2002 Glantz Bingo Study

No association of smoke-free ordinances with profits from bingo and charitable games in Massachusetts

Glantz S, Wilson-Loots R.
Tobacco Control 2003;12:411-3.

A common opposition tactic is to claim that smokefree ordinances hurt bingo profits, and that charities who rely upon bingo suffer when smokefree ordinances are implemented. This study disproves that claim, finding that smokefree ordinances have either no effect or a positive effect on charitable gaming, and that there is an overall trend, having nothing to do with smokefree ordinances, of charitable bingo losing money.

Hundreds of communities now have laws providing for smokefree bingo, but this is still a venue where opponents from private clubs and the tobacco industry will make anecdotal predictions of doom and gloom. The bottom line is that people deserve to breathe smokefree air in enclosed public places and workplaces, including those who work or play at bingo facilities.

Here are examples of two public education ads supporting the implementation of smokefree bingo in Maine:

Ad 1
Ad 2