Indiana Economic Data

A study published in Tobacco Control in March 2011, examined off-track betting (OTB) trends in Indiana and found that OTB locations going smokefree did as well as those which did not go smokefree. Both types of venues experienced lower wagers during the study period.

In March 2009, Indiana University released a literature review of 49 peer-reviewed economic impact studies, included an analysis of research into the economic impact of smokefree air laws on casinos..

The review concluded that neither statewide nor local smokefree air laws are economically harmful to business.

A study released in February 2009 concluded that secondhand smoke cost the state of Indiana at least $390 million in medical-related costs in 2007. In addition, an estimated 1,194 residents died in 2007 from lung cancer, heart disease and other diseases caused by exposure secondhand smoke.

The study was conducted by researchers with the Indiana University School of Medicine’s Bowen Research Center.