Big Tobacco Exposed

The Tobacco Industry has been working for decades to counter smokefree air campaigns. Despite the myriad of industry attempts to misinform the public and to promote a sense of goodwill with warm and fuzzy public relations campaigns, they aren't fooling anyone.

Once-Secret Tobacco Documents
Thanks to the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement, the tobacco companies were forced to release once-secret documents. These documents uncover the real story behind the decades of tobacco industry deception. ANR has compiled some of the hottest documents, which we believe best illustrate the tobacco industry's strategy regarding secondhand smoke and its interference with clean indoor air campaigns.

ANR has also created a tipsheet with links to internal document sites, so that you can search the millions of once-secret documents for information on industry activity in your own communities.

Big Tobacco's attempts to challenge Science
As part of an organized strategy to confuse the public about secondhand smoke, the tobacco industry has attempted to undermine studies on the health hazards of secondhand smoke. ANR has compiled a list of research studies about this tobacco industry strategy and a document with more info on tobacco industry attacks.