Steven Milloy: The Junkman Exposed

Since 1993, the tobacco industry has organized a public relations campaign to attack studies on secondhand smoke and prevent states, cities, and businesses from adopting smokefree policies; this program is named "sound science." In the short run, the objective of the "sound science" campaign was to stimulate criticism of the 1993 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, which identified secondhand smoke as a cancer causing substance.

Over the past decade, the tobacco industry has created and commissioned numerous subsidiaries to spout its "sound science" message. Steven Milloy is one of the tobacco industry's main "sound science" defenders.

See the full report Steven J. Milloy: The "Junkman" Exposed to learn more about his involvement in promoting "junk science."

Milloy has made it his life's work to discredit scientific studies conducted and published by the world's most reputable and credible scientific agencies - such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization, and legitimate peer reviewed periodicals - such as Science, Nature, the Lancet, and the Journal of the American Medical Association, and label their objective evidence as "junk science." Milloy has a lucrative and lengthy relationship with the tobacco industry that has resulted in his incarnation as Big Tobacco's poster boy for "junk science."

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