, at least 648 campuses across the country are entirely smoke free, including 19 colleges and universities in Michigan. ...

YPSILANTI: Housing commission's smoke-free policy to be in place ...
Heritage (MI) Newspapers - February 27, 2012

“This policy is about protecting our residents from the dangers of secondhand smoke. It does not prohibit an individual from smoking, it just requires him ...

Michigan smoking ban pinches bars
Livingston Daily - January 23, 2012

A new state report found that sales in bars that serve food declined in the first year of Michigan's smoking ban, but doesn't shed light on whether more people are smoking and drinking at home, state Department of Treasury officials said. …

Smoking huts being removed
WZZM 13 Box Z (Grand Rapids, MI), 2012-01-11
Written by Jessica Puchala

Muskegon Township officials are giving six business owners until noon Friday to remove the small enclosed areas they put up for customers to smoke in. The structures vary in size from one that looks like a old bus stop shelter to another typically used as a carport. Most often they can be found on the property of a small bar or restaurant. ...

Commissioners mull smoking ban on county property
Commercial Record (MI) - January 5, 2012

Allegan County, MI - Allegan County administration plans to draft a policy banning tobacco use on county property. …

State smoking ban cuts indoor air pollution 93 percent
HollandSentinel.com - December 4, 2011

By Staff reports Michigan's 18-month-old ban on smoking in restaurants is allowing Michigan patrons to breathe cleaner air. ...

Study: Ban clears indoor air
South Bend Tribune - Courtney Culey - November 27, 2011

LANSING -- Michigan's 18-month-old ban on smoking in restaurants is allowing Michigan patrons to breathe cleaner air, ...

BREATHING EASIER IN KENT COUNTY RESTAURANTS: New Study Finds Smoke Free Law Reduced Unhealthy Air Quality (PDF)
Kent County (MI), 2011-10-04

More tangible benefits of the Smoke Free Air Law have been discovered: air monitoring studies, conducted before and after the law took effect, show a 93% reduction in the level of pollutants in Kent County restaurants. These pollutants, often referred to as ‘secondhand smoke,’ can cause adverse health effects.

New Study Finds State's Smoke Free Law Has Beneficial Health Impact
Significant Reduction in Unhealthy Air Quality Since Law was Implemented
Michigan Office of the Governor, 2011-10-04,

Results from an air monitoring study conducted before and after Michigan's Dr. Ron Davis Smoke Free Air Law took effect indicate a 93 percent reduction in the level of secondhand smoke air pollutants in restaurants after the law went into effect. ...

Smoking ban found to improve air quality in restaurants ...
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - October 5, 2011

"Long-term, it means they are breathing better air," she said. "The laws are working to keep people healthy."...

After four years of fresher air and healthier Minnesotans, the ...
MinnPost.com (blog) - Cynthia Bemis Abrams - October 5, 2011

For four years now we have enjoyed smoke-free air at work and play thanks to the Freedom to Breathe Act. It's hard to remember a time when we had to think ...

Repace, J.L., "Air quality in Michigan restaurants & casinos before and after Michigan's Dr. Ron Davis State Smoke-Free Law," Bowie, MD: Repace Associates, Inc.;Lansing, MI: Michigan Department Of Community Health, September 14, 2011.

This report by Repace Associates, Inc. and the Michigan Department Of Community Health, Tobacco Section concluded that Michigan's Dr. Ron Davis Smoke-free Air Law succeeded in reducing geometric mean levels of harmful secondhand smoke fine particle air pollution (PM2.5) by 92 percent for a 78-restaurant sample of hospitality establishments. Prior to the law, 85 percent of restaurants had poor to dangerous air quality standards. Casinos, which are not a part of the law, had unhealthy air before and after implementation.

State beaches may go non-smoking under new plan
WZZM - Matt Campbell - September 14, 2011

Rick Snyder, Michigan's state beaches may go smoke free. Gov. Snyder introduced his plan Wednesday at a Grand Rapids appearance. The full text of the plan, ...

Smoking ban compliance report
WWMT - August 25, 2011

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A new study looked at how many Michigan bars and restaurants are complying with the state-wide smoking ban, and it looks like most ...

Lawmakers banned from Michigan bars
WNEM Saginaw - Tom Plahutnik - August 22, 2011

PPRM claims the ban has collectively cost the state an estimated $200 million dollars ... One state has reversed its decision to outlaw smoking in bars and ...

State Rep. Doug Geiss to Metro Detroit bar owners: Time to revisit ...
MLive.com - Jonathan Oosting - August 16, 2011

Doug Geiss spent Monday evening in Taylor listening to more than 100 local bar owners, employees, vendors and entertainers who say Michigan's smoking ban is ...

Politicians to hear smoking ban concerns
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2011-08-14

His concerns and others from bar owners, employees, vendors, distributors and entertainers will be heard Monday by state Rep. Douglas Geiss and Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood. The Taylor Democrats supported the ban, but Geiss said he has reintroduced an amendment that would allow for separate vented smoking rooms. He said language from his bill and language that would allow for patio smoking was introduced in the Senate. He hopes hearings will be held in the fall. ...

Year after smoking ban, new study indicates air-quality in Kalamazoo ...
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com - Julie Mack - July 5, 2011

She said they were first tested in 2005 and 2006, when state lawmakers were first debating a potential smoking ban. Secondhand smoke is considered a health hazard because of the fine particulate matter created by cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. ...

Weakening ban makes little sense
MSU State News - Lazarus Jackson - June 27, 2011

For example, Blue Midnight Hookah Lounge experienced a significant drop in business after the smoking ban passed. According to owner Patrick Kent, this drop was directly related to restrictions on selling food at his business. His response: “You either ...

New legislation to be introduced to amend Smoke-Free Air Law
MSU State News - Marina Csomor - June 23, 2011

Because the decline in business for restaurants and bars has been dramatic, exemptions to the smoking ban should be considered, Melton said. Patrons previously accustomed to frequenting such establishments and enjoying smoking cigarettes while they ate ...

Health department conducts air quality tests
UpperMichigansSource.com - Nikki Davidson - June 20, 2011

MARQUETTE COUNTY -- More than a year after the Michigan enacted the smoke free law, health officials say they have recorded a significant change. The Marquette County Health Department conducted air quality tests at six Marquette ...

City looks for input on smoking ban
Escanaba Daily Press - Jenny Lancour - June 17, 2011

Those involved in the effort were showing their support for the council's resolution to ban smoking in specific public places including city parks, ball fields and other recreational areas where children concentrate. "This ordinance would protect the ...

What areas are included in the smoking ordinance?
Escanaba Daily Press - June 17, 2011

According to City Manager Jim O'Toole, the proposed no-smoking ordinance was created to limit smoking in areas where there are high concentrations of children. The proposal also bans smoking outside certain city-owned or leased buildings. ...

Repace, J.L., "Air quality in Ann Arbor restaurants: before and after Michigan's Dr. Ron Davis State Smoke-free Law," Bowie, MD: Repace Associates, Inc.;Lansing, MI: Michigan Department Of Community Health, Tobacco Section, June 14, 2011.

Six Ann Arbor restaurant venues were monitored for particulate matter (PM2.5) in February 2005 and 2006, prior to implementation of Michigan's clean indoor air law, and again in April, 2011, after implementation, which was May 1, 2010. The law was responsible for a drop in PM2.5 of about 76 percent to 93 percent. Post-law restaurant means for all six venues tested in the city ranged from from 8.2 to 27.9 µg/m3, and averaged 15.9 µg/m3 (median 15.7 µg/m3). Sampling periods ranged from 31 to 49 minutes.

Lighting up at University of Michigan about to get harder
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2011-06-12

U-M will be the first major university in the state to ban smoking on its campus, including in popular open spaces such as the Diag -- the university's version of Central Park. ...

Bar shut for night after official sees smoking
WWMT - June 7, 2011

(AP) - A suburban Detroit bar was shut down for a night after a health official saw a patron breaking the state's year-old smoking ban. The Detroit Free Press reports that the Copper Door bar in Westland was ordered closed Friday evening and reopened ...

Study shows secondhand smoke exposure decrease for Michigan bar employees
Holland (MI) Sentinel, 2011-06-02

A study of 40 Michigan bar employees revealed their exposure to secondhand smoke was nearly nonexistent 10 weeks after the smoke-free air law took effect in May 2010. ...

Repace, J.L., "Air quality in Detroit casinos: before and After Michigan's Dr. Ron Davis State Smoke-free Law," Bowie, MD: Repace Associates, Inc.; Lansing, MI: Michigan Department Of Community Health, Tobacco Section, May 27, 2011.

Three Detroit, Michigan, casinos were monitored for particulate matter (PM2.5) in April 2009, prior to implementation of Michigan's clean indoor air law, and again in May 2011, after implementation, which was May 1, 2010. Casinos were exempt from the law. Secondhand smoke in the three Detroit casinos rose to unhealthy levels both pre and post implementation. Air quality in Detroit casinos remains more polluted than 73 percent of the 91 casinos which permit smoking measured in the US. Air quality in Detroit casinos was 29 times as polluted with PM2.5 as three smokefree casinos in California, Nevada, and Delaware.

Repace, J.L., "Air quality in Detroit restaurants: before and After Michigan's Dr. Ron Davis State Smoke-free Law," Bowie, MD: Repace Associates, Inc.;Lansing, MI: Michigan Department Of Community Health, Tobacco Section, May 26, 2011.

Six Detroit, Michigan, restaurants were monitored for particulate matter (PM2.5) in January 2007 prior to implementation of Michigan's clean indoor air law, and again in May 2011, after implementation. Median PM2.5 in the six venues fell 93 percent, indicating that the vast majority of indoor pollution in five of the six venues was from secondhand smoke. The one venue with increased PM2.5 served flaming dishes.

Michigan's smoking ban popular, compliance high, studies say
MLive.com - Kyla King - May 19, 2011

By Kyla King | The Grand Rapids Press AP File Photo Two reports released today show public support for Michigan's year-old smoking ban is growing, and compliance is high. A statewide poll commissioned by the American Cancer Society shows support has ...

Air clears on Cadillac smoking ban
Cadillac (MI) News, 2011-05-03
Jeff Broddle

Opinions expressed at a public hearing on banning smoking in Cadillac park and beach areas led the council to table a decision on a ban in some outdoor public areas and instead seek a compromise. ...

Sen. Rick Jones advocates for smoking rooms in bars
HollandSentinel.com - April 29, 2011

Rick Jones hopes a bill he introduced to allow businesses to have separate rooms for smokers will help bars that lost customers because of the state's smoking ban. From May to July 2010, sales were down nearly 28 percent for small businesses impacted ...

Bar employees healthier in year since Michigan banned smoking in bars and restaurants, study finds
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.com - Sue Thoms – April 28, 2011
By Sue Thoms | The Grand Rapids Press

Bar employees are breathing easier since Michigan banned smoking in restaurants and bars nearly a year ago, according to a study reported by the American Cancer Society's Great Lakes Division. ...

Summary of Michigan cotinine study* results: April 2011 (PDF)
Michigan Department of Community Health

This paper summarized the results of a study that measured biomarkers of secondhand smoke exposure among 40 bar employees in Michigan before and after the implementation of the state's smokefree air law. The study also assessed the self-reports of respiratory symptoms among the employees pre- and post-law. Cotinine levels and reports of respiratory symptoms declined after the law took effect.

4 areas affected by smoking ban
Detroit Free Press - April 28, 2011

Cigarette sales have been falling in recent years, but the May 1, 2010, smoking ban appears to have accelerated the decline. Revenue from taxes fell 6.2% in the second half of the year, compared with a 3.6% decline in the first half, according to ...

Michigan's smoking ban marks 1st year
Detroit Free Press - John Wisely - April 28, 2011

As Michigan's ban on workplace smoking celebrates its first birthday Sunday, the debate about its cost to the state and small businesses continues. Critics point to decreased liquor sales in bars and a drop in sales of cigarettes and the ...

Judge says parts of Mich. smoking ban 'confusing,' denies bid to declare it ...
CanadianBusiness.com - April 19, 2011

(AP) - A judge says parts of Michigan's smoking ban are "confusing" and has tossed out a fine levied against a bar owner who claimed patrons should be allowed to smoke in his establishment as they can in Michigan's casinos. Macomb County Circuit Court ...

Judge denies Warren bar owners' challenge to smoking ban but revokes fine
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - Jameson Cook - April 19, 2011

A Macomb County judge upheld the state smoking ban law but revoked a $500 fine against the owner of a Warren bar, somewhat disappointing about 100 supporters of the bar owner. Judge Edward Servitto of Macomb County Circuit Court this ...

Birmingham clears the air on cigar bar plan
Hometownlife.com - April 18, 2011

If approved, Churchill's would be the second and final bistro allowed for 2011, as city ordinances limit the commission to approving two bistros per year. With that in mind, Commissioner Rackeline Hoff thought it made sense to table the proposal until ...

Survey shows surprising feedback on smoke-free law
UpperMichigansSource.com - Noël McLaren - April 12, 2011

The Department of Community Health plans to use the survey results to promote non-smoking throughout Michigan, and to educate local businesses. One year later, how do you feel about the Michigan smoking ban?

POLL - Smoking ban, one year later
UpperMichigansSource.com - April 11 2011

Let's re-visit the issue in Upper Michigan: One year later, how do you feel about the Michigan Smoking Ban? Vote in the poll below, then be sure to watch your FOX UP News Tuesday night at 10/9c for the final results. One year later, how do you feel ...

Warren bar owner sues, challenging smoking law
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - Jameson Cook - April 4, 2011

The owner of a Warren bar is challenging the constitutionality of the state smoking ban on the grounds that it unfairly provides advantages to casinos and has illegally cut into his profits. Boyd Cottrell, who owns Sport O'Toole's on ...

Since Michigan's smoking ban too effect, sales of Keno tickets at bars and ...
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - Chris Gautz - March 31, 2011

A massive expansion of Keno in Jackson County and across the state last year couldn't overcome the state's smoking ban. Last year the number of locations in the county where people could buy tickets for the popular state lottery game went from 65 to ...

VIDEO: Undercover Investigation: Smoking Ban Violators
Several Bars Ignore Michigan Smoking Laws
WNEM TV5 (Saginaw MI), 2011-02-22

The smoking ban went into effect May 1, but that's not stopping some people. ...

Michigan Department of Treasury: Smokefree Air “Has No Significant Impact” On Business

In December, the Michigan Department of Treasury released results from its report, The Early Impact of Michigan’s Smoking Ban, with preliminary results of Michigan’s smokefree air law on the state’s businesses, including restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The report, prepared by the Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis, states that “There is no clear trend from the sales or withholding tax collections from other retail eating and drinking establishments” that would indicate the smoking ban has adversely affected these businesses. ...

Early Impact of Michigan's Smoking Ban 2010
Michigan Department of Treasury, Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis, Tax Analysis Division
December 2010

Hunt Club restaurant opens smoking room in apparent violation of state law
The Jackson Citizen Patriot - MLive.com - Chris Gautz - February 8, 2011

The Hunt Club in Jackson has established a smoking room in its restaurant in what appears to be a violation of state law.

Monday afternoon, customers were smoking inside the room, and there are several signs welcoming patrons to the restaurant’s new smoking room and offering half off drink specials during happy hour in support of it.

The sign says patrons must be 21 to enter the room, and to keep the door to the room closed at all times. ...

UM campuses going smoke-free July 1
The Detroit News - Kim Kozlowski - January 24, 2011

First it was the Big House. Now, the University of Michigan's three campuses will be smoke-free beginning on July 1, making it the state's first public university to ban smoking tobacco on its grounds.

President Mary Sue Coleman has approved the final report for implementation of the new policy, which includes its campuses in Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint, university officials announced today.

The no-smoking policy will include dorms, building and grounds, including sidewalks. Also in the smoke-free ban will be parking structures and surface lots. ...

New poll reports most Michigan businesses complying with smoking ban
WNDU-TV - Paul Murphy - January 18, 2011

A new poll released by the Michigan Department of Community Health reports that most Michigan businesses are complying with the new state-wide smoking ban. ...

Hillsdale Housing Commission institutes smoking ban
The Hillsdale Daily News - January 13, 2011

Hillsdale, Mich. —

As of Jan. 20, residents of the Hillsdale County Housing Commission will no longer be able to smoke on the grounds outside the apartment complex.

According to the policy’s grandfather clause, current residents can still smoke inside their apartments. However, new tenants will not be able to smoke inside or on the grounds. In addition, people who visit them will not be allowed to smoke.

Kelley Mapes, health educator with the Branch, Hillsdale and St. Joseph Health Department, said she expects other housing commissions in the state to follow suit with Hillsdale’s new policy ...

Business owners, consumers clear the air on effects of smokefree law
Royal Oak Daily Tribune - Maryanne Kocis MacLeod - January 11, 2011

A recent survey of 6,900 Michigan residents by the state Department of Community Health found that more than 70 percent of those questioned supported the smokefree air law which prohibits smoking in all public restaurants and bars since May 1, 2010. That's a 4 percent increase over the previous year.

"Of course, we're extremely pleased," said Melissa DiPirro, designated youth tobacco use representative for Fraser-based CARE, a nonprofit agency promoting individual and family empowerment. "It shows that the majority of people in this state recognize the value of the legislation and support the changes necessary to improve overall health."

More than 85 percent of survey participants said they dined out just as much or more than they did before Michigan's smokefree air law took effect, and more than 80 percent agreed that secondhand smoke presented a serious health threat to non-smokers ...

County 'compliant' with smoking law
Leelanau Enterprise - January 11, 2011

Leelanau County was among 59 counties in Michigan where volunteers conducted a survey to determine whether business owners were complying with the state’s new “Smoke Free Air Law” in August 2010, three months after the law was implemented.

Statewide, a sample of 964 establishments were randomly selected and visited by volunteers working through local health departments. Of those, a total of six restaurants and one bar in Leelanau County were surveyed. ...

Smokers sneak around the smoking ban
WOOD-TV - Crystal Hilliard - January 7, 2011

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) - Once the statewide smoking ban took effect in May, most typically smoky bars emptied out, business owners told 24 Hour News 8.

So, some establishments set out to accommodate their patrons who still smoke, by creating patios where people are able to light up.

Cheers, on Plainfield Avenue, is one of those bars to invent a new type of patio.

Some block against just the wind, and others, 24 Hour News 8 found on Thursday, are heated -- even equipped with radios and TVs.

But is it legal? ...

Bar, lottery sales down after May 1
Livingston Daily - Christopher Behnan - January 5, 2011

A state report claims liquor, cigarette and lottery-ticket sales in bars and restaurants declined for at least the first three months after the state's smoking ban took effect May 1.

The report, compiled by the state Department of Treasury, doesn't take into account the rocky state economy or a variety of industry benchmarks, restaurant and bar industry experts said. In other words, the report doesn't lead to a conclusion about whether smokers are staying home or if Michiganders simply have less disposable income to go out.

The report, issued in December, bases its findings primarily on sales-tax revenue from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and taverns.

After the smoking ban took effect, sales of liquor for "on-premise consumption" declined by 3.1 percent from May to August — after the ban took effect — compared to sales in 2009, while sales for "off-premise consumption" increased by 0.5 percent, the report states.

The report also states sales of Club Keno and pull-tab lottery tickets have decreased since the ban took effect.

Year-to-year Club game sales for October 2009 through April 2010, prior to the ban, were up 0.3 percent, and year-to-year sales down 13.7 percent from May through September, the report states.

Reliable conclusions about the smoking ban can't be realized through a sales-tax analysis, said Andy Deloney, public affairs director for the Michigan Restaurant Association.

The report's bar and restaurant data are from all establishments statewide, figures Deloney said rarely decline in Michigan on an annual basis.

"In our opinion, it's not exact," he said ...

Overall, data finds smoking ban positive
Lansing State Journal - January 3, 2011

A New Year's Eve protest over the state's May 1, 2010, smoking ban should not sway lawmakers or citizens. Michigan must not back away from a law that makes workplaces safer and that will eventually help reduce the negative costs of smoking for everyone.

A vocal protest group, Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan, is arguing loudly that bar and tavern owners should be allowed to set their own policies regarding smoking based on market preferences.

Letting the market dictate success and failure of businesses is a fundamental principal of the American economy. But there are exceptions, and one of those involves safety and public health. Bars, for example, have to comply with fire codes that control the size of crowds as a safety issue. Make no mistake, smoking is a safety issue. A September report from the Centers for Disease Control showed that 90 million nonsmoking Americans are exposed to second-hand smoke. Smoking remains the No. 1 cause of preventable deaths in the United States and smoking-related illnesses cost the country $96 billion in lost productivity every year, including $4 billion in Michigan ...

UP tavern loses bid to defy state's public smoking ban
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-12-28
Dawson Bell Free Press Lansing Bureau

An Upper Peninsula judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by a Baraga American Legion post seeking to bar enforcement of Michigan's ban on smoking in its Baraga tavern.

Baraga County Circuit Judge Charles Goodman, in an opinion issued two days before Christmas, denied a request by the Foucault-Funke Post 444 to declare its premises not subject to the law under the casino exemption, because its patrons play pull tab games. ...

In interest of public health, Detroit may ban smoking in public housing
Detroit Free Press, 2010-12-08

On Dec. 16, an administrator overseeing the Detroit Housing Commission will decide whether to ban smoking in its more than 4,000 public housing units -- from multiple-dwelling high-rises to single-family homes.Authorities elsewhere have found that it's cheaper to clean and turn over units belonging to nonsmokers. But health concerns over secondhand smoke drove the decision, said Herticene Hardaway, general counsel for the commission."Especially if you live in a high-rise, if you have to live with people on top of you and beside you, and you have a neighbor who is going to smoke, you're unfortunately going to catch some of that smoke," she said. ...

Michigan's smoking ban must be protected
Lansing State Journal - December 1, 2010

Michigan lawmakers must stand firm in protecting the state's smoking ban.

The ban, which went into effect May 1, already is under attack by opportunists who hope the change in political control at the state Capitol will give them a chance to weaken the law.

That would be a mistake.

Michigan's law bans smoking in all workplaces, restaurants and bars and enclosed public places such as shopping malls, arenas and health facilities.

Smoking is allowed on the gaming floors of Detroit casinos, and at cigar bars and tobacco shops that qualify under the rules ...

Business leader: State smoking ban drops sales at restaurants, bars by 20 percent
The Saginaw News - MLive.com - November 29, 2010

CARROLLTON TWP. — A Michigan Licensed Beverage Association survey suggesting the state smoking ban has taken “a heavy economic toll” on many bars and restaurants jibes with one Carrollton Township bar owner's fear her bar could close as a result of the ban.

The Lansing-based association conducted a survey among its members that shows, from the day the ban took effect in May until July, overall sales at those establishments dropped 20.6 percent compared to the same period in 2009, an MLBA statement reads. ...

Some charity gaming feeling burned by smoking ban
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-11-27

Some charities say their bingo winnings are going up in smoke.

Attendance and revenue at bingo parlors and charity card games fell about 25% in the most recent quarter, and some organizers blame the state's smoking ban, which took effect May 1.

"It's killing bars and restaurants," said Duane Owens of FL.com, a company that manages poker rooms. "The revenue from poker is determined by how many people you get in your establishment. Less people means less players and less revenue."

It's also being felt by the charities -- from Little League teams to marching bands to Lions Clubs -- that sponsor the events. Statewide, charity gaming revenue for the third quarter of 2010 was $45.5 million, down from $61.8 million for the same quarter in 2009, according to figures from the Michigan Lottery. ...

Businesses assess Michigan's smoking ban
Six months of no smoking good for some but not all
South Bend Tribune - Sherry Van Arsdall - November 10, 2010

NILES — How is Michigan's statewide smoking ban going for businesses since it was enacted six months ago?

Businesses are reporting differing results.

"We have seen an overall increase in business," said Jeremy Bayles, owner of Wings Etc. Restaurant and Pub in Niles.

"I didn't think it would hurt our sales, and it helps when I can say the state of Michigan has made the decision. It makes it easier for the smokers to comply." ...

[n.a.], "Michigan Tobacco Prevention and Control Program compliance with the Smoke-free Air Law in Michigan after six months of implementation: statewide report," Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Community Health, November 2010.

This Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) survey found that six months after implementation of Michigan's Smoke-free Air Law, there was exceptionally high compliance among restaurants, bars, and bowling alleys. The MDCH surveyed a total of 731 restaurants, 201 bars, and 86 bowling alleys at three and six months post implementation of the law. The MDCH found there was no smoking observed 97.3 percent of the venues it checked at six months compared to only 2.7 percent where smoking was observed.

Post 444 agrees to stop all smoking
UpperMichigansSource.com - Ashley Palumbo - Oct 21, 2010

HOUGHTON -- There'll be no more smoking at American Legion Post 444--at least until an amended complaint can be filed and heard before the court.

A last minute clarity hearing was held Thursday morning in a Houghton courtroom, and that's when the post's lawyer made that promise to the judge.

"There’ll be no more smoking at the Legion until further order of this court," said Attorney Matthew Tingstad.

It wasn't the outcome Post 444 or Tingstad had hoped for.

He began the hearing by telling Judge Charles Goodman that the post's gaming area was clearly exempt from the smoking ban under the same excemption [sic] made for Detroit casinos.

Goodman immediately interrupted this claim, asking, “If that’s true, why are we here?”

"When I read the motion for clarification, I was under the impression that you didn't understand the order,” said Goodman. “You do understand the order, but you're saying, ‘Judge, the law doesn't apply to us.’"

Opposing counsel, Paul Strom, called the casino defense 'ridiculous' as he spoke on behalf of the Western U.P. Health Department. And Assistant Attorney General Darrin Fowler, who appeared by phone, said they were being generous by not requesting the post be held in contempt of court ...

State smoking ban: No citations from Ottawa County so far
Grand Haven Tribune - Alex Doty - October 20, 2010

... Clubs such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion are also subject to the smoking ban.

"It really hasn't had any effect on our business," said Rob Meints, bartender at Grand Haven American Legion.

A smoker himself, Meints said he appreciates the ban while he is tending bar.

While the law hasn't had any negative impacts on the post's business, Meints said there are some pros and cons to the ban.

"We haven't taken a stance one way or another, but there is a lot of discussion," he said.

Meints added that even if the law were changed to allow clubs and veterans posts to allow smoking, he didn't think the American Legion would change its non-smoking status.

In addition, Meints said there are some veterans who feel like some of the freedoms and rights that they fought for are slowly being taken away. ...

Portage to study smoking ban in parks
Kalamazoo (MI) Gazette, 2010-10-20
Tom Haroldson * Special to the Kalamazoo Gazette

A proposed smoking ban in and up to 25 feet from several Portage park locations was proposed Tuesday by City Manager Maurice Evans, but the Portage City Council said it wants to study it at its Nov. 12-13 retreat.

Evans, asked in August to study the issue, recommended to the council that all tobacco products be banned in and up to 25 feet from Ramona Park Beach, playgrounds, picnic shelters, fishing piers, restrooms, bleaches, softball dugouts, basketball and other courts, the South Westnedge Skate Park and inline hockey rink, concessions, Millennium Park Ice Rink, Celery Flats Amphitheatre, Hayloft Theatre and Overlander Bandshell. ...

Legion asks for clarity hearing
UpperMichigansSource.com - October 19, 2010

L'ANSE -- A Baraga County judge will now have to explain his ruling to ban smoking at the Baraga American Legion.

The post filed a motion for a clarity hearing late Monday afternoon following release of the judge's order granting a preliminary injuction requested by the state ...

Baraga judge bans smoking at Post 444; Michigan smoke-free law not to be flouted, pending final legal proceedings
UpperMichgansSource.com, October 18, 2010

BARAGA -- Smoking has been officially banned at the Baraga American Legion.

Judge Charles Goodman granted the preliminary injunction late Monday morning requiring Post 444 to comply with the State's Smoke Free Air Act pending the outcome of their legal proceedings.

In a six-page order explaining his decision, Goodman finds the State is more likely to prove its case as "passed laws are presumed constitutional" and that the "Legislature has the authority to pass which limit people's exposure to health hazards." ...

Smoking Ban Raises Questions For Landlords

10/15: The following is from an Oct. 14th Channel 6 news report from Lansing, Michigan: The state laws on medical marijuana have landlords in mid-Michigan confused. That's because many of them don't know how it applies to their no smoking rules. For many smoking tenants in Michigan the days of lighting a cigaratte inside their place could soon be over. That's as more landlords consider making their property smoke free. "It will better both our buildings, and also provide a better environment and more healthy homes for our residents," said Forrest Babcock, Lansing Housing Commission. Thursday the Property Management Association of Mid-Michigan and the Ingham County Health Department told landlords they have the right to set these rules even if those include legalized medical marijuana. "As a number of people said to me, we don't want to be showing our apartment to a prospective resident, and have them smell marijuana in the hallways. That is not a selling point for us," said Jim Bergman, Smoke-Free Environments Law Project. Selling point or not, advocates for medical marijuana say these measures are not fair. Some argue that it's people's medicine. And if the law allows it then it's their right. "If people are paying to stay at a place, that's their home. I feel that if it's your home, then you should be able to do what you vote to do. And one of them is medical marijuana," said Danny Trevino, Hydroworld. It's a battle that could have legal consequences and one which Bergman says landlords would win. "State law says you can be certified to use marijuana for medicinal reasons. However, federal law still says marijuana is a controlled substance which is illegal. And no question about it, federal law trumps state law," said Bergman. That has yet to be tested. Until then smoking tenants can breathe easy. If you're a landlord or tenant and want to know more about smoke free apartments you can visit www.mismokefreeapartment.org. Click above to access the full story.

Michigan's smoking ban drawing relatively few complaints (from non-smokers)
Michigan Radio, 2010-10-08
Steve Carmody (2010-10-08)

There have been relatively few violations of Michigan's smoking ban in bars and restaurants. A new report finds fewer than 600 complaints have been filed with local health departments.

Michigan's smoking ban took effect in May 1st. Since then local health departments have received 583 complaints that patrons were smoking in local bars and restaurants. 153 citations were handed out and 5 food service businesses were forced to shutdown for failing to obey the smoking ban law.

Judge deciding whether to enforce smoking ban
UpperMichigansSource.com - Ashley Palumbo - October 7, 2010

L'ANSE -- Smoking at the American Legion Post 444 will continue for now as a Baraga County judge decides whether or not to grant the state's request for a preliminary injunction.

A hearing was held Wednesday afternoon but before any of the lawyers had a chance to speak post members and supporters were making their case outside the courthouse. ...

Smoking ban opponents still all fired up
Group organizing lottery boycott to protest state law
Detroit (MI) News, 2010-09-25
Valerie Olander / The Detroit News

A group called Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan-Amend Michigan Smoking Ban has about 3,000 members and has led a lottery boycott on Fridays. The group -- and others complaining about the bill -- point to records showing Club Keno sales have shrunk $21.5 million during the first three months of the ban, while liquor sales at bars and restaurants are down $1.8 billion.

"Small independent bars are really suffering. Some say they are being forced to close their doors," said Lance Binoniemi, executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association.

The group has been taking surveys of sales at bars and restaurants since the ban. The Private Property Rights group is trying to become a nonprofit and hopes to hire a lobbyist to fight to change the law.

Foes of the ban, which took effect May 1, point to bars such as Buster's Place in Trenton and Coach's Bar and Grill in Petersburg, near Dundee. ...

Butting into Michigan's smoking ban: Health department and business owners ...
The Bay City Times - MLive.com - September 24, 2010

BAY CITY — It’s been almost five months since Michigan became the 38th state to ban smoking in public places, and Bay County Health Department officials and business owners have varying opinions on the law’s effects.

Officials from the Bay County Health Department, which oversees enforcement of the law, said the majority of businesses have complied with the law, but they have received valid complaints involving 20 establishments in the county, since the smoking ban took effect May 1.

The complaints have involved 17 food establishments and three non-food service businesses, according to Bay County Community Health Educator Rachelle Anderson.

“Some of them were food service establishments that were allowing people to smoke out on their deck,” said Anderson, who investigates the complaints. “We’ve worked with the businesses, and they have changed their ways.”

Anderson, who has received hundreds of non-valid complaints, said no fines have been issued to any of the businesses.

Statewide statistics involving smoking ban violations are not yet available, according to James McCurtis Jr., a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Community Health ...

University of Michigan School of Public Health Announces the Mid-States Regional Center for Public Health Law
Media Newswire (press release) - September 21, 2010

(Media-Newswire.com) - ANN ARBOR – The University of Michigan School of Public Health ( UM SPH ) is among five regional centers in a new network designed to improve public health through law. The “Mid-States Regional Center” housed at UM SPH will deliver services to nine states across the Midwest, including the states of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kentucky.

In initiatives ranging from air bag requirements for cars to smoke-free regulations in restaurants and bars, law has become an increasingly powerful tool to create healthier, safer communities. As a result, those vested in public health – from local, state, federal, tribal officials and their legal counsel to public health practitioners, policy-makers and advocates – have an increasing need for public health legal expertise to help them develop, implement and enforce laws that help solve public health problems.

The new Public Health Law Network opened today to provide answers to professionals grappling with complex public health challenges that may warrant legal and policy solutions. On a broader level, the network aims to increase the use and effectiveness of public health laws in protecting, promoting and improving public health by delivering technical assistance and providing education and training to help public health practitioners, lawyers, policy-makers and others working to apply the law to pressing public health issues.

As of Monday, September 20, 2010, anyone working in the fields of public health or law can contact the network for guidance on how best to apply the law to their particular public health concern. Additionally, the network will provide education and training focused on applying the law to improve public health. ...

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: Changing the Landscape of Michigan & America
SFELP, September 10, 2010

At the 2010 Fall Conference of NAHRO-Michigan, SFELP’s Jim Bergman gave a presentation titled Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: Changing the Landscape of Michigan & America. The presentation and the accompanying PowerPoint provided information about the dramatic changes that have occurred in the past decade in smoke-free housing nationally and in Michigan, particularly related to public housing and other affordable housing. It also presented information on how and why to go smoke-free and included many slides of public housing and other affordable housing entities that have smoke-free policies. There is also one slide that includes info from the CDC research released on Sept. 7, 2010 on the % of nonsmokers exposed to secondhand smoke. You can view and download the PowerPoint presentation titled Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: Changing the Landscape of Michigan & America and you can also view and download a pdf version by clicking above.

Some West Michigan veterans want smoking ban changed
WZZM 13 Box Z (Grand Rapids, MI), 2010-08-30
Sarah Sell

The state's smoking ban is four months old and some local veterans are fighting to get it changed. The group says its rights were taken away.

Monday, during a rally at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, they asked legislators to work with them, to change the new law. Winter is just around the corner and soon, they will have to go outside to smoke.

"People are going to get hurt. They're going to slip and fall. Freeze to death out there. There's going to be pneumonia problems, you name it," says Veteran Randy Fortune.

The group of smokers wants veterans' homes to be exempt from the state's smoking ban. "I feel like they've come into my house and told me I can't smoke in my own house," says Veteran Charles Smyth. ...

Portage mulls smoking ban in parks that would include picnic and ...
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com - August 24, 2010

PORTAGE — A smoking ban at city parks has again been proposed in Portage.

The Park Board is suggesting a smoking ban in all playground and picnic shelter areas at the city’s 17 parks. The recommendation will get more study by the city administration and would have to clear the City Council to take effect ...

Flint City Council addresses open carry law, proposed smoking ban at meeting
The Flint Journal - MLive.com - August 23, 2010

...The council also voted to postpone a proposed Hurley Medical Center smoking ban that would include Hurley property as well as any adjacent public streets and sidewalks. Council members said they would like to see the ban changed so that it doesn’t include public right-of-ways. ...

Health department says private clubs named most in smoking complaints
Port Huron (MI) Times Herald, 2010-08-21

When Michigan lawmakers considered -- and approved -- a statewide ban on public smoking, those raising the most adamant objections included people who visit private clubs.

Now, a little more than three months after the law went into effect, St. Clair County officials said private clubs are logging the most complaints about people who continue to smoke there.

The law prohibits tobacco smoking in public places, including workplaces, restaurants and their patios, bars, government facilities and public meetings. Exempt are cigar bars and tobacco-specialty retail stores, as well as casinos established before May 1, 2010.

The Moose Lodge, 3520 Military St. in Port Huron, was named in four complaints to the St. Clair County Health Department, all of which refer to someone smoking on the deck.

Officials there refused to comment about the complaints. ...

Hurley Medical Center proposes smoking ban for hospital campus; adjacent public streets
The Flint Journal - MLive.com - August 19, 2010

FLINT, Michigan -- Several Flint City Council members are wary about a proposed Hurley Medical Center smoking ban that would include public sidewalks and streets adjoining Hurley property.

Hurley officials are asking the council to approve a city ordinance that would ban smoking on Hurley's campus, as well as any "publicly owned property contiguous to a hospital campus," including but not limited to sidewalks, lawns, streets and alleys ...

Detroit Housing Commission adopts smoke-free policy for all properties, effective January 1, 2011
Smoke Free Environments Law Project (SFELP), 8/17/2010

… We're very pleased to report that the Detroit Housing Commission ­ Michigan’s largest public housing authority ­ adopted a smoke-free policy for all its multi-family properties. The smoke-free policy goes into effect for all residents ­ no grandfathering ­ on January 1, 2011 in all its 15 properties with a total of 2,118 units. The policy covers 10 elderly buildings with 1,440 units and 5 family buildings with 678 units. Smoking will only be allowed in outdoor designated smoking areas, if any. The Detroit Housing Commission will provide assistance to residents to quit smoking. It has been our pleasure to assist the Detroit Housing Commission in adopting this policy. Michigan now has 42 housing commissions with smoke-free policies for some or all their properties. The policies cover about 85 apartment buildings/developments and over 384 townhouses/scattered site units, with about 7,744 total apartment units. Three of the largest housing commissions in Michigan now have adopted smoke-free policies ­ Grand Rapids with about 900 units, Detroit with 2,118 units, and Lansing with 834 units. Nationally, there are now at least 179 local housing authorities that have adopted smoke-free policies for some or all their properties. Among the largest housing authorities to have adopted smoke-free policies for almost all their properties are the 3 three Michigan ones named above; Portland, Oregon with 1,993 units covered and may be adding 3,760 units soon; and Everett, Washington with 1,047 units to be smoke-free in June, 2011. Other large housing authorities that have adopted smoke-free policies, but only for a few of their properties or are phasing in the smoke-free policies over the next few years include: Minneapolis, Boston, Denver, and Seattle.

Public Smoking Ban Cuts Lottery Sales - School Funding Down $10 Million
Mitechnews.Com (blog), 2010-08-16
Staff Writer Source: Gongwer News Service

While firm numbers are not yet final, indications are that Michigan's new workplace smoking ban will affect sales of Michigan Lottery club games, especially Keno, and could mean a drop in school funding from those games alone by $10 million.

The executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association said his members are clearly noting a drop in things like Keno sales as many are seeing less customer traffic since the ban took effect on May 1. The workplace smoking ban also means that except for the Detroit casinos and some locations like cigar clubs, smoking is outlawed in bars and restaurants.

One legislator who helped drive the move to ban smoking said there was no question the ban would have affected things like Keno sales, but that based on the experiences in other states some of that customer traffic should come back. Sen. Raymond Basham (D-Taylor) also said the new requirements may mean local establishments have to change their marketing to draw customers back in.

Andi Brancato, spokesperson for the Michigan Lottery, said indications now are that club game sales for the 2009-10 fiscal year will be some $35 million less than the $548 million the games sold in the 2008-09 fiscal year.

Michigan veterans fight for right to smoke
VFW post in Baraga defies state's new ban, files lawsuit
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-08-15

Smoking tobacco is legal. They own, run and risk failure at their post's tavern in tiny Baraga at the base of the Keweenaw Bay in the Upper Peninsula.

So they get to decide whether patrons get to smoke.

That wasn't an issue before May 1, when a statewide ban on smoking in places of employment took effect (with a few, minor exceptions and one major one: Detroit's three casinos).

Now Foucault-Funke Post 444, where the ashtrays never came off the tables and smokers line the bar each afternoon and evening, is at the center of what could be a decisive showdown for the new state law and -- as the vets see it -- for the individual liberty and self-government they fought to defend.

Earlier this month, the post sued the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department to strike down as unconstitutional the department's order to end indoor smoking.

"It's not about the smoking," said post spokesman Joseph O'Leary. "It's about the right to choose to allow the use of a legal substance on our property." ...

Sylvia Rector: New smoking ban means great things for Mt. Chalet in Royal Oak
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-08-01

But some, like Annette Berman, were quietly hoping it might work the other way -- that customers who didn't smoke might come in more often if the haze ever lifted.

She and her brother, Harvy Berman, own the landmark Mt. Chalet restaurant and bar on Woodward at 14 Mile in Royal Oak, a place that for years was known for its well-prepared food and, unfortunately, its smoke-filled air.

"I added every smoke-eater device known to man," she said, but none of them really did the trick.

She knew the problem was costing her some business, but friends warned against going smoke-free because so many of her regulars, obviously, were smokers.

That's why she thought the new law might be the answer. . . .

She was totally unprepared for what happened.

Food sales doubled.

"The ban went into effect on May 1, and the first month was crazy ridiculous. We sold more food than I've sold in years on the first two weekends. I would say the first month, they were up 100%," she said.

And it made a difference.

With the extra income, "I was able to start doing a lot of things I wanted to do around here." . . .

Protest over smoking ban
WWMT - July 28, 2010

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Some folks plan to hit the streets in Battle Creek Wednesday to protest the state's workplace smoking ban that went into effect May 1st. ...

Sault Tribe Housing Authority offers smoke-free housing
SFELP, 7/20/2010

The following is from a July 20th SooToday.com news story:

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians has become the first tribe in Michigan - and fifth in the nation - to establish smoke-free housing units for tribal members. The Sault Tribe Housing Authority today celebrated the opening of smoke-free homes for eight tribal families (four duplex units) in Kincheloe, Michigan. Additional smoke-free housing units will be established in future years, under a new policy adopted earlier this year by the Sault Tribe Housing Authority Commission. "Providing a healthy living environment for tribal members is our main goal," said Sault Tribe Housing Director Joni Talentino. "We want to give our members the opportunity to join the nationwide movement toward becoming smoke-free." All of the smoke-free units are full. Starting in November 2008, as an initiative of the Sault Tribe Strategic Alliance for Health Project, the Sault Tribe Tobacco Task Force, the Sault Tribe Housing Authority, the Sault Tribal Youth Council, the Chippewa County Tobacco-Free Living Coalition, the Smoke-free Environments Law Project and the Michigan Department of Community Health worked together to adopt the policy and establish the smoke-free housing units. Other supporters of the policy included the Tribal Youth Council and smoke-free environments. "Many tribal and non-tribal entities worked hard on obtaining this status," said Donna Norkoli, project coordinator of the Sault Tribe Strategic Alliance for Health Project. "It truly could not have been done without these partnerships." The Sault Tribe Housing Authority joins nine other local housing commissions in the U.P. who have adopted smoke-free policies. "Of 11 tribal housing authorities in Michigan, the Sault Tribe has taken the lead in adopting a smoke-free policy," said Jim Bergman of the Smoke-Free Environments Law Project. "Hopefully, other tribes will soon follow the Sault Tribe’s leadership role." ... The Sault Tribe Housing Authority manages more than 500 housing units across the Upper Peninsula.

80% of locals favor smoking ban in survey of 10000
HollandSentinel.com - Megan Schmidt - July 2, 2010

About one-third of Allegan County residents responding to a survey said a smoking ban in bars and restaurants would encourage them to go ...

Senator introduces legislation to expand smoking ban in Michigan
Journal Newspapers - Scott Spielman - July 1, 2010

State Sen. Ray Basham said he hopes to finish off one more goal before he leaves office.

Basham, who fought for years to get a smoking ban approved in Michigan, introduced legislation last week to make Detroit casinos smoke-free and extend to casino workers the same protection bar and restaurant patrons and employees have from secondhand smoke. Michigan enacted a smoking ban in most public places in May, but casinos were excluded.

"Secondhand smoke doesn't make any exceptions or exemptions, and Michigan law shouldn’t either,"said Basham, who is term-limited this year. "The legislature finally took action to protect patrons and workers in the state’s bars and restaurants from secondhand smoke exposure, and the men and women who work in the state's casinos should be extended the same consideration for their health." ...

MI Bars Planning Another Lottery Boycott To Protest Smoking Ban
WSJM - Andrew Green - June 30, 2010

Another boycott of Michigan Lottery games is being planned by bar owners around the state. An estimated 500 bars took part in the one-day boycott of Club Keno and other games earlier this month as a protest against the new public smoking ban, which owners say has greatly hurt their businesses. Steve Mace, with the group Amend the Michigan Smoking Ban, tells us that he figures the state lost out on at least a million dollars in lotto sales because of the bars' boycott...but that's not the only reason why it was viewed as a success. He says the boycott helped focus some media attention on problems with the ban. The Michigan Lottery has downplayed the effects of the boycott, so Mace says the bars are doing another one:

Smoking ban opponents gather
Battle Creek (MI) Enquirer, 2010-06-24
Elizabeth Willis * The Enquirer

More than 100 opponents of the state smoking ban joined Wednesday at Battle Creek's Polish National Alliance in protesting what many said was a violation of their constitutional rights.

"This is supposed to be a free country," said Art Heagney, 61, of Battle Creek. "(Smoking is) stinky, it affects everything around you, but it's a right."

Wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the words "I'm for smokers rights," PNA members Gordon Turner and Jim Worthington led the grassroots effort.

Opponents to the ban said they wanted to reverse or amend the law, which prohibits smoking on patios, decks and other attached structures in which food or beverages are served. They said the law has gone too far.

A quick survey of local bar owners in attendance revealed most lost between 20 and 40 percent in revenue since the ban was enacted May 1.

Some bars not feeling the burn after smoking ban
Allegan County News - Daniel Vasko - June 24, 2010

Most local bar and restaurant owners are not seeing a substantial effect from a new Michigan smoking ban in places of business, ...

Smoke-free impact: Weeks after smoking ban, businesses are...
Sentinel-Standard - Jon Szerlag - June 23, 2010

With the smoking ban being in effect for over a month, local businesses are saying they are seeing a slight rise is customers, and the Ionia ...

Survey: More than 75 percent favor Mich. smoking ban
Detroit (MI) News, 2010-06-21
Karen Bouffard / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

More than 75 percent of people surveyed by the state Department of Community Health favored Michigan's smoking ban, according to results of a study released this morning.

Researchers with the agency completed the public opinion survey before the law, which bans smoking in bars, restaurants and other public venues, went into affect May 1.

The survey of 10,030 people was distributed to clients receiving services at local health departments in 80 of Michigan's 83 counties between March 1 and April 23.

If they can't smoke, then they can't play
Mich. bar owners urged to boycott lottery for a day
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-06-15

An Internet campaign is urging bar owners to protest the 6-week-old statewide smoking ban by boycotting their own lottery sales of Keno, Pull Tabs and other state games on Saturday, the day before Father's Day.

Steve Mace, an organizer, said the ban has badly hurt business -- a point the state concedes -- at many bars, contrary to news media reports that it has had little effect.

Mace of Beverly Hills is a member of Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan, which he said has recruited at least 200 Michigan bars to join the boycott from 11 a.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday.

The group uses e-mail and a Facebook site called Michigan Lottery Boycott to spread the word. It says the one-day boycott could cost the state $18 million in lost lottery revenue.

Mace said the state should allow some smoking at bars and restaurants.

"Let's sit down and talk about this rationally, because Michiganders are losing their jobs," Mace said. ...

Michigan Stadium goes smoke-free this season
Associated Press
Indianapolis Star, Posted: June 7, 2010

ANN ARBOR, Mich. ­ The University of Michigan says it will make Michigan Stadium a smoke-free zone when the 2010 football season opens this fall.

Ann Arbor bars report no loss of business one month after Michigan's smoking ban
Ann Arbor.com, 2010-06-04
Dan Meisler

One month after state law barred smoking in their establishments, tavern and restaurant owners around Ann Arbor are not reporting any dramatic downturn in their business.

And the reaction among patrons -- while still going through an adjustment period - ranged from joy (usually nonsmokers) to resignation (usually smokers).

"I love it," said Sara Gnagi of Brighton, a nonsmoker who was having a drink one recent night at Conor O'Neill's on Main Street. "I have a much easier time breathing."

Her friend Jennifer Hall, who said in the past she typically only smoked at bars, didn't mind the new restrictions. ...

Statewide Smoking Ban Gets Rave Reviews
MyFox Detroit - June 1, 2010

It's been one month since a smoking ban in bars and restaurants took affect in Michigan. So far, it seems smokers are getting used to the new rules. Most we spoke to love the change.

They say it's nice not eat when people are smoking and to go home not smelling like smoke. Some area businesses even reported a boost in business.

The State Department of Community Health has yet to receive a single complaint or file any violations. County Health Departments haven't seen any either. ...

Mich. law prompts calls to 'quit smoking' hotline
Associated Press (AP), 2010-05-24

The state says more calls are coming in to a hotline to help people quit smoking in the wake of a new Michigan law that prohibits smoking at workplaces including bars and restaurants.

The Michigan Department of Community Health says Monday that 20 percent more calls have been made to the state's hotline since April 26. An average of more than 30 people per day are using the hotline to get started with efforts to stop smoking. ...

Livingston County Firms Up Restrictions On Smokers
WHMI - May 4, 2010

5/4/10 - A state law banning smoking in most workplaces in Michigan may already be the law, but the Livingston County Board of Commissioners were crossing their t’s and dotting the i’s Monday night when they approved an amendment to the smoking ban for county buildings and vehicles. According to Commission Chair Maggie Jones, the new language requires smokers to remain a reasonable distance from facilities and their entrances to prevent second-hand smoke from affecting those entering or exiting the building, and to make sure it does not enter the building through windows or vents. ...

Poll: 76 percent in favor of Michigan smoking ban
WNDU NBC 16 (South Bend, IN), 2010-05-04

A new poll conducted by our reporting partners at WSJM says around three quarters of people are in favor of it.

In the poll, the leading response was 76 percent of people saying they are a non-smoker and appreciate the new ban. ...

The smoking ban and restaurants: 'Now I can go and not worry about the air'
Jackson (MI) Citizen Patriot, 2010-05-03

We asked over the weekend if anyone noticed any difference now that Michigan's smoking ban has taken effect. Many readers said they did.

newtech enjoyed a smoke-free meal:

"Yes, I noticed. I went to a restaurant close to my home where I rarely go because of the smoking, but now I can go and and not worry about the air. Thank you Michigan for giving me the choice of all the restaurants and bars from which to choose. ...

Smokers say state ban a drag
Bars, restaurants prep for Michigan smoke out today
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-05-01

As they sat at the bar in Hoot's Lounge in Corktown on Friday night, Detroiters Maria Prado and Jesus Moreno celebrated the last evening they would be surrounded by people smoking around them.

"While we're eating, that's when it most affects us," said Prado of the smoke. She looks forward to the "healthy environment" she and Moreno, her non-smoking husband, will have when they go out to eat after the state's smoking ban begins at 6 a.m. today.

Mark Chapman, 40, of Dearborn Heights on the other hand said he fears the ban will hurt his business. Although not a bar owner, Chapman has been selling Detroit baseball caps in bars around the metro area for the last nine years.

Businesses, patrons happy to say goodbye to smoking
Detroit (MI) News, 2010-05-01
Mike Martindale / The Detroit News

Businesses, health officials and non-smokers alike were greeting a smoking ban for Michigan's bars, restaurants and other public establishments that went in effect at 6 a.m. Saturday.

Patrons of area businesses were finding some -- like the Park Bar on Park near Comerica Park -- already were posting "no smoking" signs and removing ashtrays.

"I'm divided," said Jerry Belanger, owner of the Park. "I hate giving up our liberties for some state-forced behavior modification, but, hey, I like breathing in clean air. So I'm for it. If someone tries to smoke, we politely tell them 'no'."

VIDEO: Non-Smokers Enjoying Smoke-Free Bars
WLNS 6 News (Lansing, MI), 2010-05-02

The smoke has officially cleared inside Michigan bars and restaurants. The statewide smoking ban went into effect at 6am Saturday morning. One local group went wheeling around town to celebrate Michigan going smoke-free. Adrienne Domas is kicking back, enjoying her weekend at some local watering holes, but something is missing from the air. . . .

So Domas and friends grabbed their bikes and hit the streets of Lansing for a pub crawl to visit local bars they wouldn't have necessarily gone before.

Adrienne Domas: "A lot of us don't ever go to some of these places because they were too smoky, and now we're going to start coming to these places.'

Domas says she wants to show bar owners lots of people do support the smoking ban and that business may light up now that it's in place.

Adrienne Domas: "We've been saying multiple times, many times, when we've gone out just on a weekend, we can't wait until May first, this place will be so much nicer after May first when it's not smoky."

Michigan to eat, drink smoke-free Saturday
Detroit Free Press - Kathleen Gray - 4/30/2010

At 6 a.m. Saturday, Michigan joins 37 other states that have indoor workplace smoking bans. Most of the attention has been on how it will change the culture and success of Michigan bars and restaurants. Here's a look at the Dr. Ron Davis Smoke Free Air Law. ...

Smoke-free era to begin in Michigan
The Detroit News - Francis X. Donnelly - 4/30/2010

At the Garden Bowl, bowlers have smoked since the first gutter ball in 1913.

Bowling and smoking are so intertwined that a player is as likely to be clutching a cigarette in one hand as a bowling ball in the other.

Until Saturday. ...

Hookah Bar Owners Plan Lawsuit Against Ban
WXYZ - April 27, 2010

EARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Over a hundred hookah lounge and restaurant owners are banding together to fight the smoking ban, which takes effect this Saturday.

They're concerned that the ban will force them out of business. They also want to know why they weren't granted an exemption from the ban like the owners of cigar bars and lounges.

Under the new law cigar bars will be allowed to serve food and allow cigar smoking, but hookah bars will not be allowed to serve food.

Many of the owners say they feel like the lack of a hookah exemption is an attack on their Arabic culture. They say the device has been a symbol of Arabic culture for hundreds of years, and that many of their customers only come because of the setting the hookah helps provide. ...

Hillside Lanes ahead of the game after imposing smoking ban a year ago
Jackson (MI) Citizen Patriot, 2010-04-25
Mike Pryson * Jackson Citizen Patriot

Aemisegger, owner of Hillside Lanes in Hillsdale since 1981, declared the bowling alley smoke-free one year ago, and he's glad he did.

"I wish I had done it sooner," Aemisegger said. "I got so tired of coming to work and breathing that stale smoke smell. I just thought for the longevity of the business, it was time for a change.

"Sometimes, a business has to reinvent itself."

Aemisegger's smoke-free business is a window into what other bowling centers might expect when the state-imposed smoking ban goes into effect Saturday.

"We did lose a few league bowlers, but what we gained in open bowling and outings far exceeded what we lost," Aemisegger said. "Our total lineage was up for the past year. We're getting families back into the bowling center." ...

Mich. hookah fanciers fume about smoking ban
Associated Press (AP), 2010-04-24

Yet there is one bright spot - a bustling stretch of Warren Avenue where Mideastern-style cafes, markets and shops provide a taste of Beirut or Damascus for one of the largest Arab-American communities in the nation.
This scene is now clouded by a new state law that bans a popular feature of the local eateries - the hookah, or Arabic water pipe filled with flavored tobacco.

Come May 1, when the law goes into effect, Dearborn's cafes will have to choose between serving food or allowing smoking. Hookahs will be welcome only in specialty tobacco stores.

Tough tobacco restrictions have been imposed in many states in recent years, threatening some smoky nightspots but usually leaving the local social life unchanged.

But in perhaps no other city does the aroma of fragrant smoke, the bubbling of water pipes and the tang of Arab dishes blend so intrinsically with the local lifestyle and economy.

In a relatively small business district, more than two dozen cafes offer hookah. . . .

"In our culture, alcohol is forbidden, and this is an area where there are a lot of Muslims," said Latifeh Sabbagh, a social worker and officer with the local Young Muslim Association. Smoking hookah "is something for them to do. It's their winding down." ...

Cigar bars around Michigan get OK to sell food, drinks
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-04-24

Michigan's statewide smoking ban, which is to take effect May 1, will allow established cigar bars to sell food and drink, the state Department of Community Health (DCH) announced Friday.

But the law will not allow any new smoking cigar bars; they had to have been established by April 1.

And patrons in cigar bars can't smoke cigarettes, pipes, so-called little cigars or any other tobacco products. Only tobacco-wrapped cigars that retail for more than $1 each can be smoked in cigar bars. . . .

To qualify for the exemption, cigar bars must prove that at least 10% of their monthly income is from the sale of cigars and the rental of humidors.

"To fail to recognize how cigar bars will generate the other 90% of their gross annual income would be absurd," DCH director Janet Olszewski wrote in a memo Friday.

She said the Legislature intended to allow eating and drinking in cigar bars when it wrote the new law. Tobacco shops and hookah lounges can't serve food and drinks, according to the ban.

Michigan cigar bars exempt in smoking ban
13abc.com - April 23, 2010

Legislation review allows cigar smoking with provisions

Statement from the Michigan Dept. of Community Health:

"After further analysis of the law, the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) has concluded in a released memorandum that if cigar bars meet required criteria, they are exempt from the smoking ban and will be allowed to serve food and drink.

"In order to qualify for this exemption, the cigar bar must file an affidavit with the MDCH on or before May 31, 2010 stating that the cigar bar was in existence on May 1, 2010. Cigar bars must continue to file an affidavit with the MDCH on Jan. 31 each year to qualify for exemption. Cigar bars must meet the following requirements ...

With new state smoking ban coming, commissioners move to Genesee ...
The Flint Journal - MLive.com - Ron Fonger - April 22, 2010

The effect of the move will be to ban smoking in currently designated indoor areas -- in the jury quarters of the county circuit and district courts as well ...

Sault Tribe Housing Authority adopts smoke-free policy; Fifth tribal housing authority in nation to do so

SFELP, 4/22: We are delighted to report that the Sault Tribe Housing Authority in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on April 19th adopted a smoke-free policy for some of their Tribal Housing homes. The policy states that "The Housing Authority Board of Commission has declared that certain Tribal Housing homes, located in the Seven-County service area of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, shall be designated as smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted in any inside area of the designated homes." The Housing Authority Board of Commission will, at the May meeting and at subsequent meetings as needed, approve a resolution for each individual property that will be designated as smoke-free. We expect that initially a number of duplexes will be designated as smoke-free, as well as some triplexes that will be constructed in 2011 for elderly housing. This is a great achievement by the Sault Tribe Housing Authority and is something that has been worked on for well over a year. Our congratulations to their Board, their Executive Director Joni Talentino and her staff, including Mariea Mongene, who worked tirelessly on this. Congratulations also to Donna Norkoli of the Sault Tribe Health Center, as well as Lauren Eveleigh of the Health Center, and Julie Trotter of the Chippewa County Health Department and to all the other folks who contributed so much to this effort. It has been our pleasure at the Smoke-Free Environments Law Project to be a part of this endeavor. The Sault Tribe Housing Authority is the first tribal housing authority in Michigan to adopt a smoke-free policy and, as far as we know, only the fifth in the nation. There are three tribal housing authorities in Alaska and one in Maine that also have adopted smoke-free policies. The Sault Tribe Housing Authority has about 500 units of housing in the 7-county area. To access the Sault Tribe web site, click above.

EDITORIAL: Smoking ban is a victory for public health
Port Huron (MI) Times Herald, 2010-04-18

The days are dwindling down to a precious few for those who like to light up at their favorite watering hole. For the rest of us, May 1 can't come soon enough.

That is the day smoking will be prohibited in almost all Michigan bars and restaurants. Some complain the new law snuffs out a personal right, and restaurant owners plead that their businesses will be ruined if they can't cater to smokers. . . .

But the overwhelming reality is smoking and the impact of secondhand smoke are a huge health hazard.

The public -- in Michigan and in 37 other states -- have said they are tired of going into restaurants and bars filled with a smoky haze.

On May 1, this is going to be better for everyone. ...

Many Ann Arbor restaurant, bar owners eager to snuff out smoking as ban approaches
Ann Arbor.com, 2010-04-18
Sven Gustafson

A combination of factors -- not the least of which is a dwindling population of tobacco users and successful precedents in other cities and states -- has many Ann Arbor restaurateurs looking forward to the change.

"My place will get busier when this nonsmoking comes in, I guarantee it," said Bill Fraser, the owner of Fraser's Pub on Packard. Staff there will spend half a week prior to the May 1 smoking ban cleaning the restaurant and repainting to get rid of three decades worth of accumulated smoke odors, he said.

"If I did it myself, and other bars didn't do it, it would probably hurt me," Fraser said of going smoke-free. "But because all bars have to do it, it's going to be a big plus." ...

Questions still cloud smoking ban
Officials split on seriousness of enforcement issues
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2010-04-16

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson dropped a bomb Thursday morning, saying he was suing to stop the state from starting a workplace, bar and restaurant smoking ban May 1.

Six hours later, slammed with a torrent of criticism, Patterson told assembled reporters in Farmington Hills, in effect, "never mind."

His office got an earful in more than 100 e-mails and phone calls. He said he asked his assistants about reaction and both raised their hands with thumbs down. "Not one said, 'Attaboy, Brooks,' " he said.

"If I don't have public support for what I'm doing, I'm going to reverse myself," he said. ...

Kent County won't fully enforce new smoking ban, state says
Grand Rapids (MI) Press, 2010-04-15
The Grand Rapids Press

Kent County's Health Department has said it won't enforce the state's smoking ban at establishments that don't offer food service because the $65,000 in state funding that's being offered over two years would not cover costs.

Kent County will be responsible for enforcement only at places that sell food and drinks. ...

Patterson: Oakland County won't enforce smoking ban
Detroit Free Press - April 15, 2010

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson this afternoon reversed himself, withdrawing his plan to sue against a statewide public smoking ban.The move came after an overwhelming number of phone calls from constituents who opposed what he was doing.

Watch freep.com for developments.

What was reported earlier today
Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said this morning he plans to sue to stop the state’s ban on smoking from taking effect May 1, saying it will impose a hardship on the county’s health department. ...

Smoking Ban: Some Wonder If State Ready
WJBK FOX 2 (Southfield, MI), 2010-04-06

Some business owners and even local health departments are wondering if Michigan is really ready to go smoke free. The ban starts in less than a month.

Come May first, Michigan's ban on smoking in restaurants and bars takes effect. The Grand Tavern and thousands of similar establishments will instantly become smoke free.

"Curious who's going to come in and enforce it, and who's going to write tickets. Do they want me to call the local police if somebody lights up a cigarette," Mario Lucaj, owner of the Grand Tavern. "They're not letting us know anything."

County health departments are receiving no funds from the state to enforce the new smoking ban. ...

Cloud of confusion envelops Michigan smoking ban
Mich. prepares to go smokeless
Detroit (MI) News, 2010-04-05
Karen Bouffard / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

With less than a month before Michigan's smoking ban goes into effect, the state isn't sure who should enforce the law, and counties are warning it shouldn't be them.

The impasse comes as the state is fielding hundreds of calls from owners of restaurants to pool halls, even hookah bars, looking for clarity on how to comply with what becomes law on May 1.

Michigan will become the 38th state to limit smoking in public places including government buildings, workplaces, bars and restaurants.

esides enforcement questions, there's confusion over other aspects of the law, such as how big "no smoking" signs should be, whether charity events fall under the statute, the dimensions of outdoor smoking areas and who will monitor work forces. ...

Butt out:Zorba's owners glad to go smoke-free early
Detroit (MI) Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 2010-03-28

CLAWSON -- The words on the marquee, and on signs taped to the doors, let Zorba's customers know the restaurant is now "smoke-free."

But the better indicator comes when customers walk inside and take a seat, according to owner Alex Dreshaj. The restaurant at 309 N. Main in downtown Clawson went smoke-free Jan. 1, five months before the May 1 statewide ban on smoking in public places takes affect.

"You can finally smell the food," Dreshaj's wife Gjina said, half-joking.
The married couple said they decided late last summer to make the restaurant smoke-free, several months before the state Legislature officially passed a law to prevent smoking in public places, with the exception of casinos. The owners began hanging signs last fall, letting customers know of their intention to have a smoke-free business. ...

Veterans hope to make clubs exempt from state smoking ban
Grand Rapids (MI) Press, 2010-03-21
Monica Scott The Grand Rapids Press

…army veteran Mike Stapleton said clubs where those who fought to defend the freedoms of this nation gather should be exempt from the state's smoking ban, which takes effect May 1.

"It's wrong for lawmakers to tell us private clubs what to do," said Stapleton, 61, who served in the Vietnam and Desert Storm wars.
"This (smoking) should be up to members. When we were under fire, being shot at and bombed, we'd smoke when we got a break to calm our nerves and relax."

Stapleton, of Jenison, and others at American Legion Post 179 in Grandville have signed a petition to get all veteran clubs exempt from the law passed in December. The ban applies to all bars, restaurants and workplaces. The only exemptions are for cigar bars and the gaming floors of existing casinos.

The petition drive, being coordinated on the east and west sides of the state, so far has 1,500 signatures from members of American Legion posts, Veterans of Foreign Wars and other clubs. ...

No butts about it at MIS track
Toledo Blade - Matt Markey - February 25, 2010

BROOKLYN, Mich. - When Michigan International Speedway opens its gates for the stock-car racing season in June, the only smoke encountered in the grandstand area should be that from the race winner spinning his tires in celebration.

The track will go smoke-free this year in all of its grandstands, mezzanines, concession areas, restroom buildings, suites and chalets. The ban seems consistent with a state-wide measure barring smoking in public places that takes effect in Michigan May 1. ...

Manistee, Michigan becomes 33rd housing commission in state to adopt a smoke-free policy for some of its buildings

2/17: Michigan leads the nation in having 33 local public housing commissions that have adopted smoke-free policies for some or all their buildings. The most recent was the Manistee Housing Commission which adopted its policy in December, 2009. The policy applies to two duplexes and to all future units which have substantial repairs or renovating. The commission is also considering making certain other of its buildings smoke-free. Nationwide, there are now at least 143 local housing authorities with smoke-free policies. To access a list of these housing authorities in PDF format, click above.

MELVINDALE: City bans smoking in public parks
Southgate (MI) News-Herald, 2010-02-06
Angie Favot

Henry Street resident Tom Moore no longer will be able to smoke around the diamond where his granddaughter plays T-ball.

The City Council approved a smoking ban in city parks Wednesday, making it unlawful for a person to smoke within 30 feet of bleachers or backstops at baseball and softball fields. ...

MELVINDALE: City might ban smoking at ball diamonds
Southgate (MI) News-Herald, 2010-01-24
Angie Favot

The City Council is revisiting an ordinance to ban smoking on baseball fields.

The ordinance would prohibit smoking within 30 feet of any bleachers and near backstops at baseball fields within public parks.
Anyone violating the proposed ordinance would be found guilty of a civil infraction and fined $50 per offense.

A similar ordinance failed after being proposed in July by Councilwoman Stacy Striz. . . .

"The first time around there was a lot of questions about it, people opposing it in the audience saying you cannot solicit good manners," she said. "I think that the smoking ban through Michigan kind of made people think there is something we need to do." ...

Chesaning Council looks at smoking ban ordinance
Argus Press - Jessica Robison - January 21, 2010

CHESANING - The Village Council Tuesday began consideration of a new ordinance to regulate smoking on business properties.

The ordinance, when complete, will work in conjuction with the state's new workplace smoking ban, which goes into effect May 1.

The Council's initial ideas include a ban on smoking during company time, unless an employee is on a break. The proposal also would affect people who work outdoors.

Village Council Trustee, Damion Frasier said, “Unless, you're on break, no smoking. Even if [working] outside.”

Frasier said he has looked for an ordinance that would cover smoking bans, but there are none. He said he has spoken to three lawyers from three communities on how they handled the issue within their cities.

Two of the lawyers said their cities allow employees to smoke outside of the building or in their own personal vehicle. But only on a person's break time. The lawyers' names and locations were not provided. ...

Editorial: Why are casinos exempt from smoking ban?
Heritage Newspapers, 2010-01-19
From: The Oakland Press

The Michigan Legislature passed a long-delayed smoking ban after considerable debate and controversy.

The ban will take effect in May. It applies to all bars, restaurants and work places, except for the Detroit casinos, cigar bars, tobacco specialty stores, home offices and motor vehicles. . . .

The exceptions listed in the law make reasonable sense, other than the one for casinos. It begs the question why? What kind of message does that send?

First, it makes it seem as though gambling is some kind activity that warrants special treatment. Admittedly, it's a good source of taxes and if people want to take test their luck, then fine, that should be their choice. But the exception, in a sense, promotes gambling and it's urging people with one addiction - smoking - to maybe test their will power from another potential addiction.

But the bigger message is that the Detroit casino lobby is strong and has a powerful influence on legislators. The effect is so blatant, it's scary. ...

Breathe in a healthier state
Detroit Free Press - Howard Koh, Clifford Douglas - December 23, 2009

Recently, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a bill that bans smoking in all public places beginning in May. Michigan joins the ranks of states that have taken a strong step toward protecting the health of their communities by making bars, restaurants and other public places smoke-free.

We know that secondhand smoke causes premature death and disease. For example, exposed kids are at an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), acute respiratory infections, ear infections and other illnesses.

Also, in 2005, California's Environmental Protection Agency estimated that exposure to secondhand smoke kills more than 3,400 adult nonsmokers from lung cancer, approximately 46,000 adult nonsmokers from coronary heart disease, and an estimated 430 babies from SIDS.

Earlier this year, the Institute of Medicine reported that secondhand smoke exposure could trigger heart attacks and that smoke-free laws reduce hospitalizations for heart attacks.

So with the passage of this law, Michigan will be saving lives and protecting its citizens.

The comprehensive nature of the new law is noteworthy. Unfortunately, too many people still incorrectly believe that opening a window, sitting in a separate area, or using a fan protects bystanders from the harmful effects of exposure to secondhand smoke. A 2006 report by the U.S. surgeon general concluded there is no risk-free level of exposure. The only protection is through 100% smoke-free environments. ...

Blowing smoke
Managers not fuming over bar, restaurant smoking ban
Detroit (MI) Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 2009-12-20

No big deal.

That's the response from some Plymouth bar and restaurant managers to Michigan's new workplace smoking law, which will ban smoking inside their establishments come next May. . . .

But, Zajac added, Station 885 will be planning an outdoor smoking area that fits the requirements of the law. To his understanding, he said, any outdoor smoking area must be more than 50 feet from a door.

"In the long run it's going to be a good thing, and I don't think it's going to affect too many businesses," said Kevin Khashan, who, with brother Sam, owns Sean O'Callaghan's, a tavern on Penniman. ...

Granholm signs smoking ban legislation
Area hotels and tobacco stores have opposing views on the new ban
WPBN-WTOM TV 7&4 (Traverse City, MI), 2009-12-19
Melissa Smith

The ban will start May 1st making it illegal to smoke in restaurants, bars, hotels and any place that serves food and drinks. Governor Granholm signed the bill into law Friday at a Lansing brew pub.

Lawmakers finished passing the ban last week. Detroit casinos, cigar bars, tobacco specialty stores, home offices and motor vehicles are exempt. Michigan is now the 38th state to limit smoking in public places.
7&4 News spoke with several hotels in Traverse City on Friday to get their reaction on the smoking ban and if they think it will hurt business. Although most of the hotels favor the new law, a tobacco store in town has a different opinion on the ban.

Ron Robinson is the director of hotel operations here at Cambria Suites in Traverse City as well as the Best Western next door. He says the new smoking ban that goes into effect May 1st, is not necessarily a bad thing for hotel business. ...

Michigan smoking ban to get governor's signature today
The Bay City Times - MLive.com - Jeff Kart - December 18, 2009

A new law to ban smoking in most public places is due to receive the governor's signature at a ceremony at 1 pm today. ...

What to know about state's smoking ban
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2009-12-12

QUESTION: Starting May 1, where can't I smoke?

ANSWER: Anyplace with a license to serve food or beverages or that employs at least one person. That means any public place -- shopping malls, concert halls, arenas, museums, health facilities including nursing homes, education facilities and child care centers. ...

Granholm to sign bill that will clear the air in public
Some fear drop in business with state's tough economy
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2009-12-11

Come May 1, the question "Smoking or nonsmoking?" will be history.

That's the day a long-sought statewide smoking ban takes effect in Michigan workplaces, including bars and restaurants.

The Michigan Senate and House passed a compromise bill Thursday that broke the stalemate over exempting Detroit's three casinos, by allowing smoking on gaming floors, but not in casino bars, restaurants or hotels.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm said late Thursday that she would sign the bill, which will not affect Michigan's 20 American Indian casinos.

The vote was a victory for anti-smoking advocates who sought the ban for more than a decade. Michigan will be the 38th state to ban smoking in public places. ...

Smoking ban slammed, praised
Michigan Live, 2009-12-11
Aaron Aupperlee * Kalamazoo Gazette

The Michigan Legislature passed a long-delayed smoking ban Thursday that would put Josh Judd and other smokers out in the cold.

The 30-year-old Kalamazoo man, sitting in the Green Top Tavern holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, said he doesn't think much of the bill prohibiting smoking in public places, including restaurants and bars.

"I think it's bull----," he said. "I don't think they have any right to tell a bar you can't have smoking. ...The bar should decide." ...

Local reaction to ban mixed
Traverse City (MI) Record-Eagle, 2009-12-11

The way Scott Haselton sees it, a smoking ban in restaurants and bars won't be the end of the world.

"They should just ban it altogether, then I'll quit," Haselton, 39, said Thursday as he puffed a cigarette in Dillinger's Pub in downtown Traverse City, shortly after state legislators voted to snuff smoking in most public places in Michigan.

The ban would take effect in May 2010. It applies to all bars, restaurants and workplaces except for the Detroit casinos, cigar bars, tobacco specialty stores, home offices and motor vehicles.

Haselton quit before, but started up again. His brother, Andrew Haselton, 40, kicked the habit for good. ...

Michigan smoking ban for restaurants and bars --- but not casinos --- hailed by some
Michigan Live, 2009-12-11
Jeff Kart * The Bay City Times

Janet Olszewski, director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, commended the move, which is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

"The Legislature passed a strong bill that outright bans smoking in public places. That decision shows that the health of Michigan citizens is a top priority," Olszewski said in a statement.

Second-hand smoke is the third-leading cause of preventable death in Michigan, resulting in about 2,500 deaths a year, she noted.

Bar and restaurant lobbyists have said the measure would cost thousands of jobs as smokers choose to frequent the establishments less often. They said the decision to go smoke free should be left to business owners - 6,000 bars and restaurants have already instituted bans. ...

VIDEO: Local reaction to legislators making Michigan smoke free
WSBT Channel 22 (South Bend, IN), 2009-12-10
WSBT News1

Pump House owner Tom Jennings has gotten used to the ups and downs of the proposal.

"It's been on the back burner, then someone decided to bring it up again," said Jennings.

The state will soon prohibit smoking inside all restaurants and bars.

For doctors -- like Rick Johansen with the Berrien County Health Department -- the decision has been a long time coming. ...

Michigan votes indoor smoke ban Detroit's 3 casinos given exemption
Toledo (OH) Blade, 2009-12-11


The ban would take effect in May.

It applies to bars, restaurants and workplaces, except for three Detroit casinos, cigar bars, tobacco specialty stores, home offices, and motor vehicles.

Although smoking will be allowed on casino gambling floors, it will be banned in the casinos’ bars, restaurants, and hotels.

With the governor’s signature, Michigan would become the 38th state to limit smoking in public places such as government buildings and bars and restaurants, Sen. Ray Bash said.

EDITORIAL: Smoking ban should apply to all places
Livingston County (MI) Daily Press and Argus, 2009-12-11

Do Michigan lawmakers really want to take a position that it is OK to kill casino workers as long as there are some jobs saved in the process?
Apparently so. Both the Senate and the House broke though a long stalemate yesterday to approve a bill that would ban smoking in bars and restaurants. The governor was expected to sign it. . . .

In fact, some observers believe that Republicans in the state Senate were calling the bluff of Detroit-area Democrats by pushing for a complete ban. It's not that the Republicans supported the ban. Rather, they expected Democrats to balk at a ban that included casinos.

Now, however, there is a compromise that will grandfather smoking on casino floors. That is still ridiculous. Either the threat of second-hand smoke is sufficient to ban it from public places, or it isn't.

To allow some businesses, such as casinos, to maintain an advantage over the bar down the street is unfair.

If state lawmakers believe that a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars is warranted, then ban it in all places. Otherwise, leave it alone and let the public decide where it wants to eat, drink and gamble. ...

Senate could vote on smoking ban Thursday
UpperMichigansSource.com - December 10, 2009

AP) -- The Senate might finally take up a statewide smoking ban that has stalled for years in the Legislature.

Senators have been working on a bill that would ban smoking in all workplaces, restaurants and bars, but could exempt casino floors and cigar bars. The House passed a ban containing similar exemptions in May.

The Senate measure could come up for a vote on Thursday. It faces opposition from the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association and from health advocates and some lawmakers who object to exempting the three Detroit casinos.

If the bill stalls, there likely will be an effort to put a smoking ban on the ballot next year. ...

Michigan Workplace Smoking Ban Set To Pass
NACS Online - December 9, 2009

LANSING – Michigan has moved one step closer to having a statewide, workplace smoking ban with the news that a leading Republican lawmaker has the votes to approve such a bill, the Detroit News reports. The bill would exempt Detroit casinos, cigar bars and tobacco stores from the smoking ban.

State Senate Appropriations chairman Ron Jelinek said the Senate would discuss the smoking bill this week with his proposed amendment that would let people smoke in the city’s casinos, cigar bars and smoke shops. The amendment prohibits smoking in casino hotels and restaurants, but permits it on the casino floor.

“Yes, I think we can get the votes,” said Jelinek, who also pointed out that the legislation should pass the House, too. House Speaker Andy Dillon said that the smoking ban legislation is one of his top three legislative items to complete before the holiday recess begins Dec. 17.

However, the bill has its detractors. The Michigan Licensed Beverage Association is against a smoking ban, but if one passes, it would prefer one with no exceptions. Currently, 6,000 Michigan bars and restaurants do not allow smoking, so the group wonders why a ban is needed. ...

EDITORIAL: End Michigan's shame and pass the smoking ban
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2009-12-08

So let's review the arguments as lawmakers contemplate one more attempt to limit smoking in Michigan.

The primary point, often lost in the haze, is that this is first and foremost a workplace ban on smoking. Few workers these days have to put up with colleagues' smoking . . .

In a perfect world, lawmakers would not exempt casino floors -- their workers deserve clean lungs, too -- but after years of stalemate any significant smoke-free progress would be welcome.

Which leaves the hope that this time, finally, lawmakers won't keep blowing smoke. ...

Lighten Up
Smoking Ban, Michigan Legislature
Mackinac Center for Public Policy, 2009-12-08
Mr. Ted O’Neil * 12/8/2009 9:38 AM

The Michigan Legislature is once again considering an attack on private property rights in the form of a workplace smoking ban, according to the Associated Press.

Russ Harding, director of the Center's Property Rights Network, addressed the issue a year ago when the Michigan House and Senate passed separate bills but failed to reach an agreement on how intrusive to make the proposed legislation:

Smoking bans may not strike most people as an obvious government property taking in the same manner as seizing someone's home to make way for a new highway, but both are an erosion of the right to use one's own private property free from government meddling. ...

Detroit barkeeps head to Lansing to bounce smoking ban
Detroit (MI) News, 2009-12-08

Detroit bar owners whose establishments are close to the Detroit casinos trekked to the state Capitol today to oppose legislation that would ban smoking in public places but make exceptions for casinos.

Tino Hammond, owner of Reggie's Moulin Rouge in Detroit, said her business and her 40 employees will be in jeopardy if lawmakers approve the measure.

"This would just be the nail in the coffin," she said at a news conference in Lansing. "Anybody in the downtown area would suffer tremendously. It would put us in jeopardy of closing in six to eight months."

Christina Byrd, whose family owns Floods Bar & Grill in Detroit, said 30 percent to 35 percent of the lounge's patrons smoke. ...

Most states have some smoking ban, but not Mich.
AP, 2009-12-07
The Associated Press

Michigan would join a majority of states with smoking bans if a bill succeeds. A look at the different types of bans across the country:

--Smoking in state and-or local government buildings is banned in 33 states and the District of Columbia.

--Smoking in private workplaces, not including restaurants or bars, is banned in 24 states and the District of Columbia. ...

MI lawmakers edge closer to possible smoking ban; Detroit casinos could get partial exemption
AP, 2009-12-07
KATHY BARKS HOFFMAN Associated Press Writer

A statewide smoking ban that has stalled for years in the Legislature could be in place by Christmas.
A Senate committee this week could take up a bill that would ban smoking in all workplaces. The ban would include all restaurants and bars, but could exempt casino floors and cigar bars.
Republican Sen. Ron Jelinek of Three Oaks is hoping to push through a compromise soon.

"Most legislators want to get it done," Jelinek said. "The major discrepancy now is either total ban or ban with exceptions. ... We'll see what flies."

Opponents want the decision left up to individual business owners. Lance Binoniemi of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association says if a ban is passed, it shouldn't have exceptions that "pick winners and losers" by exempting casinos. ...

Statewide smoking ban: To exempt or not to exempt?
Michigan Messenger, 2009-12-07
David Alire Garcia 12/7/09 12:12 PM

While casino owners assume they'll lose business if they can no longer allow their customers to light up while they gamble -- and force their non-smoking patrons to inhale second-hand smoke while they gamble -- Christoff's story doesn't shed any light on whether that assumption is born out of any research.
It's not like Michigan is the only state that has faced this particular gambling-bone-is-connected-to-the-smoking-bone argument.

Meanwhile, hanging over potential legislative action is the possibility that ban advocates who favor no exemptions will pursue a ballot initiative to ban smoking outright, bypassing Lansing lawmakers.

In case you haven't been following Lansing's smoking-ban saga, here's some informative recent history from the same story: …

Michigan House Speaker has end-of-session goals
Dillon seeks to ease school aid cuts, ban workplace tobacco before session ends
Detroit (MI) News, 2009-12-05
Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

... and finally passing a workplace smoking ban are the top items on House Speaker

Andy Dillon's to-do list before the end of the year. . . .

Finally, the speaker said he's hopeful the Legislature can pass a public smoking prohibition this month, breaking a long-standing impasse.

The Senate has insisted on an across-the-board ban while the House has made exceptions for the three Detroit casinos. One proposal in the Senate is a compromise bill that would bar smoking on half the casino floor and in casino hotels and restaurants. Dillon said that plan has some promise.

Marsden said if the smoking ban comes up next week in the Senate, as some predict, "I expect the majority leader will stay consistent on it -- a full ban." ...

Proposed statewide smoking ban may hurt Detroit casinos
Mich. Legislature may pass statewide smoking ban that could cut Detroit gambling houses' revenue up to 30%
Detroit (MI) News, 2009-12-05
Nathan Hurst / The Detroit News

The city's three casinos could see nearly a third of their revenues -- and tax payments to Detroit and the state -- vanish should legislators enact a smoking ban without an exemption for the gambling halls.

That's according to estimates from MGM Grand Detroit, the city's largest casino by revenue.

Downtown casino executives say a ban on smoking with no exemption for the three properties -- MGM Grand, MotorCity and Greektown -- could deal a damaging blow to revenues, especially as Ohio readies itself for the opening of four casinos within its borders.

Jamaine Dickens, a spokesman for MGM Grand Detroit, said the projected impact wouldn't just hit the casinos, but the city and state, which take in millions in taxes each year.

All told, the city and state could lose up to $93.1 million a year in taxes ...

Senate has not yet taken action on smoking ban bill
(East Lansing, MI) State News, 2009-11-18
Marissa Cumbers

The smoke still has not cleared between the Michigan House and Senate on whether state residents should be allowed to enjoy cigarettes while dining.

It has been six months since the Michigan House passed a statewide smoking ban for public places, such as restaurants and bars, and the Senate still has not picked up the bill, which exempts casinos and cigar bars. Some representatives still are pushing for the Senate to take action on the bill, but experts said disagreement between the two houses could mean the Senate might not pick it up at all.

“Having just finished up the budget process, we are looking at our agenda for the upcoming year and we haven’t had any discussion of how we will address the smoking ban,” said Matt Marsden, spokesman for Sen. Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.

The Senate passed a smoking ban with no exemptions in 2008, but the House never picked up that bill, he said.

“If there is going to be a smoking ban, we don’t believe there should be carve-outs for certain establishments,” Marsden said.

But exempting casinos and cigar bars would create a “middle ground..."

UM initiative bans smoking
UW Badger Herald - Stephanie Albrecht - November 17, 2009

Students at both the University of Michigan and Purdue University would have to either quit or find somewhere else to puff up if a smoking ban under serious consideration at both Midwestern schools is implemented.

The Michigan initiative bans smoking anywhere on its three campuses and, in lieu of receiving a ticket, offenders will be forced to attend workshops encouraging them to drop the habit.

“We are working to promote a culture of health, and this fits into that philosophy … We believe a smoke-free environment is another strong way to encourage a healthy lifestyle,” said Kallie Michels, associate vice president of communication at Michigan. “We hope that the policy will translate into more members of our community quitting smoking or never starting.”

The goal of the initiative is to make the campus completely smoke-free by July 2011 in order to create a “culture of health.” ...

Muskegon County smoking ban takes effect Nov. 9
Michigan Live, 2009-11-01
Chad D. Lerch * Muskegon Chronicle

A smoking ban covering businesses across Muskegon County is less than two weeks from going into effect, and county officials say they're working with business owners to help bring them into compliance before the deadline.

Ken Kraus, director of Public Health-Muskegon County, said the smoking ban covers all indoor businesses, except bars and restaurants, and it goes into effect Nov. 9. Kraus said he has been fielding periodic calls from business owners wanting to comply.

When county commissioners discussed the ban this summer, few people spoke in opposition. But dozens of residents and government officials encouraged the board to approve the regulations. ...

Rep. Lori works on smoking ban
October 27, 2009 by WLKM

State Rep. Matt Lori is working with a bipartisan group of House lawmakers to figure out a new strategy for getting a smoking ban signed into law.

Earlier this year, the House approved legislation to ban smoking in most public places, including bars and restaurants, but that plan has since stalled in the Senate because it exempts casino gambling floors, cigar bars and tobacco shops from the proposed ban.

Senate leaders have repeatedly said they will only support a total ban, so as not to create an unfair competitive advantage for some businesses over others. Last year, the Senate approved a total smoking ban, but that plan fell six votes short in the House.

“It seems pretty clear the Senate is only willing to support a total ban, no exemptions, and I think we have enough support for a total ban in the House, so that’s the direction I think we are going to go,” said Lori, of Constantine. ...

Ogemaw County votes not to adopt smoking ban
Ogemaw County Herald - Eric Young - October 22, 2009

WEST BRANCH — Ogemaw County commissioners voted 6-1 not to adopt the Clean Indoor Air Regulation, which would have banned smoking in workplaces and work vehicles, during their regular meeting on Oct. 22.

Commissioner Beverly Scott cast the dissenting vote.

The decision will also affect the counties of Oscoda, Alcona and Iosco. All three counties had already approved the ordinance. However, because of the way the ordinance was written, it had to be approved by all four counties to become effective. Now that Ogemaw County has chosen not to approve the ordinance, which was brought forth by District Health Department No. 2, it cannot be enforced in any of the other three counties.

“I think the law would make people criminals,” said Commissioner Pete Hennard.

“The area we need to enforce (a ban on smoking) is in restaurants,” said Commissioner John West. “That’s where we need to enforce it and we can’t.” ...

Charlevoix Housing Commission becomes 32nd in Michigan to adopt smoke-free policy and 129th in the nation

SFELP, 10/23: On October 20th, the Charlevoix Housing Commission adopted a smoke-free policy for its 62-unit Pine River Place apartments for the elderly and disabled. The policy went into effect immediately for all new residents and current residents who are not smokers, as well as guests and staff. Current residents who are smokers are exempted from the policy for as long as they live in their current unit. Under this new policy, secondhand smoke and other damage caused by smoking or tobacco products will not be considered ordinary wear and tear, and some or all of the resident's security deposit may be retained by the housing commission to cover costs of damage caused by smoking or tobacco products; damage above and beyond the amount of the security deposit may be billed to the resident. Further, it is the resident's responsibility to take steps to keep smoking residue from building up in units, including more frequent cleaning and wall washing, etc. Annual inspections of units will be utilized to ensure that apartment residents are following this part of the policy. Charlevoix becomes the 32nd public housing commission in Michigan to adopt a smoke-free policy. It has been our pleasure working with Rob Harrison, the Executive Director of the Charlevoix Housing Commission on this policy. Charlevoix is a located in northern Michigan on Lake Michigan, and is known as "Charlevoix the beautiful". The 32 Michigan housing commissions with smoke-free policies have about 56 apartment buildings/developments and over 60 townhouses/scattered site units. A total of at least 4,158 apartment units are covered by the local Michigan housing authority smoke-free policies. More are in the pipeline. There are now at least 129 housing authorities in the U.S. with smoke-free policies for some or all their buildings. To access a copy of the list of 129 housing authorities in the U.S. that have adopted smoke-free policies for some or all their buildings, click above.

After temporary smoking ban during ArtPrize, The BOB makes change permanent
Michigan Business Review - MLive.com - October 21, 2009

GRAND RAPIDS -- The B.O.B. has gone smoke-free. The permanent smoking ban comes on the heels of a temporary ban enacted during ArtPrize to protect the 158 entries on site.

Two of the B.O.B.s venues -- Eve Lounge and Crush Nightclub -- were smoke-free before ArtPrize, which was Sept. 23 through Oct. 10.

The temporary ban was such a hit The B.O.B. decided to make it permanent, said general manager Shane Philipsen.

The new ban applies to all venues, except for the outdoor patio and the 10:30 p.m. show at Dr. Grins Comedy Club.

The B.O.B., 20 Monroe Ave. NW, is a 70,000-square-foot, four-story building owned by The Gilmore Collection that also includes Bobarinos, B.O.B.'s Brewery, Dr. Grins Comedy Club, Gillys, J Bar, Judsons Steakhouse, Monkey Bar Resto Lounge and the Gilmore Collection Catering. ...

Commissioners OK partial smoking ban
Traverse City Record Eagle - Sheri McWhirter - October 20, 2009

TRAVERSE CITY -- Traverse City commissioners banned smoking at beaches, picnic shelters and playground areas, but stopped short of a total smoking ban in city parks.

Commissioners decided in a 6-1 vote in favor of a smoking ban "in park buildings, shelters and designated swimming and beach areas in city parks that have waterfront or playground areas." The ban takes effect Oct. 29 and violators could be asked to stop smoking, expelled from the park or ticketed.

Commissioner Ralph Soffredine said it was a move in the right direction, but wanted a more restrictive measure to ban all tobacco in city parks. ...

Monroe Housing Commission becomes 31st in Michigan to adopt smoke-free policy and 125th in the nation
SFELP, October 19, 2009

10/19: On October 13th, the Monroe Housing Commission voted unanimously (5 to 0) to formally adopt a smoke-free policy for all their buildings; earlier, on September 8th, the board had voted to go smoke-free, but did not have the formal language of the policy before them. The policy is to go into effect November 1, 2009 for all residents, including current residents who are smokers. The housing commission has a 7-story, 148 unit, high-rise for elderly and disabled (River Park Plaza), and a 115-unit family housing building (Greenwood), plus 30 single family houses; a total of 293 units. The policy will allow smoking outdoors, but only in designated areas, if any. It was a great pleasure working with Nancy Wain, the Executive Director of the Monroe Housing Authority on this. Adoption of this policy makes Monroe the 31st housing commission in Michigan to adopt a smoke-free policy and the 125th in the nation. To access a copy of the list of 125 housing authorities in the U.S. that have adopted smoke-free policies for some or all their buildings, click above.

Smoking ban regulation hearing to be held Oct. 22
Ogemaw County Herald - John Fischer - October 16, 2009

OGEMAW COUNTY — The countywide public hearing for the Clean Indoor Air regulation, which is being proposed by District Health Department no. 2, will be held on Oct. 22 at 6 p.m.

DHD no. 2 Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Cori Upper said the hearing is for Ogemaw County citizens to express their concerns or support to the commissioners on the regulation.

“There won’t be any schedule or anything like that,” he said. “It’s just going to be an open public meeting.”

There will be DHD no. 2 staff on-hand to discuss any of the provisions included in the proposal and answer any questions at the will of the board of commissioners, Upper said. ...

Traverse City Commissioners to decide park smoking ban
UpNorthLive.com - October 13, 2009

The City Commission continues to look at a proposed ordinance that would ban smoking in city parks.

We're told the main reasons for the ban are to prevent unwanted second hand smoke and keep city property free of cigarette butts.

The city says a ban on all the city parks would be easier to enforce than a ban on selected areas near playground equipment and pavilions. ...

City leaders discuss smoking ban in parks
Traverse City Record Eagle - Sheri McWhirter - September 15, 2009

TRAVERSE CITY -- Zachary Collins and Ally Smith sat near a flower bed at Traverse City's Open Space, each smoking a cigarette.

They didn't throw their cigarette butts on the ground or into Grand Traverse Bay, yet they still did something city leaders may consider banning: they smoked in a city park.

"It's our choice to do it, so why do we always get the short end of the stick?" said Collins, a downstate musician looking for work in Traverse City.

Smith said she doesn't want to light up near a family or playground, but if city commissioners banned smoking in parks, people would simply stand on sidewalks. Maybe designated smoking areas would be better, Collins said.

City commissioners discussed all that and more at their Monday meeting.

City leaders already banned smoking in workplaces, save for restaurants and bars, places they've lobbied state lawmakers to consider a ban on smoking. ...

Monroe Housing Commission becomes 31st in Michigan to adopt smoke-free policy and 125th in the nation
9/11: On September 8th, the Monroe Housing Commission voted unanimously (5 to 0) to adopt a smoke-free policy for all their buildings. The policy is to go into effect November 1, 2009 for all residents, including current residents who are smokers. The housing commission has a 7-story, 148 unit, high-rise for elderly and disabled (River Park Plaza), and a 115-unit family housing building (Greenwood), plus 30 single family houses; a total of 293 units. The policy will allow smoking outdoors, but only in designated areas, if any. It was a great pleasure working with Nancy Wain, the Executive Director of the Monroe Housing Authority on this. Adoption of this policy makes Monroe the 31st housing commission in Michigan to adopt a smoke-free policy and the 125th in the nation.

Leelanau, Benzie workplaces to go smoke-free
Traverse City (MI) Record-Eagle, 2009-09-05
Sheri McWhirter

SUTTONS BAY -- Leaders in Leelanau and Benzie counties made their communities' indoor workplaces smoke-free.

The law is a welcome change that will prevent public exposure to dangerous second-hand smoke, some believe, while others suggest the new law infringes on free enterprise and individual choice. The new regulation does not impact bars, restaurants, tobacco shops and tribal casinos and will become effective Nov. 16.

"I think it's a great idea," said Ed Beuerle, owner of Northern Lumber Company in Suttons Bay. ...

Public hearing date set for countywide smoking ban proposal
Ogemaw County Herald - Eric Young - August 31, 2009

WEST BRANCH — The public will have a chance to share its opinion on the proposed countywide smoking ban, during a public hearing scheduled for Sept. 24.

The hearing is set to begin at 6:15 p.m. in the Ogemaw County Building’s commissioners’ chambers. It will be held prior to the county’s regular monthly meeting. Area residents will be given the opportunity to comment on the proposed Clean Indoor Air Regulation, which would ban smoking in public workspaces and enclosed public places.

The regulation is being brought to the county by District Health Department No. 2, which serves the four-county area of Ogemaw, Oscoda, Alcona and Iosco counties. Ogemaw County is the last of the four to see the regulation. The other three counties have already approved it. Oscoda County was the most recent, approving it on June 23 of this year. Iosco was the first to approve it in 2007. ...

Locals not fired up by ban on smoking
Livingston County (MI) Daily Press and Argus, 2009-08-30

While one state legislator wants to give local communities the power to ban smoking in bars and restaurants, Livingston County officials don't seems interested in it.

"It's too much government," Brighton Mayor Kate Lawrence said.
Lawrence said it should be up to each individual business owner whether to permit smoking.

"It's not the government's job," she said.

Hartland Township Supervisor Bill Fountain shared a similar view of the proposal.

"I feel it should be up to each establishment if they want smoking or not," Fountain said. He's the owner of the Majestic at Lake Walden golf course, which is a smoke-free facility. ...

Bill lets towns decide on restaurant smoking
Cadillac (MI) News, 2009-08-26
Jan Klooster

Local governments in Michigan should be able to prohibit smoking in restaurants and bars since a proposed statewide ban remains stalled in the Legislature, a lawmaker says.

A bill sponsored by Rep. Gary McDowell, D-Rudyard, would let each county, city, township and village decide if people can smoke in local bars and restaurants. Courts have said Michigan law allows only the Legislature to ban smoking in food establishments.

McDowell said that should be changed because he does not think lawmakers will pass a ban on their own.

"It'll bring the debate back home, to every township and city hall," McDowell said in an interview. "Once one community does it, it'll start to spread across the state. It's hard to imagine which community in Michigan would want the notoriety of being the last to allow smoking in the workplace." ...

Bill lets Michigan towns decide on restaurant smoking
AP, 2009-08-25
Associated Press

A Michigan lawmaker says local governments should be able to ban smoking in restaurants and bars since a proposed statewide ban is stalled in the Legislature.

A bill sponsored by Rep. Gary McDowell would let each county, city, township and village decide if people can smoke in local bars and restaurants.

Michigan law allows only the Legislature to ban smoking in food establishments.

McDowell says the law should be changed because legislators will not pass a statewide ban.

The Rudyard Democrat had planned to testify Wednesday in a House committee, but his bill has been taken off the agenda. ...

Midland-based MidMichigan Health widens smoking ban
Michigan Live, 2009-08-22
Eric English * The Saginaw News

MidMichigan Health will increase its ban on smoking on Sept. 1 at its Midland hospital and other health facilities.

Under the new policy, the health system will prohibit smoking and tobacco use in cars parked at its building locations.

"The primary goal of this policy is to reinforce MidMichigan Health's mission and commitment to create a safe and healthy environment for our patients and one another by eliminating second- and third-hand smoke," said Richard M. Reynolds, president of MidMichigan Health.

The nonprofit health provider's policy defines tobacco products as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, other lighted smoking devices and chewing tobacco. Use of these products is not permitted on any MidMichigan Health campus, including in vehicles, effective Sept. 1. ...

Detroit 101: where to find non-smoking restaurants
Examiner.com (National), 2009-08-23
Detroit Alternative Medicine Examiner Vickie Jackson

Despite the ongoing push for legislation throughout Michigan to ban smoking in restaurants as well as most workplaces, the dust hasn't settled yet (nor have the ashes). It can only be hoped, for those with asthma, tobacco allergy, and any other respiratory problems, that this issue will soon be resolved once and for all. Despite the smokers' insistence that they have a right to pursue their habit, there is nothing in either the state's or nation's constitutions guaranteeing anyone the right to befoul the air and donate carcinogens and a myriad of other noxious substances to the lungs of everyone around them. . . .

Rejoice, healthy-breathing afficionados! There are restaurants in the Detroit area that have gone smoke-free. A list of such eateries follows (note: it's best to call ahead, in case of either a need for reservations, or to check on the status of their smokelessness, as restaurants are often subject to sudden changes): ...

County board approves anti-smoking measures (MI)
Michigan Live, 2009-08-12
Jeff Engel

The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners has made an emphatic statement against smoking inside county workplaces and public buildings.

The board Tuesday unanimously approved the "Muskegon County Clean Indoor Air Regulation," a comprehensive smoking ban that covers most inside workplaces -- except restaurants, bars and specialty tobacco shops.

In other businesses, the ban will cover "all enclosed public and private worksites and public places within Muskegon County," according to the ordinance.

The board also approved a letter of support urging the state Legislature to enact a statewide smoking ban that would include restaurants and bars. Those businesses are currently exempt from smoking bans approved by county boards. ...

County commission to act on smoking ban
White Lake Beacon - August 10, 2009

More workers in Muskegon County may soon be breathing easier at their places of employment.

This Tuesday, the Muskegon County Board of Commissioners will vote on a Indoor Clean Air Regulation that, if passed, will ban smoking tobacco in most private worksites. That will protect workers from secondhand smoke exposure.

A recommendation to approve the regulation which has already been adopted by 27 counties and three cities in Michigan, was made the commission’s Human Resources Committee. Passage of the regulation is expected since the Human Resources Committee is a committee of the whole of the commission, and commissioners unanimously approved it 10-0 with Commissioner Charles Nash (District 7) excused. ...

Smoke ruling highlights need for ban
Lansing State Journal - August 10, 2009

The Michigan Supreme Court recently gave legal sanction, indirectly, to an Ingham County regulation that requires eateries to put the "non" in "non-smoking" seating areas. The court's decision last month in a case out of Charlevoix County was a welcome endorsement of local authority to protect the public health.

And the smoking regulations backed by the court are essentially "copied" from Ingham County's plan adopted late last year, says Commissioner Andy Schor.

As good as these regulations are, they are not as beneficial as a statewide ban on smoking in restaurants and bars would be.

Neither the four-county Northwest Michigan Health Agency nor Ingham County banned smoking from eateries with their regs. They couldn't because the state reserves that power for itself.

What Ingham did do, though, was utilize its power under public health law to require retailers to do more to separate the smoking zones from the no-smoking ones than place some signs or scoot some tables a few inches. Ventilation systems to keep the smoke from the non-smokers are now required. ...

Muskegon County Board to weigh smoking ban for businesses, public places
Muskegon Chronicle - MLive.com - Chad D. Lerch - August 5, 2009

MUSKEGON COUNTY -- One by one, residents, business owners and health officials urged the Muskegon County board to approve a smoking ban they say would protect employees and visitors to workplaces and other public buildings across the county.

More than 20 people testified during a county commission public hearing Tuesday -- all of whom supported the "Muskegon County Clean Indoor Air Regulation." After the hearing, the board, meeting as the human resources committee, tentatively approved two clean indoor air measures. ...

Mid-Michigan counties consider smoking ban
Central Michigan Life - Jake Bolitho - July 29, 2009

The possibility of a statewide smoking ban has been a hot topic of debate in Lansing for quite some time, but after a recent ruling, some individual counties are now holding their own discussions regarding the matter.

In a unanimous decision, the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that counties can now make stricter smoking laws than the state government. This will allow counties to continue deciding on smoking bans in local business establishments, with the exception of restaurants and bars, which are still left up to state lawmakers to decide.

County commissioners in the mid-Michigan area, including Isabella County, appear to be split down the middle on the issue.

"It's been a topic of discussion," said District 6 Commission Chairman David Ling. "Some are animatedly supporting it and some are animatedly against it." ...

MELVINDALE: Ordinance to ban smoking in public parks snuffed out
Southgate (MI) News-Herald, 2009-07-25
Rene Cizio

An ordinance to ban smoking in city parks failed in its second and final reading at last Wednesday's City Council meeting.

The ordinance would have made it unlawful for a person to smoke on or within 30 of feet of bleachers or baseball backstops at any city park.
No-smoking signs would have been put up, and anyone caught by police smoking in the banned areas could have been ticketed.

Voting against the ordinance were Councilmen Jeffery Bolton and John Rowe and Councilwoman Kalley Hess. Voting yes were Councilwomen Sue Herman and Stacy Striz, who proposed the ordinance. Councilman Joe Alvarado was absent. ...

Supreme Court Upholds Regional Smoking Ban
Michigan Radio - Rick Pluta - July 22, 2009

LANSING, MI (MPRN) - The state Supreme Court has upheld a regional ban on smoking in offices, shops, and factories.

The ban covers Emmet, Antrim, and Otsego counties in northwest Michigan. The court rejected a claim the ordinance violates employers' rights to run their businesses.

Two dozen Michigan cities and counties also have limits on workplace smoking.

Emily Palsrok is with the Michigan Campaign for Smoke-Free Air. She says the decision is encouraging. But Palsrok says local governments cannot ban smoking in bars and restaurants. She says that's why a state law is needed. ...

Tired of waiting for legislature to act, Ann Arbor restaurants ban ...
MLive.com - Dave Gershman - July 22, 2009

Throwing darts at Arbor Brewing Company on Tuesday night, Andre and Natalie Barroso were looking forward to August, when the pub and eatery goes smoke-free.

"It's great," said Natalie, a sometimes smoker. "I only smoke a pack a month and I don't want to do that."

Several establishments in downtown Ann Arbor have decided they can't wait for a state-wide smoking ban, and recently made the leap to go smoke-free, or are about to do it.

The Full Moon banned smoking inside its Main Street location in April. The Earle on Washington Street, which permitted smoking only at its wine bar, restricted it to late-night hours in mid - June, and has since banned smoking altogether.

And now Arbor Brewing Company has announced smoking will be banned inside its Washington Street pub starting Aug. 3. As at The Full Moon, smoking will still be allowed outside on sidewalk tables. When those tables are closed in the winter, the pub is figuring out a way to still accommodate smokers outside.

"Sure, I know I've lost customers, but I also hope that I'm picking up other customers," said Dennis Webster, owner of The Earle. "I certainly had hoped the state legislature would act and make it uniform across the state but they seem to be pretty unable to do that." ...

Michigan high court: Counties can pass smoking rules
Cadillac News - Jan Klooster - July 22, 2009

CADILLAC - Although many states in the union have passed bans on smoking in restaurants and bars, Michigan isn’t one of them. And it seems that the status quo will remain for now as the Michigan Supreme Court has said that counties can put more stringent anti-smoking rules into place than state lawmakers.

Courts have said that only state legislatures can ban smoking in restaurants and bars. But local governments are prohibiting smoking inside businesses because of secondhand smoke risks. And now, they can continue to do so.

All seven justices on the Michigan high court said Tuesday that local officials can adopt stricter smoking regulations than the state to safeguard public health. ...

Smoke-filled Air in Detroit Casinos Deemed Unhealthy
Hazardous Pollution Levels Found in all Venues
July 13, 2009

Lansing, Mich. - Despite the claim that their air ventilation systems address the dangers of secondhand smoke, air quality testing (AQT) conducted in Detroit's three casinos revealed indoor pollution levels that are eight times higher than outdoor air.

The testing at each of Detroit's three casinos was sponsored by the Campaign for Smokefree Air and took place on Saturday, April 18, 2009. The tests measured the amount of tobacco smoke derived fine particle air pollution in each casino. Each location was measured over a 40-minute period using the TSI SidePak AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor.

"Results from the air quality assessments in each casino reinforce that casinos need to be included in smokefree legislation," said Katherine Knoll, spokesperson for CSA and senior director of advocacy for the American Heart Association. "Casino workers deserve the same protection as any other employee. These workers are unfortunately exposed to high levels of air pollution on a daily basis in order to earn a paycheck." [The MGM Grand issued a press release in rebuttal.]

Health Department to propose smoking ban in Ogemaw County
Ogemaw County Herald - Eric Young - July 2, 2009

OGEMAW COUNTY — County commissioners will soon be asked to approve a countywide smoking ban in public places that has been proposed by District Health Department No. 2.

The Clean Indoor Air Regulation would ban smoking in public workspaces and enclosed public places, according to Cori Upper, DHD No. 2’s emergency preparedness coordinator. This would include employee vehicles.

Oscoda County’s commissioners passed the smoking ban on June 23 with a 4-1 vote, becoming the third county in the district to approve the ban. Iosco County was the first to approve it in 2007, and Alcona County followed earlier this year. Upper said in order for the ban to be enforced by the health department, all four counties must approve it.

“What we’ve done is create a resolution so that the county can adopt the resolution but choose to apply the regulation or not,” Upper said.

In other words, Ogemaw County can pass the regulation, but choose not to enforce it within the county. Iosco, Alcona and Oscoda counties have all chosen to apply the regulation.

Upper said enforcement of the regulation will be complaint-driven. ...

Sen. George urges vote on smoking ban
Kalamazoo Gazette - MLive.com - June 17, 2009

KALAMAZOO -- To Republican state Sen. Tom George's chagrin, the Republican-controlled Senate has yet to move on the workplace-smoking-ban bill that the Democrat-controlled Michigan House passed in late May.

George, a candidate for governor who is eager to vote in favor of a ban, said it is the most common issue that people raise when they speak with him.

``I've been trying to let my leadership know that this is something that my constituency largely wants. I'm eager to vote on it, and I hope we deal with it soon,'' said George, whose 20th District covers Kalamazoo County as well as Paw Paw and Antwerp townships in Van Buren County. ...

TC officials push smoking restrictions
Bill would give local gov'ts the authority to enact a ban
Traverse City Record Eagle - May 29, 2009

TRAVERSE CITY -- Traverse City leaders hope a new push will help them extinguish smoking in bars and restaurants.

State Rep. Gary McDowell, D-Rudyard, agreed to sponsor a bill in the Michigan Legislature to allow local control of smoking in bars and restaurants. It would give local officials the authority to ban smoking in such places and could spur legislators in Lansing to enact a statewide ban, McDowell said.

"This would allow local units of government to go ahead and make this decision themselves, rather than waiting on Lansing. It's a long process and I'm not sure we can get it done on a state level," he said.

Traverse City officials sought McDowell's help because the local state representative, Wayne Schmidt, R-Traverse City, opposes the idea and said smoking rules should be set by business and property owners. ...

Smoke-free regulation approved by Benzie-Leelanau Board of Health; Now goes to county commissioners
Leelanau News, May 27, 2009

According to a May 27th Leelanau Enterprise report: A proposal to ban smoking in public workplaces was unanimously supported last week by the Benzie-Leelanau Board of Health. The board voted 6-0 to recommend approval of the proposed ordinance, which was the subject of a public hearing May 14. Six people attended the public hearing at the Binsfeld Center in Lake Leelanau and expressed support for the measure, department director Bill Crawford said. Based on similar legislation in place in Marquette County and the City of Traverse City, the proposed ordinance prohibits smoking in all enclosed private and public worksites and public places. It would also include restrooms, lobbies, reception areas, hallways and any other common use area. The only sites where smoking would not be regulated under the measure would be food service establishments, private residences except when used for child care, health care or adult day care facilities, tobacco specialty stores, and casinos owned and operated by Native American tribes. Enforcement would be by the health department officer or a designee. Upon the first complaint, a subject would receive a warning. A second complaint (within one year), is punishable by a fine of not more than $100; second offense, $300; third offense, $500. The ordinance, if adopted by both the boards of commissioners in both Benzie and Leelanau counties, would become effective 90 days after final approval, Crawford said.

Michigan House passes indoor smoking ban that exempts cigar bars, tobacco shops and Detroit casinos, but passage in Senate is uncertain
Michigan Live, 2009-05-26
Peter Luke * Lansing Bureau

A House-authored indoor smoking ban like the one approved last year now heads to the Senate, still absent an agreement between the two chambers that doomed the effort in 2008.

The proposed ban that would apply to nearly all indoor workplaces in Michigan, including bars and restaurants, easily passed Tuesday, 73-31, after attempts to weaken or strengthen it were defeated.

Cigar bars, tobacco specialty shops and the gaming floors of Detroit's three commercial casinos would be the lone exceptions in a bill that would make Michigan the 37th state to enact broad prohibitions on workplace smoking.

"It was the best we could get, which is a lot better than what we have now," said Rep. Richard Ball, R-Laingsburg.

Last year, however, the Senate stripped out those exemptions. The bill died months later when House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford, declined to schedule a post-election vote that smoking opponents were confident they would have won. ...

Consensus hard to find on proposed state smoking ban
(East Lansing, MI) State News, 2009-05-25
Meredith Skrzypczak The State News

Students might be forced to put their cigarettes out if a proposal approved last week by a state House committee becomes law.

The ban would prohibit smoking in workplaces such as restaurants and bars, with the exception of smoke shops and gaming floors in commercial casinos.

The proposed ban is facing criticism from state officials and business associations, which claim a ban could hurt businesses fighting to survive in a tough economy.

“Studies we have seen in other states (show that) the small bars and restaurants are going to be severely affected for the first two to three years … in Michigan, that will cost jobs for smaller businesses,” said Lance Binoniemi, executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association.

Business only might be temporarily hurt, said Eric Skusa, general manager at The Peanut Barrel Restaurant ...

Partial smoking ban clears 1st hurdle
Detroit Free Press - May 21, 2009

LANSING -- A proposed ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and other work sites got a new breath of life in the Legislature on Wednesday, encouraged by the state's leading physicians group.

"Get this done, however you have to do it," implored Dr. Michael Sandler, past president of the Michigan State Medical Society, in a meeting with top legislative leaders.

Minutes earlier, a House committee voted 9-1 for a smoking ban that would exempt Detroit's casinos, and cigar bars and smoke shops statewide. ...

Editorial: Michigan lawmakers should do their duty and decide on smoking ban
Proposal to let the people decide on smoking ban evades legislative duty
Detroit (MI) News, 2009-04-28

State Sen. Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit, has proposed a well-worn solution to the legislative logjam on a workplace smoking ban in Michigan: Let voters decide the issue for themselves. But the reason we send representatives to Lansing is to make these sorts of decisions, not to kick the can back to the people.

Republicans say nothing less than a full ban would be fair, while Democrats seek exceptions for bingo halls, smoke shops and the Detroit casinos. If Hunter's legislative referendum is passed by both the House and Senate and signed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm, a full ban on workplace smoking will be presented to voters on the November 2010 statewide ballot. If passed, it will become part of the Michigan Constitution.

But our lawmakers could make this decision among themselves without fiddling with our constitution.

Michiganians elect politicians to make the choices that we're too busy working, raising families and paying taxes to make. If our legislators can't fill that basic role, perhaps it is their futures, and not the future of workplace smoking, that should be on the line on the 2010 ballot. ...

Lawmaker wants voters to decide on smoking
AP, 2009-04-23
DAVID EGGERT Associated Press

LANSING -- The Legislature should give Michigan voters the final word on whether to prohibit smoking in workplaces, including bars and restaurants, a lawmaker said Wednesday.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Tupac Hunter, D-Detroit, would put a proposed workplace smoking ban on the November 2010 statewide ballot. ...

U-M to ban smoking on all campuses
Plan to take effect in 2011 will cover all three campuses
Detroit (MI) News, 2009-04-21
Mark Hicks / The Detroit News

Smokers at the University of Michigan already have to go outside, but beginning in 2011, they'll have to go off campus to light up, officials announced Monday.

"There's no question that direct smoke and secondhand smoke ... creates an unhealthy environment," said Robert Winfield, U-M's chief health officer and co-chairman of the Smoke-Free University Steering Committee. "This is a difficult task ... but it appears necessary in order to create the best possible environment for our students and employees and to help contain health care costs."

The plan, part of the Smoke-Free University Initiative, is expected to take effect July 1, 2011, and include all grounds and buildings on all three U-M campuses. U-M would become the largest university in Michigan to go smoke-free. Some 260 nationwide already have

Most business owners quiet on proposed smoking ban
HomeTown Digital (Livonia, MI), 2009-04-12

The polls are clear, people are screaming for a smoking ban, State Senator Gilda Jacobs (D-Ferndale) said.

"If we need a compromise and remove casinos from the ban right now, and then re-examine that part later, then do it. But let's get 90 percent of this done," Jacobs continued.

Jacobs was referring to the legislature's delay last week of a proposed statewide smoking ban.

"One of the major hits to the economy is health care costs, with a ban we can do something to directly impact this," she said.

Area bar and restaurant owners are keeping a close eye on Lansing to see whether a move to ban smoking in public places will finally reach a vote. ...

House shelves workplace smoking ban
Source: Detroit News, 2009-04-08

Lansing -- Advocates of a workplace smoking ban in Michigan will have to wait at least a few more months for the issue to return in the Legislature.

House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford Township, said he has decided the House should zero in this spring on balancing the cash-strapped budget and creating jobs in the wounded economy.

"The smoking ban is an important issue, but jobs and the budget are more important right now," Dillon said. "I see us getting back to the smoking issue by summer."

Senate Republicans agree.

"Until we get our unemployment rate down, issues like the smoking ban are not a good use of the Legislature's time," said Matt Marsden, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, R-Rochester. ...

Committee vote postponed for state smoking ban
Detroit Free Press - March 31, 2009

There’ll be no vote in a House committee Wednesday on a bill to ban smoking in ...

No Smoking on Friday in Genesee County restaurants?
The Flint Journal - MLive.com - March 31, 2009

The Genesee County Board of Commissioners has procloaimed April 3 as Smoke-free Genesee County Day in honor of National Public Health Week. ...

Majority supports smoking ban
Michigan Messenger - March 30, 2009

A big majority of voters support a smoking ban in all workplaces, including casinos, according to a new poll released ...

Michigan May Clear The Air Of Cigarette Smoke At Casinos
Casino Gambling Web - March 19, 2009

Lawmakers in the state of Michigan have heard the rumblings. They go something like this, "if a smoking ban is put in place we will lose all of our business," or, "smokers have the right to smoke in public and if people don't like it they can go somewhere else."

Those are great arguments for continuing to pollute the air that other people breathe, but the facts still remain the same. In Michigan, up to 3,000 people a year are killed because of secondhand smoke.

That is why lawmakers are now discussing a Bill that would eliminate smoking in all public areas, including casinos. The risk of losing revenue is no longer the issue for these lawmakers, saving lives is.

State public smoking ban debate reopens in Lansing (MI)
Detroit Free Press, 2009-03-18

A renewed effort to ban smoking in Michigan restaurants, bars and all public places will get a hearing at noon before a House committee.

There's no legislation pending, and the meeting is meant to reopen the debate, said Rep. Bert Johnson, D-Detroit, chairman of the House Regulatory Reform Committee.

"We're going to do something and do it practically and reasonably," Johnson said. "I hope we can be on one page. I want to let the public know that this Legislature is serious about passing a workplace smoking ban."

Lawmakers Reintroduce Smoke Free Legislation
WLNS, MI - February 20, 2009

Lawmakers have reintroduced legislation that would make all Michigan businesses smoke free, but a Lansing bar and restaurant is already taking a step in that direction. Sammy's Lounge in south Lansing on Jolly Road is now smoke free. Workers there hope their plan to clear the air will bring in more customers. If you walk into Sammy's Lounge, you may notice something missing- smoke.

Mark Corey, owner: "We thought, hey, let's try it and see how it goes."

And that's exactly what owner Mark Corey did by making the restaurant side of Sammy's smoke free.

Mark Corey: "We're a neighborhood bar and restaurant and we want the families to come in."

So far his plan is working.

Mich. counties, businesses clash on smoking bans
Michigan Live, 2009-01-27
DAVID EGGERT The Associated Press

Northern Michigan logger Roger Griffin got so upset about the anti-smoking restrictions Charlevoix County imposed on local businesses that he filed a lawsuit. . . .

The hopes of Griffin and four other plaintiffs are riding on the Michigan Supreme Court, which is weighing a legal question that affects workplaces across the state: Can communities put more stringent smoking rules in place than lawmakers?

Courts already have ruled that only the Legislature can ban smoking in restaurants and bars. But local governments have been prohibiting smoking inside other businesses, prodded by health advocates worried about the risks of secondhand smoke.

The movement started in Marquette a dozen years ago but has gained momentum more recently, spreading to 21 counties and three cities that represent nearly half of Michigan's population.

Mich. prisons snuff out tobacco products on Feb. 1
AP, 2009-01-25
KATHY BARKS HOFFMAN Associated Press Writer

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Corrections officer Rod Coston spends his afternoons and evenings guarding prison inmates as they walk between buildings at the Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility in Ionia.

Most days, he smokes a pack of cigarettes during his eight hours on the job. But starting next Sunday, Coston won't be able to turn to his favorite stress reliever while he's at work.

The state's 41 prisons go tobacco-free that day. Until then, inmates and prison staff can continue smoking in outdoor prison areas, although they haven't been able to smoke inside since the 1990s.

Michigan must now make workplaces smoke-free
Detroit Free Press, January 23, 2009

Basham is building a bipartisan anti-smoking caucus, and, if the Legislature fails to act, intends to take a ban to the voters with a 2010 ballot proposal. ...

Study: Smoking Ban Would Help Reduce Heart Attack Admissions
PR Newswire, 2008-11-11
SOURCE Henry Ford Health System

The number of heart attack patients admitted to Michigan hospitals could be significantly reduced if a statewide public smoking ban were implemented, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study.

Researchers looked at the average number of hospital admissions from 1999-2006 in Michigan for what is known as acute myocardial infarction, or heart attack, and concluded that a smoking ban could lead to 3,340 fewer admissions annually.

"If Michigan were to implement a comprehensive smoking ban tomorrow, we would see a 12 percent drop in heart attack admissions after the first year," says Mouaz Al-Mallah, M.D., Henry Ford's director of Cardiac Imaging Research and lead author of the study.

While the study did not look at medical care costs, researchers theorize the reduction in admissions could mean substantial savings to health care providers.

Report: Smoking ban would not hurt state's economy
Study commissioned by non-smoking advocacy group
Detroit (MI) Free Press, 2008-04-15

LANSING - A total ban on smoking would not economically harm Michigan restaurants and bars and would protect both customers and employees from diseases caused by second-hand smoke, a new report concludes.

"The evidence is overwhelming, there is no net effect on the industry," said Ken Sikkema, who led the study by Public Sector Consultants of Lansing. He called the study the most complete review of smoking bans in other states and research of the effects of second-hand smoke.

He said the report covers 43 studies that show smoking bans have not hurt business at bars and restaurants in other states. Twenty-four states ban smoking in bars and restaurants; four ban smoking in restaurants only.

Smoking lounge makes airport the butt of jokes
January 21, 2005

When Cherry Capital Airport officials announced that the beautiful new $45 million terminal wouldn't have a restaurant because of Federal Aviation Administration dithering, we were told there wasn't much anyone could do about it.


City recognized for anti-tobacco efforts: Smokefree Award
JAMES LAKE, The Mining Journal
Posted October 15, 2003

The city of Marquette received some overdue recognition Tuesday for its efforts to protect employees and patrons of businesses.

The group Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights gave the city its 100-percent Smokefree Award of Excellence for its 1997 ordinance that prohibits smoking in workplaces and public places.

Jim Harrington of the Marquette County Heath Department (left), presents the ANR 100% Smokefree Award of Excellence to Marquette Mayor Jerry Irby.

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