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ANR recognizes Kentucky as a national leader in protection from secondhand smoke in the workplace. With the passage of numerous local smokefree laws, including Lexington, Louisville and capital-city Frankfort, Kentucky is making progress toward ensuring the right of all citizens to breathe smokefree air in workplaces and public places.

Visit the University of Kentucky's, Kentucky Tobacco Policy Research Program to learn more about these laws.

Kentucky law does not preempt the passage of local smokefree laws. Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in Kentucky.

2017 State Legislative Session

American Cancer Society Quitline: 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)

Smokefree & Related News

Kentucky leads the nation in cancer deaths, but falls short on policies to prevent the disease
KyForward.com - August 15, 2016

The latest edition of How Do You Measure Up?: A Progress Report on State Legislative Activity to Reduce Cancer Incidence and Mortality found that Kentucky followed ACS policy recommendations in only two of the 10 issue areas ranked, and showed some progress in two areas, but fell short in six. Kentucky has also been unable to pass a comprehensive statewide smoke-free law and isnt likely to do so under the leadership of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, who doesnt support a statewide ban on smoking, saying the issue should be decided locally. That being said, about a third of Kentuckys population is covered by local comprehensive smoke-free policies, and another 10 percent or so live in places that have ordinances with varying exceptions. Kentucky has one of the nations highest smoking rates, 26 percent.

Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky invests $3.1M in 2015 toward ...
The Lane Report - July 14, 2016

The Foundation funded work of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy, Kentucky Voices for Health, Kentucky Youth Advocates, Kentucky Population Health ...

City to create smoke-free ordinance
Grayson County News - March 22, 2016

In a five-to-one vote on Monday night, March 21, the Leitchfield City Council decided to draft an ordinance that will ban smoking ...

State health officials encourage schools to adopt tobacco-free policy
WPSD Local 6 - March 18, 2016

Forty-four percent of high school students in Kentucky, last year, say they've tried smoking cigarettes. Many schools already enforce tobacco-free policies, but in ...

Poll: 85 Percent of Kentuckians Favor Smoke-Free School Campuses
WKMS - March 15, 2016

"We also looked at it by region of the state and, not surprisingly, the areas that currently have a city or county smoke-free ordinance like Louisville and Lexington ...

Fiscal Court to hear hookah lounge opposition
Morehead News - March 15, 2016

One year after Morehead City Council denied a local business owner an exemption to the city's smoking ordinance to open a hookah lounge, Rowan Fiscal Court today will be hearing comment from another citizen who opposes the operation of a similar establish...

Clarkson looks to upgrade its sewers
Grayson County News Gazette - March 15, 2016

... kind of smoke-free ordinances in place in the county and its communities. ... said they would favor an ordinance restricting smoking in enclosed public places.

Poll: 85% of Kentucky adults support tobacco-free schools
The Lane Report - March 15, 2016

(March 15, 2016) - Eighty-five percent of Kentucky adults are in favor of adopting policies for tobacco-free schools, according to the latest Kentucky Health ...

Up in smoke: This year's smoking-ban bill dead
Richmond Register - March 14, 2016

Despite early hope, the bill to ban smoking in Kentucky workplaces was likely dead on arrival this year. "I haven't heard anything about the smoking ban bill in...

ISLER: The cost of tobacco to Ky. employers
Cincinnati Enquirer - March 14, 2016

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, I encourage you to visit www.skywardnky.org to learn more about the SmokeFree NKY program. Together we can all help create a culture of good health everywhere we live, work, and play.

City to vote on smoke-free ordinance
Grayson County News Gazette - March 8, 2016

Later this month, the Leitchfield City Council will vote on whether to pass a Smoke-Free Leitchfield ordinance, which would prohibit smoking in businesses and ...

Murray State in Paducah offers community wellness summit ($$)
Paducah Sun - March 8, 2016

... Richard Hunt, emeritus professor and emeritus director of Mayo Clinic's Nicotine Dependence Center, will speak on harmful effects of tobacco and e-cigarettes ...

KRCC smoke-free
Hazard Herald - March 7, 2016

And now, Meade-McKenzie believes her company should lead a no-tobacco initiative in the Kentucky River region. Almost 25 percent of the adult population in the United States is living with a mental illness or substance use disorder, yet those same adults smoke almost 40 percent of the cigarettes. That is a significant disparity, said Meade-McKenzie, now entering her second year as leader of the regions largest community mental health center. This is a disproportionate use for a very vulnerable population, and its the population we serve, she said. In January, Meade-McKenzie secured unanimous board support from the Kentucky River Community Care, Inc. (KRCC) Board of Directors to make all of the companys campuses tobacco-free …

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Richmond Register - March 3, 2016

Thumbs up...to Berea business owner Therese Stachowiak for asking the Berea City Council to change its anti-smoking ordinance to allow customers to try vapor products in her store. Under the ordinance adopted with the cooperation of the Madison County Health Department, smoking tobacco products indoors is prohibited, including the consumption of e-cigarettes and nicotine vapor delivery devices. …

KRCC smoke-free
Hazard Herald - March 3, 2016

Having grown up surrounded by smokers and having children who are pre-asthmatic, she has seen firsthand what smoking can do to a person's health and ...

UofL researcher: Evidence mounting on harm of e-cigarettes
Insider Louisville (press release) (registration) - February 29, 2016

University of Louisville professors research on e-cigarettes has drawn them into a smoldering national debate that is pitting a burgeoning multi-billion dollar industry against regulators and health advocates. Dr. Daniel J. Conklin, professor in UofLs Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, told IL that his studies indicate exposure to e-cigarette vapors has revealed damage to blood vessels in mice. Theres evidence coming out that e-cigarette use has genetic effects in humans that are like smoking to some degree, and that the effects in animals show poor outcomes, Conklin told IL. The UofL professor presented part of his research this month at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C. The FDA is spending millions of dollars on research to get answers to some of its questions. UofL was awarded more than $14 million in 2013 to study the health effects of tobacco products. Drs. Conklin and Sanjay Srivastava, also a professor with UofLs Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, are investigating what components of tobacco products cause atherosclerosis, or the narrowing of blood vessels due to deposits of fatty materials.

State needs smoke-free law ($$)
Paducah Sun - February 27, 2016

Last year the House narrowly passed a statewide ban, which included e-cigarettes, but the bill died in the Senate where its leaders kept it under wraps.

VIDEO: E-cigarette explodes in man's pants
Valley News Live - February 24, 2016

OWENSBORO, KY (Valley News Live) - Surveillance video from a convenience store in Kentucky captures the possible dangers associated with e-cigarettes. As the man stands at the counter, you can see fire shooting out of his pants pocket as he desperately tries to put them out. He says a battery from his e-cigarette exploded while he was at a register. Another person in the convenience store bolts out the door. The confused clerk couldn't quite register what he was seeing. "I was shocked! I was like what was that? You have a bomb in your pocket? I was like that! You carry your bomb in your pocket? I was totally shocked and just like this my hands were on my head," said employee Manoj Kumar. …

Pikeville takes a look at e-cig regulations ($$)
Appalachian News-Express - February 24, 2016

The Pikeville City Commission heard from concerned residents regarding the use of e-cigarettes, electronic devices that deliver nicotine in a manner similar to smoking cigarettes, and the health risks to those who are subjected to second-hand vapors produced by the devices. Concerned resident Bill Baird noted during Monday's commission meeting that Pikeville was one of the first cities in Kentucky to pass an ordinance banning smoking in public places such as parks, restaurants and places of employment. He asked the commission to consider putting e-cigarettes on the list of prohibited substances. …

Ellen Hahn's Tobacco Control Research Featured in RCTF Annual Report
UKNow (press release) - February 22, 2016

Recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty is an integral part of the mission of the University of Kentucky's Research Challenge Trust Fund, and each year the university highlights four outstanding endowed chairs and professors. This year's annual report, approved by the UK Board of Trustees Feb. 19, featured Ellen J. Hahn, the Marcia A. Dake Professor of Nursing.

Must be 21 to buy: Bill to raise legal age to buy tobacco products moves forward
Richmond Register - February 20, 2016

A bill to raise the legal age to 21 to buy any tobacco or vaping products in Kentucky was approved recently by the House Health and Welfare Committee and ...

Vapor shop requests change in anti-smoking law
Richmond Register - February 18, 2016

Berea business owner Therese Stachowiak doesn't offer tobacco products in her vapor store, but under city statute, she isnt supposed to let customers sample nicotine vapor products. On Tuesday night, Stachowiak asked the city to change its anti-smoking ordinance to allow customers to try vapor products in her store.

Bill would raise legal smoking age to 21, would include vaping ($$)
Spencer Magnet - February 17, 2016

A bill headed to the House of Representatives would prohibit the sale of tobacco and nicotine vaporizing products to Kentuckians younger than 21, rather than ...

Commentary: Comprehensive smoke-free laws provide protection for all Kentuckians
KyForward.com - February 15, 2016

For decades, we have known that tobacco is a threat to our health. ... Because smoking and secondhand smoke contribute to poor health in so many ways ...

Kentucky bill would ban sale of tobacco, 'vaping' products to anyone younger than 21
Lexington Herald Leader - February 12, 2016

House Bill 247 would increase the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products and extend it to electronic cigarettes, raising an estimated $109.3 million in new ...

Legislative Briefs: Committee approves raising smoking age ...
KyForward.com - February 12, 2016

Currently, anyone 18 and older can legally buy tobacco and vapor productsincluding electronic cigarettesin the state. Smoking contributes to heart disease, ...

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
Richmond Register - February 11, 2016

Thumbs down...to a report stating teenagers' use of electronic cigarettes has tripled between 2013 and 2014, surpassing the use of all tobacco products.

Majority of Kentuckians favor raising legal age to buy tobacco ...
KyForward.com - February 10, 2016

About 18 percent of high-school students smoke traditional cigarettes, and 24 percent use e-cigarettes, Elizabeth Hoagland, youth tobacco-policy specialist with ...

New push to increase age to buy cigarettes, tobacco products [VIDEO]
WLKY Louisville - February 9, 2016

Kentucky lawmakers recently introduced a bill to change the legal age from 18 to 21. Blake Anderson is an owner at Frankfort Electronic Cigarettes. "It would definitely do some damage to business," he said. He said the proposed bill would force ...

UK Nursing Dean Speaks to Congress on Dangers of E-cigarettes
UKNow (press release) - February 9, 2016

Lexington, Ky. (Feb. 9, 2016) University of Kentucky College of Nursing Dean Janie Heath joined nursing and public health professionals on Capitol Hill Feb. 4 spoke in support for legislation protecting children from the dangers of e-cigarettes. Heath emphasized that the known dangers of e-cigarettes are not limited to nicotine exposure, but also include the inhalation of carcinogens such as formaldehyde and the adverse effects of nicotine-brain. She authored an opinion piece on the issue, which was published in the Huffington Post on Feb. 3.

Poll: Raise age to buy tobacco products
messenger-inquirer - February 8, 2016

A majority of Kentucky adults support increasing the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21, according to new data from the Kentucky Health Issues Poll ...

Skyward launches LiveWell NKY initiative to improve the health of ...
User-generated content (press release) - February 8, 2016

... worksites, schools, and faith-based organizations pursue health goals in the areas of physical activity, improved nutrition, and tobacco-free environments.

Fayette County science fair melds spunk, creativity and perseverance
Lexington Herald Leader - February 6, 2016

Gaby Turof SCAPA at Bluegrass got her project idea by watching her father, who switched from cigarettes to vaping in an effort to quit smoking altogether. Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for you, she thought, but is vaping all that much healthier? She devised a plan to measure how long smokers and vapers could hold their breath, and then she combed the community to get a diverse 80 individuals to participate. She concluded that while vaping enthusiasts do somewhat better, it would really help to have more variables to draw a more definitive conclusion - things like age, ethnicity and measurements made over time. …

City vaporizes e-cigarette use [VIDEO]
The Independent - January 28, 2016

Vaping in public places is now illegal in Ashland. The city's board of commissioners amended Ashland's anti-smoking ordinance Thursday after listening to arguments from both sides of the e-cigarette debate. Amy Jeffers, director of Pathways Regional Prevention Center, stood before the board and cited findings by a California-based study as she spoke out against second-hand vaping. What is called vapor is actually an aerosol, said Jeffers. We know that second-hand aerosol for workers and patrons is a risk to their health.

UK nursing professor's study of anti-tobacco campaign underscores power of community action
KyForward.com - January 27, 2016

An anti-smoking intervention implemented and studied by University of Kentucky College of Nursing assistant professor Amanda Fallin recently proved effective in counteracting pro-tobacco promotions and ending the presence of free or low-cost tobacco products in LGBT social venues. … Started in July of 2013, the campaign developed educational materials about smoking and tracked the promotions of cigarettes and e-cigarettes in LGBT bars. …

Smoking ban to remain voluntary policy
College Heights Herald - January 26, 2016

WKU's Student Government Association was expected to enforce the new phaseout plan for smoking; however, SGA is unwilling to do so. SGA will not be able to ...

Kentucky among states targeted for new wave of anti-smoking advertisement
KyForward.com - January 22, 2016

Kentucky among states targeted for new wave of anti-smoking advertisement produced ... cigarette manufacturers spent a combined $257 million on advertising, an ... Tobacco companies are back on TV with ads for e-cigarettes after being ...

Legislation to help keep e-cig liquid away from children passed by ...
WAVE 3 - January 19, 2016

LeBlanc is also the co-founder for The Kentucky Smoke Free Association, which backs vaping rights in Kentucky, which is supportive of the bill to require ...

Huffing and puffing: Vaping community fights back
The Independent - January 19, 2016

… The Ashland city commission agreed in principle last week to amend its anti-smoking ordinance and ban e-cigarette use inside public places. Some advocates for vaporized cigarettes believe the decision to usher "vapers" outdoors is shortsighted. "For the city to add this to a tobacco policy is unfair to the industry," said Chuck Riesbeck, owner of NoSmoke Vapor Shoppe. "It's vapor. It's not smoke." …

The surprising cost of being a smoker in Kentucky
Louisville Business First - January 19, 2016

Of those, 2.5 million were non-smokers who had second-hand exposure. That's one reason the Kentucky Medical Association and Kentucky Foundation for ...

E-cigs a growing obstacle
Kentucky New Era - January 19, 2016

The effort to keep young people from picking up the smoking habit has a growing obstacle - e-cigarettes. Studies show that electronic smoking devices ...

Despite student lobbying efforts, move to ban smoking fails to generate support in Grayson County
KyForward.com - January 19, 2016

The efforts to pass smoking bans in Kentucky continue on three fronts: in the General Assembly, for a statewide ban; with local governments, for city or county ...

Rep. Westrom optimistic for bill against smoking inside most public ...
cn|2 - January 17, 2016

Susan Westrom's bill that would ban indoor smoking in most public places, ... to see a provision banning smoking inside vehicles with young children present.

EDITORIAL: Curb smoking to curb Medicaid costs
Lexington Herald-Leader - January 16, 2016

In fact, there is probably no more cost-effective way to advance Bevin's goals than taking Kentucky smoke-free, considering the experiences of Lexington, Louisville and the 23 other Kentucky municipalities that have enacted smoke-free laws. ..

Rally fights for the kids of Kentucky
WKYT - January 14, 2016

Advocates for children also are proposing a statewide smoke-free law to protect kids and pregnant women. Governor Matt Bevin and the first lady had to attend a ...

Legislative Briefs: Donohue named budget committee chair ...
KyForward.com - January 14, 2016

... of the House committees for Economic Development; Education and Licensing .... Current state law limits the definition of reference tobacco to cigarettes.

KY should join 24 states that ban workplace smoking
The Courier-Journal - January 12, 2016

Our New Year's resolution is for Kentucky to breathe clean air and build its economic strength by investing in the health of our loved ones and in future ...

State smoking ban would cut health expenses
State-Journal.com - January 8, 2016

A new poll about attitudes toward smoke-free legislation in Kentucky confirms what has been clear for at least a few years now. Most adults 66 percent, ...

Our Opinion: Smoking ban would cut health expenses
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - January 6, 2016

Most adults - 66 percent, according to the Kentucky Health Impact Poll released Monday - support a statewide ban on smoking for indoor public places.

Daviess Co. Jail bans inmate e-cigarettes after small fire
WAVE 3 - January 5, 2016

A fire at the Daviess County jail sparks a policy change when it comes to e-cigarettes. Jail officials tell us a deputy was watching the jail's security camera ...

Poll Shows Steady Support for Statewide Smoke-Free Law in KY
Public News Service (PNS) - January 5, 2016

Susan Zepeda, president and CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, says lawmakers should take notice that support from Kentuckians is holding firm. "I think it sends a clear signal that support for smoke-free environments isn't going away," says...

E-cigarette sparks jail fire ($$)
Owensboro (KY) Messenger Inquirer - January 5, 2016

A fire started by a shorted-out electronic cigarette caused an evacuation of cells but only minor damage Monday at the Daviess County Detention Center. Firefighters were called to the detention center shortly before noon to a report of a fire in Buildin...

Kentuckians continue to support a statewide smoking ban
Insider Louisville (press release) (registration) - January 4, 2016

The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and Interact for Health have released the results of a poll that shows the majority of Kentuckians support a statewide smoke-free law. The Kentucky Health Issues Poll revealed that 66 percent of Kentucky adults supported a smoking ban, while 31 percent opposed it.

What to look for in Kentucky's 2016 legislative session
The Messenger (subscription) - January 1, 2016

In 2015, the House passed a statewide smoking ban in public workplaces for the first time in its history. The bill died in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Burden of lung cancer pushes Kentucky's cancer rates to nation's ...
USA TODAY - December 22, 2015

Smoking, a stubborn vestige of the state's tobacco legacy, is at the root of most .... in all its policies, and cited a recent smoking ban on certain state property, and ...

To Escape Public Housing, Louisville Woman Turns to Coding
89.3 WFPL - December 22, 2015

She knows that getting out of public housing is up to her, and now she's ... She's been overrun by bedbugs and bothered by marijuana smoke drifting in the halls.

Would an e-cigarette tax discourage 'vaping'?
Business First of Louisville - December 21, 2015

A lawmaker from Louisville is hoping a tax would discourage Kentucky residents from using electronic cigarettes. State Rep. Larry Clark, a Democrat, has proposed a bill that would tax e-cigarette equipment as well as liquid nicotine, WFPL-FM reports.

Children's Advocates Push For Statewide Smoke-Free Laws
WMKY - December 16, 2015

About one-third of Kentucky is covered by local smoke-free laws, prohibiting smoking indoors in public places. But what about the rest of the state? Children's ...

Smoketown replacement housing on schedule
The Courier-Journal - December 15, 2015

The new housing is a smoke-free community and the new development includes six charging stations for electric vehicles. Monthly rents range from just over ...

Kentucky bill would allow sale, use, cultivation of marijuana
WDRB - December 15, 2015

(WDRB) -- If one state lawmaker has his way, marijuana stores in Kentucky could become a reality. There's a ... There would be no smoking in public places.

The Benefit of Smoke-free Policies
The LaRue County Herald News - December 9, 2015

While some people balk at the idea of regulation, research has proven that smoke-free and tobacco-free policies protect the health of communities. In recent years, school systems, businesses, communities, states and even nations have enacted regulations that limit where people are allowed to use tobacco products, with the primary concern being exposure to secondhand smoke. More and more often we learn of new public regulations (laws and ordinances) and private sector rules (local business policies) that prohibit the use of tobacco in indoor spaces and designated public areas. ...

Logan Memorial Hospital promotes Tobacco Free Campus
News-Democrat & Leader - December 7, 2015

Logan Memorial Hospital was honored to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Barren River District Health Department for recognition of success in promoting a Tobacco Free Campus with the expansion of its Tobacco Free Campus Policy earlier this year.

Clearing the air or limiting rights?
Grayson County Record - December 2, 2015

The committee plans to ask Grayson County Fiscal Court at its Jan. 15 meeting to pass the anti-smoking ordinance. "The ordinance would not ban smoking, but make it possible for employees and the public to be protected from the harmful effects of secondha...

Clearing the air or limiting rights?
The Record - December 2, 2015

"The ordinance would not ban smoking, but make it possible for employees and ... polls indicate about two-thirds of Kentuckians support public smoking bans.

Grayson Council approves smoke-free workplaces
Journal-Times - November 18, 2015

Roger Cline, speaking once again on behalf of the Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition, addressed the Council concerning the impact that smoke-free laws have ...

As Bevin Eyes Health Care Rollback, Beshear Touts Progress
89.3 WFPL - November 17, 2015

Efforts to institute a statewide smoking ban have failed. ... Louisville banned smoking in most public places a decade ago. A total of ... Lawmakers have been successful at banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and making executive branch ...

Smoke-free campus?: Students record nearly 400 accounts of campus smoking
Louisville Cardinal (University of Louisville) - November 16, 2015

The students recorded nearly 400 accounts of smoking on campus, most of which occurred in high-traffic, conspicuous locations. Seventeen students went to all four corners of campus, counting people on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at times...

Grayson Moving Forward with Smoke-Free Ordinance
WSAZ-TV - November 13, 2015

GRAYSON, Ky. (AP) - Members of the Grayson City Council are moving forward with the possibility of creating a smoke-free workplace environment in the city. City council unanimously passed a motion Tuesday to create an ordinance for Grayson to have a smoke-free work environment. Council plans to discuss the ordinance in more detail next month.

Ban still in effect at bingo
Middlesboro Daily News - November 12, 2015

The citywide smoking ban is currently still in ... in revenue since the smoking ban, most bingo representatives showed up to ...

Grayson moving forward with smoke-free ordinance; motion ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - November 12, 2015

The vote came after Roger Cline from the Smoke Free Kentucky Coalition ... city already don't allow smoking inside their facilities and that the ban wouldn't affect ...

Simpson County Schools working to ban e-cigs
WBKO - November 10, 2015

(WBKO)-- E-cigarettes have become a popular trend. Simpson County schools are working to change that. "E-cigs and the vapors, we don't know what's in there ...

School board in Henry County, including tobacco farmers, will consider a comprehensive smoking ban
KyForward.com - November 9, 2015

The Henry County school superintendent got a unanimous go-ahead from his board to present a draft policy to make the district 100 percent tobacco-free, but the board made no promises, Melissa Blankenship reports for the Henry County Local. I think most folks are accustomed to that now as most public areas are smoke free. And for the most part, 95 percent of them do abide by it, Abrams said.

HCPS may ban tobacco at facilities
Henry County Local - November 4, 2015

At its last Board of Education meeting, members voted to give Superintendent Tim Abrams the go-ahead to draft policy to make the district tobacco-free. "We've ...

Where Candidates For Governor Stand On A Statewide Smoking Ban
89.3 WFPL - November 3, 2015

Kentucky leads the nation in smoking, and how the state goes about ... Some cities, including Louisville and Lexington, have had public smoking bans on the ...

Health Care Costs a Top Issue For Kentuckians, Poll Says
89.3 WFPL - October 28, 2015

He also supports a statewide smoking ban. The Kentucky Health Issues Poll released this week found that health was topped as a priority for Kentuckians only ...

Governor candidates: Where they stand
Cincinnati.com - October 26, 2015

Do you support a state smoking ban? .... The Supreme Court ruled that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and nothing in their ruling tells a minister .

Smoke-Free restaurants in Franklin recognized
WBKO - October 26, 2015

FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO)-- Recently, the Get Healthy Simpson County Coalition and the Barren River District Health Department recognized restaurants in ...

Tobacco in KY
Insider Louisville (press release) (registration) - October 26, 2015

A tobacco barn in Magoffin County near the Mountain Parkway displays what once would have been an unlikely ... "I've even heard of parents buying cigarettes for their kids." ... However, e-cigarette use is now 24 percent, Hoagland said.

WKU announces smoking policy changes
Bowling Green Daily News - October 24, 2015

The first phase of a plan to make Western Kentucky University a tobacco- and vapor-free campus goes into effect in January, according to President Gary Ransdell. Ransdell has worked with a committee of faculty, staff and students to come up with a three-phase plan that will ban all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, on campus by 2018. The first phase of the plan, effective Jan. 1, will limit the number of permitted smoking areas on campus to 12.

Clearing The Smoke on Kentucky's Lingering Tobacco Habit
WMKY - October 23, 2015

She said e-cigarettes contain nicotine and sometimes formaldehyde, in addition to ultra-fine particles that cause lung damage and some flavorings, like diacetyl ...

Editorial: Grayson to be commended for looking at smoke-free options
The Independent - October 22, 2015

... and we even know smokers who say they prefer dining where smoking is banned. ... Roger Cline with the Smoke-free Kentucky Coalition addressed the Grayson ... since the Ashland Board of City Commissioners enacted its smoking ban. ... by those who support smoking bans to convince the elected leaders of Grayson ...

Smoking hot debate
Middlesboro Daily - October 21, 2015

First to speak in the hour-long debate about whether or not the smoking ban should be lifted on bingo halls, was members of the bingo community who felt the ...

Grayson Council to debate smoke-free law
Journal-Times (Grayson & Olive Hill, KY) - October 21, 2015

Roger Cline, speaking on behalf of the Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition, addressed the Council concerning the dangers of secondhand smoke. "I'd like to talk to you about the possibility of passing a smoke-free workplace ordinance. Each day we send a lot of

WKU Will Go Tobacco-Free by 2018
WKU Public Radio - October 21, 2015

Starting in January, WKU will reduce the number of sites where smoking is ... but more importantly reduce secondhand smoke, and possibly help smokers kick ...

Smoking phaseout plan to begin next semester
College Heights Herald (Western Kentucky University) - October 20, 2015

The three-year phaseout of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes begins next semester. Last November, the Student Government Association senate voted on Resolution 11-14-F, Resolution to Support a Smoke Free Campus. However, the senate did not pass this...

EDITORIAL: WKU aims to be a smoke-free campus
College Heights Herald - October 19, 2015

The issue: Starting next spring, WKU will be implementing a three-year plan that will result in a smoke-free campus. Our stance: A completely smoke-free ...

Hazard restaurant goes smoke-free [VIDEO]
WKYT - October 19, 2015

As of Oct. 17, Jabo's Coal River Grille in Hazard no longer allows customers to smoke inside the restaurant. Its owner said families would often complain about the smoke. "One thing I remember the most is a kid came in and said it smelled like cigarettes and it was just a little young kid," Owner Jabo Clemons said. "There's no one more honest than children."

Grayson looks into smoke-free workplace ordinance
The Independent - October 15, 2015

"We are basically doing the same thing with allowing smoking in the workplace." Cline also said if the city passed the ordinance that more businesses would be ...

SGA discusses smoke-free campus, resolution to co-sponsor event
College Heights Herald - October 13, 2015

"There will be 12 temporary smoking shelters," Richey said. "The ban is going to include tobacco and e-cigs [e-cigarettes]." After some debate, the Senate ...

Georgetown Resident Elected to the American Lung Association of ...
ReadMedia (press release) - October 13, 2015

Her involvement with the American Lung Association began in 1994 and helped to lay the groundwork leading to Kentucky's first Smoke Free Ordinance.

Smoking policy's effect hazy
Murray State News - October 9, 2015

In February, the board approved the new policy, which bans the use on campus of any substance containing tobacco leaf, including but not limited to, cigarettes, ...

LTE: Tobacco-free Take Action Ambassadors clarify policy
Kykernel.com (subscription) - October 6, 2015

As UK's Tobacco-free Take Action! (TFTA) Ambassadors, we wanted to share some truths about UK's tobacco-free policy after reading the Aug. 29, editorial ...

Lawson-Spann, Quarles spar on medical marijuana, GMOs at Ky ...
cn|2 - October 6, 2015

A statewide indoor smoking ban has been proposed in the legislature for the past ... "I support folks that decide that they want to smoke, but do I want my child to ...

Nursing Faculty Awarded Grant to Study e-cigs Effects in Pregnant Women
UKNow (press release) - October 5, 2015

According to Thomas Kelly, associate dean for research in the College of Nursing, pregnant women are switching to electronic cigarettes in an attempt to reduce ...

Bingo hall smoking exemption
The Middlesboro Daily News - October 2, 2015

I disagree with bingo management that their profits have suffered because of the smoking ban. Bingo attendance has always ebbed and flowed from a heavy ...

Bingo halls are smoke free in Middlesboro
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - October 1, 2015

Bingo representatives claim there has been a sharp decline in their sales since the smoking ban went into effect on Aug. 24, and as such they have been ...

With Tent City on Campus, University Urges Respectful Behavior
UKNow (press release) - September 30, 2015

As University of Kentucky basketball fans gather in tents on the UK campus awaiting Friday's distribution of Big Blue Madness tickets, the university wants to welcome these fans and remind them of campus policies and practices. Following is a statement from the university to "Tent City" fans. UK is a tobacco-free campus, therefore no tobacco products and no electronic cigarettes can be used on university property. Also, you cannot be in possession ...

Middlesboro bingo halls push for exempt status to new smoking ban
The Middlesboro Daily News - September 29, 2015

The smoking ban has been in effect for just over a month and local bingo halls claim it has already caused a drastic decline in the turnout. Bingo representatives claim there has been a sharp decline in their sales since the smoking ban went into effect on Aug. 24., and as such they have been encouraging their players to help in an attempt to exempt the halls from the citywide smoking ban. Petitions in support of the exemption status can be found at local bingo halls.

Smoking committee makes changes to SGA resolution
College Heights Herald - September 15, 2015

SGA passed a resolution in support of a limited smoking campus last year. ... SGA was opposed to a "campus-wide smoking ban at this time," according to the ...

Louisville gets sustainability recognition
The Courier-Journal - September 9, 2015

Out of a possible 160 points, 51 Shawnee households have worked together to tally 90 points by using alternative transportation, becoming tobacco free, using ...

Parking officials now ticketing for tobacco use
The Eastern Progress Online - September 9, 2015

It also includes vaping of any kind and hookah. If someone is caught smoking by a student ambassador, they will be given a warning. If they are caught by a ...

The smoking line is drawn
The Middlesboro Daily News - August 24, 2015

The line represents where she would have to go to smoke to not be in violation of the new smoking ordinance that went to effect on Aug. 24. The ordinance ...

EKU to Begin Ticketing for Tobacco Related Violations
WEKU - August 23, 2015

Beginning next month, anyone caught smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco on Eastern Kentucky University campuses could be ticketed. EKU officials are cracking down on offenders after declaring all campuses tobacco free more than a year ago.

Smoking ban effective Monday
The Middlesboro Daily News - August 20, 2015

Radio personality Brian O'Brien with The Big One 106.3 WRIL attended the most recent Middlesboro City Council meeting to address concerns his listeners had ...

WKCTC Now Tobacco-Free Campus
SurfKY News - August 4, 2015

West Kentucky Community and Technical College is now a tobacco-free institution. The policy went into effect Aug. 1, 2015. WKCTC's tobacco-free policy includes all forms of tobacco, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizing devices, electronic cigarettes and ...

WKCTC goes tobacco-free ($$)
Paducah Sun - August 1, 2015

The tobacco-free policy includes all forms of tobacco, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaporizing devices, electronic cigarettes and ...

Churchill Downs sees rise in revenue, slight decline in earnings for second quarter
Louisville Business First - July 29, 2015

. The company attributed that decline in gaming revenue at Fair Grounds to a recently implemented smoking ban in Orleans Parish, where the racetrack is located. CDI has scheduled an earnings call at 9 a …

Time for Ky. to invest in smoking prevention, cessation
Lexington Herald Leader - July 20, 2015

Funding of a comprehensive, evidence-based tobacco control program in addition to a significant increase in the tobacco tax and a statewide smoke-free law ...

'Breathing zone' is important as well
The Courier-Journal - July 20, 2015

Although outdoor sources do enter and affect the occupied space air quality, occupant sources that include cigarette smoking, e-cigarettes, poorly maintained ...

Webster County Schools votes to make district tobacco-free
The Lane Report - June 5, 2015

DIXON, Ky. (June 5, 2015) The Webster County school board voted unanimously May 26 to make all district property, vehicles and buildings officially tobacco-free, Matt Hughes reports for the Webster County Journal-Enterprise. As in some other school districts, efforts for the ban were largely led by students.

NKY's next five years unveiled
Cincinnati.com - June 4, 2015

Skyward and those behind myNKY support a statewide smoking ban but want to take the health initiative further. Skyward will set goals for cities and counties to ...

Bourbon County Teen Receives National Award
LEX18 Lexington KY News - June 4, 2015

Since 2013, they've been pursuing a smoke-free workplace ordinance in Bourbon county. "We're definitely moving in the right direction," Tyler says. "Not giving ...

Calling more Smokebusters
Lexington Herald Leader - May 29, 2015

The youngsters discovered that a third of their fellow Bell Countians smoke, exposing the ... Smoking inflicts $3.8 billion a year in economic damage on Kentucky, ... secondhand smoke and the 25th to enact a comprehensive smoke-free law, ...

Kentucky one of five states chosen for national tobacco study
The Lane Report - May 27, 2015

stop smoking ... to help state, local, tribal and federal entities improve services to people with and at risk for substance use and mental health disorders. ... rates among behavioral health consumers and staff and foster smoke-free living.

Editorial: Kentucky near bottom in caring for health of oldest residents
The Independent - May 26, 2015

It is just that the smoking rate is dropping faster in most other states than it is in Kentucky. The adoption of a state ban on public smoking could encourage even ...

Middlesboro bans smoking in public places
WKYT - May 26, 2015

BELL CO., ky (WYMT) - A ban in Middlesboro will soon help those suffering from ... The smoking ban was passed on May 19th, but not without opposition.

Middlesboro officials pass ban on smoking
WTVQ - May 22, 2015

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (AP) Officials in Middlesboro have passed a ban on smoking in public places. The Middlesboro Daily News (http://bit.ly/1HjZmA0) reports ...

Smoking ban passes
The Middlesboro Daily News - May 20, 2015

Business owner Debbie Hunter voiced her opposition to the new smoking ban that passed at Tuesday night's city ...

Students Pushing for Smoke-free Law
Public News Service - May 18, 2015

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. - In Kentucky, local smoke-free laws now cover about a third of the state's nearly 4.5 million people. And it may come as a surprise who is leading the call for a smoke-free ordinance in one town seven fourth-graders.

Big Data helps Louisville compete economically
The Courier-Journal - May 16, 2015

They insist that the local smoking ban and other initiatives have cut smoking rates ... Metro Public Health and Wellness recognized the area's smoking bans ...

Editorial: Does smoke in your eyes prevent reading?
Morehead News - May 15, 2015

A young mother sits with her small children in a no smoking area of a city park. ... smoke-filled vehicle with no apparent regard for what the secondhand fumes ...

State commissioner of public health identifies targets for wellness in review of annual report
KyForward.com - May 13, 2015

Kentucky is the fifth state to institute an expansion of tobacco-free policies to state-owned buildings and is one of 40 states who prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to ...

As coal jobs decline, E. Ky seeks reinvention [VIDEO]
The Courier-Journal - May 12, 2015

They also discussed how to encourage entrepreneurship, boost job training and improve health with measures such as smoking bans. They also heard how a ...

Bevin says he's the man with a plan for Ky.
Cincinnati.com - May 12, 2015

Statewide smoking ban. Bevin opposes such a measure, saying that it should be left up to individual business owners to decide. "I am not a fan of the concept ...

Advocates fear letter from KACo to counties could hurt local smoke ...
Lexington Herald Leader - May 10, 2015

Health advocates are concerned that efforts to pass local ordinances against smoking in public buildings could be undercut by an insurer's letter warning counties of potential rate increases if they get sued over such measures. The letter from the Kentucky Association of Counties does not square with laws and a Supreme Court decision under which local governments have authority to bar smoking in public buildings, according to a legal consultant to the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy. The KACo communication already has played a role in scuttling a smoke-free law in McCreary County, where the fiscal court voted 4-1 in mid-February to ...

Leaders hear reasons to pursue Jessamine smoking ban at smoke-free forum
Central Kentucky News - May 7, 2015

Four years ago, local governments in Jessamine County looked at but ultimately abandoned plans for public smoking bans. Now, the Jessamine Health Department is hoping to once again kick-start discussions about smoke-free policies, with a focus on the involuntary consequences of secondhand smoke and the need to protect local workers.

Green River health assessment lays out Kentucky medical concerns
Evansville Courier & Press - May 5, 2015

The assessment expresses particular concern about electronic cigarettes. There are unknown dangers that exist with e-cigs, the idea that people do not know ...

SKCTC addressing tobacco use
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - May 4, 2015

Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College has announced its plan to join a national movement to address smoking and tobacco use at community college campuses throughout the United States. Through a grant from Legacy, the national public health organization responsible for the national truth smoking prevention campaign, SKCTC will encourage students, faculty and school administration to adopt a 100 percent smoke-free or tobacco-free policy.

Lobbyists spend big money on ads during 2015 state legislative ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - May 1, 2015

FRANKFORT, Kentucky Political advertising works to convince people how to ... in the Senate, a common fate in a state with deep ties to the tobacco industry.

BSCTC Receives Grant to Implement Tobacco-Free Policy
WMKY - April 27, 2015

Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) has received a grant from the American Legacy Foundation to help it implement a 100% Tobacco-Free college policy. Effective July 1, 2015, all BSCTC campuses will be 100% tobacco-free.

Grant aimed at stopping pregnant smokers in Kentucky
Evansville Courier & Press - April 26, 2015

The Anthem Foundation is supplying the $140,000 grant, which will help fund the Giving Infants and Families Tobacco Free Starts program. The program is aimed at decreasing the number of women who smoke during pregnancy and reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. The funding will be used in Christian, Hopkins and Madison counties. …

Smoke-free Kentucky Award Winners Recognized
WEKU - April 24, 2015

This year's winner of the Kentucky Smoke-free Advocate of the Year Award says candidates running for governor need to hear from citizens regarding a statewide smoking ban.

Middlesboro gives preliminary approval to smoking ban
WATE-TV - April 24, 2015

Officials in Middlesboro have given preliminary approval to a citywide smoking ban. The Middlesboro Daily News reports the vote Tuesday came after a request from a group of elementary school students involved with Destination Imagination, an educational nonprofit organization that tries to encourage and equip young leaders.

Governor Honored At Smoke-Free Conference
WUKY - April 23, 2015

The governor was given the Lee T. Todd Jr. Smoke Free Hero Award for his passage of an executive order that banned tobacco use in and around state buildings and vehicles. In accepting the honor, Mr. Beshear recognized local communities for their anti-smoking efforts, calling their contributions invaluable.

Middlesboro gives preliminary approval to smoking ban
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - April 23, 2015

MIDDLESBORO, Ky. (AP) - Officials in Middlesboro have given preliminary approval to a citywide smoking ban. The Middlesboro Daily News reports the vote ...

Another Kentucky City Moves One Step Closer To Becoming Smoke ...
WUKY - April 23, 2015

This week's vote came after a request from a group of elementary school students involved with Destination Imagination, an educational nonprofit organization ...

Gov. Beshear to be honored for tobacco-free campaign
The Lane Report - April 22, 2015

Steve Beshear on Thursday will be presented with the Lee T. Todd, Jr. Smoke-free Hero Award by the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy at the KCSP ...

Burgin is state's 40th school district to go tobacco-free; ban applies ...
KyForward.com - April 22, 2015

Burgin Independent Schools, in the heart of Kentucky, will be the latest 100 percent tobacco-free schools in the state, and the first in Mercer County, which has a ...

Kentucky doctors have a range of opinions on medical marijuana
Louisville Business First - April 22, 2015

still have to consider an alternative delivery method. It wouldn't condone smoking it as a delivery method because the group has an anti-smoking stance, he said. We've been talking marijuana all week as

Some defeated bills' time will come, Bowen says
messenger-inquirer - April 17, 2015

Bowen said a statewide ban on smoking in workplaces or indoor public places also died in the Senate. But he said the bill has gained momentum every year.

Friday After 5 returns for its 19th season
messenger-inquirer - April 15, 2015

Friday After 5 will be an entirely smoke-free event for the first time in 2015, Kirkpatrick said, thanks to a smoking ordinance passed by the city in September 2014.

Academy tours local jail facility
Murray Ledger and Times - April 14, 2015

The Department of Corrections has not explicitly banned e-cigarettes, but Claud said he has not yet decided if they are something he would like to allow in the ..

Tobacco-free requires collective effort
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - April 8, 2015

The Progress' March 19, 2015 editorial entitled "Tobacco-free has failed and we all know it" presents an unfair picture of EKU's considerable efforts to change a ...

Editorial: State chamber unhappy with 2015 session
Morehead News - April 7, 2015

An explanation also is due from the Senate on why the smoke-free Kentucky legislation, in spite of overwhelming public support, never saw the light of day.

Legislature disappoints on key issues for business
Lexington Herald Leader - April 6, 2015

Smoke-free legislation favored by a nine-to-one margin by chamber members passed the House, only to die in the Senate without a committee hearing or a floor ...

New law expected to protect tobacco revenue; 'All in all, it's a step in the right direction
KyForward.com - April 3, 2015

A new law aimed at protecting Kentuckys tobacco settlement funds has been reviewed by a legislative oversight committee. House Bill 512 includes four key fixes to protect the state, should its role in a 1998 national master tobacco settlement be challenged in the future as it was in 2014, Assistant Kentucky Attorney General Sean Riley told the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee. Riley said the four provisions in HB 512 will protect the states tobacco settlement dollars in the current biennium and, we hope, for years to come.

Newport Schools Strengthen Smoking Ban, Honor Students ...
The River City News - March 29, 2015

The board also approved language to be added to the visitors agreement banning any type of smoking, in accordance with the no smoking policy passed earlier ...

Session 'set aside politics for policy'
The Courier-Journal - March 27, 2015

Still, some Republicans in the Senate, where the smoking ban died, said its time will come. It is about education and moving people. It is also a generational ...

Ky. Senate harmful to health, economy; killers of smoking ban from ...
Lexington Herald Leader - March 26, 2015

In Stivers' district, where the adult smoking rate tops 40 percent in places, a high percent of non-smokers are also suffering health damage and shortened lives ...

Raise the smoking age in US
Bowling Green Daily News - March 25, 2015

Education programs, changing social attitudes and higher tobacco taxes have pushed the smoking rate down, and cigarette bans have made the air a lot less ...

Kentucky Tobacco Ban Goes Up in Smoke
The Heartland Institute - March 24, 2015

A proposed statewide ban on smoking in private workplaces and public ... "These bans are also often class-based: for example, banning big sodas in New York ...

Confusion over city smoking ban
Morehead News - March 23, 2015

The existing ordinance that banned smoking in Morehead was enacted in 2006. However ... The penalty for a person who violates the smoking ban is a $50 fine.

Universities and tanning salons
The Courier-Journal - March 24, 2015

This responsibility is probably best portrayed in the widespread adoption of "tobacco-free" campuses all across the country. If the use of tobacco and its future ...

Progress Being Made on Gov. Steve Beshear's Health Goals for ...
WKMS - March 19, 2015

More Kentuckians are insured, protected from second-hand smoke and making ... Although, the proposed smoking ban bill passed the House earlier this year, ...

Smoke-free ordinance extinguished
McCreary County Record - March 18, 2015

WHITLEY CITY - A county ordinance proposing to ban smoking inside ... questioning whether pop or tea will be banned next due to the health risks of caffeine.

E-Cigarettes and Workplace Smoking Policies: To Ban or Not to Ban ...
The National Law Review - March 18, 2015

However, other local ordinances that have enacted smoking bans that do not ... up to the employer - there is no law that prohibits a workplace from banning ...

Kentucky lobbyists spend $1.8 million, not done yet
State-Journal.com - March 18, 2015

Susan Westrom's public smoking ban bill that hasn't been heard since the bill was put in Sen. Albert Robinson's, R-London, Senate Standing Committee of ...

Board eyes changes
Daily News - March 17, 2015

In another matter, the school board approved policies 4-1 to make the district tobacco-free. Board Chairman Kerry Young dissented. He said he wanted the ...

Health initiative in Kentucky yields progress
State-Journal.com - March 16, 2015

Beshear last year to expand the prohibition of all tobacco products and e-cigarettes in executive branch buildings. The action makes Kentucky one of only five ...

City smoking debate continues
Morehead News - March 13, 2015

Morehead City Council unanimously approved the second reading of an ordinance on Monday that would amend the definition of smoking to include electronic smoking devices. I would like to make more business for this town and bring something new for college students and other people because theres really nothing like this nearby, said Alhaw. He proposed installing a $15,000 filtration system to clean contaminated air inside the proposed lounge.

Editorial: Legislators must be accountable to voters
Morehead News - March 13, 2015

Kentuckys 137 sitting members of the General Assembly went home Wednesday night for a 12-day break. We are sorely disappointed that at least three major bills local option sales tax, smoke-free workplaces and public-private partnerships will not become law ...

Late Night General Assembly Session Yields Few Major Bills
WMKY - March 12, 2015

Among the bills declared dead or on life support this session: legislation opening up more public-private partnerships, the statewide smoking ban, and the local ...

Bluegrass Poll: More Kentuckians want local governments to set ...
Lexington Herald Leader - March 11, 2015

"We have done other things that have been challenged - the smoking ban and the fairness ordinance," Mossotti said. (Lexington was the first city in Kentucky to ...

Public opinion shouldn't decide smoking ban
Cincinnati.com - March 10, 2015

The smoking ban legislation is a perfect example of why our founders selected a ... But that is not good enough to the majority faction who prefer it banned ...

Senate leadership kills statewide smoking-ban
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - March 9, 2015

For the first time, the Kentucky House of Representatives passed a statewide smoking ban on Feb. 13 to prohibit smoking in workplaces and indoor places.

Kentucky legislature | Where major bills stand
The Courier-Journal - March 7, 2015

Smoke Free, HB 145, would ban smoking at workplaces and indoor public places. Passed House but stuck in Senate Veterans, Military Affairs and Public ...

Promoting a smoke-free Pike County: Air quality survey of Pike ...
Medical Leader March 6, 2015

PIKEVILLE If the Environmental Protection Agency used the same standards it uses to regulate the quality of indoor air as it uses to regulate the quality of outdoor air, some Pike County businesses would fall far below the mark.

Where High-Profile Bills Stand as the Kentucky General Assembly's ...
WKU Public Radio - March 4, 2015

The statewide smoking ban bill still hasn't been heard in the Senate Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection, where it was assigned to ...

Study leads to call for Pike smoking ban
Appalachian News-Express - March 4, 2015

Calls for a countywide smoking ban were renewed this week as representatives from the University of Kentucky were in Pikeville Monday to share information ...

Dr. Jim Roach -- America's Healer
Huffington Post - March 4, 2015

Jim was one of the first advocates of a statewide smoking ban in Kentucky and an early leader in Habitat for Humanity in Kentucky. One of Dr. Jim's great heroes ...

Kentucky Smoking Ban Once Again Stalls in Senate
halfwheel.com - March 3, 2015

Once again, a proposed smoking ban in Kentucky has met its match: the ... Amy Barkley, chairwoman of Smoke-Free Kentucky, told The Courier-Journal that "it ...

The dangers of secondhand smoke
The Courier-Journal - March 3, 2015

House Bill 145 prohibits indoor smoking in businesses and other places of employment. The bill is not a "smoking ban" - it simply asks smokers to step outside.

Editorial | Free smoke-free bill
The Courier-Journal - March 3, 2015

If the Kentucky state Senate includes any "Trekkies," they ought to step up now in support of a bill to make public places throughout Kentucky smoke-free.

Where local pols stand on Ky. smoking ban
Cincinnati.com - March 3, 2015

Reason: Personally, I don't care to be around cigarette smoke. ... are actually seeing that play out with restaurants opening up and going smoke-free off the bat.

Top Ky. senators weasel out of anti-smoking vote
Cincinnati.com - March 3, 2015

Cara Stewart is a Covington resident, a volunteer for Smoke Free Kentucky and member of the NKY Tobacco Free Coalition. Wondering what happened to the ...

Limited smoking resolution to be implemented at WKU
College Heights Herald - March 2, 2015

Prior to presenting a plan, staff council looked at Purdue University's smoke-free policy for inspiration. Taylor said the goal is to begin implementing these ...

Smoking ban bill dead for this year
The Courier-Journal - March 2, 2015

Some of the strongest advocates for a bill to ban smoking at workplaces and in ... Also, in Kentucky, 24 local communities have adopted local smoking bans.

Pike County Workplaces Surveyed on Indoor Air Quality
WEKU - March 2, 2015

Representatives of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy, and Pike County ... Riker says a local or state comprehensive smoking ban is the only way to deal ...

SGA passes alcohol resolution
College Heights Herald - December 4, 2014

Taylor said the Executive Cabinet vetoed the smoking ban resolution ... Resolution co-author Jody Dahmer said banning alcohol outright does not work. "We are ..

Is the tobacco ban fair?
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - December 3, 2014

Smoking tobacco is an understandable ban; it has detrimental effects on the ... Banning smokeless tobacco is violating the free will to which an individual has rights ... Smoking should absolutely be banned; no one should be exposed to such a ...

LETTER: Anti-smoking group spins stats to make its point
Evansville Courier & Press - December 3, 2014

Tina McCormick, Director of the KY Rural Health Association. Not content with the use of spurious "statistics,"... In the lab, they used rats. No, the rats weren't smoking. This had to be "secondhand" smoke. So, they put them into an enclosure, and pumped

SGA: Expand alcohol sales
Bowling Green Daily News - December 3, 2014

Taylor said she made the motion to veto the no-smoking resolution because it lacked enforcement ... "I'm not comfortable on any smoking ban," she told SGA.

Ky. Chamber CEO talks legislative agenda
The Independent - December 2, 2014

Health and wellness promotion throughout the state is also high on the chamber's priority list, especially regarding smoke-free laws, he said. Adkisson said ...

Her last day on council approaching, Lexington Vice Mayor Linda ...
Lexington Herald Leader - November 29, 2014

... benefits for city employees and lifted the ban on election-day alcohol sales. ... including the indoor smoking ban and the purchase of development rights ...

West Kentucky Community and Technical College to Join Others in Tobacco Ban Next Fall
WKMS - November 28, 2014

Governor Steve Beshear recently issued an executive order to ban all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, on Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet ...

All Kentucky Community And Technical Colleges Going Tobacco-Free in 2015
WFPL - November 27, 2014

Others have tobacco or smoking policies, but not all include e-cigarettes. ... Steve Beshear banned all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and chewing ...

McCORMICK: Kentucky needs anti-smoking legislation ($$)
Evansville Courier & Press - November 27, 2014

Last year, we had many letters to the editor written urging Kentuckians to become engaged in the Smoke-Free Legislation. As the executive director of the Kentucky Rural Health Association, I am requesting all Kentuckians, to contact your elected state officials to support a strong, statewide, smoke-free workplace law during the 2015 Kentucky General Assembly session.

Smokers, officials must address Ky. smoking
The Courier-Journal - November 23, 2014

As the new legislature prepares to convene, we are hopeful they will pass the smoke-free legislation that has languished the past several sessions. But we must ...

Editorial: Who's blowing smoke about secondhand smoke?
Morehead News - November 21, 2014

So why has it been so difficult to protect millions of Kentucky workers from harmful secondhand smoke, improve their health and reduce health care costs for ...
SGA Executive Cabinet smoke-free resolution veto statement
College Heights Herald - November 21, 2014

The Student Government Association Executive Cabinet provided the Herald with its statement to veto Resolution 11-14-F, Resolution to Support a Smoke Free Campus, on Thursday via email. Additionally, it is unreasonable for the non-smoking majority to back the smoking minority into a corner. Smoking may not be a constitutional right, but there are many things that are not constitutional rights: eating, drinking, driving, etc. We as the executive cabinet believe that all students at Western Kentucky University should have the right to be able to pursue an unhindered education. For smoking students, facing the dilemma of being late to class because they had to run across campus to a smoking area or struggling through withdrawal symptoms violates this right. ...

Health Advocates Rallying Again for Passage of Statewide Smoking Ban
WEKU - November 20, 2014

The chair of Kentucky's Smoke Free Coalition hopes a tobacco-free state government policy will prompt lawmakers to pass a statewide indoor workplace ...

Kentucky state property goes tobacco-free
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - November 20, 2014

(AP) - Kentucky state property is going cold turkey on Great American Smokeout day, ending the use of all tobacco products and electronic cigarettes on ...

Tobacco-free tailgate raises awareness
UK The Kentucky Kernel - November 20, 2014

Ickes passed out brochures that provided information about treatment plans and e-cigarettes. TFTA also helped sponsor the photo booth, Ickes said.

Editorial | Going smoke-free
The Courier-Journal - November 20, 2014

Kentucky lawmakers may have stalled on adopting a smoke-free law statewide, but Gov. Steve Beshear has done the next best thing: using an executive order to make all state buildings tobacco-free, inside and out. About 5,000 smoke or use other tobacco products, such as snuff, chewing tobacco or e-cigarettes. (The order bans use of all of those products on state grounds).

KCTCS Colleges, System Office Prepare to Go Tobacco Free
SurfKY News - November 20, 2014

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System will kick off its tobacco-free campaign today as people around the state and nation participate in the American Cancer Societys Great American Smokeout.

Tobacco Ban On State Property Begins November 20
WTVQ-TV 36 (Lexington, KY) - November 20, 2014

Kentucky ends the use of all tobacco products and e-cigarettes on executive branch state property, effective Nov. 20 - the day of the Great American Smokeout. Pointing to Kentucky's high rankings in smoking and cancer deaths, Governor Steve Beshear anno

UK parking attendant passionate about tobacco-free policy because ...
KyForward.com - November 20, 2014

Talking about the tobacco-free policy is something Barlow is passionate about because for her, it's personal. Barlow started smoking in high school and tried to ...

Livermore council approves water rate hike
messenger-inquirer - November 20, 2014

... city also amended its smoking policy regarding its municipal buildings. The council adopted the state's plan that bans electronic cigarettes from city buildings.

SGA Executive Cabinet vetoes smoke-free resolution
College Heights Herald - November 19, 2014

Resolution 11-14-F, Resolution to Support a Smoke Free Campus, initially passed with a ... However, this resolution is not a smoking ban we should support.".

E-cig kits sent through the mail raise concerns
WDRB - November 19, 2014

"I was really surprised and discouraged," Reiss said. "People were letting me know that they had received a packet in the mall and it was an electronic cigarette.

Spreading the word: District tobacco-free in July 2015
The News-Democrat/Trimble - November 19, 2014

Carroll County Schools will be doing pretty much everything it can this spring and summer to make sure everyone knows about its new tobacco-free policy ...

Ky voices: James Sharp says secondhand smokes taking tragic toll on state, in dollars and lives
Lexington Herald-Leader - November 18, 2014

It's equally important to mark this day by encouraging our leaders in the General Assembly to do the same; set a date and make a plan to quit exposing hardworking Kentuckians to secondhand smoke in the workplace. Nonsmokers who are exposed to high levels

Smoke Free Coalition to Kentucky Lawmakers No More Excuses
Public News Service (PNS) - November 18, 2014

The Kentucky Smoke-Free Coalition has a message for state lawmakers: Make a comprehensive, statewide, indoor, smoke-free law a "number one priority" during the 2015 legislative session. Amy Barkley, chair of the Kentucky Smoke-Free Coalition, says her or

Ky. state property smoking ban starts Thursday
WPSD Local 6 - November 18, 2014

Also on that date, smoking on Kentucky's state property will be snuffed out for ... Steve Beshear issued an executive order earlier this year banning the use of ...

Bob Davies: Board of Regents will Discuss Proposed Tobacco Ban ...
WKMS - November 17, 2014

MSU has been studying possible bans in the last few months and Davies says ... He says those enhancements could include designating smoking areas that are ...

Community college tobacco ban goes into effect Jan. 1; smokers are uneasy ($$)
The Messenger (subscription) - November 17, 2014

Many Elizabethtown Community and Technical College students are uneasy with the college's policy of going tobacco-free in less than seven weeks.

Expanded smoking ban on most state property has some government workers fuming
Lexington Herald Leader - November 17, 2014

On most workdays outside the mammoth building that houses the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, dozens of state employees spend their twice-a-day, 15-minute breaks smoking. That activity will be snuffed out for good on Thursday, when the use of cigarettes and all other tobacco products, as well as e-cigarettes, will be banned on most ...

Tougher Tobacco Regulations Taking Effect on Kentucky Property
WKU Public Radio - November 17, 2014

Smoking is already prohibited on most state-owned property in Kentucky, but ... order by Governor Steve Beshear, all types of tobacco products will be banned. ... Anti-smoking advocates have unsuccessfully pushed a statewide ban on ...

Our Opinion: Begin push for state smoke ban legislation
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - November 16, 2014

Smoke-Free Kentucky, a coalition of state business leaders, health officials and community activists, has started planning its next push for a statewide smoking ...

Editorial: UK should enforce smoking ban on campus
UK The Kentucky Kernel - November 16, 2014

We here at The Kentucky Kernel believe that if youre going to implement a campus-wide policy, you should make sure that your staff and students have the tools and motivation to stand by the policy. This is in reference to the tobacco-free policy UK staff and students are supposed to abide by. Its no secret that the policy is openly disobeyed. The Food and Drug Administration classifies electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, therefore they fall under the tobacco ban on campus. The university has ...

Lexington council approves immediate ban on e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants, and most other workplaces
Lexington Herald Leader - November 14, 2014

Lexington adds e-cigs to indoor smoking ban, effective immediately Lexington on Thursday became the eighth Kentucky community to add electronic cigarettes to a ban on smoking in most indoor work spaces.

Markey Parking Attendant Passionate About UK's Tobacco-Free Policy
UKNow (press release) - November 14, 2014

When patients arrive at University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center parking lot, they are greeted by the warm smile and friendly hello of parking attendant, Tracy Barlow. In addition to pointing out the best parking spaces, Barlow tells patients about UK's tobacco-free policy and answers any questions they may have. Talking about the tobacco-free policy is something Barlow is passionate about because for her, it's personal.

Could KY Be Smoke-Free in 2015? [VIDEO]
WTVQ - November 13, 2014

They hope lawmakers finally pass a statewide, smoke-free workplace law and protect workers from secondhand smoke. People that want to smoke, I have no ...

Lexington-Fayette County Considers E-Cig Ban
WTVQ - November 13, 2014

... a ban on smoking on state property. Other cities have similar bans. If the measure passes, Lexington would be the largest city in the state to ban e-cigarettes

U of L, UK join forces against lung cancer
The Courier-Journal - November 13, 2014

Risk factors include, among others, smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke or radon. Kentucky has the nation's highest adult smoking rate at around 28 ...

$7 million grant to focus on lung cancer survivors
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - November 12, 2014

The governor announced a smoking ban both indoors and outdoors for ... But while many Kentucky cities and counties have passed workplace smoking bans, ...

Council should include e-cigs in successful clean-air law
Lexington Herald Leader - November 12, 2014

Proponents insist e-cigs are a way to reduce harm to smokers and that any pollutants occur in such small concentrations as to be insignificant. A growing body of ...

Universities, others create collaborative to fight lung cancer in ...
The Republic - November 12, 2014

The governor announced a smoking ban both indoors and outdoors for ... But while many Kentucky cities and counties have passed workplace smoking bans, ...

Health officials concerned about e-cigarette popularity among teens
WDRB - November 11, 2014

(WDRB) -- Health professionals gathered in Clark County on Tuesday to discuss electronic cigarettes, especially the popularity of the products among teens.

E-cigarettes: The next battle in the smoking fight
Lexington Herald-Leader - November 8, 2014

The gathering has the feel of a hipster wine tasting with artisanal cheese. About two dozen folks, mostly men, mostly bearded, contentedly exhale clouds of white-gray mist as they chat and share tips about their favorite flavors and devices. Many carry ...

Tobacco penalties now pack punch
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - November 5, 2014

The university wants to help students stop smoking and not just pass out penalties, said Jack Rutherford, co-chair of Eastern's Colonels Kick Butt tobacco-free ...

City goes for all 4 commission incumbents
messenger-inquirer - November 5, 2014

Sanford and Smith-Wright fought for and won a change to a controversial city smoking ban that favored existing bars. Sanford also came out strongly against a ...

Watkins cruises to win for District 11 post
messenger-inquirer - November 5, 2014

He sees a need for a statewide smoking ban "in buildings where people work," which is something Watkins said can be accomplished in the upcoming term.

MSU weighs options on campus tobacco policy
Murray Ledger and Times - November 4, 2014

Steve Beshear issued an executive order stating that all state buildings, grounds and fleet in Kentucky will become free of all tobacco products and e-cigarettes ...

Murray State News - October 31, 2014

The debate on whether the Murray State community can smoke on campus or if a stricter smoking policy will be implemented will be decided at the next Board of Regents meeting on Dec. 4.

Going smoke free raises questions
Murray State News - October 31, 2014

With the majority of Kentucky colleges converting to smoke-free campuses, it is likely that Murray State will follow suit. The consensus on e-cigarettes is that they're non-invasive because they don't produce actual smoke, but their effects are still in question. Would the smoking ...

Mason County Judge-Executive candidates on the issues
Ledger Independent - October 31, 2014

Attempts to enact a statewide ban on smoking indoors in public buildings have so far been unsuccessful in the General Assembly. That issue is expected to ...

Kentucky Senate seat in Louisville up for grabs
The Courier-Journal - October 30, 2014

Both candidates support a statewide smoking ban in workplaces and indoor gathering areas, such as bars and restaurants, but disagree on other issues.

Campus patrol looks to snuff out tobacco users
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - October 30, 2014

Student Craig Ward said he hasn't observed any smoking ban enforcement and ... Smoke boxes or shacks have mostly been removed around campus, but ...

In their own words: James Ewen
WLKY Louisville - October 30, 2014

Smokers have no right to deprive non-smokers of their health. We know second hand smoke is harmful to your health because doctors and medical research ...

SGA discusses amendments to Glasgow's SGA constitution
College Heights Herald - October 28, 2014

Mackenzie Perkins, a graduate assistant in Public Health, spoke to SGA about gaining their support in regards to obtaining a smoke-free policy on campus.

Give Kay a full term in House 56 district
Lexington Herald Leader - October 27, 2014

Kay, for example, supports a statewide indoor smoking ban while Schwartz thinks clean air is the province of individual businesses and local communities.

Bob Davies Talks Smoking Ban, Anti-Racism Demonstrations and ...
WKMS - October 27, 2014

Davies spoke about the university's proposed smoking ban, recent concerns over the Ebola virus as well as the rollout of the university's strategic improvement ...

In their own words: Jim DuPlessis on statewide smoking ban [VIDEO]
WLKY Louisville - October 27, 2014

The views expressed are not those of this site, this station or its affiliated companies. By posting your comments you agree to accept our terms of use.

E-Cig Ban Recieves First Reading
WUKY - October 24, 2014

Similar to the city's smoke-free ordinance, it would ban the use of e-cigs and similar nicotine delivery systems at the workplace and within public buildings.

NKU backs up tobacco ban with programs for quitting
NKU The Northerner Online - October 23, 2014

NKU backs up tobacco ban with programs for quitting. Photo by Tony Root. While banned since January, smoking on campus still occurs. NKU's policy is being ...

Westrom represents District 79, state well
Lexington Herald Leader - October 23, 2014

Specifically, the Chamber recognized Westrom's still-unsuccessful effort to pass a statewide smoking ban. "Westrom is one of a select group of leaders who ...

Keep Palumbo in House District 76
Lexington Herald Leader - October 22, 2014

They include a statewide smoking ban and interest caps on payday lenders, both of which Palumbo supports and Marrs opposes. Palumbo also supports the ...

In their own words: Gretchen Hunt
WLKY Louisville - October 22, 2014

I support a statewide smoking ban for the well being of Kentuckians and for our economic future. The ban in Jefferson county has not hurt business. On the other ...

In their own words: Michael McNair
WLKY Louisville - October 20, 2014

I do not favor a statewide smoking ban. This issue should be left up to local and county governments across the state to decide if they are in favor of a ban in their ...

There is no safe way to smoke
Lexington Herald Leader - October 19, 2014

Smoking and secondhand smoke causes lung cancer, low birth-weight babies, ... The World Health Organization is currently recommending a ban on indoor use ...

Endorsement: Keep Hal Rogers SOARing in 5th District
Lexington Herald Leader - October 18, 2014

Among the solid recommendations to come out of the process so far: Support a statewide smoking ban and study possible links between surface mining of coal ...

Bowen, Gooch share issues facing 2015 state legislature
messenger-inquirer - October 16, 2014

A bill to establishing a statewide smoking ban is certain to be filed, he said. His list also included discussion on Medicaid managed care and medical marijuana.

In their own words: Carl Nett on statewide smoking ban
WLKY Louisville - October 15, 2014

The views expressed are not those of this site, this station or its affiliated companies. By posting your comments you agree to accept our terms of use.

Owensboro, Ky. Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect Today
halfwheel.com - October 15, 2014

A sweeping new smoking ban goes into effect in Owensboro, Ky. today, bringing an end to the days of being able to smoke in a number of public areas as well ...

Adams for state Senate
The Courier-Journal - October 15, 2014

Ms. Adams, a co-sponsor of a statewide smokefree bill, said that even with bipartisan support and a Democratic co-sponsor, supporters were unable to get a ...

Bus GPS seen as plus for county
Herald & Tribune - October 14, 2014

Dykes also recommended that the school district waive the first reading of the Tobacco-Free Schools policy and make it effective immediately after the sec

Most Public Places in Owensboro Going Smoke-Free
WKU Public Radio - October 14, 2014

Owensboro's new smoking ban takes effect Wednesday. The ordinance bans smoking in public spaces like restaurants, stores, and city parks among others.

New city smoking ban to take effect
messenger-inquirer - October 13, 2014

With the ordinance, smoking will be eliminated in almost all public places in Owensboro. The only exemption to the ban: Under an amendment, smoking is ...

What do you think of the Owensboro City smoking ban?
messenger-inquirer - October 12, 2014

What do you think of the Owensboro City smoking ban?

As E-Cigarette Bans Gain Steam Across State, No Such Plans in Louisville
WFPL 89.3 (Louisville, KY) - October 9, 2014

Lexington could soon become the eighth city in Kentucky to ban e-cigarettes, but it doesn't look like Louisville will follow suit anytime soon.

Committee votes to add e-cigarettes to Lexington smoking ban; issue to go before full council
Lexington Herald-Leader - October 8, 2014

Lexington is likely to join a growing number of Kentucky communities in banning electronic cigarettes in most indoor workplaces. On Tuesday, the Urban County Council's General Government Committee voted 8-0 to add e-cigarettes to a 2003 citywide smoking...

E-Cig Measure Moves To Full Council
WUKY - October 8, 2014

The measure would put electronic cigarettes in a similar position to tobacco under the city's smoke free policy, banning their use in public buildings and at the ...

In their own words: David Rainey on statewide smoking ban
WLKY Louisville - October 7, 2014

In their own words: David Rainey on statewide smoking ban. ...

Committee votes to add e-cigarettes to Lexington smoking ban ...
Lexington Herald Leader - October 7, 2014

Carol Riker, of the University of Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy, told the council Tuesday that seven Kentucky cities have banned e-cigarettes. Gov….

Don't take away our right to smoke
messenger-inquirer - September 27, 2014

I've been smoke-free for two years now. I agree, smoking is really bad for you; so is second-hand smoke. But I feel Owensboro is going about it in the wrong way.

Vice Mayor Asks Urban Co. Council To Consider E-Cig Ban
WTVQ - September 26, 2014

Vice Mayor Linda Gorton asked the city to consider adding electronic cigarettes to Fayette County's smoking ban. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Vice Mayor Linda Gorton sent an e-mail Monday to the Urban County Council that proposed talking about the potential change.

In their own words: Jim Wayne on statewide smoking ban
WLKY Louisville - September 25, 2014

In their own words: Jim Wayne on statewide smoking ban.

Council to discuss expanding Fayette's smoking ban to include e ...
Lexington Herald Leader - September 24, 2014

... and Richmond - have already banned the popular alternative to cigarettes. Versailles will have a second reading of its smoking ban ordinance, which ... it more difficult for people to quit smoking by banning the healthier alternative. ... in smoking bans say e-cigarettes don't really help people stop smoking and that not ...

In their own words: Dave Stengel on statewide smoking ban
WLKY Louisville - September 24, 2014

In their own words: Dave Stengel on statewide smoking ban.

In their own words: Alan Claypool on statewide smoking ban
WLKY - September 24, 2014

In their own words: Alan Claypool on statewide smoking ban.

SOAR working groups present recommendations
The Lane Report - September 23, 2014

Endorse and promote the passage of a state-wide smoke-free legislation. Start a "Healthy 5 for the 5th" campaign to promote wellness in the region. Explore ...

UK's tobacco ban should not include smokeless tobacco
UK The Kentucky Kernel - September 23, 2014

Five months ago I wrote a column on the contradiction between UK's proclamation as a tobacco free campus and the reality of frequent encounters with smoke ...

New Study Finds Caldwell Indoor Air Quality Poor
WKMS 91.3 FM (Murray, KY) - September 22, 2014

...county workplaces have a high level of fine particle air pollution from secondhand smoke, 1.6 times higher than the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for outdoor air. The air pollution was also 2.8 times higher than Georgetown and 3.1 times higher

RESULTS IN: Air quality study shared ($$)
Princeton Times Leader - September 20, 2014

County health officials aimed at improving overall wellness in the community gained some ammunition for their fight this week with the release of results from an indoor air quality study conducted in the county last fall and this spring. The results of the study, the first of its kind conducted in Caldwell County, suggest that indoor air in some local workplaces is compromised from a preventable source secondhand smoke.

No More Smoke
Thenews.org September 19, 2014

In light of Gov. Steve Beshears recent executive order banning smoking on government property, the Universitys potential to instill a smoking ban of its own has lit up debates all over campus. There are 1,372 total colleges and universities nationally that are smoke-free, 938 are tobacco-free and 167 do not allow e-cigarettes, according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights. …

School district will be tobacco-free July 1, 2015
The News-Democrat/Trimble Banner - September 18, 2014

Starting July 1, 2015, all buildings and grounds in the Carroll County School District will be tobacco-free. This ban will apply on district property at all times, in all ...

E-cig retailer speaks with CADA
The Floyd County Times - September 18, 2014

Kristie Kendall demonstrates the different sizes and shapes that electronic cigarettes come in, including one that shows users how many puffs they take each ...

Anti-Smoking Advocates Hope Executive Action Adds To Momentum
WUKY - September 16, 2014

Steve Beshear have emboldened advocates for a statewide smoking ban. ... and e-cigarettes to the state's 2006 law banning smoking in state-owned buildings ...

Tobacco giant Altria spends most on lobbying
The Courier-Journal (blog) - September 16, 2014

But Altria's spokesman has said the company did not lobby against the so-called "smoke-free" bill. That bill would have banned smoking in indoor public places ..

A problem far worse than radioactive waste
The Floyd County Times - September 16, 2014

Steve Beshear recently implemented an executive order banning smoking from all ... Now, it is time for the legislature to finally adopt a statewide smoking ban, ...

Legislator's Log - Week of Sept. 21, 2014
SurfKY News - September 15, 2014

KENTUCKY (9/21/14) - The head of UK'S Markey Cancer Center says his agency supports an increase in the state cigarette tax and a statewide smoking ban ...

Reaction After Recommendation To Add E-Cigs To Smoking Ban [VIDEO]
WTVQ - September 13, 2014

Electronic Cigarette owners and users react after the Fayette County Board of Health voted 9-0 at Monday night's meeting to recommend to the Urban County Council that E-cigs be added to the city's smoking ban.

In their own words: Jerry Miller on statewide smoking ban [VIDEO]
WLKY Louisville - September 12, 2014

Jerry Miller is a Republican running for the State Representative seat in District 36

National Editorial: Tobacco-free
Greenville Daily Reflector - September 11, 2014

A day later, Steve Beshear, the governor of Kentucky, followed the retail giant with his own announcement that all executive branch state property campuses will be tobacco-free effective November 20 the day of the Great American Smokeout. As the announcement explained, That means no cigarettes, tobacco products or e-cigarettes may be used in state-owned or leased buildings, in state-owned ... Until General Assembly members get their act together, CVS has stepped in nationally, with impact in Kentucky, from the private sector; and Gov. Beshear has stepped in from the public sector with his action freeing state property from tobacco and tobacco products.

Include e-cigarettes in city smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - September 10, 2014

The council should ban e-cigarette use in workplaces and other indoor public ... for Tobacco Free Kids all urge banning the public indoor use of e-cigarettes. ... the main point of public smoking bans is to protect non-smokers from exposure to ...

Zone change approved 3-2
Richmond Register - September 10, 2014

The commissioners were unanimous in approving an ordinance to ban smoking in indoor public places. Those violating the ordinance will face a $50 fine.

OUR OPINION: No smoking wave gains momentum
Princeton Times Leader - September 10, 2014

For those who are determined to pursue a smoke-free agenda, there was plenty of encouraging news in recent days. First, Gov. Steve Beshear placed a ...

Kentucky editorial roundup
Enquirerherald - September 10, 2014

Last week, CVS pharmacies made news by making good on their promise to strip their ... As the announcement explained, "That means no cigarettes, tobacco ... in the state; 65 percent of Kentuckians supported a smoking ban in a recent poll.

E-Cigarettes Could Be Added To Lexington's Anti-Smoking Ordinance
WUKY - September 9, 2014

Lexington's smoking ban could be expanded if the Urban County Council ... would be banned in all the locations where tobacco smoking is currently prohibited.

In their own words: David Rainey
WLKY Louisville - September 9, 2014

How do you feel about a statewide smoking ban? Local governments have autonomy to decide this issue. Frankfort shouldn't intervene with that autonomy.

Fayette Co. Board of Health recommends banning of e-cigarettes
WKYT - September 9, 2014

(WKYT) - Should electronic cigarettes be banned from public places in Lexington just ... Some think it's a good way to kick the habit of smoking tobacco but many ...

CATHIE SHAFFER: Just an idea
The Independent - September 8, 2014

In case you haven't noticed, e-cigarettes are all the rage. I'm not sure exactly how they work except it's some sort of electronic thingie that uses liquid cartridges ...

EDITORIAL: No-smoking order aids Ky. taxpayers
Lexington Herald-Leader - September 8, 2014

Beshear's executive order, which takes effect Nov. 20, makes a lot of economic sense for state government and the taxpayers who foot the bill. It also should remind us that two-thirds of Kentuckians still lack the most basic protections from secondhand s

Some tobacco-free action for Kentucky
The Courier- Journal - September 8, 2014

Despite some optimism that the legislative session earlier this year might finally see the passage of a statewide smoking ban, one that would prohibit smoking in ...

Reaction to Beshear's Smoking Announcement
WKMS - September 8, 2014

Governor Beshear last week issued an executive order banning tobacco products and e-cigarettes from state-owned and leased buildings and vehicles, ...

Citizens back tobacco ban
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - September 8, 2014

This policy will protect non-smokers from the effects of secondhand smoke, and encourage tobacco users to seek help in quitting. Nearly 5,000 executive ...

Our Opinion: Beshear's smoke ban good lead for 2015 ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - September 7, 2014

Gov. Steve Beshear issued an executive order Thursday that bans employees and visitors from using tobacco products in some 3,000 state government buildings. In a news conference announcing his decision, the governor said he hopes his action will create momentum for the General Assembly to pass a statewide smoking ban in 2015. We also hope state lawmakers get behind a smoking ban when the General Assembly convenes next year.

Beshear extends smoking ban to all state property
WAVE - September 5, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear has banned all tobacco products from most state buildings and grounds in an attempt to create momentum for a statewide smoking ban when lawmakers return in January. Kentucky's state buildings are already smoke-free. But this new policy, effective Nov. 20, bans all tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes, from state property both indoors and outdoors.

Gov. Beshear bans all tobacco products from Kentucky state property, both indoors and outdoors
The Tribune - September 5, 2014

FRANKFORT, Kentucky Employees and visitors to some 3,000 state government buildings won't be able to smoke indoors or outdoors after Nov. 20. Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear signed an executive order on Thursday that bans all tobacco products - including electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco - from all executive-branch-owned buildings. The order does not include property used by the legislature, the courts or any statewide constitutional officers, such as the attorney general or commissioner of agriculture

Governor Orders State Buildings, Campuses to Go Tobacco-Free
The River City News - September 4, 2014

The policy impacts 2,888 state-owned buildings making more than 26.4 million square feet newly tobacco-free. The Commonwealth also leases space in 568 other structures, and the Finance Cabinet will work with those landlords to post signs indicating the tobacco-free zones.

E-cigarette policy statement chaired by UofL professor who says the re-normalize habit
KyForward.com - September 4, 2014

A University of Louisville professor chaired a 10-member American Heart Association panel of experts in formulating the associations first-ever policy statement on e-cigarettes.

Beshear expands tobacco ban for state workers
The Courier-Journal - September 4, 2014

A new executive order will expand a 2006 ban on smoking inside state ... quit and banning sale of e-cigarettes to youth, whose rates of smoking are on the decline. ... in private worksites and restaurants - support for smoking bans is growing,...

Smoking Ban Passes in Owensboro
Tristatehomepage.com - September 4, 2014

The ordinance will now ban smoking in parks and other public places. ... And now, for them to start banning the use of tobacco, it's going to send a message to ...

Owensboro Votes To Go Smoke-Free
WKU Public Radio - September 4, 2014

The Owensboro City Commission unanimously approved an amended smoking ban ordinance at their meeting Wednesday night, a ban that eliminates smoking ...

Higher cost cigarettes, smoking bans advised in lung cancer fight
The Floyd County Times - September 4, 2014

FRANKFORT-The head of UK'S Markey Cancer Center says his agency supports an increase in the state cigarette tax and a statewide smoking ban as part of ...

Berea tax rate may rise slightly
Richmond Register - September 3, 2014

In other news, the city council adopted an indoor smoking ban that had been in effect at the county level for the past seven years. Under the ordinance, smoking ...

Smoking Ban Passes in Owensboro
Tristatehomepage.com - September 4, 2014

The ordinance will now ban smoking in parks and other public places. ... And now, for them to start banning the use of tobacco, it's going to send a message to ...

Amended smoking ban up for vote
Mmessenger-Inquirer - September 3, 2014

After a bit of a torturous journey, a united front is expected when a smoking ban ordinance comes before the Owensboro City Commission at 5 p.m. Wednesday .

Statewide smoke-free law is needed
Princeton Times Leader - September 3, 2014

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, juggled an Ebola outbreak in Africa while traveling in Eastern Kentucky in ...

Kentucky has tools to improve health status
The Lane Report - September 2, 2014

... but offer communities choices from a list of proven programs. Earlier, he said smoke-free laws not only reduce smoking, but heart attacks among non-smokers.

Appalachian Kentucky has what it takes to improve poor health ...
KyForward.com - September 2, 2014

... personal responsibility for health begins, Frieden said, in an apparent reference to smoking bans, “You don't want to go to your job and get cancer as a result.”.

Vote Nears on Owensboro Smoking Ban
WKU Public Radio - September 1, 2014

With the exception of the 18-and-over establishments and e-cigarettes, the rest of the original ordinance is unchanged. Smoking will be banned in all public ...

Despite Supreme Court ruling, Woodford, Clark, Madison counties ...
KyForward.com - August 28, 2014

Clark, Madison and Woodford counties have smoking bans that can't be enforced ... Court ruled in June do not have the power to ban smoking in public places.

Tobacco ban goes into effect across campus
The Eastern Progress Online - August 27, 2014

The entire campus community is responsible for helping to enforce the ban, ... also falls under the tobacco-ban as the policy forbids smoking on

Richmond to consider new smoking ban
WKYT - August 25, 2014

The city of Richmond is about to begin the process of passing a new, city-wide indoor smoking ban for public places. Madison County's ban was nullified by a Kentucky court ruling that said only elected bodies can enact smoking restrictions. In Madison County, the health department had passed the ban several years ago. ..

Deadly Ebola has nothing on tobacco
Lexington Herald Leader - August 24, 2014

Only about a third of Kentuckians are protected by bans on smoking in enclosed ... Plus, the industry got its desired version of the bill banning electronic cigarette ...

Woman kicks off Facebook campaign
Bowling Green Daily News - August 23, 2014

A Bowling Green mother is starting a campaign to make playgrounds throughout Warren County smoke free. On the Facebook page for the group she started, Sawyer urges supporters to ask for playgrounds to be made smoke-free areas by writing to Chris Kummer, ...

Slim Nash Drops Out of Bowling Green City Commission Race [VIDEO]
WBKO - August 23, 2014

During that time, he supported the passage of the TIF district, the building of the skate park and also the passage of the city wide smoking ban. He lost a bid for ...

US Smokeless Tobacco employees donate $55K to local charities
Kentucky New Era - August 23, 2014

Employees at U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company gathered early Friday morning to see seven regional nonprofit organizations receive a total of $55,000 in donations from the Altria Companies Employee Community Fund. ...

Amended Anti-Smoking Ordinance One Step Closer to Passage in ...
WKU Public Radio - August 20, 2014

A difference over elements of the smoking ban ordinance that threatened to split the Owensboro City Commission on the issue was resolved Tuesday night.

Smoking ban compromise grandfathers in current bars
messenger-inquirer - August 20, 2014

A rift over elements of a smoking ban ordinance that threatened to split the Owensboro City Commission on the issue was resolved Tuesday, thanks to a ...

Stand-alone bars exempt from Owensboro smoking ban
14 News WFIE Evansville - August 19, 2014

"These bars have been operating a long time this way," said Mayor Ron Payne. "I think they feel like this is going to affect their business and this is a good ...

Split emerges on city smoking ban
Owensboro Messenger Inquirer - August 19, 2014

At a special called meeting Monday of the City Commission to hear first reading of the amended smoking ban ordinance, commissioners Pam Smith-Wright and Jeff Sanford expressed reservations about the ordinance while commissioners Debbie Nunley and...

Commission has first reading of amended ordinance
14 News WFIE Evansville - August 18, 2014

The banning of electronic cigarettes in city parks, outdoor dining areas, or properties owned by the city, has been removed from the proposed smoking ban ...

Smoke-free bus tour stops in Louisville to light-up support for ...
WDRB - July 30, 2014

Smoke-free bus tour stops in Louisville to light-up support for smoking bans .... Kentucky legislators to pass a state-wide smoking ban during next year's session

Group Continues To Spread Smoke Free Message
WUKY - July 30, 2014

The Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition is driving their message across the state. Their goal…to pass a comprehensive, statewide smoke-free law that covers all ...

Push to ban indoor smoking statewide
WKYT - July 30, 2014

They're canvassing the state to get their message across that a smoke-free workplace ... a wide-ranging, rather than patchwork assortment, of city smoking bans. ... Four times they've tried to pass a smoking ban that blankets the entire state of ..

KHIP shows similar results across state
Hazard Herald - July 30, 2014

The majority of adults throughout the state favored a statewide, smoke-free law, tobacco free policies on school campuses, new school nutrition standards, and ...

A Smoke Free Road Trip to Fancy Farm
Public News Service (PNS) - July 29, 2014

Advocates of a statewide smoke-free workplace law are hoping Kentuckians will be seeing fewer indoor ashtrays by 2015, as they promote proposed indoor smoking ban legislation around the commonwealth this week.

Smoke-free advocates touring the state this week ($$)
The Messenger (subscription) - July 28, 2014

The Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition will start its six-day statewide tour "Road to a Healthier Kentucky" on Monday in Ashland and stop in Owensboro at 10 a.m. Friday at Smothers Park.

Poll: Eat more fruits, veggies in N. Ky.
Cincinnati.com - July 27, 2014

The majority of Northern Kentucky adults favored a smoke-free law, and favored tobacco-free and school nutrition policies in schools. Northern Kentucky adults ...

We need more talk about community challenges
Cincinnati.com - July 25, 2014

Topics have included the Brent Spence Bridge, smoking ban, and the library tax, among many others. The NKY Forum volunteers are playing a crucial role in...

Tobacco Free Campuses Considered by Kentucky School Districts
WKMS - July 25, 2014

... Cessation Program Coordinator Elizabeth Anderson Hoagland says smoke free campuses affect cultural views which significantly impact smoking statistics.

Smoke-free advocates bound for Ashland
The Independent - July 24, 2014

ASHLAND — Advocates for smoke-free public spaces are touring the state, starting ... who support a ban on smoking in all public and work places in Kentucky.

County, cities asked to ban indoor smoking
Insurance News Net - July 24, 2014

July 24 -- RICHMOND -- The Madison County Health Board voted 9-1 Wednesday to ask the county's three local governing bodies to ban smoking in indoor ...

County receives appreciation for being smoke/tobacco free
News-Democrat & Leader - July 24, 2014

Kathy Thweatt, Health Educator for the Logan County Health Department, presented the Logan County Fiscal Court Tuesday with a plaque of appreciation for ...

Officials: Hopkins Co. schools plan to go smoke-free
14 News WFIE - July 23, 2014

Hopkins County would join over 30 other districts in the Commonwealth that are already smoke free. Superintendent Linda Zellich says the district plans to ...

Leaders to discuss changes to Madison Co. smoking ban
WKYT - July 23, 2014

Smoking bans in Madison, Clark and Woodford Counties were also put in place that ... a chance to discuss the ruling and take action to put in place a new ban.

Smoke-Free Ky. Will Kick Off 2015 Campaign with a Statewide Tour ...
SurfKY News - July 23, 2014

smoke-free-ky KENTUCKY (7/23/14) — On the eve of the Fancy Farm Picnic, the Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition will wind up a 10-city tour at Baptist Health ...

Likely GOP gubernatorial rivals Heiner, Comer face off
The Courier-Journal - July 22, 2014

... to work in union shops; that he favors a state-wide smoking ban; and that he favors beefing up state job training programs to help lure jobs to the state.

Little daylight between Heiner, Comer at Kentucky Chamber forum
WDRB - July 22, 2014

And they both said they do not favor a statewide smoking ban. ... governor, over his decision earlier this year not to defend Kentucky's gay marriage ban in court.

Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition to tour state from July 28 to Aug. 2
The Lane Report - July 22, 2014

(July 22, 2014) — The Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition is kicking off its 2015 campaign to rally support for comprehensive, statewide smoke-free laws on its ...

Hopkins County Schools Plan Path to Tobacco-Free Campuses
SurfKY News - July 22, 2014

Statewide initiatives have seen Kentucky drop to sixth in youth smoking after previously ... The ban on tobacco use would apply to students, staff, visitors and ... According to Miller, schools where tobacco use is banned on the premises boast ...

Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition sending van all over state to push for new laws in 2015
KyForward.com - July 21, 2014

... Lung Association, the American Heart Association, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and other local health, businesses and community partners....

Different Images in Snapshot of KY Health Challenges
Public News Service - July 21, 2014

The majority of Kentuckians want a statewide smoke-free law, tobacco free school campuses and mandatory physical education for school children. The snap ...

Louisville promoting smoke-free environments where children play
The Lane Report - July 17, 2014

Signs reading “Children at Play! Thank You for Not Smoking.” have been posted at five metro parks swimming pools and ten playgrounds and spraygrounds. ParkNoSmokingTopStoryPools include those at Algonquin Park, Mary T. Meagher, Nelson Hornback Park, the

Murray State Students Eye Campus Smoking Ban
WSIL TV - July 17, 2014

Murray State Students Eye Campus Smoking Ban ... Last year, smoking was banned in front of Regents Residential College. __. Information from: Murray ...

City hopes signs will discourage smoking at Louisville parks
WDRB - July 17, 2014

(WDRB) -- It's not a smoking ban, but a gentle reminder. ... You'll soon see signs not banning smoking, but discouraging smoking at fifteen Metro Parks around ...

Smoking ban on university campus eyed by some
Murray Ledger and Times - July 16, 2014

Smoking ban on university campus eyed by some ... just last year, smoking was banned in front of Regents Residential College, because members ... that don't have smoking bans, and Western has initiated a strict designated area restriction.

Signs asking public not to smoke at city parks and pools vandalized
WAVE 3 TV (Louisville, KY) - July 15, 2014

"Children at Play. Thank you for not smoking." The effort is spearheaded by the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness and Metro Parks. While there is no ordinance banning smoking at parks, pools and spraygrounds, Metro Parks Director

Governor Steve Beshear's Communications Office: Cigarette smoking among Kentucky high school students drops significantly
Kentucky.gov - July 15, 2014

Kentucky dropped to sixth place among surveyed states in 2013 for high school cigarette use, a significant improvement from the state's first place ranking in 2011, according to a recently released Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Youth Risk Behavior Sur

Louisville Metro Government to Thank You For Not Smoking in City ...
WFPL-by Phillip Bailey - July 14, 2014

Since 2008 the city has banned smoking in public buildings and workplaces ... The city had considered extending an outdoor smoking ban for playground, spray ...

Western Kentucky Smokers Less Likely than Others to Be Offered Help to Quit at Their Doctors Office
WKMS - July 14, 2014

According to a new poll, doctors in western Kentucky dont ask their patients who are smokers if they would like to kick the habit as often as other physicians in the Commonwealth.

Signs to urge no smoking at pools, playgrounds
The Courier-Journal - July 14, 2014

Signs urging people not to smoke will soon be posted at many Louisville Metro Parks playgrounds, spraygrounds and swimming pools.

One-On-One: Planters Bank President Elizabeth McCoy
The Lane Report - July 11, 2014

The chamber was also disappointed that even though statewide smoking ban legislation is gaining momentum, it has not been enacted. The smoking ban ...

Poll: Most Kentuckians Like Expanded Medicaid But Not The ...
WKU Public Radio - July 10, 2014

The poll also looked at the opinions of a statewide smoking ban, accessibility to healthy foods and physical education requirements for schools. Tags: Affordable ...

Smoking banned at Floyd County 4H Fair
WLKY Louisville - July 8, 2014

For the first time, the Floyd County 4H Fair Board is banning smoking at the county fair. ... Smoking bans are a national trend for 4H affiliates as part of the organization's healthy living ... Organizers hope the ban won't keep people from coming.

Plan to be Tobacco Free resource classes being held in Owensboro
14 News WFIE Evansville - July 7, 2014

Thinking about quitting smoking? The Kentucky Cancer Program is offering free classes to help people kick the habit. KCP will hold its "Plan to be Tobacco Free" ...

Our Opinion: Smoking violations stink ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - July 6, 2014

The Hopkinsville ordinance that bans smoking at most indoor public places is not enforced at the Western Kentucky State Fairgrounds convention center. That became clear last week during the fair. Despite assurances from the fair boards leadership that smoking ban violations would be addressed, at least a few people continued to smoke cigarettes throughout fair week inside the convention center. This is a shame on so many counts.

New laws take effect July 15
Ledger Independent - July 4, 2014

Legislators also passed a law that bars minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes and another which will require parents or guardians to appear in court with ...

Owensboro eyes stricter smoking ban
KFVS - July 2, 2014

A western Kentucky city is considering a proposal to make a ban on smoking even stricter.

Ruling: Elected officials must OK smoke-free laws
Lexington Herald Leader - June 30, 2014

Smoke-Free Kentucky is disappointed by the recent decision of the Kentucky Supreme Court reversing the lower court's ruling that the Bullitt County Board of Health had the authority to enact smoke-free regulation.

Smoking-ban ruling impedes 'ascendance of a fourth branch of government the regulatory state
Times Tribune of Corbin - June 27, 2014

CORBIN Jim Waters is president of the Bluegrass Institute, Kentuckys free-market think tank. And, theres nothing like a ruling by the Kentucky Supreme Court on issues even remotely related to smoking bans to stir the passions of a commonwealth raised on tobacco. I use the term remotely because the primary impact of last weeks Kentucky Supreme Court ruling will not prevent locally elected bodies from implementing smoking bans. The court in 2004 already gave its stamp of approval to such policies when it ruled in favor of Lexingtons smoking ban the first in Burley Land.

Cunningham writes decision: Supreme Court rules against health board smoke rules ($$)
Princeton Times Leader - June 25, 2014

County health boards in Kentucky do not have the power to ban smoking in public places, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled without dissent. The decision was a stiff blow to health officials who see smoking as the primary factor in making Kentucky one of the least healthy states, and have sought state and local smoking bans to limit exposure to second-hand smoke. It struck down a ban in Bullitt County and presumably will do likewise for those enacted by the Clark, Madison and Woodford county health boards, which joined the case.

Smoking decision rests with elected officials ($$)
Princeton Times Leader - June 25, 2014

As much as we favor no smoking bans in communities, we do think such action needs to be taken by locally elected officials. In Bullitt County in 2011, the Board of Health enacted a regulation that banned smoking in all enclosed public places in the county. The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled on that case last week, saying that since the health board members were appointed by the Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and not by duly elected representatives, the court deemed that the board exceeded its authority. The result the no smoking regulation is invalid and unenforceable.

Ruling against smoking ban binds Kentucky to past, limits future
Lexington Herald Leader - June 24, 2014

A decade into its pioneering smoking ban, Ireland is dancing to a happy tune of more tourists and healthier people. Meanwhile, Kentucky is stuck in its same old dirge of addiction, denial and early death. The latest example came last week, when the Kentucky Supreme Court blocked local health boards from protecting the public from the deadly effects of breathing other people's smoke.

The debate on E-cigarettes
Central Kentucky News - June 23, 2014

Here comes the sound of anti-smokers talking about the harms of e-cigarettes the ones that burn no tobacco, only heat up a solution containing nicotine. No harms are known either to the smoker or anyone closeby, but that still will not stop the shrill voice of the tobacco critic claiming regulation must be done to protect the public from the great unknown. What part of no danger dont they understand?

Health board weighing options after Bullitt smoking ban overturned
Richmond Register - June 21, 2014

RICHMOND The Madison County Health Department is reviewing its options after the state Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously overturned a health-board imposed indoor-smoking ban in Bullitt County. The ban was similar to a 2007 prohibition enacted by the Madison County Health Board. The Bullitt Fiscal Court and the suburban Louisville countys city governments sued the Bullitt Health Board after it banned smoking in indoor public places. The litigants argued the board had exceeded its authority. Although the Madison Health Board was not a defendant in the suit, it joined the case in support of the Bullitt Health Board. The Clark and Woodford health boards, which also imposed smoking bans, added their support. The Madison Health Department is consulting its legal counsel, seeking guidance for its health board in understanding the ramifications of the ruling, according to a statement released Friday.

Daviess County Public Schools Bans E-Cigarette Use By Students
WKU Public Radio - June 20, 2014

Daviess County Public Schools has become the latest district to ban e-cigarette use by students. Superintendent Owens Saylor says whether or not the devices are hazardous to ones health, theyre intended for use by adults

State Supreme Court: Health boards can't ban smoking
Richmond Register - June 20, 2014

FRANKFORT County health boards in Kentucky do not have the power to ban smoking in public places, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled without dissent Thursday. The decision was a stiff blow to health officials who see smoking as the primary factor in making Kentucky one of the least healthy states, and have sought state and local smoking bans to limit exposure to second-hand smoke.

Kentucky Supreme Court overturns Bullitt County smoking ban
WDRB - June 19, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Supreme Court has overturned the Bullitt County smoking ban, saying the county Board of Health exceeded its authority under state law and the ban is therefore invalid and unenforceable, according to Thursdays ruling.

Court overturns Bullitt smoking ban
The Courier-Journal - June 19, 2014

Three years into court proceedings, the Kentucky Supreme Court has issued a final ruling that overturns a smoking ban approved by the Bullitt County Board of Health. The board exceeded its authority, the court said, so the ban is invalid.

Our Opinion: Snuff out fairground smoke ban violations ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - June 18, 2014

Hopkinsvilles smoking ban has not resulted in a single citation for anyone lighting up a cigarette in a public place since the ordinance went into effect Jan. 1, 2013. Restaurants, stores, offices and other venues affected by the ordinance seem to have handled the regulation with few problems. In fact, a spokesman for the police department said this week that hes not aware of any calls to officers to report a violation.

Electronic cigarette use prohibited on county property
News-Democrat & Leader - June 16, 2014

Apparently the use of an electronic cigarette falls under the no smoking policy on county property the fiscal court passed recently An electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic ... vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings, while others release a flavored vapor ... Some evidence suggests e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking tobacco ...

E-cigarette story was erroneous
Central Kentucky News - June 15, 2014

A recent front page story on the inclusion of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in the current smoke-free ordinance (6/1/14) was a disturbing piece of journalism. The article was more consistent with a promotional flyer for electronic cigarettes than an unbiased reporting of the facts about recent changes to Danvilles smoke-free ordinance. Buried in the middle of the article was a very important detail. The reporters son, who is interviewed in the report, owns a vape shop that sells e-cigarettes. This important fact was missing from the storys byline.

Join fight against lung cancer in Ky.
The Courier-Journal - June 15, 2014

Although active smoking is responsible for 80 percent to 90 percent of lung cancer cases, many women newly diagnosed with lung cancer never smoked or are former smokers. Radon, occupational and environmental exposures to carcinogens (including secondhand smoke), outdoor air pollution, and genetics also contribute to the No. 1 cancer killer.

Kentucky reaches $110 million settlement with tobacco companies, ending 10 year legal battle
Greenfield Daily Reporter - June 13, 2014

FRANKFORT, Kentucky Tobacco companies have agreed to pay Kentucky more than $110 million to settle a 10-year legal battle over the state's share of the tobacco master settlement agreement. According to the terms of the agreement - which Conway signed on Wednesday - Kentucky will get $110.4 million of the disputed payments in the 2014 fiscal year, bringing the state's total payments to $158.7 million. Going forward, tobacco companies will pay Kentucky 45 percent of the disputed payments.

Cigarette maker Altria leads 2014 Kentucky lobbyists
The Courier-Journal - June 13, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. Altria Group, the parent company of Philip Morris USA and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco, was the top spender among lobbyists in the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly, spending $156,200 far more than any other company or group. And it got the things it wanted from Kentucky lawmakers: tobacco taxes were not increased, no new tax was put on electronic cigarettes and the tobacco-industry ...

KY voters consider more than self-interests
Cincinnati.com - June 10, 2014

Ohio passed their smoking bans with only 58 percent of their voters. This indicates that there are factors other than their own personal interests that voters ...

Eastern Kentucky goes tobacco free across entire campus, offers smoking cessation help
AP - Associated Press - June 7, 2014

Jack Rutherford is co-chair of the campus tobacco-ban task force. He told the Richmond Register changes on campus include banners and sandwich boards reminding people not to use tobacco products.

Who spent the most to lobby Frankfort?
Cincinnati.com - June 6, 2014

On the local level, 39 cities and/or counties have smoking bans, including ... Lawmakers disagreed on the reasons why a popular smoking ban failed and not all ...

Frankfort Lobbying Still Trending Upward Despite 2014 Dip
WUKY - June 5, 2014

Some anti-smoking advocates have blamed the company for helping defeat a proposed statewide smoking ban, but Altria says it did not lobby on that issue, ...

Editorial | Tobacco top lobbyist
The Courier-Journal - June 5, 2014

Hypnotherapy has been tried by some as a way to drop their smoking habit. ... Altria says it did not lobby against the bill proposing a statewide smoking ban.

Danville becomes latest in short list of state towns to ban e-cigs in ...
KyForward.com - June 4, 2014

The Danville City Commission has approved an ordinance that bans the use of ... E-cigs have become increasingly popular as an alternative to smoking, and ... own ordinance banning e-cigs in enclosed public places, City Manager Ron Scott ...

Editorial | A healthier 'Ville
The Courier-Journal - June 4, 2014

Among recommendations: Curbing trans fats in local food, expanding outdoor smoke-free areas and prohibiting vehicle idling when air quality is poor. And the .

Danville bans trendy e-cigarettes though public health risks unproven
Danville Advocate-Messenger - June 1, 2014

...ordinance becomes effective Monday upon its publication in The Advocate-Messenger. The ordinance puts Danville in the vanguard of Kentucky cities that have adopted proactive restrictions on the trendy vapor products — which contain no tobacco but are ...

Lung-cancer risks sky high for smokers exposed to carcinogens
The Courier-Journal - May 30, 2014

Every year, 3,500 Kentuckians lose their lives to lung cancer — and smoking has .... While some Kentucky communities ban indoor smoking in public places, ...

Eastern Kentucky University Goes Tobacco-Free
WEKU - May 30, 2014

Eastern Kentucky University is about to become tobacco-free system wide. Eastern's main campus in Richmond and extended sites in Corbin, Danville, and ...

CC-ASAP offers tips on impacting community
Murray Ledger and Times - May 29, 2014

Today, she said, 90 percent of the city is smoke-free and real efforts are underway at the government level to make the city a completely smoke-free community.

EKU Goes Tobacco Free
WMKY - May 29, 2014

That includes electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, all of that on the campus," said Rutherford. Rutherford says tobacco-free ambassadors will walk the ...

Danville bows to pressure on fairness ordinance
Central Kentucky News - May 28, 2014

In other business, the commission: Approved second reading of an amendment to an existing smoking ordinance that would include electronic cigarettes in the ban against smoking in public places. Hunstad and City Commissioner Kevin Caudill voted against the proposal, citing the need to have further evaluation of the facts about e-cigarettes before coming to an informed decision.

Smoking Citations Continue To Decline Despite Strip Club Holdouts
WUKY - May 27, 2014

Today, Lexington's decade-old smoking ban is enforced by a handful of health department inspectors, but it took years for the regulation to take hold.

Bourbon County's tobacco heritage thwarts proponents of smoking ban
Lexington Herald-Leader May 25, 2014

"Burley put me through school," Judge-Executive Donnie Foley likes to say. "Burley built this courthouse, burley built the schools, burley put food on the table." And because of that, he said, he can't imagine a day when Bourbon County goes smoke-free. Across the country, about half the population lives in places with smoke-free rules, said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of the nonprofit Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. She said the science on the dangers of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke was clear, as were the benefits of smoke-free laws. Kids who grow up where smoking is banned in public places are less likely to smoke, she said. People tend to quit when towns go smoke-free. Still, Hallett said, there continued to be resistance to smoking bans, especially in the South. "The reality," she said, "is that this is a crisis."

Judge-Executive Donnie Foley on tobacco [VIDEO]
Lexington Herald Leader - May 24, 2014

Bourbon County, like most Kentucky counties, has a rich tobacco heritage and that makes enacting smoking bans difficult. Foley says it can't ever see it ...

More than $8.25 mil spent lobbying in Frankfort
The Courier-Journal (blog) - May 21, 2014

Corporations and other groups spent more than $8.25 million lobbying the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly. And of the approximately 650 groups registered to lobby in Frankfort, the one that spent the most on lobbying was so far this year was $156,200 spent by tobacco giant Altria, parent of Philip Morris USA. That money appears to be a good investment. The 2014 session saw efforts to raise tobacco taxes fail. It also saw the defeat of the statewide ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces.

Smoking Ban Opponents Look Back
WUKY - May 20, 2014

Its a Thursday afternoon at Lynaghs Irish Pub & Grill and the crowd is concentrated at the bar. Manager Brett Wilson is one of the few employees who was around in 2004 when the new ordinance prohibiting smoking in public buildings became a reality But as years have passed, the worst predictions that the ban would all but kill bar business in Lexington now appear overblown. Though Lynaghs hasnt seen its receipts fully return to where they were pre-ban, Wilson doubts that has much to do with the ordinance. "It's the influx of different bars in the area. The campus now is flooded. Limestone has obviously turned into one big strip... things like that. Not so much because of the smokers," Wilson says...

World No Tobacco Day Op-Ed: Making It a Smokefree Summer
ReadMedia (press release) - May 12, 2014

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer to most people. As people slow down a bit and vacation plans get made, this could be the perfect time for smokers to break their addiction and begin new, smokefree lives. The American Lung Association in Kentucky and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have joined together on "Quitter in You," a program to support all smokers in their efforts to quit smoking. It's important for smokers to understand that past attempts at quitting are not failures, but normal and necessary steps to quitting for good. Now is a great time to try again, and the American Lung Association is standing by ready to help.

Non-smoking policies at local venues require better enforcement ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - May 11, 2014

With his son Hunter pitching a masterpiece against the Blazers, George Kloke watched Henderson County's baseball game against University Heights from the ...

Thanks but no thanks for advice on smoking
Central Kentucky News - May 11, 2014

Most all smoking individuals are very sociable. They share cigarettes if one happens to not have any. They seem to be non-invasive toward other people. Non-smokers have become just the opposite.

Brown right choice for House 77 seat
Lexington Herald Leader - May 9, 2014

Brown no longer opposes the smoke-free ordinance and says he would support a statewide law protecting Kentuckians from secondhand smoke in public ...

Study: Secondhand smoke in vehicles can cause asthma attacks in nonsmokers
KyForward.com - May 6, 2014

Kentucky adults who have never smoked are more likely to have an asthma attack when exposed to secondhand smoke in a vehicle than those who are not exposed, according to a research paper recently published in Tobacco Control, an international, peer-reviewed journal.

Possible smoking ban stirs debate
Murray State News - May 2, 2014

D.J. Irvine, senior from Paducah, Ky., said he thinks a smoking ban on campus would ... “I don't have a problem with smoking bans when it comes to indoors, but ...

Blevins, Denham speak at Chamber meeting
Ledger Independent - May 1, 2014

... issues discussed were the need for the state to find additional revenue sources; the debate on an increase to minimum wage; tax reform; and a smoking ban.

UK Holds Smoke-Free Conference
WUKY - April 30, 2014

In addition to awards, the conference featured talks on e-cigarettes, smoking in the workplace, and other subjects. Dr. Todd says the cause has gained ground in ...

Senate Bill 109 - What Does it Mean for E-Cig Retailers?
SurfKY News - April 29, 2014

Steve Beshear finalized the Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes) Senate Bill 109 April 25 preventing the sale of electronic cigarettes to those under the age of 18 ...

Danville amending smoking ban ordinance to include e-cigarettes
Central Kentucky News - April 29, 2014

Danville City Commission voted Monday to approve first reading of an ordinance amending an existing smoking ban to include electronic cigarettes.

STORYCORPS: Health Educators Take On Tobacco Culture In ...
WUKY - April 24, 2014

By Alan Lytle & Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy ... from two health educators who faced long odds in enacting smoke-free policies in Bourbon County.

University-wide tobacco ban lingers in 'educational' phase
NKU The Northerner Online - April 23, 2014

University administrators are not yet enforcing the tobacco ban. ... But smoking and tobacco aren't the only things banned from campus; the policy also prohibits ...

Eastern Ky. University to be tobacco-free
WKRC TV Cincinnati - April 23, 2014

The tobacco-free policy, which replaces the smoke-free zone policy that had been in effect since 2006, covers all Eastern facilities and grounds. It also prohibits ...

With End of Kentucky General Assembly, Consituents Encouraged ...
Louisville.com - April 22, 2014

Because of a new state law minors cannot buy electronic cigarettes in Kentucky. With the new law, minors caught buying e-cigarettes will face a $50 fine and 20 ...

Eastern Ky. University to be Tobacco-free Campus
WZTV - April 21, 2014

The tobacco-free policy, which replaces the smoke-free zone policy that had been in effect since 2006, covers all Eastern facilities and grounds. It also prohibits ...

EKU to be tobacco-free ($$)
messenger-inquirer - April 21, 2014

Eastern Kentucky University's Board of Regents has approved a tobacco-free campus policy. The Richmond Register reported that effective June 1, the use of tobacco on all property that is owned, leased, occupied or controlled by the university will be prohibited.

EKU Students React To Plans For Tobacco-Free Campus
WTVQ - April 20, 2014

A big change is coming June 1st to Eastern Kentucky University. Teachers, faculty, staff, students will no longer be able to smoke on campus

Legislators weigh in on ban of e-cigs to minors
Insurance News Net (press release) - April 19, 2014

Gov. Steve Beshear signed a bill into law on Monday that bans the sale of all types of e-cigarettes to minors and called the measure a "big win" in an effort to reduce tobacco use.

Fighting the habit: smoke-free Ky. advocates speak out
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - April 19, 2014

You can smell, she said one afternoon in March, five weeks smoke-free. It was like I woke up.

2014 legislative session: New laws' impact will be far-reaching
The Lane Report - April 18, 2014

A change in state law will make it illegal for retailers to see e-cigarettes to those under 18. There may be a bit less kudzu and other invasive plants along ...

84% in Ky. back school smoking bans
Cincinnati.com - April 16, 2014

KY21Smokea Forum Friday August 12, 2011: Detail shot of No Smoking sign of ... adults favored a workplace ban on smoking, including bars and restaurants.

Ky. lawmakers wrap up session highlighted by new 2-year state ...
Daily Journal - April 16, 2014

A proposed statewide smoking ban was snuffed out. The House didn't take up a bill aimed at spreading wireless and high-speed broadband service by allowing ...

Kentucky General Assembly session ends
The Lane Report - April 16, 2014

Electronic cigarettes. SB 109 prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to those under the age of 18. Health care. SB 7 will broaden the prescribing authority of Advanced ...

84% in Ky. back school smoking bans
Cincinnati.com - April 16, 2014

An overwhelming majority of Kentucky adults favor schools adopting tobacco-free campus policies in their communities, new results released Wednesday from the 2013 Kentucky Health Issues poll shows.

Despite signage, UK is not a tobacco free campus
UK The Kentucky Kernel - April 15, 2014

When UKs campus-wide tobacco ban went into effect in November of 2009, protesters voiced their disapproval by congregating on campus to smoke together. More than four years after, I often pass noncompliant individuals continuing to harm themselves, their friends and the local environment by smoking on campus. The American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation reported at the beginning of the year that there are 811 colleges and universities with tobacco free policies. However, a policy only makes a campus tobacco free in principle.

EKU's ban on tobacco extends to personal vehicles on school property
Lexington Herald Leader - April 15, 2014

... well as in all personal vehicles while they are on the Eastern campus. The new policy replaces the "smoke free zone" plan EKU has had in effect since 2006.

Here's where tobacco-free zones will be created in Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati Business Courier - April 15, 2014

The nonprofit group Interact for Health has awarded more than $300,000 in grants to help fund the efforts of six Cincinnati-area organizations that hope to create tobacco-free zones that could prohibit not only smoking but also chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. One of the largest grants, for $100,000, was awarded to the Northern Kentucky Health Department. It intends to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to advocate for a statewide ban on smoking in public places. One of its goals is to reduce secondhand smoke in Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton counties.

Kentucky's Public Health Chief Wants E-cigs in Statewide Smoke-Free Law
WKU Public Radio - April 15, 2014

Dr. Stephanie Mayfield hopes a statewide ban on smoking in public places clears the General Assembly next year and she wants e-cigs to be included.

Gov. Beshear signs bill to ban e-cigarette sales to minors
WAVE - April 14, 2014

... Monday which includes penalties for minors caught in possession of e-cigarettes and ... Tobacco company representatives were there today in support of the ...

Lorillard Praises New Kentucky Law Barring Electronic Cigarette Sales to Minors
Stockhouse - April 14, 2014

Murray S. Kessler, Chairman, President and CEO of Lorillard, Inc. (NYSE: LO), the parent company of blu eCigs, today praised legislation signed into law by Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear, which will bar minors from buying electronic cigarettes, as an example of responsible regulation. "Legislation that prevents the sale or distribution of electronic cigarettes to minors is the right thing to do," said Mr. Kessler, who attended the bill signing today in Frankfort with Gov. Beshear, leading members of the Kentucky state legislature, and others.

EKU Board Of Regents Approves Tobacco-Free Campus Policy
LEX18 Lexington KY News - April 14, 2014

The Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents approved a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy Monday. The use of all tobacco products on all property that is owned, leased, occupied or controlled by Eastern Kentucky University will be prohibited starting June 1. This new policy will prohibit the use of products in vehicles owned, leased or rented by the school as well as personal vehicles that are located on university property.

Regents approve smoke-free campus policy
Richmond Register - April 14, 2014

RICHMOND The Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents on Monday approved a tobacco-free campus policy and set 2014-15 rates for tuition, housing ...

Ky. legislators don't care about clean air
Cincinnati.com - April 14, 2014

I'm so disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted in our Kentucky government. I've been paying close attention to the smoke-free issue because I care about clean air. Having family members who suffer from asthma, cancer, and COPD, I was really wishing that this one little vote would improve their world. I can't believe the lack of concern from all of our legislators. I'll do my best in the future to only vote for candidates that I know will care enough for the Ky. people, not just their own popularity.

Ky. Gov. to sign bill banning e-cigarette sales to minors
KFVS - April 13, 2014

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear will sign a bill into law banning e-cigarette sales to minors in the state. The signing will take place Monday at 1 p.m. CT in Capitol Room 110 in Frankfort.

Fighting the habit
Bowling Green Daily News - April 12, 2014

When the session ends April 15, restricting sales of e-cigarettes to minors will be all advocates have to show for their effort. In January and February, the tobacco ...

Council bans sale of e-cigarettes to those under 18
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - April 11, 2014

Without debate, the Louisville Metro Council voted unanimously Thursday to approve an ordinance banning the sale of electronic cigarettes and “e-cigarette accessories” to those under the age of 18. Earlier in the day, Gov. Steve Beshear signed a bill pa...

State Supreme Court considering county-wide smoking ban for ...
WDRB - April 10, 2014

State Supreme Court considering county-wide smoking ban for Bullitt County. ...

Ruling on smoking ban legislation to take months
The Courier-Journal - April 10, 2014

Attorny Phil Scott, right, representing the Bullitt County Board of Health, and opposition attorney John Spainhour, representing Fiscal Court. ...

JONES: Make Kentucky smoke-free in public spaces
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - April 10, 2014

We need vision, courage and leadership from all segments of society. Our health and our economy depend on it! I am sending an urgent plea to all leaders in state and local government, as well as those on local boards of health and you. Let's leave Kentucky...

STORYCORPS: Local Restaurant Owner Welcomed No-Smoking ...
WUKY - April 10, 2014

By Alan Lytle & Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy ... Bologna, one of the first food service businesses to voluntarily offer some level of smoke-free dining.

Reality Check: No Ky. smoking ban costs taxpayers
FOX19 - April 9, 2014

A bill banning smoking in shared public spaces is dead in the Bluegrass State. ... leaves Kentucky one of just ten states without a statewide smoking ban and, ...

Organizations urge students to 'kick butts'
UK The Kentucky Kernel - April 9, 2014

The UK cheerleading squad and other students gathered at the Rose Street Walkway on Tuesday to promote UK's tobacco-free campus and spread awareness ...

Tobacco state's biggest health challenge, commissioner says
Bowling Green Daily News - April 9, 2014

Gibson told students she is concerned about tobacco smoking, preventable ... to support an all-campus smoking ban if the two-year housing requirement is lifted.

Too bad smoke-free bill didn't pass ($$)
Princeton Times Leader - April 9, 2014

Its too bad the Kentucky General Assembly couldnt get around to passing a statewide law to make public places smoke-free this session.

E-Cigs Banned From Warrick County Schools
Tristatehomepage.com - April 7, 2014

The Warrick County School Board is modernizing its tobacco and drug policy by banning electronic cigarettes. School officials say it's another example of keeping up with the times. School officials say instances involving students bringing e-cigs to school have been minimal, so far, but they are trying to be proactive before the problem gets worse. "We're a tobacco free area, and we don't want anything that looks like it," says Jane Wilhelmus with the Warrick County School Corporation. The Warrick County School Corporation works to eliminate electronic cigarettes or 'e-cigs' on school grounds. "We are really trying to discourage any type of tobacco use, and hopefully, preventing students from starting that habit."

Hearing will determine health board's authority
The Courier-Journal - April 4, 2014

Hearing should determine if the Bullitt County Board of Health has the power to enact a smoking ban. The board of health previously approved a county-wide ...

The Breakaway Lounge provides relaxing retreat for students
Murray State News - April 4, 2014

It is normally used for smoking flavored tobacco that is called shisha. The tobacco is passed through a vase of water before inhaled. The pipes normally come in ...

Senate week in review
Floyd County Times - April 3, 2014

Senate Bill 109 will prohibit the sale of "electronic cigarettes" to minors. These e-cigarettes are sometimes marketed and sold as a safer alternative to traditional ...

Art van lands Kentucky woman in Wythe court
TriCities.com - April 2, 2014

“Between the hotels that don't want smokers and hotels that won't take dogs, ... “I was ticked off about the smoking ban and the fact that they don't want us to say ...

Tobacco ban includes e-cigs, smoking in cars
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - April 2, 2014

This includes banning e-cigarettes on campus, as well as not allowing smoking in cars that are on campus. Fox said there is a lot of miscommunication about ...

Editorial | A missed chance to help kids' health
The Courier-Journal - April 2, 2014

It's too bad the Kentucky General Assembly couldn't get around to passing a statewide law to make public places smoke-free this session. Because communities that enact smoke-free laws experience important gains in children's health within about a year of banning smoking in places such as stores, restaurants and offices, according to new study published in The Lancet. "Smoke-free legislation has the potential to reduce the substantive disease burden associated with second-hand smoke exposure, particularly in children," the venerable international medical journal reported.

Legislature finishing up work for 2014 session ($$)
messenger-inquirer - April 1, 2014

FRANKFORT The Kentucky General Assembly on Monday banned electronic cigarette sales to minors and approved the state's first use of a medicinal marijuana product, among other measures, on the legislature's last day before the upcoming veto session.

Kentucky bans e-cigarette sales to minors
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - March 31, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) Anyone younger than 18 would be barred from buying electronic cigarettes in Kentucky under a bill the state Legislature has approved. The Senate gave the bill final approval on Monday. It will become law unless Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear vetoes it.

Public Input Sought on Making Louisville Playgrounds Smoke-free
WFPL - March 31, 2014

Health department spokesperson Kathy Harrison says that led to a reduction in the number of cigarette butts found in the area, but Louisville needs a smoke-free ...

Kentucky bans e-cigarette sales to minors
Lexington Herald-Leader - March 31, 2014

Anyone younger than 18 would be barred from buying electronic cigarettes in Kentucky under a bill the state Legislature has approved.

House OKs keeping e-cigarettes away from minors
WCPO - March 28, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- The Kentucky House has passed a bill that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Supporters say the measure carries ...

State House OKs keeping e-cigarettes away from minors ($$)
Owensboro (KY) Messenger Inquirer - March 28, 2014

Kentucky House has passed a bill that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Supporters say the measure carries the same rules that apply in banning youth access to tobacco products.

Bullitt Co. Health Dept. encouraging businesses to go smoke-free
WDRB - March 27, 2014

"There's no need for reservation about smoke-free policies because going ... and Grille in Shepherdsville says she's seen how smoking bans do affect business. ... The Bullitt County Health Department passed a smoking ban in 2011, but it was ...

Louisville considers smoking ban at playgrounds
The Courier-Journal - March 27, 2014

City officials are seeking public input about the possibility of prohibiting smoking at Louisville Metro Parks playgrounds and spraygrounds and possibly at other ...

House passes compromise e-cigarette ban
The Courier-Journal - March 27, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. – A compromise effort to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors passed the Kentucky House on Thursday, giving the broadly supported ...

Kentucky legislature languishing on priorities with six days left
WAVE - March 25, 2014

... of a constitutional amendment that would've asked voters to legalize casinos. ... A bill banning smoking in workplaces, including bars and restaurants, cleared ...

Bill would prohibit e-cigarette sales to minors
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - March 17, 2014

Bill would prohibit e-cigarette sales to minors ... A bill that would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and vaporized nicotine to minors sailed through the ... and alternative nicotine products under the same rules and regulations as tobacco products.

Reader letter | Smoke-free bill
The Courier-Journal - March 16, 2014

This bill still allows smokers freedom to smoke, It just says they can't force children and non-smokers to inhale their secondhand smoke in public places.

Chances For a Kentucky Statewide Smoking Ban Are Slim
WKMS - March 13, 2014

FRANKFORT — Chances that a smoking ban will pass in Kentucky this year are growing ever more slim. Each year, about 1,000 Kentuckians die from illnesses ...

Proposed parks smoking ban tabled
Richmond Register - March 13, 2014

The changes would have banned smoking in certain areas of Richmond parks, including playgrounds, shelters, sports field dugouts, bathrooms and bleachers.

Not this year
The Independent – March 13, 2014

... largest pro-business organization, increased support for restricting smoking in ... not believe the state should unreasonably restrict the use of a legal product.

STORYCORPS: Northern Kentucky Advocate Discovers The Power ...
WUKY - March 13, 2014

Northern Kentuckian Denny Nafus has been involved in lobbying for smoking bans in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties. He talks about the ups and ...

Which state has the most smokers?
Times Record News - March 13, 2014

Kentucky and West Virginia have topped the list of highest smoking rates in the ... States such as Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota and Rhode Island have had the ...

Barring a Hail Mary, statewide smoking ban bill's best hope in 2014 ...
cn|2 - March 12, 2014

The fate of a statewide smoke free law rests in the hands of a Republican state senator, set to retire at the end of the session as well as a Senate committee chairman who is torn on the issue. The bill to ban smoking in Kentucky bars, restaurants and many workplaces has stalled for the fourth straight year. The measures sponsor in the House, Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington placed blame at the feet of Democratic House leaders last week for not calling for a vote on the measure in the House.

State legislation work continues
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - March 12, 2014

Senate Bill 109 would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. ... Senate Bill 100 speeds up CCDW licensing by a simple measure; allowing ...

Senator Carroll Gibson's legislative update
Alton Telegraph - March 10, 2014

Preventing youth access to nicotine, Senate Bill 109 passed. This would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. E-cigarettes are sometimes marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because they are smokeless. But they still emit a vaporized form of nicotine to users that is reportedly addictive and unsafe for youth.

Capitol Notes: Reminiscent of 1964 march, Kentuckians still travel to ...
KyForward.com - March 10, 2014

E-cigs resemble traditional cigarettes and use vapors or aerosols to deliver nicotine to users without the usual cigarette smoke. SB 109 was approved by the ...

Voting Rights, Gambling and Ballot Questions on Legislature's Agenda
WEKU - March 9, 2014

Smoking and e-cigarettes: The high-profile "smoke free" bill apparently was pushed off to future sessions when its chief House sponsor, Rep. Susan Westrom ...

Westrom: Kentucky Smoking Ban Bill Is Dead For This Legislative ...
WKU Public Radio - March 7, 2014

The sponsor of a bill that would ban smoking in public places and some private businesses in Kentucky says House Democratic leadership has killed the ...

Senate Week in Review - March 7, 2014
SurfKY News - March 7, 2014

Among them, Senate Bill 109, which passed 36-2, would prohibit the sale of “electronic cigarettes” to minors. E-cigarettes are sometimes marketed as a safer ..

Bill to ban smoking in Kentucky dead, sponsor says
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - March 6, 2014

"It's died. It's dead," Rep. Susan Westrom, a Lexington Democrat, said of House Bill 173. "I've been told there aren't enough votes and we're just going to have to wait until next year. That came from the Governor's Office."

Business owner fighting city's smoking ban, seeking opinion from ...
WPSD Local 6 - March 6, 2014

Todd faces new charges of violating Paducah's smoking ban. It's an ordinance Smith has fought for seven years. "This is not a situation where Dickie is ever ...

STORYCORPS: Lexington Musicians Chime In On Smoking Ban
WUKY - March 6, 2014

By Alan Lytle and Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy. This week ... Today we look at the smoking ban from the point of view of the local performer. Michigan ...

Commentary: Please help us clear the air, end tobacco epidemic in ...
KyForward.com - March 6, 2014

Even though tobacco use has a hold on us more than on those in cities, a University of Kentucky study reports Kentucky's rural residents favor smoke-free ...

Editorial | Free smoke-free bill
The Courier-Journal - March 6, 2014

The drive for a statewide law making most public places smoke-free got off to a great start. House Bill 173 sailed through the House Health and Welfare ...

Advocates Want Statewide Smoking Ban To Protect Children
WMKY - March 4, 2014

A bill (HB173) that proposes a statewide smoke-free law in public places awaits a vote in the Kentucky House, and supporters are urging lawmakers to think about what it could do for children's health.

KY Smoke-Free Supporters Say 'Do It for Our Kids'
Public News Service - March 4, 2014

PHOTO: "Do it for our kids" is the message healthcare and youth advocates are sending to state lawmakers as a main reason why a statewide smoke-free law ...

Westrom: Lobbying Taking Toll on Smoking-Ban Bill
WKMS - March 3, 2014

Tobacco companies have spent nearly $70,000 in the first month of the 2014 General Assembly, according to lobbying data from the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission. And the sponsor of a bill that would ban smoking in public places and some private businesses says that that money is sowing doubt over its chances in the House.

'Vaping' isn't as bad as smoking, but there are risks involved
News Sentinel - March 3, 2014

Q: My 16-year-old daughter is vaping. Have you heard of this?! How can I persuade her it's not a good idea? A: We had to do some research on this one! But after smoking out the info, we hope we can help you persuade your teen that using electronic cigarettes can have consequences. In its favor, this cloud of vapor doesn't contain the 60 known carcinogens found in tobacco smoke, and it may be a way to kick tobacco (it works for some folks). But as a general rule, putting anything besides relatively clean air into your lungs can lead to a roster of complications, depending on what's inhaled. If your daughter wants to feel hip, suggest nonpermanent, vegetable-based hair color (try red! blue!); you can live with that, and so can she, right? And for stress relief, suggest joining an after-school athletic program or doing yoga together. She'll learn how important it is to inhale without extra chemicals in every breath and appreciate how much you want to help.

Sponsor of statewide smoking ban says House leaders are blocking vote to protect some members from political fallout
The Lane Report - March 3, 2014

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 3, 2014) he bill for a statewide smoking ban has stalled, with the prime sponsor saying House leaders are blocking a vote to protect members who have told the sponsor they would vote for it, but have told the leaders they dont want a vote because they dont want it to be used against them in their re-election bids....

Senate panel approves bill banning minors from buying or possessing e-cigarettes ($$)
The Messenger (subscription) - March 1, 2014

FRANKFORT No one under the age of 18 would be allowed to buy or possess electronic cigarettes under a bill a state Senate committee unanimously approved Thursday.

Panel OKs bill to ban ecigarette sales to minors
kzim-am - February 28, 2014

A bill aimed at banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors has cleared a Kentucky Senate panel. The measure is sponsored by Republican Senator Paul ...

Pass the smoke-free bill
The Floyd County Times - February 27, 2014

During the 2014 legislative session, our elected officials will be examining the smoke-free issue once again. Rarely is such an opportunity available to ...

Bill to ban sale of electronic cigarettes to minors clears Kentucky ...
The Republic - February 27, 2014

FRANKFORT, Kentucky — A bill aimed at banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors has cleared a Kentucky Senate panel. The measure is sponsored ...

Statewide smoking ban doesn't have enough support in House, for ...
WAVE - February 26, 2014

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - There isn't enough support yet for a statewide smoking ban to bring legislation up for a vote in Kentucky's House, Speaker Greg ...

Kentucky Statewide Smoking Ban an 'Uphill Battle,' House Speaker ...
WFPL - February 26, 2014

FRANKFORT Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo says that mustering legislative support for a bill that would ban smoking in private businesses and ...

Proposed statewide smoking ban faces 'uphill fight' in Kentucky House
Lexington Herald Leader - February 25, 2014

FRANKFORT A proposed statewide ban on smoking in public places faces "an uphill fight" in the Kentucky House, with nowhere near the necessary votes, ...

Jessamine health board keeping tabs on smoke-free bill, state high ...
Central Kentucky News - February 25, 2014

Members of the Jessamine County Board of Health are keeping a watchful eye on Frankfort as a bill that would make all of Kentucky's indoor workplaces and ...

Key bills moving slowly in Kentucky legislature
The Courier-Journal - February 23, 2014

HB 173, Smoking ban, X ...

Beshear sets goals of reducing smoking, obesity, cancer rates in Kentucky
Associated Press - February 20, 2014

...Beshear said Thursday that Kentucky's dismal health status hurts productivity, from workplaces to classrooms. The state ranks among the worst nationally in smoking, obesity, cancer deaths and other chronic ailments. Beshear says the goals will be met...

House to vote on smoke-free Kentucky bill
The Messenger (subscription) - February 20, 2014

Saying history could be made, leaders of Smoke-Free Kentucky are asking supporters of House Bill 173 – legislation that would ban smoking inside public ...

STORYCORPS: Passing A Statewide Smoke-Free Law
WUKY - February 20, 2014

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy for sharing the audio from their grant-funded oral history project. Information on smoke free policies ...

Louisville seeks to curb e-cigs, hookahs, trans fats, expand outdoor ...
The Courier-Journal - February 19, 2014

Expand smoke-free zones outdoors to protect people from secondhand smoke. ... minors; curbing trans fats in local food; expanding outdoor smoke-free areas; ...

E-cigs to minors ban part of Mayor Fischer's health initiative
WDRB - February 19, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mayor Greg Fischer revealed plans for a city ordinance that would ban the sale of e-cigs and Hookah products to minors, Feb. 19.

E-Cigarette Bill Passed By House Committee
WMKY - February 19, 2014

The Licensing and Occupations Committee in the Kentucky House has approved a bill classifying electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product and prohibiting their ...

House Bill Aims to Restrict Sales of E-Cigarettes to Minors
WKU Public Radio - February 19, 2014

The House Licensing and Occupations Committee advanced legislation Wednesday that would make it illegal to sell electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18. Under House Bill 309, the devices would fall under the same rules as tobacco products. The bill is sponsored by Shively Democratic Rep. Joni Jenkins and now moves on to the full House for consideration

Louisville mayor supports ban on e-cigs to minors; curb passes state House committee
The Courier-Journal - February 19, 2014

Mayor Greg Fischer announced Wednesday that he plans to support a proposed ordinance to ban the sales of e-cigarettes and hookah products to children under 18 throughout the city.

Statewide smoking ban has 'around 50' votes in House, sponsor says
The Lane Report - February 18, 2014

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 18, 2014) The sponsor of the bill to ban smoking in enclosed public places says she expects to bring it to a vote in the state House on Wednesday or Thursday.

Community Challenge | Kentucky needs a smoke-free law
The Courier-Journal - February 17, 2014

The Kentucky General Assembly is on the verge of historic action that would save lives and millions of dollars for the commonwealth and create a brighter, healthier and more prosperous future for all of us. If they pass bipartisan legislation to make all restaurants, bars and other workplaces in the state smoke-free, our legislators will prove they are committed to protecting both public health and the states economy.

Beshear hopeful 2014 is the year for statewide smoking ban
WAVE - February 12, 2014

Beshear's comments came after a rally at the state Capitol, in which about 200 people cheered when smoke-free advocates urged lawmakers to save lives by ...

Kentucky smoking ban supporters push reluctant lawmakers to pass ...
The Courier-Journal - February 12, 2014

Smoking ban rally in Frankfort: Supporters of a state-wide smoking ban gathered in the Capital Rotunda Wednesday afternoon for a rally supporting two bills that ...

Push for smoke-free Kentucky workplaces continues
WKYT - February 12, 2014

The Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition met Wednesday in Frankfort, calling on lawmakers to join 24 other states the prohibit smoking indoors. Several Kentucky ...

KY Governor Wants Tax on Electronic Cigarettes
Tristatehomepage.com - February 13, 2014

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear included a 20% tax on electronic cigarettes in his tax reform plan. The plan also asks for a 40 cent increase on each pack of ...

Gov. Beshear participates in Smoke Free Kentucky rally
WLKY Louisville - February 12, 2014

On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Steve Beshear will participate in a Smoke Free Kentucky rally at the state capitol. Louisville Sen. Julie Denton and Lexington Rep. Susan Westrom have proposed a comprehensive smoking ban for Kentucky that would prohibit smoking in enclosed public places, including restaurants and bars.

Hundreds gather in support of smoke-free workplace in Ky.
KFVS - February 12, 2014

Hundreds called on lawmakers Wednesday to pass legislation in support of a statewide smoke-free workplace law in Kentucky. According to a news release, Gov. Steve Beshear along with hundreds of residents, business leaders and elected officials called for the change at the State Capitol

Kentuckians want a smoke-free law; Senate must not snuff out ...
Lexington Herald Leader - February 12, 2014

Voters are way ahead of the General Assembly when it comes to clearing the air of toxic cigarette smoke in places where Kentuckians work and congregate. Yet, the Senate's Republican leaders have relegated smoke-free legislation to a committee where, from all appearances, they expect it to burn out like an ...

Editorial | Make Kentucky a star with smoking ban
The Courier-Journal - February 12, 2014

A growing number of Kentuckians favor a ban on smoking in public places, according to the latest Bluegrass Poll, with support from more than half the citizens in ...

The pros and cons of a smoking ban
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - February 11, 2014

Some state lawmakers say passing a smoking ban in public places is critical with ... Dickerson's report on the pros and cons of prohibiting smoking in restaurant, ...

Kentucky Considers Legalizing Medical Marijuana
Huffington Post - February 11, 2014

The Bluegrass State is considering legalizing medical marijuana. If the bill becomes law, it would create a system of cultivation facilities to grow the weed, testing facilities to make sure it's safe for consumption, and licensed dispensaries to sell it. The dispensaries would not be allowed within 500 feet of schools, and the bill would not change the state's laws against smoking in public and operating motor vehicles while stoned.

Knox County Health officials want smoking ban in Barbourville
WKYT - February 10, 2014

It's probably good for the non-smokers. It doesn't bother me," said Chad Rose. Health officials presented the request to Barbourville City Council last Thursday.

Group wants B'ville smoking ban
Times Tribune of Corbin - February 10, 2014

Could Barbourville be the next Kentucky city to ban smoking in public places? The Knox County Health Coalition hopes so. Armed with visuals, facts and other information, two coalition members made their case Thursday for the city to pass a no-smoking ordinance.

Bluegrass Poll: Statewide smoking ban widely favored in Kentucky ($$)
The Messenger (subscription) - February 10, 2014

In a state that tops the nation for smoking and lung cancer more than half of Kentucky voters say they would support a statewide law prohibiting lighting up in bars, restaurants and other businesses.

OPINION: Smoking ban not govt's role
Cincinnati.com - February 8, 2014

No one is forced to enter a smoking establishment.

Health board supports smoking ban
Richmond Register - February 8, 2014

RICHMOND The Madison County Health Board voted Wednesday night to support a statewide smoking ban being considered by the General Assembly.

EDITORIAL: Smoke-free law deserves a vote
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader - February 7, 2014

Some will point to CVS as proof that individual businesses can take care of the problem on their own. But Kentucky can't afford to wait 100 years for that to happen. Tobacco-related disease is an economic crisis in this state.

Proposed statewide smoking ban clears first legislative hurdle in ...
The Messenger (subscription) - February 7, 2014

Proposed statewide smoking ban clears first legislative hurdle in Kentucky ... Committee has approved a bill to prohibit smoking in public places statewide. kAmx ...

Statewide smoking ban would include e-cigarette use
The Messenger (subscription) - February 7, 2014

Statewide smoking ban would include e-cigarette use.

Could a statewide ban on smoking be near?
Louisville Business First (blog) - February 7, 2014

Kentucky has moved a step closer to a statewide ban on smoking in workplaces and public buildings. The measure passed the House Health and Welfare ...

Bullitt Fiscal Court makes its case on smoking ban
The Courier-Journal - February 7, 2014

...15, bans smoking only in county buildings, the Board of Health's regulation ... Before the Bullitt smoking ban could be enacted in 2011, Bullitt Circuit Judge ...

New venue to allow smoking indoors
Business First – February 7, 2014

Since the city of Louisville banned smoking inside public buildings and workplaces, it can be difficult to find a place to enjoy the classic combination of a glass of whiskey and a cigar. Looking …

As smoke-free date looms, cessation program ramps up
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - February 6, 2014

With Eastern's campus slated to go tobacco-free this June, the university's smoking cessation programs could see an increase in activity over the next few ...

House Committee Votes For Smoking Ban in Kentucky
Tristatehomepage.com - February 6, 2014

Supporters say banning smoking in a public places, including work places, in Kentucky would save lives. Opponents say banning smoking should be up to the ...

Editorial | Merchants of life
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - February 6, 2014

...others should follow CVS' admirable decision ... By the time cigarettes get finished with them, people don't look anything like the Marlboro Man -- not even the Marlboro Man...

RUNYON: The Changing Attitudes Toward Smoking in Louisville and Beyond
WFPL 89.3 (Louisville, KY) - February 6, 2014

...But deep down, I knew, and I think most everyone around me knew that cigarettes were coffin nails. With all this as background, it is refreshing to see that finally it’s the private sector, not government, that is issuing the rules. ...

Thomas More College to go tobacco-free in June
WCPO - February 5, 2014

CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky. Thomas More College will go tobacco-free beginning June 1, joining Northern Kentucky University, Miami and others that have banned tobacco from their campuses within the last year. All forms of smoking and chewing tobacco will be prohibited, as will e-cigarettes, according to Kim Harp, the school spokeswoman. No tobacco will be allowed at sporting events or during classes. To help users quit the habit, smoking/chewing cessation programs are being developed that will be open to students, staff and faculty. A task force is finalizing details of the policy.

Proposal could regulate sale of e-cigs
Central Kentucky News - February 4, 2014

The fourth week of the 60-day legislative session is in the books, and while we await action on the budget bill several proposals were filed this past week for consideration. One bill is House Bill 267 which proposed to ban the sale of so-called e-cigarettes to anyone 18 and younger in Kentucky. The legislation if passed would simply add e-cigarettes to current rules and regulations covering the sale of other tobacco products, which are already banned from sale to minors. E-cigarettes are different than tobacco cigarettes in that they use water vapor, but some manufacturers include nicotine in the liquid mix for their product.

Gov. Steve Beshear calls for increasing cigarette tax, lowering income tax rates
The Courier-Journal - February 4, 2014

FRANKFORT, KY. Gov. Steve Beshear called for lowering income tax rates for individuals and businesses as he unveiled his tax-reform plan on Tuesday ...

Smoke-free Jessamine support increases, poll shows
Central Kentucky News - February 3, 2014

A recent poll conducted by Asbury Universitys psychology department on behalf of the Jessamine County Health Department shows that 62.6 percent of local residents support a statewide law to ban smoking in all restaurants, bars and workplaces. According to the poll, even more residents 66.2 percent support a county law to ban smoking in workplaces.

T.J. Samson enforces thirdhand smoke policy
Bowling Green Daily News - February 3, 2014

T.J. Samson Community Hospital in Glasgow has a thirdhand smoke policy for all employees, including those who are under contract. Thirdhand smoke is smoke that is on a persons body, on their clothing, on their hair, said Laura Belcher, chief of planning and business development for the hospital. Just like excessive perfumes and colognes may be difficult for people with breathing conditions to be around, now weve added tobacco as well. While employees are not expected to wash or change clothes before entering the hospital, the employees are responsible for maintaining good body odor, Belcher said. They have to maintain a dress code, and that includes smoke residue. If they cannot do that during their work time or break time, their option is to keep from smoking, she said. If you (or a patient) smell it on that person, youre supposed to address them.

Manchester applauded for success of smoke-free ordinance

WKYT - February 3, 2014

The Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy is applauding the city of Manchester for its efforts to improve the health of residents. Two years ago, all public places with the exception of tobacco stores went smoke-free. It is not unusual to see cigarette butts smoldering outside businesses in eastern Kentucky. But that is not the case at Aunt Bea's Diner in downtown Manchester. Business owner Bobbi Coomer tells WYMT regardless of what some of her customers want, she follows the ordinance...

Our Opinion: Smoke ban would help improve Ky.'s health ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - February 2, 2014

The conclusion of an American Lung Association report which says Kentucky made no progress in the past year to reduce tobaccos toll on the states health is another reason the General Assembly should pass a statewide smoking ban this year. Kentucky earned an F grade in every measured category of smoking prevention, the association determined in its State of Tobacco Control report...

Marijuana in dorms compromises on-campus living
Murray State News - January 31, 2014

Calls regarding marijuana smoking in the residential colleges have become routine ... Students are also subject to punishment from the Housing office and the ...

Kentucky's economy going up in smoke
Cincinnati Business Courier – January 31, 2014

and Prevention (CDC), smoking-caused health costs in our state are $1.5 billion annually. Even larger productivity losses come from smoking-caused work absences and on-the-job performance declines …

Manchester recognized as state leader in ending tobacco use, is two ...
KyForward.com - January 30, 2014

The Southern Kentucky city's smoke-free anniversary coincides with the 50th ... Any level of exposure to secondhand smoke can cause both short-term and ...

Statewide smoking ban's time has come
Princeton Times Leader - January 29, 2014

In this area, smoking has been banned from public buildings including all workplaces for some time. Now, a statewide ban is again under consideration.

E-cigarette sales to minors would be banned under Kentucky bill
The Courier-Journal - January 28, 2014

A bill to ban e-cigarette sales to minors was filed in the Kentucky House on Tuesday by Rep. Brad Montell, R-Shelbyville.

Proposed bill bans those under 18 from buying e-cigarettes
WKYT - January 28, 2014

Shelbyville Representative Brad Montell introduced a bill on Monday. This bill would add the sale of e-cigarettes to the current law prohibiting the sale of tobacco products, including cigarettes, to anyone under the age of 18

UK asst. vice president Beatty to run for mayor
UK The Kentucky Kernel - January 28, 2014

Anthany Beatty, UKs assistant vice president for campus services, announced Tuesday that he will run against Mayor Jim Gray this year. He is also the co-chair of the Tobacco-free Campus Initiative Task Force. He plans to submit his election papers to the Fayette County Clerk's office just after ...

Smoking out the latest ban poll ($$)
The Messenger (subscription) - January 28, 2014

A recent poll by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky may initially appear to indicate widespread support for a government-imposed statewide smoking ban ...

Kentucky smoking ban is cloudy issue
Cincinnati.com - January 27, 2014

The recent decision by the Bullitt County Fiscal Court to ban smoking in county-owned buildings prompted a new question in the countys long debate over smoking: Does the ban repeal a 2011 Bullitt Board of Health regulation that prohibits smoking in all workplaces, including bars and restaurants? Now that question will be decided by the Kentucky Supreme Court, which is already considering whether the Bullitt Board of Health had the power to enact the smoking ban.

Smoking still deadly, signs of connection to breast cancer
Lexington Herald Leader - January 27, 2014

It has been clearly understood for decades that smoking causes lung cancer and heart disease, but there are many other health problems increasingly recognized as being caused or worsened by tobacco use. Our state has one of the highest rates of smoking in the nation, 29 percent; 32 percent of men and 27 percent of women smoke, based on Centers for Disease Control 2011 data. Furthermore, 59 percent of Kentucky high-school students say they have tried cigarette smoking and about 19 percent smoke regularly.

Secondhand smoke leading cause of childhood illness, death
UPI.com - January 26, 2014

Secondhand smoke is the leading cause of childhood illness and premature death, especially in rural areas, University of Kentucky researchers say. Study co-author Ellen Hahn, a professor at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing and director of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy, said elimination of the source of tobacco smoke is the only way to completely protect non-smokers, including children, from secondhand smoke. Hahn said the study used data from an Internet-based panel survey administered to 400 to 500 Kentucky residents per year from 2007 to 2012. Most of the participants were women ages 35 to 54 with at least some college education

Letters | Smoke-free Kentucky, Matt Bevin and the tea party
The Courier-Journal January 24, 2014

The scientific evidence is clear: Secondhand smoke is a proven cause of serious diseases and premature death. A growing number of cities, states and countries are enacting laws that require all work and public places to be smoke-free and the Kentucky Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics would like to see Kentucky join that movement.

Fayette Board of Health Chair Urges Smoking Ban Bill
SurfKY News - January 24, 2014

The following is a letter sent to the Kentucky General Assembly by Fayette County Board of Health Chairman Scott White: Even more encouraging, a wide array of municipalities has followed Lexingtons lead. Here is a link to the current list of Kentucky cities, counties, and merged governments that have adopted smoking bans. What is remarkable is that bans are the law in cities, literally, from Pikeville to Paducah. Local governments have been the leaders, and it is now time for State government to take usto the next level.

Compromise could welcome more positive reception on tobacco ban
NKU The Northerner Online - January 23, 2014

The countdown has finally ended; tobacco has been banned from NKU. And Im just going to say it. Northern Kentucky University makes me want to smoke. While I know this ban is a campus-wide policy, it only directly affects a small portion of those who find their way onto campus. I am one of those people...

STORYCORPS: Two Early Supporters Of Lexington's Historic No-Smoking Ordinance
WUKY - January 23, 2014

This week we hear from cancer survivor Kathy Tabb, and Dr. David Stevens, two early supporters of Lexington's No-Smoking Ordinance. Listen

Why UK's tobacco-free efforts matter
Kykernel.com (subscription) - January 22, 2014

What were you, your parents or your grandparents doing in 1964? Fifty years ago, the U.S. Surgeon General issued the first Report on Smoking and Health. While the U.S. has enjoyed a 58 percent decline in smoking since 1965, too many Kentuckians still use tobacco. Kentuckians smoke at higher rates than adults in any other state. An astounding 1.2 million Kentucky adults smoke cigarettes, costing Kentuckians over $1.5 billion to treat sick smokers. UKs decision to go completely tobacco-free more than four years ago (November 2009) was a bold action toward ending the tobacco epidemic.

Humphries questions proposed indoor smoking ban
Cadiz Record - January 22, 2014

House Bill 173 would ban indoor smoking in businesses and other places of ... Yet he makes a distinction between banning indoor smoking in public facilities ...

LETTER: Worth dying for?
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - January 21, 2014

Mother used to say that if we could give every teenager a dose of chemotherapy first, maybe they’d think twice before smoking. Do you really believe smoking is worth dying for?

Kentucky editorial roundup
TheNewsTribune.com - January 21, 2014

In this area, smoking has been banned from public buildings including all ... smoke while not unreasonably restricting the personal rights of smokers. Taking ...

Anti-smoking advocates use skewed polling, fail to mention most places, businesses are smoke-free
Bowling Green Daily News - January 20, 2014

A recent poll by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky may initially appear to indicate widespread support for a government-imposed statewide smoking ban even in privately owned restaurants and bars and in local communities that already have implemented their various policies. Drill down, however, and there is reasonable doubt.

50 years later, fewer smokers in Kentucky
Cigarettes might be more dangerous today
Daily Independent January 20, 2014

ASHLAND Half a century after the U.S. surgeon generals historic report outlining the deadly health dangers of smoking, fewer Kentuckians smoke, but the state remains at the top of the list nationally for the number of smokers. The seven groups include the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Legacy.

Statewide smoking ban legislation continues to spark debate
WAVE - January 20, 2014

LEXINGTON, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is backing two state lawmakers who are pushing for a statewide smoking ban. Monday night the legislation sparked a lively discussion on KET's Kentucky Tonight.

A new year, a new goal - learn these facts about smoking
Central Kentucky News - January 20, 2014

Nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home or at work increase their ... n On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers.

Westrom's Smoke-Free Bill Gaining Support
WTVQ-TV 36 (Lexington, KY) - January 18, 2014

65 percent of adults now support a potential smoke-free law. A new bill recently introduced by State Representative Susan Westrom (D-Lexington) and Sen. Julie Denton (R-Louisville) would make all public areas, including restaurants, bars and workplaces,

Smoking out the latest smoking-ban poll
Richmond (KY) Register - January 18, 2014

A recent poll by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky may initially appear to indicate widespread support for a government-imposed statewide smoking ban - even in privately owned restaurants and bars and in local communities that already have implemented

Polls may mislead on support for smoking ban
Paducah Sun - January 19, 2014

Proponents of a statewide smoking law know that if they offer a choice in these polls, most would favor bans in public places but not on privately owned property. ... No doubt, it annoys statewide smoking ban supporters that some Kentucky ...

Brad Rodu | Smokers can turn to safer smoke-free tobacco products
The Courier-Journal - January 19, 2014

The commonwealth should make smoking history by telling the truth about safer smoke-free tobacco products, enabling Kentucky's smokers to enjoy longer and ...

Westrom's Smoke-Free Bill Gaining Support
WTVQ - January 18, 2014

A push to get Kentucky smoke-free is picking up steam as 65 percent of adults now support a potential smoke-free law. A new bill recently introduced by State ...

Fernander, A.F.; Rayens, M.K.; Adkins, S.; Hahn, E.J., "Local smoke-free public policies, quitline call rate, and smoking status in Kentucky," American Journal of Health Promotion [Epub ahead of print], January 16, 2014.

For every 1-unit increase in the county-level call rate the likelihood of current smoking status decreased by 9%. Compared to those living in communities without a policy, those in communities with a smoke-free public policy were 18% less likely to be current smokers. Limitations include quitline call rate as the sole indicator of cessation demand, as well as the cross-sectional design. Conclusion . Communities with smoke-free policies and higher rates of quitline use have lower rates of adult smoking.

Enacting smoking ban means respecting heritage of tobacco
The Lane Report - January 15, 2014

The toughest challenge in passing a local smoking ban is ensuring that some in ... that would invalidate it while banning smoking in the county's public buildings.

Bullitt County to hold public meeting on proposed smoking ban
WDRB - January 15, 2014

Bullitt County to hold public meeting on proposed smoking ban .... The Bullitt County Health Department passed a resolution in 2011 banning smoking in all ...

Louisville may ban hookah products for minors
WAVE - January 10, 2014

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There may be a smoking ban in the city of Louisville, but smoking hasn't stopped. Popular hookah bars and restaurants are all the ...

Our Opinion: Statewide e-cigarette ban needed for minors
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - January 12, 2014

In most states, including Kentucky, there is no prohibition against selling electronic cigarettes to minors. That could help explain some of the e-cigarette flavors, ...

Lawmakers seeking statewide smoking restrictions
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - January 9, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- Health advocates are preparing another push for a statewide smoking ban in some public places, and the campaign is drawing ...

Sponsors of statewide smoking ban predict it will pass the House
The Lane Report - January 9, 2014

Sponsors of a bill to ban smoking in most public places in Kentucky said Wednesday that it will pass the House and has a chance in the Senate.

Smoke-Free Legislation "Ready To Roll," But Could Face Uphill Battle in Senate
WUKY - January 8, 2014

It's the fourth year lawmakers in Frankfort are pressing for a statewide smoke-free law, but advocates say the momentum is now on their side. Enlarge image.

High cigarette tax hurts the poor: Opposing view
USA Today January 8, 2014

Kentucky is a woefully unhealthy state. Even Bluegrass residents admit that their smoking rate the nation's highest significantly contributes to this sickly state of affairs. ...

Poll shows support for statewide smoking ban
Hazard Herald - January 8, 2014

New poll results recently released by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky show the support for a statewide smoke-free law is at its highest point ever—even in regions with high levels of smokers in the population, like Eastern Kentucky....

Statewide smoking legislation filed in Frankfort
Business First – January 8, 2014

Kentucky Sen. Julie Denton, R-Louisville, and Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, announced plans to file legislation that restricts smoking in public places statewide. Louisville already has a ban on smoking …

Beshear to push plan to cut smoking rates in Ky.
KFVS - January 8, 2014

He says he'll again support a statewide smoking ban in public places. Beshear says many Kentuckians live in places with such bans, and says it's time to "fill in ...

Our Opinion: Lawmakers, give voters smoke ban they want
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - January 8, 2014

There was a time, not so long ago, when politicians in tobacco-growing states wouldn't go anywhere near a discussion of smoke-free laws. They knew most of ...

POV | Statewide Smoking Ban: The Time Is Now ...
WDRB - January 7, 2014

In 2006, when Louisville's Metro Council passed the city's first ban on smoking in public places, remember all the warnings about what would happen if we took ...

Bullitt County postpones smoking ban vote
WDRB - January 7, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bullitt County leaders are holding off on a vote to ban smoking at all county owned buildings. Officials put a planned Tuesday morning vote aside until a special session next week to allow more time for the public to comment on the proposal.

More Kentuckians support smoke-free law, health survey says
Lexington Herald Leader - January 6, 2014

A recent poll found 65 percent of Kentucky adults support a state law limiting smoking in public places, including 38 percent of the commonwealth's smokers.

Smoke-free law gains support in Kentucky
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - January 6, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (NEWS RELEASE) Poll data released Jan. 6 by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky indicate support for a statewide smoke-free law is at ...

Do you favor a statewide smoking ban?
Bowling Green Daily News - January 6, 2014

Do you favor a statewide smoking ban? Total votes:

E-cigarette liquid nicotine poisonings rising among kids
Flavored liquid nicotine can poison children
Cherry Hill Courier Post - January 6, 2014

LOUISVILLE, KY. Billed as a safer, cleaner way to get a nicotine fix, electronic cigarettes are surging in popularity. But some doctors and researchers say these smoking substitutes are far from harmless especially to children.

Minds are changing and fast on Kentucky smoke-free law
Business First of Louisville (blog) - January 3, 2014

Minds are changing and fast on Kentucky smoke-free law.

Poll shows support highest ever for state-wide smoking ban
Bowling Green Daily News - January 3, 2014

Support for a statewide smoke-free ban continues to increase, according to a poll ... My biggest issue is that it bans smoking on all businesses, including farms ...

Louisville may propose crackdown on e-cigs; problems among kids rising
The Courier-Journal - January 3, 2014

Billed as a safer, cleaner way to get a nicotine fix, electronic cigarettes are surging in popularity. But some doctors and researchers say these smoking substitutes are far from harmless especially to children. More teens are trying these products which are legal for all ages in Kentucky even as scientists are increasingly raising concerns about the effects of e-cigarettes secondhand vapor on children.

Support for smoke-free law in Kentucky continues to grow
The Lane Report - January 3, 2014

The poll was created after the U.S. surgeon general reported in 2006 that no amount of secondhand smoke is risk-free and recommended eliminating all indoor ...

Sarah Milov | E-cigarettes and the tobacco farmer
The Courier-Journal - January 2, 2014

Since the Surgeon General first linked cigarette smoking to lung cancer in ... in the opposition to tax increases, marketing restrictions, and other antismoking ...

NKU campus goes tobacco-free
WCPO - January 2, 2014

Northern Kentucky University is now a tobacco-free campus. Effective Jan. 1, NKU students and faculty are prohibited from using tobacco products anywhere on campus and in vehicles.

Two-thirds of Kentuckians Support a Statewide Smoking Ban
WKMS - January 2, 2014

A recent Kentucky Health Issues Poll shows that a majority of Kentuckians are now in support a statewide smoking ban.

About two-thirds of Kentuckians favor a statewide law against ...
The Courier-Journal - January 2, 2014

About two-thirds of Kentuckians favor a statewide law against lighting up in public places, according to a new poll that has found steadily rising support in a state with the nations highest smoking rate.

Mayfield goes smoke-free in the new year
KFVS - January 1, 2014

The city of Mayfield, Ky. has officially gone smoke-free in the new year. The City Council voted 5 to 4 earlier last year in favor of a smoking ban inside the city limits. It applies to buildings and restaurants. Smokers can light up in designated areas like private clubs and completely confined and separate smoke-proof areas with independent heating and air conditioning systems. .

Bullitt Fiscal Court to vote on smoking ban ordinance
The Courier-Journal - December 29, 2013

A proposed ordinance banning smoking in all government buildings would overrule a Board of Health regulation currently pending before the Kentucky Supreme Court, Bullitt County attorney Monica Robinson said. The ban would not apply to private property or buildings unlike the Board of Health ban, which, if approved by the Supreme Court, would outlaw smoking in all public places, including bars and restaurants. Bullitt Fiscal Court could vote on the proposed ordinance Jan. 7. The ordinance also says all other ordinances, resolutions and administrative regulations inconsistent with it would be repealed.

State, local regulation is still hazy
Bowling Green Daily News - December 28 , 2013

With no statewide legislation addressing smoking in public places and no specific legislation targeting electronic cigarettes, there is some question about how ...

SADDLER: Smoke-free policy can save lives
Cincinnati Enquirer - December 28, 2013

Kentucky continues to have one of the highest adult smoking rates in the nation. With 24.8 percent of Kentucky adults smoking, our state ranks No. 2 in the country behind West Virginia. It's time for Kentucky to act. With a smoke-free law, we simply ask smokers to do so where it will not harm others. Smoke-free laws have been shown to be an effective tool in reducing the harm brought by tobacco use. ...

STORYCORPS: Meet The "Little Girl" Who Helped Frankfort Go ...
WUKY - December 19, 2013

Frankfort residents Lisa and Elizabeth Wood recall what it took to pass a no-smoking ordinance in the Capital City.

Janes lobbies chamber for 'smoke-free law' support
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - December 18, 2013

Betsy Janes with Smoke-Free Kentucky spoke to members of the Harlan Chamber of Commerce recently about a smoke-free law for the public work places in Kentucky. Saying smoke-free laws are good for your health, Janes encouraged everyone to join the fight for a smoke-free Kentucky.

E-cigarettes prompt calls to Kentucky Poison Control Center
Business First of Louisville (blog) - December 17, 2013

Kentucky poison control authorities are receiving a growing number of reports of children who have been exposed to electronic cigarettes. The Kentucky Poison ...

Poison control calls concerning children, e-cigarettes up 400%
14 News WFIE Evansville - December 16, 2013

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Kentucky Poison Control Center is issuing a warning after seeing a rise in children exposed to the ingredients inside electronic cigarettes. The center said they have seen a 400 percent increase in calls concerning children getting into the cigarettes. The different flavors and bright colors are tempting for children. The center said some ingest them or rub the liquid on their skin.

E-cigarettes cause alarming increase in calls to poison control center
The Lane Report - December 9, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Dec. 9, 2013) As the debate about electronic cigarette regulation continues with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and device manufacturers, data from one state poses concerns that should be part of the conversation. The Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center of Kosair Childrens Hospital has received 39 calls about e-cigarettes so far this year, a 333-percent increase from nine calls received in 2012. Nationally, poison control centers have seen a 161 percent increase in calls from people with concerns about these devices. With sales of e-cigarettes doubling to $1.5 billion in the past year, the calls are likely to increase. Kids are picking up the liquid cartridge when cartridges are left accessible or when an adult is changing the cartridge, she said. Theyre also getting a hold of the e-cigarette and taking it apart to expose the liquid. They then either ingest the liquid or get it onto their skin. Even on the skin, the nicotine is absorbed and can create adverse side effects.

Smoke-Free Policies Spread To Kentucky Campuses
WUKY - December 5, 2013

The passage of Lexington's history-making no-smoking ordinance ten years ago influenced many other communities and institutions to follow suit in the coming years. Today we hear from former UK President Lee Todd and former Lexington Police Chief Anthany Beatty who were instrumental in making the university a tobacco-free campus. Todd says he jump-started the effort after a meeting with Ellen Hahn of the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy.

Tobacco ban will increase overall health, provide cleaner air
The Eastern Progress Online - December 4, 2013

Does the tobacco activity on campus make you anxious? Does widespread smoking or public hookah sessions bother you? Eastern has enacted a campus-wide tobacco ban to protect people from adverse health risks.

Group Urges Statewide Smoking Ban
SurfKY News - November 21, 2013

(11/21/13) – Supporters of a statewide smoking ban in businesses and restaurants urged members of the General Assembly's Interim Economic Development ...

Business Leaders Call For Kentucky-Wide Workplace Smoking Ban
WEKU - November 21, 2013

...king ban inside Kentucky's workplaces and public buildings has the ... Cooper says a statewide smoking ban, much like a seat belt law, is in the ...

University of Kentucky Celebrates 4th Anniversary of Tobacco-Free ...
SurfKY News - November 21, 2013

(11/21/13) – Students and faculty at the University of Kentucky joined together Thursday to celebrate the fourth anniversary of UK's tobacco-free campus initiative ...

Owensboro Health officials remind visitors campus is smoke free
14 News WFIE Evansville - November 22, 2013

Owensboro Health officials remind visitors campus is smoke free.

Ky. smoke-free advocates plan gathering
Evansville Courier & Press - November 21, 2013

Representatives of the Cancer Action Network and Smoke Free Kentucky will join with representatives from the university and business communities to ...

Ky. smoke-free advocates plan gathering
WOWK - November 21, 2013

Representatives of the Cancer Action Network and Smoke Free Kentucky will join with representatives from the university and business communities to ...

Tailgate to celebrate tobacco-free campus
UK The Kentucky Kernel - November 20, 2013

In honor of UK's four years of being a tobacco free campus, there will be a tobacco-free tailgate on Thursday to raise awareness about effects of tobacco use.

Ky. needs to enact smoke-free law
Times Tribune of Corbin - November 20, 2013

As such, many cities, states and countries have passed laws that require all workplaces and public places to be smoke-free. This movement continues because ...

Chamber to testify in favor of a statewide smoke-free workplace law
The Lane Report - November 18, 2013

With the strong support of its members, the chamber has been a long-time advocate of implementing a statewide smoke-free law in Kentucky. The business ...

Kentucky could lose $45 million in tobacco settlement money
The Courier-Journal - November 15, 2013

FRANKFORT, KY. Kentucky could lose as much as $45 million in tobacco settlement money next spring under a little-noticed arbitration ruling, creating a potential funding shortfall for agriculture, smoking-cessation and early childhood programs.

Ky. Voices: Smoke-free laws build groundwork to battle lung cancer
Lexington Herald Leader - November 12, 2013

The Markey Cancer Center's recent National Cancer Institute designation means that not only do we have the resources, talent, and opportunities to offer the best cancer treatment for citizens of Kentucky, we are firmly committed to developing programs and policies that help prevent these dreadful diseases.

Smokers shouldn't get Medicaid or Medicare, says GOP legislator ...
The Floyd County Times- October 23, 2013

“As I don't think we have should have a smoking ban, I also think if you're going to be smoking, you should have to sign a waiver that you will not get onto ...

Smokey report for Lawrence, Elliott restaurants
The Independent - October 9, 2013

SANDY HOOK A study of air quality in restaurants in Elliott and Lawrence counties showed that patrons and workers in some establishments are exposed to harmful levels of second-hand cigarette smoke. The study the results of which were presented Tuesday by Smoke-Free Kentucky at a meeting of the Elliott County Chamber of Commerce indicated ...

Eastern looks to go tobacco free next year
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - October 3, 2013

Eastern will be a tobacco-free campus beginning in June of next year, President Michael Benson announced last week. The move would add Eastern to a list of nearly 1,200 schools nationwide that have banned tobacco or smoking on their campuses, according to an American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation study published in July.

EKU announces move toward tobacco-free campus
Richmond Register - September 27, 2013

RICHMOND — Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson on Friday announced that a task force has been established to finalize a tobacco-free ...

Lewis public library goes smoke free
Ledger Independent - September 25, 2013

VANCEBURG | The Lewis County Public Library grounds will be designated as non-smoking beginning Oct. 1. According to Lewis County Public Library ...

N. Ky. health group signs on to ban smoking statewide
Business First of Louisville (blog) - September 23, 2013

The Northern Kentucky District Board of Health is supporting the idea of a state law to ban smoking at all workplaces, including restaurants and bars. The board ...

Corbin Bingo Parlor to remain smoke-free
Times Tribune of Corbin - September 11, 2013

Representatives with a well-known Corbin bingo hall came before the City Commission Monday to again try to get exempted from the citys no smoking ordinance but again were unsuccessful.

Students question tobacco-free policies
NKU The Northerner Online - August 29, 2013

Freshmen coming to NKU's campus this fall have to adapt to college life as well as the university's enforcement of the new tobacco-free policy beginning in ...

Murray group pushes for smoking ban
WPSD Local 6 - August 14, 2013

MURRAY, Ky. - Martha's is an old fashioned place best known for serving up 'meat and 3's.' It is a place where customers chat away the morning with coffee and ...

Bingo parlor wants exemption from non-smoking ordinance
Times Tribune of Corbin - August 14, 2013

A local bingo parlor said the City of Corbins ordinance, which bans smoking in public places, has affected not only their business, but has hurt the revenue charities get from it as well. As a result, they asked the Corbin City Commission for an exemption from the ordinance. During the commissions regular meeting Monday, a representative from the Corbin Bingo Parlor pointed out that during the past 16 months, revenues from charities have declined 70 percent. We tried to comply with the citys non-smoking ban, but those revenues have dropped as a result of the ordinance. All four of the charities who use our parlor are on probation with the state Charitable Gaming Commission because theyve lost their 40 percent profit margin. Thats because theyve lost their bingo players. Attendance has been lost by half, said Corbin Bingo Parlor Manager Luane Tompkins.

Clark campus tobacco free
Central Kentucky News - August 14, 2013

As of Monday, the Winchester-Clark County campus of the Bluegrass Community and Technical College System officially became tobacco-free.

Clean Air Murray to push for smoking ban
Murray Ledger and Times - August 14, 2013

With the Mayfield City Council passing a smoking ban last month, an anti-smoking group in Murray says it plans to continue advocating for a more comprehensive ban for the city.

Smoke-free is right plan for college ($$)
Princeton Times Leader - August 7, 2013

The entire Kentucky State University campus is going smoke-free. We applaud, congratulate and give a hearty pat on the back to the eight regents who voted for the policy (and question the two regents who voted against such an obvious health-related decision). Smoking has been banned in public places in the city of Frankfort since 2006 and in Franklin County since 2012.

MCTC becomes tobacco-free
Ledger Independent - August 1, 2013

Effective today, Aug. 1, Maysville Community and Technical College joins a growing number of colleges and universities across the country that have adopted a tobacco-free policy.

Kentucky State Becomes Tobacco Free Campus
University Herald - July 30, 2013

Kentucky State University Board of Regents has approved an anti-tobacco policy, effective Thursday that prohibits tobacco use in all buildings, events and around parking lots within the campus.

Kentucky State University goes smoke free
WKYT - July 29, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky State University is going tobacco free across campus. The new policy takes effect on Thursday and prohibits tobacco use in all university buildings, at events and inside vehicles parked at the university. ...

Ky. Voices: It's time to take Ky. smoke-free statewide
Lexington Herald Leader - July 29, 2013

In a decade, 38 communities have reaped benefits of smoking restrictions

Column: Freedom, responsibility can curb 'secondhand' health costs
Cincinnati.com - July 28, 2013

By requiring us to financially subsidize smoking, the government has restricted the liberty interests of non-smokers. I hear a lot of noisy objections to secondhand smoke. I call smoker health subsidies secondhand health care costs. If we dont like smoking, why are we paying smokers to smoke?

Making Kentucky a smoke-free state
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - July 24, 2013

Ten years ago on July 1, 11 brave Lexington Fayette Urban County Council members voted to support Kentucky's first smoke-free ordinance. This historic vote has been called the "shot heard 'round the world" since smoke-free legislation was virtually ...

Court turns away challenge to tobacco-free prisons
Corrections.com - July 15, 2013

(AP) Kentucky's prisons can remain tobacco-free because the head of the state Department of Corrections has the authority to ban cigarettes and smokeless ...

Court turns away challenge to tobacco free prison
WCHS-TV8 - July 12, 2013

The Kentucky Court of Appeals has turned away a challenge by a death row inmate to the state's tobacco free prisons policy. The court on Friday found that state law does not limit the Department of Corrections authority to ban smoking at penal institutions.

Prestonsburg expands smoke-free zones
San Antonio Express - July 12, 2013

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (AP) Prestonsburg officials have expanded the city's no-smoking policy, some four years after it went into effect. Mayor Jerry Fannin ...

Prestonsburg bans smoking in more areas
WKYT - July 10, 2013

The city council voted to expand the restrictions on its smoking ban limiting where folks can light up. Smoking cigarettes, though touted for being unhealthy, is a ...

P'burg extends smoke ban to sidewalks, parks
The Floyd County Times - July 10, 2013

The city council voted 4-1 to extend Prestonsburg's smoke ban to include all city ... The new ordinance also bans smoking inside city-owned vehicles, but will not ...

Mayfield bars smoking in public buildings ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - July 9, 2013

MAYFIELD, Ky. A western Kentucky city has joined other municipalities in banning smoking in public buildings. The Mayfield City Council voted 5-4 Monday night to prohibit people from lighting up in a variety of places, including restaurants and city facilities. Smokers will still be allowed to partake of tobacco in designated areas, such as private clubs, tobacco shops and in completely confined and separate smoke-proof enclosures with independent heating and air conditioning systems.

Mayfield becomes latest Ky city to ban smoking in public buildings
WCHS-TV8 - July 9, 2013

The Mayfield City Council voted 5-4 Monday night to prohibit people from lighting up in a variety of places, including restaurants and city facilities. Smokers will still be allowed to partake of tobacco in designated areas, such as private clubs, tobacco shops and in completely confined and separate smoke-proof enclosures with independent heating and air conditioning systems.

Lexington's first in state smoking ban paves the way for more than ...
KyForward.com - July 2, 2013

More than one-third of Kentuckians are now protected by smoke-free workplace laws since Lexington became the first in the state to enact anti-smoking legislation 10 years ago.

Lexington Celebrates Smoke-Free Ordinance 10th Anniversary
SurfKY News - July 2, 2013

(7/2/13) Lexington is celebrating a major historical milestone today with the 10th anniversary of the passage of the smoke-free ordinance on July 1, 2003.

Oral history project StoryCorps comes to state for interviews about smoke-free legislation
KyForward.com - July 2, 2013

If you are a Kentuckian involved in the states early smoke-free efforts, StoryCorps wants to hear from you. In Kentucky, they want to talk to policymakers, business owners, community leaders and advocates who have worked to make workplaces smoke-free.

Lexington officials mark smoke-free anniversary
FOX19 - July 2, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Lexington-Fayette County was the first local government in Kentucky to pass a smoke-free ordinance, and officials this week are marking ...

Ky. school district goes smoke free on campus
MSN Money - July 1, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky's largest public school district has gone smoke free on all campuses. Jefferson County Public Schools enacted the regulation Monday, barring parents, visitors and employees from lighting up on any school property or in district vehicles. ...

Lexington smoking ban also snuffed fears
Health better, downtown livelier since historic vote
Lexington Herald Leader - June 29, 2013

Ten years ago, Lexington did what would have been unthinkable a few years before. The city that once billed itself as the "world's largest burley tobacco market" put smokers outside. ...

House week in review
The Floyd County Times - June 26, 2013

A little over 34 percent of Kentuckians are covered by local smoke-free laws that ban smoking in workplaces and enclosed public places or buildings open to the ...

COOPER: Public smoking ban overdue in Kentucky
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer - June 23, 2013

...The bottom line is this: Smoking is killing us. And it is costing us a lot of money and medical resources, today and in the future. I urge you to advocate for smoke-free laws with our elected officials. On this issue, we need to change the state we ...

Kentucky Passes Smoking Ban, South Beach Smoke Offers ...
SBWire (press release) - June 19, 2013

Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Mayfield, Kentucky has given preliminary approval to ban smoking in public places. The City Council voted 6-4 to pass, ...

Smoke-free laws still a debate in Ky.
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer - June 17, 2013

...Criswell's 13-year-old program is funded in part with Kentucky's share of the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement, a multi-billion-dollar settlement reached between 46 states, including Kentucky, and the nation's cigarette companies. ...

EDITORIAL: Our Opinion: Ky.'s leaders can't ignore cost, rates of smoking ($$)
Kentucky New Era - June 17, 2013

...Kentucky smoking statistics also include this: we have the highest rate of smoking in the United States, medical expenses related to smoking are $1.5 billion annually and smoking is the cause of approximately 7,800 deaths each year. ...

Poll of Kentuckians on health shows clear regional differences ...
KyForward.com - June 17, 2013

Results of a recent poll of Kentuckians by region show that the majority of adults in the Bluegrass favor a statewide smoke-free law, view health care costs as a ...

Proposed Mayfield public smoking ban passes first vote, second ...
WPSD Local 6 - June 11, 2013

MAYFIELD, Ky. - Smokers in one western Kentucky town might soon have to put out their cigarettes before dining in. According to the Paducah Sun, Mayfield's ...

W. Ky. city discussing smoking ban
Bowling Green Daily News June 11, 2013

Officials in Mayfield have given preliminary approval to a ban on smoking in public places.

Mayfield Discussing Smoking Ban
WBKO - June 11, 2013

MAYFIELD, Ky. (AP) Officials in Mayfield have given preliminary approval to a ban on smoking in public places. The Paducah Sun reports the City Council ...

Over 34 Percent Of Kentucky Covered By Smoke-Free Laws
WorkersCompensation.com (press release) - June 6, 2013

A little over 34 percent of Kentuckians are covered by local smoke-free laws that ban smoking in workplaces and enclosed public places or buildings open to the public, state tobacco prevention and cessation officials told state lawmakers today. Those Kentuckians live or work in 23 municipalities with comprehensive smoke-free ordinances that ban smoking in all workplaces and public areas or facilities, Kentucky Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program official Angela Criswell told the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee.

The Science of Cigarettes: Research Organization Studies Tobacco to Keep Industry Viable
SurfKY News - June 5, 2013

The University of Kentucky is renowned for its healthcare research, but a lesser-known area of study is burgeoning at the university as well. The Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center, located on the UK campus, has a unique interest: analyzing tobacco. Funded by cigarettes taxes, the center's research looks at the future and development of the tobacco crop.
The Kentucky Tobacco Research Board oversees the research. Board Chairman Scott Travis said the purpose of the board is to benefit tobacco growers in Kentucky.

E-cigarettes sales lighting up detention center's canteen fund
CorrectionsOne - June 4, 2013

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. E-cigarettes don't really light up, but they have lit up canteen sales at the jail. Jon Sallee, county jailer, says sale of the cigarettes ...

Kentucky gets more than $101 million in tobacco settlement money
The Lane Report - April 18, 2013

Kentucky received its annual payment of more than $101 million in tobacco settlement money this week.

Pompilios confident customers prefer smoke-free
Cincinnati.com - April 18, 2013

Pompilios to go Smoke Free: The owners of landmark Pompilios Restaurant, Newport, have announced that the bar and restaurant will become smoke free ...

New smoking ban in Elkhorn City to be enforced starting this month
The Republic - April 5, 2013

ELKHORN CITY, Kentucky ­ A new smoking ban in Elkhorn City will start ... The ordinance is modeled after Pikeville's ordinance which also bans smoking in ...

EC smoking ban ready to go into effect
Appalachian News-Express - April 5, 2013

The Elkhorn City smoking ban which was unanimously approved by the Elkhorn City Council during a special meeting last month is planned to be enforced later ...

Kenton County Public Library going smoke-free
kypost.com - March 30, 2013

The Kenton County Public Library is going smoke-free. Starting Monday, April 1, smoking and tobacco use anywhere on the library’s property will be prohibited. ...

Smoking ban gets final approval in Elkhorn City
Bowling Green News – March 29, 2013

Officials in Elkhorn City have given final approval to a proposal to ban smoking in public places in the eastern Kentucky city. …

Smoking ban passes in Elkhorn City
WKYT - March 29, 2013

Council members in Elkhorn City on Thursday night overwhelmingly approved a smoking ban. The measure passed 6-0 and bars smoking in public buildings ...

Elkhorn takes step toward smoking ban
Appalachian News-Express - March 22, 2013

The Elkhorn City Council read and unanimously approved this week the first reading of an ordinance banning smoking in public places. The ordinance will ...

On Kick Butts Day, Bourbon County student rally seeking smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - March 20, 2013

PARIS ­ Cyndi Steele stood clapping and hollering, encouraging the students who rallied Wednesday on the courthouse lawn proclaiming their desire for Bourbon County to go smoke free. … To see a full list of cities and counties with work place smoking bans as collected ... But, he said, he thinks banning smoking in the workplace and the Kick Butts ...

SmokeFree in Paris
Kentucky.com March 20, 2013

Students from Bourbon County and Paris Independent School Districts in Paris displayed 13 hearts on the courthouse lawn to represent the 13 heart attacks per year that could be prevented in the county with a smoke free ordinance. Photos by Charle...

Elkhorn City Looking at Smoking Ban
WSAZ-TV - March 19, 2013

ELKHORN CITY, Ky. (WSAZ ) -- A proposed smoking ban in Elkhorn City is sparking a debate throughout the community. The ban would eliminate smoking in public areas, including restaurants. Council members say their desire to make the city safer and healthier is the motivation behind the ban. "A person should be able to bring their family into a smoke free environment where you can sit down and enjoy a meal," says council member Butch Cure. "The last thing I want to do is infringe on anybody's rights." …

Reader Letter | Kentucky misses chance to go smoke-free
The Courier-Journal - March 17, 2013

We thank the lead sponsors of HB 190 ­ Reps. Susan Westrom (D-Lexington) and Julie Raque Adams (R-Louisville) ­ as well as House Speaker Greg Stumbo, Gov. Steve Beshear, Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson and all the legislators who pledged their support for a comprehensive, statewide smoke-free law. Despite their steadfast support and three years of education by public health experts, business leaders, legal experts and constituents, the Kentucky legislature failed to deliver a win for common sense by backing HB 190. …

Anti-tobacco campaign tells Kentucky teens to Kick Butts
The Creative Department - March 15, 2013

To spread the word that smoking is whack, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is celebrating Kick Butts Day on Wednesday, March 20. According to a statement released by the organization on Friday, the tobacco industry spends $8.5 billion on advertising. The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is fighting cigarette ads that make smoking look cool with a marketing plan of its ...

Blowing smoke about the smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - March 15, 2013

Property-rights argument illegitimate - Standing up for business owners' rights is a lot more respectable than standing up for lung cancer and stillbirths. So the Kentucky Farm Bureau and others wielded the property-rights argument to defeat a statewide smoke-free law in this legislative session. It's nothing new, of course, for the Farm Bureau to put the tobacco industry's interests ahead of Kentuckians' health. …

NKY Health Dept. looks at smoking ban
Cincinnati.com - March 15, 2013

The Northern Kentucky Health Department has taken a step toward considering regulations to prohibit smoking in public places. Board members voted Wednesday to request information from the Bullitt County Health Department and review them in committees for consideration and a possible recommendation. Bullitt County introduced regulations on smoking in public places, which have yet to be implemented because of legal challenges. …

Kick Butts Day encourages smokers to quit
Ashland (KY) Daily Independent - March 15, 2013

ASHLAND ­ National Kick Butts Day is next Wednesday but the Ashland-Boyd County Health Department will be visiting local schools for the next two weeks educating students on the dangers of tobacco and encouraging them to quit. ...

Bullitt smoking ban just part of Jett's legacy
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - March 13, 2013

As he leaves Bullitt County after four productive but sometimes tumultuous years as public health director, Swannie Jett has no regrets. That includes both the countywide smoking ban he championed in a costly legal battle that defied county elected ...

Smoking ban gets 'a good scrubbing' before House Judiciary Committee
Ashland (KY) Daily Independent - Mar 5, 2013

The bill for a statewide smoking ban is favored by three-fifths of Kentucky adults, but is dead for this session of the General Assembly. However, its supporters think they made some headway Monday as they laid groundwork for getting it through the state

Fight cancer with state smoke-free law
Lexington Herald Leader-March 6, 2013

A comprehensive smoke-free law is one of the most effective ways to lower the cancer risk of an entire population. In addition to future health benefits, ...

Job Corps Goes Smoke-Free
SurfKY News-March 6, 2013

Muhlenberg Job Corps Center is a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus. Center Director Kenny Brown announced to students and staff early in 2012 ...

Smoking ban fails in Kentucky legislature
The Courier-Journal - March 4, 2013

A ban on smoking in Kentucky workplaces, including restaurants and bars, appears dead in this year’s legislative session. Monday afternoon the House Judiciary Committee heard more testimony on House Bill 190, which would enact a smoking ban statewide, but did not take a vote on it. With the legislature only in session another week, the bill will not get another opportunity to be heard. …

Smoking Ban Supporters Make Second Pitch to Legislators
weku - March 4, 2013

Supporters of a statewide smoking ban in Kentucky are once again trying to persuade a House committee to pass the the [sic] legislation this session. The House Judiciary Committee is the second committee­after House Health and Welfare­to hear the smoking ban bill sponsored by State Rep. Susan Westrom, a Lexington Democrat. …

Smoking ban fires up debate at state capitol
WKYT - March 4, 2013

The debate over the statewide smoking ban continues at the Capitol. One representative went so far as to say that House Bill 190 was perhaps the most important piece of legislation to come out of this session. Today the House Judiciary Committee met to examine that bill further, and property rights were one of their main concerns. …

Area's smoke-free restaurants, other attractions in guide
Bowling Green Daily News - March 2, 2013

People who visit southcentral Kentucky can breathe easier with the help of the latest edition of the Smoke Free Communities Coalition’s “Smoke Free Restaurants and Attractions Guide.” “We have sit-down restaurants that are 100 percent smoke-free. We’ve added tourist attractions in the past three or four years,” coalition co-chairwoman Carol Douglas said. “We thought it was important, especially for people who were coming in from another region, another state or another country. Tourism is so important with Mammoth Cave, Cave City, the Corvette museum, Beech Bend.” …

Bill for Statewide Smoking Ban Dies in General Assembly
weku – February 28, 2013

As the bill for a statewide smoking ban lies on its deathbed in the General Assembly, new federal data show Kentucky still has the highest percentage of smokers (29 percent) of any state, leads the nation in the share of smoking high school students (24 percent) and spends only a miniscule portion of their tobacco revenues to fight tobacco use. …

Smoking ban bill unlikely to survive
AP - Associated Press - Feb 27, 2013

Legislation that would institute a statewide smoking ban in restaurants and other public places has been sent to the House Judiciary Committee for further review on Tuesday, making it unlikely it can pass in this legislative session.

Kentucky Looking At Statewide Smoking Ban
WBKO - February 25, 2013

The Kentucky House and Welfare Committee recently passed a bill that would ban smoking in all public places. It is now up for discussion in the full House.

Smoking ban proposed: if passed would be statewide
UK The Kentucky Kernel - February 19, 2013

Statewide smoking bans have been proposed for Kentucky in the past few years, but ... Kentucky is one of only 13 states that has no statewide smoking ban. ... “Lexington is a better, safer, healthier and nicer place to live with smoking banned.

Chamber president: Smoke-free law would help businesses
The Lane Report - February 19, 2013

“Passing a smoke-free law would be the very best thing Kentucky could do to improve our state's poor health rankings. Smoking is costing employers in lost ...

Include e-cigs in Ky. smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - February 19, 2013

Impact of chemical vapors too risky - Big Tobacco is getting into the electronic cigarette business, so, of course, some Kentucky politicians are hopping on the bandwagon. Stan Lee, R-Lexington, has filed an amendment that would exempt e-cigs from a ... An exemption for e-cigs, which don't produce smoke but look like they do, ...

Statewide smoking ban has little local consensus
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - February 19, 2013

The governments of Christian, Todd and Trigg counties, and most towns inside their borders, have shown little or no interest in banning smoking in their public ...

Legislative roundup: Pension reform, smoking ban, dropout age, hemp
The Lane Report - February 18, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 18, 2013) ­ Thirty-day legislative sessions have a special rhythm, which contrasts vividly with full-blown 60-day regular sessions. ...

Push for smoking ban continues
messenger-inquirer-February 15, 2013

FRANKFORT — Gov. Steve Beshear continued his push Thursday for a statewide smoking ban in restaurants and other public places, calling on lawmakers to ...

Former basketball star rallies for statewide smoking ban
WDRB-February 15, 2013

Former basketball star rallies for statewide smoking ban. Posted .... Half the people in the Commonwealth now are covered by no-smoking bans," said State Sen.

Smoking ban supporters rally at Capitol
The Courier-Journal-Feb February 15, 2013

Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, said there are now 23 Kentucky communities who have instituted smoking bans, including Williamsburg, which passed a ban this ...

Governor continues push for statewide smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - February 14, 2013

Steve Beshear is continuing his push for a statewide smoking ban in public places, calling on lawmakers Thursday to pass it without delay. Beshear took part in ...

Gov. Steve Beshear calls for Legislature to act without delay to ban ...
The Republic - February 14, 2013

Steve Beshear continued his push Thursday for a statewide smoking ban in ... some three dozen cities and counties in Kentucky already have smoking bans.

State wide smoking ban rally
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - February 14, 2013

More than 34 percent of Kentucky communities are already smoke free. The legislation would ban smoking across the state in public places including offices, ...

Williamsburg passes smoking ban
WTVQ-February 13, 2013

Williamsburg passes smoking ban ... City Council gave final approval on Monday to an ordinance that bans smoking in most public places, including restaurants, ...

No Smoking in Williamsburg
Times Tribune of Corbin-February 12, 2013

"There's designated smoking areas (in restaurants) — I don't see why it's .... at a Williamsburg restaurant popular with smokers disagreed with having the ban in ...

House considers smoking ban
Journal-Times-February 13, 2013

In cities such as Ashland, Morehead and Lexington, which have imposed similar city ordinances against smoking in public places, business owners can be face ...

Kentucky debates possible smoking ban
kypost.com - February 9, 2013

Kentucky is one of only 13 states that hasn't banned smoking in public places. ... pass a measure that would ban smoking in restaurants and other public spaces.

Restaurant owners react to smoking ban
The Independent - February 9, 2013

Ashland - Local restaurant owners and managers say they aren’t crazy about a proposed statewide smoking ban, and possibly face a reduction in their bottom line if the measure is adopted. …

Ky. residents debate proposed smoking ban
FOX19 - February 10, 2013

Twenty-seven communities across Kentucky have already enacted restrictions on smoking in public places. "I think [the smoking ban] is a good idea in general ...

House panel passes public smoking ban bill
Cincinnati.com (blog) - February 8, 2013

FRANKFORT ­ Smokers in one of the nation’s top tobacco-producing states would have fewer places to light up under legislation that appears to be gaining momentum in the Kentucky Legislature. …

Smoking ban legislation moves forward in the Kentucky House
WDRB - February 8, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Smokers would have fewer places to light up under legislation that was approved by the House Health and Welfare Committee. Governor Steve Beshear says addiction to tobacco is hurting productivity in Kentucky, jacking up medical costs and killing people. …

Stumbo Says Smoking Ban Close to a House Vote
weku - February 8, 2013

... Welfare Committee has approved a bill that would ban smoking in enclosed public ... does just that; it is one of 22 Kentucky jurisdictions with smoking bans.) ...

Kentucky Governor Wants Public Smoking Ban
NACS Online - February 8, 2013

Governor Beshear says a ban on public smoking would improve the overall health ... So far, 30 states, along with hundreds of localities, have banned smoking in ...

Smoking Ban Bill Passes In Committee
WTVQ - February 7, 2013

“The smoking ban would shut down my livelihood,” Glancy said. “It would ... Dr. Sylvia Cerel-Suhl said the ban's purpose isn't to stop smoking altogether. Instead ...

Kentucky Smokers Unhappy as Statewide Smoking Ban Looms
WSAZ-TV - February 7, 2013

The proposal comes from a group called Smoke-Free Kentucky, which aims to restrict smoking in some public places and in all workplaces. Kentucky's smoking ...

KY Governor Wants Public Smoking Ban
Reason - February 7, 2013

In tobacco-rich Kentucky, Governor Steve Beshear has called for a ban on smoking in certain public places, an effort to improve the state's dismal public health ...

Kentucky lawmakers considering making state smoke-free
WOWK - February 7, 2013

Gov. Steve Beshear is promoting a statewide smoking ban. He wants to do away completely with smoking in public places, just as many counties and municipalities have implemented on their own. He told a joint session of the House and Senate on Wednesday that addiction to tobacco is hurting productivity in Kentucky, jacking up medical costs and killing people …

Statewide smoking ban must overcome opposition despite Gov's endorsement
Cincinnati.com (blog) - February 6, 2013

A statewide smoking ban still must overcome opposition of Republican leadership despite an endorsement for a ban by Gov. Steve Beshear in his state of the ...

Governor calls for smoking ban across Kentucky
Bowling Green Daily News - February 6, 2013

Gov. Steve Beshear has promoted a statewide smoking ban in his annual State of the Commonwealth speech. …

Job Corps Goes Smoke Free in Muhlenberg
SurfKY News-Feb February 5, 2013

no smoking 300 MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (2/5/13) – As of January 1, 2013 the Muhlenberg Career Development Center became a smoke free and tobacco ...

Health Dept. won't try to impose smoking ban
Cincinnati.com - February 2, 2013

A controversial decision by the Bullitt County Health Department to prohibit smoking in public places – a move upheld by the Kentucky Court of Appeals in December – will apparently have no impact in Northern Kentucky. …

UK Promotes Tobacco-Free Policy With Community Report Line
weku-Jan 23, 2013

The University of Kentucky promotes compliance and enforcement of its tobacco-free policy through a community report line, among many other measures.

Air quality study shows vast difference between city, county
The Floyd County Times-by Ralph Davis - January 17, 2013

PRESTONSBURG ­ An air-quality study released Thursday comparing workplaces in the city, which has a smoking ban, to those in the county, which does not, shows wide differences between the two. The study, performed July 12 to Aug. 18 by the University of Kentucky College of Nursing’s Clean Indoor Air Partnership, shows that indoor air in county establishments is on average nearly 13 times dirtier than the air in city businesses, thanks entirely to the city’s 3-year-old smoke ban. …

What tobacco free means for NKU
NKU The Northerner Online - January 17, 2013

The Board of Regents voted in favor of a tobacco-free policy that will take effect in 12-18 months, according to President Geoff Mearns. …

Williamsburg City Council considers smoking ban; mayor says it ...
The Republic-January 16, 2013

The ordinance lists few exceptions to a ban that would prohibit smokers from lighting up in all enclosed buildings that are open to the public or facilities that are ...

Williamsburg poised to pass citywide smoking ban
The News Journal-January 16, 2013

If approved, the smoking ban would technically go into effect that day. ... but that he didn't find the same volume of evidence to back the banning of e-cigarettes.

Time for state smoking ban; Public support strong, benefits clear
Lexington Herald Leader - January 15, 2013

An additional 6 percent or so live in places with weaker smoking bans. ... smokers, more than a third voiced support for a statewide smoking ban, according to ...

Group Spending $90000 In Ky. On Anti-smoking Ads
LEX18 Lexington KY News-January 11, 2013

FRANKFORT (AP) - While state lawmakers ponder a statewide smoking ban, a coalition of health care groups is sponsoring an advertising campaign urging ...

Health groups launch ad calling for smoke-free Kentucky
The Courier-Journal (blog) - January 11, 2013

In the past, legislative bills calling for a smoking ban have failed in the General Assembly, with some opponents saying they would unfairly restrict businesses.

Webb appointed to Tobacco Oversight Committee
Portsmouth (OH) Daily Times - January 11, 2013

Senator Robin Webb, D-Grayson, who represents Greenup, Lewis, Carter, Bracken, Mason and Robertson counties in Kentucky has been appointed to the 2013 Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Committee. Webb, a key player in the negotiations …

Smoking Ban Advocates Once Again Face Senate Roadblock
weku - January 10, 2013

Smoke Free Kentucky has started an advertising campaign to raise support for the ... Many cities across Kentucky have implemented their own smoke free laws, ...

New ad campaign urges Kentucky to go smoke-free
WDRB - January 10, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they have arrested a suspect for trying to kill a man in a barber shop on Clay Street last month. It began ...

Anti-smoking coalition spending more than $90000 on advertising ...
The Republic - January 10, 2013

FRANKFORT, Kentucky ­ While state lawmakers ponder a statewide smoking ban, a coalition of health care groups is sponsoring an advertising campaign urging Kentucky to go smoke-free. The Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are spending $93,000 to contrast Kentucky's top ranking in basketball, horse racing, smoking and lung cancer. …

More than cigarettes will be banned at NKU
Cincinnati.com - January 9, 2013

… Those will include electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine, chewing tobacco and “snus,” small smokeless tobacco packets tucked into between the lip and gum. …

NKU regents move toward tobacco-free policy
Bowling Green Daily News - January 9, 2013

Northern Kentucky University has taken a step toward becoming tobacco-free. The board of regents voted unanimously Wednesday to direct adoption of a tobacco-free campus policy. The school said in a news release the action authorizes university President Geoffrey Mearns to develop policy details and appoint a task force for the transition and implementation. The school said the process could take up to 18 months and is expected to include students, faculty, staff and visitors. …

Health Groups Launch Ad Campaign Calling for Smoke-Free Kentucky
PharmiWeb.com (press release) - January 9, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Kentucky needs a comprehensive, statewide smoke-free law to protect all Kentuckians from harmful secondhand smoke and reduce smoking's health and economic toll on the state, according to a newspaper and online advertising campaign launched this week by a coalition of public health organizations. …

Northern Kentucky University could soon go tobacco-free
kypost.com - January 9, 2013

Sixty-nine percent were either in favor of the tobacco-free policy or had no opposition to the policy. ... The tobacco-free campus would take a year to implement. …

Smoking ban's full economic effects debated ($$)
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - January 9, 2013

Given how much Kentucky’s budget depends on tobacco taxes, would a statewide smoking ban deal it a staggering blow? A new poll shows public support for a smoking ban is inching up every year. Though the ban likely won’t get a vote during this year’s General Assembly, state politicians, including those who represent this district, are confronting those economic questions more directly. …

NKU aims to ban tobacco on campus
Cincinnati.com - January 9, 2013

… As Northern Kentucky University prepares to take its first steps toward becoming a tobacco-free campus, the University of Cincinnati has backed off because of the lack of widespread support. NKU’s governing Board of Regents is expected to vote today on banning tobacco from the Highland Heights campus. …

Majority in poll back statewide smoking ban
Cincinnati.com - January 8, 2013

A Kentucky Health Issues Poll indicates 53 percent of Northern Kentuckians favor a statewide smoke-free law. The support is even higher across the commonwealth. Statewide, 59 percent of those interviewed last fall said they support a statewide ban on smoking in public places. …

Public support for state smoking ban rises
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - January 8, 2013

Every year, more Kentuckians are saying they support a state law to ban smoking in indoor public places. Poll results released Monday show 59 percent of those ...

Ky. known for its tobacco, but residents favor a ban
CincyBiz Blog, Business Courier – January 8, 2013

About 59 percent of Kentuckians favor a statewide law to ban smoking in all indoor public places, a survey suggests. The survey was jointly funded by the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati …

Poll: Support in KY for Snuffing Out Smoking in Public Places
Public News Service - January 7, 2013

A new poll out today shows that three of every five Kentuckians want to snuff out smoking in public places across the Commonwealth. Current smoking bans in Kentucky are a patchwork of local laws, and poll data released by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky show 59 percent support for a statewide smoke-free law, an increase from previous years. …

Poll: 4 in 10 current smokers support statewide smoke-free law in Kentucky
Law gaining support; 59 percent now approve
The Lane Report - January 7, 2013

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 7, 2013) ­ Poll data released today by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky indicate support for a statewide smoke-free law now stands at 59 percent, an increase from previous years. The Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) found support for the measure increases as age and income increase. Additionally, support for a smoke-free law crosses political party affiliation and is strongest among nonsmokers. …

Majority of Kentucky adults favor statewide smoking ban, poll says
The Courier-Journal (blog) - January 7, 2013

A just-released poll shows that nearly 60 percent of Kentuckians support a statewide ban on smoking in public places. The Kentucky Health Issues Poll, ...

Madisonville hospital to ban smoking in 2013
Associated Press - December 31, 2012

Hospital patients, employees and visitors will be banned from smoking, using chewing tobacco and puffing on electronic cigarettes at Baptist Hospital Madisonville and its various campuses around western Kentucky. ...

Smoking ban gives Shepherdsville music barn a boost
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - December 25, 2012

A recent state Court of Appeals decision provides the county health board the legal authority to impose its countywide smoking ban -- but not yet. The Kentucky Supreme Court has to weigh in first. ...

Kentucky editorial roundup
NECN - December 16, 2012

Currently, countywide smoking restrictions are in place in 12 of Kentucky's 120 counties. ... cities like Ashland have approved ordinances to restrict public smoking, ... the 12 counties restricting smoking have done so by approving ordinances.

HCC Goes Tobacco Free
SurfKY News - December 13, 2012

HOPKINSVILLE, KY (12/13/12) – Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) will join the growing list of U.S. colleges and universities to adopt a tobacco-free campus policy, effective Jan. 1, 2013. … According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANRF), there are smoke-free colleges and universities in virtually every state. Nationwide, over 600 colleges and universities have tobacco-free policies. As of October 2012, the ANRF has 12 Kentucky colleges listed as having smoke or tobacco-free policies. The ANRF’s state-by-state listing can be found at www.no-smoke.org/pdf/smokefreecollegesuniversities.pdf. …

Court Rules Health Boards Can Pass Smoking Bans
WEKU - December 9, 2012

In Kentucky's first appellate-court ruling on the issue, the state Court of Appeals today upheld the Bullitt County Board of Health's smoking ban, which is virtually the same as others enacted by several other county health boards. However, the panel's 2-1 vote and the strength of the dissent suggests that the ruling will be appealed to the state Supreme Court. Health boards in Clark, Hopkins, Madison and Woodford counties have enacted smoking bans. The Hopkins County ban was upheld by the local circuit judge, whose ruling was not appealed. …

Appeals Court: Bullitt Health Department can impose smoking ban
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal - December 8, 2012

In a decision that could affect health departments throughout Kentucky, the state Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 Friday that the Bullitt County Board of Health can enact a smoking ban without lawmakers’ support. …

National Report: Kentucky Ranks 37th in Protecting Kids from Tobacco
MarketWatch (press release) – December 6, 2012

Kentucky ranks 37th in the nation in funding programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit, according to a national report released today by a coalition of public health organizations. …

JCPS school board to vote on smoking ban Monday night
The Courier-Journal - November 27, 2012

Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, Jefferson County Public Schools shall become tobacco free, and the use of tobacco products on district property shall be ...

Rayens, M.K.; York, N.L.; Adkins, S.M.; Kaufman, E.L.; Hahn, E.J., "Political climate and smoke-free laws in rural Kentucky communities," Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice 13(2): 90-97, May 2012.

The purpose was to determine factors associated with rural communities' political readiness to enact smoke-free laws. Data from baseline assessment of a longitudinal intervention study to promote smoke-free policy in rural Kentucky communities; key informants (n = 144) and elected officials (n = 83) from 29 counties participated in cross-sectional telephone interviews. Controlling for population size and county-level smoking rate, the following factors predicted elected officials' perception of the likelihood of a local smoke-free law passing in the next 12 months: (1) support from the local board of health; (2) support from local leaders; and (3) smoke-free hospitals. Communities with lower adult smoking prevalence were more ready for smoke-free laws. Rural health advocates can increase political readiness for smoke-free laws by educating and engaging Board of Health members and local leaders, promoting the voluntary adoption of smoke-free policies in rural hospitals, and investing in effective population-based approaches to evidence-based tobacco treatment in rural communities.

Clearing the air for non-smokers
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - November 1, 2012

Smoking won’t be completely disappearing from campus, but Student Government Association (SGA) has plans to get students to follow the rules in place. …

Group calls for countywide smoking ban
WPSD Local 6 - October 25, 2012

CALDWELL COUNTY, Ky--How far is too far when it comes to protecting our kids and setting a good example? That's the question leaders in Caldwell County, ...

Bullitt County government, health department battle over smoking ban
Can agency act without legislation is legal question
The Courier-Journal - October 24, 2012

…In a case that could affect other Kentucky counties, a three-judge panel of the state Court of Appeals is expected to decide soon if the Bullitt County department had the right to ban smoking last year in public places ­ over the objections of Fiscal Court and eight Bullitt cities, which successfully sued the department last year in Circuit Court. …

Council passes smoking ban ($$)
Opponents show up in force at second reading
Kentucky Era – October 19, 2012

Despite a large showing of anti-regulatory opinion, the Hopkinsville City Council enacted a citywide smoking ban. …

Hopkinsville passes citywide smoking ban
FOX19 - October 19, 2012

Smoking will be barred citywide in Hopkinsville come January after the city council passed a ban on lighting up. …

Hopkinsville Goes Smoke-Free
WKU Public Radio - October 19, 2012

Smoking will be barred citywide in Hopkinsville come January after the city council passed a ban on lighting up. The Kentucky New Era reported that Mayor Dan ...

Despite Lexington's indoor smoking ban, many strip-club patrons are lighting up
Lexington Herald Leader - October 15, 2012

Plumes of smoke rose into the air as customers took pulls from cigarettes and puffed on cigars. Ashtrays were placed on each of the tables next to tabletop advertisements for the bar's selection of cigars. There was a No Smoking sign posted near the front of the strip club on New Circle Road, but few other signs that Lexington has an indoor smoking ban. …

Hopkinsville passes first reading of smoking ban
Evansville Courier & Press (KY) - October 3, 2012

Officials in another western Kentucky city have taken a preliminary vote to ban smoking. The Kentucky New Era (http://bit.ly/UbULwZ) reports the Hopkinsville ...

UK enacts email system to report smoking violations
UK The Kentucky Kernel – September 30, 2012

Even since the inception of the smoking ban on campus in November 2009, congregations of smokers are still seen around campus. The UK Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative Task Force hopes to push the campus toward being truly tobacco-free. To report tobacco use, a student or employee ...

JD Legends hosts meeting of Smoke-Free Kentucky group
Central Kentucky News - September 26, 2012

Despite what may have been a risky move for JD Legends restaurant and bowling alley in Nicholasville to ban all smoking inside the building, owner Wasfi Samaan said business has never been better. “I should have done this years ago,” Samaan said. “I think everyone is better for it; I feel better; my employees feel better and are more productive, and when we come home after a long day, we all don’t smell or feel like we smoked 40 packs of cigarettes.” …

UK's smoking ban is a working compromise for everyone
Kykernel.com (subscription) - September 26, 2012

Of all the issues buzzing around about campus life, few items seem to have drawn as much ire as the 2009 campuswide smoking ban. Smokers, predictably, were outraged. Non-smokers, on the other hand, have more than once bitterly complained that the ban is a farce, lampooning the administration’s lack of action and effective enforcement of the policy. …

Undergraduate Student Government hears about tobacco-free ...
BG News - September 25, 2012

Students may soon see a tobacco-free campus, according to Eric Teske from Recreation and Wellness. Teske, Michael Ginsburg and Faith Yingling spoke to Undergraduate Student Government Monday night asking for a letter of support for a tobacco-free initiative. …

Kernel Editorial: Smoking ban remains many words and few actions
UK The Kentucky Kernel - September 17, 2012

UK President Eli Capilouto sent out an email on Friday afternoon titled, “Message About UK’s Smoke-free Campus.” The email said, “I am proud that UK is one of over 500 colleges and universities that do not allow the use of tobacco products. I am writing to ask that tobacco users please respect our tobacco-free campus policy.” …

Smoking ban is still at issue in Bullitt
The Courier (KY) - September 12, 2012

Health departments in all three counties filed a letter to the court supporting the ban in Bullitt. Locally, Hillview is one of many communities that bans smoking in

Smokeless in the park
State-Journal.com - August 24, 2012

Even though the county believes its park smoking ban is the first in the ... because some who support smoking bans elsewhere see the great outdoors as a place ...

Frankfort Boasts First And Only Smoke Free Public Park
WTVQ - August 22, 2012

Frankfort is now home to the 1st and only smoke free public park in Kentucky. Visitors will see signs posted about this new policy at the golf course, skate park, ...

Group Pushing Statewide Smoking Ban Touring State, Including Warren and Pulaski Counties
WKU Public Radio - July 30, 2012

Advocates of a statewide smoking ban are taking their issue on a five day tour before Fancy Farm to drum up support. The Smoke Free Kentucky Coalition has pushed a statewide smoking ban law in the General Assembly for the last two years. And they are making next year’s legislative session a key moment in their fight. …

Greenup going smoke free in city buildings, cars
Sacramento Bee - July 27, 2012

The northeastern Kentucky city of Greenup is planning to blow the smoke out of all city-owned buildings and cars. …

On the Road to a Healthier Kentucky: Smoke-Free KY Will Kick Off ...
Sacramento Bee - July 26, 2012

Tour Will Rally Public Support for Statewide Smoke-Free Law.

Health Poll Shows Majority of Kentuckians Favor Statewide Smoking Ban
WFPL - May 7, 2012

by Kenny Colston on May 7, 2012 A new poll by a nonpartisan health organization suggests a majority of Kentuckians would support a statewide smoking ban.

Study: Most Kentuckians think child obesity is a problem
Lexington Herald Leader - May 1, 2012

Respondents to the foundation's Kentucky Health Issues poll also said that the state should have a smoke-free law. The telephone poll was sponsored by the ... 54 percent favor a statewide smoking ban, versus 61 percent in greater Lexington and 54 percent in Eastern Kentucky. …

W. Ky. mayor pushes smoking ban
Bowling Green Daily News - Apr 29, 2012

"That's what we're talking about here _ the right of nonsmokers to breathe ... Kemp said under current law nonsmokers can choose to bypass businesses that ...

Hopkinsville mayor pushes smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - Apr 30, 2012

Kemp told the Kentucky New Era that he will present an ordinance to the city council next month that would ban indoor smoking at public places.

Year later, smoking ordinance debate still smoldering
Bowling Green Daily News - Apr 28, 2012

It has been exactly one year since Bowling Green’s smoking ordinance went into effect, causing restaurants and bars in the city to put up their ashtrays and smokers at those establishments to put away their lighters. … Wilkerson said he thought many businesses were willing to go smoke-free, but didn't want the city to force them into the policy. He said he also feels that ...

LETTER: Dictatorship community wants smoking ban in public places ($$)
Kentucky New Era, 2012-04-26

I realize the mayor asked for support to our council members, but this is just a voice expressing dismay. …

EDITORIAL: Our Opinion: Make noise to support public ban on smoking ($$)
Kentucky New Era, 2012-04-25

In one month, when Mayor Dan Kemp officially presents to city council an ordinance that would ban smoking in public indoor places, the council members should have a clear understanding of the public’s preference. …

Smoking ban proposal ($$)
Economic effect has room for debate
Kentucky New Era, 2012-04-24

Advocates on both sides of the smoking ban debate have plenty of economic impact studies to support their arguments. …

LETTER Get behind city smoke-free law ($$)
Kentucky New Era, 2012-04-23

By Dan Kemp -- I read with great interest recent editorials surrounding serious health issues facing our community. The city continues to be engaged in various projects aimed at improving community health through increased exercise opportunities. However, as long as our state ranks as the eighth least healthy in the nation, there remains much work to do. …

Hopkinsville mayor proposes smoking ban ($$)
Princeton (KY) Times-Leader, 2012-04-23

By Nick Tabor -- Hopkinsville is the largest city left in Kentucky that has not banned smoking in public indoor places, Mayor Dan Kemp said. Kemp wants to change this. On May 24, he will present a smoking ban ordinance to the city council.

Smoke-Free Advocates Claim Momentum
WTVQ - April 11, 2012

t was eight years ago this month that the Kentucky Supreme Court upheld Lexington’s smoking ban which had passed the previous July as the state’s first smoke-free law. Now, nearly a decade later, anti-smoking advocates say the momentum for a statewide smoking ban is intensifying and they are in a “full court press.” ...

KCEOC properties going smoke-free
Times Tribune of Corbin - Apr 2, 2012

Beginning Sunday, most KCEOC properties will be smoke-free, according to Brandy Crase, intervention specialist for the community action agency. …

Results Released from Daviess Co., KY Air Quality, Smoking Study
Tristatehomepage.com (KY)- March 27, 2012

The ordinance only includes businesses that allow customers under the age of 18 ... Even in the places that don't allow smoking, the unhealthy particles are ...

Results of Indoor Air Quality Study to be Released in Daviess County
Tristatehomepage.com - March 27, 2012

Six years after a smoke-free ordinance was implemented, the Health Department is releasing the results of an indoor air quality survey in Daviess County. …

Ky. Voices: Smoke-free laws hallmark of civil, tolerant society
Lexington Herald Leader - March 19, 2012

...21 commentary by John Garen, "Smoking bans do not fit in a civil, tolerant society." University of Kentucky professor John Garen missed the point in his ...

New Clark Regional Hospital will be tobacco free
Winchester (KY) Sun, March 17, 2012

When the new Clark Regional Medical Center opens March 31, a new tobacco policy will take effect for the facility and grounds that makes the entire campus tobacco free. …

Kentucky Panel Approves Statewide Smoking Ban
NACS Online - March 15, 2012

Senate President David Williams said he supports a statewide smoking ban, though Rep. ... according to Kentucky.com ­ have already implemented smoking bans.

VIDEO: Smoking Ban Debate Continues in Kentucky
WTVQ-TV 36 (Lexington, KY), 2012-03-13
Reported by: Jacqueline Sprague

"It's really not about the smoker. It's about the second-hand smoke that comes off of a cigarette or a cigar and we just believe it's an unnecessary health risk," says Tonya Chang.

House panel votes, 10-2, to impose public smoking ban
Richmond (KY) Register - March 14, 2012

By Roger Alford AP FRANKFORT - FRANKFORT - One of the nation's top tobacco-producing states would ban residents from smoking cigarettes in public places ...

LRC's Capitol Notes: Busy legislative day sees UPike compromise ...
KyForward.com - March 14, 2012

Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, would ban smoking inside public places, businesses and other workplaces across Kentucky. Only private residences-except those ...

Changes neede[sic] for smoking ordinance
State-Journal.com (KY)- March 13, 2012

Such change does not take away the right of public facilities that want to have non smoking places. A modification- to the present ordinance- there should ...

Drug testing flap holds up vote on state smoking ban
Richmond Register - March 9, 2012

A flap over a proposal to conduct random drug testing on welfare recipients delayed a vote Thursday on legislation that would impose a statewide ban on smoking in public places. … Tonya Chang, advocacy director in Kentucky for the American Heart Association, said she was disappointed the vote on the smoking ban, a prickly issue in a ...

GOP boycott delays vote on Kentucky smoking ban bill
Louisville Courier-Journal - March 8, 2012

A Republican boycott of the Democratic-controlled House Health and Welfare Committee stopped a bill that would impose a statewide smoking ban from getting a ...

Statewide smoking ban proposal not brought up in committee
WKYT - March 8, 2012

A statewide smoking ban was scheduled to be heard in a Frankfort ... hearing came on the heels of a number of Kentucky towns passing their own bans. …

Reader Letter | Health executives urge support for statewide ...
Louisville Courier-Journal - March 6, 2012

We write in support of the proposal to ban smoking in all indoor workplaces statewide. Others have written eloquently about the pernicious health effects of ...

Mrs. Kentucky USA Lends Her Support to Statewide Smoking Ban
WFPL - Feb 20, 2012

Kathy Polston-Dalton was born with a heart disease that flares up when she's around secondhand smoke. She says a statewide smoking ban would alleviate ...

YOUR VIEW: Smoking ban won't cause Birmingham to wither away
The Birmingham News - al.com (blog) - Feb 18, 2012

By Letters from our readers I was in Birmingham last weekend and read the letter in Sunday's newspaper regarding the smoking ban ("City shouldn't be off ...

Smoking ban advocates plan red rally at state capitol
WKYT - February 14, 2012

Those who want to ban smoking inside buildings across Kentucky hope to use Valentine's Day to send a message to lawmakers at the capitol.

Lawmakers Ponder Move to Make Kentucky Smoke-Free
Public News Service - January 30, 2012

Smoking in restaurants, workplaces and other indoor public spots would be ... policy to help protect nonsmokers from the dangers of secondhand smoke. …

Legion OKs smoke-free nights
Bowling Green Daily News - Jan 28, 2012

American Legion Post 23 members voted Wednesday to become a smoke-free facility on nights the post hosts charitable gaming, joining the other local veterans ...

U of L, UK chiefs agree: Kentucky needs smoke-free law
Louisville Courier-Journal - January 26, 2012

…And one of the most important reasons is because smoking rates continue ... Already, more and more Kentucky communities are passing smoke-free ordinances. …

Somerset passes smoking ban
WSB Atlanta - January 24, 2012

Somerset, KY: ... governments should have, the City Council voted 11-1 on Monday to pass the ordinance that would ban smoking in enclosed public areas within the city. ...

Statewide smoke-free law will aid Ky. health, economy
Lexington Herald Leader - January 24, 2012

Already, more and more Kentucky communities are passing smoke-free ordinances. These smoke-free cities are more attractive for students, young professionals ...

Smoking ban valuable to our community
Times Tribune of Corbin (KY)- January 19, 2012

CORBIN ­ I would like to praise Corbin for the decision to ban smoking within the city limits. This has been a rising issue and I am very pleased to see ...

Kentucky could ban indoor smoking in large buildings
FOX19 - January 19, 2012

Susan Westrom will join Smoke-Free Kentucky to roll out legislation that would establish a comprehensive, statewide, indoor smoke-free law. ...

Smoking inside could be a thing of the past with proposed legislation
WKYT (Kentucky) – January 19, 2012

Half of the customers at Sam's are smokers, according to the owner. A statewide ban could have a big impact on business,"It would probably slow business ...

VFW post might go smoke-free
Bowling Green (KY) Daily News - January 5, 2012

After winning a court battle over the city's ordinance against smoking, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1298 might decide to go smoke-free on nights when it ... ...

Anti-smoking ordinance goes into effect Sunday in Corbin
Corbin (KY) News Journal, 2011-12-28
Dean Manning

When the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, smokers at local businesses and other public places will have to step outside if they want to light up as Corbin's smoking ordinance takes effect. ...

Susan G. Zepeda: Kentucky: Go smoke-free
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal, 2011-12-26
Dr. Susan G. Zepeda is CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky

Despite Kentucky's low ranking in many health areas, we are making progress when it comes to protecting residents from exposure to carcinogens in tobacco smoke. According to the most recent Health Issues Poll commissioned by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, 54 percent of those polled favor a state law in Kentucky that would prohibit smoking in most public places, including workplaces, public buildings, offices, restaurants and bars. ...

New ad campaign emphasizes dangers of secondhand smoke exposure
KyForward.com - December 22, 2011

Kentucky's smoking rate remains the second highest in the country with 24.8 percent ... of Kentucky to assist communities in seeking smoke-free ordinances. ...

American Legion and VFW can Smoke in BG
WBKO TV 13 (Bowling Green, KY), 2011-12-20

The city of Bowling Green will stop enforcing the smoking ban against the American Legion and VFW until further notice. ...

TODAY On Bowling Green TODAY 12/21/2011
WNKY.net - December 21, 2011

A Warren District Court judge has overturned the citation against American Legion Post 23 for violating Bowling Green's smoking ban. ...

Poll: Most Kentuckians Favor Statewide Smoking Ban
Public News Service - December 20, 2011

A statewide smoke-free law is more than a breath of fresh air, according to a ... Support for a state smoke-free law was higher among voters than among the ...

Health board supports Bullitt County defense of smoking ban
Richmond (KY) Register - December 15, 2011

In mid - September, Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress voided the Bullitt County Health Board's smoking ban less that a week before it took effect. ...

New poll: Kentuckians would favor statewide smoking ban
FOX19 - December 13, 2011

A new poll shows that a majority of Kentucky residents favor a smoking ban in public places, a law which the Kentucky legislature is ...

VFW cited again for smoking
Bowling Green Daily News (KY) - December 7, 2011

Passed in April by the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners as a way to address public health, the ordinance prohibits smoking in most public buildings ...

Cigarettes to go up in smoke at health dept.
Times Tribune of Corbin (KY) - December 5, 2011

Lighting up a cigarette at Whitley County’s Health Department facilities will be out of the question come Jan. 1, 2012, when its smoking ban takes effect. ...

CVDHD makes push for smoke-free policy
Over 100 public places in Bell County are already "smoke free"
Middlesboro (KY) Daily News, 2011-11-25
ANTHONY CLOUD The Middlesboro Daily News

Thirty-one Kentucky communities now have smoke-free laws or regulations and the Cumberland Valley District Health Department hopes to see Bell County join the list. ...

Smoking ban ordinance passes
Set to become law in Corbin city limits following advertisement
Corbin (KY) Times-Tribune , 2011-11-29
Becky Killian / Managing Editor

A smoking ban ordinance was unanimously passed Wednesday by Corbin's commissioners. ...

Smoking ban ordinance passes
Times Tribune of Corbin (KY) - Becky Killian - November 28, 2011

The ordinance bans smoking in all public places within the city's limits. ... During prior meetings, Gregory had maintained the ban would be an intrusion by ...

VFW post smoking case put on hold
Bowling Green Daily News - Justin Story - November 23, 2011

Cherry said after the hearing that the ordinance had the effect of reducing the number of people who have come to take part in gaming events, ...

Corbin prepares to vote on smoking ban
WKYT - Sean Moody - November 22, 2011

Bill White is the manager of White's Pro Billiards and opposes the smoking ban. "Personally, I'm against it. I think that I will lose some customers or make ...

Organization pushes for smoking ban in Bourbon Co.
WKYT-TV CBS 27 (Lexington, KY), 2011-11-10
Reporter: Melissa Etezadi

The Coalition for Smoke Free Bourbon County held a press conference this evening to discuss how dangerous second hand smoke is. ...

State smoking ban must not weaken local laws
Lexington Herald Leader - October 26, 2011

When he introduced a statewide smoking ban 25 years ago, ... The legislature banned smoking in the public areas of the Capitol just seven years ago, ...

Hispanics in Kentucky Burdened by Asthma
ReadMedia (press release) - October 25, 2011

… They report that only 69.1 percent of their workplaces are smoke-free, compared to the 76.3 percent reported by non-Hispanic whites. ...

Editorial | Snuff it out
Louisville Courier-Journal - October 21, 2011

Tom Burch, D-Louisville, introduced a bill to ban smoking in public places a quarter century ago, the measure was sent to an unfriendly House agriculture ...

Kentucky lawmaker to propose statewide smoking ban
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal, 2011-10-20
DEBORAH YETTER * The Courier-Journal

Backed by a coalition of health and anti-smoking groups, Rep. Susan Westrom said Wednesday that she plans to file a bill for the 2012 legislative session to enact a statewide smoking ban in public places. ...

State Chamber President Backs Workplace Smoking Ban
WFPL (KY) - October 19, 2011

The president of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce has thrown his support behind a proposed statewide smoking ban in the workplace. ...

Clark helps fund Bullitt smoking ban appeal
Winchester (KY) Sun, 2011-09-30, Rachel Parsons

The Clark County Board of Health will support the Bullitt County Board of Health as it appeals a Bullitt Circuit Court decision ruling a county-wide indoor smoking ban unconstitutional. ...

Bullitt County Health Department Approves Smoking Ban Appeal
WFPL 89.3 (Louisville, KY) , September 29, 2011, Devin Katayama

The Bullitt County Board of Health is not giving up its struggle to enact a county-wide smoking ban and has decided to appeal a court decision restricting its power to create and enforce new regulations.

Bullitt Co. health board to fight decision against smoking ban
Bizjournals.com (blog) - September 27, 2011

Bullitt County's Board of Health plans to appeal a court ruling that struck down a planned smoking ban for the county. The Courier-Journal reports that the …

Judge strikes down Bullitt Co. smoking ban
Louisville Morning Call, Business First, September 16, 2011

…A Bullitt Circuit judge has ruled against the proposed smoking ban in Bullitt County. WAVE-TV reports that Judge Rodney Burress ordered the ban void and unlawful and said the Bullitt County Health…

Judge strikes down Bullitt County smoking ban
Houston Chronicle - September 16, 2011

(AP) - A judge has struck down a smoking ban four days before it went into effect, saying county health officials overstepped their authority in passing ...

Judge strikes down Bullitt smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal - September 16, 2011

Attorney John Spainhour (standing) was one of five attorneys who argued against the smoking ban on Aug. 25. Others from left to right are Mark Edison, ...

No word yet on legality of Bullitt County smoking ban
WDRB - September 12, 2011

(WDRB) -- Just seven days before the start of a smoking ban in Bullitt County, and there is still no word on whether it's legal. "Now they're telling us we ...

Bullitt County Waits For Smoking Ban Response
WFPL (KY) September 3, 2011

19, when the ban is scheduled to take effect. The Bullitt County Health Department passed a smoking ban that puts restrictions on where people may smoke, …

Judge hears case on Bullitt County smoking ban
WAVE - August 25, 2011

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Bullitt County judge is weighing a decision on a proposed county-wide smoking ban. Thursday afternoon, Circuit Judge Rodney ...

Bullitt County Smoking Ban Under Fire
WLKY Louisville - Andy Alcock - August 25, 2011

An effort to douse smoking in public places in Bullitt County is under fire. The Bullitt County Board of Health voted to enact a regulation banning smoking. ...

Arguments begin in lawsuit challenging Bullitt smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal - August 25, 2011

Bullitt Circuit Judge Rodney Burress heard Thursday from both sides involved in a lawsuit seeking to block a countywide smoking ban that's slated to take ...

Bullitt judge examines smoking ban
WDRB - August 25, 2011

That's the question before a Bullitt County judge today, just three weeks before the start of a new smoking ban. Joe Wantland, Shepherdsville City Attorney, ...

Smoking ban in Bullitt County heads to court
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - August 25, 2011

(WHAS11)-The battle over a new smoking ban in Bullitt County heads to court Thursday. Beginning at 9 am the Fiscal Court will hear arguments into whether it ...

Smoking Ban Raising Questions
WBKO - Casey Wheeless - August 16, 2011

The smoking ban was set in place to make Bowling Green's air more clear, but some think the ordinance is a little cloudy. The smoking ordinance right now, ...

City Commission hopefuls want to alter smoking ban
However, Western Kentucky University student running for mayor fully supports the Bowling Green ordinance
Bowling Green (KY) Daily News, 2011-08-11

Two candidates for Bowling Green City Commission have already taken the position that the city's anti-smoking ordinance needs to be revised. ...

City files response in smoking ban lawsuit
Bowling Green Daily News (KY) - Justin Story -August 2, 2011

Simpson has argued in court filings that the language in the city's smoking ordinance is virtually identical to the language in a smoking ban in effect in ...

Post 23's appeal cites Lexington smoking ruling
Bowling Green Daily News - Justin Story - July 19, 2011

Private organizations are exempt from the ordinance, which bans smoking in most businesses, and Simpson has claimed that, because Post 23 is exempt from federal income taxes, maintains a selective membership that operates the post, ...

Flemingsburg prepares to adopt smoke free policy
Ledger Independent - July 12, 2011

FLEMINGSBURG -- More than 20 cities and counties in Kentucky have passed bans on smoking in public places and one more may soon be added to that list. Flemingsburg Mayor Marty Voiers and city council are considering a municipal order prohibiting the ...

Kentuckians buying fewer cigarettes
Associated Press (AP), 2011-07-01

A state economist is estimating that Kentucky smokers purchased 120 million fewer packs of cigarettes over the past two years. ...

Group to back Campbell Co. businesses
Chillicothe Gazette - Jeff McKinney - June 27, 2011

IBACC board member Kevin Gordon said more than 100 Campbell County businesses - smoking and non-smoking establishments - were contacted to sign a petition opposing the smoking ban. During that process, he said, the businesses expressed an interest in ...

Today On Bowling Green TODAY 6/10/2011
WNKY.net - June 10, 2011

American Legion Post 23 goes to court to fight a citation issued against them for violating the city's no-smoking ordinance. An appeal that was filed last week seeks to reverse the decision of the Bowling Green Code Enforcement Board to uphold the ...

Madison County's ban on e-cigarettes, hookahs begins next Monday
Lexington Herald-Leader, May 31, 2011

Beginning Monday, June 6, Madison County will enforce an amended smoking ban that includes electronic cigarettes. The Madison County Board of Health voted in April to include e-cigarettes and hookahs (water pipes) in its indoor smoking restrict …

Groups file an appeal to smoking ban
Bowling Green Daily News - Justin Story - May 2, 2011

The attorney representing American Legion Post 23 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1298 in the organizations' battle against the city's smoking ban has appealed the citation issued last week at a charitable gaming …

Judge Denies Smoking Ban Injunction
WBKO, Apr 30, 2011

Morgantown Road's Quality Quick Service owner Mike Sherrell filed a petition for an injunction on grounds that the ban was unconstitutional.

Today On Bowling Green TODAY 4/29/2011
WNKY.net - April 29, 2011

Two local veteran's organizations lost their fight against the smoking ban in court this week. American Legion Post 23 and VFW Post 1298 each sought exemption from the ordinance but were denied. The smoking ban went into effect yesterday.

Bowling Green Smoking Ban Now In Effect
WBKO - Andrew Dawson - April 28, 2011

After all the debate before and even after the smoking ban was passed, it's now finally here. Something some businesses and citizens will have to learn to adjust to. Charles Painter admits he used to like the taste of a rolled up cuban cigar. ...

For One Restaurant, Smoking Ban No Big Deal
WBKO - Andrew Dawson - April 28, 2011

Owner Felicia Durbin says initially customers were concerned with the move but the restaurant has been just fine since switching to no smoking. "We've had nothing but good from it. The customers that are big time smokers they just step outside and they ...

Restaurant, bar owners in Kenton Co. have mixed reaction to smoking ban
FOX19 - Kimberly Holmes - April 27, 2011

It's been nearly two weeks since the smoking ban in Kenton County took effect, but the complaints are already rolling in. A spokesperson for the Northern Kentucky Health Department reports the agency has received 15 ...

Smoking Ban Exemption?
WBKO - April 25, 2011

(AP) -- Two veterans groups are asking a judge to exempt them from a smoking ban set to go into effect in Bowling Green on Thursday. A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday on the challenge by the American Legion Post 23 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post ...

Today On Bowling Green TODAY 4/22/2011
WNKY.net - April 22, 2011

The American Legion Post 23 and VFW Post 1298 are going to court to seek exemptions from the city's impending smoking ban. The smoking ban passed the City Commission in a 3-2 vote earlier this year and is scheduled to go into effect next Thursday. ...

Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Bowling Green Smoking Ban
American Banking News - April 20, 2011

“Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Bowling Green Smoking Ban” is categorized as “local”. This video was licensed from Grab Networks. For additional video content, click the “video” tab at the top of this page. If you are a new American Banking & Market ...

Smoking ban to begin in Kenton Co.
Lexington Herald-Leader, April 14, 2011

Kenton County will be the first northern Kentucky county to ban smoking in most public places when a new ordinance takes effect on Friday. …

Smoking ban repeal not stopping local businesses from going smoke-free
Cincinnati Enquirer Blogs, 2011-04-08
Amanda Joering Alley and Chris Mayhew

While the county-wide smoking ban was repealed, some Campbell County business owners are taking smoking out of their establishments anyway and other businesses have been smoke-free for years. ...

Warren Judge: Petition against smoking ban too broad
Bowling Green Daily News - Justin Story - April 7, 2011

A Bowling Green auto repairman who is challenging the city's smoking ban in court on constitutional grounds was told by a judge Wednesday to elaborate on his allegations. ...

Federal lawsuit filed to stop Bullitt smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal - Sara Cunningham - April 7, 2011

Bullitt County's smoking ban isn't scheduled to go into effect until September but it's already facing another legal challenge. Attorneys for the group Bullitt County Choice and several businesses that are against the measure filed a federal lawsuit ...

Madison County health board bans electronic cigarettes
Lexington Herald-Leader, April 7, 2011

The Madison County Board of Health voted 8-1 Wednesday night to include electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, in its indoor-smoking restrictions. The restrictions have been in effect since 2007. The amended regulation will take ef...

Saint Catharine College to go smoke-free
Lexington Herald-Leader, April 7, 2011

The campus of Saint Catharine College in Washington County will go smoke-free on July 1. The private, liberal-arts college near Springfield has been working on a tobacco-free policy and implementation plan for more than a year. ...

Attorney asks for smoking changes
Simpson seeking exemptions for more businesses or repeal
Bowling Green (KY) Daily News, 2011-04-06

People weren't overflowing out of the City Hall commission chamber Tuesday night, and no petitions were presented, but local attorney Alan Simpson still spoke to the Bowling Green City Commission in hopes it would consider additional exemptions or an outright repeal of the smoking ordinance. ...

Another N.Ky. restaurant goes smoke-free
kypost.com - Pj O'Keefe - April 5, 2011

"Even though the smoking ban was repealed, we have decided to listen to our guests and what they want," Buckhead Mountain Grill General Manager Angela Jimenez said. "The numbers were staggering in the data we collected and we believe it to be in the ...

Smoking Ban About To Go Into Effect in Kenton County
WKRC TV Cincinnati - April 4, 2011

The ban was passed December after a compromise - which allows smoking in bars. Many thought the newly- elected county commissioners would repeal the ban - like their counterparts did in Campbell County. But that didn't happen and as Local 12's Joe Webb ...

Potential Smoking Ban Lawsuit
WBKO - Andrew Dawson - April 4, 2011

The city wide smoking ban in Bowling Green doesn't take effect until April 28th but it could be challenged, in a courtroom. Back in January the smoking ban was the talk of the town. It passed by a vote of three to two. Commissioners Brian 'Slim' Nash ...

Anti-smoking award a dubious distinction
Kentucky Enquirer (Cincinnati Enquirer), 2011-04-01
Mike Rutledge

Kenton and Campbell county officials recently received awards for banning smoking inside restaurants, bars and other workplaces. And no, Campbell County doesn't have to return its award because its ban was repealed before it could take effect ...

Bullitt Co. cities and Fiscal Court take health board to court
WAVE 3 TV (Louisville, KY), 2011-03-28
Janelle MacDonald

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - An unusual sight Monday in Bullitt County as the cities and Fiscal Court hauled their own health department into court. They're suing the board of health after it passed a smoking ban last week. ...

Smoking ban ruling in Bullitt County case months away
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - March 28, 2011

The elected officials fighting Bullitt County's recently approved smoking ban will have to wait until at least August for a court judgment ­ roughly a month before the measure is set to go into effect. ...

Hill supports decision on smoking ban
Bowling Green Daily News - Andrew Robinson - Mar 20, 2011

Hill, an instructor at Western Kentucky University, told the Daily News last week that she has no interest in repealing the smoking ordinance that passed in January. The ordinance, banning smoking at most indoor businesses in the city, will take effect ...

Jessamine County magistrates listen to residents' opinion on proposed smoking ban
Jessamine Journal (Nicholasville, KY), 2011-03-16
Laura Butler

Jessamine County Fiscal Court magistrates listened to people from around the county and surrounding areas express their feelings about a proposed smoking ban Tuesday night. ...

Smoking remains hot topic for Board of Health members
Louisville Courier-Journal (blog) - Emily Hagedorn - March 16, 2011

Bullitt Fiscal Court and several city councils have come out against a proposed smoking ban and plan to ask Bullitt Circuit Court to determine whether the Board of Health has the authority to pass such a measure. Meanwhile, members of Bullitt County ...

Smoking ordinance for Jessamine debated
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader, 2011-03-08
Karla Ward

NICHOLASVILLE -- For about an hour Monday night, members of the Nicholasville City Commission listened as more than a dozen people talked about a smoking ban that is being considered for all of Jessamine County. ...

Study: Jessamine's indoor air pollution much higher than Lexington's
Lexington Herald-Leader, March 5, 2011

NICHOLASVILLE ­ The indoor air pollution in a sampling of Jessamine County's public places was 7.4 times higher than in Lexington, where a smoke-free ordinance has been in effect since 2004, according to a study conducted by the Univer...

Kenton Co. Commissioners Consider Alternatives To Smoking Ban
WLWT Cincinnati - February 23, 2011

Kenton County's smoking ban is scheduled to go into affect April 15, but the ban may go up in smoke. A divided County Commission listened to a divided ...

Jessamine County officials ponder smoking ban
WYMT - Sean Moody - February 21, 2011

"I moved out of Lexington for the exact same reason - because they wouldn't let you smoke anywhere. We have no rights whatsoever anymore."

Rick Turner says he's upset by a smoking ban that could be passed here in Jessamine County. If the ordinance passes, Jessamine County would join these counties across the state which have enacted similar bans. Turner says ordinances like these destroy his rights.

"I just think we ought to have some rights and we ought to have some choices. You either do that or you move to a communist nation where you don't have any choices," says Turner.

While some people feel the ordinance will trample upon their rights, the man behind the ordinance, County Magistrate Terry Meckstroth, says it's all about public safety ...

Jessamine, Nicholasville, Wilmore officials to discuss smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - Greg Kocher - Feb 20, 2011

NICHOLASVILLE ­ After two years of off-and-on discussion, elected officials in Nicholasville, Wilmore and Jessamine County are moving closer to votes on smoking bans later this year. ...

Campbell repeals indoor smoking ban
Cincinnati.com (blog) - February 17, 2011

NEWPORT – After 3½ hours of debate Wednesday, Campbell County Fiscal Court voted 3-1 to snuff out the proposed countywide smoking ban that would have prohibited smoking inside bars, restaurants and other businesses that welcome the public.

That result had been expected for weeks, even before the former Fiscal Court voted during its final meeting in mid-December to approve the ban. Officials allowed everyone who wished to speak Wednesday to express their opinion.

Opponents of the ban agued that government should respect individual liberties and business freedoms. Ban opponents made up a strong majority of the approximately 140 people who sat and stood to participate in the proceedings – plus at least a dozen more who watched on television from the lobby of the county’s Newport administrative building.

Two officials suggested compromises ...

Campbell County To Vote on Smoking Ban
WKRC TV Cincinnati - February 16, 2011

The Campbell County Fiscal Court plans a vote tonight that could overturn a smoking ban. The ban would forbid smoking in bars, restaurants, and business. It was to go into effect on April 15th. The Fiscal Court voted for the ban in December but two ...

Campbell Co. smoking ban may be short lived
Commissioners vote Wednesday on a repeal
Kentucky Post, 2011-02-15
Chris Reid

NEWPORT, Ky. - The smoking ban adopted last year for Campbell County is under review and could be repealed before it ever takes effect depending on an upcoming vote. ...

Don't repeal smoking ban, Campbell County urged
Northern Kentucky Medical Society , St. Elizabeth Healthcare state their case
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer, 2011-02-15
Written by Mike Rutledge

Indications are that Wednesday evening's meeting of the Campbell County Fiscal Court again will be packed with proponents and opponents of a smoke-free law that would ban smoking in bars, bowling alleys and other businesses that are open to the public. After numerous hours of debate, county officials are expected to take their final vote Wednesday. Opponents at this meeting in Alexandria wore bright green stickers ...

Survey: 75 percent of Bullitt Countians favor smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - February 15, 2011

A survey done for the Bullitt County Health Department has found broad support for a smoking ban in businesses. Seventy-five percent of the 400 residents ...

The long road to Louisville's smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal - February 11, 2011

On June 5, 2003, a group rallied on the steps of the old Jefferson County Courthouse and began an effort to ban smoking in a town whose history is intertwined with tobacco.

Smoke Free Louisville -- a coalition with about 150 members that grew out of the local heart and lung associations and the cancer society -- started its campaign that day with little more than faith and $300,000 ...

Possible smoking ban for Kentucky
WAVE - Katharine Greene - February 9, 2011

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - A push is underway in Frankfort to implement a statewide smoking ban. On Wednesday in the Capitol Rotunda a rally took place that backed a bill that would place a ban on smoking in all indoor workplaces and public places.

The sponsor of the bill does not expect it to pass although they explained that these things take time and this rally was a step in the right direction. "I don't expect the smoke free bill to get through this year," Susan Westrom of Fayette County said,"My intention was merely educate our legislators." ...

Health care bills focus on smoking, obesity
Louisville Courier-Journal - Laura Ungar - January 31, 2011

Kentucky has the nation's highest adult smoking rate, and Louisville and Lexington ­ and more than 20 other Kentucky communities ­ already have smoking bans ...

Bowling Green is Smoke-Free in 90 Days
WBKO TV 13 (Bowling Green, KY), 2011-01-25

It's official! Bowling Green is becoming a Smoke-Free City.

Some businesses are thinking ahead of how they will serve customers in the future.

"Provide the environment for those who don't smoke and for those who do smoke. Arrange for a reasonable location and a place to sit and stand outside and be able to come back in," said Scott Collins.

"50 percent of people like it, 50 percent of people don't like it, something we are going to offer is we have a 1800 square foot patio, that will open up that they will be able to smoke on," said Jeff Zeman.

In a three-to-two vote, the Smoking Ban in Bowling Green, passes its second reading. ...

Ky. city close to banning indoor smoking
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 23, 2011

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A southern Kentucky city is on the cusp of passing a ban on smoking at most indoor businesses.

The Bowling Green City Commission will vote Monday on a second reading of an ordinance that would ban smoking at most indoor businesses in the city.

The Bowling Green Daily News reported that first reading passed 3-2. Commissioners Bruce Wilkerson and Joe Denning voted no ...

Governor candidates spar over smoking ban
Lexington Herald Leader - Jack Brammer - January 21, 2011

LOUISVILLE—Senate President David Williams said Friday he supports a statewide smoking ban, but two of his rivals in this year's race for governor said the issue should be decided by property owners.

Louisville businessman Phil Moffett said government has no business making decisions regarding private property and that he thinks the effects of second-hand smoke have been "overblown." Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith, running as an independent, said it's the right of property owners to determine whether facilities should allow smoking.

The comments on such a ban and other issues came during a 90-minute forum at the winter convention of the Kentucky Press Association ...

Bowling Green takes first step to ban smoking
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 19, 2011

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Bowling Green City Commissioners have taken a preliminary vote to ban smoking in the south-central Kentucky city.

WBKO-TV reports commissioners voted 3-2 Tuesday night in favor of the ban that would prohibit smoking in all public and work places. Another vote is required before the ban is approved. ...

Bowling Green officials to discuss smoking ban
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 17, 2011

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Officials in Bowling Green plan to discuss a proposal to ban smoking at most private businesses in the south-central Kentucky city.

The proposal is expected to get a preliminary vote at Tuesday's city commission meeting, with a final vote before the end of the month. Commissioner Brian "Slim" Nash is proposing the ban and Commissioner Bill Waltrip and Mayor Elaine Walker have said they support it ...

Commissioners to hear reading of anti-smoking bill
Bowling Green Daily News - Andrew Robinson - Jan 17, 2011

There will be a first and a last at Tuesday’s Bowling Green City Commission meeting.

Commissioners will consider the first reading of an ordinance that would make most businesses in the city smoke free.

Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash filed the legislation late Thursday afternoon. The bill is expected to pass. Commissioner Bill Waltrip and Mayor Elaine Walker have publicly supported a smoking ban in the past.

If the first reading passes Tuesday night, Nash said he plans to call a special meeting to vote on a second reading prior to Walker being sworn in as Kentucky’s secretary of state Jan. 29.

Nash said last week he wants to get the issue settled before a new mayor and/or commissioner come on board and are faced with such a controversial issue.

The meeting will be Walker’s last scheduled meeting as mayor. Walker was appointed Jan. 7 by Gov. Steve Beshear to become secretary of state, replacing the outgoing Trey Grayson.

Walker will be sworn in to office by Chief Justice John D. Minton in Frankfort ...

Smoking Ban Could Be Headed Bowling green’s Way
WBKO - Andrew Dawson - January 17, 2011

Smoking a cigarette may be a personal choice, but soon it may not be a public choice.

Tuesday night the Bowling Green City Commission will go over a proposed public smoking ban, written by commissioner Brian 'Slim' Nash.

"The ordinance covers any indoor environment that serves the public so any work place would be covered," he said.

This doesn't sit too well with one local business owner who allows his employees and customers to smoke.

"I don't really agree with it every business owner has the right to specify if something should be you know smoke ban or not," Alan Felts said.

And those who enjoy a cigarette while eating a meal, aren't too joyful about it either.

"I think it's my right. If you don't want to be around smoking go to a place that doesn't allow it. You don't have to make every place that way," Robert Holland said.

Although one restaurant manager isn't too worried about business if the ban passes. ...

Push for smoke-free Ky. at local and state levels
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 12, 2011

A legislative proposal for a statewide smoke-free law is no excuse for letting up on local efforts.

As the bill's sponsor, Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, candidly admitted, it would take a "miracle" for the legislation to be enacted in this session of the General Assembly.

Still, it's great that Westrom and seven co-sponsors got the ball and this important discussion rolling. Kentuckians, who suffer more than most from tobacco-related disease, deserve statewide protections from secondhand smoke — the sooner the better.

We weren't surprised by a poll that found 59 percent of the state's voters support a statewide prohibition on smoking in workplaces, public buildings, offices, restaurants and bars. The poll found that 44 percent strongly favor such a law. Support also crosses party lines, including 60 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Democrats. ...

Stumbo's bill would target smokers in cars with children
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 12, 2011

Smoking in a vehicle where a child under 17 is present would be illegal under a bill filed by House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

A person in a vehicle with a child could not smoke "cigars, cigarettes or other tobacco in any form" under House Bill 216. ...

Arlinghaus: Kenton may repeal smoking ban, too
Cincinnati.com (blog) - January 12, 2011

INDEPENDENCE – If Campbell Fiscal Court repeals its countywide ordinance prohibiting smoking inside public places, Kenton County Judge-executive Steve Arlinghaus will recommend that Kenton Fiscal Court also revoke that county’s smoking legislation.

Campbell Fiscal Court’s three county commissioners, led by newly elected Pete Garrett, indicated last week that they plan to revoke the smoke-free ordinance, likely within two meetings, the Enquirer previously reported.

“If Campbell County takes the lead and decides to initiate a policy opposite of what they have today, basically no ban at all, then I will bring that up to this fiscal court, that they should seriously consider the same thing,” Arlinghaus said after Tuesday’s Kenton Fiscal Court meeting ...

Judge-executive is hopeful about term
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - January 12, 2011

The Bullitt County Board of Health seems to be moving forward with plans to implement a smoking ban in bars and restaurants. Some Shepherdsville officials ...

Clear the Air
Times Tribune of Corbin - Becky Killian - January 10, 2011

Whitley County’s health officials plan to push for a smoking ban similar to efforts underway in Knox County.

The Whitley County effort will begin much as it did in Knox, with health officials seeking to educate the public as well as city and county leaders about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, according to Katharine Lay, health educator for Whitley County Health Department.

Health officials are also seeking public input in the matter. A Times-Tribune online poll is set to launch today that will give area residents the chance to weigh-in on the issue.

Lay is among area health officials who formed Tri-County Clear the Air, a coalition that that seeks the passage of smoking bans in public places ...

EDITORIAL: A smoking ban
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal, 2011-01-08

The bill to impose a statewide ban on smoking in indoor workplaces in Kentucky should be a no-brainer. Instead, of course, it will face a steep, and perhaps insurmountable, uphill fight.

The price that tobacco-related illnesses exact is frightening. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, the annual death toll is 443,000 Americans, making smoking the leading preventable cause of death. Of that number, about 49,000 people lose their lives due to the effects of secondhand smoke. On average, deceased smokers are robbed of between 13 and 14 years of life. For every death caused by smoking, there are about 20 Americans suffering a tobacco-related illness.

The financial costs are staggering as well, as calculated by the CDC. Each year, direct medical costs total about $96 billion, and the price tag of lost productivity is about $97 billion.

In Kentucky, the statistics are worse than national averages. The state is tied with West Virginia for the nation's highest adult smoking rate — 25.6 percent, compared with a 20.6 percent national rate — and as a result Kentucky ranks among the top states for lung and cardiovascular disease.

Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have some form of statewide smoke-free laws. Support for a state ban is growing even in Indiana, tied with Missouri for the nation's fifth-highest adult smoking rate at 23.1 percent. This is a national trend Kentucky should join. ...

Lexington lawmaker proposes statewide smoking ban
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 7, 2011

FRANKFORT — State lawmakers on Thursday filed the first bill calling for a statewide ban on smoking in or near the entrances of workplaces and public places, including restaurants, bars, hotels and bingo halls.

Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, the primary sponsor, said it would be "a miracle" if the General Assembly approved her bill this year, although House and Senate leaders from both parties have expressed support for a statewide smoking ban.

A health-education campaign might be necessary to win enough votes, Westrom said. ...

59% of Kentucky Voters Support Comprehensive Statewide Smoke-Free Law
Poll shows strong support as Smoke-Free Kentucky Campaign launches today
PR Newswire (press release) - January 6, 2011

FRANKFORT, Ky., Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Kentucky health advocates today released a new poll showing 59% of Kentucky voters support passing a law to make all restaurants, bars and other workplaces smoke-free. The release is part of the launch of Smoke-Free Kentucky's campaign to ensure that all Kentuckians have the right to breathe clean, smoke-free air in public places and at work. ...

Campbell takes first steps to repeal smoking ban
Cincinnati.com (blog) - January 6, 2011

ALEXANDRIA – The Campbell County Fiscal Court’s new members took steps at their first meeting to revoke the countywide smoking ban their predecessors approved in December.

At the end of a standing-room-only meeting that earlier had been attended by several dozen opponents of the ban and some proponents, the court’s three county commissioners, led by newly elected Pete Garrett, indicated they plan to revoke the ban, likely within the next two meetings.

On Garrett’s motion Fiscal Court voted 3-1 to direct new Campbell County Attorney Steve Franzen to write legislation repealing the ban so it can receive the first of two required readings during their Jan. 19 meeting in Newport. The second reading and vote likely would happen Feb. 2 in Alexandria.

Joining Garrett was fellow newcomer Commissioner Brian Painter, as well as Commissioner Ken Rechtin, who last month had cast the lone vote against the ban. County Judge-executive Steve Pendery was the one-person minority Wednesday after being part of the three-man majority – with departing commissioners Dave Otto and Mark Hayden – that approved the ban in December ...

Statewide smoking ban sought in Kentucky
Bill will be introduced today
Louisville Courier-Journal, January 6, 2011
By Laura Ungar - lungar@courier-journal.com

A bill scheduled to be introduced in the General Assembly today calls for a smoking ban across Kentucky, where residents smoke at the nation's highest rate and tobacco-related illnesses exact a heavy toll.

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, would ban smoking in all indoor workplaces with at least one employee, including restaurants, bars and private clubs. It's supported by a coalition of local, state and national health advocates called Smoke Free Kentucky.

“We feel like the time has come to make sure everyone across the state is protected,” said Amy Barkley, a director for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. “There's absolutely no reason for anyone to be exposed to secondhand smoke.”

“Secondhand smoke is not just an annoyance; it's a known cause of premature death and disease in non-smokers,” Westrom said. “No one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck. Smoke-free policies are an easy way to solve a serious public health problem." ..

VIDEO: Smouldering debate over smoking bans in Kentucky set to re-ignite
Kentucky Post, 2011-01-06

NEWPORT, Ky. - Proposed smoking bans look to be a hot issue throughout Kentucky this year, as health authorities push for a state-wide smoking ban.

But they'll have to fight efforts to overturn some local smoking bans, like the one in Campbell County.

It looked like the spring might bring indoor smoking bans to both Kenton and Campbell counties, but now that outlook, at least in Campbell County, appears unclear at best because new members of the Campbell County Fiscal Court want to overturn the previously approved smoking ban.

This week, Campbell County ordered County Attorney Steve Franzen to come up with legislation to overturn the smoking ban there, so the Fiscal Court could vote on it in February. The current ban was due to go into effect in Campbell County in April.

Meanwhile, statewide smoking opponents in Kentucky are going to start a new campaign Thursday to bring an indoor smoking ban to the entire state. ...

Kenton County passes compromise indoor smoking ban
Lexington Herald-Leader, December 22, 2010

Kenton County officials have approved a compromise smoking ban ordinance. After a vote to institute a comprehensive indoor smoking ban failed, the panel approved a milder version. It exempts bars that prohibit patrons under 18, have no employe...

Suit filed over proposed smoking ban
Kentucky Enquirer (Cincinnati Enquirer), 2010-12-03
Mike Rutledge

NEWPORT - Several opponents of Campbell County's proposed smoking ban for bars, restaurants and other public places of business filed a lawsuit Friday arguing the county has taken the wrong path toward requiring smoke-free buildings.

Attorney Steve Megerle, the former Covington city commissioner, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Cline's on the River, the League of Kentucky Property Owners, the company that owns Southern Lanes bowling alley, and Northern Kentucky Choice, an ad-hoc group opposed to the proposed smoke-free law. …

N. Ky. city votes against smoking ban proposal
Lexington Herald-Leader, Dec 3, 2010

FORT WRIGHT, Ky. -- Another city in northern Kentucky has passed a resolution to oppose a proposed smoking ban in Kenton and Campbell counties.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports the Fort Wright City Council vote on Wednesday night was unanimous. The Erlanger City Council passed a similar resolution last week.

Officials in Kenton and Campbell counties plan to vote this month on a proposal that would prohibit smoking in restaurants, bars and other public buildings. ...

Herald-Leader, Libertarian Party weigh in on proposed Northern Ky. smoking ban
Examiner.com - December 1, 2010

he Lexington Herald-Leader’s editorial board weighed in on a looming smoking ban proposal in Northern Kentucky this week, prompting a response from Libertarian Party of Kentucky Chairman and Northern Kentucky Tea Party member Ken Moellman.

The editorial urges legislators representing residents of Covington, Florence, Newport, Highland Heights and Fort Thomas “to protect their people from the serious harms caused by passive smoking” and calls the region out for lagging behind its neighbors in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati.

The Herald-Leader goes on to say a smoking regulation is no more intrusive than sanitation or fire exit regulations, and that those opponents of the smoking ban – namely the Northern Kentucky Tea Party – “believe they are fighting for freedom when, in fact, they’re playing stooges for the tobacco industry.”

In his response, Moellman criticized the Herald-Leader, “whose delivery and general readership do not reach the Northern Kentucky area,” for even giving its two cents on the issue, saying the Herald-Leader apparently does not understand that Northern Kentuckians are “different… value liberty and freedom” and “outright reject the ...

Go smoke-free, Northern Ky.
Lexington Herald-Leader, Nov 30, 2010

Northern Kentucky residents should not have to pay for their region's politics with their lungs, hearts and health.

The region lags behind Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati and the rest of Ohio in clearing the air of tobacco smoke.

Even Bardstown and Glasgow, small towns that once lived in synch with the rhythms of growing and harvesting tobacco, have done more than Covington, Florence, Newport, Highland Heights and Fort Thomas to protect their people from the serious harms caused by passive smoking. ...

No public notice; Ky. smoking ban vote delayed
Lexington Herald-Leader, Tuesday Nov 23, 2010

INDEPENDENCE, Ky. -- A county legislative vote on a proposed smoking ban in northern Kentucky has been delayed because of inadequate public notice.

The Kenton Fiscal Court met Monday and was expected to take up the issue, but County Attorney Garry Edmondson told The Kentucky Enquirer a notice of the special meeting didn't get posted in a conspicuous place in the courthouse. State statute requires it.

Edmondson says the notice was sent to the courthouse in Independence, but "something broke down" and it didn't get posted on the walls. ...

Time is now for a smoke ban
Cincinnati.com - Mark Hayden - November 19, 2010

For several years, Northern Kentucky has discussed and debated whether to pass a smoke-free ordinance. I recall attending a public hearing on the issue in Fort Thomas over three years ago. Public officials have received hundreds of letters on the issue and numerous residents and experts have addressed our commission over the years. I want to thank all those residents who took the time to provide comments to me on this important issue. Initially, I felt strongly that businesses should be free to decide whether to go smoke-free and the government should stay out it. But I continued to study the issue. As my understanding grew, the decision become clear, Northern Kentucky must pass a comprehensive smoke-free law. ...

Campbell Co. holds public hearing on smoke ban
Cincinnati.com (blog) - November 18, 2010

NEWPORT – Campbell County Fiscal Court heard Wednesday from more than 50 advocates and opponents of a proposed countywide ban on smoking inside restaurants, …

Newport opposes county smoking ban
Lexington Herald-Leader, Wednesday Nov 17, 2010

NEWPORT, Ky. -- The city of Newport is opposing an indoor smoking ban proposed for Campbell and Kenton counties in northern Kentucky.

The Newport City Commission voted 4-1 Monday on a resolution against the indoor smoking ban in Campbell County. The resolution also includes a request that Campbell County allow the city to opt out of a county smoking ban.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports that Campbell County Fiscal Court will hold a first reading Wednesday of the ordinance that would prohibit indoor smoking countywide in all public places, including bars and restaurants, except in open, outdoor patio areas. ...

Newport Wants To Opt Out Of Proposed Smoking Ban
WLWT Cincinnati - November 16, 2010

NEWPORT, Ky. -- The city of Newport is opposing an indoor smoking ban proposed for Campbell and Kenton counties.

The Newport City Commission voted 4-1 Monday on a resolution against the indoor smoking ban in Campbell County.

The resolution also includes a request that Campbell County allow the city to opt out of a county smoking ban ...

Mayors urge Campbell Co. to reconsider smoking ban
Cincinnati.com (blog) - November 16, 2010

NEWPORT – On Tuesday, officials in several Campbell County cities urged county officials to reconsider – or at least let cities opt out of – a proposed indoor smoking ban for bars and restaurants.

“I don’t care what they do in Kenton County, and I don’t care what they do in Boone,” Alexandria Mayor Dan McGinley said at a quarterly joint meeting of city and county officials. “We have to do what’s right here. And by me, what’s right is letting businesses run their business.”

Representatives of about half of the county’s 16 cities were present, and all but two spoke against the proposal ...

Health officials hold final smoking ban forum
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - November 10, 2010

The Bullitt County Health Department director told people gathered for the final forum on a possible ban on smoking at businesses that the event was not about “rhetoric” but “science.”

“This is not a political forum,” director Swannie Jett said. “This is to look at the science to protect the community.”

But many in the crowd of about 60 at the health department last week called the agency a “shadow government,” claiming that a smoking ban would infringe upon their rights.

Harlen Compton, a spokesman for Bullitt County Choice, a group that says a smoking ban would violate property rights, questioned the rhetoric the health department has used to promote the ban.

“When did ‘No one should have to trade their life for a livelihood' replace ‘Give me liberty or give me death'?” he asked. ...

Smoke-free laws study information released Tuesday in press conference
Times Tribune of Corbin - Becky Killian - November 10, 2010

A sign posted on the door of The Roasted Mug in downtown Barbourville asks customers to observe the coffee shop’s no smoking policy.

Owner John Morse, who opened the business three months ago, said he’s heard several compliments and no complaints from customers about the policy.

A 2009 study of secondhand smoke and smoke-free policy conducted by the University of Kentucky indicated that restaurant sales were not adversely affected by smoke-free laws. The information about the study was released during a Tuesday press conference along with the results of an indoor air quality study that focused on Knox County.

The Knox County study — conducted over a period of several days in August — focused on nine hospitality venues in the county and found that levels of indoor air pollution was about five times higher than other communities that have passed smoke-free laws. Also, the study indicates indoor pollution in Knox County’s public venues was about three times higher than the national standard for outdoor air. A majority of the hospitality venues had air pollution levels that equaled or exceeded the national standard for outdoor air ...

Kenton won't go smoking ban alone
Lexington Herald-Leader, Nov 8, 2010

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. -- The key to whether two northern Kentucky counties pass smoking bans apparently lies with two newly elected Campbell County Fiscal Court members.

Kenton County Judge-executive Ralph Drees told The Kentucky Enquirer on Friday that his county won't pass smoke-free legislation for public places unless Campbell does too. ...

Timing of vote key to fate of indoor smoking ban
Cincinnati.com (blog) - November 4, 2010

ALEXANDRIA – Campbell County Judge-executive Steve Pendery told proponents of a smoking ban he plans to hold a first reading of proposed legislation to create a ban before November ends.

But asked after Wednesday evening’s fiscal court meeting if he expected the more important second reading and vote to happen before the year ends, Pendery said he didn’t know.

The date of that vote likely will determine the fate of the proposed countywide ban of smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places. ...

Residents speak out against smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal - Melissa Poore - November 3, 2010

The main speaker at a forum held by Bullitt residents who oppose a smoking ban said such a move could lead to more government intervention, like banning trans fats.

“Are we going to ban Burger King from selling Whoppers?” asked Jim Waters of the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, an independent, nonpartisan association.

“It's not the role of government to ban smoking on private property — that's the bottom line,” Waters said. “Secondhand smoke is bad, but an out-of-control government is a whole lot worse.”

About 20 people attended the Oct. 26 forum at the Hillview Government Center. Bullitt County Choice, a group opposed to a smoking ban, held the forum as an alternative to the Bullitt County Health Department forums on the issue ...

City smoking amendment changed
Appalachian News-Express - Chris Anderson - October 29, 2010

Answering concerns from both the public and city commissioners, an amendment to Pikeville’s smoking regulations was rescinded this week in favor of a less-strict regulation.

At a recent meeting of the Pikeville City Commission, a unanimous vote by city commissioners rescinded a previous amendment to the city’s smoking regulations that sought to ban citizens from smoking in city streets and within 150 feet of schools, colleges or day care centers in the city. ...

William Altman | Louisville's next mayor and public health
Louisville Courier-Journal - William Altman - October 27, 2010

On Nov. 2, the citizens of metro Louisville will elect a new mayor who in his role as chief executive will be faced with the responsibilities and possibilities as it relates to the health of the citizens of Louisville. As chair of the Louisville Metro Board of Health, I believe it is important to outline the public health issues facing our community even before our new mayor is elected. The health of the citizens of Louisville is a nonpartisan issue that should be approached by drawing upon objective evidence about the key determinants of health and what interventions are most effective to improve our community's overall wellness.

The Board of Health's mission is to promote and protect equitable physical, mental, and environmental health in the Louisville community through advocacy, education, regulation, and collaboration with public and private entities. The board envisions a Louisville that provides every person equal opportunity for complete health and well-being. The Board of Health works closely with the Louisville Department of Health and Wellness, but we also function as a separate entity and serve as an independent voice to ensure that public health issues are addressed in an objective, evidence-based way. ...

Bullitt smoking-ban opponents to hold forum
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - October 20, 2010

Dissatisfied with the Bullitt Health Department's forums on a possible smoking ban, a group of residents opposed to a ban is holding its own forum.

Bullitt County Choice is sponsoring a forum at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Hillview Government Center, 283 Crestwood Lane.

Invitations to participate have been sent to elected government officials, Bullitt County Health Department officials and members of Partners in Prevention, a Bullitt coalition that fights drug abuse, said John Colburn, a member of Bullitt County Choice.

Judge-Executive Melanie Roberts, who also sits on the Bullitt County Board of Health, and Kenny Hardin, the Democratic candidate for judge-executive, have been especially invited, he said.

“I think the time was a little bit slanted in their (the Health Department's) favor because they had two or three people who got a number of minutes at the beginning and end of their forum to talk. The public only had 90 seconds per person,” Colburn said. “We want to give people more time to articulate an argument." ...

Kenton, Campbell to vote on smoking ban by Dec. 31
Cincinnati.com (blog) - October 12, 2010

INDEPENDENCE – Before Kenton Fiscal Court’s term ends Dec. 31, its members will “absolutely” decide whether to ban indoor smoking in public places in Kenton County, even if it has to call a special meeting to do so, Kenton County Commissioner Kris Knochelmann said Tuesday.

No date has been set for a vote, but Knochelmann predicted it will likely happen in December.

“We may be in our Christmas best when we’re voting on this issue,” Knochelmann said … “I think the consensus has been that we want to do an evening meeting when we actually vote on (the smoke-free legislation) and that there be at least a month for people to comment on it,” once a final version of the ordinance is available.

Knochelmann made his comments after Tuesday’s regular fiscal court meeting. He presided over the meeting because of Kenton Judge-executive Ralph Drees’ absence.

Campbell County officials have not yet set dates for hearing public comment and voting on the issue, but that will happen before the end of the year, Judge-executive Steve Pendery said. He expects the issue will be discussed at Wednesday’s monthly breakfast meeting of Northern Kentucky’s judge-executives and their top administrative staff ...

Pikeville commission mulls additional smoking regulations
Appalachian News-Express - Chris Anderson - October 12, 2010

Commissioners tabled an amendment to the City of Pikeville’s smoking regulations Monday after expressing a number of concerns, including whether it would infringe on the rights of smokers in the city.

At the regular meeting Monday evening of the Pikeville City Commission, the second reading of an amendment to the city’s smoking ordinance failed to receive approval and was tabled until the commission’s next meeting, scheduled for Oct. 25. The amendment seeks to block smoking in public roadways.

Tina Ward-Pugh challenged by newcomer Patrick Duerr in Metro Council
Louisville Courier-Journal - Martha Elson - October 12, 2010

Editor's note: This is one in a series of stories examining the candidates and issues in this year's general election.

The race to represent the Metro Council’s 9th District is between an incumbent with a long record of public service and a businessman who wants to place more emphasis on helping businesses.

Democrat Tina Ward-Pugh, 50, the incumbent who’s held public office for more than 11 years, advocates a strong role for government to improve the city. Republican Patrick Joseph Duerr, a 37-year-old political newcomer, stresses his business experience and says he generally favors less government.

Both candidates emphasize the need for more jobs ...

Economic Effects of Ohio's Smoke-free Law on Kentucky and Ohio Border Counties
Pyles, M.K.; Hahn, E.J.
Tobacco Control [Epub ahead of print], September 24, 2010.

Conclusions: Our data add to the large body of evidence that smoke-free laws are neutral with respect to the hospitality business across jurisdictions with and without laws. ...

Opponents fired up at smoking-ban forums
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal, 2010-09-29
Emily Hagedorn

The first forum held to discuss a possible smoking ban in Bullitt businesses included some tense moments between officials and residents who are against the ban.

"I don't care about your graphs," said Linda Tinnell, who owns Barnyard General Store in Shepherdsville. "I'm for people's right to do what they want to do. I'm fired up."

The second forum was tamer and included a more even mix of people on both sides of the issue.

Dozens of people attended events Sept. 20 in Lebanon Junction and Sept. 23 in Mount Washington held by the Health Department to present the results of a recent study that evaluated secondhand smoke in Bullitt businesses. Another forum was held Tuesday at Jewish Hospital Medical Center South in Brooks.

The Health Department study found the amount of particulate matter in the air was almost 43 times higher in 11 Bullitt venues than it was in Louisville venues after the city implemented a smoking ban. ...

Secondhand Smoke Campaign Reaches Kentucky Parents
Newswise (press release) - September 24, 2010

Newswise — A recent UK HealthCare survey found that over the past year, the percentage of Kentuckians living with children who believe secondhand smoke to be a serious health risk has increased.

These results are promising to UK HealthCare, who in Sept. 2009 launched a state-wide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke. The five-year campaign includes radio and television public service announcements featuring UK Men's Basketball Coach John Calipari, educational materials, an interactive website and a school-based education program. ...

Bullitt group battling possible smoking ban; meeting set for Monday
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - September 21, 2010

In the days leading up to a forum to discuss a possible smoking ban in Bullitt County, some residents have created a website and started a petition opposing a ban.

BullittCountyChoice.com became active Thursday and was created by four residents, said John Colburn, one of the organizers and a Shepherdsville City Council candidate.

Along with Colburn, the group includes Harlen Compton, of Hillview; Teresa Buky, of Mount Washington, and Karen Johnson, who is running for Hillview City Council.

The group will discus its efforts at the first smoking ban forum at 6 p.m. Monday at the Lebanon Junction Community Center, 123 N. Poplar St. The Bullitt County Health Department is hosting the meeting ...

Smoking ban debate just starting
Cincinnati.com - Amanda Van Benschoten - September 19, 2010

EDGEWOOD - Before the Northern Kentucky Health Department's District Board of Health voted last week on whether to help enforce a potential indoor smoking ban, officials stressed that the vote was only on the issue of enforcement, and not on the merits of the ban itself.

But inevitably, a debate broke out among board members on the politically charged issue of whether Campbell and Kenton counties should ban indoor smoking in public places, and whether the health department should be involved.

Several members wondered why the department was being asked to enforce the proposed ban, although in other parts of the state and country, including in Cincinnati, it's common for health departments to enforce smoking bans at businesses, just as they enforce food safety laws.

"Whether you agree or disagree with the core question (of the ban), that's for the counties to decide," said Debbie Davis, a nurse who represents Kenton County. "As a health board, the real question is: are we going to protect the public health, or are we not? And I believe the answer is, we are." ...

NKY smoking ban takes a step forward
Cincinnati.com, September 16, 2010

EDGEWOOD - A proposed indoor smoking ban in Campbell and Kenton counties took a major step forward Wednesday night.

By a vote of 15 to 6, the Northern Kentucky Health Department's District Board of Health voted to enforce the ban, if the counties approve it.

Campbell Judge-executive Steve Pendery, who sits on the health board and voted for the enforcement, said the vote allows the two counties to move forward on finalizing a draft ordinance of the ban. ...

Forums set for smoking-ban plan
Louisville Courier-Journal - Emily Hagedorn - September 15, 2010

The Bullitt County Health Department has scheduled four forums to discuss a possible smoking ban in Bullitt and a recent air-quality study.

The Bullitt County Board of Health or Bullitt Fiscal Court may enact a smoking ban, but before that happens, health officials say they want to hear from residents.

The forums will be held at the following times and locations:

6 p.m. Monday at the Lebanon Junction Community Center, 123 N. Poplar St.

6 p.m. Sept. 23 at the Mount Washington Annex Building, 186 Branham Way

2 p.m. Sept. 28 in Jewish Hospital Medical Center South's community room, 1903 W. Hebron Lane, Brooks

6 p.m. Nov. 4 at the Bullitt County Health Department, 181 Lees Valley Road, Shepherdsville ...

Report: Ohio County backs smoking ordinance
14WFIE.com - Jasmin Embers - September 8, 2010

OHIO CO., KY (WFIE) - A survey from the University of Kentucky shows 66% of adults in Ohio County support a comprehensive, local smoke-free ordinance that covers all public buildings including restaurants and workplaces.

"I'm surprised, because there are a lot of smokers around here," said local resident Brad Duff.

However, ongoing reports about the long term health effects of smoking may be impacting public sentiment.

"You hear so much about the health problems that smoking causes and I think that's waking a lot of people up," said Shirrell Johnson, another county resident. ...

NKY health dept. gets smoking ban draft
Cincinnati.com (blog) - Mike Rutledge - August 24, 2010

COVINGTON – Officials from Kenton and Campbell counties have sent the latest version of a proposed smoking ban to the Northern Kentucky Health Department, Kenton County Judge-executive Ralph Drees announced this morning.

“We sent the whole agreement, the ordinance or whatever, to the health district,” Drees said. “They want to be able to send it out to the members of their board by Sept. 1, so we just sent it out.

“Probably we’ll have some minor changes that have to be done because everybody wants a little bit here, a little there,” he said. “I think it’s basically in place, what we want. ...

Another Kentucky county considers smoking ban
Fox 41 WDRB-TV (Louisville, KY), 2010-08-20

Another Kentucky county may be laying the groundwork for a smoking ban. The Bullitt County Health Department is pushing for some sort of public smoking ban after a recent study.

The study was conducted by the University of Kentucky. The purpose was to assess air quality at certain venues in Bullitt County. "We concluded that the air in hospitality venues is very dangerous in Bullitt County. There are high levels of pollution from secondhand smoke," says Carol Riker, RN, from the University of Kentucky.

Bullitt County health officials say the findings of the study were not only dangerous but alarming. ...

Knochelmann: Vote on smoking ban in 60 to 90 days
Cincinnati.com (blog) - August 17, 2010

A vote on an indoor smoking ban could come within the next two to three months, Kenton County Commissioner Kris Knochelmann said Monday night.

“I think we’re getting close, and I think it’ll be voted on probably within the next 60 to 90 days,” he said. “…It’s very, very close. There are just a few other details we’re working through.”

Knochelmann did not say whether Campbell County Fiscal Court also plans to vote on the ban soon. ...

Smoking ban dramatically improves indoor air quality
Richmond (KY) Register, 2010-08-08
Bill Robinson Senior News Writer

RICHMOND -- Air quality inside a sampling of Madison County's restaurants, bars and other public places has improved dramatically since June 2007 when the county health board banned smoking in public places.

Invisible particles generated by smoking have been reduced by 94.5 percent in the 11 sampled locations, according to a study performed by the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy and presented to the Madison County Board of Health on Wednesday evening.

Samples were taken discreetly using a small, easily concealed monitoring device in 2005 and again between October 2009 and May 2010, said Hillarie Sidney of the policy center. No one in the locations would have been aware of the monitoring and changed their behavior to improve the readings, she said.

The monitor can detect particles as small as 2.5 microns in diameter. A micron is about 1/100th the diameter of human hair, Sidney said. ...

Status, timeline of smoking ban unclear
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer, 2010-08-06
Chris Mayhew

In the wake of Boone County's refusal to join a regional smoking ban, Campbell County's Judge-executive Steve Pendery said there is no clear timetable for when the Fiscal Court will consider approving any legislation.

In response to residents' questions at the Aug. 3 Campbell County Fiscal Court meeting, Pendery said one of the first steps is the creation of a final draft of an ordinance.

"If and when there's a draft that's successfully created we will pursue it when it's ripe and the Fiscal Courts of at least a couple of counties will be able to participate," Pendery said. ...

Document details possible smoking ban
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer, 2010-08-04
Mark Hansel

A copy of a draft ordinance identified as a working document for the proposed regional smoking ban in Northern Kentucky includes details about why the ordinance is deemed necessary, identifies a "private club" exemption and lists the Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department as the enforcement agency.

The draft, obtained Wednesday by The Enquirer, appears to fit the model of a comprehensive ban that supporters have long called for.

Draft ordinances for the smoking ban have been widely discussed by elected officials, but closely guarded by staff members in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties.

An open records request asking Boone County officials to reveal the most recent draft was denied, citing a provision that exempts draft documents from such appeals.

Boone pulls out of smoking ban talks
Cincinnati.com - Mark Hansel - July 30, 2010

Boone County has withdrawn from discussion of a smoking ban in public places that would have spanned all three Northern Kentucky counties.

In a statement released this morning, Boone County Fiscal Court members presented a united front in announcing the withdrawal ...

N. Ky. smoking ban, good or bad?
kypost.com - Adam Marshall - July 30, 2010

FLORENCE, Ky. - As county administrators in Northern Kentucky are working on the latest proposed regional indoor smoking ban for public places, the debate continues.

Inside the Florence Holiday Inn Thursday night, it was standing room only as members of the Boone County Businessmen Association let their voices be heard.

The proposed regional smoking ban for public places effects Boone, Campbell, and Kenton counties. While the final decision is up to the fiscal court, a date on the final vote has not been determined.

Even with no date, business owners and residents at times gave clashing opinions. ...

Smoking ban wording close to vest
Ky. officials secretive on smoking issue
Kentucky Enquirer (Cincinnati Enquirer), 2010-07-20
Mark Hansel

Recent comments from judge-executives in Northern Kentucky suggest that the smoking ban issue has been decided before an ordinance has been introduced in any of the counties considering it.

An indoor smoking ban in public places in Northern Kentucky has been talked about for years, but despite strong support from anti-smoking advocates and some elected officials for an ordinance in recent years, there is still nothing on the books.

That may be about to change.

During the annual State of Northern Kentucky Address on Tuesday, the leaders of the three Northern Kentucky counties said they already know how the fiscal courts in each county will vote.

Campbell County Judge-executive Steve Pendery and Kenton Judge-executive Ralph Drees said three of the four members of their fiscal courts would vote in favor of a smoking ban, while Boone County Judge-executive Gary Moore indicated a ban would not pass there. ...

Glasgow Just Days Away From Smoking Ban
WBKO - Jason Hibbs - June 22, 2010

..."If they choose not to put out the smoking material they will be asked to leave, if they choose not to leave then, the Glasgow Police Department will be called," says Joey Crews with The Glasgow Police Department.

The Glasgow Police Department is gearing up and ready to enforce the City's no-smoking ordinance.

Glasgow Police say they hope they don't have to give anyone a citation for smoking but will If they have to.

Shawnna Arms is one of many customers, who come into Betty and Mildreds to enjoy a hot plate of food and a cigarette.

But on Wednesday, Shawnna and the other customers will have to take it outside.

"They took a right away from us, they took a right away from us that we should have." ...

SMOKE SCREEN? Smoking debate takes a back seat to elections
Jessamine Journal (Nicholasville, KY), 2010-06-16
Jonathan Kleppinger

More than a year after the governments of Jessamine County began discussing a ban on smoking in public places, cigarettes are still lit in some restaurants and businesses -- and the issue will likely not be discussed again until after November, when many of those who would impose such a ban are up for re-election.

After a joint government meeting on secondhand smoke in March 2009, a task force was created with representatives from the Jessamine County Fiscal Court, the Nicholasville City Commission and the Wilmore City Council to address the issue. That task force met with Susanna Moberly, grassroots coordinator for Smoke Free Jessamine Coalition, and had originally discussed having an ordinance by October 2009, Moberly said. . . . .

While Glancy hopes businesses will be able to dictate what behavior they allow, others have different reasons for standing in opposition to a smoking ban. Nickell said a ban could likely have a negative impact on the tobacco business. Moberly suggested an ordinance would not hinder the local "heritage." ...

Plan to ban smoking in Radcliff parks snuffed out
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - June 8, 2010

An ordinance drafted to further restrict smoking and tobacco use in Radcliff was snuffed out by city officials on Monday.

Radcliff City Council voted down an ordinance, 4-2, that would have amended regulations to ban all use of tobacco products in city parks and Saunders Spring Nature Preserve.

The ordinance was proposed by Councilman Don Yates after he learned smoke-free signs had been removed from park areas, replaced by signs pointing visitors to designated smoking areas.

Yates said this action was not approved by the council and allowing smoking in parks poses a significant health hazard for groups of children who congregate within the parks for sports and other recreational activities.

Councilman Chuck Angus provided the other supporting vote and chastised the council for its stance, saying officials are choosing to ignore a public health need.

“This (ordinance) was done for the protection of our children,” Angus said. “If we can’t protect them, who is going to?”

Angus said it is “weak” if a person cannot sacrifice a cigarette for a few hours while attending a ballgame. ...

Central Ky. city seeks to ban all tobacco at parks
Lexington Herald-Leader, Sunday May 23, 2010

Radcliff -- A central Kentucky city is chewing on the idea of extending a smoking ban to include all tobacco products at city parks. The Elizabethtown News-Ent...

Sports league challenges proposed tobacco ban
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - May 20, 2010

Radcliff city officials on Wednesday heard the first reading of an ordinance that would ban tobacco products entirely in city parks and the Saunders Spring Nature Preserve.

The proposed ordinance would toughen the city’s smoking laws further after it adopted a comprehensive ordinance late last year that banned smoking in public facilities.

Radcliff City Councilman Don Yates, a smoke-free supporter, last week asked city officials to amend the park rules and regulations and to reduce health risks for children. ...

Transylvania University to go tobacco-free
WYMT - May 12, 2010

A central Kentucky university is making plans to make its campus tobacco-free.

Transylvania University, in Lexington, will become tobacco-free August 1 ...

Northern Ky. may mulls smoking ban
Lexington Herald-Leader, Tuesday May 11, 2010

COVINGTON, Ky. -- A proposal to regulate indoor smoking in northern Kentucky is expected to come to a vote this summer.

An advocacy group, Northern Kentucky Action, has been lobbying for a smoke-free law in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties for more than two years.

The group's proposal would include restaurants and other public places in the three counties, The Kentucky Enquirer reported. A coalition of small businesses, NKYchoice, is opposing any smoking ban. That group has argued that businesses should have the right to choose whether to go smoke-free. ...

Nip it in the butt
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - May 10, 2010

Radcliff city officials next week could strengthen the city’s stance on smoking within city limits.

Just a month after the city’s smoking ordinance effectively banned smoking in public businesses and facilities, Councilman Don Yates on Monday urged the council to extend the ban to city parks.

Yates was under the belief that the city’s parks already were smoke free by ordinance, and grew frustrated when he learned smoke-free signs placed within the parks recently had been removed and replaced by signs giving directions to smoking areas.

Upon further research, Yates learned Radcliff police officers had no ordinance which would allow them to cite a smoker in a city park, even if caught.

Yates said that is unacceptable and should be rectified immediately, saying children and families often frequent the park, and exposing these children to smoke is irresponsible.

“We can either look at the protection of our kids and their safety, or we can choose to ignore it,” he said. ...

Kenton Judge-exec candidates oppose smoking ban
Cincinnati.com (blog) - Amanda Van Benschoten - April 19, 2010

ERLANGER – It’s been an unusually contentious campaign for Kenton County judge-executive, but the three men competing in the May 18 GOP primary agree on at least one thing – their opposition to a proposal to regulate indoor smoking at Northern Kentucky businesses and other public places.

For more than two years, Northern Kentucky Action, a coalition of health-related organizations and others, has lobbied for a regional indoor smoke-free law for Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties.

At a debate last week, Republicans Steve Arlinghaus, Scott Kimmich and Dan Moening said that it should be up to individual business owners, not the government, to decide whether anyone should be allowed to smoke inside their establishments. The winner will face independent candidate Alyssa Dara McDowell in the fall, who has not made her views known on this issue.

The candidates’ views could be a moot point, however, if fiscal courts in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties take up the smoking issue in June, as expected. ...

Ohio County discussing possibility of smoke free businesses
14WFIE.com - Jasmin Embers - April 13, 2010

OHIO CO., KY (WFIE) - A community forum was held in Ohio County Tuesday night to discuss smoking.

Residents were able to express support or concern for some possible smoke free policies in the county.

"We have a high cancer rate in Ohio County than the state of Kentucky and also the country," Ohio County Smoke Free Coalition advocate Shannon Ross said.

Ross has campaigned for the Ohio County Smoke Free Coalition in hopes of Ohio County businesses kicking the habit. ...

South-central Ky. city bans smoking
Lexington Herald-Leader, Tuesday Mar 23, 2010

GLASGOW, Ky. -- Glasgow has become the latest Kentucky city to ban smoking in public places.

The Glasgow Daily Times reports the city council voted 6-5 in favor of the ban Monday. One city council member who had voted against the measure previously was absent from the meeting because of illness.

The ban will take effect in about 90 days.

Glasgow mulling decision to go smoke-free
Bowling Green Daily News - Robyn L. Minor - Mar 18, 2010

If Glasgow approves a smoking ban ordinance on second reading Monday, it will be the first city in the region to do so.

“We are very excited about the possibility and hoping (passage) will make it possible for other places to go smoke-free,” said Joyce Adkins, health educator at the Barren River District Health Department and a member of the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy board in Barren County.

The measure passed narrowly on a first vote this month, with Mayor Darrell Pickett breaking a tie vote.

But since that meeting, public opposition to the ordinance, which would ban smoking in every public building, has been galvanized, at least according to Councilman Doug Isenberg.

Isenberg said after his vote against the ordinance, residents began asking if there was a petition they could sign in opposition.

“So I developed one,” he said. “I have spent about three hours gathering signatures. I think on Monday we will have as many signatures against the ordinance as the proponents had for it - about 600.”

Isenberg said he even had 50 people at the smoke-free McDonald’s sign the petition, many of them nonsmokers.

“We should not have interference of government in private business,” he said. ...

Glasgow Smoking Ban Passes First Reading, Mayor Casts Deciding Vote
WBKO - Daniel Kemp - March 9, 2010

With a vote of seven-to-six, the city of Glasgow is now a step closer to becoming smoke-free.

Mayor Darrell Pickett was the deciding vote after council members were divided six-to-six on an ordinance that would prohibit smoking in all public places.

It's an issue that's become a matter of health for some and a right for others.

"I feel very strongly about this issue," said Janet Sadler, a restaurant owner in Glasgow. ...

Bardstown Council to Vote This Week on Smoking Ban
WFPL - Stephanie Crosby - March 8, 2010

The Bardstown City Council votes this week on a second reading of a smoking ban that would apply to all public buildings and businesses there.

Bardtown Mayor Dick Heaton cast the deciding vote two weeks ago at the ordinance’s first reading. The council was split three-to-three.

Assistant City Administrator Larry Green says people who fall on both sides of the issue have been debating since then.

“It’s still being discussed pretty vigorously I’d say,” says Green. “It’s been in the newspaper and of course just around town people are talking about it. People have very strong feelings on both sides of it.” ...

Smoking ban looms in Radcliff
News Enterprise - John Friedlein - January 31, 2010

While smoking bans in Elizabethtown and unincorporated parts of Hardin County have been in effect for several years, authorities have yet to issue a citation.

A similar ban for Radcliff begins April 1.

Elizabethtown Chief Fire Inspector Rusty Todd said he has seen a tremendous amount of cooperation with people obeying the law.

“It has been an easier implementation than I really thought it would be,” he said. “Working with people is the answer.” ...

Anti-smoking ban may be on tap for Garrard County
Danville Advocate-Messenger, 2010-01-12

LANCASTER -- The Garrard Fiscal Court has been asked to consider anti-smoking regulations for the county.

Marcia Hodge and Tanya Watkins addressed the council on behalf of Lancaster City Councilman Jimmy Crutchfield on Monday, touting community-wide health benefits of smoke-free legislation. Crutchfield, who also recently asked the City Council to consider anti-smoking rules, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and was beginning treatment on Monday.

Hodge said anti-smoking regulations help improve general air quality and the health of employees at local businesses. She and Watkins passed out papers to the magistrates describing potential community benefits from enacting anti-smoking regulations.

Judge-Executive John Wilson said magistrates will review the information provided by Hodge and Watkins to determine if the regulation is something Garrard County should consider ...

Kenton Co. extends smoking ban
Kentucky Enquirer (Cincinnati Enquirer), 2009-12-22

Starting Jan. 1, smoking will be prohibited in all Kenton County-owned buildings. Kenton County Fiscal Court unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday that extends an indoor smoking ban to all county-owned buildings.

Smoking is now prohibited inside the Kenton County Administration building at 303 Court St. in Covington. It's also banned inside the state-operated justice center at Second Street and Madison Avenue.

The new ordinance extends the ban to all county-owned buildings, including the Public Works Department, the county courthouse in Independence and the clubhouses at Kenton County golf courses. ...

Kenton Co. Votes On Smoking Ban
WCPO (Cincinnati, OH), 2009-12-22

Kenton County is voting on banning smoking in all of its county buildings Tuesday.

The county already bans smoking in its administration building in Covington.

The Kenton Fiscal Court is moving toward expanding that ban to every county building, including the golf course clubhouse. ...

Radcliff passes smoking ban
WAVE - December 17, 2009

RADCLIFF, KY (AP) - The central Kentucky city of Radcliff has joined a growing number of other cities around the state that have approved smoking bans.

The News-Enterprise of Elizabethtown reports the Radcliff City County voted 4-2 on Thursday to approve a ban in most public places.

Councilman J.J. Duvall voted no, saying the ordinance was too restrictive. He had proposed an exemption for charitable gaming events such as bingo. ...

Retired trooper Geiger named local ABC administrator
Cadiz Record - December 9, 2009

... the ordinance itself remains virtually unchanged, save for the removal of the ban on smoking in any establishment that serves alcohol. ...

A smoke-free stalemate
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - December 7, 2009

RADCLIFF — What appeared to be a favorable result for smoke-free advocates on Monday soon turned into a stalemate.

An unofficial “straw” vote held by Radcliff City Council during its working session revealed that a majority of city officials support a smoke-free ordinance, but the path to smoke removal in Radcliff’s public sector still has several hurdles.

Councilman J.J. Duvall said his support for a smoking ordinance hinges on compromise, and he called for exemptions, particularly for bingo halls. He said he would not support adopting the county’s ordinance, as recommended, because he feels it is too restrictive.

Duvall pointed to the smoking ordinance passed in Henderson a few years ago as a good guide for the city. He said Henderson officials passed legislation with reasonable exemptions — including bingo halls — that has not been scrutinized legally as of yet. Duvall said he does not play bingo, but he believes the charities and schools who participate in charitable gaming in the city will suffer if smoking is removed, based on conversations he has had with bingo practitioners. The county’s ordinance prohibits smoking in bingo halls, but it exempts many in-home businesses. ...

Covington Weighing Smoking Ban
AP, 2009-12-01

A northern Kentucky county is weighing extending a smoking ban to include the inside of all county-owned buildings.

The Kenton County Fiscal Court will reportedly consider an ordinance in December to extend the ban.

Smoking is now prohibited inside the Kenton County administration building and the state-operated justice center. ...

Council hears secondhand smoke report
Murray (KY) Ledger & Times, 2009-11-25

Health was the topic of the night on Tuesday as the Murray City Council listened to a presentation on secondhand smoke and a report on a city employee wellness study.

Prior to the regular council meeting, Dottie Kraemer spoke about the Coalition for Clean Air Murray on behalf of Clean Air Murray and Calloway County ASAP (Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention). She said Dumplin's was the first restaurant in Murray to ban inside smoking several years ago and that since that time, 68 percent of the city's restaurants have gone smoke-free. She said that among the other restaurant owners to whom she has talked, many said they would like to follow suit, but are afraid of losing business. She said, though, that many studies have shown that restaurants do not lose business after banning smoking and that the owners should consider how many new customers they could gain.

Kraemer said educating children and the public was key to improving public health and that it was important to de-normalize unhealthy behaviors so that people were more empowered to make the best choices. . . .

The presentation was only for informational purposes and the committee took no action, but they agreed to look at the issue again in the future. ...

Glasgow Pushes for No Smoking Ban
WBKO TV 13 (Bowling Green, KY), 2009-11-20

To help kick the habit of smoking, Glasgow residents are hoping to resurrect a previous ordinance that would ban smoking in all public buildings.

Linda Craiger supports a ban on public smoking, but it's not just for her own health.

"My mother has lung disease of long-standing and its difficult for her to be in a place where people are smoking," she says. ...

Smoking surveys yield mixed results
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - November 19, 2009

RADCLIFF — City officials are in the process of drafting a smoking ordinance for consideration early next year. In the meantime, they have some new information to chew on.

Councilman Don Yates presented the results of a smoke-free survey to his fellow council members Tuesday night, while Radcliff Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jo Emary presented the results of a similar survey conducted by the chamber.

The survey presented by Yates polled 300 residents in hopes to gain an idea of city temperament toward an ordinance restricting smoking in public places. ...

UofL smoking ban coincides with Great American Smoke Out
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - Amy Stallings - November 19, 2009

Thursday is The Great American Smoke Out and as a part of the smoke out, Kentucky’s two largest universities are going smoke free.

Smoking bans are now in place at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. ...

Crestview Hills Votes To Support Smoking Ban
WCPO (Cincinnati, OH), 2009-11-12

This Thursday night, in a very close vote, one Northern Kentucky city council says it supports an indoor smoking ban inside public buildings.
If this ban passes at the county level, many restaurants in the Crestview Hills Town Center will be affected.

The vote was close. Tied at 3 to 3 actually, with the tie breaking “yes” coming from the mayor of Crestview Hills.

Crestview Hills City Council decided to support an ordinance, urging Kenton, Boone and Campbell counties to prohibit smoking inside public buildings.

Panel pushes for smoking ban
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer, 2009-11-11
Cindy Schroeder

CRESTVIEW HILLS - Nearly two years ago, county officials in Northern Kentucky began studying a possible regional, indoor, smoke-free workplace law, but the issue has yet to come to a vote.

Tuesday, Crestview Hills' economic development and zoning committee attempted to prod county officials to take action.

By a 4-2 vote, the committee of three council members and three residents recommended that their council adopt a resolution encouraging Boone, Kenton and Campbell fiscal courts to adopt a public indoor smoking ban.

Crestview Hills City Council meets Thursday. . . .

Linda Vogelpohl, chair of Northern Kentucky Action, a coalition of health organizations and others who support a regional public indoor smoking ban, cited a recent University of Kentucky study that concluded restaurants and bars in Kentucky counties bordering Ohio did not profit economically because of Ohio's smoke-free law. ...

City wide smoking ban hot topic at council meeting
Middlesboro (KY) Daily News, 2009-11-06
Stephen Woodward

The possibility of a smoking ban for the city of Middlesboro was discussed at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Council member Ronnie Carter said several citizens had asked him about the possibility of a smoking ban in the city. Carter said he wanted to bring the matter before the council to discuss and find out if it was something that they could vote on.

Carter expressed his opinion on the matter.

“I don’t have a big problem with [smoking],” said Carter, adding that he thought smokers were more courteous now to those who didn’t smoke.
Council members Rob Lincks and Gary Mills also voiced their opposition to a ban.

When asked by council, Safety Director James Pursifull said that no city building had a smoking ban. . . .

Middlesboro resident Angela Jackson addressed the council and urged them to consider non-smokers in the debate.

“You have to work out something where you’re fair to everybody,” said Jackson.

Hospital grounds go tobacco free Nov. 19
Frankfort (KY) State Journal, 2009-11-05

Frankfort Regional Medical Center is going tobacco free - outdoors and in.

In conjunction with the American Cancer Society's 34th Great American Smokeout Challenge on Nov. 19, the local medical center is creating a tobacco free environment.

Administrators and medical staff believe the move is vital to promoting the health of patients, visitors, employees, volunteers, medical staff and others, according to a news release.

Tobacco use of any kind will not be permitted:

Smoking ban is in effect
If you want to smoke in Prestonsburg, you'll have to do it outside or at home.
WKYT-TV CBS 27 (Lexington, KY), 2009-11-02

Today is the first business day since the smoking ban started. There are people who were strongly for the ban, against it, and those who are neutral.

Most supporters say it is a health issue, but others say their rights are being violated.

Harold Burchell smoked for 18 years. He gave up the habit, and is glad Prestonsburg restaurants are now smoke-free.

"I do believe people have a right to smoke, that would be their choice. However, I also understand the medical problems caused by smoking," Burchell said.

Jerry Stone is not a smoker, but says the ban doesn't really concern him one way or the other. ...

Sidewalks next to UK not smoke-free yet
Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky.com - Beverly Fortune - October 28, 2009

City sidewalks adjacent to the University of Kentucky campus will not be covered by the university's upcoming smoking ban — at least not soon.

Anthany Beatty, assistant vice president for campus services, asked the Urban County Council at its work session last week to let UK enforce its tobacco-free policy "to the curb."

A resolution adopting a memorandum of understanding with UK was placed on a special-meeting docket on Tuesday.

But when the memorandum came before council, councilwoman K.C. Crosbie asked UK vice president Frank Butler how the legislation could be enforced.

Councilwoman Diane Lawless, whose district includes most of the neighborhoods around UK, worried that smokers who could not light up on campus would walk across the street to take a puff. ...

UK asks to extend smoking ban to city sidewalks
Kentucky.com - October 21, 2009

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- The Urban City Council in Lexington is being asked to close a four-foot loophole in the University of Kentucky's new no-smoking policy - the city sidewalks on campus.

University jurisdiction stops at the edge of the sidewalks, which are city property, so city officials have put enforcement of the UK ban on the council's Oct. 22 agenda.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported UK Assistant Vice President Anthany Beatty asked the council at a work session on Tuesday to let the university enforce its tobacco-free policy "to the curb." ...

Monitoring the dangers of secondhand smoke
Richmond Register, 2009-09-25
Tim Mandell Register News Writer

When the statewide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke began last week, local health professionals were on board to help spread the word in Madison County.

Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center is one of several medical facilities across Kentucky to team up with UK Healthcare in the five-year Secondhand Smoke Campaign.

"It's designed to be an awareness campaign to show exactly what secondhand smoke is and to protect the kids in Kentucky," said Jill Williams, the director of marketing and public relations for Pattie A. Clay. . . .

In Madison County, Pattie A. Clay is helping to develop a curriculum for the school system, as well as brochures and other educational tools to make people aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

"It's a great thing," Williams said. "We're proud to be a part of this."

Bringing to light the dangers of secondhand smoke is nothing new in Madison County, where local health facilities have been trying for several years to educate about its dangers. . . .

Tests were conducted in bars, restaurants and a bingo hall, with the results compared to tests done in bars and restaurants in cities with smoke-free air laws.

Tests conducted in Richmond found the levels of indoor air pollution to be 23 times higher than in the non-smoking areas and in Berea, the air pollution was six times higher.

The study demonstrates that workers and patrons are exposed to harmful levels of secondhand smoke, a known cancer-causing agent, stated the release.

The release suggested that areas that ban smoking in public venues greatly reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke risks underestimated, survey finds
Louisville Courier-Journal - Laura Ungar - September 17, 2009

About 360,000 Kentucky children are exposed to secondhand smoke every day in their homes, putting them at risk for everything from asthma to ear infections to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

That’s the word from researchers at the University of Kentucky, who found that many parents are unaware of such dangers when they light up.

A UK HealthCare survey highlighted Thursday found that nearly 1.6 million Kentuckians underestimate the dangers of secondhand smoke, and 45 percent of homes with children had at least one adult who didn’t believe it was a serious health hazard. To change such perceptions, UK HealthCare helped launch a state-wide, five-year campaign Thursday featuring educational materials, a school-based program, an interactive Web site, and radio and television public service announcements with John Calipari, UK’s head basketball coach. ...

Crestview Hills leaders differ on smoking ban
Kentucky Enquirer (Cincinnati Enquirer), 2009-09-11
Cindy Schroeder

Crestview Hills Councilman Dave Kramer says he wants to see that city study a possible indoor smoking ban for public places, including restaurants and bars.

Kramer, a former smoker, says it's the right thing to do for public health reasons, including serving as a deterrent to youth smoking. He added he's concerned that a vocal minority is holding up adoption of regional smoke-free legislation governing restaurants and other Northern Kentucky workplaces.

"It's been reported for the last several years that (Boone, Kenton and Campbell) counties' fiscal courts have been discussing a regional approach among themselves," Kramer told Crestview Hills City Council Thursday. "However, from what I've read, it appears that a minority of elected officials have blocked that effort."

Kramer's motion to study the issue on a citywide basis died for lack of a second. However, Kramer said he still plans to form a subcommittee of …

Campbellsville Smoking Ban Goes into Effect
WBKO TV 13 (Bowling Green, KY), 2009-09-07

It's thumbs down for those who want to light up, as a Taylor County city becomes the latest area in Kentucky to enforce a smoking ban. . . .

The Campbellsville ordinance bans smoking in all public buildings within the city limits.

UofL to go smokeless by June 2010
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - September 4, 2009

The University of Louisville has released a plan to eliminate all smoking on campus by next June.

Officials say they will begin phasing in a smoking ban by November, with designated smoking areas on their main campus and the Shelby Campus; smoking cessation programs and support will also be made available. ...

Smoking ban lifted at site of prison riot
AP, 2009-08-28

A state official says a smoking ban has been lifted at a Kentucky prison that was the site of a fiery riot last week, but inmates are no longer allowed to keep matches or lighters with them.

Jennifer Brislin of the Justice Cabinet says the ban was lifted this week at Northpoint Training Center in Burgin. Smoking had been banned there since the Aug. 21 riot in which inmates set fire to several buildings, many of them possibly beyond repair. ...

The battle of the ban
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - August 26, 2009

RADCLIFF — Smoke-free Radcliff rallied the second of two forums Tuesday night at the Colvin Community Center, where the focus was directed intently on the idea of rights — those of patrons, workers and smokers alike.

Following the same format as the previous forum on health-related smoking issues, a panel responded to a flurry of questions levied by a smaller, but no less ardent, crowd.

Members of Radcliff City Council, including Mayor Sheila Enyart, were also on hand to hear the debate, this time strengthened by some in opposition of a smoking ordinance. While those against a ban were invited to the last forum, none took part in the discussion. ...

Smoking ban imposed after Ky. prison riot
AP, 2009-08-24
JEFFREY McMURRAY (Associated Press Writer)

A top state public safety official said he found some buildings nearly gutted, with windows shattered, computer equipment and light fixtures slammed against walls and toilets destroyed, when he inspected a central Kentucky prison Monday in the aftermath of a riot.

Justice and Public Safety Secretary J. Michael Brown said the damage at the Northpoint Training Center is so severe, he expects several buildings will have to be torn down and rebuilt.

"While it may look like the walls are standing, I'm not an engineer, but I understand just the heat from that can cause structural cracks," Brown said. "I believe most of (the buildings) will have to be razed, and we'll have to start from scratch."

Officials banned smoking ­ at least temporarily ­ after the Friday riot and were forced to relocate more than half of the facility's 1,200 prisoners. . . .

He said the prison had allowed smoking ­ including matches ­ in designated outdoor areas, but that policy was lifted after several fires were set Friday during the riot. Many Kentucky prisons were going to a smoking ban anyway, Brown said. ...

Prestonsburg city council approves smoking ban
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader, 2009-08-11
Dori Hjalmarson

The city council approved a relatively strong ban on smoking in public places Monday night.

After rejecting an exemption for businesses with patrons 18 and older, such as bars, council members voted 5-2 in favor of the ordinance, which will allow smoking in outdoor areas of restaurants and in private clubs.

Recipients of charitable gambling revenues at the local bingo hall weren't pleased. Mary Stephens, on the board of the Jenny Wiley Summer Theatre, said her organization and others will look for a hall outside the city limits when the smoking ban takes effect Nov. 1. ...

Results of study on Danville smoking ban
WYMT - August 11, 2009

Monday night, a special meeting gave folks in Danville the chance to hear results of studies on air quality, from before and after a smoking ban. ...

Housing Authority to prohibit smoking
Murray (KY) Ledger & Times, 2009-08-04

The Housing Authority of Murray recently adopted a policy that will ban residents from smoking inside their apartments.

Faye Dodd, the agency's executive director, said they had considered making the units non-smoking for a few months partly because the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has been encouraging housing authorities to adopt non-smoking policies. She said 112 housing authorities across the country are currently smoke-free.

However, she said the issue became more urgent in May after a resident fell asleep while smoking and the apartment burned down. Dodd said the Housing Authority is still working out the details with its insurance company, but that the building will most likely have to be torn down and rebuilt. ...

London, Campbellsville approve smoking bans
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader, 2009-08-04
Bill Estep

Advocates of indoor-smoking bans are beginning to make inroads in south-central Kentucky, where efforts to pass such ordinances had gone begging until this year.

The city council in London voted 4-2 Monday night for a comprehensive rule barring smoking in all workplaces, including restaurants.

The vote makes London the second city in the region to adopt an indoor smoking ordinance.

Campbellsville approved an indoor smoking ban in June that will take effect in September, Mayor Brenda Allen said.

Since Lexington approved the first indoor smoking ban in Kentucky in 2003, 20 more cities, counties and health departments have passed rules to limit indoor smoking in public places, but that didn't include any in the southern part of the state until the votes in Campbellsville and London. ...

London passes smoking ban
Times Tribune of Corbin - Carl Keith Greene - August 4, 2009

In a four-to-two vote at its Monday meeting, London’s city council banned smoking in public buildings and facilities.

Nancy Vaughn, who was the only negative voter on the first reading of the ordinance at the previous meeting, and Jason Handy, who voted yes that same night, each voted no to the ordinance, which will take effect immediately after it is published in the community’s newspaper.

City Attorney Larry Bryson said the ordinance could be published as early as Friday.

After the ordinance is published, business owners will have 60 days to make sure their employees and customers comply with the law, Bryson said. ...

The dark side of lighting up
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - July 29, 2009

RADCLIFF — Dozens in attendance Tuesday night at the first of two smoke-related forums scheduled at the Colvin Community Center were almost reverential in their response to the handful of medical professionals and health advocates making up the night’s panel, but this reverence didn’t restrain the reactions to the statistics and information provided.

The forum focused intently on the health debate that swirls around smoking and its counterpart, secondhand smoke, and was hosted by the Hardin County Tobacco Free Coalition to give those on both sides of the debate a chance to speak

Also known as passive or environmental smoke, secondhand smoke has been pinpointed as a health risk by the U.S. Surgeon General, and this acknowledgment is one of the factors that led Kentucky cities such as Lexington and Elizabethtown to adopt clean indoor air ordinances. Residents and public health advocates alike are now leading a new effort to see a similar ordinance passed in the confines of Radcliff. A previous effort failed in 2007.

The panel supported the effort and said they had personally seen the harmful effects of smoking and secondhand smoke through their interactions with smokers. ...

Prestonsburg Council Delays Vote on Smoking Ban
WSAZ-TV - July 28, 2009

PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WSAZ) -- You can still light up in public buildings in one eastern Kentucky city--at least for now. A final vote on a smoking ban in Prestonsburg was put on hold Monday night.

A lot of people were expecting the vote, but city council members say so many new questions about exemptions and amendments were raised at the meeting, that no one felt a clear decision could be made.

Bingo became a big issue at the city council meeting. Paul Edwards with the Prestonsburg VFW says fewer people will play bingo if smoking is eliminated, and less money will go to the VFW and other organizations that rely on bingo dollars. ...

Smoke-Free Radcliff forum set for Tuesday
News Enterprise - Marty Finley - July 27, 2009

RADCLIFF — The push for a smoke-free Radcliff continues this week for a group of individuals dedicated to the cause.

The Hardin County Tobacco Free Coalition is hosting a forum at Colvin Community Center Tuesday at 7 p.m., outlining the health perils related to smoking, as well as secondhand smoke.

Al McDonald, a spokesman for the forum and organizer of Smoke-free Radcliff, said the event is slated to feature four doctors and two nurses, who will discuss the dangers of smoking and answer questions from the public.

It’s just one of two forums scheduled at the center, with a second forum to follow in late August, focused on the different aspects of rights wrapped up in the topic.

The forum is open to the public and smoking opponents and advocates alike are encouraged to attend and discuss the issue, McDonald said. ...

Waffle House Makes Area Restaurants Smoke-Free
kypost.com - July 9, 2009

More than 70 percent of Kentuckians are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke, but a local restaurant franchise has taken steps to protect its customers by making local restaurants 100 percent smoke-free.

Eleven Waffle House locations in Kentucky, including nine in Northern Kentucky, went smoke-free starting May 1.

Shearer Foods, franchisee for Waffle House in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, decided to make its Kentucky locations smoke-free for both business and customer services reasons.

"Waffle House has a strong heritage as a family restaurant," said Shelly Morton, Area Administrator for Shearer Foods. "By making our Kentucky locations smoke-free, we hope to be able to attract families who do not want to be exposed to secondhand smoke. Our locations are small, and there was no good way to truly separate the smokers from the non-smokers. " ...

Possible smoking ban raises mixed opinions
Times Tribune of Corbin - July 9, 2009

London Mayor Troy Rudder said he hasn’t heard any negative comments about a newly proposed smoking ban ordinance in the city, saying it will likely pass its second reading on Aug. 3 and become law.

The ordinance, prohibiting smoking in all buildings open to the public or used as workplaces, was read for the first time at Monday’s city council meeting. It must be read and approved twice by the city council before becoming law.

Rudder, who is a non-smoker, said he has only received positive comments about the ordinance. He refuted one common smoking ban fear, saying he doesn’t think the smoking ban will negatively affect the business of London restaurants. ...

Reader: Corbin, W'burg should follow London's lead on smoking
Times Tribune of Corbin - July 9, 2009

I just wanted to say that I am thrilled that London decided to “Clear the Air” in areas open to the public, and I think Corbin and Williamsburg should follow.

Recently, London passed the first reading of a smoking ban that prohibits smoking in all enclosed areas open to the public in an effort to reduce secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke is a toxic cocktail consisting of poisons and carcinogens. There are over 4,000 chemical compounds in secondhand smoke — 200 of these are known to be poisonous, and upwards of 60 have been identified as carcinogens. When a cigarette is smoked, about half of the smoke is inhaled/exhaled (mainstream smoke) by the smoker and the other half floats around in the air (sidestream smoke). ...

London clears the airCouncil passes first reading of smoking ban
Times Tribune of Corbin - Carl Keith Greene - July 7, 2009

London City Council members on Monday began the process for a smoking ban and heard a plea for annexation by residents of a local subdivision.

On a five to one vote, the council approved the first reading of an ordinance that will tightly control smoking in the city limits.

Nancy Vaughn was the lone dissenting vote.

The ordinance prohibits smoking “in all enclosed areas within all enclosed buildings open to the public and within places of employment.”

It allows smoking in a private home, unless the home is “a childcare, adult day care or health care facility.”

Smoking out of doors is prohibited within 25 feet of outdoor entrances, exits, wheelchair ramps serving an entrance or exit, and operable windows and ventilation systems of enclosed areas where smoking is prohibited. ...

Prestonsburg Considering Smoking Ban
WSAZ NewsChannel 3 (Huntington, WV), 2009-06-23

Officials in Prestonsburg are working on an ordinance that would ban smoking in all public buildings, but some are worried that would hurt the city.

Members of the "Breathe Easy, Floyd County" coalition flooded Monday night's city council meeting to voice their concerns about smoking in public buildings.

They say clean air is all they are hoping to achieve. Jean Rosenberg with "Breathe Easy, Floyd County" says, "This is a public health issue for the work place. We expect clean water, and we expect clean air." ...

Tobacco Policy Research
ResearchChannel , 2009-05-27

Produced by: University of Kentucky 04/01/2009
Description: Ellen Hahn, professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Kentucky, and her team are conducting tobacco policy research that’s truly having an impact. Hahn’s efforts resulted in the passage of a smoke-free ordinance in all public buildings within Lexington, Kentucky, one of the first cities to do so. Learn about the importance of such policies and the effects they have on the community. . . .
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Ky.'s adult smoking rate drops
State no longer leads the nation
Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal, 2009-05-14
Deborah Yetter

For the first time in years, Kentucky no longer leads the nation in adult smoking, state public health officials said yesterday.

Kentucky now trails first-place West Virginia and Indiana, according to the latest numbers from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The rate of adult smoking in Kentucky dropped to 25.2 percent in 2008 from 28.3 percent the previous year, said Irene Centers, manager of the tobacco program with the Kentucky Department of Public Health.
"It's very exciting," she said. "I do hope we continue to see a downward trend."

Centers said 2005's increase in Kentucky's cigarette tax from 3 cents a pack to 30 cents and the growing number of communities that ban smoking in public buildings might explain the drop in adult smoking.
Lawmakers this year raised Kentucky's cigarette tax to 60 cents ...

Smoke-free trend bypasses Northern Kentucky
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader, 2009-03-30

Officials in Northern Kentucky have not yet passed any smoke-free ordinances, but supporters of laws to ban smoking in public places continue to encourage businesses to clear their air.

Northern Kentucky Action, the coalition of health-related organizations and associations promoting smoke-free workplace laws, has added the Kenton County Alliance to its effort, according to a report in The Kentucky Enquirer. . . .

For about two years, Northern Kentucky Action has lobbied the Boone, Kenton and Campbell county fiscal courts to pass identical smoke-free workplace laws. But the effort has not gained enough traction to pass in any of the counties.

Ashland discusses ban on smoking in park
Kentucky.com - March 23, 2009

ASHLAND — Despite the best efforts of an Eastern Kentucky city and its hospital to limit smoking, cigarette butts continue to litter a park near the medical center where smokers hang out.

Smokers have taken to Central Park, near the hospital, after the city of Ashland barred lighting up on the streets around King's Daughters Medical Center, The Daily Independent newspaper reported. The butt problem is happening at the park even though a smokers' kiosk was put on top of the hospital parking garage over the winter.

Ashland's parks and recreation department director, Sean Murray, said the issue of smoking in the park is frequently discussed. The park board has discussed barring smoking in the park.

"I believe that issue could become a greater priority once the summer months and warmer weather have come back. The park board, I'm sure they will take whatever action is necessary to help protect the park," Murray said.

UK to ban smoking on campus
Louisville Courier-Journal – February 10, 2009

The University of Kentucky plans to ban smoking on all campus property, including outdoor areas, on Nov. 19, university officials announced today. …

The ban means UK will join Campbellsville University as the only Kentucky campuses to impose a complete smoking ban, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

N.Ky. Companies Get Incentive To Go Smoke-Free
kypost.com, KY - February 3, 2009

Three Northern Kentucky Companies have received grant money to make their workplace tobacco-free.

Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky, Commonwealth Orthopedic and Schwan's Global Supply Chain are receiving $16,000 in funding from the Northern Kentucky Health Department.

The money will help fund programs eliminating tobacco use on company property and also help employees quit smoking.

The funding will impact more than 1,500 employees at the three businesses.

Hopkins Co. smoking ban may be less restrictive
14 WFIE (Evansville, IN), 2009-01-20

The tough smoking ban in Hopkins County could be changing, and soon.
A no smoking ban has been in place in Hopkins County now for months, but the Hopkins County Court has proposed a new regulation that will be less restrictive.

"A hotel can have as many smoking rooms as they would like , private clubs are entirely exempt as long as they don't have anyone under the age of 18 enter," Lisa Miller with the Hopkins Co. Health Dept. said.

Miller is not completely satisfied with the new ordinance.

"We don't feel like it is as comprehensive and we don't feel like it protects the people of Hopkins County and we would like to see everybody protected not just those under 18, but this is certainly better than not having any regulation ordinance at all," Miller said.

Local business owners like Ronnie Fox are relieved that money he spent to construct a separate ventilation system in his restaurant isn't going to waste. . . .

Statewide ban a smoke screen
Lexington Herald-Leader, January 14, 2009

A smoke-free Kentucky? Sounds great, doesn't it?

Until you realize that any statewide smoking ban enacted this year would probably leave Kentucky with weaker protections against secondhand smoke in the long-run.

Why? Because anything our pro-tobacco legislature is likely to pass would be weaker than the ordinances that local governments are enacting. A statewide ban would drain the political energy from local efforts to enact better protections.

Senate president raises idea of statewide smoking ban
Louisville Courier-Journal, KY - January 13, 2009

During an appearance on KET's "Kentucky Tonight" program, Williams raised the issue of a statewide smoking ban during a discussion of Gov. ...

Lexington now has fewer places to smoke
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader, 2008-11-07

Starting Friday, Blue Grass Airport, bingo halls, public transportation and all workplaces, not just the ones open to the public, join the list of places in which smoking is prohibited in Lexington.

The new restrictions are part of a host of changes to the city's 4-year-old smoke-free law that were approved by the Urban County Council on Thursday.

Councilman David Stevens, the sponsor of the changes, said he was "gratified" and "thankful" the council unanimously approved the revision.
"It represents what the people in our community want," Stevens said.

The changes close loopholes that exempted some workplaces and private organizations and extend the ban to all public transportation and transportation waiting areas.

They also tighten the exemption for retail tobacco stores by increasing the minimum sales needed to allow smoking inside.

And private clubs are redefined so that booster clubs cannot be considered private clubs that can allow smoking.

Smoking ban passes in Clark County
Kentucky.com, KY, November 7, 2008

By Steve Lannen - slannen@herald-leader.com The vote was 6-2 in favor of the ban. It will go into effect on Jan. 12, 2009, and prohibit smoking indoors at ...

Two sides agree to put smoking ban on hold
WFIE-TV, IN, October 22, 2008

HOPKINS CO, KY (WFIE) - The Hopkins County Board of Health and Kentucky Freedom Coalition have come to an agreement on the smoking ban.

Study: business not hurt by smoke ban
Kentucky.com, October 21, 2008

By Sarah Vos, Lexington's year-old smoking ban hasn't affected business in the city's bars and restaurants, according to a University of Kentucky study that will be released today.

The study looks at employment figures from restaurants, bars and hotels, business openings and closings and payroll withholding taxes since the ban went into effect in April 2004. It compares the post-ban numbers to the same data from up to five years before Lexington went smoke-free in most public places.

"Given the data we have to this point ... we're not seeing a post-ban effect," said Eric Thompson, an economist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and one of the study's authors.

Asthma attacks down since Lexington smoking ban, study says
By Sarah Vos
Lexington Herald-Leader, August 14, 2008

Asthma attacks that led to emergency room visits declined after Lexington adopted a smoking ban, according to a new study from the University of Kentucky.

The study showed a 22 percent decrease in asthma-related emergency room visits at four Lexington hospitals after the city adopted a ban on smoking in most public places in 2004.

The study is the first to show a link between smoking bans and emergency room visits for asthma, said Ellen Hahn, the study’s lead author and director of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy.

“That’s a big thing for Kentucky because we have one of the highest rates of asthma,” Hahn said.

Numerous other studies have shown that second-hand smoke can trigger asthma attacks.

EDITORIAL: All-for-one smoking ban flawed
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer, 2008-07-26

The one-for-all and all-for-one approach to banning indoor smoking in Northern Kentucky's three counties could end up letting a small group of opponents to the ban block the wishes of the region's majority.

The judge executives of Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties have agreed to support the efforts of Northern Kentucky Action, the non-profit, health advocacy group seeking the ban, with the condition that an identical ban be adopted by the fiscal courts of all three counties. A poll released this month by NK Action found that 65 percent of Northern Kentucky voters supported the idea of banning smoking "in most public places."

But the all-or-nothing proviso of the campaign raises an interesting possibility: Suppose the fiscal courts of Boone and Campbell approve the ban, but a majority of the court in Kenton votes against it? Citizens of Boone and Campbell might well wonder why they have independent county governments at all, if majorities on their courts can effectively be trumped by a majority from another jurisdiction. . . .

Northern Kentucky Action seeks to protect the health of the region, but a plan that demands acceptance by all three counties risks getting it for none.

Smoking ban brings dramatic improvement in air, study says: Toxins in air down 97%, study finds
By Dan Klepal
The Courier-Journal, February 18, 2008

Air quality at several Louisville businesses has improved dramatically since a comprehensive smoking ban went into effect in July, according to a new study.

The results of the study, which will be released Tuesday, come after a previous study by the University of Kentucky showed a partial smoking ban had little effect on lowering the amount of toxins in the air.

Researchers from UK's College of Public Health performed the most recent study on air quality at 10 Louisville entertainment venues in December, measuring the levels of "particulate matter 2.5," microscopic toxins most often linked to secondhand smoke.

It found they had fallen 97 percent since the ban took effect July 1.

New ban on smoking wins council approval: Mayor will sign ordinance today
By Dan Klepal, Louisville Courier-Journal, January 11, 2008

Louisville's smoke break is over.

Less than a month after the city's old smoking ban was overturned by a judge, the Metro Council last night passed a new ban, with just one exemption -- for manufacturers that perform research and development on tobacco products.

The new ban passed by an overwhelming majority, with 23 of the 26 council members voting in favor.

With the vote, the free pass on smoking that restaurants, bars, bingo halls and bowling alleys have enjoyed for three weeks will come to end today when Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson signs the ordinance at 10 a.m.

"Louisville has placed an exclamation point on the 'No Smoking' " sign," Abramson said in a statement. "This vote removes the haze of confusion and makes it clear that Louisville puts a priority on the health of all people."

The council had to pass a new ordinance after the city's old smoking ban, which was passed in 2006 and had been in effect since July 1, was overturned Dec. 21.

The old ban had an exemption for Churchill Downs, but a judge in November had ruled that exemption was unconstitutional.

Downs will bar smoking Nov. 25: Fall meet ends the day before
By Dan Klepal, The Courier-Journal, November 7, 2007

Churchill Downs will begin complying with Louisville's smoking ban Nov. 25 -- one day after the close of its fall meet.

The track had been exempt from the ordinance -- which prohibits smoking inside all public buildings such as bars, restaurants and bingo halls. But in a decision made public Monday, Jefferson Circuit Judge Denise Clayton ruled that the exemption violates the equal protection clause in the state constitution.

Judge: Smoking ban must apply to Churchill Downs
by Dan Klepal, Louisville Courier-Journal, November 5, 2007

A Jefferson County Circuit Court judge has struck down the exemption in Louisville’s smoking ban for Churchill Downs.

Judge Denise Clayton found that there must be a “rational basis” for exempting the race track from the law, which bans smoking inside all public building, including bars, restaurants, bingo halls and bowling alleys.

“None of the reasons provided by Metro Government meet this requirement,” Clayton wrote.

Survey finds that many residents favor Mason smoking ban
Ledger Independent - Maysville,KY,USA

A recent survey of 400 registered voters in Mason County indicates the majority of those surveyed would support a ban on smoking in establishments such as restaurants and bars…

According to information from the organization Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, which was provided by the Smoke-free Partnerships, second-hand smoke can …

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Study: Smoking ban hasn't hurt business
Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader, 2007-02-12

Lexington's public smoking ban has not economically harmed the city's restaurants and bars, a new University of Kentucky study asserts.

The study, appearing in the February issue of Tobacco Control, an international peer-reviewed science journal, is based on employment data and openings and closings in the bar and restaurant industries in Lexington and six contiguous counties during 64 months before and 14 months after the smoking ban went into effect in 2004. It builds on a preliminary analysis UK released in 2005 that also showed no adverse effects from the ban.

The latest report says that employment at Lexington restaurants actually grew by 3 percent after the smoke-free law went into effect, while employment in bars basically remained the same.

Georgetown Mayor Wants Smoking Ban
April 22, 2005

Georgetown's mayor took the first official steps last night to ban smoking in all public buildings within the city limits.

Mayor Everette Varney told the city council he wants to see an ordinance prohibiting smoking not only in restaurants but in all public places -- a ban similar to the one that went into effect in Lexington a year ago.

He asked council members to speak with residents, review studies and come ready to discuss an ordinance at the next meeting.

Local Smokefree Laws

Lexington is currently Kentucky's only smokefree city (yes, even bars are smokefree).  Brown and Williamson and other tobacco companies are really peeved that smokefree air is in their backyard, so please take time to visit beautiful Lexington and let them know you appreciate the smokefree air.  If you live, work, or visit in other  Bluegrass State cities (like Louisville), take your family and money to smokefree establishments and urge those cities to adopt smokefree policies for the good of public and worker health.

Smokefree Dining/Travel
State Resources