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TobaccoScam Website Exposes Tobacco Industry's use of the Hospitality Industry
TobaccoScam, a web site launched by a UCSF tobacco researcher, targets what it calls a 20-year, multi-million dollar effort by the tobacco industry to manipulate the restaurant industry as a political front to defeat local and state smoke-free measures and to protect tobacco sales worldwide. As a direct result of the tobacco industry efforts, today's restaurant and other hospitality employees are exposed to more dangerous concentrations of secondhand smoke than any other group, while the dining public runs health risks ranging from asthma to more lethal heart attacks, according to information on the TobaccoScam web site.

Based on once-secret tobacco industry documents and recently published medical and economic research, the TobaccoScam site reveals that the tobacco industry, in an attempt to block smoke-free measures nationwide, has repeatedly made groundless claims about the economic impact of smoke-free measures and has disputed the health dangers of secondhand smoke exposure.

Mother Jones
Mother Jones magazine featured a series of articles on tobacco industry lobbying, astroturf, strategies, etc.

Center for Responsive Politics
Center for Responsive Politics has a section on its site devoted to tobacco industry campaign contributions.

Public Citizen
Public Citizen has a report that compares tobacco industry campaign contributions with pro-tobacco votes.

Common Cause
Common Cause provides information on soft money contributions to the political parties.

Center for Public Integrity
The Center for Public Integrity has released "The Fourth Branch," a lobbying report with an online database.


Ventilation sites supported by Big Tobacco

Chelsea Group

INVironment Hotline

Hospitality Coalition on Indoor Air Quality (HCIAQ)

Sterling and Associates

Healthy Buildings International

National Energy Management Institute (NEMI)

Consolidated Safety Services