North Dakota Economic Data

In February 2016, a study was published online first in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research. The paper stated that, "We found no evidence of a significant association between employment in restaurants and bars in North Dakota and the expanded statewide law or pre-existing local laws. Prior employment levels in restaurants and bars and prevailing economic conditions were the main drivers of restaurant and bar employment, not smoke-free air laws. This study examines the economic impact of smoke-free air laws in North Dakota on restaurant and bar employment following the expansion of the statewide law in late 2012 to cover all restaurants and bars. We find no significant adverse effect of smoke-free air laws on restaurants and bars, consistent with results from previous studies conducted in North Dakota and throughout the United States." (Shafer, P.; Loomis, B., "Economic impact of smoke-free air laws in North Dakota on restaurants and bars," Nicotine and Tobacco Research [Epub ahead of print], February 17, 2016.)

In March 2008, the The Bismarck Tobacco Free Coalition stated that an analysis of tax records shows a smoking ban had no effect on restaurant and bar revenue in Bismarck.

In 2001 Minot, North Dakota, passed the state's first smokefree restaurant ordinance. A 2003 study, based on six years of sales tax receipts, found no adverse economic impact on restaurants after passage of the smokefree ordinance in Minot, North Dakota. (Buettner, Kelly, Moseley, Frank., "An Economic Analysis of a Smoke-free Restaurant Ordinance in a Midwestern Frontier," September, 2003)

Restaurant owners and others in Minot have praised the smokefree ordinance and its positive effect on business.