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Air Quality at Arkansas Racetracks, Unsafe Environments?
November 23, 2015

Louisiana Casino Revenues Down in June: Smoking Status Not a Factor
July 24, 2015

New Medical Study: Ambulance Rates Plummet When Casinos Go Smokefree
August 5, 2013

Please share with us your personal stories about secondhand smoke in casinos or smokefree casinos.

Growing Support for
Smokefree Casinos

With state regulated and tribal gaming expanding at an exponential rate, casinos and other gaming venues are emerging as huge employers for local and state economies. Nationwide, casinos provide over one million jobs. Smokefree casinos ensure that these jobs don't sicken or kill the people they employ.

If smoking is allowed within a casino, both employees and patrons are at risk. Secondhand smoke exposure from commercial tobacco is known to cause heart diseases, lung cancer and other breathing problems.

going smokefree matters thumbnail imageThe CDC has created an infographic Going Smokefree Matters - Casinos, which describes the impact of secondhand smoke exposure in these venues.





Place Casino Resort smokefree signPalace Casino Resort in Biloxi has the only 100% smokefree gaming floor in Biloxi and in all of Mississippi. It’s a great place to stay if you are in the area. Staff we spoke with love working in a clean air environment.

Get the facts. Read ANR's 4-page document on Smokefree Tribal Casinos and our Smokefree Casinos fact sheet on smokefree casinos in general.

We are proud to share the following video stories with you, as told by former and current casino workers, policymakers, and others across the country. We hope you are able to watch them and possibly even share them with others to raise awareness about the serious dangers of smoke in casinos, especially to gaming employees. If you have casinos in your area, please let them know you support 100% smokefree indoor air for worker and customer health. Ventilation systems do not protect people from the health hazards of secondhand smoke.

Fighting For Smokefree Air: Secondhand Smoke in Casinos: This 16-minute documentary produced by ANRF invites you into the lives of casino workers and their struggle for a safe smokefree work environment. For more information or to get involved in the smokefree casino movement, please contact us at


Treva's Story: Treva shares her story of what it is like to work in casinos. Treva is now a casino dealer in a smokefree casino and she loves it!

President Ben Shelly talks about the importance of taking care of the health of the Navajo people, including those working at tribal casinos within Navajo Nation. This interview was conducted after he had recently signed his Executive Order making all workplaces commercial tobacco-free on the Navajo Nation (2011). His Executive Order was later overturned and is currently not in place.

Cynthia's Story: Cynthia F. has been dealing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for decades. She loves her job, but hates the smoke. Cynthia, a nonsmoker, used to be much more physically active but the daily exposure to secondhand smoke has made it difficult to breathe and she can no longer do the things she once loved.

"All of the smoke comes into your face... you cannot breathe... It's a "shame that the corporations don't think any more of our lives than that... What's the value of our lives? When are they going to help us?"

Vinny's Story: After decades working at a smoke-filled casino, Vincent "Vinny" Rennich found out he had lung cancer. He had never smoked. Hear how he fought back, and won. Secondhand smoke cost Vinny part of his lung. Speaking up about it cost him his job. The good news is that lung surgery was successful, and Vinny is now cancer-free. He says his destiny now is to inspire others in the fight for smokefree air. Vinny now works in a smokefree casino, but there are many casino workers who don't have that option in their area

Jane's Story: Jane K. started dealing in 1995. She talks about about what it is like to work in a casino. Both the joys of the job, and the one and only thing she says she didn't like: the secondhand smoke. She shares her story of what it was like to face the smoke day after day.

Her doctor called it "the casino worker's disease... caused from the secondhand smoke".

Shane's Story: Casino dealer Shane K. tells his story about what it is like to work in a smoke-filled environment and why no worker should be forced to work in an unhealthy environment.

"People in Congress don't have to put up with the smoke. My CEO doesn't have to put up with the smoke, I don't know why I have to put up with the smoke"

Sheryl's Story: Sheryl never smoked, but she worked in casinos for decades. Ultimately, she developed throat cancer and she lost her battle with throat cancer earlier this year. Sheryl Wilkins was not only a great casino worker, she was a wife, a mother, and a dear friend to many. She inspired us to keep educating people about the dangers of secondhand smoke in casinos. She is dearly missed.

"I've never smoked a day in my life... All I wanted were the same considerations that management had, and that their secretaries had, and that every other office building in the city has."

James Repace, an expert in the physics of secondhand smoke, explains why ventilation is not an solution for addressing the health hazards of smoke in casinos.

You can find all these stories and more on our YouTube page. We encourage you to share them with others to raise awareness about this serious issue. Thank you!


CDC: Tips from Former Smokers
Nathan's Ad: Secondhand Smoke and Asthma

Accompanying Materials

Bottom line, smokefree casinos protect worker health and save lives.

With the vast majority of casino patrons preferring smokefree air, public support for smokefree gaming laws is at an all-time high.Smokefree casinos are becoming the mainsteam norm. Some examples are the casinos opening smokefree in Ohio - one of which even has a policy to only hire non-tobacco users. In Massachusetts, over a dozen casino operators are competing for the four casino licenses. These properties will have to be smokefree and will employ thousands of people. In Colorado, casinos are investing and improving properties as smokefree entertainment venues.



  • Smoke-filled casinos have up to 50 times more cancer causing particles in the air than highways and city streets clogged with diesel trucks in rush hour traffic.
  • Ventilation does not solve the problem. Casino workers even in a “well-ventilated” casino have cotinine (metabolized nicotine) levels 300-600% higher than employees in other smoking workplaces during a work shift. Ventilation systems may remove odor but cannot fully remove the serious health risks caused by secondhand smoke exposure.

  • Making casinos 100% smokefree is the only way to completely protect both customers and workers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

  • Casino customers and workers face higher risk for heart attacks. In a landmark report released in 2009, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that heart attack rates are reduced dramatically when smokefree laws are in place. The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) approved a landmark resolution in January 2009 encouraging state lawmakers to ensure that casinos are smokefree workplaces.

Get the facts. Read ANR's Secondhand Smoke and Casinos and our 4-page May 2015 document on smokefree casinos.


Click on the image to view the full size ad for the smokefree Muckleshoot Casino, which appeared in Alaska Airlines Magazine.









As more cities, counties, states, and entire nations enact 100% smokefree workplace laws, keeping casinos smoke-filled is no longer the status quo. In the United States, 20 states, Washington DC, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico have enacted smokefree gaming laws.


Take a look at our list of U.S. Smokefree Casinos and Gambling Facilities. There are at least 500 state-regulated gambling facilities that are required to be 100% smokefree indoors. Of the casinos and other facilities listed below, most are required by state law to be smokefree. Additionally, gambling facilities marked with an * are not required by law to be smokefree, but are smokefree by their own corporate policy. This list does not include all off-track betting (OTB) facilities.

Despite opposition efforts to divert the message away from worker health with arguments of economic downturns, the evidence speaks for itself:

  • Smokefree laws have no adverse effect on total gambling revenues;
  • Smokefree gaming is popular among gaming employees and management;
  • Gaming patrons favor smokefree indoor air.

"We opened 100% smoke-free in 1997. We've expanded 100% smoke-free. And even smokers thank us for it."
- Mark Kaplan, former Marketing Director, Taos Mountain Casino, Taos, New Mexico


Live in a community with gaming? Learn effective ways of engaging gaming employees into your smokefree campaign in our document Engaging Gaming Workers inYour Smokefree Campaign.

Step Out of the Old and Into the Bold ad, click image to view.

See also the Bold is Beautiful ad.


Share your story. If you are a gaming industry employee or patron who has been adversely affected by secondhand smoke, click here to share your story.

We would love to hear from you!


Stop gambling on your health! Donate to ANR's "Smokefree Air Action Fund."

Read more about smokefree gambling in the news.

Casinos are workplaces. Listen to this radio ad to hear casino employee Vinny Rennich's story. Vinny Rennich is the winner of ANR's 2007 Smokefree Hero of the Year Award.

The ANR Foundation is pleased to release "Fighting for Smokefree Casinos: Vinny's Story", the first in a series of personal interviews about secondhand smoke in casinos. The video series will contain interviews with casino employees, advocates, researchers and elected officials as they share their perspective on why casinos must be 100% smokefree.


Smokefree tribal casinos:

As sovereign nations, tribal governments are not required to follow state law, but given the significant negative health effects of smoking, and the disproportionate morbidity and mortality among Native Americans for use of and exposure to commercial tobacco, that many tribes are voluntarily making casinos smokefree and expanding existing commercial tobacco-free tribal policies to include casinos.

Click on the image to watch the video Nathan's Story about the impact of secondhand smoke on a tribal casino employee.

A 2010 study examined indoor air samples within over half of California's tribal casinos and found that both patrons and workers are gambling with their health every time they enter these casinos:

To read the full article Measuring Indoor Air Quality and Engaging California Indian Stakeholders at the Win-River Resort and Casino: Collaborative Smoke-Free Policy Development, click here.


For more information about smokefree policy work in Native Communities, check out our Native Communites page.

Ventilation does not work:

A federal report from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) shows workers in Las Vegas casinos are exposed to dangerous levels of secondhand smoke at work.

Results from the report indicate dangerous levels of secondhand smoke exposure present at all casinos tested, regardless of ventilation systems. Toxins from secondhand smoke were absorbed into workers' bodies at growing levels during their shifts.

Authors reported the only way to protect the health of casino workers was a 100% smokefree workplace environment. The report also confirmed that ventilation systems cannot remove health risks.

Gaming industry workers typically suffer higher occupational exposure to secondhand smoke, putting them at greater risk for lung and heart disease and DNA damage. As has been proven time and time again, ventilation does not eliminate all the poisonous toxins and chemical components of secondhand smoke. The science is clear. Ventilation systems or air cleaning technologies may reduce odor, but they do not address the serious health risks caused by secondhand smoke exposure. Health studies of casino workers looking at actual bio-markers of exposure show that ventilation systems do little if anything to reduce worker exposure to secondhand smoke. Examples of bio-markers used to assess exposure to secondhand smoke include cotinine or tobacco-specific carcinogens like NNK. Secondhand tobacco smoke has a non-linear dose response, and there is no known safe level of exposure. Serious health impacts, especially to the cardiovascular system occur quickly at even at extremely low levels of exposure. The only way to eliminate the health hazards of secondhand smoke is with a 100% smokefree environment.

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Economic Impact
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Proposed Law Would Mean Ameristar Can't Go Smoke-Free Unless Hollywood Casino Does the Same
St. Charles (MO) - February 14, 2013

State bill would protect smoking at St. Charles, Lemay and Maryland Heights casinos 13, 2013

Bill to ban smoking in Iowa casinos stalls 13, 2013
Effort to ban smoking in casino gaming areas stalls
Muscatine Journal-February 13, 2013
Hopes for casino smoking ban left smoldering
Sioux City Journal-February 13, 2013
Should smoking be banned in casinos?
KCCI Des Moines-February 12, 2013
Iowa lawmakers consider banning smoking in casinos
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Senecas push state for Rochester casino at revenue-sharing talks
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Beau Rivage goes smoke free in most rooms
AP - Associated Press - January 29, 2013
Iowa Governor Wants No More Smoking In Casinos: However, No Developments In Legislature That Could Institute The Change - January 21, 2013
Revel may be rethinking no-smoking policy as Atlantic City's only smoke-free casino struggles financially
Press of Atlantic City – January 7, 2013
Colorado's Casinos Reach Five-Year Anniversary of Smoke-Free Air!
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No Smoking In New Casino?
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Advocates Demand Smokefree Casinos for Workers
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New push is on to push smoking out of casinos
Kansas City Star- August 12, 2012

2 proposals filed for St. Charles County smoking ban (MO) - August 13, 2012
Casino Smoking Coming Under Scrutiny (KS/MO)- August 13, 2012
Casino-Funded Petition Seeks Vote on Compromise Smoking Ban
St. Charles (MO) - August 12, 2012
Taunton casino a step closer after governor signs compact with tribe
The Patriot Ledger - July 31, 2012
17000 visit Hollywood Casino on Opening Night
13abc Action News - May 31, 2012
Hard Rock Officials Celebrate Milestone
Greater Tulsa Reporter Newspapers - May 21, 2012
Rally celebrates smoke-free Horseshoe Casino Cleveland
19 Action News - May 9, 2012
Gaming convention gives tribe new tools
Cape Cod Times, April 4, 2012
Smoke-free casinos inevitable everywhere, advocate says
Tribune Review, March 23, 2012
Start winning at Chicagoland's newest gaming destination
Chicago Tribune - March 21, 2012
Kansas Star Casino opens poker room
Wichita (KS) Eagle – February 29, 2012
Council passes smoking ban | POLL
Evansville (IN) Courier-Press, February 13, 2012
Smoke-free megaresort will open April 2 in Atlantic City
USA TODAY - February 9, 2012
Revel Reveals Smoke-Free Casino Opening
NBC 10 Philadelphia - February 9, 2012
Push grows to ban smoking indoors at Kansas casinos
Kansas City Star - February 2, 2012
Will Smokers Be Turned Down For Casino Jobs?
WLWT Cincinnati - January 26, 2012
Gambling Addicts Aren't Necessarily Smoking Addicts
San Diego Reader - January 25, 2012
Revel Casino could ban casino-floor smoking, pave the way for other casinos (NJ)- January 17, 2012
San Pasqual Tribe Sets New Gaming Lending Standard
MarketWatch (CA) - January 17, 2012
Smoking conflict snuffs SE Kansas gambling reforms
Topeka (KS) Capital-Journal, 2011-12-29
Nelson wants casino smoking-ban lifted
Rapid City (SD) Journal, 2011-12-27
NBC40 (New Jersey) - December 19, 2011
Toledo casino: Smokers need not apply
Columbus Dispatch, November 10, 2011
Wheeling Island Casino opposes expansion of smoking ban, warns of ...
The Republic (WV) - 33 November 9, 2011
Casinos don't need smoking
Chicago Tribune - August 1, 2011
Navajo casinos exempt under smoking ban
by Felicia Fonseca - Associated Press,, July 21, 2011
KCM Group Completes Phase One of Sycuan Casino Renovation
EON: Enhanced Online News (press release) - July 5, 2011
Biloxi's Palace Casino going smoke-free June 14 -- that's right, a smoke-free casino
Press-Register, May 31, 2011
Blackfeet to end smoking in Glacier Peaks Casino
Great Falls (MT) Tribune, 2011-05-10
Navajo president's smoking ban not enforceable
Forbes - Felicia Fonseca - April 29, 2011
EDITORIAL: Casino smoking regulations / Follow the rules
The Press of Atlantic City, 2011-04-27
Investigation shows Atlantic City casino no-smoking ordinance has little effect
The Press of Atlantic City, 2011-04-23
Activists wield Disabilities Act in fight for smoke-free casinos
Las Vegas Sun - Liz Benston - April 18, 2011
REPORT: Most of Atlantic City's casinos ignore smoking regulations
The Press of Atlantic City, 2011-04-16
Hilton's Fan Cave: Out with the smoke, in with the betting
Las Vegas Review-Journal - March 18, 2011
PokerNews Interview: Catching Up with 1983 World Series of Poker Main Event ... - Chad Holloway - March 15, 2011
Anti-tobacco groups pushing to expand smoking ban
Associated Press (AP), 2011-02-23
State's gaming industry nixes legislative action against smoking ban
Rapid City Journal - February 1, 2011
Casinos, bars seek smoking ban exemption
Gary (IN) Post-Tribune, 2011-01-13
Casino lounges get smoking ban exemptions
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - January 5, 2011
Councilwoman seeks smoking ban exemption for Harrah's lounges
St. Louis (MO) Post-Dispatch, 2010-12-04
Bill would allow smoking rooms in casinos
LaSalle News Tribune - Matthew Baker - November 30, 2010
Lawmakers Pitch New Casino Smoking Change
WCCU FOX 55/27 (Champaign, IL), 2010-11-29
Smoking ban should remain for all casinos
Bloomington Pantagraph - November 23, 2010
Our Opinion: No smoking exemption for casinos
The State Journal-Register - Nov 20, 2010
Forum: Don't support smoking ban exemption for casinos
Peoria Journal Star - Nov 20, 2010
Illinois pondering returning smoking to casinos
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - November 17, 2010
Harrah's bets on non-smokers
BizTalk, St. Louis Business Journal 11/08/2010
Casino dealer's s3uit over smoking dangers at Wynn moves forward
Las Vegas Sun, 2010-10-14
Casino Fails In Effort To Dismiss Secondhand Smoke Class Action ($$)
Lexis Nexis, 2010-10-08
Arizona Charlie's clears the air, provides smoke-free room
Las Vegas Sun - Richard N. Velotta - October 8, 2010
Senate passes casino bill with boost for Mashpee tribe
Martha's Vineyard Times - Kyle Cheney - July 2, 2010
Senator introduces legislation to expand smoking ban in Michigan
Journal Newspapers - Scott Spielman - July 1, 2010
Six senators want Mass. to fold on gambling proposal
Fitchburg (MA) Sentinel & Enterprise, 2010-06-24
Casino proposals floated - Dan Ring - June 23, 2010
Mount Airy Casino Resort Presents Totally Smoke-Free Room & Full ...
PR Newswire (press release) – June 7, 2010
Committee rejects smoking ban bill
Baton Rouge (LA) Advocate, 2010-05-26
Rules for Ohio casinos take shape: No smoking, no complimentary drinks, no alcohol after 2:30 a.m.
Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer, 2010-05-19
La. bill to make bars, casinos smoke-free advances
BusinessWeek - Sonia Smith - May 13, 2010
Casino smoking ban rejected by House committee
New Orleans (LA) Times Picayune, 2010-05-06
Is smoking ban in casinos inevitable?
Reno (NV) Gazette-Journal, 2010-04-11
Foxwoods table-games dealers, Mashantuckets give tentative nod to historic ... - Brian Hallenbeck - January 27, 2010
Smoking Ban Exemption For Casinos In Kansas Has Others Crying Foul
Casino Gambling Web, 2010-01-18
Editorial: Why are casinos exempt from smoking ban?
Heritage Newspapers, 2010-01-19
Atlantic City will not consider full smoking ban in casinos for at least two ...
Press of Atlantic City - December 9, 2009
Sheraton Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel Casino Celebrates
Hotel Interactive, Inc. - November 17, 2009
Hazy: Montana’s Smoking Ban Doesn’t Apply to Tribal Venues
Flathead Beacon (Kalispell, MT), 2009-11-01
Atlantic City to debate casino smoking ban again
Press of Atlantic City - Donald Wittkowski, Emily Previti - October 19, 2009
AC Councilman Wants To Play Copy Cat With Casino Smoking Ban
Casino Gambling Web - October 19, 2009
Lung association pulls out of effort to ban smoking in tribal casinos - Harry Esteve - September 30, 2009
AC set to renew battle over casino smoking ban
AP, 2009-09-29
Ban smoking in tribal casinos
Hillsboro Argus, September 28, 2009.
Making the call for the Poker Hall of Fame
Casino City Times - Gary Trask - September 14, 2009
Sheraton Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel & Casino to Open
Reuters, September 15, 2009
Casinos spend freely to keep cigarettes lit
Gary Post Tribune - Gary,IN,USA, September 14, 2009

Group pushing for smoking ban in new Kansas casinos, arguing ADA problem looms for state
AP, 2009-09-13

Study suggests Indiana casinos smoking status swayed by lobbyists
WNDU-TV - South Bend,IN,USA, August 24, 2009.
Casino Nearly Doubles Designated Area For Smoking Gamblers
WFMZ-TV Channel 69 (Allentown, PA), 2009-08-24.
Four Winds Casino Resort Unveils New Smoke-Free Slot Room
Earthtimes (press release), August 10, 2009.
Tri-State asks Nitro to help overcome smoking ban
Charleston (WV) Gazette, 2009-07-13.
Black Oak Casino Opens New Multi-Purpose Facility, July 1, 2009
Online Casinos Offer Gamblers In US A Smoke-Free Environment
New Online Casinos, June 30, 2009.
Dodge City commission amends smoking ordinance to allow gamblers to light up in casino - June 17, 2009.
Smoking ban bill clears full Louisiana Senate
2TheAdvocate, May 29, 2009.
Casino smoking ban snuffed out
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-05-12.
It appears smoking in Conn. casinos will continue
NECN - May 11, 2009.
Rell Signs Agreement For Limited Smoking Ban At Foxwoods
Hartford (CT) Courant, 2009-05-08.
On Politics - State Weighs Ban on Casino Smoking
New York Times, 2009-04-26.
Despite Threats, Casino Smoking Ban Advances
Hartford (CT) Courant, 2009-04-21.
12 months later, smoking ban no longer hot topic in Atlantic City
The Press of Atlantic City, 2009-04-20.
Mohegans threaten suit over smoking
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-03-26.
Casino smoking ban bill advances
Norwich Bulletin - March 23, 2009.
Michigan May Clear The Air Of Cigarette Smoke At Casinos
Casino Gambling Web - March 19, 2009.
Racetrack Asks Health Board to be Exempt from Smoking Ban
WOWK - March 20, 2009.
State considering total smoking ban for AC casinos
Newsday - March 9, 2009.
State panel to discuss extending smoking ban to casinos floors in AC
Press of Atlantic City, March 6, 2009.
Casino smoking bill seen lacking
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-02-28
Total ban on casino smoking has life in legislature
Press of Atlantic City, February 26, 2009.
Bill would ban Twin River smoking
Pawtucket (RI) Times, 2009-02-16

Smoking ban amended to allow tougher stand
Indianapolis Star, February 16 2009

Smoking Ban or Bust
MSNBC, February 10, 2009
Initial North Star casino expansion opens
Green Bay Press Gazette, WI, January 20, 2009
Pressure builds for smoke-free casinos
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Group calls for smoking ban at all racetracks
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