Brazil Heart Study
Abe, T.M.; Scholz, J.; de Masi, E.; Nobre, M.R.; Filho, R.K., "Decrease in mortality rate and hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction after the enactment of the smoking ban law in São Paulo city, Brazil," Tobacco Control 26(6): 656-662, November 2017.

This study examined the impact of a smokefree law on hospital admissions for myocardial infarction and "observed a reduction in mortality rate (-11.9% in the first 17 months after the law) and in hospital admission rate (-5.4% in the first 3 months after the law) for myocardial infarction after the implementation of the smoking ban law. Hospital admissions and mortality rate for myocardial infarction were reduced in the first months after the comprehensive smoking ban law was implemented."