Attacking the Science

The science of secondhand smoke is crystal clear. The debate is over. Secondhand smoke causes more than 53,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. Nonetheless, opposition groups continue to challenge the science of secondhand smoke.

For example, David Hanners, a writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, uncovered internal documents showing that the tobacco industry paid scientists thousands of dollars to write letters to publications criticizing the Environmental Protection Agency's 1993 report on the health hazards of secondhand smoke exposure. In all, 13 scientists were paid $156,000. ("Scientists were paid to write letters: Tobacco industry sought to discredit EPA report", St. Paul Pioneer Press, August 4, 1998.) Read more about the tobacco industry's calculated attack on the 1993 EPA report and the vindication of this important scientific study.

Please take a look at our list of studies describing Big Tobacco's attempts to subvert research on the health hazards of secondhand smoke.