Ohio Economic Data

A study published online in Nicotine and Tobacco Research in 2011 examined the economic impact of smokefree air laws in rural and urban counties in Kentucky and Ohio. The authors wrote, "There is no evidence that the economies in Kentucky counties were affected in any way from the implementation of local smoke-free laws. There was also no evidence that total employment or the number of establishments was influenced by the statewide law in Ohio, but wages increased following the implementation of the law. Furthermore, there is no evidence that either rural or urban counties experienced a loss of economic activity following smoke-free legislation. The study finds no evidence that local or state smoke-free legislation negatively influences local economies in either rural or urban communities." [Pyles, M.K.; Hahn, E.J., "Economic effects of smoke-free laws on rural and urban counties in Kentucky and Ohio," Nicotine and Tobacco Research, [Epub ahead of print], August 2011.]

A September 2010 study examined the economic impact of Ohio's smokefree air law on hospitality businesses in twelve counties on the Ohio and Kentucky border, six counties per state. The authors found that, "There is no evidence of a disproportionate change in economic activity in Ohio or Kentucky border counties relative to their non-border counterparts. There was no evidence of a relation between Ohio's smoke-free law and economic activity in Kentucky border counties. The law generated a positive influence on wages and number of establishments in Ohio border counties." The authors added, "We find Kentucky and Ohio border counties did not disproportionately change economically from Ohio’s state smoke-free law. Any concern over a change in business activity should similar legislation be enacted in bordering northern Kentucky counties appears unfounded." [Pyles, M.K.; Hahn, E.J., "Economic effects of Ohio's smoke-free law on Kentucky and Ohio border counties," Tobacco Control [Epub ahead of print], September 24, 2010.]

As has become standard, the opposition unveiled a flawed study stating that bars were losing revenue as a result of a smokefree ordinance that passed in Toledo, Ohio. A fact sheet prepared by Tobacco-Free Ohio refutes opposition claims and highlights a legitimate, independent economic analysis of the smokefree law."